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Pokemon Cryin'

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Toastie, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Hello there.
    So, after four generations of games, there are now 493 Pokemon.
    They all have different cries, some electronic bleeps, some xylpohones. But which is your favourite cry? Which is your least favourite? Which sounds like real speech?
    (I hope this topic belongs here XD)
    Personally, I really enjoy Regigigas' cry. It sounds like an explosion of metal, robots and ancient technology (which, in a way, it is.)
    I don't really enjoy Geodude's cry. I just hear it so much, and it sounds really whiny.
    Togekiss' cry is hilarious. I reckon it sounds like a child who has just been crying for a long time going "Wwwwhhhhhyyyyy?"
    Please voice your opinions below.
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Ooo... Good question. I wish I was at home right now so I could give a better answer, but off the top of my head...

    My favourite batch of cries is definitely the 4th Gen collection. They overall just seem to have the most variation between Pokemon and have the most interesting sounds - at least for me. As for which one's stand out most...

    I absolutely love Glameow, Croagunk, and Togekiss' cries. Croagunk's actually sounds creepy and "kekeke-ish", while Glameow's is just so random I can't help but try to mimic it. Then there's Togekiss, which sounds completely ALIEN. It's awesome. Just makes me love the thingie more.

    Others that stand out to me are Dialga/Palkia's, Regigigas, and Chatot. The first three just sound interesting, and Chatot almost seems like it's saying its Japanese name. Fun stuff.

    Can't give you a least favourite at the moment, but I'm sure I must have one... Just haven't really considered it before. For me it's more a large amount them just aren't very impacting, but none really disliked.
  3. You're going to think I'm a total dork, but in the Gen II days I used to have all of the cries memorized.

    Anyway, there were several cries that are just iconic: Slowpoke's, Krabby's, Vaporeon, Gardevoir and many, many others. It amuses me that so many cries were repeated in Gen I because of the technology. But you know what? I wouldn't change the cries of any Gen I Pokemon, not even Aerodactyl who has pretty much the same cry as Vileplume. Going to Gen III, the Regis' cries--especially Regice's were really cool. And as technology got better some of the cries were actually cute. I really like Chimchar's cry XD It's the most adorable out of any of the starters. I really like how Kricketot's cry sounds like a xylophone. Dialga's cry is absolutely hilarious because it just doesn't sound...legendary XD

    I like to play around with the cry function in the Pokedex like pressing A really fast, or attempting to make some kind of rhythm. There are a bunch of cool cries that I probably forgot, so I'll add them later.
  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Funny you should mention Dialga - I heard someone on Bulbapedia describe its cry as sounding like a duck being thrown into a wood chipper. I would agree 100% if I knew what throwing a duck into a wood chipper actually sounded like.

    As for my personal favourites, no generation really stands out to me, but specific cries themselves do:

    - My personal favourite cry of the entire series belongs to Articuno. The cry makes it sound extremely majestic and graceful, which I guess fits its description pretty well, and certainly does it justice as a legendary Pokemon, and legendaries were definitely very scarce back then.

    - I'm very fond of the Gen II cries in general, although that's mostly due to them reminding me of Gen II itself (it's my favourite generation) rather than me liking the cries themselves. As it is, none of the Gen II cries really stand out much to me.

    - My favourite Gen III cry belongs to Deoxys. The cry definitely sounds a bit "alien" in a way, and it does suit Deoxys quite well. Regice's dull drone cry I like as well, since it usually signals death by hax.

    - Gen IVs best cry, for me, goes to Giratina. The cry sounds almost like a deathly scream, which it should do given that Giratina is a Ghost-type. Someone even told me that Giratina's cry sounded like someone being murdered. Whether you agree with that statement or not, if a Pokemon cry can make anyone think that, it has to kick ass.
  5. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I used to know all the Gen I cries, back in the day. My favourite time to play was in the evening before I went to sleep. In places like the Safari zone, I'd start nodding off, especially after looking for Tauros/Scyther for an hour without success. Knowing all the cries meant I could close my eyes and still carry on hunting XD

    I love Vaporeon's call, and all the Regi's. The Regi's calls all just sound odd and different compaired to all the other sounds. I really like how Miltank almost sounds like she's mooing, and how Clefairy almost sounds like she's saying her name. I also like Manectric's, just because I'm that used to hearing it
  6. i have all of the cries memorized :p. I can close my eyes and listen to the cry and know what Pokemon it is. (Unless its Ryhorn or Charizard, because they have the exact same cry.)
  7. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Interesting you should mention that - Chatot does the same thing in Gen IV. Listen to its cry and it quite clearly says "Perap-paaa," and "Perap" is its Japanese name.
  8. Interesting you should mention that - Chatot does the same thing in Gen IV. Listen to its cry and it quite clearly says "Perap-paaa," and "Perap" is its Japanese name.
    unless it knows chatter and you make it say chatot :p
  9. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I think it's safe to say they're talking about -original- cries, not whatever player-inserted-shullbit may replace them.

    Making your post very redundant.
  10. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I wouldn't know, for the second I caught one in Diamond I taught it to say 'Chatot', as I'm sure many, many people did. Though in all fairness I didn't know Chatot's Japanese name anyway, so even if I hadn't I wouldn't have known XD

    I do like it when the sounds sound similar to their names, I wish more Pokemon did it. Obviously if they said their actual names it's probably get annoying, but I'd love to hear them all making noises resembling their names ^^
  11. Lopunny's cry always makes me laugh a bit. It seems like it's been known as the Seduction Pokemon by many. Surely enough, its cry has the 'whistle' that apparently means they like someone. Heh, go figure.

    And shouldn't the cries sound like the actual Pokemon rather than some computerized things? :p
  12. Pokemon cries are one of the main things I remember about the games. I've always liked hearing some of them, especially when going through a new generation. I like the Gen IV cries the best, since they sound more realistic and different from the others. Some of my favorites in general are Vaporeon, Venomoth, Armaldo, Milotic, Absol, Floatzel, and Luxray. I like all of those for various reasons, but I'm sure there's some I've forgotten about...
  13. I did that a couple nights ago when looking for the ever elusive Grimer in Emerald (where it's super rare) so I could finish my Pokedex to get Totodile.

    I also love Regigigas. It sounds so sweet. Manaphy's is sweet too because it sounds like water. All the Gen I ones most people can recognize because of how common they are. Like Pikachu's. Everyone should know that one.
  14. Recently my friends and I played a game where one person would play a cry from a random Pokemon and the rest of us had to guess it. I won 26 times in a row! ;D

    Favourite: Milotic
  15. For me, sometimes I want them to revamp Gen I cries. But then again, they'd loose some of their goodness. I don't know.
    Espeon's cry sounds like it's saying it's name, and it's very pretty. Articuno's is the same way, only it adds like a metallic Blah-ah to the end, which sounds great... somehow. I like a lot of them that seem to say their names. And if they don't... well, I try anyways.
    Some of the Gen IV sound strange, I don't like all the crazy-go-nuts sound effects. I mean, Leafeon's is great, but Palkia's is just scary... okay, I guess it can be scary but still! And Spiritomb's sounds like a laserbeam, not what I wanted from that 'mon.
    To sum it all up: I like Pokemon who's cry sounds kinda like their name, and I hate weird sounding ones. Screeching ones also are bad, like Nidoking's. Very hurtful to my ears.
  16. I'm quite fond of Froslass and Cresselia's cries. They're so pretty! But... at the same time, I love squirtle, wartortle, charmander and all those guys because I remember listening to those cries when I got my first game. I was six or seven or so... and seventeen now. They bring backs lots of memories.

    My favorite generation 1 is probably squirtle. For however many years I played those first games, squirtle was always my starter :) And I still love wartortle in general. Cry and everything else.
  17. Favorite cries... where to start... Froslass has a cool cry. I love Articuno's too! Spiritomb, Absol, Starmie, Palkia, Salamecne, Aerodacytl, and Gardevoir all have intresting cries. Does anyone think Milotic and Wailord have the longest cries???
  18. Raikou, Entei, and Suicune's cries are some of the most recognizable ones for me. Crystal did this when you heard it every play through when you released them from the Burned Tower.
  19. I think Krabby has the longest cry. "Bluk, bluck, bluck. Bluck.
  20. Well, because I almost always have the sound off, I can't tell you much about cries, but I do know which one is my favourite: Palkia's. It sounds so spacial, it just fits Palkia so well, expecially the end bit, which I adore.

    Poochyena's cry reminds me of someone snorting and saying 'You think you can beat me? Yeah right.' and then you KO it.

    Milotic's cry suits it, it sounds really mystical and beautiful. But even so, they all sound like computers... it's sad...

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