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Open Pokémon Training Center

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by GalacticSky, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. The discussion thread for this role play is here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-training-center.13635 (Open - Pokémon Training Center)

    Galactic was panicking. He was already late for class and he was sprinting at his top speed bumping into students and teachers, yelping "Sorry!" or "Oops!" whenever he accidently hit someone or knocked books out of a person's hands. He raced up the stairs, 3 stairs at a time and nearly faceplanting on the nicely polished floor tiles. He skidded towards the hallway, drifted passed the gyms. And finally made it to the dorms. He saw a small group of kids in the front of the guy's dorm and started to sign in relief as he realised that he wasn't late. He scanned the crowd for a familiar clump of hair... And there! He saw a blonde bush in the mist of the crowd and ran towards the blonde haired dude...
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  2. "U-uh, excuse me, could you ple- oh... okay..."

    "S-sorry, I was just looking fo- n-nevermind..."

    "P-please, I just want t-to fi- oh, alright..."

    Sapphire wandered aimlessly, looking for a particular area of the school - the dorms. She couldn't find them, and she wasn't given a map, which made it tough to find things. She encountered others while in the halls, but she spoke so quietly that nobody heard her. She was just about to give up when a black blur rushed by, knocking the books out of her hands. She frantically picked them back up before looking in the direction that the blur was headed. Whoever that was, they seem to know the place decently well... She thought as she walked towards it, picking up the pace every few steps. The blur sprinted up the stairs, and Sapphire followed closely behind. Eventually, the blur stopped, revealing it to be a boy clad in mostly black clothes, with the black hair to match. He was pretty short compared to her. She walked over hesitantly, her eyes refusing to lock on to him. "U-um, excuse me. I-I was looking for the girls d-dorms? N-nobody gave me a map... so..." She said, her already quiet tone of voice trailing off to almost silent at the end.
  3. Myandera would look at the timetable on her Desk, "Looks like i'm getting the Management over the boys dorm.. Typical.." She'd get up out of her class, Walking towards the boys dormatory, She was looked at several times by Student's who though she looked to old to be a student and dressed weirdly, She walked into the back of the dormitory for teacher access, The Area had dorms on each side, And a raised balcony, She took the stairs upwards towards it seeing as it was blocked off to students currently she was able to get up easily, Myandrea released her chandelure, as they both looked on, Waiting like usual
  4. Leafy turned arouns to see a very tired and out of breath Galactic. Leafy was standing in the large crowd getting squished back and forth. It was hard for him to breathe as 2 people were back to back squishing up on him. He looked at Galactic with his shining green eyes and said "Um... Y-yo." Leafy gasps for air "Long time no see huh Galact-" the two people squishing Leafy (unintentionally) suddenly moved away and Leafy fell to the floor gasping for air. He eventually got his breath back and stood up, with Sly sleeping on his head of course "Yo Galactic. From this schedule that i have right here it seems that we are sharing a dorm!" Leafy pulled out a pink piece of slightly wrinkled paper and showed it to Galactic
  5. "It's nearly time. Chandelure, Take your place in the centre, " Their chandelure flew into the middle of the dorm hall unoticed
  6. "Galactic, slumped over and clung onto Leafy, desperate for breath"
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  7. ((ITS LEAFY NOW NOT ARPI)) leafy looked at Galactic who was gasping for air on his shoulder "Yo, you okay m8?" Sly looked at Galactic the same way Leafy did. Concerned
  8. The lights in the boy's dormatory would suddenly Cut, Leaving the room in almost pure darkness due to the fact the dorm hall had no windows apart from those in the dorms themselves(Which are shut due to the dorms being shut) Sending alot of the crowd Silent (The NPC Crowd)
  9. Aurora looked at her clock, it was already time for school. She got ready in a jiffy, slipping on a tank blouse and some light washed jeans. 'Today is going to be pretty sweet..' she thought, leaving her house and making her way to the new school that had been placed in town. Who knows what to expect? She shrugged and put on a smile. Entering the school gates, Rory took up the view. Lots of new pokemon and people.. "Nice." She said aloud, her Piplup named Pippy close by her side. Houndour was tucked in his pokeball grabbing some Z's.
  10. "N-no, okay then." Sapphire muttered as she walked in the opposite direction of the area.

    The room went dark, and Sapphire almost fell over. She felt around the area for a way out, and eventually escaped to the light. Welp, back to... wandering around, I guess. She thought to herself as she looked around for the dorm rooms once again. She assumed that the area she was in previously was the boys dormitory, considering the lack of girls there. Let's see... classrooms... more classrooms... gah, this place is a nightmare! She thought in frustration, realizing she had just managed to walk back to the school's entrance. She leaned on the wall and slid down until she was sitting. Having not been given a map was turning out to be harder than Sapphire thought it would be. She put her head in her hands in frustration, accompanied by a sigh. How the heck am I supposed to find my way around this monster of a school! This is impossible! She thought, mumbling a bit of it to herself under her breath.
  11. Aurora noticed someone else who seemed lost... 'at least I'm not alone.' she thought with a smile, going up to Sapphire. "Hello." She waved.
  12. Galactic panted as he looked at the pink slip and relaxed. He was at least with his friend. Well, his only friend... He looked at Leafy and started to grin. "We're in the same dorm Leaf. I'm going to call top bunk, you know how I am with heights...."
  13. Leafy looked at Galactic who was starting to recover from being so tired "Yo Im fine with bottom bunk! I usually sleep on the floor anyway!" Leafy started to get more aware of him surroundings and noticed that the enture boys dormitory was pitch black! "G-Galactic! Whats going on?" Leafy said in a nervous voice as Sly and him started hugging eachother in fear
  14. Galactic put his hood on himself, looking pretty dark as usual... "I'm going to check the generators, one sec..."
    Galactic slipped into the shadows with Hawk and started to find the generator. Here it is. Galactic thought as he checked through the generator, he realized that he couldn't fix the problem without an Electric type Pokémon...
    He needed to figure out a way to get an electric type here and get the generator back to fine working condition.
  15. Leafy put his hood over his head and him and Sly dropped to the ground, curling into a ball holding eachother tightly. Normally Leafy isnt scared of the dark but when it goes off so sudden, it scares him silly
  16. Galactic noticed a blonde clump of hair in the midst of the darkness. Oh come on Leafy, why are you here? He thought as he started to re-wire the wires instead of waiting for an electric type Pokémon. He started to notice a clump of sparking wires inside the generator and started to crawl inside and started to check out the control panel at the very front of the generator.
  17. Sean was walking around with Blaze in front of him looking for his dorm. I had to be late on my first day.
  18. Myandera would clap twice, The Chandelures flames flames becoming brighter casting the hall in a purple hue that gave it a eeriee feeling, "Greetings gentlemen. My name is Myandera Silvers. I Am this schools fire type teacher and Your Dorm Superviser during free hours. Any problems You can see me in my Office at the entrance of the dorms area. For now, You can take your time to unpack, and meet your fellow dorm members Any questions. See me during a free period." As she had finished talking, The lights came back on and the chandelure flew back to Myandera before she returned it to it's ball
  19. "Hello."

    Who said that! Sapphire thought, her head snapping back up from her hands. She looked around before noticing someone, a girl with a Piplup. She was waving at her. In response, she slowly lifted a hand to wave back before fixing her eye patch. She mouthed a "Hello", but there was no sound to accompany it. Another attempt was made at speaking. "I-I'm a bit... lost..." she managed to mumble, wanting to punch herself due to her inability to increase her volume around others.

    She motioned to get up, but as she did, a Pokeball fell from her vest and landed on the ground. It sprung open, and out flew Nadia, the pink Frillish. Nadia happily floated around Sapphire, who was frantically darting her head around to look for her Pokeball. Where did it go? How'd she get out!?
  20. Hello can somebody help me? I can't find my dorm room.
  21. Leafy immediately jumped up and burst out of the generator room and started sprinting down the halls. Leafy ZOOMED past a trainer with a frillish, creating an insane dust cloud behind leafy's tracks. Leafy also booked it past a trainer who was looking lost that was standing right before the stairs. "I CANT WAIT TO GET BACK TO THE DORMS!!!" leafy SCREAMED as he dashed up the stairs, where the dorms were located. He was then greeted by a huge (NPC) crowd of people, who were blocking his dorm which is just a little bit farther than where the crowd ends. "Looks like im going to have to do this the old fashion way!" Leafy said as him and Sly got a huge grin on their faces. Leafy absolutely CHARGED right through the crowd, making everyone fall and tumble amongst themselves. When Leafy got through the crowd he kept dashing so fast that he zoomed right by the teacher. Leafy then did a sharp right turn and bursted thtough the door on his dorm, jumping and landing on the bottom bunk
  22. Sean is in front of his dorms door. Okay here's my dorm. Sean walks in unpacks his stuff and pulls out his guitar sits on his bed and starts playing, while Blaze is sitting in front of Sean, and listening.
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  23. "What the.. Someones.. Exited..." They'd of been staring a leafy, with a confused gaze, They decided to dismiss it, Walking down the stairs into the corridor, Turning to her office, The Standard cream office that she was in control of, It was bare with a simple desk, A monitor and office chair, Going to sit down,
  24. Sapphire and Nadia both fell backwards as a cloud of dust smashed against them. Nadia's Pokeball rolled from behind her, and Sapphire quickly grabbed it from the ground. "Kay, I'll let you stay out here if you behave." She told her Frillish, who nodded in delight.

    She floated over to the girl with a Piplup, waving frantically at the other water type. Her soft and shy voice returning, she addressed her issue once more. "U-uh, I've been... t-trying to f-find the dorms, a-and I... can't. D-do you have a m-map... or something?" Sapphire attempted to ask, stuttering like a fool while still in her quiet voice.

    Nadia looked back at Sapphire with an expression that read 'you can do better than that' before turning back to the blond girl and the Piplup with a smile. Sapphire sighed, but stood up once more, clutching the Frillish's Pokeball tightly with her hand.
  25. Sean stops playing his guitar and puts Blaze on his shoulder and goes for a walk hoping to meet some people.
  26. She let her Braixen out of it's ball, Pattings it's head as she let it roam around her office, seeing as it hasn't been out of their pokeball for a while
  27. Leafy and Sly got back up after a 20 minute nap and started to very calmy walk down the halls. His emerald eyes shining and his clump of blonde hair falling over his eyes. He sees a trainer with a charmeleon om his shoulder and waves really intensly and says "Yo! Im Leafy Bubblegum! Pleased ta meet ya!" You see, Galactic was Leafys only friend so he wanted to make new friends at this new school as fast as possible. He wasnt shy to say things or speak his mind at all
  28. Hello I'm Sean and this is Blaze Blaze waves his hand nice to meet you Leafy
  29. Leafy puts out his hand into a strong peace sign, giving a crazy wide smile showing his shiny white teeth. His Zorua Sly who was on top of his head, put out his hand in the same way Leafy did. Giving a smile at Blaze as Sly's bright blue eyes sparkle "Yo, it's very nice to meet ya! This is Sly, he's been my buddy my whole life! I've been with him since I hatched him from an egg!" Leafy said as he started to pet Sly "So, do ya know where the Fire type teacher's classroom is? I think I zoomed past her earlier but I was going to fast to really see where she was going."
  30. I was actually about to go and start looking for that class because I just got here about an hour ago so I dont know anything about this school.
  31. "I'm new also," Aurora smiles, a small blush on my face. She wishes she could help... but she was about as lost as..? "What's you name?" She asks, oblivious to her Piplup named Pippy. Pippy was poking the Frillish with a teasing nature.
  32. real world i gotta go i have to do something tomorrow its secret
  33. How about we go look at the office and ask them where the class is.
  34. Galactic put his hood back on and adjusted his shirt. He hoped people wouldn't consider him a loser. He always was the underdog and the most ignored. He was hoping that he could finally make some friends. He started to run back to the dorms.
  35. Sean was heading to the office when he bumped into Galactic Sorry about that
  36. Sohrah looked around the school and started heading to her first class, but before she got there she noticed two girls, one with a Piplup and one with a Frillish. She changed direction towards them, Nidorina riding on her shoulders, feet on her left, her head reaching across to the right. "Hello!" She called out, bouncing over. Her greeting was accompanied by a, "Rina!"
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  37. Galactic, quietly nodded in acknowledgement, and accepted Sean's apology.
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  38. Aki was late for class and she ran into galactic "im so sorry.."
  39. Gene stood at the entrance grounds, to the Center. Looking about the dorms, with a vaguely confident smile, he looked over at a Rattata, perched on his shoulder.

    "Ready?" He asked the Rattata, with a small smile, walking inward into the...Was it an academy? He didn't know, all he knew is that his travels somehow led him here, to be enrolled into this training center, and the rest was up to him, to rise to the absolute top...

    At the moment, he was only wandering, searching for someone who might give him additional information--after all, the pamphlet was rather...Confusing, to say the least. Hopefully, he would bump into a teacher...
  40. Hey by any chance do you know where the fire type teachers classroom is?

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