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Pokémon Duel Mobile Game Released

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Pokemon Duel logo.png

    Some of you may have heard of a mobile game called Pokémon Comaster, which was released in Japan in April last year. Yesterday the game was finally given an English release under the new name of Pokémon Duel. You can see a trailer for the game below:

    Pokémon Duel has been released on both Android and iOS and is free to play, although there are in-app purchases in the form of gems which can be spent on obtaining new figures and other in-game items.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Jan 25, 2017.

    1. Sciencewars
      I got this game yesterday, and I love it! I definitely recommend it.
    2. LucarioKidKalebAdvent
      I can't download this right now, 'cause I'm on mobile data, but are there Gen 7 Pokemon in it?
    3. BoinkSpades
      I just got this as I read! I have to risk it though since I'm in class ^^"""
    4. Flame the Trainer
      Flame the Trainer
      Just downloaded it. Maybe one day thay can make a app game thats just like the pokemon games for 3ds..
    5. Foozde
      that bidoof in the trailer just rekt that salamance
    6. Kindled Flames
      Kindled Flames
      This game is quite fun and addicting, I just got it yesterday.
    7. Silver-Solis
      How to fight Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh Duel game
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    8. OmegaNave
      I really don't like this game. The gameplay itself is fine, but I can almost never get to the gameplay. It either encounters an 'unexpected error' and restarts. I've had to delete a game to free up space for it, and now I've deleted it. I bet I'd really like it, if it wasn't so buggy.
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    9. Aura
      I'm not sure I like this to be honest. The gameplay is okay, and has a bit of potential, but whenever I roll an ability I can never actually get it to work properly no matter what I do so I just end up sitting there until the timer ends and I automatically lose... And yeah I could get around this by not having any Pokémon with abilities in my team but not being able to use part of the game is kinda lame. So I don't know if I'll go back to it.
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    10. Flame the Trainer
      Flame the Trainer
      It works for me a bit, but when i first got it it lagged so much, it took a while to accept me pressing a button, tried seeing by clicking out of it then load it up again, didnt work, my tablet had a system update and after that it worked more but it still lagged a bit and i this it ran into a error once before or after the update. Thats why im not playing it, pokemon go is better then wasting my time waiting for the game to load. I even had to delete some games and the downloading screen of the game took forever to do, If you like wasting time waiting for it to load then be my guest but im not dealing with it. This is my review going onto the google play store.
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    11. Linkachu
      I think they've been having some server issues with the game (which isn't too surprising when it's only just recently released outside of Japan) and some extended maintenance work has been happening, so there's a chance that some of you guys have just been unlucky in when you attempted to play. I've experienced two massive bouts of lag with the app, too, but both times the team shared maintenance notices the next day apologizing for the server issues.

      I'd certainly not blame anyone for dropping the game over server issues because lag basically does destroy your ability to play it, and the fact it requires a strong/stable connection at all times is problematic, but if you've been enjoying it at all - maybe give it a second chance at some point down the road to see if it sorts itself out?

      I personally rather like Pokemon Duel when it's actually working, so I'm alright waiting out its teething period. If it's still constantly acting up for the next few weeks then I likely will give it a rest and revisit it later but cautiously optimistic for the moment! :)
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    12. Flame the Trainer
      Flame the Trainer
      For wifi yes, my connection was very strong and stable. I can kind of see that, but i just dont like waiting, maybe next month or so i will try again but i aint messing with it right now.
    13. BoinkSpades
      I've played the game quite a bit so far, but along with the server issues, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of players who buy the better figures instead of going through the boosters. I was going along just fine up until the fourth level where I ran into multiple players with full teams of Rares and EX's, like Dialga and Mew. I've come to expect this sort of thing from Pokemon games, but this early in a release? Oh well...
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    14. Steel Seth
      Steel Seth
      It's pretty fun in my opinion. For those of you who say it lags, well it does, but not to bad the admins. started doing server maintenance.
    15. GalacticDeg
      I haven't played it yet, but I'm most likely not going to download it. It looks awkward and hard to get started with it. Also, I'm fed up of Pokemon CoMaster news on a website I also use.

      EDIT: NEVERMIND! Downloaded and now I'm addicted! :p

      Already got 4 or 5 Rares, sadly no EX
      Last edited: Feb 8, 2017
    16. ExtinctGuisher
      LOL I installed it last night and I saw this XD
    17. Thekindman
      As soon as I get my phone back I'm going to get the game
    18. xXdragontamer9Xx
      can you play it offline?
    19. BoinkSpades
      No, you need an internet connection to play
    20. creeper112
      i love this game!!! its so awesome
    21. Mr Fishykarp
      Mr Fishykarp
      Does anyone else think the Pokemon on the logo look like the heads of Ghetsis, Colress and some other people?
    22. creeper112
    23. KappaCollector
    24. hydtjfgtughv
      no there aren't as far as I know of
    25. hurricanestormer
      I got so excited when I saw a pokemon that is not gen 1... This will be different than pokemon go!
    26. chesnaught-z☆
      This reminds me of those toys from Gen 5 that you would send out into a Beyblade-looking arena and they would spin...like Beyblades.
    27. Draco Gengar
      Draco Gengar
      After downloading the game does it require internet access to play?
    28. BoinkSpades
      It's exactly like that game. There was talk a few years ago of them digitizing it kind of like amiibo, but now it's this mobile game.
    29. chesnaught-z☆
      inb4 it either gets popular for a while then dies out, completely flops, or...

      is the second coming of pokemon go

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