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Open Super Smash Bros.: A War Against Darkness.

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Lillipup07, Jan 19, 2019.

  1. [ This is a Role play that's a bit....different. This is before Galeem destroyed everyone, and that means everyone is still here. But, Galeem will come to destroy everyone at one point, just letting you know. So, you have a chance to make it so out of your characters, one, and only ONE, can survive like Kirby did. So, no taking characters someone has already, and have fun!]
    ( please join. I want to do a Smash related rp.

    Villager ran past everyone, clearly in a panic. He Saw a whole bunch of Master hands when he was having a picnic with Pichu and Duck Hunt, so they followed behind them. Eventually, the trio found everyone, as Villager ran up, out of breath. Villager than started points the direction they came from, waving his arms rapidly, while Pichu ran around in circles, and Duck Hunt got ready to battle. They all couldn't really.....talk. Well, Villager could, but not that much. So, Villager stopped and looked around, trying to find at least one person willing to try to talk to.
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  2. Fighters I'll be role playing as: Little Mac, Young Link.

    Little Mac had been sparring with Doc Louis inside. Doc was nowhere near as fast as he used to be, and Mac was in a whole other league.
    "Whew... whew... Alright Mac, think you're ready for your next fight in Smash?" Doc Louis asked. Little Mac nodded in excitement, he was finally ready to face off against the other fighters here. He was a little bit astonished that there were around 70 other fighters alongside him, but he knew he could take 'em all on. Then they heard a loud screech from outside. Running out to investigate, Mac and Doc noticed all the Master Hands.

    Another thing they noticed was Young Link was staring into the sky in horror.
    "Hey, kiddo. We all know you just got back from a few years ago, but just because there's thousands of these suckas, that doesn't mean you should be afraid, alright?" Doc Louis said to Young Link. Young Link grunted in reply, and got ready to battle, along with Little Mac.
  3. Villager saw Little Mac, Young Link, and Doc Louis and ran over to them. He began saving his arms again, and drew some kind of ball with lines around it in the dirt with a stick. He then pointed from the drawing, to a cliff in the distance, to drawing, and the cliff over and over, making a small whimper as he did. Then he ran off, looking back, as if he wanted you to follow him.
  4. "Uh... you alright there, kid?" Doc Louis said to the Villager. The Villager kept on alternating back and forth between the picture he drew on the floor and the cliff. They eventually figured out what he was trying to say to them, and decided to follow Villager.
    "Alright, lead the way, kid!" Doc Louis exclaimed.
  5. Villager grinned and ran at top speed up the cliff, skidding to a stop at the top. He then pointed to some kind off ball in the sky, that all the master hands gathered around. Duck Hunt and Pichu ran up also. They simply stared at the thing a bit, while Villager hid behind Young Link, whimpering. He couldn't help it, he was scared.
  6. "Uhh... I'm gonna go, Mac. You should be able to handle it." Doc Louis said before running away in panic, getting onto the bike and cycling as fast as possible away. Little Mac let out a sigh of disappointment and then focused back on the fight in front of him. Young Link had noticed Villager was hiding behind him and turned around with a grunt that was supposed to imply something along the lines of: "Hey, it's gonna be OK, we'll make it out alive, like we always do."
  7. Villager knew something was off. He knew danger was coming from this, since Katrina, the fortune teller villager told him this would happen. That's why he pocketed a lot of warp stars, just in case of an emergancy. But, he continued hiding behind Young Link, not wanting to come out. He could barely fight in the first place, while Young Link and Little Mac were strong fighters. Duck Hunt began barking and had the Duck fly him closer to whatever the light was, and almost immediately was struck by a beam of light, disappearing into it as Villager continued panicking, while Pichu ran back to get the others.
  8. Little Mac and Young Link both were thrown off guard at seeing Duck Hunt get shot by the beam of light. Young Link quickly got back to his senses, and was glad to remember that he packed his Fierce Deity's Mask with him. He placed it over his face, knelt over as if defeated, and then let out a large scream before turning into Fierce Deity Link. Link has yet to master this form and be able to control it properly, so he just charged into the air filled with rage. He managed to take about 3 Master Hands down before being shot at with multiple beams of light. He dodged a few of them, a single one came from an angle he just barely couldn't dodge from. He was forced to block it. The collision of his sword and the blast of light made thunder crackle all around the area. After the long struggle, the blast won and it knocked Link far away onto the other side of the mountains (nearby where Kirby landed).

    When he landed, he was reverted to his original form and was rendered unconscious.

    Oh no, if Young Link couldn't defeat them, I stand no chance. Better try my best anyways. Little Mac thought to himself. Suddenly, dozens of beams of light came hurtling towards him, and he had no time to react before being engulfed by the light.
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  9. Villager un-pocketed the warp star, zooming off on it as tears filled his eyes. He watched two of his friends vanish forever. His warp star landed behind the mountains, as he sobbed to himself. ( "If I didn't lead him there, Little Mac would be safe....but....he's gone....." ) Villager thought as he walked around. After a bit, he saw Young Link and ran over. He began shaking him, trying to wake him up.
  10. After a few minutes of Villager shaking him, he woke up, yawned and stretched. He looked around to see Villager wiping tears from his eyes. Just then, he recalled what just happened. He grabbed Villager by the collar and started running down the slope of the mountain, dragging Villager along with him.
  11. Villager yelped as he was dragged down, not knowing what was happening. So, he decided to speak for the first time in awhile, since he never talks much. "L-Link! Slow down! We could get c-caught, like Duck Hunt and L-Little Mac!" He didn't pull away, as he ran next to Young Link. "Ok....I trust you..." He mumbled quietly .
  12. Young Link was glad that Villager finally was on board. He pointed to the area spawning all the Master Hands. He then let go of Villager's shirt and beckoned him to follow.

    They eventually came across another fighter, it was Mario! Young Link ran over to greet his friend. Though, something was a bit... off. He wasn't smiling, for one, his eyes were glowing yellow, and a strange mystic aura glowed around Mario. Young Link put this all aside and went to shake Mario's hand. They grabbed hands, and then Mario threw him a few feet away. Young Link crashed onto the hard floor, injuring his back a bit.
  13. Can i be the Pokemon Trainer?

    "Hey,guys!What's happening?" Red asked.
  14. Villager growled at the other Mario, pulling out his axe, then running at it as fast as he could, swinging it at his chest. Seeing red, he yelled out, “Red! A little help here!?” Before he was knocked into a air by Mario, landing dangerously close to the blast zone, hitting his head and passing out.
  15. ( I call Sonic the Hedgehog! )

    Sonic sped past the beams of lights following him, seeing Mario and zooming over. He saw his red eyes, and knew this was bad. He punched the Mario into the air, looking at Red, Young Link, and Villager. "Everyone ok? I'm glad I got here to join the party!" The blue blur said, smiling at his friends.
  16. Villager woke up, seeing Sonic in front of him. "Sonic! Your alive! I thought you were, you could have...." He said, hugging the Hedgehog.
  17. Sonic chuckled and patted Villagers back, smiling still. "Its okay buddy....at least some of us made it out...." He saw Young Link and waved the best he could, with Villager crushing him. " Heya! You a newcomer? The names Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog! " He looked at Mario, shoved Villager off, and nodded. "Hey buddy....what got into you!" He walked over, punching Mario's shoulder slightly, in a playful way.
  18. Villager 's eyes widened, seeing Sonic approach Mario. "Sonic! Wait! It's not safe!" Villager cried, waving his arms. " you could get hurt! "
  19. Sonic turned, confused. "What's wrong! Me and him are best buds! Right Mario?" Sonic said, wrapping his arm around Mario. " trust me, he is the greatest friend! He wouldn't hurt me! Right buddy! " Sonic said, grinning at the others.
  20. Young Link got up and saw both Sonic and Red. He never met them either before, but Toon Link told him about them and they seemed like nice people to him. However, it was strange to him that Sonic didn't even think that Mario was even a bit off. Young Link ran over and lodged his foot into Mario's stomach, sending the clone launching.
  21. Sonic seemed surprised at thjs, running over to Mario and grabbing his arm, helping him up. "Yeesh, what was that for kid? Mario here wouldn't ever hurt me...." Sonic said, confused. " he's the nicest dude ever! Me and him have known each other since I was a toddler! He's cool! " Sonic said simply. He was oblivious to the fact Mario was evil now.
  22. Villager could only watch Sonic try to talk with Mario, and he walked over to Young Link. As he stood next to him, he whispered. "I think Sonic is going crazy. He must be trying to change Mario, but, he cant...." Villager sadly looked on, before turning to Young Link. " let's let them battle each other or Mario is evil. I'm sure that will work out. Their both strong, after all... " Villager suggested.
  23. Sonic continued to smile and talk to the clone, still unable to see he was evil now. "Hey buddy....what are those two talking 'bout? Your not evil. Sure, you wouldn't hurt me outside of battle right-" He couldn't finish his sentence as he was launched into the air by a smash attack, slamming into Villager.
  24. "Gah!" Villager yelped as Sonic slammed into him. Villager than looked at the clone, filled with rage. " You. ...hurt one of my friends.....again! " Villager roared, pulling out his axe. "I swear! If you touch Me, Red, Young Link, or Sonic again I'll slice that moustache right off!!!" He screamed, standing up and getting in a fighting position.
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  25. Sonic held Villager back, nodded at him. "Actually, I have an idea. I'll be the one to fight him. I know his fighting style the most. " He ran over to Mario, doing a spin dash. "Sorry buddy! But it's time to fight. Hey newcomer! You wanna join? I need to see what you can do. Villager, you can help if ya want. "
  26. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Simon had watched from afar at what was going on. He wasn’t sure wether to go close to the scene or not, considering it seemed everyone was acting pretty hostile at the moment. Of course he could’ve taken on someone being the vampire hunter he was, but he felt that someone would get hurt badly, so he didn’t want that to happen. He remembered trying to fight the light along side his descendant, Richter, before Richter jumped in front of him screaming “One of needs to survive! Go, I’ll hold them off!”. He ran as fast as he could before seeing Richter get engulfed by the light. He was almost caught up to, until a little flat person stepped in front of him. The flat guy hit him with a hammer that sent him flying. Before he completely flew out of sight, he saw the little guy give a thumbs up and point towards the cliff he was being sent at. A glowing warp star had been there, his ticket to escaping this. The unamed flat man was also struck by the light. And now he was here, eyeing down a blue hedgehog, a red capped plumber, a boy in a #1 shirt, and a few others about to fight.
  27. Sonic stared at the person that just came flying out of no where, smiling. “Another newcomer? Sweet! The names Sonic the Hegehog! That guy trying to kill us is a evil Mario clone, this kid is Villager, and the kid in green clothes is Young Link. Anyway, you wanna help us out?”
  28. Villager looked suspicious at the newcomer, but shrugged it off, running at Mario. About two seconds later, with one strategically placed smash attack, Villager went flying into the blast zone, followed by a flash of light.
  29. “Villager!” Sonic cried, watching him get launched. “Great...now we need to wait for him to respawn....grrr.....we need to end this....” Sonic growled, looking at everyone else. “We need to attack it, all together to launch that faker!” Sonic yelled, getting ready for another spin dash.
  30. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    *Vampire Killer starts playing*

    Before he could reply to the hedgehog who welcomed him over, they began fighting, and the”Villiger” was sent into the blast zone. He heard the words “attack it all together”, and decided now was the time to get involved. He jumped close to the fight, showing off his whip, and he threw his cross-arang. He then threw down a holy water flask that immediately burst in to flames, followed up by a side tilt at the evil plumber clone. “Follow me up!” He shouted to the others.
  31. Sonic ran up to the clone, using Spin Dash on it multiple times. He then saw a smash ball, and immediately attacked it until it broke. He then smirked as the Chaos Emeralds surrounded him, and he yelled his signature Final Smash catchphrase. “SUPER SONIC STYLE!!!!!”Before flying at the clone, continuing to hit and do damage as he knocked it into the air.
  32. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    (Since beams attacked pit and greninja and pit dont stand a chance of survival, any chance someone could "save" one of them? Thanks)

    Pit and greninja couldnt do anything as clones of them were being made
  33. Villager woke up, looking around. He saw people chained up all around him, then realized, he wasn't chained, since he wasn't absorbed. But, how did he get here? He didn't know. He saw Greninja and Pit, seeing some kind of gold liquid about to be poured on them. He knew he could only save one, and Sonic always said he thought Pit was cool, so he ran over, cutting the chains and tackling Pit off the stand, but watched as Greninja was cloned.
  34. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    (So I was wondering how a Final Smash was used, then I realized WOL always has FS Meyer on)

    Simon stood back as he saw Sonic essential go super sayain as he absorber little gems and turned golden. He had absolutely no idea what was going on, but was certain of one thing: This was one of the Final Smash attacks that he had heard about. He knew of the two ways you were able to use them, either by dealing and taking a lot of damage, or touching a Smash Ball. He wanted to follow up on Sonic, so he went into the air and threw a heavy axe, hitting the Mario even further.
  35. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    As pit fell down he dodged the liquid "woah! Uh thanks little guy! " he said before notcing greninja "that cannot be good is it.?"
  36. Villager grabbed Pits hand, pulling him out of the area, running towards where the others were. "Gkkd news, bad news. Good news, Sonic is alive. He said you two were great friends. Had news, lots of people are dead. " Villager has tears in his eyes as he remebered, then it hit him. Isabelle. She was probably dead as far as he knew. He stopped where the fight was, and dropped to his knees.
  37. Sonic 's super form ran out at that moment, as he fell to the ground. As he tried to stand up, he felt the clone grasp his hand around his neck. As much as he struggled, he was dragged and hung over the edge of the map, and was right above the abyss below. The clone began charging a smash attack, preparing to hit the blue hedgehog. And then, Sonic fell limp, ready for the worse.
  38. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    "Well.. maybe lady palutenacould do something.. oh wait she got caught too" he said seeing Sonic struggling to get out of someones grasp " HEY! LET GO OF MY FRIEND!" He said as threw one of his arrows at simon
  39. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Simon was nearly struck by an arrow, and he dodged out of the way before it hit. “Hey, what was that for?!” He yelled at the seemingly mad robed kid he knew as Pit. He didn’t dare attack back, he knew that the Icarus Kid was probably just a bit confused. Instead, he flailed his whip in a circle as to stop anymore arrows from hitting him.
  40. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    "Well your attacking my friends!" He responded ready to attack at any moment "Sonic are you okay?!"

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