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Open Pokemon: Ourepheon Region Crisis

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by DizzyKing23, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. A Region where the Pokémon League was taken control of by an evil team, Team Nova. Team Nova has destroyed countless cities and villages. Trainers and travelers have banded together to take on the evil team, by taking down their gyms and Elite Four. Professor Fern, a 19 year old professor started the rebellion. He doesn't give out Pokémon, he gives out Pokeballs and a RotomCom, a Walkie Talkie possessed by Rotom. Here you choose. What side are you on?
    Team Nova or Ourepheon Rebellion

    Your decision. You choose.

    Starter Moveset:

    Name: Hunter
    Age: 16
    Starter: Rockruff
    Side: Good
    Personality: Brave, Noble, Smart, Cocky, Loyal, Adamant.
    Appearance: Brown Hair with one blue highlight. Blue and white hoodie with a pokeball design on the top left chest. Blue and white cargo shorts. White shoes with blue Pokeballs on the heel. Blue backpack with white pokeballs.
    Starter Moveset: Rock Throw, Howl, Bite, Tackle


    "Rockruff! Rock Throw!" Hunter shouted.

    "Ruff!" barked the Rockruff hurling a boulder at a Baltoy.

    "Baltoy!" screamed a Team Nova Baltoy.

    "Baltoy! Psybeam!" ordered the Team Nova Grunt.

    The Baltoy took aim and before the Baltoy could attack the Rockruff charged at the opposing foe and used Bite. The Baltoy fainted and the Grunt returned the Pokémon.

    "This isn't the last you've seen of Team Nova! Wait till you meet the Ridgecrest City Gym Leader!" the Grunt shouted as he took off.

    "That's exactly who I want to meet." Hunter mumbled under his breath with a smirk.
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  2. Name: Limette Rayne Green
    Age: 13
    Starter: Cherubi
    Side: Bad
    Personality: She is a timid, small girl with almost no social skills. She's best at sneaking and stakeouts.
    Appearance: Black-brown hair to her ear. She has a stocky build, with hazel eyes.
    Limette wears an baggy red oversized sweatshirt with a faded white rose on it. She also wears some torn jeans and brown boots.
    Moveset: Magical Leaf, Solar Beam, Lucky Chant, and Tackle
    Limette ran.
    Her black hair wisped out from under the hood of her sweatshirt.
    Sweat drenched her, but she hardly noticed, as she was occupied with the task at hand: getting the hell out of dodge.

    She'd been spying on the stupid Ourepheon's, but because their hideout was so dang dusty, she'd sneezed and gave away her position.
    Limette quickly sprinted out, leaving with a few stolen items and some info on the next attack.

    "Frick!" She yelled out in pain as she tripped over a rock, sending her flying.
    Limette didn't let that slow her down, so she got up, running and running.
    Behind her were 5 Ourephoen alliance members in her tail. They all were older, which was expected as she was only 13.

    Limette realized their longer legs meany she'd be caught, so she scaled a tree, climbing onto the slender branches.

    "The girls not worth it. Let's go," one of the guards piped up. The rest followed, stopping only to flip her off.

    Limette rolled her eyes.
    'Of course only idiots join the Ourepheon Alliance,' Limette thought, jumping down and landing nimbly on her feet.

    Limette slowed down, trudging down to the area Team Nova owned.
    Each city was dominated by Team Nova. A few areas had those pesky Ourephoren flies in them, but legally, those were Team Nova's.

    Limette's partner in crime, Aria the Cherubi, popped out of Limette's sweatshirt pocket.
    "They're gone now," she whispers, stroking her head gently.
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  3. Looking for the gym Hunter and Rockruff sprinted throughout the town when he all of a sudden ran into Limette. "Hey watch where you're standing Nova scum!"
  4. "H-how could you- how could y-you t-tell?" Limette said, concealing her Pokemon.
    "A-lso, you-you ran into-into m-me," she added. She looked around at the battered streets and saw the usual: hobos, activists, and prostitues.
  5. Name: Ryan-Moxie (Ry)
    Age: 13
    Starter: Snivy @ Oran Berry
    Side: Good
    Personality: Confident, overjoyed, friendly
    Appearance: Short, black eyes
    Starter Moveset: Leaf Blade, Coil, Aerial Ace, Torment


    Ry sped down the street. He yanked the red headband of the Ourepheon Rebellion off of his head. The Ourepheon Alliance filled the sides of the streets, and even they became corrupt. They were becoming too strong for their own good. Taking and beating down Team Nova. It was up to the Rebellion to put Team Nova and the Alliance in their place. But these people couldn't know. Not now. Not while his Snivy was weak. He rushed down the street towards the Pokémon Center, but couldn't get past a teenager and a Team Nova Grunt.
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  6. Limette squealed, before remembering this boy seemed like he was part of the Ourepheon Alliance. She wanted to prove herself, so she cleared her throat and tried to sound tough, though he seemed older or at least the same age as her.

    "Hey kid, where are you- where are you going?" Her voice cracked and she stuttered but she attempted to look bigger all the while.

    She looked at his Snivy, before looking up again. Her crossed arms meant she was irritated, but her eyes meant she was nervous.
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  7. Ry stared at the girl from Team Nova. She didn't seem like the other members he had run across previously.

    The Alliance were tough, nonchalant. They didn't care about how Team Nova felt, they only cared if they were to be taken down. The Rebellion wasn't heartless like that, but presented the same goals. Ry had to act tough to pretend he was part of the Alliance.

    "I don't talk to Team Nova Grunts unless they wanted to battle me. Just know, I don't get beat." Ry lied. He forced a smirk. Of course he could win against this girl, but shook off the surprisingly misogynistic thought. He didn't have anything against this girl. She was probably forced into Team Nova. He really didn't want to battle her, so he kept walking with his Snivy towards the Pokémon Center.
  8. "Um... This is- this-is a Team Nova-Team Nov- oh, fuck this!" Limette stormed off, cursing herself for letting him go.

    In her head, Limette guessed she'd say, "This is a Team Nova-dominated Pokecenter! Battle me, if you win, you can go in!" Like she'd seen so many other members do. And then she'd beat him.

    But she knew that wouldn't happen. The only Pokemon she had was a weak Cherubi.

    Sighing, she walked back to one of the temporary hideouts of Team Nova, under a tree after pulling a hidden lever.

    "I-I brought these back," Limette said quietly, bringing out a Pokeball with a Sudowoodo in it, as well as some food.

    She put her hood up, not looking at the 20 something other members.
    "You've done fairly well... Go to bed, Limette." One of the moderators said.
  9. Ry stopped in front of the Pokémon Center, panting with his hands on his knees. Snivy leaped off of his shoulders. Two tall Team Nova Grunts stood in the way of the entrance.

    "Hey, jerks! Move out of the way! I'm Alliance!" Ry lied again, memories of his conversation with the Team Nova girl from just now filling him with guilt.

    They simply shook their heads and pushed him away.

    Ry sighed. He looked for a PokéMart, figuring he would have some extra money for a Potion. He was too exhausted to deal with these guys, and so was Snivy.
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  10. Limette went into her dorm, which was hidden under a Poke mart shelf, like most dorms, it was hidden in some obscure place.

    One person shared the room, but some member of the Alliance killed him with her Reuniclus. It was a shame as she'd learned that fact, as she rather liked him.

    Limette had pushed his old, musty bed next to hers to make it bigger.
    Her room had the 1 merged bed, a box as a nightstand, and the few clothes she had were in another box.

    Luckily, her roon was hidden well. As long as no one pressed the button behind the third potion on the 6th shelf, she was good.
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  11. Ry had to use the last of his money to purchase a Potion and a couple of Pokéballs since he'd figured he would go exploring again. When he stepped out of the PokéMart, he sprayed the Potion on Snivy's wounds and they walked together southward.

    Soon, Ry and Snivy arrived at the edge of town. They set up camp at the outskirts of the town, both of them falling into a deep sleep as night fell.
  12. Limette snuggled in bed, and she'd changed into a faded oversized Team Nova Tee. Aria the Cherubi was sleeping next to her as per usual.

    Though the sheets were moth-eaten, they were nice and warm. Because her dorm was underground in a small dug out room, it was always warm, but a bit claustrophobic. Limette didn't even mind the dirt floors and walls, and the fact that the furniture was made of boxes.

    It was better than being in the Alliance. In her time being a double agent, the Alliance dorms were shared with about 10 other people in one room, plus you slept on the floor with whatever sheets you could find.
    Getting her own room with a "bed" (boxes covered in sheets) was still quite nice.
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  13. Ry woke up to Snivy slapping him in the face. The sun had risen about two hours ago, Ry estimated.

    "Huh?" he rubbed his eyes, slowly standing up. Snivy chirped loudly towards the path towards the town. Two tall Team Nova Grunts were approaching the North Outskirts of the town.

    "Hey! Those are the two guys from the Pokémon Center!" Ry noticed. The man and woman wearing Team Nova t-shirts turned to Ry.

    "It's you! We would both battle you, but I see you only have one Pokémon with you, and I'd love to take it for my ow- I mean, for Team Nova, of course!" said the woman, "so since we can't both fight you, I will do the honors!"

    "Hey, I wanna fight him!" complained the man.

    "Too bad, Johnny. I'm stronger, and we both know that! Go Sableye!" A Sableye was summoned from the Pokéball that she threw.

    "Go Snivy!" exclaimed Ry. Snivy charged up to face the Sableye. "Alright Snivy, you got this. Use Leaf Blade!" Snivy charged again and summoned a large leaf, slicing Sableye with it diagonally. The Sableye regained its balance, weak from the strong attack.

    "Sableye, use Zen Headbutt!" shouted the woman in response. The Sableye focused its energy, and charged, delivering a heavy headbutt to Snivy's abdomen. Snivy fell back, but got back up.

    "One more time, Snivy! LEAF BLADE!!!"

    The Snivy, with all of its remaining energy, struck the Sableye with a sharp Leaf Blade again. It fainted instantly!

    "Huh? AWESOME! A critical hit! Wow!" Ry chirped.

    "I lost?" questioned the woman, not accepting reality. She fell to her knees. "You might've won, but once Team Nova fends off those pesky Alliance kids and the Rebellion, which, by the way, will be a breeze, we'll be sure to steal your Pokémon first!"
  14. Limette woke with a start.
    She'd had some weird dream about sacrificing Aria, and her dying.
    "Please don't die on me, Aria. You're the best thing I have," Limette whispered, thinking of the horrifying things that she'd seen in her 7 years of being in Team Nova.

    Limette quickly left her room, seeing the wrecked mess around her. She looked up to see the boy she tried to stop yesterday, cheering.
    Limette knew what she had to do- battle him.
    But her heart said no. Aria was weak. She was weak.
    "I don't want to risk you dying. I'm sorry." Limette cradled the Cherubi gently.
  15. Name: Mikaela Kimyona
    Age: 12
    Starter: Shiny Rowlet
    Side: Bad (Desiring to switch sides)
    Personality: She stand by her ideals, extremely loyal, a martyr
    Appearance: She has a messy chin length copper hair, amber eyes with obvious eye bags , pale complexion and a thin frame that was daily littered with bruises. She wears an old and far too large aviator jacket that looked more like a dress to her, lime green sweater hoodie with a single yellow stripe, brown shorts, a red trainer belt, black leggings, fingerless gloves, and red riding boots. She has two earring that has the shiny and oval charms on.
    Starter Moveset: Leafage, Toxic, Shadow Claw, Ominous Wind
    "Then dont. Was that so hard?" Mik asked as she push the button on the shelf. She peered down at Limette with her tired, blank eyes as she held up a paper bag. "Your dinner..." she said throwing the bag of her homemade malasadas on the girl, trusting her to catch it. She turn to leave not bothering on moving the shelf back into place. She discreetly stole a handful of super potion, an escape rope, and a few snacks. This was Mikaela Kimyona's life, beaten by her father for thinking 'bad' at Team Nova's ruling, scavenging/stealing food for her twin and little sister while her parents were too busy licking Team Nova's feet. She was sold by her parents after she captured a Shiny Rowlet, thinking that she was some sort of good luck charm, to the leader of Team Nova to get more privileges for themselves. Ever since then she was force to go on espionage missions for Team Nova, and was beaten by her parents if she was able to make one single error.

    Mik sigh as she climb on the side of her house to get into the attic, where her siblings are. She entered and was greeted by there hugs, and for the first time that day she smiled. "I promise... you will have a better life." She whispered to them.
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  16. Name: Franklin Darlio
    Nickname: Frankie
    Age: 10
    Starter: Riolu
    Side: Good
    Personality: Loyal, Strategized, Selfless, Heedless
    Appearance: Frankie's hair is a shade of really light brown is set in loose curls that are cut shortest on the sides with it slightly longer down the middle. His eyes are a deep blue coloring with black specs, and he had a light-caramel skintone.
    Starter Moveset: Force Palm, High Jump Kick, Cross Chop, Focus Blast-

    Frankie stayed as silent as possible as he pressed his body against the wall of an alleyway. Opposite to him was Riolu who waited for the command. The pair trusted each other with their lives and knew that without one another they would be helpless. Suddenly Frankie shot his hand out in where Riolu jumped onto his outstretched arm and did a back flip ahead of a patrolling Nova Grunt. "Force Palm!"Frankie called out as the startled Grunt struggled to find a pokeball, but Riolu was already aiming for the man's stomach, and it one hit he was one the ground cringing in pain. Frankie high-five Riolu as they walked away in search of more grunts.
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  17. Mik woke up in the embrace of her siblings for a moment she was tempted to just stayed there and forget about everything else but the fact that she cant stayed, that she cant forget about everything else kept her from going back to sleep. With a quiet sigh she slip out of the warm cozy embrace before grabbing her crossbody bag and climbing out of the window, giving her siblings one last longing look.

    She jump from building to building before stopping when she spotted two Alliance trainers. They look exactly what the other spies describe them to be, tall, muscular and arrogant looking. She scrunch up her nose in disgust, is that what the other side had? They dont looked any different to the Nova grunts. Regardless...

    Mik's eyes harden and became dull out of emotions as she jump off the building and landing gracefully like a Litten. The grunts were frozen in shock and surprise, who wouldn't be when you witness a girl with a slightly malnourished built jump off a three-storey building and landed unscathed. Mik was beaten daily by her father and because of it she was able to have a high endurance and durability with the help of Team Nova's fast healing medicine for Pokémon and humans, she was able to heal quicker than any human.

    She took out her loyal partner's Pokéball. She gave them her best 'Yuno' smirk "Go to sleep..." the members snapped out of their trance and quickly tried reaching out for there Pokéball. Keyword tried. Mik held up her hand as Rowlet fly up to the air "Toxic Feather Darts." It was one of there 'marked' moves, with Rowlet spitting out a jet of purple poison before releasing two of his sharp feather which acted as darts. the two poisoned coated feather darts hit there mark, on the trainers shoulder. The poison isn't strong enough to life threatening but it is strong enough to take down a full grown adult.

    If they survive the poison, they wouldn't be able to remember her or what had occured. She sigh and put on her hoodie's hood, just in case, and drag the two members to the nearest road hopefully one of there allies found them and help them just in time for the poison to not make any permanent damage. She then left the scene, hiding in the shadows as she twirled the AMs, Allience members, Pokéball . Of course just because she refuse to kill them doesn't mean she wont robbed them after all she needed proof to say that she defeat a bunch of AMs.
  18. As Frankie walked to the street with a cocky expression two laying figures caught his eyes. Alliance members, his green gaze grew wide before he rushed to their side. "Those brutish Nova scum!" he hissed, "Riolu, fetch help." he quickly said and as Riolu gave a concerned expression Franki grinned and winked at him, "Well stay safe, remember the promise. I just wanna look around." Frankie nodded firmly before he gave Riolu a fist bump and watched the pokemon run off. Frankie gulped as he cautiously peered down every alleyway, "I know you're hear somewhere, these guys were just poisoned." Frankie growled. Part of Frankie hoped he wouldn't find anyone,he was vulnerable without his companion.
    Riolu ran as fast as he could to a nearby AM tent, "Ri- Rio! Riolu!" the fighting type pokemon tried to catch the attention of anyone nearby.
  19. Mik peered down once she heard an angry shout she sported a confused expression "British Nova scum? This Rebellion's are weird." She said to herself as she watched the boy fist bumped his Pokémon, humming she sat down on the edge of the rooftop of the building she was in and watched the boy searched every alley.

    She put her arms on the railings as she swung her feet careful not to make a sound. The building was tall enough to avoid any lightening from below, the roof top was shrouded in darkness making a perfect hiding spot. Even if the boy could spot her, he wouldn't discern her true appearance because of her clothing and besides.... Mik turned towards her 'loot', a bunch of AM that was either knock out by a sleeping gas or Toxic Feather Darts. A few of Nova grunts were already looting the bunch and picking out some to interrogate. She secretly growled at the grunts her hate for the group intensify by every hour she waste her time with them.
  20. Frankie growled, "Come out you cowards!" he yelled. "Your reputation is a lie if you go on like this, I saw what you did but obviously you don't have enough guts to come over here. Scared to get your butts kicked by some kid?" he growled and began pacing. "Stupid Novas are all the same!", "I mean it's clear that you're heartless but spineless too? You guys are missing a lot of important body parts. " he huffed before hearing Riolu come back around the corner. He couldn't find any help, "I dare them to do this to one of my friends again, we'll see who ends up laying in the street then." he scoffed before picking up one man on his shoulders and having Riolu drag the other one. "Ri?" Riolu tilted his head at Frankie who sighed, "Nah I didn't find out who did it, but who cares- they're all the same and they all deserve to be brought down." he grinned and patted Riolu.
  21. Mik could only rose an eyebrow at the boy 'So it's true the rebellions are a bunch of arrogant airheads.' She scoffed and watched the trainer and Pokémon drag their members away. She could feel her Rowlet landed on her messy hair "Roooo~" she lazy brought up a hand to scratched Rowlet's head in a comforting manner. 'How could i entrust them with my sisters well being when they act more foolish than the Novas?' She sigh as a cooling breeze brush through her skin "Finish him." A commanding voice said behind her, she didn't react to the command, she only looked at the nearly promoted grunt, a veteran of the Nova. She gave him a blank stare "Are you brain dead, smarta**? The boy has a Riolu it could sense us if we get near the boy-"

    "Assassinate him then."

    "Idiot..." with that she stood on the railing, looking over to the boy and Riolu before closing her eyes, stretching her arms open as she step off the railing. Mik was now falling from the building, any other person would have the thoughts of 'I'm going to die at this speed' but Mik never fear death in fact she'll gladly embrace it once she knew that her siblings are on a safer place. At her descend she saw the outline of an extended pole to her right. She grabbed the pole, using her momentum, she swung herself to the nearest rooftop landing in a roll before going on a full sprint t the edge and jump building to building until the only thing she could jump onto was the branches. She strayed away from the boy to avoid detection from its Riolu all the while her Rowlet fly in the air guiding of the direction of the boy.

    They perched themselves on top of a tree that was far enough to avoid detection but near enough to shot an arrow or a TFD on the boy and his Riolu. Mik folded her bow into shape and search for a tipless arrow. Once she had the arrow in hand she attached a Pokéball on the tip, the Pokéball will release a Sleeping Powder, which she extracted from various of bug Pokémon, even if the boy or the Riolu manage to catch the arrow it will release the gas. It was a good thing that it was dark, the grunts will think she kill them with her sharp tip arrows coupled with Rowlet TFD. "Alright Rowlet here's the plan once I release the 'berry' you will shot it with two TFDs..." she said, making sure that her sentence were coded just in case... "Make sure it miss." She whispered as she released the arrow to the boy's direction followed by Rowlet's TFDs.

    (TFD-Toxic Feather Dart)
  22. Name: David Flourish
    Starter: Shiny Pidgey
    Side: Good
    Personality: Mostly a calm, mindless, and emotionless person
    Appearance: Long dark brown shaggy hair, a tan skin color, yellow eyes, a gray and black open zipped jacket, white cargo shorts, white socks, and black and gray striped sneakers
    Starter Moveset: Steel Wing, Gust, Quick Attack, Double Team
    As David was walking in a middle of the forest with his shiny Pidgey on his shoulder, a Team Nova Grunt would jump from the bushes and get in front of David blocking the path way of the forest. "If you don't mind you would have to stay here in the forest while I do my work kid," The grunt said as he lifted his arms out not letting David through. David on the other hand, just ignored what he said walking towards him. As David was trying to walk past him, the grunt sent out a Zubat to get in David's way. " No way you're getting past us without battling me!" The grunt said as he blocked the way with his Zubat. David would sigh in disappointment "Pidgey use Double Team," David commanded as the Pidgey flew from his shoulder making copies of himself. "Um, Zubat use Supersonic now!" The Team Nova grunt shouted nervously trying to stay straight in his battle while Zubat uses Supersonic to take out the copies of the Pidgeys. Though when Zubat took out the copies, the real shiny Pidgey was gliding above the Zubat about to attack. "Pidgey Steel Wing go," David commanded as the shiny Pidgey fainted the Zubat using Steel Wing.
  23. Mik quickly left the scene of her 'assassination' landing on the ground without a sound. She folded her bow and tuck it away in her bag. As she made her way back to the city, she heard someone yelled a command on a Pidgey. She silently climb on a tree and watched the whole ordeal, she gave a smirk when the boy defeated the grunt's arrogant a**. 'Serves him right.' Her inner commented laughing at the grunt's reaction to his lose. She stayed on the tree and lay comfortably on it grinning like a Cheshire Cat. She doesnt have any indication if she's a Nova or an Alliance. She doesn't want to wear any uniforms of the Novas and she's not part of rebellion or the alliance, she looked more like a civiallian with mental issues, well sometimes.
  24. Riolu suddenly stopped as he sensed the arrow, he pulled Frankie out of the way but it seemed the arrow wouldn't have hit anyways. Suddenly a gas began to fill the air. By the time Frankie looked around to see a distant figure he was feeling tired. "Hey! Get back here you- jerk." he words began to slur as eh attempted to chase after the girl. He pushed through the tiredness and leaned against the wall for support as he followed her, but after turning to see Riolu collapsed he lost balance and fell to the cold ground. Frankie didn't see much of the girl, yet he made out a mass of messy copper hair and it seemed she didn't have a Nova uniform. If only he could've chased her, and why didn't she just kill him? He hoped Riolu was alright, but he couldn't move his body. Soon Frankie too was asleep.
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  25. After a couple of minutes of just laying on the tree, she finally move. She looked back at the boy and the grunt before shrugging. 'It seems like there's nothing interesting going on' so with that thought she walked back to the boy and see if they were alright or if any grunts that was with her earlier tried to come and check for his 'corpse'. She stopped and survey her work, there still a lingering scent of the gas in the air so she tied up a makeshift mask to not be affected by it. When she saw the unconscious boy, she nudge him with her foot before checking his Riolu. "All seems well."

    "I cant say about your reputation though." A voice said behind her, she turn around so fast she could have an awarding on the best whiplash. It was brain dead and the other grunts who was smirking at her, with malevolent intent in their irises. They had there Pokémon out, which consist of a Roserade, and two Zubats. Classic.

    Rowlet and the Roserade stared at each other a silent message passes through the two. Both of them had been together since Mik was forced to joined the Nova. Roserade's original trainer, a double-agent of the rebellion, became Mik's mentor until he was discovered. It all thanks to him, why Mik still have an ounce of humanity left in here system.

    "What are you going to do? Run to dear leader and tell him about my disobedience." She mocked as she stood in front of the unconscious duo "No, that will be a waste of our time. We'll just discipline you ourselves." the others chuckle. Mik sigh "Rowlet, Ominous Wind." Rowlet flap his wings creating a cyclone of purple wind. The Zubats were taken by the cyclone but they were still flying, Roserade planted it's vines to the ground to have better footing through the cyclone. Unbeknownst to them the cyclone had pick up residues of Mik's sleeping gas, which explains the swaying and staggering form of the grunts the Pokémon but with Roserade's ability of Natural Cure it wasn't effective and was the last one standing.

    Mik and Roserade also share a look before nodding at each other. Roserade run to the wilderness, eager to taste freedom from the clutches of Team Nova. Mik walked towards the grunt that replace Roserade's Trainer, she took the its Pokéball, dropping it to the ground "You dont deserve a powerful Pokémon." She said harshly to the unconscious form of the man before crushing the Pokéball, officially setting Roserade free. "Dose them with TFD." Rowlet did as told, now no one knew about her deeds.
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  26. Frankie wasn't asleep for long when an eruption of power shook the ground, he opened his green gaze slowly before seeing feet nearby. He quickly shut them again, not all the way though. He squinted them enough for it too look like he was still asleep. He watched Mik take out the Nova's and Roserade run off, was she betraying Nova? Something about her voice made Frankie believe that it went farther than that. He twisted slightly to get a view of Riolu who was still unconscious. Without Riolu he wouldn't be able to take on the girl or her Rowlet so he simply laid there with his eyes closed, hoping she wouldn't notice he was awake.
  27. Mik turned to the boy, she didnt know why but she has a gut feeling that he was awake. She shrugged as Rowlet landed on her hair. "Well I'm not going to bother dragging this grunt to the HQ but I will bother if I drag them to a cliff." She said her eyes sparkling with mischief "Roooww~let-let." Her Rowlet seeming scolded her. She laugh "I'm just kidding. Lets go home shall we?" She walked away discreetly dropping a card near the boy's face.

    It said:
    If you wanted to infiltrate Team Nova. Go to the Pokemart, and I'll provide you an entry. Do not make yourself seen. -Mikaela
  28. Frankie flinched at Mik's threat before she simply walked away. As soon as the girl was out of sight he got to his knees and scrambled to Riolu. "Hey bud! Wake up! You're alright." Frankie said gently as he took Riolu in his arms and pushed his shoulder. Riolu slowly blinked his red eyes open before grinning and wrapping his arms around Frankie's neck. "You won't believe what just happened." Frankie laughed Faintly as he touched the card which he hid in his pocket, and sat down so he could relay the whole story to Riolu. "Ri-" Riolu's lip twitched as he questioned the card, "Hey, any help is good," Frankie shrugged. He usually wasn't so trusting, but this time his gut told him to go with it. Frankie contemplated telling another rebel but decided it was best to go alone, "Let's get something to disguise ourselves." Frankie whispered before standing up.
    He snuck into a tent that was set-up, most likely a civilian's and took a hat, hoodie, and a pair of jeans. After getting changed into the clothes that ended up rather large on him, he placed the hoodie on over the hat and nodded to Riolu. "I won't force you into a pokeball, but I need you on your toes now more than ever. I promise we'll be okay." Frankie nodded slowly on their way to the pokemon center. He stuck to the wall twisted his head as the Pokemart, simply peering in slightly to look for Mikaela.
  29. Name: Luka Kares
    Age: 18
    Starter: sgraggy (now a scrafty)
    Side: ? (Currently nova but he's conflicted and considering defecting)
    Personality: compassionate, loves his scrafty like a brother, dislikes abuse of power, is only in Nova due to his uncle.
    Appearance: longish black hair and tan skin, wears light grey button up and dark blue jeans.
    Starter Moveset: iron head, high jump kick, dragon dance, drain punch.


    Luka is sitting down on the curb with his scrafty right next to him worrying about what he's gonna do.

    "I don't know buddy. I'm completely screwed. I've gotta choose and I just can't."

    Scrafty puts his hand on Lukas shoulder and pats it sadly.

    He gets up and dusts himself off.

    "Let's go buddy. We need to top off."

    He starts to walk off to the pokecenter on the other side of town.
  30. Mik arrived at the Pokemart she removed her hood to reveal her messy copper hair. She looked at the employee who gave her a nervous smile, she frown. This is one of those things that she hated about being a Nova. People will fear you. She sigh and leaned on a shelf hidden from view.
  31. Frankie dusted himself off before stepping off of the wall followed by Riolu. Riolu jumped onto Frankie's shoulder's then flipped on top of the door from which he peered in before quickly dropping and giving Frankie a thumbs up. Frankie patted Riolu's head as he opened the door and made eye contact with Mik. He stayed silent though, Riolu took a ready stance to fight behind Frankie as he walked towards Mik with the most confident stature he could muster.
  32. As Luka walks down the street he sees two nova grunts and stops.

    "I really don't want to deal with them right now buddy... what are we gonna do?"

    He pulls Lukas hand and points to a pokemart around the corner.

    "Well it's better than nothing I guess."

    As he walks inside he walks straight to the counter and starts making purchases. It takes him a while to figure it all out.
  33. Mik watched the boy amused "Calm down, you look like a stiff boiled magikarp on a stick." She chuckled before giving the boy a serious gaze which kinda looks like a glare "I'll help you if you do something for me."
  34. Frankie, not amused by Mik's joke at all just blinked, every then and again his eyes would dart to the door before returning to Mik. "Alright, what is it." he attempted to make his voice sounds lower than it actually was, but he was so nervous he barely got the words out at all. We're gonna be alright, his mind flashed back to the words he said earlier and he took a sigh before relaxing and staring at Mik.
  35. A scrafty walks up to the two of you and just kinda looks up at you guys curiously.
  36. Mik looked at the scrafty, giving it an Oran Berry before looking back at Frankie. "I want you to take my siblings in the Rebellion and take care of them. If this plans work I might as well considered changing sides." She said as she unwrapped a candy bar and eat it, deep in thought.
  37. Frankie watched the Scrafty, he eyed the Scrafty's trainer as well and nodded. "Deal." taking them in wouldn't be hard, but having to keep them safe- it was one of those things that you just shouldn't promise. Frankie's eyes were serious though as he took a step backwards, "You know you're way around the place right?" he asked in a hushed tone. He wanted to go straight to the boss.
  38. Mik gave him a grin "I know the first base like the back hand of my hand, in fact..." she pointed to the floor "Its right below us." She then pushed a hidden button from the shelf, the floor below them opened like a trap door. Below them are numerous boxes, not enough to fully break their fall and it'll probably hurt but it was enough to save them from dying.
  39. Frankie gasped as the floor beneath him completely disappeared. He yelled the whole way down and let out a whimper as he landed on his butt. "Why no warning?" he groaned and bit his lips as he rubbed his bottom and back. "Is this what death feels like? I see the light." he muttered distantly before hearing a sound drop behind him. He turned to see Riolu who hand landed on his feet gentles shake them with a huff before looking up. "Show off." Frankie muttered and used Riolu to help himself stand.
  40. Mik chuckled at Frankie's reaction before searching the boxes with some ropes and robes. "Here put this on." She give them both the rope and robe "If you wanted to infiltrate the base then you had to be a Nova. Most teen members here are sold by there parents for extra privileges and money. Don't worry though, I'll make sure that I'll win the your auction."

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