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Ask to Join Pokemon Kingdom

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kawaii Unicorn, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. So this is a RP about a kingdom, where Pokemon rule, I will list the ranks here, and after that the form to join. You may have 2 Pokemon
    King- OPEN
    Queen- Bolt (@EclipseTheShinyUmbreon
    Princess- Dove (@MissPinkRebelle
    Prince- Finch (@Blackened Flare
    Cook- Lillic (@Blackened Flare
    Maids (multiple allowed)- Robin @Frisk Galena @Galena
    Guards (multiple allowed)- Nero (@Quake, Shi @Dr. Alphys
    Regular Servants: Dusk (@_Umbreon_, Eclipse (@EclipseTheShinyUmbreon
    Baker: OPEN
    Baker's Wife: OPEN
    Baker's kids (multiple allowed): OPEN
    Regular Villagers (multiple allowed): OPEN
    Village Children (multiple allowed): Lily (@MissPinkRebelle ) Redd @Lilyheart0930
    Knights (multiple): Fen (@BurbleBurble
    Squires (multiple): Titani (@jjmyers0199

    Forms (mine and the one for you to fill out):
    Species of Pokemon:
    Weapon In Case Of Being Called To Battle (children can ignore this if wanted):
    Who Your Family Is (if someone has agreed to it):

    My Form:
    Name: Dove
    Species of Pokemon: Shiny Eevee
    Rank: Princess
    Personality: Naive, sweet, kind, can be annoying especially to her brother, her father loves her very much and can barely resist her.
    Weapon if called: Her voice and cuteness
    Who Family Is: King (father), Queen (mother), Prince (brother)

    Name: Lily
    Species: Cleffa
    Rank: Village Child
    Personality: shy, brave, witty, she does not talk alot and has a special bond with Princess Dove, who is her only friend
    Weapon: Bow and Arrows
    Family: Anyone wanna be her mother or father?
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  2. Name: Lillic
    Species of Pokemon: Leafeon
    Rank: Cook
    Personality: Quiet, but kind and makes the best food
    Weapon In Case Of Being Called To Battle: Whip!
    Who Your Family Is: NONE!

    Lillic was in the kitchen, she was making breakfast for the royal family. Mostly a mix and berries, and breads, and jams. Though she was a lowly servant, she was quite happy.
  3. Dusk
    Species: Umbreon
    Rank Servant
    Pedsonality: Timid, quiet, Brave.
    Weapon: Fangs. Can control darkness.
    No Family.

    Dusk sat in the darkness of the slave dorms. He shared a bed with 2 other pokrmon. The living conditions were filthy. They were all sick. The Umbreon seethed at the thought that the royal family was sitting on their royal asses doing nothing as they suffered in this wretched hell hole.
  4. (Dove isn't mean to the servants her brother is though) Dove sighed, her brother was downstairs torturing the servants, she hated it that he would hurt them just because they were less fortunate. She padded downstairs to the room, even though she was given strict orders not to. She carried some of her food down with her, and suddenly she saw Dusk, "Hello Dusk, I brought you some food." she said to the umbreon.

    Lily walked around the village and then stopped to look at the palace. It was huge, she had only been inside once.
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  5. ((Hey can i play the prince too? I got a great idea!!!))

    Lillic watched as the young princess snuck some food down, as she served the food to the king, queen and prince.
  6. (Sure you can be the prince too)
    Lily considered herself lucky, her parents were not rich, but able to feed her, and she had been in the palace. Lily walked to the fountain to get a drink, she was tired from going to the market all day long.
  7. "I'm fine thank you very much!" The Umbreon Snapped at the princess. He didn't want to be pitied. He wanted democracy not monarchy. "Don't you have some dolls to play with or something your highness?" He said pointedly.
  8. Dove winced at the insult, "I-I'm sorry." she said and dashed off trying not to show the tear down her silver cheek, she didn't spend her time playing with dolls!
  9. Name: Fen
    Species: Braxien
    Rank: Knight
    Personality: Snappy, Hotheaded, Nice if you get to know her.
    Weapon: Staff/Stick and magic, Dagger
    Family: None alive.

    Fen had just returned from a small skirmish with some thieves. The quality of the kingdom was going down slowly but surely, and all she could do was try to stop anything violent she saw. Exhausted, she would've love to go to the tavern for a cup of whisky, but she had no money on her. Water would have to do. When she reached the fountain, she got down on her knees and started to lap it up.
  10. Dove went outside the palace to see Fen, one of her favorite knights. "Hi Fen!" she said to the Braxien

    Lily watched as the knight lapped up water, she stood behind a wall trying not to be seen.
  11. Name: Titani (Ti-Tan-e)
    Species of pokemon: Mawile
    Rank: Squire
    Personality: Caring, Loyal, Smart, a great Childhood friend of Dove
    Weapon if called to battle: Spear and Shield
    Family: All killed in war

    Titani patrols the town square, waiting for Fen to return from her drink. She sighs and takes out her shield to make sure its still shiny. Satisfied, she puts it away and waits some more.
  12. Name: Nero
    Species of Pokemon: Swampert
    Rank: The Royal Guard (Personal Bodyguard of any family members who leave the kingdom, higher ranked than a normal guard)

    Personality: It matches his occupation. Nero is a somewhat old and wise mon who has guarded the kingdom for a long time. Standing more upright than others of his species, he possesses immense pride and willpower.

    Weapon In Case Of Being Called To Battle: A massive 8ft long glaive that only he can wield.

    Who Your Family Is: Died, mostly due to natural causes.

    (I am so sorry I didn't ask first. It seemed as if people were just joining in.)

    Nero stood at the front of the main palace doors like a statue, narrow eyes routinely scanning the area for any abnormalities. His glaive leaned against a wall; after many years Nero had learned that someone without a weapon in hand can sometimes be MORE intimidating. Besides, he only uses the thing as a walking stick nowadays.

    He noticed a familiar knight approach one of the royal fountains to drink. He wasn't sure where he actually placed in terms of authority, but he supposed it was fine either way. After all, Fen had gained a respectable reputation for improving the lives of the villagers by dealing with the crime there.

    Just then, Dove suddenly burst out through the front door to greet the knight. Fen looked fairly tired. Nero grabbed his glaive and walked over to them, using his weapon like a cane. "I am glad you have safely returned from your travels, Fen." He looked down towards the princess and smiled. "And a good day to you as well, your majesty." Nero never liked saying 'princess'. He felt dove was a mature member of the family and should be addressed as such.
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  13. "Hi Nero!" Dove said cheerfully with a little bounce, she was exited that she was able to leave the palace after all her strict ordes from her father.
  14. Titani spotted Dove and following her was Nero. She was nervous around Nero, she once heard rumors that he managed to push back an entire army by himself. She managed to gather her courage and go to Dove to speak to her.

    "Hey Dove, hows your day so far?" She asked her, clearly showing signs of being nervous around Nero.
  15. "Oh it's good." Dove said trying to keep up with three conversations at once.
  16. 'Dove is as popular as always, it seems.' Nero thought to himself as one of her close childhood friends greeted her, a Mawile squire by the name of Titani. After witnessing countless people come in and out of the palace over the year, Nero has become familiar with many mons and womons of high social status.

    Nero's smile retracted slightly when he noticed Titani's nervousness. It didn't take a genius to figure out that it was towards him. Nero cared deeply about his reputation in all aspects, and it was painful when those besides his enemies feared him, sometimes more painful than any physical harm he's experienced. Of course, he only had himself to blame; it was his job to be intimidating, and he could no longer help it.

    He attempted to give the Mawile a reassuring look and nodded politely as a greeting. Then, after hearing responses from Fen and Dove lifted his glaive and slowly headed back to his post. He should learn not to carry around that thing everywhere. He ignored the Cleffa behind the wall, assuming that he would only scare her. He recognized her as another one of Dove's close friends.

    A thought occurred to him as he observed the friendly exchange from a distance. As far as everyone knew, the kingdom is slowly but surely decaying. Crime rates are rising exponentially, forcing the knights to take on jobs as domestic police, and the King and Queen are taking little action. Nero fears that the prince taking over will spell doom for the kingdom. That is why he wants Dove to take the throne as soon as she is of age. He has seen how kind she is towards everyone, even the poor servants and villagers. She doesn't even pity them, but treats them as equal beings. Nero doesn't have many ideals of his own to fight for, but he believes that Dove becoming queen will aid everyone.
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  17. Name: Eclipse
    Species of Pokemon: Shiny Umbreon
    Rank: Regular Servant
    Personality: Kind, Quiet, Helpful, Obedient, Skittish
    Weapon In Case Of Being Called To Battle: Fangs and claws
    Who Your Family Is: Has Know idea

    Name: Bolt
    Species of Pokemon: Jolteon
    Rank: Queen
    Personality: Mean, Viscous, Impatient, Cold
    Weapon In Case Of Being Called To Battle: her mean comments
    Who Your Family Is: Dove, King, Prince

    Bolt swatted at Eclipse "Why did you do this to my lunch!?" She roared at the Shiny Umbreon that stood in front of her. "I-im sorry..." Eclipse looked down. "Get out of here!" Bolt hissed at Eclipse and Scratched her cheek, making it bleed. Eclipse scurried out the room crying. Eclipse looked around and sighed, she raised her paw to the four scratch marks on her cheek and winced. Eclipse saw Dove and ran up to her. "Hey Dove!" Eclipse said to the little shiny eevee.
  18. "Oh, hello Dove, hello Nero. Good to see you both. Many thanks." Fen responded. Of all the royal family, Dove was the nicest. Unlike her pretentious brother, who was a spoiled brat as far as she knew. In the rare case that he did come out of the palace, he was rude to commoners and not much better to anyone else.
    (Won't be able to respond till end of day, sorry)
  19. Name: Reddius Finch (Call her Redd)
    Species: Vulpix
    Rank: village child
    Personality: Redd is quiet and shy. She is quite professional and mature. She is around 8-9, but has matured for her family lives in poverty. She doesn't like the royal family very much.
    Weapon: exploding crystals
    Family: lives alone in a hut she built

    Redd watched the castle with eyes full of hatred. How could they stand for their citizens to live in poverty while they lived in luxury? She despised their lavish lifestyle. Redd had to scavenge for food every day while they had servants waiting them on hand and foot. She decided to get some food.

    Redd snuck behind a bread stand, eyeing a big loaf. She assumed that the loaf would feed her for around a week. She ran forwards, snatching the loaf when no one was looking. She then ran back to her hut.
  20. Name: Robin
    Species of Pokemon: Kirlia
    Rank: Maid
    Personality: kind and caring, she enjoys helping out around the castle
    Weapon In Case Of Being Called To Battle: a pair of katanas
    Who Your Family Is: unknown

    ~ ~ ~

    Name: Eve
    Species of Pokemon: Eevee
    Rank: Regular Servant (It's multiple in the list at the top; this is ok, right?)
    Personality: quiet, friendly to those she cares about
    Weapon In Case Of Being Called To Battle: an unknown sort of power
    Who Your Family Is: no one
  21. Titani knew Nero meant only good, but she couldn't help but be nervious around him. She was only a squire and has yet to prove herself a knight, yet Nero could look in the eyes of Death and not even flinch. She desired strength and courage like that.

    "So, anything exciting happen?" She asks Dove.
  22. (Yes Dr.Alphys)
    Dove looked around, "Ya I brought some food to Dusk, but he refused it." she said naivly.
  23. Titani goes to Dove and says "Don't mind him, I've heard from some of the other servants that he can be...independent sometimes." She then pauses. "But I don't think your brother has any rights to abuse the servants...thats my personal opinion though. I dare not say it near him or else I risk losing my job...or worse." She just stands there silently. Titani suddenly feels that Nero is much better to be near compaired to Doves brother.
  24. "Ya my brother is kind of mean, he has no idea how much the servants work for us." Dove said admittting to what a rude person her brother was.
  25. (ok, my form is:
    Name: Shiny Dewdrops (Shiny for short but Shi for even shorter)
    Species of Pokemon: Shiny Dewott
    Rank: Guard
    Personality: very nice, but when mad, she can easily win a fight
    Weapon In Case Of Being Called To Battle: Razor Shell .3.
    Who Your Family Is: Unknown
    there is my form)
  26. Redd watched through a small window in her hut. The princess could be seen talking to someone. Sometimes, she just wanted to go in there and take what was rightfully hers. Redd's family had died from starvation. A tear starts to form in Aher eye, but she flicked it away.
  27. Dove spotted a young girl watching her, "Come and join us!" she said cheerfully.
  28. Redd was shocked. "B..but..." She stuttered, a million thoughts racing through her head. Her tails flattened on instinct. They could just be leading me into a trap. They probably know I've commited a crime. Redd thought.
  29. "But why?" Dove asked, she wasn't doing anything wrong, was there something about that girl?
  30. "But... Why would you care about a peasant like me? You're FAMILY obviously doesn't!" Redd hissed.
  31. "Oh, that's just my brother, he doesn't care, but I do." Dove said with a glint in her eyes that showed true honesty.
  32. "F...fine. But don't expect me to now at your feet, Princess." Redd sighed, padding over. She tightened the purple scarf around her neck.
    (Redd's a bit Tsuudere)
  33. (What is a Tsuddere, and maybe Dove and Redd could become friends sometime?)
    "So, what's up?" Dove said (No idea where to start this convo)
  34. (Tsuudere is when a person is tough on the outside, soft on the inside, and sure!)
    "T...the sky?" Redd attempted to make a pun. She still felt awkward around the Eevee.
  35. (Ok!)
    "That's funny!" Dove said with humor in her eyes, her brother mainly told cruel jokes, so she had never heard a real pun.
  36. "So... Why do you care about me? I'm just some unimportant troublemaker." Redd asked. She blushed a bit, her tails lowered.
  37. "I care about you because everyone in the whole kingdom is important, from my father to the weakest villager, we all have a meaning to do something great." Dove said showing a short but vast wisdom for her age.
  38. "Your family obviously doesn't care. Would you like to see how your subjects survive on a daily basis?" Redd asked.
  39. "I would love to, but I can imagine how it works." Dove said, she sighed being royalty wasn't that fun either, everyone expected her to be a proper princess and play with dolls all day.

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