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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: RP Edition

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LaenVulpix, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. [OOC- Hooray for Mystery Dungeon RP! We don't want any Pokemon-turned-humans unless it is vital! Instead, try to use already-Pokemon characters. Righto...on with the RP..]


    The first thing the Pikachu realized as he woke up, was that he was outside. Gently swaying leaves obstructed his vision of the sky, which was a dazzling faded blue. Fluffy, white clouds veiled the heavens as well, drifting serenely past. A light, friendly breeze ruffled the electric-type's spiked hair and danced among the trees loitering the area.


    He hoisted himself onto two legs with little effort, although he swayed unsteadily on his feet afterwards. It was then that he realized why he seemed so disoriented - the trees were at least three times as big as they should've been, towering over him like a hulking giant. In fact, everything was gigantic in proportions to what he was used to.

    Thoroughly confused, he made for a stream, flowing by with a delicate trickling noise. The sound seemed amplified compared to how he recalled running water sounding - and he could hear other sounds with amplified accuracy, as well. Somewhere overhead someone was singing cheerily, albeit in a high-pitched and poor excuse for a voice. The Pikachu tilted his head back in hopes of defining who has managed to scale one of the ominously high trees, but a beam of fierce sunlight made him skewer his eyes closed.

    "He-hello?" he called out tentatively, stumbling woozily towards the stream, as if it would respond to him.

    He made it about halfway there when his foot caught in a gnarled tree root belonging to a particularly majestic oak tree. If it had been normal-sized, the root would've only been showing through the ground's surface marginally. He landed with a sound whoomph, nearly biting his own tongue off in the process.

    Grumbling darkly to himself now, he turned onto his back and reached to tug his wedged foot loose; he stopped halfway with wide eyes. His expression grew into that of shock, dark violet eyes welded to the view of his foot - now a cheery yellow claw - connected to the rest of a completely, utterly Pikachu body.

    Instinctively, he reached over and pinched his arm as hard as possible, forcibly ignoring the fact that his claw met with short, soft fur. After several, progressively harder, pinches, he let his arms drop to his sides.

    In a dream-like state of shock, he pulled his impaired claw loose of the malicious root, and pushed himself to his feet. Taking great, weaving steps, he managed over to the previously mentioned stream, now with an air of apprehension.

    "I'm going crazy...this is just a dream. I'll look into the water...and I'll be a person...or wake up." he muttered minutely, holding distractedly onto the rough bark of a tree for support.

    Not only was he seeing everything in Pikachu-proportions, but he felt the difference in his body as well. With remarkably shorter legs, it was natural for him to want to walk on all fours - he figured he'd be giving into the illusion if he did so, so he waddled uneasily over to the flaking, damp riverbank, and held his short, stubby arms out for balance.

    A cute, chibi-like yellow face greeted him, complete with red cheeks and long, black-tipped ears. He recognized his own dark-purple eyes on a subconscious level, or else he wouldn't have believed it was himself. He reached up with a trembling paw, and touched his own ear, his heart skipping a few beats when the pointy ear twitched in response to the poke.

    Completely enveloped in his reflection in the icy-cold river, the Pikachu didn't even realize that his claws were stepping closer and closer to the bank's unstable edge. Before he could react, the grass underneath his left foot - paw - was no longer there, and he splashed unceremoniously into the water.

    Instantly, instinctively, he tried to kick out with his nonexistant legs, fighting against his own weight in the water. A large bubble of air emerged from his mouth as he tried to yell out for help. For some reason, the fluid around him was a fluorescent color, reminding him of electricity when it was being conducted in water.

    After a few hour-long seconds, his face broke the freezing, clean steam's surface, and he coughed up some water before he realized that he was being dragged back into the unwelcoming depths by his uncooperative body.

    "Heeeelp!" the Pikachu declared frantically before the crystalline water enveloped his head once more.

    [OOC - Omigosh beware the drowning Pikachu :-X For the record, he can't control his electrcity now, so the water around him IS all electrified-like.... :p]
  2. [OOC- Yay! I smell another great RP starting here... And sorry for using Charmander- I know it's over-used, but I just gotta use it anyways :p]


    "Heeeelp!" The terrified cry of the Pikachu echoed through the woods, desperately searching for someone who could help. The forest was however, rather still and not many Pokémon were out, not at this early hour at least. The cries did however, thankfully, reach one Pokémon: a Charmander, who was out picking berries for an excursion he had planned in the afternoon.
    "Huh?" said the Charmander to himself as Pikachu's wail finally reached his ears. The cries came a second time, and then a third. The Charmander knew that something was seriously wrong, and he had to act fast.

    He immediately dropped the small pack he was carrying, and dashed off into the woods, hoping to locate the screaming Pokémon. As the Charmander ran, he hoped the panicked screams wouldn't end, because if they did, he might not be able to find his way to the source of them and help out. Fairly soon however, the fire-type realized that they were coming from the direction of a local stream. He hoped that they weren't coming from in the stream itself, as that would make the situation a lot more difficult, seeing as he was a fire type.

    Sadly, that is exactly where the wails came from, and as soon as the Charmander arrived at the stream, he could see a Pikachu, bobbing up and down, gasping for air. Oh no! he thought This is bad! How am I supposed to get him out of there?! It's lethal!
    "Ho... Hold on!!!" yelled the Charmander hoping that he would somehow be able to help. He dashed along the bank of the stream, trying to keep up with the Pikachu as he attempted to figure out a way to rescue the Pikachu before it got swept away.

    The Charmander had a distinct fear of water. He was terrified of the stuff, and even used to have nightmares about being in the Pikachu's situation. But he was also not the kind of Pokémon who'd stand by and let something terrible happen. He would go to extremes in order to save another's life. This however, was pushing it to the limit. He was getting chills down his spine as he tried to overcome his fears and plan for the worst contingency: diving in.

    Luckily, the Charmander now spotted something that might provide an adequate solution to the problem. There was a tree branch sticking out over the water. It was hanging very low, and seemed quite weak, but it might be able to do the trick.
    "Hey! Try to swim over so you'll pass that branch! I'll try to grab you!" he yelled to the yellow Pokémon before rushing ahead. As he got to the branch, there was only a few seconds of time to prepare, as the Pikachu was drifting closer at a rapid speed. The charmander clutched onto the branch and carefully extended a claw to the Pikachu, and some how managed to grab it, just as it was passing by. Electric sparks flew from it's cheeks making the recuse even more difficult. The charmander had to hold on with every last ounce of strength in order not to drop the electric type back into the water.

    The Charmander almost fell in too, and had to take a few deep breaths before turning back to the Pikachu. It was coughing and gasping for air. The Charmander carefully held the electric-type in his arms, trying to see if it was ok.
    "Hey, hey are you alright?" he asked gently
    "Yeah..." replied the Pikachu, before suddenly sitting upright and looking around deliriously.
    "Is everything ok? You look... kind of shocked to be here?" asked the Charmander quizzically, hoping that the Pikachu wasn't too traumatized by the event, "What's your name, anyway?"
    "My name... I... I don't know." replied the Pikachu, staring blankly into the forest, "What's... what's yours?"
    "I'm Kazan.. You really don't remember your name?"
    "Well, we have to call you something... how about Shiden?" Kazan smiled at the Pikachu. It seemed to have been through a lot... Hopefully, if he smiled and tried to make the best of things, they wouldn't be so bad for the yellow electric type.

    [OOC- Sorry for the possibly crappy outcome of this post... Anyway, thanks to StellarWind for helping me name Shiden and Kazan!!]
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  3. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    "C'mon, It's not that far anymore." Endymion grinned, and the young Pidgey chirped in response, flying silently behind him, wondering for a while if he was dreaming it all.

    For indeed, not every day you see an Umbreon in broad daylight, and even if you did, not many of them had soulful golden eyes and forest-green rings. And none of them had wings. But here the thing was, flying ahead of him, guiding him home.

    He has only recently learned to fly far and he felt, foolishly, that he could fly anywhere. However, he soon found out that the real world was a harsh place and that he was not ready yet. He didn't remember how to return home, and when a Sneasel Attacked him, that's when the creature swooped down from the sky and battled the Sneasel to a standstill. He said that his name was Endymion of Rescue Team Elysium, and that he's been comissioned to find him and take him home. There was something just terribly trustworthy about the PokéMon - even though he has never seen a winged Umbreon before.

    The two PokéMon finally reached the ending point of their journey, a large nest. As Endymion landed gracefully on the forest floor, The Pidgey immediately flew in and curled up with its mother, a large pidgeotto, who was greatly relieved to see her child unharmed.

    "How can I ever thank you enough?" she asked Endymion, who smiled at her and spread his wings again, bowing in salutation to the mother.
    "No need to thank me. Just doing what I can do to help." the Umbreon grinned, and saying so, he folded his wings again and moved on into the shadows of the forest, disappearing from sight.


    As he slowly walked the path he noticed a bag, half full of berries, that was lying on it, abandoned. Endymion recognized the bag instantly, and seeing it, he smiled a bit sadly. Picking up the strap of the bag with his teeth, the Umbreon began dashing forward following the path the bag's owner went in. He was an excellent tracker - a quality quite definitely useful on a rescue team leader. As he dashed, making sure he didn't lose anything of the bag's contents, he perked his ears trying to catch the sound of the owner's voice. And he did soon enough, along with a voice he did not recognize.

    It intrigued him.


    Something rustled among the bushes by the small river, and then, Endymion emerged from the underbrush, gazing for a second at the Pikachu and the Charmander - and he could pretty much realize that the Pikachu was still in a slight sense of mental shock, and considering the fact that his fur was still wet - that he fell into the river. The charmander must have saved him.

    Endymion smirked slightly, dropping the bag gently by the Charmander's side.

    "You dropped your bag again, Kazan." the winged Umbreon chuckled softly. "Although for a good cause, as always. And who's your friend? I don't recall ever seeing him around here..."
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  4. Blinking desolately at the Charmander, Kazan, the Pikachu tried to collect his wits. The water seemed to have knocked away any sense of logic or fear of his predicament, indeed he had thoughtlessly followed the flame-tailed Pokémon's orders. Now, out of immediate danger, and rapidly drying out in the summer sun, his immediate train of thought returned.

    "Well, we have to call you something... how about Shiden?" Kazan had suggested warmly, clearly trying to comfort the bewildered Pikachu.

    Shiden...that's a nice name...wait! This is all a dream! I'm not - can't be - talking to a Charmander, his thoughts started out reasonable, but quickly escalated into a panicked frenzy. He fought to his feet, his Pikachu-body reacting like a piece of faulty equipment since he had begun to refuse its existence. Racks of shivers paced his body, although he was plenty warm by now, and the fact that his ears were laid back in fear didn't help.

    "W-wait.." he said firmly, as if the Charmander was from a different planet. "You don't even exist! I'm not here...I-I'm dreaming," he exclaimed, a hint of hysteria creeping into his voice.

    Just as the fire-type's face had faltered and changed into a quizzical stare, matters got worse. With the newly-deemed Shiden standing edgily on the grass, damp from where his sodden fur had accumulated enough water to add another pound to his new light weight, an entirely mythical creature exploded from the underbrush.

    The Umbreon-like creature started up a normal enough conversation with Kazan, offering a satchel to the red Pokémon. Shiden's accumulating fear shot up another few points, and he sprang backwards, nearly tumbling back into the water and only saving himself by dropping almost-comically to the wet grass bank.

    "See!? Wings! I'm just dreaming...go away..." he snarled in a would-be intimidating voice, refusing to open his eyes and clinging for his life to the lush, unkempt grass.

    For sure, the midnight-black Umbreon was not normal by any standard; the pair of wings adorning its shoulders offered testimony to that. It took a large amount of courage to open his eyes again, even with his head turned away from the talking Pokémon.

    You're the same... a sensible part of his conscience informed him - it was roughly tossed out.

    "I'm a human...a person...I have to be..." his voice seemed unsure.

    He couldn't even remember his own name, much less what he had looked like as a person. The fact that he was human was just...there. He was in the middle of nowhere with Pokémon that talked and had wings, and was trapped in an uncooperative Pikachu body.

    And he apparently had a serious case of amnesia.

    Without looking at either, no doubt stupefied, Pokémon, Shiden took to his feet, narrow claws barely holding him up. He held his arms out like a circus-performer for balance, and began to walk pointedly away from them in this manner.

    He didn't get two steps when a careening Caterpie tumbled out of a bush with a giggle. Its green body rolled several feet and then it popped up, eyes dancing.

    "Hi Kazan! Hello Endymion...Hello Mr.Pika...chu?" it started to greet the yellow mouse when it bowled him over, screaming as it fled from the young bug-type.

    Forgetting his resolution not to walk on all fours, Shiden found himself in a full-out rampage, bounding forward in just that way. The forestland he was quickly getting into flashed by him as he watched his own yellow front claws launch him forward.

    [OOC - I'm sure Endy could head him off without effort, and in his confusion, most likely Kazan too. :p]
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  5. As always, can't resist jumping in! You guys don't mind? ^^;

    The pikachu blazed by like a streak of lightning, apparently running blindly. The Ninetail's golden fur rippled in the wake that followed the electric mouse. It had heard the sounds of distress, and had come to investigate.

    "Woah woah woah!" It cried, startled. "What are we running from?!"
  6. [OOC- I don't mind at all! The more the merrier, right? ;)]

    Kazan looked at Endymion in confusion and shrugged. What did he mean by 'I'm a human'? he thought to himself. Whatever was going through the Pikachu's mind, it was clear that he was really confused.
    "Here, hold this." said Kazan and handed the bag back to Endymion, before darting after Shiden.

    The Charmander didn't have much difficulty tracking Shiden, considering it's panicked state. Even though the yellow Pokémon had disapeared into the undergrowth and was no longer visible to Kazan, it had left behind it a trail of broken twigs and ripped up dirt. As the Charmander passed through the woods, he caught glimpse of a Ninetails, who had almost been run over by Shiden.
    "Sorry, he's a bit confused!" yelled Kazan while passing the wolf-like Pokémon.

    Shiden was still a fast runner though, and Kazan was having trouble keeping up with him. He was quickly loosing his breath, but thankfully the Pikachu seemed very disoriented, subsequently switching directions often and letting the red fire-type catch up a few feet now and then. As the chase progressed. Kazan could before long almost touch the fur of the yellow rodent.

    He finally caught up to Shiden, and with an effort managed to tackle him to the ground. As he caught his breath, Kazan took a good long look at the Pikachu. Shiden's eyes looked like they were scared beyond reason. As the look was returned by the Pikachu, Kazan couldn't help but feel uncomfortable with the terror that was radiating from Shidens purple eyes.

    Kazan carefully shook Shiden by his shoulders, trying to knock some sense into him. The Pikachu shivered for a while and then started shooting electricity from it's two red cheeks, making the Charmander jump back in pain. He didn't back off though, seeing as the Pikachu obviously still needed assistance to calm down. As he pinned Shiden to the ground again, the shocks eventually subsided.

    "Hey, hey... calm down, buddy!" he said, as gently as possible, "You're kind of scaring me!"
    Kazan looked around a bit, hoping that someone would show up to help the situation. He wasn't sure of what to do; it didn't seem as if shaking the Pikachu had done much help. It was still looking very confused and terrified.

    Kazan, decided to release his grip of the Pikachu, fearing it was contributing to the panic, and instead sat down next to it.
    "I don't know why you're so worked up, really... I mean, it was just a little water, he he," he said jokingly, trying his best not to look worried. "And I don't know what you meant about being a human, but you seemed pretty upset about it- If you ask me, you're probably just a bit confused from falling in that stream and you're imagining things. Just take a few minutes and calm down... Gather your thoughts; I'm sure you'll feel much better."

    As Kazan sat with Shiden, he kept a close eye on him, just in case the Pikachu decided to make another break for it. Shiden seemed a slight bit calmer now, as Kazan had managed to settle him down on the grassy forest bed, but there was still a lot of panic bottled up inside. The Charmander would have to be careful not to say or do anything inappropriate. Otherwise, a second chase might break out.
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    Endymion found himself raising an eyebrow, but stayed silent. He manipulated the bag so it hung over his neck in a stable way, then turned his eyes to the Caterpie, who has just

    "Hi, Chihiro." he smiled, bowing his head gracefully at the Caterpie, "Sorry about that."
    "It's okay. Not your fault." the Caterpie twitched her antennae cheerfully "So, How was your last rescue?"
    "Not that tough. Just had to face a Sneasel that needed to get over herself. How's Sen?"
    "Sen's fine." Chihiro giggled "He's getting stronger and stronger. I think that in a few days he's going to evolve again."
    "He'd make a fine butterfree." Endymion grinned "Speaking of which, how about you?"
    "Who, me? I'm not strong enough to evolve yet." Chihiro looked a bit crestfallen for a second, and then her face, almost instantly flipped to a huge smile "But that's okay, all in good time! Then, I could grow strong and go on my own adventures!"
    "Don't get too ahead of yourself, Chi. If you're not careful you might end up lost." the Endymion grinned, and making the young bug-type giggle "It'd be an awful pain to go and rescue YOU from a demented Sneasel too."
    "Don't worry, I'll be careful!" the Caterpie grinned, when suddenly a smoky purple form seemed to rise out of thin air and formed into the shape of a Gengar, a manic grin on his face. Endymion grinned in return - He felt Shiryo in the area all along, of course, but it was far from him to tell the Gengar that his camoflage was for naught. Chihiro eeped, hiding behind Endymion's leg for a moment before realizing that this Gengar wasn't a threat, and crawled out merrily to greet him.

    "Hey, Shiryo. How're things going on at the base?" the Umbreon chuckled, stretching lightly.
    "Same old. No new missions yet, I'm afraid. The mailbox's been quiet as hell. The girls have gone out picking berries, Senshi's training with some new moves he learned... And you're off fighting Sneasels, but I thinK I don't have to tell you about that." the Gengar grinned even more manically. "So, what's with the 'chu? Seems like a bad case of amnesia. But There's something about what he said. I've seen PokéMon minds before, and this Pika's definitely not a standard one."
    "I have no idea. Kazan's gone chasing him, but you don't need me to tell you that." Endymion raised an eyebrow. "I'm sure he'll manage to calm him down, he's good at things like that."
    "You heading back to the base anytime soon, Endy?" the Gengar turned his mildly glowing red eyes to the Umbreon, giving him a questioning look.
    "Probably. But I think I better chase Kazan and the new guy. Umbreons aren't coat racks, you know!"
    "Yah, I know what ya mean. I'll keep an eye on the little lady here." Shiryo chuckled, and as he spoke, one of his red eyes seemed to float away from its face in its own ball of purple ephemera, and stuck unremovably to the Caterpie's forehead. The eye blinked, mimicing the Caterpie's real eyes, and then its pupil started a demented dance, until they finally crashed to the bottom of the eye, little stars spinning around it, eliciting a laughter out of the Caterpie (she was used to Shiryo's old tricks), causing the eye to dissolve in a fit of giggles, reappearing on the Gengar's face.

    "You're too much, Shi." Endymion grinned "I'll be back soon!"

    And saying so, he took off in the direction Kazan and the Pikachu bolted in.


    As Endymion followed the two first-level PokéMon from the air, his eyes suddenly caught a graceful-looking golden Ninetales who seemed to be somewhat bewildered. "Sorry, he's a bit confused!" he could hear the Charmander's voice half-explaining the situation to the Ninetales as it kept chasing the Pikachu.

    After a slight pause for thought he has realized that the appearance of a winged umbreon would probably cause further confusion for the Pikachu, and so he decided to let Kazan deal with the rest of the chase and turn his thoughts to the Ninetales. Kitsune PokéMon were a rare sight anywhere, let alone in this forest. In fact, until recently he was quite certain that Akari was one of the only ones in the area, and she was only a Vulpix. And she was currently out picking berries with Midori and Virtra. It couldn't have been her, even evolved.

    The Umbreom descended in slow circles and softly landed on the grassy path, folding his wings and turning his eyes to the Ninetales.

    "I don't know what's that all about either. He seems to think that he's a human, that Pikachu. There's definitely something unusual about him, but I can't really tell what exactly it is." he shrugged, then bowed his head in a gesture of respect "My name is Endymion. May I have the honor of learning yours?"
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  8. I don't have a name yet, but, perhaps i shall let Stel christen me, as he seems to have done a *giggles* stellar job of naming characters so far.

    Randomly pulling the fact that Ninetails are smart enough to understand when humans talk, from flavourtext. Thought it might come in handy, Shiden being a human and all.

    The Ninetails watched quizzically as what appeared to be a winged Umbreon decend from above. She considered it for a moment, thinking perhaps the trick of a wily ghost pokemon, but as he landed on the ground with a soft "ploomf" and turned his mysterious golden green eyes to her, wings still twitching, she thought again. She had seen stranger things.

    "I don't know what's that all about either. He seems to think that he's a human, that Pikachu. There's definitely something unusual about him, but I can't really tell what exactly it is." He gave a twitch and then nodded. "My name is Endymion. May I have the honor of learning yours?"

    the Ninetails gave a slow, deep bow, seeing that the strange creature in front of her must surely warrent respect.

    "Tallen. A pleasure. He seems confused. . . " She looked off down the path, longing to give chase, then shook her head. "I don't know if he's really a human, but, I am talking to a winged Umbreon. Perhaps we should give chase? I do know a little of the human tounge, Perhaps I can help in some way? I was just for a stroll in the forest. Mushroom hunting. So it isn't really any trouble. . ."
  9. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    "A pleasure indeed." he nodded. "Maybe. I fear that he might find me a bit startling. Winged Umbreons are... very rarely occuring, from what I heard. I think I might be the only one. Has to do with the exact way I evolved. But enough about me." he chuckled.
  10. Tallen hesitated for a moment, looking between the Umbreon and the path, before turning with a flick of her tails and flying in the direction the Pikachu had fled in. She stopped, hardly panting, in the brush, watching the Charmander shaking the Pikachu, who still seemed to be in shock. She hesitated, hovering on the edge of the undergrowth, trying to catch the Charmander's eye, to offer her help in some small way. She felt strangely concerned about the Pikachu.

    From the conversation they were having, she assumed that the Pikachu had fallen into the stream, which she had jumped in a trice, but had doubtlessly been a terrifying experience for the Pikachu. She wondered how the Charmander had rescused him, being a firetype. The patches of sunlight danced on her golden coat, obscuring her, as she waited for the Charmander to look her way.
  11. His chest heaving from the chaotic rampage through the forest, Shiden kept his eyes downcast, fiddling idly with a dandelion. The yellow shrub would've been bobbing cheerily in the wind, but from the lack of motion, the Pikachu could immediately assume that he had gotten into thick enough forestland to stifle all breezes.

    After several glaze-eyed moments, in which he dimly noticed a cautious Ninetales approach, along with a delicate fluttering of wings - which he could only hear thanks to his new, receptive hearing - he took a long, hard look at his paws. Memory and logic faltered, and he looked up at Kazan. A few seconds later he sighed and cast his eyes downward, shamefaced.

    "I...I guess I was just confused." he whispered miserably, not remembering anything before his awakening. "I mean, look at me. I'm a Pikachu..."

    Why? Why can't I remember? Who am I? he wondered fretfully inside, straining against the barrier in his mind. What he didn't realize was, there was no barrier. His memory was just...gone.

    Meeting the Charmander's eyes again, he attempted a pitiful excuse for a smile. What came out was more of a grim-faced cringe as he spoke again.

    "I never thanked you for saving me in the first place...I appreciate it." he apologised, dipping his head politely. Without effort or invitation, his ears dipped back courteously as well, as if reading his mind.

    Shiden took to his feet hesitantly but with vigor that hadn't existed since his plunge into the river. His legs trembled, but he stood up fully, clearly set on accomplishing the task. Feat successful, he turned back to Kazan, voice faltering briefly as he saw the fire-lizard, then reestablishing.

    "I...um, by the way, did that Umbreon really have...well...wings?" he asked tentatively, rubbing the back of his neck in a sheepish manner.

    If he was a Pikachu, best to make the most of it. He wasn't going to get far if he took off hysterically every time someone said something, or if he insisted that he was a human when it was plain to see that he was...physically at least...a Pikachu.
  12. Kazan was relieved to see that the Pikachu was starting to calm down. The worry washed away, and Kazan now felt he could relax a bit as well. He had been seriously afraid that Shiden was going to stay in it's hysterical state for quite some time, and that Kazan wouldn't be able to handle the situation, but luckily he felt he was being proven wrong.
    "Ha ha, don't mention it!" he replied happily, "Besides, anyone else would have done the same! And yes, the Umbreon really did have wings."

    Kazan hadn't thought about it until right now, but it wasn't impossible that Endymion had somehow catalyzed the panic in Shiden. After all, a winged Umbreon wasn't a particularly common sight...
    "He's part of Rescue Team Elysium. They're awesome! I mean, there's nothing they can't do..." his voice trailed away as he realized that his opinion of Endymion's team probably wasn't helping Pikachu too much. It still looked rather puzzled.

    "Anyways, I don't actually know why he has wings... He always said something about the way he evolved." said Kazan distractedly, trying to remember if he knew any specific details of it, "Whatever... The important thing for you to know is that he's one of the good guys. I'm surprised you haven't heard of him before. You aren't from around these parts, are you?"

    He scanned the Pikachu again. There was something odd with the way he was behaving, but Kazan couldn't put his finger on it. It was as if Shiden was uncomfortable with himself in some way... He kept checking out his paws and touching his ears. Mike dismissed it though, as it was probably just the lingering remains of the trauma.

    Kazan was suddenly distracted as he heard a noise from behind him. He turned around finally landing his eyes on the big Ninetails.
    "Oh, it's you!" exclaimed Kazan. He hadn't really gotten a chance to say hello to the Ninetails when he passed it before, so he was happy that she had found them.
    "Hi there!" greeted the Charmander whole-heartedly, "I'm sorry about before... My friend here fell into the river and got kind of scared. I hope we didn't cause too much trouble."
  13. Tallen poked her head out of the brush slowly, moving smoothly as to not startle the Pikachu again. The end result was a sort of sliding, dance like step. She knew she looked rediculous.

    "No, no trouble at all. Are. . .you alright?" She trotted over to where the pair sat, sitting beside them, her tails curled around her, several twitching nervously.

    "My name is Tallen," she said, cocking her head to one side. "Fell into the river, you say?" She shook her head and peered at them with worried eyes. "I DO hope you're alright. . .how ever did you manage to get him out? Was it with the help of that winged fellow? Surely being a fire pokemon, you didnt just dive right in. . . "
  14. Kazan blushed. He had actually considered jumping in, but he now realized that doing it probably would have resulted in him needing to be rescued as well.
    "Well, it wasn't easy..." started Kazan, "Endymion, err... the winged guy, he didn't arrive until later. But I found this tree with a low hanging branch over the stream and I managed to climb onto it... It almost broke, and I almost fell in, but thankfully it was just sturdy enough to hold me there as I reached for Shiden..."

    Kazan refrained from telling Tallen about his last resort of jumping in. Even if he dreamed of being a great hero like Endymion, it would probably come across as foolish and reckless, rather than courageous and noble had he told her.

    Kazan turned back to the Pikachu, careful not to keep his eyes off Shiden for too long. He then returned to Tallen and smiled.
    "And yes, we're ok; thank you for asking," he continued, "But I think Shiden is still a bit shook up, so we might have to take a few minutes to just sit and calm down..."
  15. "Skipping is so fun...Skipping is so fun...now it's time to take a break and see where we have gone!" A Skitty sang as she skipped through the forest. She then stopped, and glanced around. "Yay! We're by a river! Skipping is so fun...skipping so fun...now it's time to take a break and see where we have gone! Yay we're-" She stopped, then looked around, her blissfully blank expression turning into a more serious one.

    Then she swore.

    "Where am I?" The Pokemon asked rhetorically, while glancing around and swearing repeatedly. "I gotta pay more attention...I-" She stopped talking and tensed up as she heard voices drifting through the towering old growth.

    "...no trouble...Tallen...wasn't easy...Endymion, err...reached for Shiden...asking...sit and calm down..."

    The Skitty hissed quietly to herself, and her large pink ears swiveled towards the source of the, oh how many were there? two?, voices. Bearing her rather small teeth, she dropped to the ground, and stalked over to where she could see a Charmander, Ninetales, and a rather wet Pikachu.

    Crouching behind one of the trees, the normal-type made a quick, not-really-well-thought-out decision, and bounded into the clearing. "Nyaaaa! Who are you and where am I?" She demanded, her tail lashing angrily.
  16. Shiden appeared rather taken aback when the Skitty burst chaotically intp the clearing. Nothing like having a crazy assortment of Pokémon around you, chatting, to confirm that you're a Pokémon yourself. He nearly tumbled back to the ground, but the Pikachu guessed that it was in his nature to stay firm to his goals, for he simply stepped uncertainly backwards, one small arm rising in front of his face marginally in some form of protection.

    "We're a Charmander, Kazan, a Pikachu, Shiden, and a Ninetales, Tallen." Shiden supplied as best he could, adopting a serious face. "And I bet there's an Umbreon named Endymion overhead," he added darkly, ears pricked upwards without thinking about it.

    He had heard a fluttering of wings, after all. Either it was the winged Eevee evolution, or a secretive flying-type hiding from them.

    "I can't help with the location...I have no idea where I am, either...in all sense of the word." he said weakly, taking his predicament in stride.

    Might as well act normal - whatever that was, now - if he was set as a Pikachu from now on. Maybe he'd be able to do something productive with himself while he tried to remember everything.

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  17. "Oh, er, if it helps," Supplied Tallen shyly "I'm not exactly sure where we are, but i can lead us back to where we have been. Its right through there, all we have to do is follow the track Shiden made. . ."

    She rounded on the Skitty fiercely.

    "And who exactly are YOU? Just skipping right on in here like you own the place and demanding our names? It wasn't extrordinarily nice of you," she finnished crossly, having realized her tone was far too strong, and moderating it.

    "Apologies," she whimpered suddenly. "But I am a fire pokemon, after all. I'm want to have a firey disposition. But, who are you now?"
  18. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    "You say that like it's a bad thing." Endymion suddenly supplied, walking out of the shadows as if nothing has happened. He has been watching the little scene for a short while and when he decided it was probably safe to show himself again, chuckling at the Pikachu's comment. He then walked over silently to Kazan and lightly dropped the bag by his side.

    "Begging your pardon, my friends, but we Umbreons are NOT coat racks." he said, giggling "Don't worry, I've watched your bag more carefully than you could have."

    He then regarded the Skitty, raising an eyebrow "You got lucky this time. If it wasn't us but a few creatures that are less friendly, you could have ended up in deep trouble barging in and making demands out of the blue. And yes, I second Tallen's question. Who might you be?"
  19. As Kazan reached for his bag, he bowed in gratitude to Endymion. He then quickly opened it to make sure that it's contents were somewhat in order (not that he didn't trust the winged Umbreon; it was more like a reflex) and swung it over his shoulder.
    "Thanks," he added afterwards, enforcing the bow.

    Kazan turned to the Skitty and smiled in a friendly way. She was probably feeling rather bad about the sneak attack now, so he thought a smile might be in order.
    "I'm sure you didn't mean anything bad, but you could still have caused a lot of trouble." he said. He too was curious as to the identity of the skitty, but saw no reason to repeat a question which had already been posed twice.

    Instead, he turned to Shiden.
    "You all right?" asked Kazan, just to make sure that the startling event hadn't brought the panic back into the Pikachu. He didn't really need an answer though, seeing as the yellow Pokémon actually looked less tense than before and was communicating coherently. Kazan was relieved that he probably wouldn't have to chase him all around the forest again.
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  20. The Skitty looked around blankly, hearing both reprimands and forgiving comments. She sort of spaced out during the various lectures, but finally the question of her name sunk in.

    "I'm Ayumu!" She replied happy, sitting down. "Hello, Shiden, Kazan, Tallen, and Endymion! I still don't know where I am, though. Nyaha!"

    Ayumu then glanced around blankly before getting distracted by something over by Shiden. She then promptly got up and walked over to the Pikachu.

    "You know, you don't smell like you've been in the forest for very long. And you fell in the river? You smell wet, too. Or like you were wet. Hey! How cold is that river? I've never fallen in a river before...is it super scary?" She babbled happily, her tail swishing around slightly.

    ((And the Azumanga Daioh references don't stop! ^_^ ))
  21. [OOC - *dies of happy*]


    Rather taken aback by the abrupt question, Shiden smiled weakly at the enthusiastic Skitty, eyes darting nervously to one side for someone to rescue him from the predicament.

    "Well...erm, I don't suppose I have been here very long. I fell in the river on accident though, and I guess it was pretty scary..." he stuttered, the belief that he wasn't a very good social person rising in his mind.

    The damp Pikachu turned bravely to fully face Endymion, the nobly-winged Umbreon had a bemused expression on his jet-black face - Shiden especially noticed the appration's contrasting green markings, ones that were supposed to be yellow.

    "I think he might have a better idea of where we are though..." he said, pointing as best he could with his small yellow claws.
  22. "Oh, really?" Ayumu mused, completely forgetting of her first question. "The Endymion-Umbreon, right? He knows? Okay! I shall ask HIM!"

    She then bounded over to the strange Umbreon, her face completely happy. Stopping short of crashing into him, she paused to ask the same question. "Where are we? I don't know, and Shiden doesn't know...but you might know! So I'm asking you!"

    Her tail twitched again, and she fought the impulse to turn around and chase it, since she asked the nice Umbreon a question. Besides, it's rude to not listen to somebody's answer to your question...even if that tail is so tempting...

    She still hadn't really taken in what was going on. Ayumu had a tendency to do this. She also hadn't noticed that Endymion was in fact the Endymion she heard about in town-one of the leading Rescue team...well...rescue guys. In fact, she also hadn't noticed he had wings, and was colored strangely...but she didn't even know she had pink fur (she was colorblind), so that wasn't exactly a fair statement.
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    "Well, Naturally, we're in a forest. We've been calling it Echo Woods for, like, forever." Endymion grinned, turning his soulful golden eyes to Ayumu "We're approaching its borders, though. The river Shiden fell in - we call it Moonflow - should we have followed its path, it wouldn't have take us long to have reached the Moonfall, where the Moonflow forms a waterfall that cascades into the Great Azure Lake. Truly a breathtaking sight, if you ask me."

    He sighed, closing his eyes, a quiet smile on his face. He absolutely loved the Moonflow, from its origin point at Slate Mountain, where the ebbing Sunwell Fountain at the top of the mountain spewed out water in a lovely little waterfall into a surfacing underground stream - the Starflow - and the two bodies of water merged into the rapidly flowing Moonflow, waving through the forest, its cold waters flowing until they cascaded off in the absolutely gorgeous Moonfalls, falling from a smallish cliff into the Great Azure Lake. It was truly a sight at sunsets. He had to go there again soon.

    "We're deeper into the forest now, I'm assuming that if we continue heading in this direction we'd find the path down to the Great Azure Lake Valley." The Umbreon continued, "There's a town based near the lake which is pretty much the largest settlement around. And My team's base is closer to the Origin Falls - where the Moonflow starts. That's actually a bit of a walk from here... But, I ramble."

    And saying so he blushed lightly, stretching his wings absent-mindedly. He then wondered how the rest of the team was doing...
  24. "I'd like to see those waterfalls, sometime." Grinned Tallen. "As long as no one falls in. . . "

    . . .An instant too late, she realized that maybe this was the wrong thing to say. She got up and stretched, shaking her tails, and walked in a tight circle.

    "Perhaps I should be getting back to my work. But, perhaps not? I really don't have anything much to do. Would any of you mind if I followed you around? Please? I'll Probably need somewhere to stay tonight. . ." She gazed up at the treetops absently.
  25. [OOC- OMG, I just recieved 510 MGB of RAM as a Christmas present, and my computer is awesome compared to its previous state! Yosh! No more dying when I boot up Photoshop!]


    Shiden paled considerably at Endymion's pleasent mention of the "Moonfall" waterfall. Images of the dark, dark stream water, pressing in around him and dragging his awkward body down flashed into his mind. Pupils contracting, the Pikachu lost its hard-won standing position, collapsing weakly onto the moss-coated forest floor. Several disturbed leaves fluttered back to settle in new places on the ground. His previous panic reinstated itself, along with the knowing sensation that he was human.

    "No..." he whispered tautly, taking fistfuls of short fur in his short claws, trembling in fear and confusion.

    "...need somewhere to stay tonight. . ." commented the soft-spoken Ninetales, looking gently at the tranquil forest canopy.

    "Shut up!" Shiden exploded, clambering onto his two back legs and taking several unsteady steps away from the collection of Pokémon.

    "This is just a nightmare! I'm not a Pikachu! I don't talk to Pokémon - and Umbreon's don't even have[/i[ wings!" he said rapidly, fighting back the strong urdge to cry in frustration.

    His ears were laid back entirely, small sparks of unkept electricity leaping eagerly from his red cheeks. A tree blocked escape from behind him, and the surrounding Pokémon were scattered evenly around him. He fell helplessly back onto four legs and caught sight of the Skitty, the most ditsy-ish of them all. He rationaly guessed that she would be the least likely to impede on his leaving.

    "Just leave me alone, and I'll wake up!" he finished, shooting hopefully towards Ayumu's dazed figure.

    [ OOC - Aaaand Shiden's back to Stage One! :p]
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  27. Guess everyone needs to stick a hand - er, paw- in the calming Shiden down pot.

    Tallen watched Endymion go, marking the way he went.

    She trotted up to the shaking Pikachu and nuzzled him lightly. "Hey. It's ok. Why don't you talk to pokemon? Are we not nice enough? Why don't you tell me- us- what the problem is. Perhaps we could help, y'know?" she smiled. Small sparks were still shooting off of him, but they did no more than dance off her fur and tickle her nose a bit.
  28. [ OOC - OMG, Shiden got owned ;D]


    Shiden dimly registered the Ninetales's words; the Pikachu's eyes were vague and far away, attempting to grasp what the powerful Umbreon had told him. In one weak claw was one of Endymion's feathers, soft and as black as night. The collection of Pokémon was looking at him, and he cast his dark violet eyes downwards in a mixture of shame and confusion. The hopeful sparks died down, leaving Shiden feeling drained and alone. The sense of not belonging here pressed in on him as he released the raven-colored feather to careen and drift lightly to the ground.

    What am I? he wondered futilely, lifting his two short claws enough to study the palms. Tallen's reassuring tone was all that he caught, along with her calm nuzzle - it made him feel worse about acting the way he was. The dark forest seemed to press in on him, squeezing the life and energy out of his body.

    "I..." he whispered dully, not knowing what to say. "I...I'm sorry."

    A faint rustling overhead gave a moment's warning - then a oversized Swellow appeared from the topmost trees, landing clumsily in the middle of the crowded clearing. Right, Shiden noticed sadly, on top of the dandelion he had messed with.

    After a brief and impatient look around with its elegant head, the bird-type sighed in frustration and glared firmly at Shiden, the closest Pokémon.

    "I thought Endymion was here! Where did he go, I need to ask him for help!" the navy-blue Pokémon asked, ruffling her slim wings, dismissing the rest of the group.

    Without a word, Shiden pointed in the direction Endymion had disappeared. "He was going back to his base." he said hollowly.

    Where do I go? He didn't even mention it... the Pikachu realized with a sinking feeling. He just wanted to lay down somewhere. He was exhausted, confused, lonely, and had the feeling that these random outbursts weren't going to improve without a chance to calm down.

    The urge to keel over and start crying was stronger than ever, but he refused to do something so...so...immature.

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    The Swellow nodded at Shiden and then took off in the direction Shiden had pointed. Kazan followed it with his eyes for a while, until it disappeared from view, and then leaned over to Tallen.
    "He think's he's a human; that's why he feels he shouldn't be talking to us..." he whispered in a concerned voice, "Maybe the best thing for now is to let him calm down a bit and get a grip on reality." Kazan turned to the teary-eyed Shiden and smiled warmly in an attempt to mask his concern. He didn't really think it was the best idea to reveal that the Pikachu was upsetting everyone around it.

    Kazan went over to Shiden again and sat down on the ground next to him. The Pikachu looked horribly upset again and clearly needed some consoling. Kazan put a comforting arm around Shiden, despite the risk of getting shocked. He hoped it was enough to calm the Pikachu down, but didn't really keep his hopes up.
    "So, I guess you don't have any place to stay either?" he asked, attempting to draw the Pikachu's mind away from it's worries, "You did say you weren't from around here, right?"
    "If you want, you could stay with me," offered the Charmander before turning to Tallen, "And like Endymion said, that goes for you too; I have quite a lot of space back home."

    [OOC- Didn't know if you wanted the Swellow to develop into a larger part of the storyline, but I guess you could always bring it back ;D]
  30. Randomly pulling from flavour text here. GET WELL SOON, daxx0r!!!

    "Human," Mused Tallen quietly to herself. "I can speak human. . ." But, she thought to herself, It probably wouldn't help the already confused Pikachu.

    She stayed nuzzled up to him to keep him warm, and nodded to the Charmander. "I'd be delighted! Endymion offered, but. . .I don't know. I don't feel comfortable around him. Theres something about him . . . " She shifted a bit and shook her head, then smiled. "Thankyou."
  31. ((OOC: Wooow...I missed a lot of action when I was away. @_@))

    BIC: Ayumu stared at the three remaining Pokemon, feeling a little left out. Well, for most of the time. During the time Kazan was offering Shiden a place to stay, she suddenly was consumed of thoughts of melon bread. She never knew why, but she always loved the stuff. It was like bread...but it was like melon! Melon bread! Wow, what a-

    Then she realized she had, yet again, spaced out, and focused back into the current moment. Unfortunately for her, the Ninetails, Pikachu, and Charmander seemed to have been having a bonding moment, and the random Swellow that swooped down had left.

    "Ah!" She exclaimed, though rather softly. Padding up to the group, she put on her best "I'm clueless, please be nice to me" smile, and tried to get the attention of the one who could offer what she wanted. Unfortunately, she didn't know which to direct this look at (well, she kind of had a hunch that Shiden wouldn't be able to, but one could never be too sure), so she kind of alternated between staring at each of the three.

    "'Scuse me, but I need a place to stay, too! I have absolutely no idea where I came from!" She paused, the happy-yet-blank stare still boring into the other three. "Well, I mean, I know where I'm from...I just don't know where it is from here. I'm...hey, yeah!" Her smile grew larger and much more blissful. "I'm lost!"

    She then sat back down, and tried to collect her thoughts on her new revelation. The Skitty wasn't sad or scared...not even the least bit excited, but it sure was something interesting to think about!
  32. [OOC- MoonStruckDragonLass: Thanks!!! I feel a lot better actually]


    Kazan turned to the Skitty, realizing he had completely forgotten about her.
    "Oh, sorry..." he exclaimed, "Of course you can come too! What kind of Pokémon would I be to refuse to take you in?"
    Kazan stood up and brushed himself off. Then he scratched his head and spun around a few times.

    "Hmmm, we seem to have gotten ourselves pretty deep into the woods..." he said in a low voice, mostly speaking to himself. Then he turned back to the others and pointed towards a small path in front of him, "I believe if we go this way, it should take us back fairly quickly! Come on!" He waved the others over and started trotting down the path.

    Kazan kept a rather slow pace, to make sure that Shiden wouldn't fall behind and go into a panic again. Not that he thought it was going to happen, but the Pikachu seemed really unstable, and even if getting him home would probably help, keeping a slow pace was probably a good idea as well.

    "So anyway," said Kazan suddenly, "I don't think we've had much of an introduction; I'm Kazan." He turned around briefly to make eye-contact with the group. "I've basically lived back at the Pokémon village my whole life, and I've recently been trying got start a rescue team, but there's not really too many people willing to join me right now..." He looked down at the ground for a few seconds, frowning slightly, but then quickly strapped on a smile and looked up again.

    "Well, it doesn't matter! Tell me a bit about yourselves." said Kazan cheerfully, before realizing that Shiden probably couldn't say anything about himself. The situation suddenly became quite awkward, so Kazan tried to do the best he could to fix it up.
    "Shiden, I understand if you don't want to say anything." he said reassuringly, trying not to upset the Pikachu.
    As soon as he had said it, he realized that it wasn't the smartest thing to say either and simply stayed quiet.
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  33. [OOC - Glad to hear you're recovering, daxx~~ Oh, and Shiden is supposed to be acting extremely sullen and irritating for now. He gets a lot better later on.
  34. Good to hear. ^^

    for. . .private matters, hey? ;) *is shot*

    Trotting placidly behind the playful Skitty, who seemed a bit clueless yet happy, Tallen alternated between watching the pair infront of her, and glancing slyly at the Pikachu behind. She was concerned for him, but had no idea what she could do to help. His mood was weighing on her, too. She heard him whisper 'home', and she longed for her own home. But it was a million miles away, and there was no way she could go back. So she'd just have to make do. She had what felt like friends, and Ayumu had mentioned starting a rescue team. . .

    "wha. . . HEY!" Shiden, behind her, cried out, and she suddenly noticed a whirl of wind and an ancient presence. She threw herself out of the way, but it was too late. The thing had Shiden! Rolling in the undergrowth, she caught a glimpse of it: an Aerodactyl!

    "Wait!" Tallen called "What are you doing??? Come. . . ergh. . . back!" She tried to struggle to her feet, but the undergrowth was slippery and a vine had managed to wrap its way around her, and in the undergrowth, with her friends all around, she dared not risk even a small flame.
  35. ((OOC: Ehehe...actually, MoonStruck, it was Kazan that mentioned the team, but whatev'...X3 ))

    BIC: Ayumu suddenly jerked out of her lost-in-"thought" status to find that one of her new friends (or so she thought) had been snatched by an Aerodactyl!

    She stared after the shrinking figure, trying to figure out what she should do. She understood what was going on, she wasn't that stupid (though everybody seemed to think so), she just needed to decide on a good course of action.

    Hold it! She thought suddenly, her miniscule and useless claws shooting out. Somebody's got Shiden! This is no time for carefully-thought-out plans! This is the time for ACTION!

    "I've got you Shiden!" The Skitty shrieked in a very high and screechy voice, before suddenly darting up the nearest tree. She popped her head out through the thick canopy, and glanced upwards into the sky...before realizing both her new friend and her new foe were way, way, way out of reach. "Aw! I can't reach them!"

    Pouting, she suddenly realized...well, she was really high up. In a tree. A tree...which she couldn't get down from. Quickly, and without panicking, she poked her head towards Tallen and Kazan. "Hey, y'all! I got stuck up here! Sorry!"

    And again, she sat down placidly, just kind of thinking something along the lines of "wow, so this is what it's like to be a Skitty stuck in a tree" instead of a normal "OMIGOSH I COULD FALL AND DIE." But such were the ways of Ayumu, and so they would continue to be.

    Poor Tallen and Kazan. Poor, poor Tallen and Kazan.
  36. [OOC- I'm going on a Christmas vacation to the Norwegian "alps" tomorrow and I'll be gone for just about two weeks, so in the meantime; please auto Kazan for me. I wouldn't want him to fall behind on the storyline :p]


    Kazan bobbed back and forth, not being able to decide what his next course of action should be. The sheer shock of meeting an Aerodactyl was overpowering and stunned his ability to think clearly. It seemed as if the others were having similar problems as well, seeing as Ayumu had somehow gotten herself stuck in a tree while desperately trying to catch Shiden, and Tallen had gotten stuck in the undergrowth.

    Alright, Kazan! This is it! said Kazan to himself in an attempt to regain control of the situation, You've started your own rescue team - you may be alone, but you still have one, and this is when you're needed, so snap out of it! Somehow, it worked, as Kazan suddenly found himself standing still and confident, even if he still didn't know quite what to do. Soon though, thoughts started flowing through his mind, assembling themselves into different plans and strategies to get Shiden back.

    Although he still hadn't formulated a plan from start to finish, Kazan was at least far enough along the way that he could get started with it.
    "Ok guys, we have to go and get Shiden back somehow!" he shouted so everyone could hear it clearly, "Ayumu, Tallen, we need to do this together. It's probably too much for anyone of us to handle alone."

    He approached Tallen and began ripping at the vines with his claws. He paused momentarily and turned back to Ayumu.
    "Hey, could you keep an eye on which direction the Aerodactyl is going?" shouted Kazan, "We'll have to track it down somehow, and I imagine if we catch up to it, we could follow it from the ground, but if it gets too far away, it'll be impossible to spot from our altitude."

    Kazan used a scratch attack on the vines and finally made them snap, freeing Tallen from the thick overgrowth. He looked at Tallen with a rather clueless expression.
    "Now... How are we gonna get her down?" he asked, pointing to the Skitty.

    [OOC- Would have done a more extensive post, but I've got to pack so... ]
  37. [OOC - Hope you have a great time, daxx~]


    For a while Shiden writhed pointlessly in the Aerodactyl's iron grip, unable to scratch due to the fact that the prehistoric Pokémon had pinioned his small arms to his sides. Instead, the Pikachu kicked at the air with his back legs and bit helplessly at the flying-type's talons. It was like gnawing on rock, though, and eventually he drooped wearily, trying not to look down. Seeing the world flowing gently past him brought about an overwhelming sense of vertigo, as well as a headache.

    "Hey, let me go!" he called snappishly, craning his neck around to look at the large jaws of his captor.

    In return, the Aerodactyl smiled rather thoughtfully, and met his gaze with two large, calculating eyes. Beating his wings to gain more altitude, the rock- and flying-type loosened his grip on the uncooperative Pikachu.

    Too late Shiden realized what it meant for his captor to comply, and clung desperately to the previously constricting claws, paling. Almost dismissively, the soaring Aerodactyl shook him off, sending the yellow mouse plummeting through the air - then in one deft movement, caught Shiden by his back legs.

    "I'd suggest you stay your mouth, Shiden." the leather-grey Pokémon commented, the first time he had spoken.

    And, surprisingly, his voice was calm and intelligent, devoid of the grating sound Shiden had expected.

    "Wha-? How-? But-?" The violet-eyed Pikachu had to steady the runaway beating of his heart before he could manage articulate speech. "You....my name?"

    This time the Aerodactyl didn't grace the electrical mouse's speech with a look, but instead looked over one wing to scan behind him. Nodding coolly at the sight of a pink speck in the distance, he flapped his powerful wings a few times to keep them airborne.

    "You act as if I just happened to be passing by when I grabbed you, mouse. Actually, I'd be shocked if Endymion didn't at least sense my presence," the Aerodactyl finally replied, smirking devilishly as Shiden swayed to and fro by his back claws.

    Shiden managed to deal with the disorienting position for a minute longer until he felt a sickening nausea flood over him. "Oy..just...find some different way to hold me.." he cried up at the grey Pokémon in a pleading tone.

    Without warning, the Aerodactyl known as Yakiharau pitched the undersized Pikachu forwards, sending it flying through the crisp air for a second. He caught the complaining Pokémon by its midsection, returning it to its original position.

    Now an eerie-colored cliff face loomed in their vision. The rock was a slate-grey, but various patches of what looked like moss speckled the rock, glowing a luminous green. Shiden's ears tilted at an awry angle, displaying the Pikachu's dismay at the sight. Only a talented climber or a flying Pokémon could scale such a cliff. All along the precipice, caverns that looked like mere indentions greeted his sight, although all of them were empty.

    "Why doesn't anyone live here?" he asked out loud, curiosity overcoming fear.

    "We do." The Aerodactyl replied curtly, banking slightly, eyes scanning the smooth, grey crag for the cavern it was aiming for.

    [OOC - Too bad Shiden didn't ask his name. I have to make do with various ways to discribe an Aerodactyl. :p]
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  38. ((OOC: Have fun, Daxxor! I shall begin with the autoing...just to keep the plotline moving. When there are only three people who can rescue a Pikachu...it's good to have one OUT of the tree.))

    BIC: "Oh, I can see very well!" Ayumu called back down. "The Aero-whatsit just went...oh, what's that now? North-northeast. Yup. I'd have to say north-northeast."

    So maybe the Skitty had a shred of talent in something. As she called it, her "compass superpower" was one she was blessed with at birth-she had no need for a compass. She could guess the direction of anything, and would always, always get it right. Of course, knowing one's position relative to the north pole isn't always what you need-knowing which way north is is fine, but knowing what's there is a whole different story.

    Plus, she only bothered to check her position when she was asked (or when she felt like it), so it didn't help her keep from getting lost.

    Ayumu squinted into the distance. "I think the Aero-thing just dropped-no, no, we're good, he caught Shiden again." Ignoring the carefully calculating Charmander below, who was just then trying to come up with the quickest way to get her down short from pushing her off, she sighed happily. "Sure is nice up here, in this tree. I could stay here all day..."

    "Please don't," Kazan mumbled from below.

    Ayumu barely registered Kazan's remark before she noticed the Aerodactyl landing. "The Aero-neko just landed! In this cavern! I think I can find it! Due northeast! But don't let me lead, 'cause I could get lost again!"


    After a few more minutes of failed attempts to get the stupid Skitty down, Kazan suddenly snapped.

    "I hope you can land on your feet!" He called up, sincerely praying that the "Skitties always land on their feet" thing he always heard was right. "Sorry 'bout this!"

    Then he took a deep breath, focused, and blew a steady stream of red-hot embers up towards Ayumu. Ayumu squeaked before tumbling off her branch, and downwards towards the undergrowth.

    Luckily Ayumu's Skitty genes weren't all THAT defective, and she made a perfect four-point landing.

    "Well, that was a fun experience!" She chirped, staring blankly at Kazan and Tallen. "Which of you was that?"

    Kazan coughed, and looked away, waiting for Tallen to join them in their "debriefing" for their first, albeit unofficial, rescue mission.

    ((OOC: Is this okay?))
  39. Apologies, Persian. ^^; Things've been a bit hectic around here lately.

    Tallen had been a bit stumped as to how to get the Skitty out of the tree, but had assumed it meant jumping or falling on the small cat pokemon's part. She had dashed back and forth across the small clearing they had been in, blanketing the clearing in leaves and viney materials that looked softer then the ground. She stood by the tree, panting, exhausted after the struggle with the vines and the mad dash all over the clearing, as the Skitty and the Charmander looked at her quizzically. She trotted over. From what she had seen of the Skitty, it was a bit absent minded, but she was willing to believe it knew what direction the Areodactyl had gone. She was ready to save her new friend.

    "What's the plan?" she asked.
  40. ((OOC: Tcha, 'tis okay, Moonstruck-san! ^_^ 'Tis been hectic o'er here coast-side, too. X_X Lessee if I can manage to not mangle Kazan's character here...I've never been good with leader characters! I'm much more of a supporter-person-thing...@_@ ))

    BIC: "There's supposed to be a plan?" Ayumu mused, though rather softly.

    Kazan, who had just gotten over getting Ayumu down (and what a great plan that had been), suddenly drew a huge blank for what to do about the more dire situation-Shiden. Blinking a few times, he turned to Ayumu, partly to gain possibly useful information, and partly to stall for time. "You said you knew which way the Aerodactyl went?"

    "Yup! Aero-whatsit landed in a cave on this mountain-thing! And the cave is due northeast!" She chirped happily, waving her tail in time to the rhythm in which she spoke.

    The Charmander nodded. "How high up would you say this cave was?"

    Ayumu stared at him. "Uh...how...high?"

    "Yeah. Could we, say, climb up?"

    "I dunno. Maybe. Should I go back up on that tree branch to check?"

    "NO!" Kazan shouted, then, after seeing Ayumu's wider-eyed look in his direction (which wasn't saying much, since she didn't look all that surprised), he cleared his throat uncomfortably. "That's fine, Ayumu...uh...I guess we'll just...start heading northeast, then. How far away was it?"

    Ayumu blinked. "Uh...I dunno? Not that close, I guess, but not that far, either...I guess."

    "Okay..." Kazan muttered. "Well, uh, Tallen?" He looked towards the Ninetails. "Do you have any bright ideas? 'Cause all I have is just heading northeast, scaling however much of that mountain we have to scale, then going inside and...beating up the Aerodactyl. Well, actually, since none of us really have a type advantage, I say we just sort of stun the Aerodactyl, then grab Shiden and run."

    "I can sing!" Ayumu cheered.

    Kazan stared at her for a little while, before realizing her seemingly random comment could have some credibility. "Do you mean sing as in...just singing, or as in the attack?"

    "Nope! The attack! It puts all mah enemies right ta sleep!" The Skitty recalled, a bit of her Kansai accent slipping in.

    Kazan nodded. "Okay, then we'll put the Aerodactyl to sleep. That's good. Then we grab Shiden and run, hoping and praying to Mew that the Aerodactyl doesn't wake up, like, ever..."

    ((OOC: Bah, I can't think any more. G'night. X_X))
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