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Ask to Join Pokemon RP: Rust Order (Discussion/Signups)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Philucifer, Jun 14, 2019 at 6:19 AM.

  1. Philucifer

    Philucifer Previously Professor Cage

    I'm not the one to make a Pokemon RP, but I wanted to go for a dystopia type, and I never really do Pokemon Roleplays, haha. I based this off an RP like this, but I forgot one of the things and it kinda... died?

    In the region of Fubukai, a human-free region. Pokemon aren't too far into technology, only towns, bowls, etc. Everything was... a-ok, I guess? Then, the steel types overthrew each town, one after the next. They used the total war tactic and sent the world into darkness. They divided the region into two parts. The types who are powerful (Highbloods), and the types who are weak (Lowbloods). The ones who are powerful got the castles in the middle, with huge walls built in the center of Fubukai by lowbloods under the highblood's orders. 152 years pass, Lowbloods and few highbloods began making rebel groups all over Fubukai. Though some sadistic highbloods like for things to be crazy...

    • Follow all Pokecharms rules.
    • Be respectful.
    • No bad words, doods. I only allow damn, crap, etc.
    • Also, keep violence to a minimum.
    • No character limit, but don't overdo it.
    • Pay attention to your other characters if you do have more than 1.
    • No one-liners, please.
    • Make sure you commit.
    • Make each paragraph at LEAST 5+ sentences.
    • Common sense, guys. Don't go withstanding 53 iron tails with no injuries...
    • You can NPC anyone, but not the ones that are underlined.


    Steel: The top of the line. All steel types are in a royal line and HAVE to be a teensy-weensy snobby. They have a hatred of all Lowbloods and are destined to become astounding generals and are the hardest to injure/kill. In the main steel bloodline, any steel pokemon can challenge for the throne. The current ruler, a mawile, Queen Harmonie, a tyrant has ruled for over 40+ years and made everything into dirt and thinks all Lowbloods deserve to be purged.
    Dragon: Second best, but if they were the ones who started the whole thing they'd be the kings. They are the most reliable to Queen Harmonie and are destined to become generals. They are a bit dumb but are very mean. They are noble as hell.
    Dark: Third best, they are the most cunning in Fubukai. Their service to Queen Harmonie is mostly Assassins, spies, anything stealthy. They never fear a little bloodshed and are somewhat related to mostly royal advisors.
    Poison & Psychic: Fourth and fifth best. They are the brains of Fubukai. They mostly live in caverns, making abilities and TMs. Their royal bloodline is royal seers. They see into the future in case Queen Harmonie is a bit worried.
    Ground & Ghost: Kinda in the middle and all over the place. They can be whatever they want.
    Flying: The lowest highbloods. They are ok, but not great. Their royal blood is aviation attack. Harmonie likes sending flying pokemon to terrorize and insult lowblood towns.
    Ice: Highest lowblood and respected for their cold-instinct.
    Normal & Fighting: Most likely to be workers. Weak, but they're a jack of all trades and are very durable.
    Grass: Humble workers, farmers. The most durable.
    Rock: Same as ground, but more disrespected.
    Fairy: Few, because the steels want to keep as many threats to their hierarchy gone as much as possible. Some are tormented in their town.
    Bug & Electric.: The lowblood version of Dark types.
    Water: Eh, just here.
    Fire: The lowest. There are barely any fire-pokemon. Harmonie hunted them down many years ago and the fire pokemon cower and hide.

    Also, some other stuff.
    • The Highbloods, because their literally the best, are well-trained and could easily whoop an untrained pokemon.
    • You can be a rebel, highblood supporter, or unaligned.
    • The high member's of Harmonie's army are allowed to be very cool and strong.
    • Once the rebels liberate a town from the bad guys, the bad guys will eventually TRY to take it back.
    • No evolutions, please. Ask me for permission and I might.
    If you have read everything, tag a friend in other.

    Finally, locations!
    • First, I need to address something. The center of Fubukai is a cold tundra called Rust Order surrounded by walls/mountains with caverns in them. To enter, you have to gain special permission if you're a lowblood. Ice types are an exception because they are the highest lowblood.
    • The outside is multiple forests, towns, etc called Doom Desserts.
    • Moss Village: It is the most peaceful town in Fubukai, guarded by friendly highbloods and lowbloods. It is on the southern-east of Fubukai, and flora is surrounding it and is spotted all around it. Populated by fairy, grass, flying, water, and normal types.
    • Glazed Ridges: In the most northern part, and is in an ENORMOUS cave, has work, the worst debt, and you have to PAY to WORK at the crystal mines. The tax collectors regularly double by the week, but it pays you in food and nutrition. It's not as bad as Storm Bay. All types live there. Highbloods are the more respected and have a higher power, lowbloods are the peasants of that place.
    • Storm Bay: On the westest west coast of Fubukai. It has the most pay outside of the Rust Order. Workers there are mostly the most durable pokemon types. That bay has the worst weather all the time, 24/7. This is mainly used for shipping to other regions. This city has the worst luck. Much poverty.
    • Death Valley: A ruined and rusty metal town in the middle of nowhere, but everybody knows where that is. Many commanders being rude. Very much poverty. Unfair.
    • Feel free to make your own town, I don't really care.


    Character sheets.
    Loyalty to the Hierarchy: (Goes with personality.
    Personality: (Doesn't have to be detailed, lol.)
    History: (^^^^^^)

    Gender: Female
    Affiliation: Queen Harmonia's League of Generals
    Occupation: General of Glazed Ridges
    Appearance: Minerva is an above average Noivern with a huge wingspan. She has steel claws on her talons to increase damage. Minerva has more battle armor, as she has sheets of metal harnessed on the back of her wings and a sharp lance on the end of her tale.
    Loyalty to the Hierarchy: Minerva thinks the hierarchy is GREAT. She thinks it is the best way to figure out how to balance things. But, she actually just doesn't care.
    Personality: Minerva is one of the most dedicated Generals on Harmonia's league. She believes in order, no matter the cost. Minerva does whatever her superior's say, no question. Because of this, she is a ruthless soldier on the field. Minerva holds grudges and one day, that might be her downfall.
    History: Minerva's memory of what happened in her childhood was foggy. She was tossed off Gourd Peak, a cliff where eggs go for Harmonia's soldier trial, as her parents that she never really knew were soldiers. She survived and began working for Harmonia's Army.
    Hometown: Glazed Ridges
    Other: I'll make another character later lmbo

    Alias: Lex (Latin for the law.)
    Species: Bronzong
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation: Harmonia's Army
    Occupation: THE LAW
    Pollux is the 'largest Bronzong in Fubukai', being7 '3. He has all sorts of dents on his body, but many pieces of armor on his body. He has the axes (the top) welded on his hands. He also has spikes on his armor.
    Loyalty to the Hierarchy: Pollux doesn't feel. Pollux only knows how to destroy.
    Personality: Pollux is the judge, jury, executioner. Pollux is an emotionless brute that can kill you or brutally injure you by just a hug. Don't let him judge you, because you won't even get a trial.
    History: Pollux, as a Bronzor, was already training to be the law. He used his intellect to think outside the box when executing. When he just evolved into a Bronzong, he judged his first and only trial and got an innocent Pokemon guilty by glaring at them and they confessed.
    Hometown: Death Valley
    Other: HAHAHAHA

    also tagging a coolcat known as @Nukas
    Recent info by Philucifer shared to you is that he is mentioning a Pokecharms user that exceeds an average person in terms of cool known by the alias @Nukas
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  2. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    This definitely looks interesting and I'm honored that you thought of me, but may I ask what happens if a pokemon has a duel typing. Like for example (while obviously he will not be used due to his legendary status, he still is the best example out there) Heatran is a fire steel type. Would he be considered a highblood or a lowblood?
  3. I too am interested in this it looks really cool xD I was thinking of having a dual type character as well and would be interested to hear the answer.
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  4. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    I as well. And I have a question of my own. Eevee starts out as a Lowblood, if it were to evolve into an Umbreon or Espeon will it turn into a Highblood, or are all the Eevees dead?
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  5. Philucifer

    Philucifer Previously Professor Cage

    I knew I would be getting questions like this. Queen Harmonie is a Mawile, right? A Mawile is a steel-fairy type AND the queen. If you're born a highblood, you're a highblood. And if a highblood gives birth to an Eevee, then they are also a highblood. As long as they were BORN a highblood + lowblood, they're mother's type is the type and qualifying them as a lowblood or highblood. And I'm pretty sure Heatran is a mythical pokemon. But a highblood lowblood mixes are commonly in the rebellion because they don't like the hierarchy.
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  6. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Is it fine I play an Absol who takes care of an Eevee with unknown parents... (like she became an orphan and no one knows who her parents were)
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  7. Philucifer

    Philucifer Previously Professor Cage

    Sure, but mainly Pokemon become orphans due to their parents taking them to the Soldier trials.
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  8. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    I'm sure I can find a way for this to work...
    Name: Nightfall
    Species: Absol
    Gender: Female
    Affiliation: Rebel
    Occupation: Scout/Caretaker
    Appearance: Nightfall looks like a normal Absol.
    Loyalty to the Hierarchy: Hates it
    Personality: Nightfall is a motherly figure and is a natural leader. She is overprotective of Sunny, who she views as a daughter but tries to hide it. She is serious and doesn't make many jokes.
    History: She was born as a Highblood. She was placed in one of the trails due to her parents being soldiers. She was able to (barely) overcome it, however, something didn't sit right with her. One day she was sent to kill two Lowbloods that were running away. She found them and couldn't do the job herself. She ran. One of the higherups did the job when they found out. She was devastated and went to the place where she found the pair. There she saw an egg and she took care of it, claiming it as her own.
    Hometown: Moss Village
    Other: I might make more characters later
    Name: Sunny
    Species: Eevee
    Gender: Female
    Affiliation: Rebels
    Occupation: Baby pokemon
    Appearance: She looks like a normal Eevee with a scarf
    Loyalty to the Hierarchy: She doesn't like it due to what everyone says
    Personality: Sunny is young and nieve. She tends to talk a lot. She also has a big heart.
    History: She was hatched by Nightfall after her parents died.
    Hometown: Moss Village
    Other: @RenzFlintrock
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  9. Philucifer

    Philucifer Previously Professor Cage

  10. I think this can be interesting, but, if a person have two roles, they need to be together?
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  11. Philucifer

    Philucifer Previously Professor Cage

    No, one can be rebellion, one can be in Harmonia's army. Also if you read the rules, you'd know that there's no character limit.
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  12. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    In the RP, can I have Sunny evolve later on? Like much later.
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  13. Philucifer

    Philucifer Previously Professor Cage

    Yeah, sure. You asked permission.
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  14. Okay... I'm not so good for viewing maps in my head, so I don't know if I can join because I'm surely that I can disturb
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