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Open Pokémon Training Center

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by GalacticSky, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. Aki smiled "yay!...so what are you reading buddy"she leaned on his shoulder
  2. Galactic felt really awkward as Aki leaned on his shoulder. He tried not to blush and he wanted her to get off him. "Uh. I'm studying"
  3. Sean just sat there and out of nowhere Draco came out of her pokeball and started flying around the room waking up Blaze. Draco what are you doing?
  4. Aki sighed "am i being awkward?" she sighed then she started to study
  5. Phew, I'm not that all good with girls. Galactic thought to himself.
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  6. Aki smiled as she studied "hey Galactic...um do you have a fire type?"
  7. "Uh, no... I like flying and dragon types... I wish I had a Charizard. He's such a cool Pokémon..."
  8. "Erm, do you want to go to the movies with me and Leafy?" Galactic blurted out suddenly. "Uh, not that like it's a date or anything..."
  9. Draco return!! Sean returns Draco to his pokeball.
  10. "yeah sure ...and that is a date .."she said as she giggled
  11. "erm... Fine.." Galactic said.
  12. Aki smiles "ok so do you know when class ends"
  13. "Maybe after Normal classes which is my last class..." school ends at 4 so, I'll meet you at 7 with Leafy..."
  14. Aki smiled "ok ill bring Doom "she smiled "he's my houndoom "she blushed "wanna see?" she smiled
  15. "Uh... I'm kinda scared of dogs? Like... I have this phobia thing..." Galactic shuddered.
  16. Aki frowned "oh..sorry i have a goomy?" she lets her goomy out
  17. "Uh, Goomy is good. I think that Mrs. Silvers is kinda getting triggered in her office, there's smoke in her room..." Galactic said.
  18. Myandrea had gotten up and left her class room hoping to have her office clear of the smoke now
  19. "yeah he is a cutie...i can wait for him to evolve "she smiled
  20. Blaze starts glowing. What the blaze you're evolving. Blaze changes shape and size and evolves into charizard. Oh my god blaze I'm so happy congratulations.
  21. She had walked into the room, still filled with smoke, walking over to the air con. Pressing the max:On button so it cleared most of the smoke, Picking up the file binder she walked back to her classroom. at annoyance at her typhlosion as well at the time. "For the love of arceus i wish he would behave she muttered
  22. Galactic shrugged "Sure, I think Mrs. Silvers fixed the problem in her office, a lot of kids are late."
  23. Aki nodded "yeah i think she did , and yay"
  24. Ms.Silvers Blaze whats to go practice his flying can he go outside.
  25. Galactic grunts as he notices as the Charmander that evolved into a Charizard. And right when a girl asks me out, and I wish for a Charizard... Galactic thought to himself. Maybe this won't be as bad of a year as I thought it would be. Galactic grinned self consciously. "Dude, that's a pretty cool Charizard you have there... You're so freaking lucky..."
  26. Myandera would of seen the evolution, mainly ignoring it as she walked in, wisps of smoke had ended up in her classroom at the slightest bit of annoyance, That was only the beginning as not only having over half her class late, as well as the paperwork she was doing,
  27. Galactic, took out his textbooks and whipped out his pencil and started to tap on the desk with the end of his pencil as he waited for further instructions... She seems a bit... Strict... Galactic thought to himself. He started to sketch out Gabbie as he seated in his chair... He started to shade the shadows of Gabbie Maybe it won't be bad anymore... Galactic thought as he started at Gabbie's gleaming teeth. Galactic wanted more Dragon types. Since Gabbie was his only flying type, he wanted to find another Dragon type...
  28. Aki took out her textbooks and she starting writing note "um Galactic....dont you think shes alittle strict " she started to sketch out Goomy as she sat in her chair "
  29. Thanks I guess it was time for him to evolve. Sean smiled at Blaze.
  30. "Since over 70% of you class haven't shown up. I'm afraid I'm going to have to postpone the rest of this lesson due to students unauthorized access. If you need anything come see now or in my office or gymn after classes, Please collect a dissmisal pass from my desk," during the whole minor speech she had not looked up at her students,
  31. Sean goes up with Blaze walking next to him (since he's a charizard now) and collects a dismissal pass and goes outside to train his pokemon sending out Aura(Riolu), Draco(Altaria), and Blaze was already out. Ok let's train.
  32. Galactic, finishes his sketch and lays his notebook sloppily on his hand. He crossed his arms on his desk and buried his head between them so he could catch some sleep that he missed out.
  33. She would have finally finished off her ungodly amounts of paperwork for the week, Letting out a surprisingly loud sigh she had put a Small stick between her teeth gnawing on it like one would smoke a cigar, Guess this is how she "smoked" on school grounds without getting punished
  34. Sean's Pokemon are laying down under a tree next to Sean after they were done training. Good job everybody you did great.
  35. Galactic shrugged, "I honestly had worse. She seems better than most teacher there are. She used to be a gym leader you know..." Galactic said.
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  36. Aurora turned, noticing the other trainer. "Heya!" she smiles. Piplup hears Nidoran and chirps up, saying "pip! pip!" to nidoran
  37. Her phone would have buzzed Great. Taing it out she inspected the small glass strip on it, the name present made her sign and put her hand on her forehead in a facepalm Answering only made her expression worse, "Okay... Explain to me the situation further.......... You're telling me you lost Ala." She would have yelled the next part "You lost ala. YOU LOST ALA GOD FFFFFRICKING DAMN IT!" She would have snapped the cheap flip phone shut, clipping the Pokeball's to her belt and bolting out the door heading towards the Gyms, She was flaming mad at whoever the hell lost her Ala,

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