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Private/Closed Pokemon Hoenn Junior High

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Cryronn the Mudkip, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Welcome to Slateport Academy! You're first day there will be just a easy start, but as we go on, the program will get intense! Here's the schedule:
    1st Hour: Pokemon Categories: 12:00-1:00
    2nd Hour: Pokemon Breeding/Care: 1:05-1:55
    3rd Hour: Homeroom: 2:00-2:35
    Lunch Break: 2:40-3:10
    4th Hour: Pokemon Battles: 3:10-4:00
    5th Hour: Pokemon Science: 4:05-4:45
    6th Hour: Pokemon Typings and Abilities: 4:50-5:40
    7th Hour: Special Electives Determined by Typings/Abilities Teacher. 5:45-6:35
    Then, you head back to your dorms or possibly roam around campus.

    Well, here's the link to the discussion:https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-hoenn-junior-high-discussion.18551/#post-566327
    Starter post:
    Jane Kay was walking around Slateport City market. Then, she came across a stand selling rare stones. She bought a cool, round stone, and made her way to the Academy Grounds. She showed the gaurd her ID, and went onto the grounds. A stunning school with marble pathways and well-painted walls. "Wow.... That's insane." She said, looking around.
  2. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Jack Storm was walking on the Slateport City beach with his Caterpie on his shoulder. “Ahh, fresh air,” he said. He sat down on an empty area near the sea and let out his Magikarp to swim. “Just don’t go too far!” he shouted. The fish Pokemon responded with a flap of its tail and happily swam in the water . About 15 minutes later Jack shouted again for his Pokemon to come back. Magikarp jumped high and Jack retrieved him into its Pokeball. He then went to the Academy Grounds, showed his I.D. to the guard and entered. He didn’t really care that much about how the school looked. “The lab is much better,” he mumbled.
  3. Dan walked up to the school academy's main area. Stopped for a moment by a guard, a quick flick of ID let her go through. The large structures were all and the same, nothing more than the one across the block, in her eyes. Dan heard a boy next to her say something about a lab. "What did you saw about a lab?"
  4. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    “Oh just talking about Professor Oak’s lab. I’m from Kanto and I was quite fond of the place,” Jack explained. Caterpie crawled off his shoulder and went right in front of Dan. He gave her a cute cry and cuddled with her foot. “I’m Jack, by the way. Where are you from?” he asked.
  5. Dan nodded at the mention of Oak's lab. She'd been there before, like most anywhere. "I don't have a place I call home. I travel to much. Actually, this is the first time I'm actually going to a proper school." She saw that he had his pokemon out, so Dan picked the dusk ball from her side. As it opened, a Larvitar was revealed from inside. "Seel doesn't like the land that much." Dan said in accordance to the pokeball at her side.
  6. Jane ran up to the two that were talking about a laboratory. "Alola!" She said as she came apon them, her blonde ponytail bouncing behind her. "Um... I mean, hi." She said, blushing. She knew people didn't say 'Alola' in this region. What was wrong with her?
  7. Dan, hearing a voice behind her say Alola, almost turned around and replied back the greeting. "Ah, um, hi?" She said in return. Greetings weren't exactly her thing, especially being taught instinctively all sorts of different cultures around the world. She especially didn't like saying her name/nickname, Dan, because they thought that she's transgender.
  8. "I'm Jane, nice to meet you!" She said, smiling and regaining her smile. "Want to see my friends? Come on out!" She said, and sent out her Mudkip and Litten. The two jumped on her shoulders and she said; "Aw, you two. You just love to be alongside me and battle!" She said, and the two nodded.
  9. Dan nodded to the pokemon, perking up at the mention of battle. "Battle?" She asked. Noticing it was rude not to introduce herself, "Oh, and I'm Danielle. Dan for short." Larvitar looked up at the two other pokemon seeing them more as challengers than friends.
  10. Andrew and Alvero left their homes together and made their way to the Academy. Once they were on the Academy Grounds, they showed their I.D. cards to the security guard together before entering. They looked around, both amazed by how the school looked. "Whoa! This place looks neat!" Andrew said.

    "Yeah. I've never been to a school that looked this formal," Alvero said, "I can't believe we were accepted."

    "They must've noticed that I was a Pokemon battling pro and that I taught you a thing or two."
    Alvero smiled at his friend and he smiled back.
  11. "Nice to meet you!" She said, and smiled. "Anyway, I better get going. Pokemon Categories is about to start." She said, and then said; "Wait, are you guys going there too?" And then she smiled. "If you are, that's awesome!"
  12. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    “Ok then?” Jack said as he picked up his Caterpie. “Let’s go!” he shouted with an energetic fist bump in the air. He started running off before stopping and turning back. “Where is the room? I’m in a pokemon categories now too by the way,” he told Jane. Caterpie crawled his way back up to Jack’s shoulder and smiled.
  13. "Well we better get to our first hour now." Alvero said. Andrew looked at his friend with a puzzled expression. "What exactly is first hour?" he asked.
    "Uh... let me check." Alvero said, taking his folded schedule out of his pocket. "First hour is Pokemon Categories."
    "Sounds boring." Andrew said putting both his hands behind his head.
    "Well you won't know until you go there yourself."
  14. "Grandpa Briney! Can you make this boat go any faster? I'm going to be late for school!" Said Nyneka. "Well maybe you shouldn't have overslept." Said Briney with a smile. "I had a long day yesterday!" She said. She got to Slateport. She looked at her watch 11:52. "Crap!" Thought Nyneka. She ran as fast as she could. "Whew, I have 5 minutes to get to class." She didn't look up and ran head first into a girl with a mudkip and litten. "Oww."
  15. Dan rolled her eyes at the question about the room location. "Did none of you get a map?" She asked while pointing forward. "I memorized it, and the room is that way." Dan started to move forward, not noticing the occurance behind her.
  16. Aqua strode through the crowds, Chinchou in her arms and Nincada on her shoulder, occasionally glancing back at the harbour for comfort. She wasn't crazy about leaving Pacifidlog and the Ocean behind, and she missed the way the logs creaked and swayed beneath her feet. The land felt so rigid and unforgiving in comparison, and she had never seen so much of it stretching in front of her. She hadn't actually seen land at all prior to today, and she wasn't sure she liked it. After a few more minutes of walking, she spotted a group of kids around her age. "They must be here for the same reason we are, right? Maybe we can ask for directions." She wondered to her Pokémon, before approaching the small group. "Um, hello. I'm Aqua and these are my partners. Are you here for the Slateport Academy?"
  17. "Alright. Alright," Andrew said sighing,"Do you know where this Pokemon Categories class is?"
    "No, but maybe we can ask those guys over there." Alvero said.
    "Alright." Andrew said, walking over to the group and Alvero followed.
  18. "Oh, the room! Yeah, it's on the top floor. Not the roof, though. After going up the stairs then you go to the left, look to the right side of the hall to find room 105." She tiled the people who had gathered. Then, she got run into by a girl. "Oh, sorry! Are you okay?" She asked, worried. She put her hand out to help the girl up.
  19. Lily’s eyes lingered on the people who were gathered, and she narrowed them at the congregating students. She was meant against a wall, eyeing the various passing students to see if the kids had anything with swiping; and, sure enough, someone had a Pokétch hanging out of the pocket from her bag. Guiltlessly, Lily pulled her bandana over the majority of her face, and took it- it was pink and she liked it- and then put it onto her wrist. “HEY! I SAW THAT!” shouted a student, but Lily had already bolted off, her brand new Pokétch looking pretty fine on her arm.

    “Okey dokie,” Lily murmured quietly, her maroon eyes scanning her surroundings. “Yo, which of you losers have Pokémon Categories next?” She yelled.
  20. "Hey, guys! Do any one you know where Pokemon Categor-" Andrew said before hearing a teenage girl call him and the others "losers." "Who are you calling a 'loser,' girly?!" he continued.
  21. Aqua sighed. She already regretted this. She hadn't been around this particular group of students for that long, and she could already tell that this wasn't going to end well. "Perhaps we could get to class?" she suggested, to nobody in particular, "If only I had a map..." she grumbled, she had no idea where she was going and these people didn't seem to either.
  22. "Ohh, wow." Lily mocked, narrowing her eyes. "First thing ya do is call me 'girly'? I could steal you blind, hahaha!" she giggled, almost maniacally. She had hidden her Team Skull pendant in her shirt so no one would see it- she was here secretly after all and would likely be kicked out if anyone discovered she was part of an evil team. "Look, Pokémon Categories is in room 105. The other kid gave you directions there," Lily grumbled. "Just follow me." She then began to walk to the room in question, examining her stolen Pokétch.
  23. "Touch any of my stuff and you'll get a face full of Ember!" Andrew said to the girl as he followed her. Alvero followed the two, remaining quiet before whispering into his friend's ear.
    "She gives me a bad feeling." Alvero said in his friend's ear.
    "Don't worry about her." Andrew said back.
  24. "That's the trick," Lily murmured cooly as she turned and continued to walk- backwards. "You won't even spot me doing it. And it'll be too late by the time you realise your, say... Pokétch has gone missing." she said, motioning to her wrist where the stolen Pokétch sat. "But look here, sweetie-pie... if you don't provoke me, you won't lose any of those precious Pokédollars." She said, continuing to walk backward and keeping her eyes peeled for any loose pockets.
  25. "You dirty rotten thief! That's it!" Andrew said, grabbing one of his Pokeballs. "Come on out and use Emb-" He was interrupted by Alvero, who grabbed his hand and covered his mouth quickly before he could do anything he would soon regret.
    "Calm down! She's not worth getting in trouble on our first day here!" Alvero said, releasing his friend.
    "I guess you're right. Consider yourself lucky, girly!"
  26. Aqua sighed - loudly. She had been following this group of three silently for the past few minutes, but enough was enough. "Come on now, there's no need to fight. Or steal." As she said steal, Nincada poked its head out of her purse, letting Lily know that it was off-limits. "You guys don't even know each other yet."
  27. "She's right." Alvero said, pointing at the girl who seemed to be a reasonable person.
    "I guess you got a point, uh, what's your name back there?" Andrew asked the girl with the Nincada
  28. "Aqua. Aqua bright. I'm here from the community in Pacifidlog Town." Aqua said calmly. "And you three are?"
  29. "I'm Andrew Moskow, and this is my best friend, Alvero Woods. We're both from Pallet Town but our folks moved to Hoenn so we could enroll in this school." Andrew said.
  30. Dan walked into the room where her first class would occur at, and saw there were people already there. "So, anything going on in here?" She asked, a dangerous tone being used. Larvitar backed her up by snorting loudly.
  31. Gene walked up to the entrance of Slateport Academy, with his Mudkip clinging onto his shoulder. “Well, I’m late as usual, but that’s ok!” he muttered under his own breath. He showed his ID, walked in and was prepared to be the best trainer he could be. Gene also prayed for there to be at least one fire type, it would be useful. He walked into the class, and said “Hi! I’m Gene.”
  32. "Lily- I come from Ula'Ula Island in Alola." she said bluntly, not giving her town in fear of revealing where she descended from. A slight glare in her maroon eyes, she stared rather furiously at the boy who had tried to burn her face off. "Look, we're here now." she muttered, kicking the door open, and sitting down on an empty chair.
  33. Andrew stared back at Lily before looking at a girl who had a Larvitar with her. "Look, guys, it's a Larvitar." Andrew said, looking at the Pokemon.
    "Whoa! I never seen one before! It looks tough." Alvero said.
    "Don't be worried by it. That Shellder that I caught for you could make quick work of it." Andrew said, sitting down.
  34. Robin stared as a ship left the dock. "I wonder where it's heading..." she asked her Mawile. Her Mawile shakes her head. Robin turns around and walks to the Slateport Pokemart.
  35. Aqua picked a desk away from the thief girl. She already wished she could go home, everything was so peaceful there...

    She reached her hand into her bag and Nincada crawled up it to her shoulder. She grabbed a Towel, spread it over her desk and put Chinchou on it. Then, she took a water bottle out of her bag and began pouring Chinchou with water, enough to keep her hydrated and healthy. Would the rooms have a tank for her Pokémon? Chinchou wasn't really built to stay on land, and she wouldn't put Chinchou in a Poké Ball, that was just plain cruel. After Chinchou was healthy enough, she put away the water and towel waited for class to start.
  36. "Whoa," Alvero said, walking over to Aqua, "I never seen that Pokemon before. What kind is it?"
  37. Dan walked over to the desks and sat in a chair close to Alvero and Andrew. Larvarar followed in suit. "So, what exactly would we be doing day 1?" She asked her dragon pokemon. Larvatar, not speaking her language, couldn't respond. "Same." Dan kinda liked to act like she could understand it's language. Well, she kinda could like a trainer could with their pokemon. "One of these days."
  38. Andrew looked over towards Dan. He made a shocked expression as he witnessed her speak with her Pokemon. "You can understand what your Pokemon is saying?!" he asked.
  39. Dan shook her head. "I wish. More of I can read it's expressions and learn what it wants." She rested her chin on her Larvatar's head, causing it to relax. "Properly understanding is something I want to do later."
  40. Jane entered the classroom, and saw that actual Distortion World was breaking out. "What the-" she said. She sat down at her desk, Litten and Mudkip following her. "Hey. Be quiet." She yelled, and pulled out a drawing pad. She started to draw a picture of Mudkip, who was modeling in front of her. Litten smiled, and played with one of Jane's yarn balls.

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