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Ask to Join Super Power Post-Apocalypse RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by The Alright Attorney, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    RP THREAD LINK: https://pokecharms.com/threads/a-new-age-of-heroes-superheroes-in-the-apocalypse.21807/

    The year is 1956.
    The first public recording of a being with heightened abilities is published, as a man who crashes his car into the side of a building leaves the scene without a single scratch. Over the next few years more cases of 'supers' begin to crop up across the globe, some revealing they were born with these abilities, others having gained them through science, and even some stating they became this way due to magical artifacts. Many used these abilities for their own personal gain, while others started using these gifts to rise up and aganist these villians. In 1960, the first offical group of heroes is started, lead by a man who would eventually be known as 'The Multiplier. They would join together and call themselves "The Champions" thus begining The First Age of Heroes.

    The year is 1995.
    After a long battle, Multiplier II, current leader if The Champions and son of the team's original founder dies at the hands of his long time rival Repeat. While the rest of his team is able to defeat the villian, but the damagr was already done, a man who was once considered an immovable pillar of justicr was crushed, and the people's faith in heroes along with it. Shortly after that, The Champions split up, feeling they could do better working solo thus began second age of heroes began, more commonly known as the Dark Age.

    The year is 2010.
    A young man calling himself Multiplier III comes forward, claiming to be the son of the hero that died 15 years ago. He manahed to bring together a brand new team of Champions to defeat the man who killed his father, Repeat who returned a few months before. Faith in supers return, begining Third Age of Heroes, known as The Return of Justice.

    The year is 2025
    Panic starts to increase across the globe as villians start to go quiet. The public starts to wonder what they might be planning. Parents watch over their kids as they sleep, worried for their safety, many tuning into a late night broadcast, Multiplier III live on air trying to relax citizens fears. This was the last thing many saw before the world went dark. Villians attacked all their nations capitals, within hours toppling nearly every government. They teamed up to defeat each other's heroes, many other heroes revealing their own malicous intents, attacking other heroes to try and take control. The world was in ruin in mere days, all heroes in tbe world either dead, captured, or working for the bad guys now. Multiplier III was nowhere to be found. Thus ended The Ages of Heroes. Thus began the First Age of Villians.

    The year is 2085
    Heroes have become mythical in status, much like the greek legends of old. The world is led under one man, Repeat. The man who twice destroyed the legacy of heroes. Most of the world has become a wasteland, the only piece of civilization being the major cities, esch connected by globe spanning highways, ensuring if you ever tried to defy Repeat's word, you'd never be able to escape. He keeps a close eye on everyone, monitering anyone for emerging powers and any aspiring vigilantes. Some people enjoy this new lawless world, while others keep the stories of people like the Multiplier family close to their heart, believing one day someone will put a stop to this madness. With the rumours of a rebellion growing, it seems that day may be closer than anyone thinks.

    Maybe you'll be that person? Are you someone who has hid their powers away? Someone using their own natural skills or gadgets to fight for your freedom? Maybe you're someone who enjoys this world. A thief from the wastelands who takes money and lives, or a villian who helps enforce Repeat's corrupt government. The choice is yours. Welcome to the apocalypse.

    Alright, leaving weird RP monolouge mode! Hello everyone and welcome to my Superpower Apocalypse RP. The general premise will be a rebellion working to take down the new evil world government. While thats the premise, you can play as characters outside the rebelion. Things like thieves, assassins, or just outright villians are welcome as well.

    You also don't have to force your character to have powers, so if you'd rather play a more Bat-Family or Green Arrow style character, go wild! Your character can either be from the wastelands or one of the cities around the world. Early on in the RP, resistence members will be brought together, while characters in other roles can interact, come and go as they please.

    1. Follow all Pokécharms forum rules as well as RP Forum rules.
    3. Keep your powers reasonable. Have a limit or drawback to your abilities, keep the RP balanced.
    4. No killing off each other's characters unless discussed with one another and at least cleared by with me before hand.
    5. Swearing is allowed but don't use it in excess, and of course, no slurs of any fashion.
    6. Romance is allowed, but keep any lewd content out of the RP, this is not the place for that.
    7. Violence is permitted as well, but try to be kept to a minimum, no need for excessive gore and blood.
    8. Include your character's favorute color in the other section to show you've read the rules up to this point.
    9. Maximum of two characters per user.
    10.Enjoy yourselves!

    Character Sheets
    (If going powerless just put N/A) Weapons: (Same as above, but N/A if you want.)
    Codename: (N/A if not using one)

    Heres my character, for example.

    Name: Issac Allens

    Age: 19

    Apperance: Having lived in the wasteland for so long, Issac ended up having some pretty shaggey brown hair, running down and along his neck, as well as with a fairly scruffy beard. His matching brown eyes are hidden behind a pair of dusty goggles he wears for protection. Hes dressed usually in a cloak, which below it hides some thrown together armour, consisting of very old police swat armour and motorcross gear hes come across in the wasteland. He stands at around 6 feet tall, and has a slim build, with strong arms and legs that he keeps in shape with regular exercise.

    Personality: Issac is serious, but optomistic, believing in the old way of heroing, thinking that if he sticks to those morales he'll always do whats right. This way of thinking fan be his downfall too, following it way to strictly, allowing it to be used agansit him if put in a tough situation. It takes some time for him to trust others, but once hes deemed you friend, he'll do all he can to keep you safe.

    Backstory: Issac has only ever known the wasteland. While the cities did have crime here and there, it still ran like a city, albiet under harsh dictatorship. It was the wastelands that was the truly lawless place. Most people growing up there embraced this life, living by a harsh kill or be killed attitude. But not Issac. Early on in his life he found books, pictures, old audio logs detailing the heroics of a man named Multiplier and his eventually succseors. He studied them day in and day out, learning everything he could about the days of old. It was around this time he learned how to control his newly emerging powers, total control over earth and air. These kept him safe in the harsh lands, and he eventually used them to start fighting off bandits and killers, simpily dubbing himself Hero, trying to bring back meaning to the word. Catching wind of some sort of rebellion growing in the wasteland, the young man starts his search to try and help anyone in need.

    Power: Control over Earth and Air elements. If used too long or too much at once, he will suffer severe damage and grow tired easier.

    Weapons: Staff

    Codename: Hero

    Other: Purple is his favorite colour.

    Well, thats all I have for now. I hope you want to join and I look forward to seeing what becomes of this. This is my first RP on the site, so if I've made any errors, please let me know and I'll get straight to work on fixing them.
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  2. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Jonathan Greenhardt
    Age: 18
    Apperance: Jon is 6'8", muscular and pretty good looking, he has ice white hair with an electric blue streak in it and green eyes. He wears a dull grey tank-top, orange trousers and no shoes (his prisoner attire), when he is released he adds a black and red overcoat and black gloves and boots.
    Personality: Jon is pretty kind hearted and gentle and trues his hardest to protect others, but his time in isolation has made him cold and distant to those he doesn't know well.
    Backstory: Jon discovered his powers at a young age and used them to cause much havoc for Repeat, he was eventually caught and locked in a impenetrable box chained in place and left on the outskirts of the city. Inside the box, Jon was chained up, and placed in shackles that restricted his powers he was also sedated. He has been locked up since he was 14.
    Power: Jon has regeneration, telekinesis and the use of black tendrils that come from his back.
    Weapons: Claymore (medieval style sword) it has a Jade wolf head in the hilt.
    Codename: Demon
    Other: His favourite colour is green
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  3. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Your character has quite a few powers, maybe remove one or two of them, just so it can be a bit more balanced.
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  4. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    @AlrightAttorney edited

    Also I was wondering whether your character or someone else who joins character could break Jon out of his prison.
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  5. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney


    Accepted. I could probably have Issac break him out at some point early on, yeah.
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  6. Name: Nanouk Aliyak
    Age: 20
    Apperance: Nanouk is a woman with tanned skin, black hair that is kept in a pony tail underneath her clothes and brown eyes. She stands at 163 cm (5'4) and weighs 52 kg (114 lbs), this is because her family line consists of inuit people. She wears a brown anorak, a waterproof jacket with a hood without a front opening so it has to be pulled over her head to take it off, along with a pair of brown fur pants and fur boots. She doesn't wear gloves all the time, but she has a pair of mittens on her person.
    Personality: Nanouk, contrary of what her power might make people think, is a warm and kindhearted woman who does not really like conflict and is always ready to help people when they need it. She dislikes Repeat to her core though, and refuses to help him or people who side with him out of something else than fear. Although not a fan of conflict, she understands the need for it and can stand her own when forced to fight.
    Backstory: Nanouk was born in a nomadic family that travelled across the wasteland and adopted the mindset quickly, travelling across the wasteland and being unable to settle down or be in a city for longer than a few days before her blood begins to boil again. She got her spear when she was 14 to protect herself, as the wasteland was not as kind as her family. When she discovered that she had powers, she desperately tried to hide them which worked when she was wearing mittens. Her family knew about her power but didn't cast her out, instead they congratulated her and tried to help her where possible.
    Power: Control and creation of ice, she can also channel her powers through her weapon to create an row of ice spikes in the direction that she looks when slamming her weapon on the ground.(16 ft). Her powers weaken in high temperatures and it will take more energy to create ice.
    Weapons: Light blue spear with a tugtupite icicle where the hilt meets the blade.
    Codename: Frostbite
    Other: Her favorite color is orange. Her power has the drawback of Nanouk always being cold, although her bodily functions don't suffer from it.
  7. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

  8. Hmm. Do you mind if my character is not originally from earth? As in, she's an entirely different species?
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  9. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Totally, it is the near future so I don't have any objections to that. Go right ahead.
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  10. Okay.
    @DarkHydraT, my character also has cryokinetic power, but it's slightly different than your OC's. Please let me know if you're not okay with this and I'll switch characters.

    Name: Alison "Allie" Silverstone
    Age: Appears to be about sixteen.
    Species: Glaciaic Luxien
    Appearance: She has abnormally pale skin and pointed ears, but otherwise appears fairly human. She stands at a height of 5'8, and has a slim stature. Typically, her outfit consists of a plain white dress with a blue satin belt, containing a snowflake crest. She also wears ballet-flat white shoes on her feet, along with light blue nylon tights. Her hair is icy blue, with an unnatural shimmer to it. Her eyes are the same shade of blue, and don't appear to be natural either. Finally, she has a pair of translucent pale blue wings that appear to be made of ice crystals.
    Personality: Though the state of the world combined with her past has jaded her, Allie tries to remain positive. She is much more serious than she used to be, but her determination remains. She is kind, but completely unforgiving if you should hurt a loved one of hers.
    Backstory: Does she have one? Yes. Will she tell you? Hahahahaha no.
    - Cryokinesis. Weakened by high temperatures, like most ice manipulators and creators.
    - Very weak psychic abilities. She can send very broken telepathic messages, teleport a short distance, and use limited telekinesis. She can only read minds if the target is not aware of it.
    - Flight, due to her wings.
    Weapons: She does not have a dedicated weapon, but occasionally creates them using her powers. Depending on how she feels, this can take on the form of a sword, katana, or something else. They are usually charged with her power and can freeze inanimate objects on contact.
    Codename: Zero (This references the term "absolute zero", or the coldest temperature possible in the known universe.)
    - The drawback of her power is rather severe. Her power is heavily linked to her emotional state. There will be times where she uses her power purely on accident: if she's angry, scared, overly excited, etc. If she is sufficiently angered or injured in battle, she will enter a subconscious state in which she loses all control and her powers heighten drastically. In this state, she will go completely berserk, not stopping until A) she is defeated or B) the aggressor is dead. She cannot last long in this state, and will pass out upon exhausting her power. Before passing out, she will subconsciously use an extremely powerful attack. After she regains consciousness, she will likely be very weak for a while.
    - Her favourite color, contrary to her color scheme, is violet. (She does like silver and blue though.)
    - When she uses her power, a strange crest-like feature appears on her forehead. (I will draw this later, for your reference.) This is not a feature that her species normally has and is exclusive to her. It ties in to her backstory.
  11. I am totally fine with it, don't see why there can't be two characters with similar powers
  12. Gotcha, thanks. ^.^ Just wanted to make sure, everyone has different opinions on that sort of thing~
  13. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Accepted, looking forward to seeing how she fits into the world.

    I'm cool with having doubles in power types just as long as people try to execute the ablities in different creative ways.

    Right now I'm just ironing out the road map for where I want to take the story and once its finished and we have a few more people join, I'll start up the actual RP.
  14. Name: Adrian White
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Like his last name suggests, nearly every part of Adrian is White, his skin is very Pale and his somewhat messy yet short hair is White as snow, his eyes are Hazel colored and his body build is slim yet fit, standing at 5'10". His attire consists of a Black un-tucked button shirt with dark Blue jeans and Brown hiking boots. This attire is always hidden by an ankle long hooded light grey coat with a few straps decorating the waist and forearms. He tends to hide his face behind a simple White mask that only shows his eyes, no detail on the mask of any kind.
    Personality: Adrian's main persona comes off as a stoic and somewhat rude individual who cares little for the politics he finds himself in and simply does what he wishes. He talks back to anyone regardless of the consequences, but he does care about innocent people to a certain degree and can be very cruel when angry. He loves cats and despises loud noises.
    Backstory: Adrian spent most of his childhood in an orphanage with no knowledge of his parents or what happened to them. He was on relatively good terms with the other orphans, but his personality made him one of the least preferred people to talk to--not that he minded, it just meant he had more peace and quiet to himself. Adrian discovered his abilities some time after his 14th birthday and tended to sneak out from time to time to cause some mischief, much to the orphanage owner's extreme annoyance and was sent out by his 15th birthday to fend for himself, now Adrian simply wanders the city and do precisely what he wants.
    Power: Adrian has the power to manipulate the wind around him, turning small breezes into gusts like a hurricane which can easily blow cars over or create small tornadoes to either subdue his enemies or shield himself. His setbacks are that his attacks are no stranger to collateral damaging and his tornadoes can only suck up solid matter, he can alter this to make the winds blow away any matter, but this will exhaust him a lot faster.
    He does have a second ability that allows him to manipulate the gravity around himself so he could fly, but it's easy to mistake it for another of his wind related abilities.
    Weapons: Due to his overconfidence in his usage of wind power, he rarely uses a weapon, however he is somewhat skilled in martial arts.
    Code name: Gale force
    Other: Adrian's favorite color is anything with a dark shade. His alignment is more of Chaotic Neutral depending on how often he uses his powers.
  15. @AlrightAttorney, I have a question, can I have more then one character. I have a character that I would love to bring into the RP, and I have an idea for an anti hero type of character I want to make. If we can only have one character I will understand, but I just wanted to ask before I make my character.
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  16. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    @Red Gallade

    I'm fine with having atleast two characters. I'll edit the original post to add this as a note.
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  17. Ok thank you. I know for a fact that @EeviumZ knows who my hero will be, as they have showed up in a couple of RPs that she and I have been. The other character is a new one that I want to try out.
  18. Yep, I know who you're talking about~
  19. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    I'm always pretty scared of re-using characters because I'm worried I'd get called un-creative, but this character I'm playing as is a slight change of a character I've been RPing for for about three years now, but they've existed as a creation of mine since I was ten. I love him to much to give him up.
  20. It's normal to keep OCs you love playing ask, I know I have one or two for Pokemon.
  21. Name: Logan Masterson
    Age: 18
    Appearance: He stands five foot eleven, not much muscle, Black hair, blue eyes, wears a long coat, shirt and pants, along with steel toe boots, he also has a lot of ferrous metal on his clothes, this ties into his power.
    Personality: Logan is stoic, serious and determined. He is known to step in if a fight breaks out.
    Backstory: He discovered his power at six years old, saving his deceased girlfriend, who was six at the time, from a large piece of metal. He had moved the piece of metal towards himself, using a pole as the channeling point. For eight years, he and April, who was known as 'Lights Out', were in hiding until she died in an invasion of what might of been a Rebellion base, causing him to go on his own for a while, until now.
    Power: his power involves attracting metal using his internal Electricity through another piece of metal. He can also repel the metal, but it is much harder for him to do.
    Weapon: a Javelin used as a secondary attracting point.
    Codename: Magnetic
    Drawbacks: His power can only has a range of fifty feet from either himself or the Javelin, density of the metal also affects how easy it is to attract the metal, he can only use his power for up to an hour, but will cause muscle strain if used to that point.
    Other: His favorite color is red, much like his deceased girlfriend's eyes. DO NOT mention his deceased girlfriend if you value your life, his stoicism will break, and he will try to crush you with a literal ton of metal.
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  22. I re-use my characters all the time, just because I have so much fun playing them. I do make changes depending on the RP though, just for creativity's sake. ^>^
  23. I forgot to mention that if your Characters value their lives, DO NOT mention April, it will cause his stoicism to break.
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  24. What about April as in the month or another girl who happens to also be called April?
  25. A girl, his deceased girlfriend's name was April, he blames himself for his girlfriend's death.
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  26. I know that, I just mean would he get triggered if he met another girl who also happened to be called April?
  27. It probably would not be due to a rare trait that April's family had, they had natural red eyes, and could suddenly suck all the power out of a small area, hence her codename was Lights Out.
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  28. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    This probably is way too OP, but lemee know if any changes need to be done.
    Name: Reaper (Real name unknown)

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Not much to say about Reaper here. He is 6ft tall, and his skin is as pale as a corpse. It is rarely ever visible, as he has a mask on that covers his entire face. On his forehead, he has a pentagram carved into it, resembling as if burned in with a hot iron. Congealed blood streams down from his bottom eyelids like tears, sticking to his skin. Other than that, he is pretty featureless. With a thin, slightly starved body, he wears a large black robe that nearly covers him from head to toe. Underneath he wears a black hoodie, black pants and black combat boots. Of course, he wears such dark colours not only to match his evil, dark powers, but also because it helps with staying hidden when sneaking around. He also wears one of those blank white masks, mainly to cover his sewn-up face. Every open hole on the mask, such as the eyesockets and the mouth have been covered up with a layer of white plastic, completely hiding his face. He has a bald head, not even one bit of hair present, though this is hidden by the hood mostly.

    Personality: Not really much of a personality. Being blind, mute and an amputee really just.. lacks the ability to develop a personality he can show. The best he can show is a bit of sadism, but also a bit of mercy at times. He acts more like the mercenary he is, being a bit of both evil and good. He roams the wasteland sometimes as a good samaritan, but sometimes as a being even worse than a common raider. He doesn't ever eat or drink, a side effect from his powers, since he lost having a mouth to do so. He lacks lungs aswell, needing no oxygen to breathe as he has no orifices to do so. He's much less human and more of a zombie, really.

    Backstory: Reaper, back in the days when he had his true identity still, he was taking advantage of the villainous attacks to practice his religion, that being Satanism. He didn't really expect anything to come of the blood sacrifice he made with by cutting up his worst enemy, that being his abusive father, whom he had earned multiple broken limbs and black eyes from. However, little had he known that this sort of sacrifice invoked a powerful demon. Reaper struck three deals with this demon, which gave him the powers he has now, but also took away something very important from him. He went through the seven stages of grief after he realized his mistake, which explains the congealed, crusty blood going down his eyelids. At that point it was already too late. Now, he roams the wasteland, a hollow husk of a man, either standing back and watching others, or getting his robes dirty, raising a cult of zombies.


    Shadow Manipulation - This power can have him become a cloud of darkness or teleport within shadows, aswell as flooding an area with darkness that masks sight and sound. This has a major weakness however, as this power took away Reaper's eyesight. His eyes are sewn shut, and when something or someone tries to open them or heal them, they will start bleeding rapidly, inflicting major amounts of pain onto Reaper. In exchange, his hearing has been increased greatly. And only his hearing. Reasoning for that is below.

    Necromancy - Being the darkest art of magic, Reaper can use Necromancy to create skeletal constructs/weaponry, drain the lifeforce out of a being to heal his wounds and re-animate the deceased, turning them into weak, mindless zombies, hunting the living to satisfy their endless hunger for flesh. These zombies can be easily killed by decapitation and destroying their heads. Even with decapitation, their body will stop moving and die off as only the head will remain moving until the brain is removed. This great power came with a great cost, which had cost him his nose and mouth, taking away his senses of smell and taste. His mouth is sewn shut, and where his nose should be, there is nothing but a flat surface. If something or someone tries to open his mouth or heal it, the same thing happens as it would when trying to fix or open his eyes.

    Demonic Telekinesis - This is a very weak type of telekinesis, only allowing Reaper to push, pull and move objects or people he could lift on his own if he had arms. It also allows him to use telepathy, but when using it to communicate, whoever hears his voice will also hear a countless amount of strange demonic voices whispering and mumbling incomprehensible words. It takes a toll on his mental health, heavier objects or long sessions of telepathy will give him increasingly painful headaches. As a cost to this power, he has no arms, not even nubs. Where his arms should normally be, there are just flat surfaces of skin. That way, he lost half of his sense of touch (only being able to feel with his feet now), being left with only a full sense, that being hearing.

    Weapons: Blades that extend out from the heels of his boots that he can use to kick at enemies with more damage.

    Codename: The Devil

    Other: His favourite colour is black, a third reason why he wears such emo colours.
  29. I'm liking this, I might go throw one of my characters in at some point. Are you planning on locking it once you get enough people, or can I take my time with the bio?
  30. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Accepted. As long as you use his powers reasonably he shouldn't be too OP. I think he'll make for an entertaining encounter in the Wastelands

    Take as much time as you like, I'll be leaving it open as long as I can.
  31. Name: Alexander James Xavier VII (Ajax)
    Age: 17
    Appearance: 5’9 with a slim-fit physique. His hair was originally a jet black, however the regular use of his powers as a life sustaining method has damaged his hair follicles and now his hair grows in a light grey-Silver hue. His eyes however were stone grey at birth,before also being leeched of colour and rendered a piercing ivory, both of which somehow compliment his tanned skin tone and outwardly harsh demeanor.
    Personality: Ajax is known for his relatively standoffish nature and lone wolf demeanor. Though in reality he has no objections to working collaboratively with people, provided they prove themselves worthy of his time and effort.
    Backstory: Ajax’s life in the wastelands has been rough to say the least, though his powers have allowed him to survive the scarcity of resources better than most. His ability to absorb energy allowing him to go extended periods of time without eating, instead using absorbed energy from the world around him to sustain himself. At the cost of putting great strain upon his body.
    He wanders the wastelands in search of a purpose for his life, though he is yet to true it find one yet.
    Power: His body is essentially a miniature power reactor, allowing him to convert absorbed heat, light or electricity into pure energy. Which can then be fired off as blasts or used to propel him in a form of unassisted flight, though this is extremely energy intensive thus he prefers to use this ability more as a small burst or boost to his agility rather than full on flight.
    Weapons: Carries a tactical knife and a small energy pistol on him at all times
    Codename: Quasar
    Other: His favorite colour is Vantablack
  32. Here's a villain Character, the one responsible for April's death, and Logan's berserk button.

    Name: Mira O'Malley
    Age: 19
    Appearance: She Stands 5'9", with red hair and green eyes, wears a light blue shirt and pants, along with a grey cloak, the hood is always up, her green eyes showing. Underneath is a very fit body with slight muscle tone.
    Personality: Mira is mischievous, and is not above pranking people, she is also a bit of a flirt, and very neutral towards most.
    Backstory: Mira had always worked for Repeat, starting after killing April "Lights Out" Hathaway. She is currently in the starting city, and causing trouble for most heroes.
    Power: She can manipulate her bone structure, examples of use are sending spikes from her hand to hit someone or something, or creating ab outer layer that protects better than her skin. However, she has to acquire three times as much calcium, and her bones can only grow two feet in front of where she manipulates it from, however, she can break the new structure off, and use it as a sword, but with a decent amount of pain at first.
    Weapons: known to use a bow and arrow, in case of a long range enemy.
    Codename: Skeleton
    Other: her favorite color is real. She has a grudge against Logan "Magnetic" Masterson.
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  33. Here is my first character. Let me know if there is anything that needs to be changed. Also if you need to know more about the Vundal race let me know.

    Name: Phoenix
    Age: 180 (Looks 18 )
    Gender: Non Gendered (will use they and them for pronouns. Others can use female pronouns for them as that is how they will look to most people.)
    Species: Vundal- A race that lives on a lush planet in another Galaxy. They are a race of very advanced aliens that blend themselves with nature. They are very attuned to the world around them and are able to speak with animals and control plants because of the way that their planet has treated them. The Vundal are made up of two types. The rugged field works who are more muscle and then there are the lean and slender looking nobles.
    Apperance: Phoenix stands at 5'. Which is pretty normal for the refined side of the Vundal race. Phoenix has a very lilthe body. Their skin is light purple in color. They tend to look younger then they really are. Phoenix has pointed ears. Their eyes are a bright vivid green that has a bit of silver flecs in them. Phoenix's eyes are fully green there is scalara to them at all. Their lashes stand out being that they look to be very black and long. Phoenix has very soft features and looks very innocent. Their hair is long and wavey. It comes to their knees and is dark pink color that fades into a light color. For clothing Phoenix wears a cropped hoodie that has a v neckline that has a black cropped shirt under it, a black pair of leggings under a dark redish purple skirt that has a neon green mesh that covers one side and flows down to the floor, and a black ribbon choker around their neck. They do not wear shoes typically, because they love to feel the ground on their feet.
    Personality: Phoenix is very naive, and will ask a lot of questions about what confuses them. Though that is pretty much everything about earth and humans. Though Phoenix is very smart they tend to get themselves into trouble as they go out of their way to help others.
    Backstory: Phoenix is a young agent for their home world. They tend to send Phoenix on missions to help other planets in need. Growing up in home surrounded by nature, shown Phoenix the way of the animals and living in harmony with plants. Power:
    • Plant Manipulation- A racial trait that all vundal have. It has come about from centuries of their people working with their planet to better themselves and the lives of nature of their planet.
    • Animal Communication- Phoenix is able to speak to animals and ask them to do things for him. Though weither or not they do it, is up to the animal. This power has come about much the same way as the plant manipulation.
    • Energy Manipulation- Phoenix can create green energy that is able to be used for various things. Like creating a weapon, or throwing exploding balls at others. Phoenix can even use it to fly with.
    Weapons: None. Though he does know how to make battle suits that are very advanced. (Think Iron Man's suit, but more like clothing then metal.)
    Codename: N/A
    Other: Phoenix's favorite color is Teal.
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  35. Can't promise how often I'll post within the RP; I'm a busy guy.
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    Thats perfectly fine, no need to worry. Appreciate the heads up.

    Before I get things going, would anyone like help me with a proper title. I've been trying to think of a good one and everything I come with is pretty cliche, haha.
  37. All I can think of is something cheesy like "Super-calypse"
  38. @AlrightAttorney I edited the fact I initially forgot into the last section of the character.

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