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Open Pokemon Ginger: Shoga Region RolePlay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TrappedNutCase, Sep 24, 2016.

    Don't just post your form, post your part as well
    Hello and welcome to the Shoga Region, I'm The Professor here; Professor Nina. Here in the Shoga Region, Pokemon flourish with trainers and other Pokémon. Here, trainer's must be 11 to receive their first Pokémon, and have a wide range of possible trainer types: Battle, Coordinator, Breeder, Performer Female, Performer Male, Special Type Trainer, and Coinsure/Conesus. What will you be?

    Trainer Type-
    ID(trainer card)-

    Nina Haruni
    Prinplup(Metal Claw, Double Team, Mist, Agility), Growlithe(Fire Fang, Heat Wave, Will-O-Wisp, Iron Tail), Eevee(Double Edge, Shadow Ball, Mimic, Attract), Mime Jr.(Copy Cat, Tickle, Confusion)
    White hair, brown eyes, white tank, black over vest, black skirt, white leggings, black boots


    Nina yawned as she woke from her slumber. Her hair was in shambles as it framed her pale face. Sleeping beside her was her grade A partner: Prinplup, while her other Pokémon, Eevee and Growlithe, slept near her legs, and Mime Jr. slept next to her head. As she became more awake, she stretched and winced as her back let out a loud POP. "Sweet mother of Arceus!" She muttered, waking her Pokémon. "Prin?" "Gro?" "Ee?" "Mime?" They all looked at her. "I'm fine." She stood up and crawled over the floor to her bag. She dug through the white bag and pulled out her clothes. After showering, dressing, brushing her hair, and eating and feeding her Pokémon, she brushed her teeth and returned Eevee and Growlithe, only leaving out Prinplup, because he was always out, and Mime Jr., because she was a baby. She walked out of her room, and traveled down the stairs, and out of her Hotel, Hotel Horsey.
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  2. Name-ventory sugie
    Trainer Type-ace
    oshawott(razor shell,aqua tail,aqua jet,facade),natu(confusion,fly,drill peck,confuse
    trainercard-vent.png ray),riolu(aura sphere,force palm,blaze kick,mind reader
    ID(trainer card)-
    Appearance-black hat,red jacket,blue shirt,black pants,black shoes

    natu wake up.......no? ok oshawott use razor shell!" "na!!!!" "awaked now? come on natu let's go you want or not travel?" "tu!" "so let's go!" vent go outside "man today is hot" "tu..." osha...." "rio....." "guys don't is so hot only is a little hot let's only ignore this"
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  3. "Mime!" Mime Jr. cooed and danced around the park, making Prinplup run around with him. Nina was sitting on a bench, watching them run around the park and play. "You guys want to play too?" She asked, throwing out her other Pokemon. "Vee." "Growl." They barked and started running around with the other Pokémon around the yard. Nina laughed and pulled out a book to write down move combinations.
  4. Drake is 15 and he is Lance's Secret son He has Dark orange Hair he love's dragons like his dad but wants to have to do with any thing with his dad... trainercard-Drake.Sky.png

    1(Ace)*Knows:Secret Level 40* 2(Snips) *Knows:Secret Level 32* 3(Lexo)*Knows:Secret Level 37* 4(Queen)*Knows:Secret Level 35* 5(Nines)*Knows:Secret Level 34* {when i say secret means ill say moves in battle}

    Appearance: Dark Orange Hair Black Cloak With Orange details Black and red gloves with a chain around his neck with a PokeBall holding Ace. (sry i did it in 3 posts)
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  5. natu start fly far of vent "natu get come back! oshawott pick natu please if you need help riolu can help you" "ra!"
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  6. (It's fine, just post your part)

    Nina smiled and looked at her new combination idea. "Pinplup, Eevee come here." They ran towards her. "Eevee, Shadow Ball." Eevee jumped and fired a beautiful Shadow Ball. "Prinplup, Metal Claw!" Prinplup, started spinning and, his wings glowing sliver. When his wing hit the Sphere, it shattered into a beautiful purple mist.
  7. "A Natu?!" Nina blinked. Oh no, Prinplup stop your Metal Claw!" She said when her partner was about to smash into it.

  8. the oshawott with fear of the prinplup hit the natu used razor shell "osha!" vent run and find the natu and the oshawott "sorry if my oshawott hited your prinplup he is a bit.........protector"
  9. "Our fault." Prinplup landed beside her, "I wasn't paying attention, sorry." "Prinplup!" He nodded, not at all harmed from the attach he blocked with his wing. "Mime!" Mime Jr. mimicked the water type. "Sall good." She dipped her head.
  10. "okay my oshawott is really anxious to evolve he want a battle more than anything you can help me to make he evolve?"
  11. "Alright. Eevee, show time." "Vee!" Eevee's tail wagged as he jumped forward. "But I warn you, we won't go easy on you just because I feel bad." She smirked, Eevee too as Mime Jr. copied them. "Mime Mime Mime!"
  12. "we can start the battle now nina?" vent asked spinning the poke ball on he finger "osha!" "calm down oshawott! everyone know you want evolve"
  13. Kip and Graninga peak their heads through the bushes, "It looks like their about to have a battle Graninga" Kip said softly.
  14. She smiled. "You have the first move." She placed a strand of white hair behind her ear. "Right?" She asked her Pokemon. "Vee!" The normal type nodded happily.
  15. Name-Pheobe
    Age- 11
    Gender- Female
    Trainer Type- Fighting type specialist
    Pokémon(moves)- Tyrogue (Mach Punch, Bulk Up, Fake out, Mega Kick)
    ID(trainer card)- [​IMG]
    Appearance- Long Black hair, Blue jeans Purple jumper black and red shoes

    Pheobe walked around trying to find somewhere where she might recognise and stop feeling lost, She looks at her Tyrogue who looked back at her with the same confused look, Pheobe sighed. Then she heard voices from around the corner, she looked and saw two trainers with their Pokemon. "let's ask them for directions after they've finished battling" said Pheobe. Tyrogue nodded
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  16. "ok oshawott use aqua jet! if you really want evolve no mercy! "wott!" the natu start fly in the park to see the battle better
  17. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Fri3nd1yFr3d13b's SPAM has been removed from this RP. However, considering the fact most of the posts here are one-liners without any actual substance, I strongly recommend you all read the RP forum rules prior to posting anything else.
  18. "Eevee dodge it and then use Shadow Ball." The brown fox tailed Pokemon nodded and dodged the otter Pokemon, skitting away from the spraying water. Next, Eevee ran, jumped on a near by boulder, and fired three Shadow Balls down on the Aqua Jet. Nina's idea was to destroy the water type moved, and hit the Unova starter at the same time; basically hitting two birds with on stone.
  19. Name:Willis
    Trainer Type:psychic
    Pokemon: Haunter(Psychic,Sludge Bomb,Thunderbolt,Shadow Ball) Kadabra(Psychic,Charge Beam,Shadow Ball,Role Play)Krabby(Crab Hammer,Metal Claw,Rain Dance) Gligar(Poison Jab,Acrobatics,Dig,Roost)
    Black Hair,Black Eyes,Black Shirt with a Red Jacket
    Willis wakes up grabs his Pokeballs and sets off. "Thank Arceus that I get to go off for a change" Willis said calmly. "Go Haunter!" he said. Haunter gives Willis a big lick. "Haha Haunter you always crack me up" Willis said cracking up in laughter. "Haunt Haunt!"
  20. "oshawott use razor shell to cut the shadow balls and return to the aqua jet!" "wott!" the oshawott hited natu in accident "tutu!" "ah come on natu calm down was a accident"
  21. Tyrogue and Pheobe looked at each other in confusion. "wait who's fighting who in this battle?" Tyrogue shrugged his shoulders, they both laughed then looked back eagerly, Then Pheobe saw a Riolu watching all the commotion next to the ace trainer and all their focus shifted to the Riolu in just disbelief that they are seeing a Pokemon that rare, slightly forgetting about the battle.
  22. Eevee was hit with one of her own Shadow Balls and started to fall, but landed on her soft brown paws. "Nice one. now Eevee, its time for our secret move, well it isn't really secret as much as it is special, but you get the gist." She shrugged. "Eevee, Attract." Nina winked at her Pokmon. "Eevee!" She ran to face Oshawott, before winking. Small pink hearts zipped around the water type, as they waited for it to take effect.
  23. "ah!! oshawott run!!"but the oshawott no listened Vent and the attract take effect "ah come on oshawott! return little guy riolu her is all yours" "ra!" the riolu already started giving a blaze kick on the eevee
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  24. "Eevee, up!" "Vee!" The brown Pokémon jumped up, but the Blaze Kick hit her tail, causing her to skid away, her tail burned. "Are you alright?" Nina asked. "Ee." She nodded and stepped back. "Alright then, Mimic." She directed. "Eevee." She barked and jumped before her hind paw lit up in a mimicked Blaze Kick.
  25. "riolu pick her and throw her up and use aura sphere!" "au!" the riolu pick the eevee throwing her up and using aura sphere
  26. "Vee!" Eevee cried out and fell to the ground. "Eevee return!" Nina called back her Pokémon. "Growlithe, show time!" "Gro!" The fire type jumped forward. "Iron Tail!" "Gro!" He howled and ran forward, his fluffy tail shining a silver as he aimed to hit Riolu in the leg.
  27. "riolu use mind reader to dodge the attack!" the riolu concentrated yourself and dogde the iron tail using force palm to counter the iron tail
  28. Without even thinking, Growlithe jumped after him, his fangs turning into bright, beautiful flames. "Gro!" he howled before digging his Fire Fang into Riolu's leg. "Quick thinking Growlithe." She smiled. "Mime Mime Mime!" Mime Jr. copied the trainer's actions cutely as he jumped on her shoulder. "Don't leg him shake you off."
  29. "riolu are you okay!?" "ra......" "okay riolu you fighted well oshawott go!" the oshawott picked he shell already ready to use razor shell
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  30. "Iron Tail." Growlite fought back with his Iron Tail, the two move clashing together like two swords. Clanks could be heard with each hit. "Heat Wave." She commanded, and Growlithe grabbed onto Oshawott's tail before emitting a large wave of overwelming heat.
  31. "oshawott!" the oshawott started to evolve.... and turned to a dewott "wott!" without thinking used water pulse and vaporized the heat wave
  32. "Wow a dewott!" Kip said loudly forgetting that they were trying not to be seen. "Gra Graninga" Graninga said reminding her.
  33. "Grow!" Growlithe scooted away and sat down. "Growlithe return." The dog Pokemon ran towards her and was greeted with a Poffin. "Nice job. Congrats on the Dewott." Nina smiled at him. "Gro~" Growlithe yipped and licked his trainer's hand.
  34. Kip put Graninga back in its pokeball and walked out of the bushes, "Cool Dewott" she said
  35. Pheobe and Tyrogue approached the trainers slightly nervous. Despite the fact that they were going to ask for directions, the Riolu kept catching her attention. As Pheobe got close she took a deep breath and said "Hiya sorry to interrupt but i'm lost and don't know how to get to my room, and I was wondering if u could help me out" She glanced at the Riolu for a couple of seconds and then snapped out of the daze she was in "Sorry I just haven't seen a Riolu before and i'm just a bit starstruck" Pheobe nervously chuckled.
    Tyrogue went up to Riolu to give it a hand shake.
  36. Kip's Riolu hopped out of its pokeball "Aura Aura."
  37. "Oh my Arceus! There's another one!" Pheobe pointed in disbelief, Pheobe then looked between the two Riolus. "Is this some sort of Riolu convention that I wasn't aware of?" Pheobe chuckled she looked at the second Riolu's trainer and thought "If I were to draw an experienced trainer that is what I would have thought of" Pheobe stared at the new trainer for a couple of seconds and once again snapped out of the faze she was in. "Sorry how rude of me my name is Pheobe hey everyone" She chuckled awkwardly
  38. "Hi I'm Kip and this is Riolu" Kip said "Aura" Riolu waved.
  39. the riolu curious started watch the other riolu "well riolu is not that rare pheobe have several riolus in the city"
  40. Well Pheobe quickly turned to Tyrogue with excitement "that means that there's a chance that we can get one for ourselves" Pheobe got so fidgety and hyped after she said that thought. Then realised everyone else was giving her weird looks. "hehe sorry I'm aspiring to be a fighting type master and so I get too excited every time I see one."

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