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Open Pokémon Iron Version

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shrine, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. This role play is about Pokémon that get lost in a cave in the Hoenn region. If you haven't already, please read the Role Play Rules. If you already have, here are the rules for this Roleplay:

    Rule 1: You can play as any Pokémon allowed in RPs.
    Rule 2: You must play as a Pokémon.
    Rule 3: You can't leave the cave right at the beginning.
    Rule 4: You must say what Pokémon you are, what the Pokémon's age is, how the Pokémon ended up in the cave, and the Pokémon's gender.
    Rule 5: There is no fifth rule XD.

    Well that's it. I hope you enjoy! :)
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  2. Pokemon Species: Pansage
    Age: 10
    How ended up in the cave: Hiding from a Houndoom cult who chased him inside, but lost him and turned back.
    Gender: Male

    The Pansage whimpered, taking some leaves from the tuft on his head to help calm his nerves. Unsettling echoes from-he didn't know where-did nothing to help his rising fear as he wandered the cavern. He paused walking for a moment to scratch his left ear, twitching at a close sounding scuffle of a paw.
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  3. Pokémon: Cubone
    Age: 10
    Gender: Male
    Background: Cubone was hiding from a swarm of Yanmega, when he fell into a big hole in the ground. He noticed he was in a cave... a mysterious one. He wasn't happy with the atmosphere around him. Zubats fluttered everywhere, Gligars covered the ground, Ariados and Garvantulas climbed the walls.
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  4. "Agh!" Pansage yelled when he heard a loud echoed thud followed by the screeches of poison or bug types. He shivered again and wished for the skills of his old friend, a Zangoose, but he knew the hope was useless now. A Spinarak lunged toward him and he desperately swerved away only to be caught by its string shot attack. He managed to free his legs quickly and took off with the rest of his body still bound.
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  5. Species: lycanroc
    Age: 17
    Gender: female
    Background: Lycanroc Stumbled down a large hole after a long hard battle with her brother. She collapsed on a stone, hurt.

    Lycanroc looked around, her red eyes growing large with fear. Her worst fear was spider Pokemon, and she wriggled uncontrollably, seeing the galvantula and ariados all around her. She tried to keep quiet, just in case other Pokemon lived there, but she couldn't help screaming, as a galvantula came right up to her face.
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  6. He paused instinctively to listen, certain that something had yelled nearby. The Spinarak wasn't pursuing him any more, but he was still very much on edge. However, being near someone non-buglike seemed to be the better choice even if it was one of those fearsome Houndoom, so he trotted down the tunnel and was immediately confronted with the sight of several spider pokemon. He froze for a few moments. Finally he broke through the web with one of his hands and chucked a seed bomb at the nearest Ariados.
  7. Cubone heard a loud scream. He looked left, and saw a Lycanroc screaming at the sight of a Galvantula. Cubone couldn't help but giggle at the fact that this powerful wolf Pokémon was scared of something that he was twice the size of! But then he looked down, and a Gligar was biting his foot. "OWWWWWW!!!!" He screamed, trying to shake the Gligar off him.
  8. Pansage's face darkened at another yell, though this one sounded deeper pitched. Without hesitation he used two more of his seed bombs on a swarm of Zubat, then wiggled free of the stringy web. With both his arms free, he could fight better, but instead he chose to evade the multiple bug or flying types in order to dash to the Lycanroc's side. Once there, he could spot a struggling Cubone not far away. He stood and panted wearily, uncertain of how to assist both of the fallen pokemon. At least he assumed they had fallen in. He couldn't be certain about the ground type, since there were already Gligar who lived here.
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  9. Lycanroc spied the cubone sniggering and gasped. "Hey!! You!!!" She growled, her eyes getting narrow. "What're YOU laughing at?" She shouted. Then Shen noticed a pansage and grinned, baring sharp canine teeth. "Did you fall down here too?"
  10. Pansage nodded silently. He was extremely intimidated by the Lycanroc's jaws and began to fidget restlessly, remembering in high detail the Houndoom pack who chased him inside.
  11. Cubone has always been shy, so he carefully walked away from Lycanroc and got the gligar off him. He saw that there was a narrow path leading down the cave, so he decided he would go down there to see what he would find. He saw some Gligars on the way, and even a couple Gliscors and Golbats. He knew things weren't going to get any better down the path.
  12. Species: Ralts
    Nickname: Kai
    Age: If, by age, you mean level, then 17. If you literally mean age, then 11
    Gender: Male
    Backstory: Because of his cute (and feminine) looks, not to mention his voice, he's often mistaken for a girl. One day, he had gotten fed up with other Pokemon always teasing him, and he ran off - as fast as his little legs could take him - in anger and tears into a cave, that of which he wandered deep into. When he woke up, hours after falling asleep in tears, he couldn't find his way out. He was lost.

    Kai wandered around in the cave aimlessly, hoping he'd be able to find a way out, if not some explorer. Eventually, he came across two paths. Down one path, there was nothing, while down the other, Kai could tell there were enemy Pokemon down there. Kai never fought much out of fear of eventually evolving into a Gardevoir, which would only make him seem more feminine, while if he somehow managed to find a Dawn Stone (which the chances of finding are very slim to none), he could evolve into a Gallade, and finally earn the respect he had always wanted.

    After all the thinking, Kai chose the latter, and continued down the barren path. After what felt like an hour, he came across a bigger room, that of which had other Pokemon in it; Pokemon like a Pansage, Cubone, Lycanroc and others. Filled with more fear that they'd try to attack him, he immediately tried to find a hiding spot. He managed to spot a pillar in a corner. He scurried over to it and hid behind it, watching from afar and hoping none of them would see him and want to attack him.

    EDIT: (OOC: I meant "immediately," not "deliberately." Stupid autocorrect...)
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  13. Pansage shivered, turning his attention away from the frightening flashback just in time to witness the Cubone leaving. He almost called out for it to come back, then reconsidered doing that in case it turned out to be a menace as well, not hearing Kai run behind the pillar. Nervously smiling at Lycanroc, he began to edge away to search for an exit once more.
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  14. Lycanroc's smile faded. "Oh, see you round then!.." she called, looking hopeful for a reply.
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  15. He felt guilty about deserting Lycanroc and stopped shuffling away to wave a goodbye. "U-um, bye!" Pansage hesitated a little more, now unsure of whether he should stay with the rock type or wander the cavern on his own.
  16. After a rough battle with a Boldore, in which he had failed, he ran back to the top of the cave in fear. He got plenty of Beedrill stings along the way. The only Pokémon Cubone liked in the cave were all the Aron.
    As he was running, he bumped into a Pansage. "Uh... sorry:'|" He said, embarrassed.
  17. Lycanroc smiled lightly. "Well I'm powerful, not saying you're not, but uh i could protect you and we could get outta here." She said, scratching her head, noticing an ariados and began to squirm. "Nyehhh.. I hate spiders.." she whimpered, shrinking away from the cave wall.
  18. Pansage almost fell when the Cubone bumped into him, but managed to rebalance himself relatively quickly. "No, i-it's okay." He replied to the ground type and nodded at Lycanroc gratefully, pleased that he had found a companion. He frowned at the spidery pokemon, ready to do some damage if it made any threats or quick movements.
  19. "Wait... how did you get here?" Cubone asked the Pansage. He wondered how everyone else got here. At least he wasn't stuck by himself - maybe the other Pokémon could help him get out of the cave.
  20. The grass type's tail began twitching erratically as he tried to push the image of fiery, snapping jaws out of his mind. "D-d-doesn't ma-matter." He stuttered in an unusually stiff voice, not taking his gaze from the poison type.
  21. Cubone decided that he would try and socialize with some of these Pokémon. He walked up to the Ralts. "Um... hi?" He asked nervously. He was never good at socializing, he was kind of an introvert. He COMPLETELY regretted what he just did, and proceeded to stand there silently.
  22. Kai stood there behind the pillar, watching the other Pokemon warily. The presence of the Lycanroc really made Kai uncomfortable. Their eyes, if they were to ever look at him, would make Kai have a feeling of dread; as if they were going to attack him. Then, Kai saw, or rather sensed, another Pokemon nearby, and it seemed to be getting closer. Kai looked over, and his heart sank at the sight of a Pokemon walking up to him; a Cubone to be specific. Kai shuffled back, and tripped, landing on his back as the Cubone walked up to him. What had happened was not quite what Kai had expected. The Cubone had actually greeted Kai, almost as if it were a question. Kai looked up at the Cubone with a scared look, but also with wonder. "... H-Hi..." Kai replied to the Cubone, raising a hand as if to say hello.
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  23. "Oh... um- sorry if I started you." Cubone replied, hoping that the Ralts would eventually become friends with him, but nobody ever was his friend. Suddenly he heard a buzzing sound. It was a swarm of Yanmega - heading straight at Cubone and the Ralts!
  24. Calming down enough to stop shaking a bit, Kai managed to push himself back up onto his feet. Hearing what the Cubone said, and noticing how it sounded a bit nervous, caused Kai to calm down a bit. It was good to know that he wasn't the only one there who didn't know what to do. "I-It's okay..." Kai told the Cubone, looking down timidly. But then, Kai heard what sounded like a buzzing noise. Then, he picked up on some flying entities; an angry swarm of Yanmega. Kai's heart nearly stopped once he realized it. There was nowhere else to hide, so the only thing left was to...

    "RUN!!!" Kai shouted at the Cubone.
  25. Cubone ran as fast as his little legs could take him. The Yanmega were getting closer and closer. Cubone's breath was getting faster and faster. When the Yanmega cornered both of them, Cubone had no choice but to wack the bone he always had with him on the Yanmega. Eventually, they all fainted. Cubone felt a rush of relief fall over him.
  26. (Hey @Sun_and_moon_lover can you reply?)

    Pansage was unnerved by a buzzing, ducking to avoid a couple angry Yanmega. He dashed over to Lycanroc while glaring hatefully at the spider she was still cowering away from, doing his best to keep calm despite all the pokemon who had wanted to fight or kill him in the past hour or so.
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  27. Lycanroc's fear of spider Pokemon nearly bring her to tears, as ariados edged closer to her, teasingly. It poked her lightly. "AH GET IT OFF!" She screamed frantically, brushing it off.
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  28. Pansage's face turned a bright, angry red. "Go away!" He shrieked at the poisonous bug, lunging forward with a Fury Swipes in his desperation to shoo away the creature.
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  29. Species: Popplio
    Nickname: Bubbles
    Age: 11
    Lvl: 13
    Gender: Female
    How she got in the cave: She ran on top of a trapdoor on accident that led to her falling onto a pile of PokeBall pillows in the cave.
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  30. "GAH!!!!!!" screamed Bubbles as she landed on the PokeBall pillows. "Well, that was a soft landing," Bubbles said to herself. "Helloooo?" She asked to the thin air. All her reply was her echos. She sighed, hoping she'd get out soon.
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  31. Lycanroc grinned and blushed profusely. "Th-thanks.. I don't like spiders...." she said sheepishly. Then she heard a loud scream. "What was that?..." she asked, her ears twitching.
  32. "I don't know." Replied Mint, half growling as the Ariados scuttled away. "But it sounded like a water type, so if worst comes to worst..." He let the sentence trail off and started chewing on another of his stress relieving leaves. In a tone slightly higher pitched, he continued, "Should we go check it out?"
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  33. "Please, help me!!" yelled Bubbles, hearing the echos once more. She looked around, she heard footsteps. She suddenly got scared and looked around nervously. "Whoever you are, please don't hurt me!"
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  34. Cubone heard a loud scream from far away. Him being shy, he freaked out. *Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god!" He shouted until he became so loud he startled himself. He blinked. He finally decided to see what was going on. He walked toward the voice to find a Popplio, a Lycanroc, and a Pansage. "H... hi?" Said Cubone.
  35. "Oh!" Bubbles was surprised someone found her. "Hi! It's nice to see someone! I'm Bubbles! Who are you?" she asked, sounding curious of this Pokémon.
  36. Species: Meinfoo
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Backstory: Meinfoo was taken by poachers to Hoenn and ran away. While running through the woods, the ground below him tore away and he fell into a deep cave. Unable to climb out, Meinfoo started to explore the cave.
  37. Species: Riolu
    Age: 8
    Gender: Male

    Backstory: Chased by Team Magma. Got caught, and mercilessly abused and put in a cage. Broke free a week later, and ran away and found this cave.
  38. Riolu looked around to find a Pansage and a Cubone and followed them. It proceeded to tap Cubone on the back. Cubone turned around.
    "Can I follow you? If you're trying to escape, that is."
  39. She nodded at mint. "What are you chewing?.. leaves?" She asked him.
  40. "Um... I'm a Cubone. You can just call me Cubone." Cubone said. He felt a tap on his back, took one glance at the Pokémon, and ran off. He's a Cubone. That was a fighting type. IT WOULD NOT TURN OUT WELL IF THEY BATTLED.

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