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Open Pokémon Training Center

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by GalacticSky, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. The door to her office Would of swung open with the hissing of the sound of water, And smoke pillowing out,
    "TYPHLOSION!! YOU KNOW BETTER!" They would of returned them to their heal ball, deciding to shut the door quickly and head to her classroom, Thankfully it was closer, to her office than she expected, Taking her time to enjoy the decor and feel to the school grounds, Eventually opening the door to her class, before taking her place at the classroom desk, Putting all 5 of her pokeballs aside
  2. Sean walks into the fire type classroom with blaze on his shoulder and sees the teacher. Hello are you Ms.Silvers.
  3. Galactic flipped his hood back down. "Morning. Mrs. Silvers" Galactic said politely. He went towards the desk near the window and slumped in his chair. I wish I had a Charizard... Galactic thought quietly thought to himself. Galactic took out his A Beginner's Guide To Fire-Types and How To Bond With Fire-Types textbooks and quietly flipped through the pages in the textbook. As Hawk read above his shoulder, along with Star and Gabbie.
    (Hawk: Hawlucha, Gabbe: Gabite, Star: Staraptor)
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  4. Gene wandered about inside, aimlessly, wondering if there was a place he needed to be. Probably so--after all, it wasn't even in the afternoon, and periods start around nine.

    He pulled a folder from his bag, looking through the papers. According to this, he should be in the Fire-type classroom, at this moment. It was just starting, really. He looked up from the paper, at a door with a blazing symbol etched on it's window.

    '...Well, that's convenient.' He though to himself, walking through, and taking a seat...Next to a particular student.
  5. "Well. To answer both of your questions. Yes i am Ms silvers... As you can see not many people are here currently.. so you may mingle while i get set up, If you'd like to view any of my Pokemon feel free to ask" She'd have been looking down at the planner she finally looked up at the three students
  6. Aki sits beside Glatic "hi there ...ohh cool Staraptor "Her pikachu(Pika) looked at the book that he was reading
  7. Sean sits in the front and puts Blaze on the table in front of him. Okay Ms.Silvers can I see one of your Pokemon?
  8. "Sure..... Which one i have five. Although due to him setting one of the paintings in my office aflame, he has been revoke'd from leaving his poke ball for a while as punishment. That painting cost a lot you know. I Have a Braxien, Chandelure. Rotom available to show you," For a strange reason, She had only listed three, She had provided a reason for one to not be listed but that fifth had no reason or no clear idea of a pokemon
  9. I wanna see Braixen please.
  10. "Okay then." She'd of taken the fourth ball from the line, Pressing the button. As the slightly transparent red beam shot out in it's ususal zig zagged fashion, A Braxien had stood 3 inches away from her with a Large smile on their face due to their Jolly nature "This is my braxien, She's been breed from her Now dead parents. She had a unusually high amount of defensive abilites for one."
  11. Sean looked at the Braixen and smiled. Impressive can I pet her?
  12. "You can try, but. it's not advisable. She bites. And she'll most likely hit you with a flaming stick.." She looked at him with futile in her eyes
  13. Sean walks up slowly with blaze on his shoulder and pets Braixen's head then her tail. I read that if you walk slowly all Pokemon will let them pet you and I also heard a Braixen likes its tail being pet.
  14. "I Dont see this going well." She looked skeptically at him' and back to braixen as it whipped the stick out of its tail before aiming in an arc for his head with the lit end of the stick
  15. Sean stops petting Braixen's tail and puts Blaze in front of Braixen. Calm down Blaze wants to talk.
  16. The braixen would of stopped, quickly removing the arc and replacing the stick in its tail as it let out its cry, waiting for a response
  17. Blaze started talking to Braixen to become friends while Sean asked Ms.Silvers. Can me and Blaze battle your Braixen?
  18. "After school yes, Now no. It is against my policy to battle in classrooms i'm afraid" She'd have retreived her Braxien, sitting back down and placing the ball in the row of them
  19. Okay after school then. Sean goes back to his desk with Blaze on his shoulder.
  20. Galactic looked over his shoulder, and shrugged. "Call him Star, he prefers it."
  21. Gene had started to observe the two converse, at the front of the room. Keeping a keen eye, in particular, on the Braxien. Looking at the Rattata on his desk, and smirking softly, to himself, as he whispered a few things to his pokemon, who squealed in laughter a few moments later.

    "I'd like to see your fifth pokemon, ma'am." He spoke up, from the back of the room, with a lazily raised hand. "After all, you've intentionally peaked our interest about it..."
  22. "Are you. Sure? I'd rather not set the class on fire...." They'd look at the fifth ball with uncertainty, and decide to pick it up. "It's your choice...
  23. Eric was working on memorizing the layout of the school and heard the class in progress. Opening the door he glanced around. "Oh, hello Ms Silvers. Sorry to intrude. I was just passing by and thought I'd stop in, meet the new students." he said, smiling slightly.
  24. "Hello Eric. Feel free to meet the students who have shown up." She looked at him before looking back to the lack of students. "Not very many are early.." they put the ball down instead
  25. "Hello, uh, class I guess. I'm Eric Emmet, call me Eric, Mr Emmet, teach, whatever. I'm the general arts teacher for the school." He said cheerfully, still smiling at the students who'd shown up so far. "If you're in my class later and want to be, great, if not, oh well. But it's the downers that make everything oh so much more enjoyable for the rest of us." He finished, sarcasm lacing the last sentence.
  26. "aw hes cute "she held her hand out "hi im Aki" she smiled
  27. Hi I'm Sean and this is blaze. Points to blaze. nice to meet you
  28. Galactic shook hands with Aki, and grinned. "Nice to meet you too"
  29. Luna poked her head out of Eric's bag and looked around, sniffing the air, before sneezing and retreating back into the bag. Eric reached in and pulling her out. "Something up girl?" he asked, giving Luna a questioning look. She just yawned at him and went back to her nap, making herself comfortable in the crook of his arm.
  30. Galactic started to flip through the pages of the new textbook and yawned in a bored manner. He wanted to see a Flying/Dragon type Pokémon... He stroked Hawk while scratching Star's back as Star ruffled his feathers.
  31. Aki smiled "hey Galactic ..what are you looking at?"
  32. Blaze yawned and fell asleep on Sean's desk and Sean scratched his head while he fell asleep.
  33. "It's a textbook we need for Fire-Type training?" Galactic said questionably.
  34. Aki smiled "hey i have a dragon type "she smiled then she blushed "your kind of cute "
  35. Galactic was startled from the surprising request. He started to tap his fingers on his textbook when he was nervous. "Erm... Uh..." Shit. I think... Oh crud... Galactic thought to himself. He quickly readjusted himself. And just started fidgeting in his seat.
  36. Aki drooped "are you ok..."she put a hand on his shoulder
  37. "Erm.. I'm just kinda new to this girl dating thing." Galactic pushed her hand off his shoulder gently. "Erm..."
  38. "oh sorry...Can we hang out at my dorm "she was blushing "im sorry for the request..."she smiled
  39. Sean kept on looking at the clock wishing that the time could go faster so he can finally battle that braixen. Come on time hurry up.
  40. "Erm... Okay... If you want too." Galactic started to blush furiously and started to get very interested at his textbook.

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