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Ask to Join Pokémon Ranger, Almia goes old school. RP thread.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Paddler, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. This is the RP thread for Pokémon Ranger, Almia goes old school. Almia goes old school is an adventure story centered on Pokémon rangers in a mildly historic setting. This RP is open for more characters to join, but please visit the discussion thread first rather than just jumping in. A cross between a sheriff, a rescue worker and a horse whisperer, the rangers and their partner Pokémon work to keep both humans and Pokémon safe in a time of lumberjacks, prospectors, traders, smugglers, poachers and all sorts of shady characters. Plus of course lots and lots of wild Pokémon.

    A short recap of the opening post of the discussion thread:

    The Game:
    This will be a story driven RP without a GM. It's everyone's responsibility to come up with set dressing, region features, cultural details, plot hooks, encounters, characters and twists that make for a good story.

    The story is intended as an adventure story full of danger, mystery and treasure. Other storylines such as romance are allowed, but should not be the focus of the RP.

    The setting:
    The story takes place roughly a century and a half before the present day. The Almia region and the surrounding lands as they appear in this story look like this:


    There are no electronics, no radios or telegraph lines.
    There are no motorized road vehicles. There are no guns, and generally just no weapons of any kind, since those rarely appear in Pokémon media anyway.
    There are steam engines, though they are large and clunky. Steam ships and trains and steam powered factories exist.

    Pokémon battling is not a sport in Almia (any other activity is fair game). Poké Balls are illegal in Almia and capture stylers do not exist yet, but Pokémon and people do live together, and Pokémon are kept for all sorts of purposes. Most of the wild Pokémon will be from the first four generations and often from the Almia browser, but partners and other human owned Pokémon can be from anywhere.


    The player characters are all rangers, trainee rangers or some other kind of person that can easily and permanently be folded into a ranger team. Rangers have no ranks, they work together on a basis of equality and mutual respect. There is no set age of enlistment, there is no officer track. This is a job you learn on the job.

    That said, the story starts here:

    "Come on Jim," said the man known as Jake Southwoods, "Your operation can't be that bad."
    "It isn't that bad Jake, which is why you're not coming," the blond haired man with the friendly face with the name Jim Blakes replied. "You know what time of the year it is. All the trainees meet back up at Bootcamp Island. Sharing their experiences and finding new assignments is important. We always do this unless there is a situation the veterans can't handle without them. We don't have a situation like that."
    "No, we have a situation that requires pretty much everyone else's attention, leaving just a handful of us to deal with the entire meetup and whatever fresh recruits we have this time." Jake, the older man with the weathered skin, was on the defensive. "Can't you handle the rookies? You're great with people."
    Jim smiled because he knew his sturdily build colleague was just being grumpy for the sake of it. "We're trapping smugglers Jake, you don't even like trapping smugglers. And that Rhyhorn of yours doesn't like trapping them off coast in the islands. You'll have fun, you always have fun with the rookies."
    Jake knew this was true. Rookies were fun. They were often naive, and the really fresh ones would almost always fall for at least one of the oldest tricks in the book, but they were passionate, and it was fun to see them improve. He also knew it'd be no use switching out people from other operations. Those teams were too far away, travel time would kill efficiency. "Fine Jim, you go catch those guys. You know where to find me if anything comes up, me and my army of trainees."
    "That's the spirit," Jim said. "Besides, you're not completely alone. We've scraped a few rangers out of the barrel where we could. You'll probably be the senior operative, but if you'd just signed up when you were young like normal people do you'd be used to that by now."

    The two rangers exchanged smiles and greetings, and Jake and his Rhyhorn Lefty went on their way. They weren't in a hurry, they had about a day to arrive, so they just walked together. With the sun on his brown hat Jake spent his time thinking over the rookies he met over the past few years and what kind of experience they'd be looking for. 'This is going to be interesting,' he thought. 'Me as the face of the rangers welcoming the new recruits. How things can change...' As the hours ticked by and the sun set Jake reached the part of Vien Forest where you could clearly see the signs of civilizations. People chopped wood in these parts, gathered herbs and mushrooms, all things like that. Jake made camp early. A good night's rest and he'd get to Bootcamp Island early the next morning. 'Good night Lefty, you magnificent beast.'

    While Jake had thought for a minute he might regret that decision, he didn't. When he arrived he was greeted by a young ranger who had started organizing the new arrivals. So Jake went for a round of informally greeting everyone he knew, and slightly more formally inspecting everyone who was new. "Okay, so what do we have here?"
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  2. Frank Freeman looked at the man who stood in front of the new recruits, he was one of them himself and he knew that this person with his Rhyhorn was an old hand in this business. This was one man you should not make your enemy and Frank intended to stay on his good side.
    He stepped forward as he spoke. "Sir, my name is Frank Freeman. I am eighteen years old, intend to become a medic and serve the rangers and Almia to the best of my capability." He stepped back and hoped that he made a good first impression.

    Bootcamp Island was not the nicest place in Almia but it did not need to be. It needed to be able to turn people into rangers that protected the people, nature and the Pokémon in Almia, it wasn't called Bootcamp Island for no reason. There were walls that trainees had to climb, there were long stretches of mud with barbed wire above it, there were ropes that had to be climbed and much more training equipment to let the trainees get a taste of what they were going to face as a ranger and to weed out the weaklings. The barracks were split by gender and filled with bunk beds although the nocturnal exercises were always lurking, potentially cutting the amount of sleep one can get.

    Frank hated the night exercises as he always thought that there were monsters out there, he knew that it was a childish fear but something attacked him in the night and it still scared him to this day. So far he has been able to complete each exercise but he needed some convincing to do them, usually said convincing was reminding him that he would not become a ranger if he didn't complete these exercises.

    Frank looked at the senior ranger and waited for a second trainee to speak up and introduce themselves, but that could be a long wait.
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  3. Celia pouted in the corner or at least a fair distance away from the rest of the poeple, tipping her hat down to hide her face, most of them were intimidating to her, especially that man with the grizzled war veteran-ish beard, he was scary, to her at least. Jake reminded her of her dad and she did not want to be reminded of her old man. It would only make her more nervous in wanting to at least pass the exercises, even though she had gone through at least part of it whilst working for the her family's farm. Sighing, she shook her head and tried to forget about it. Hearing jake's statement, she was reluctant to answer she just lowered her head hoping that no one had noticed her.

    Zian on the other hand was much more anxious than her, cowering behind everyone, the Lycanroc repeatedly looked left and right, never taking a moment of calming down whilst clutching Celia's leg "Zian will you calm down!" Celia shuted as quietly as she could albeit some people wouldve heard it if they were paying attention, she tried to Yank Zian off her leg but to no avail
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  4. Standing amidst the group of newbie recruits, her gaze level and her face steely from her attempts at a mature first impression, Wynter took the chance to step out of line where her petite figure could be more easily recognized. She figured that if she was one of the first to introduce herself, their senior ranger, a man who appeared to be many summers her senior in age, would not only be more likely to remember her name and face but would also identify her as one of the braver of the lot, and that could only be a good thing. However, in truth, she was quite nervous and was already trying her hardest not to let her joy burst at the seams. She'd finally made her way to ranger boot camp and as far as she was concerned she was already half a ranger.

    "Wynter Angraecum, but my folks just call me Wyn! I'm sixteen years old, and I wish to become a field ranger, traveling all of Almia."
    Contrary to the overly serious expression on her face, her voice was perky and if one was really paying attention, they'd notice the corners of her lips were twitching as she forced down an excited grin. Once her short intro had been done, Wynter hastily slipped back into line. She wanted to stand out, but she was against turning herself into a spectacle on the first day.
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  5. Celia and Zian turned to Wynter who in all honestly gave one of the weirdest introductions ever with her ever changing facial expression, Zian of course got off and just ran the other way hearing Wyn shout as Celia sighed in relief of finally getting Zian off of her. Finally mustering up the courage to talk to the veteran figure in front of them as someone had already introduced themselves, she slowly staggered her way towards Jake, immediately having second thoughts although having gone through with it anyway. She stood beside Wynter and opposite of Jake, trying to look confident she stood up striaght and put one hand on her hips "Celia sir, Celia Alorre" She introduced herself trying to keep a straight face, hoping that she hadn't done anything wrong
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  6. Jake inspects the newbies while snickering inside. This was a big day for them, some were even nervous. He stops at each one for a short chat, in his best "I'm being really serious" voice.
    "Frank eh? And you want to be a medic? Good, we can always use those. Any experience so far? You carry any first aid materials? Because we do have accidents in training."
    "Wynter? Like the season? You got a fancy hairdo there, you happen to be just as good with ropes that are not attached to your head? Looking out for a potential partner with a string shot maybe?"
    "So Celia... Is that mon with you? I don't think I've ever seen one quite like that, so it must be from pretty far away right? It's got a nice coat, I'm curious to see what it's like in the field." Jake Pets the Lycanroc as he addresses it. (Or tries to anyway, if Zian retracts or bites or anything Jake pulls his hand away in a controlled manner, he's got a little experience with stressed Pokémon.)

    ([OOC]: Some greeting to Yusa's character Addison Souryu and Malcolm's character Andy Richter as well, if they're in this group. [/OOC])

    After the verbal exchanges Jake paces back to the front of the group and launches into a speech. It starts with the basic "Welcome to the rangers" stuff, but Jake soon gets to his favorite part. "Now, I'm going to be doing things a little different than the last few years. You see"... Jake pauses as a Pokémon cry interrupts him. It sounds pretty distressed too. "Okay people, lesson one, from this moment on you're always on duty! Recruits, move out, just stay near my Rhyhorn!" Jake runs off in the direction of the sound, putting a bit of a visible limp into his step, making sure to run at a pace any fit recruit would overtake. He calls out to his Rhyhorn: "Lefty, take point!", after which the beast barrels off ahead, not taking too long to disappear over a hilltop with the head of the group.

    Jake runs at the pace he does because he knows the emergency isn't real. He instructed one of the returning trainees from a previous year to set up a "surprise exercise". He just doesn't know what the recruit set up. Nor does he know the recruit very well, to be honest. But they spent half a year with Serena's crew, so surely they must have picked up some common sense right?
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  7. "I have my fair share of field experience and I always carry a first aid kit with me, Sir!" Frank said. As he heard a Pokémon cry interrupt the senior ranger he checks if his first aid kit is attached and decides to follow the Rhyhorn. He noticed that Jake was limping and decided to ask about it. "Sir, you're limping! Did you have any injuries the last 24 hours that weren't treated? If so, come find me after this situation is taken care of. A possible infection would be a huge blow to your health and it could get in the way of your work. If the possible pain is too much, Oran or Sitrus berries are known to have pain killing effects." He said to his surperior before following Lefty.

    If the Pokémon was hurt in any way, shape or forme, he would try his best to help the poor thing. He just hoped that the Rhyhorn stopped charging on time since they are not known for being gentle. "Off to a great start, getting some field experience."
  8. "Exactly like the season, but it's Wynter with a 'y'" The girl clarified in response to the ranger's questions. Just as she was ready to answer his second question about her skill with rope, a Pokemon's cry cut through the air with the suddenness of a bolt of lightning and the subtlety of a crash of thunder. Wynter was startled, having not expected something to put up literally the very minute they'd started. What could've possibly gone wrong in, of all places, the heart of ranger territory? She doubted it was something like smugglers -certainly, none of them were brave enough to smuggle Pokemon under the nose of an entire camp of rangers- so it must've been an injured or otherwise distressed Pokemon, or so she reasoned. Steeling her nerves, she broke into a light jog, aiming to do just as she was ordered to do, stick close to the Rhyhorn. If things went well enough, maybe she wouldn't need to answer the older ranger's question about her rope weaving, she'd put her skill on display and have it do all the talking.
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  9. Celia sighed in relief "Ah yes his name is Zian" Celia smiled as she turned towards Zian "He's kinda... how should I say this" she scratched the back of her head looking down onto the Lycanroc "Timid?" she looked back at Jake then to Zian, who was moving away from Jake's hand "and yes he is from far away, at least thats what dad tells me" her smile turns into a spaced-out look for a quite a while before she snaps back into reality when she heard the ear piercing cry "What the?" Celia whipped her head to the direction of the cry "that kind of cry? here? no way..." She asked herself if it was even real thus taking longer to decide whether she should go, but then again she did want to prove herself "Come on Zian!" she shouted to her Lycanroc, who was having second thoughts on following, and despite being one of the last rangers to go ahead she eventually sped up in front of everyone, catching up to Lefty
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  10. Andy had already gotten off on the wrong foot today, here it was, his first day as a ranger, albeit a new one, and he was late. He and his Marill, Aqua, eventually hopped into view of several characters, all bright-eyed and most importantly. earlier than they were. "How embarrassing, get it together for Shuckles sake Andy!" he berated himself for violation of his own #1 rule for rangers: be punctual.

    Now that they had made it, Andy gives a good once over at the group, clearly, not everyone that was here was a beginner at this and he had alot to learn, Giving a look to the leader of the entire group, he introduces himself as Andy Richter before the man known as Jake continues with his spiel, Andy was quite the bundle of nerves now being sure to listen intently in an effort to make up for lost time. A few thoughts bounce around his head while he listens, "I hope they don't kick me out for that late arrival. How would the other Rangers receive me and Aqua? Am I really cut out for this?" That got interrupted firstly, by a pokemon cry heard off in the distance and by Aqua giving a few squeaks before bouncing off near Jakes Rhyhorn and following the source herself at a pace anyone could keep up with if not surpass.
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  11. Celia was the first to whatever that cry was than anyone else in the vicinity, she stopped for a moment and took a quick breather before she went into the scene awaiting some kind of pokemon, yet that wouldn't be made clear yet as the cry was coming from an enclosed cage in the nearby forest, a small one at that, it seemed a pokemon got caught in a burglar's trap "didnt do a very good job at soundproofing..." Celia stated as even if it was an entirely walled off cage the cry could still be heard clearly "Guys?!?" She called out to the others whilst looking around, no one in sight "Zian?!" she called out to her partner "Welp guess I'm gonna do this mah self" she rushed over only to be caught in a rope trap as she is left dangling by the foot under a tree, the tip of her ponytail touching the ground and her hat flying away a considerable distance "Damnit!" she scoffed at her own recklessness not to mention her hat "I really need to fix mah habits... and my hat..." talking to herself, she grabbed a pocket knife in her vest's front pocket as she tried to reach for the rope but to no avail, she gave up after a few tries it seems her only option would be to wait for the others and warn them about the traps scattered around "Thats what I get for being tall... hello?" she called out again, but no one answered
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  12. Lefty at the head of the group stormed down a hill and onto a beach. He saw a Pokémon he had seen with the rangers before, one of those ones that walk on their hind legs and think Rhyhorn riding is a fun game, sitting on a rock between the breaking waves. It was crying out, so it must be in trouble. Then he heard two other calls from another direction: the distress call of another small Pokémon, and a human call. Confused what to do and split up from his partner Lefty looked at the nearest ranger (or whatever they called those ones that had just arrived), hoping it would make a decision on what to do now.

    Jake heard Celia call as well, his limp almost completely disappeared as he changed direction. He didn't know which of these calls was the exercise, but if a trainee got into enough trouble to start yelling that was his problem.

    [OOC]This seemed like the most logical solution to how Celia got split off from the rest of the group, even her fast running partner Zian.[/OOC]
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  13. Frank noticed that the older ranger ran somewhere and his limp was gone. A fake limp? Must be to find out if we are capable of taking charge. Not bad. His thoughts were interrupted by the yell of someone, he recognized the voice as the girl with that foreign Pokémon with her and he was faced with a dilemma. Should he continue the mission or go help her? He stood still as he made his decision. "She could be in danger." He said as he ran towards the scream, he was the medic of the group and he would be damned if he let someone get more injuries or even worse.
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  14. Celia was just hanging around, quite literally. She was getting dizzy and light headed from being held upside down "Oh Arceus.." she said to herself in an intoxicated manner because of her dizziness "someone! help!" she weakly called out to someone as she had already given up, anyone near her couldn't possibly have heard that, think of the embaressment she would go through if she had found like this, recklessly charging into danger without thinking... she had thought maybe it was better for no one to find her, then again all of the others are probably on their way now to the cry which is inside the box as it cried out again to people in order to get their attention. Celia turned towards the cage as she tried to identify the cry "Ack... I really shouldve payed attention to mum when she was lecturing me about pokemon cries..." Once agained talking to herself as no one else was there to talk to
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  15. The call for help was faint and it began to get even more faint, Frank cursed silently as he began to lose his only clue to where his fellow trainee was. "Come on, not now!" He said as he saw footprints leading towards a forest and began to ran towards the forest. As he arrived he saw Celia hanging underneath a tree.

    "Celia! Are you okay?" Frank ran towards the captured recruit and began to lift her head onto his shoulder. "It is not much, but it slows down your blood rushing towards your head. You need to get out of here fast before an arterie bursts or you suffocate." Frank said as he grabbed a knife from his pocket. "I want you to keep talking to me and inform me what you are feeling."
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  16. Celia struggled to stay awake "Ugh... there's traps..." she shoutedas loud as she could which wasnt that loud, she had no idea what Frank was saying but decided that he needed to know about them before he got trapped in one too, she tried to stretch up to grab the rope holding her leg up and once again failing, she hated to admit it but it looked like she needed to ask for that "Frank's" help not that it wasnt obvious she needed help already "Ugh... and if you can hurry up that would be nice..." Celia started to lose grip on reality, her body grew limp as time passed by
    "Whew... and I thought I was healthy..." she sighed, now having trouble breathing while her eyes grew heavier
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  17. Frank had been a bit ahead of him when they turned towards the new sound, so Jake came in behind the trainee.
    "Frank, don't move!" Jake shouted. 'Watch out' or 'Careful' would have been more accurate, but might have still gotten the wrong reaction.
    Jake picked up a nearby stick and feels across the ground with it while approaching the pair at a slow walking pace. "Lesson 2 Jake, always put your own safety first, or someone else now has to rescue two people." ('Yes, we break that rule a lot', he thought to himself.) "You see a mon and a ranger in a trap, you don't just walk up to them. Okay, we're clear now," he says as he triggers a second rope loop with the stick, "do your medic thing. You cut, I'll catch." The older ranger takes hold of Celia's head and upper body.
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  18. 'Thank you Sir, but save the lecture for when she's safe." Frank said as he cut through the rope with his knife. "Celia, stay with us! Keep breathing and don't move unless needed to!" He became a bit nervous as the rope was thick and Celia was in a bad condition, hanging upside down can become the death of someone if not saved on time. "There!" He finally cut the rope and checked the pulse of Celia. "A bit fast, but it seems that you'll be fine. How are you doing? I want all the details, from a pulsating head to dry eyes." He said as he grabbed a bottle of water from his medkit. "This is usually for treating burns, but you need it more at the moment."
  19. Celia squinted at the two Males as her eyes wouldnt stop closing themselves"I dont know what you guys are talking about but can you hurry up!?" Her voice got louder "Im gonna pass out here..." the softness of her voice returned. As Frank walked up to her, her eyes followed "What...?" She asked weakly "I have no idea what your saying...." she squinted her eyes as he vision finally got blurry, not to mention the fact her head hurt like a truck hit her "I really be more care...ful... next... ti... me..." her words grew jumbled before she cut herself off and decided to focus on breathing rather than babbling over how careless she was. Finally, she lost grip on her knife as she dropped it to the ground, hopefully it didnt stab Frank's or Jake's foot, her eyes widened with concern she couldnt say a thing but her head scrambled down trying to see if anything bad did happen to them
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  20. "Stay with us, keep breathing and stay awake!" Frank said as he barely dodged the dropped knife. "I'll keep that with me." He said as he put her knife away. "She has trouble hearing us, not good." He put his hand on her head and felt that it was incredibly warm. "Either a fever or a headache, blurry vision as she squinted her eyes, trouble with breathing. This is not good, she needs sit or lie with a raised head. Her organs are putting pressure on her lungs, that causes the trouble with breathing. Her vision is blurry due to pressure increase from hanging upside down, it should be temporary and take care of itself. The headache and troubled hearing is possibly from increased blood flow to her head, if she lays down or sits with her head between her knees it should be okay after a while. It is important that she drinks and eats something, anything as long as she gets a bit of salt in her. I shall stay here to treat any possible complications."
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  21. "Ngh..." Celia was conflicted with all sorts of thoughts and Pain, none of them clear. She leaned onto Frank's body in an attempt to rest "Dont move..." she whispered to said person, eyes finally closed as she tried not to sleep. Celia shuffled arpund a bit in order to find a comfortable spot and she did, leaning onto his shoulder her with the rest of her body limped and weak, she didnt know hanging upside down could do this much damage, let alone be this dangerous, she'll definitely remember that next time. She breathed through her mouth and nose still having problems breathing among other things. Her breathing calmed as her body relaxed onto Frank, drifting into sleep with the slightest hint of a smile on her face
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  22. "Or that, that is fine too." Frank said with a smile. "I can handle this on my own Sir, you should probably see if the other recruits are doing fine. One injured person is bad enough already." He said as he sat down with Celia's head still on his shoulder, making her lie down and made sure that she was stable.
  23. Zian had been running for quite a while now with this Rhyhorn, and only now did it occur to him to check if Celia was still with him. Doing so, he immediately hesitated to continue running once he noticed his partner had just gone missing, he looked left and right, anxious and scared. But he also didnt want to leave the safety of Lefty who he knew was capable of defending himself, whilst having second thoughts he also noticed 2 of the other rangers missing, The senior and the medic one, maybe they had gone with Celia, maybe they hadn't. He chose to choose the first option and assumed that Celia was in good hands and stayed with Lefty, he continued running and caught up to Lefty on the shore along with the other rangers, scooting behind everyone hoping they wouldnt notice him
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  24. Breathing slightly heavier from the exertion of running, Wynter took a moment to observe her surroundings. She soon noticed that out of their little group, a few had disappeared, including their Senior ranger, the Medic Frank, and another trainee ranger Celia. She wasn't sure if anyone else had noticed as they seemed to push along toward the distressed pokemon, the fastest of the group being Lefty the Rhyhorn, and a wolfish foreign Pokemon she didn't quite recognize. Conflicted, having to choose between continuing on with the larger group, or stop to look for their missing members, Wynter faltered. She didn't have much time to ponder her decision, so in a moment of haste, she continued running, following Lefty the Rhyhorn. She remembered their senior ranger had been moving with a limp and assumed he would simply catch up later and in that case, she would need to at least acquire an understanding of the crisis ahead.
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  25. Lefty looked at the young woman with the white hair expectantly. All his experience tells him someone should be doing something, he just doesn't know what. If his weathered armored exterior could do a helpless puppy face, he would have been doing it. Instead he just keeps looking straight at her face.

    (OOC: Hey, no pressure. ;))
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  26. Noticing the Rhyhorn's gaze, but having no clue what it meant, Wynter awkwardly stared back. Having convinced herself that the other rangers were, for the most part, fine, she felt the Rhyhorn may have been silently judging her action in abandoning its ranger partner, and her senior ranger. Shifting her gaze away guiltily Wynter chose to immediately get to work understanding the crisis at hand, maybe if she'd already understood the situation and prepared a solution before the other ranger arrived, she'd be able to redeem herself in Lefty's eyes.

    Without realizing it, they'd run back to the edge of the ranger's island, near to the bridge that connected the lone ranger of an island to the Almia mainland. It was a familiar path that most, if not all of the ranger trainee's would've traversed on their way to boot camp. Sweeping her head back and forth Wynter attempted to take a gauge of the situation.

    The bridge was...extraordinarily ordinary, and as far as she could see the perilous scene she'd expected was...surprisingly lacking in peril- though it was still rather scenic. Confusion appeared on the girl's face, as she stared blankly at her surroundings. Furrowing her brow, Wynter decided to listen out for the distressed Pokemon's cry and attempt to locate it by sound. This proved to be an excellent idea, and Wynter soon found her self at the edge of the island, staring down the sheer cliff and into the ocean. There, stranded on a slowly crumbling ledge, was a grey, feline Pokemon with a helical tail- a Glameow. It appeared to be the Pokemon in distress. Perhaps it'd been walking along the edge of the island when the ground beneath it had crumbled, leaving it stranded.

    Wynter racked her brain, thinking of solutions to the problem. While she did have some rope on her, she didn't have enough rope to make it down to the Glameow. She was short maybe a foot or two of rope, but taking a step back, even if she had enough rope she had no way of getting the Glameow to latch onto the rope. She could, in theory, tie one end of the rope around Lefty and the other around herself then rappel down to the Glameow...but that was an idea that remained a theory. Although the girl was confident with her weaving skills, weaving rope into a tool and using it to rappel down a cliff face were two applications that were completely opposite to each other.

    Disregarding all the individual problems the situation posed, it was obvious that this was not something Wynter could do alone.
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  27. Jake gave Frank a good hard stare while he mulled over the situation. This would be kind of a weird exercise, but if this was the exercise the rest could be in trouble. If these were real traps from real poachers though it would probably be a few days before they were back. These plants used for the lashings were pretty fresh. He wasn't happy about leaving an injured ranger, but at least she was getting care. "Okay, I trust you. Take it slow, calm down that creature before you release it. Here, this is my hatchet, it could be of use in breaking the traps or in worst case self defense." A pause. "You can have the stick as well," he added with a smile.

    Jake took his climbing pick and his rope, doubled back through the route he cleared and ran off in his original heading. He called out: "Lefty, noise!"

    Lefty heard a familiar command. It was faint, but Jake was a good shouter. The beast let out its distinct roar, and it wasn't long until Jake appeared. With a slight case of the out of breaths Jake greeted Lefty and went to stand next to Wynter. He looked down, and saw a familiar looking Glameow and relaxed just a little, while making a mental note to check up on the two he had left behind soon. "Okay ranger," he said, "what's the situation, and what's the plan?"
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  28. Zian's ears perked up at Jake's shout at first he was concerned the next Lefty shouted and he was terrified, Immediately jumping up and hiding behind a rock near the water, whimpering Zian rushed towards said rock and watched Jake appear from behind it. Still cautious, Zian slowly approached Jake who was slightly smothered in Celia's scent after catching her from the trap earlier, he recognized this and thought he was friendly I mean not that it wasnt established before, then for a brief moment the thought of maybe this 'ranger' had been the cause of Celia's disappearance, the man seemed dependable though as Zian tossed these thoughts aside as he shaled his head and approached Jake in a prowling stance
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  29. Jake kept his ears on Wynter's explanation (OOC: if she gives one) and half an eye on the creature below as he without sudden movements greeted Zian, who seemed a bit more approachable than last time. Building relationships with the Pokémon you work with was important, he could afford the short distraction.
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  30. "I'll do my best to remove any remaining traps and calm down the captured creature. Celia is stable right now and not in any danger as of yet. You can count on me to take care of this situation, sir!" Frank exclaimed as Jake left, leaving the stick and his hatchet behind. "You can stay here for a while." He said as he moved Celia's head from his shoulder onto the ground before standing up and using the stick to set off any potential traps that were laying around. "Freaking poachers, can't they just get a normal job? Surely Chroma Town can use some people."

    After setting off the traps and destroying them with the hatchet, Frank decided to check on Celia one last time before going towards the captured Pokémon and attempt to calm it down. "Alright, let's see. What poor thing became a victim of that lowly poacher scum?"
  31. The sound that Aqua was bouncing to was surely that of a pokemon cry Andy thought, as pokemon cries were easier to recognize for her than human ones, at least minus Andy's. Other humans would take a bit of time for her. As they continued following the others, another cry echoed in the area, this one sounding very faint to Andy's ears, the cry also causing Aqua to stop and look around for the source of this new noise, a few of the others running off to this new noise. "Hey where did Celica go?" he thought to himself as he decided to continue to the sound of, what Aqua thought was a pokemon cry figuring that the others that split off could take care of the new situation.

    By the time he had gotten there however, it seemed most of the others had once again beat him there, the place being near the beach close to the Almia mainland. The cry the mouse had heard was indeed that of a pokemon, a Pichu to be more precise, the mouse looking distressed thanks to being caught in those confounded poacher traps that he had at least seen examples of during his school days. He' didn't say anything as he arrived, late again, and just went to work clearing out the remaining traps. Marill dealing with the traps while Andy gets a look at the trap the Pichu is in. This being a 'Pichu sized' sort of bear trap (by this I mean the ones that close around an animals leg when they step on a pressure switch) however, simple doesn't mean any less harmful, the chu crying its eyes out as ranger and pokemon work to open this trap.

    They eventually do after a minute, the yellow mouse still bawling from what Andy noticed was a gash on its leg, "More than likely from the trap. Would you sing to this pichu please Aqua?" he says while Andy gives it a few pets on its ears, Aqua crooning softly to put the mouse to sleep for a bit giving another person time to deal with the gash, as he lacked bandages for this.
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  32. "Hey you, don't move." Frank said as he made his way towards Andy and the wounded Pichu. "Since you rescued this Pichu out of a trap, I assume that you are a ranger. Good job on putting it to sleep, but don't move the poor thing too much and try to keep it calm. This might hurt."

    Frank opened his medkit and grabbed a small flask with a green liquid in it and poured two drops on the wound before putting it away and bandaged the leg of the Pokémon. "So far so good. The wound shouldn't get infected and with a few days of rest this little critter will be running around like nothing ever happened." He said as he petted the Pichu gently before looking at Andy and Aqua. "My name is Frank Freeman, medic in training. What's your name and the name of your partner, ranger? You made a good decision and properly thanking someone is easier when you know their name."
  33. Wynter saluted towards Jake as her senior ranger arrived, before explaining their current predicament. "The Glameow seems to have fallen from the edge Sir, and I didn't carry enough rope to cover the distance to the distressed Pokemon. Even if I were to have the length of rope necessary to reach the creature, I lack the ability to actually do so." It was more or less summed up to, she didn't have enough rope to reach the Glameow, and even if she had enough rope, she also lacked the skillset. Looking down towards the serene blue of the water, she sheepishly murmured "I come from Haruba village...uhhhh, I can't swim." A short blush crossed her face as confessed her troubles, her voice falling until it was a mere mosquito buzz. If she were to fail in her attempt at rescue not only would the Glameow not be saved, she'd likely also need saving herself. Shaking her head vigorously to clear her embarrassment, she continued, only the faint flush on her face remaining.

    "The most direct course of action is to tie the rope to a ranger and have them make their way to the Glameow, after which they can be pulled back with the Glameow in hand." Pausing for a moment, she also suggested another option, "I can...weave a small basket out of nearby grass stems, but that would require time..." Even given her fastest weaving speed, weaving a small basket would take half an hour, and this was already taking into account that she wouldn't be weaving the basket properly but rather simply tying grass stems together in a way that would allow them to withstand a small amount of weight.
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  34. Jake figured this might be a good 'I am not your momma' moment. If he overdid it he could ruin his working relationship with the new batch of rangers for at least the next year or so, but hey, less teaching for him.

    "Don't focus on what you can't do ranger. What can you do? You have that rope, this rope, this pick, me, some colleagues a stone's throw that way," (she may not have known this before Jake said it, but that didn't stop him from lumping it in,) "a bunch of rocks as an anchor, a cliff face full of grips, an island full of plants not to mention all the materials needed to run a bootcamp, acces to your victim from the sea and two partner Pokémon one of which has been on the force longer than the closest five rangers put together. What you don't have is time, and time flies by when you hesitate. I need a plan you like so we can start acting. Don't stop thinking at every flaw in your plans, that's what you have a team for. No problem is too big for the rangers, but only if they act."

    'Please get an idea, please get an idea, please don't give up because this is too complex for a first day', Jake thought to himself. 'If this were a real situation I would just start doing my thing, but unless my eyes are deceiving me that's Percy's Glameow, and I'm not letting a good stressful exercise go to waste. Yes, that's it, yes, you're getting an idea...'
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  35. Celia eyes slowly opened, they were heavy as she struggled to open them completely. "What... happened...?" She mumbled as she ultimately fell back onto the tree trying to get up with such a weak body from just waking up. "Ngh..." she groaned being unable to move and help her fellow rangers, Celia took deep breaths "Zian...!" She weakly called out, no answer "Zian......!" She called out again trying her best to scream as loud as she could. Taking a moment to catch her breath, she stopped watching where the forest cascade dissapeared into trees, letting her eyes laze hoping her partner heard her call
  36. Frank heard Celia's voice and decided to check on her, but not before talking to the unknown ranger. "Stay here, I got a patient to take care of right now but we are not done yet." He said whilst walking towards Celia.

    "Celia, are you okay?" He said as he kneeled down in front of her. "Can you hear me? If yes, tell me or blink twice." He sat down next to her in case she needed medical care, but he hoped that she was okay now.
  37. Celia's eyes widened as he heard "I... Im fine..." she awkwardly looked away in embaressment towards her actions "Mostly..." she added implying that she couldnt move, her eyes lazed back as she couldnt sustain a fully opened one... let alone two of them, she turned to the Medic "Shouldnt you be doing something else...?" Celia asked Frank, turning her head towards him slowly
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  38. "I am doing my job, taking care of the injured." Frank smiled. "Can you move or is that too hard? I want you to follow my finger, is that okay with you?" He moved his index finger up, down, left and right to check if she was capable of following simple commands or not. "I know that I am starting to nag, but this is the last thing I will ask of you for now. If you need something or something starts to hurt, I want you to tell me and be 100% honest with me. I don't know what you feel and without you I can mess up, do you understand?
  39. Celia groaned as Frank waved his finger around aimlessly "Ugh...! Can you stop? Im fine!" Celia yelled at him, annoyed, there's a moment of silence between them before she breaks it by quickly looking away with a flustered look "I-I'm sorry I didnt mean... to... raise my voice..." she avoided eye contact with him, feeling the need to just stop talking or she'll make matter worse by the second "...I apologize I'll try to cooperate..." saying this weakly, she briefly gathered herself and made eye contact
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  40. Frank couldn't resist a smile as he kept eye contact, seemingly unfazed by the sudden outburst. "That's good to hear, and raising your voice can be helpful at times too. It helps to clear your mind and allows you to move on, and I get that you get fed up by me moving my finger but I have to if I want to take proper care of you. How about this? You cooperate until you feel like yelling again and I will let you yell until you're done, how does that sound? Now, could you repeat the following sentence? 'The quick Starly flew over the lazy Slakoth.'" He said and waited patiently for Celia to repeat him, if she had trouble with the sentence she might have some brain damage.

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