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Ask to Join Pokemon Academy (disscusion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Tackywacky, May 1, 2020.

  1. Tackywacky

    Tackywacky Previously Nutraln00b

    Hello there, and welcome to the Pokemon Academy sign up thread. But before anything, let me clear up a few rules first:

    - No 'Sue's' or 'Stus' allowed
    - No legendarys
    - Be respectful to others in the thread
    - If you have questions, just ask me
    - Romace IS allowed, but don't take it...to level 100...
    - Please don't use any oneliners, all replys must be four lines or longer
    - And of course, all other pokecharms rules apply in the RP.

    Now, with that out of the way, enter your character information using the following format:

    Character sign up:
    Team (Must be in between level 20 and 30):
    Origins (optional):

    I'll be accepting entries at random, so hopefully you get picked. Though, I have only recently changed the roleplay to 'Ask to join' so those who have been in the story since the start don't have to sign up. Anyways, hope to see you at the academy!
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  2. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Nice! I'm going to make a bio for Aine just because I can lol

    Plus, I like having a bio for my chars just so I can see their development throughout the story even clearer.

    Name: Elaina "Aine" Rocwood
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Fairly tall, thin and wiry, messy blonde hair. Generally, a self-mocking smirk will be present on her face. Tends to judge people at sight, and is rather condescending towards idiots. Wears black hoodies or black sleeveless turtlenecks over torn jeans in varying colors. Black sneakers or combat boots. Vibrant blue eyes.
    Age: 16, almost 17 (skipped several grades to be able to come to the academy (seeing as they're drinking at night clubs, I assume most of them are older))
    Team: (evolution is up for grabs during the RP, possibility to catch more)
    Level 37 Joltik -- nickname Spark
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Bold
    Moves: Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, Bug Buzz, Venoshock

    Level 22 Electrike -- nickname Flash
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Sassy
    Moves: Electric Terrain, Wild Charge, Discharge, Quick Attack

    Origins are in a written work on the Creative Corner called Aine's Story.
    Other: She has a mild case of cerebral palsy.
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  3. I too shall write a character bio, even if I don't have to.
    Name: Winston Airmiss
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 5'6, longer than average brown hair, wears more formal attire most of the time
    Age: 16 years old
    Team (I am going to have to slightly break the rules, as inteleon evolves past lvl 30. Hope that's fine.) :
    Level: 36
    Gender: Male
    Moveset: Snipe Shot, Icicle Spear, Reflect, Mud Shot

    Level: 28
    Gender: Male
    Moveset: Flame Wheel, Coil, Leech Life, Heat Wave

    Level: 25
    Gender: Female
    Moveset: Razor Leaf, Shadow Ball, Mystical Fire, Light Screen

    Noibat (Shiny)
    Level: 22
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Draco Meteor, Air Slash
  4. Cáscara Olas

    Cáscara Olas Previously IExistToo

    I'm new and asking to join :)

    Name: Kane

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Kane has short brown hair and wears a t-shirt and worn jeans. He has blue eyes with dark skin and a squashed up nosed.

    Age: 15


    Pokémon: Swinub
    Nickname: Iggy
    Level: 23

    Pokémon: Shuppet
    Nickname: Puppet
    Level: 25

    Pokémon: Prinplup
    Nickname: Pingu
    Level: 26

    Pokémon: Arcanine
    Nickname: Sam
    Level: 28
  5. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    Name - Alex Yikio
    Appearance-Fair skin with muscular frame. Scar running down from his left hand to his right forearm. Dirty Blond Hair in no distinction shape.
    Haunter Lv. 34
    Rufflet Lv. 25
    Krokorok Lv. 27
    Gallade Lv. 36
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  6. Tackywacky

    Tackywacky Previously Nutraln00b

  7. Tackywacky

    Tackywacky Previously Nutraln00b

  8. Name - Angel
    Appearance- Has black hair that covers a little of his face, eye color is red, wears blue hoodie, blue pant's and a white shirt, with a whire scarf.
    Age-17 Personality: quiet and calm, dosnt get angry at most thing's, alway's helpful if needed.
    Pikachu Lv. 35 nature:timid ability: lighting rod Charizard Lv. 37 nature: modest ability: solar power
    Umbreon Lv. 34 nature: modest ability: Inner Focus
    Jolteon Lv. 32 nature: timid ability: volt absorb Ninetails Lv. 35 nature: calm ability: Drought Blastoise Lv. 37 nature: quiet ability: Torrent
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  9. me bio and im new at these roleplay's so please dont blame me if i missed something (im not making my pokemon op with there ability's and natures there from my original game but if you dont like it ill remove it) also i dont know a origin sorry
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  10. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Why does everyone want to rip off nisshoku:(

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  11. I was wondering if i could join
    Heres my character:
    Name: Sasha Yamoto
    Gender: Male
    Weight: 138 lb
    Hair: Blonde/yellow, Spiky all around
    Eyes: Hazel green
    Clothing: Black hoodie hiding a utility belt, gray shirt with Ampharos art on it, sweatpants with white stripes on the sides, gray camo socks, tan boots with pale green soles and laces
    Identifying Marks: Nothing much
    Musculature: Skinny
    Age: 15
    Lucario lvl 28
    Breloom lvl 25
    Doublade lvl 26
    Flaffy lvl 25
    Frogedier lvl 28
    Ninjask: lvl 24
  12. Also, just for knowledge. The braviary from @BigHoodieBoy236 isn't possible. Rufflet evos at lvl 54, and that braviary is only 25, LESS than half of its supposed lvl. Idk if this is nessesary to point out, i just wanted to let you know.
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  13. Name: Duncan Galloway
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Somewhat short for his age, Duncan is often well dressed and well kept. He likes to give off a warm and comforting appearance to let people know "Hey, this guy ain't that bad". His attire usually consists of a t-shirt with a warm colour on it with white sports pants and sneakers.
    Age: 16
    Team (Must be in between level 20 and 30):
    Larvesta lvl 27
    Solosis lvl 25
    Barboach lvl 23
    Ferroseed lvl 23
    Roggenrola lvl 20
    Origins (optional): Duncan was born and raised in Nimbasa City, and is quite used to the glamour that a large city provides. Professor Cedric Juniper noticed him and a few friends and set them off on a journey four years ago where he learned how to be a Pokémon trainer. He has travelled around some of Unova, successfully getting two badges. He still has much to learn, as we all do, so his parents enrolled him into this academy before he got too reckless.
  14. Name: Clementine Vance

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: A thin and tall girl with long, straight, thick black hair and fringe that she usually puts up in a tight bun or with a headband. She has a pair of green eyes and pale skin. Clementine’s attire consists of layers, even if it’s hot outside. She wears a plain black tank top with a white long-sleeved shirt, and over top with an olive-color cardigan. If she isn’t wearing a headband, she usually has a beanie on her head. She wears a pair of dark skinny jeans and plain, worn running shoes.

    Age: Around eighteen or nineteen.

    Origins (optional): Clementine was born in a small, rural area that didn’t have a lot of money. Because of that, Clementine became a very ambitious individual who would do pretty much anything for an extra buck. Her father, who was raising Clementine alone, got a new job in Unova to get a fresher start. After she finished her “Trainer” phase, she enrolled into the school.

    Species: Ponyta

    Nickname: Pepper

    Gender: Female

    Level Equivalent: Level 30

    Moveset: Fury Attack, Megahorn, Flame Charge, Agility, Bounce

    Ability: Flame Body (30% chance to burn attackers on contact)

    Small Backstory: Since Pepper was so tiny, she was repeatedly picked on by other Pokémon because they assumed she couldn’t fight back. Clementine was going through the woods when she saw Pepper getting bullied by a Meinfoo. She stood up for Pepper and they’ve been inseparable since.

    Extra: Pepper is smaller than the average Ponyta.
    Species: Vibrava

    Nickname: Emerald

    Gender: Male

    Level Equivalent: 35 (might have to cheat a little bit because of the evolution level sorry)

    Moveset: Dragon Breath, Sand Attack, Earth Power, and Steel Wing

    Ability: Levitate (unaffected by Ground moves)

    Small Backstory: While looking around for a Pokémon, Clementine found a sleeping Trapinch and caught it. It was really confused when it woke up.

    Extra: Emerald’s eyes and wings are a deeper shade of green than the usual Vibrava.
    Species: Breloom

    Nickname: June

    Gender: Male

    Level Equivalent: 27

    Moveset: Iron Tail, Mach Punch, Absorb, and Thunder Punch

    Ability: Effect Spore (may paralyze, poison, or make the target go to sleep with contact)

    Small Backstory: Long story short, June picked a fight with Clementine as she was walking down a trail, got really weakened, and she didn’t pass up the chance to get a Shroomish (at the time) on her team.

    Extra: Nothing. But he regularly picks fights.
    Species: Luxray

    Nickname: Tawny

    Gender: Female

    Level Equivalent: 30

    Moveset: Crunch, Thunder Fang, Signal Beam, Protect

    Ability: Rivalry (attacks are more powerful on Pokémon of the same gender, and less powerful on Pokémon of the different gender)

    Small Backstory: Was a Pokémon given to Clementine as a birthday present around the time she caught June.

    Extra: She has a single yellow toe on her back left foot.
    Species: Glaceon

    Nickname: Tundra

    Gender: Male

    Level Equivalent: 24

    Moveset: Icy Wind, Quick Attack, Bite, Aqua Tail, Hail

    Ability: Snow Cloak (protects against hail damage and increases evasion in hail)

    Small Backstory: Clementine wasn’t planning on making her Eevee anything specific, so she waited to name him, and it was a shocker when she put him on an ice rock and he evolved. He was nicknamed Tundra shortly afterwards.

    Extra: Nothing.
    Species: Meowstic

    Nickname: Nicolette (or Nico)

    Gender: Female

    Level Equivalent: 26

    Moveset: Sucker Punch, Psychic, Protect, Attract

    Ability: Keen Eye (protects accuracy from being lowered)

    Small Backstory: Clementine traded away a Mawile to get an Espurr, which already had a name that it responded to so she kept it.

    Extra: Nico is shiny!
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  15. @Nutraln00b I'm interested in joining, but I have a few questions.

    - So how will we introduce new people? Is it that a new year has started and there are places at the school?

    - What point in the story are we at? Sorry, I was a bit busy in the last couple of days, couldn't read the whole RP. I'll read it right now.
  16. Cáscara Olas

    Cáscara Olas Previously IExistToo

    I just kinda jumped in and no-one seemed to mind. Also I have no idea where we are at in the story. :)
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  17. Hmm, ok, thanks. Welp, I'll try to get a bio up in a bit.
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  18. Name: Ren Alevia
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Ren is a fair skinned, slightly short young man. He wears a grey overcoat over a plain white t-shirt. The most defining feature about him is that he has heterochromia iridis, meaning that both of his eyes are a different colour.
    Personality: Ren is a calm and carefree individual. Having being raised well by an average family, he is content with a relatively mellow lifestyle, and does not actively seek out adventure. This softened lifestyle choice has caused him to become highly intelligent, having more time to read, study and think. The carefree nature of himself might be a hindrance, though, as he is quick to decline activities he deems to be too energy consuming. He is part psychic, like his father, but he does not possess any paranormal powers. His psychic status,, therefore, causes him to gravitate towards Psychic type Pokemon, although he is not necessarily restricted to them.
    Level 29 Kadabra , Serious
    Ability: Magic Guard (prevents non-direct damage)
    Moves: Psybeam, Confuse Ray, Nasty Plot, Recover
    Notes: Originally an egg belonging to his mother, Kadabra is Ren's main Pokemon. He is stoic and serious, and gets mad at Ren's occasional loafing around. He considers himself a social equal with Ren, and likes to eat human food rather than Pokemon food.

    Level 25 Inkay , Jolly
    Ability: Contrary (stat boosts become stat drops and vice versa)
    Moves: Psybeam, Hypnosis, Topsy-Turvy, Peck
    Notes: Ren's Inkay was a gift given to him from an unknown person that Ren still does not know the identity of. Nonetheless, Inkay was extremely cheery even when he first met Ren, and still is cheery now. He loves to eat.
    Origins (optional): Ren was born form an average family with an average pay. His father was a psychiatrist and his mother was a chef. His father was actually part psychic, but, not unlike Ren, he did not possess any psychic powers. Still, that did not stop him from being an excellent Psychic type Trainer, as his psychic status allowed him to train some more advanced Psychic Pokemon. Ren wished to follow in his father's footsteps, hence his first Pokemon being Abra.

    @Nutraln00b let me know if anything needs to be changed, thanks!
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  19. Tackywacky

    Tackywacky Previously Nutraln00b

    For all those who are confused about where the story is currently at, Here's a quick run-down of what has happened.

    The main characters are returning from a disaster at the pool, where an obstagoon attacked them. They've returned to their dorms and are currently relaxing.

    You're characters are able to join in however way suits the current situation, like a newly assigned roomate. I hope this helps all those who are confused, and please feel free to ask questions. I'll try and accpet as much people as I can to join.
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  21. Tackywacky

    Tackywacky Previously Nutraln00b

    Alright, a quick update, just so things can be a bit more organized:

    Whoever I choose to join and wont reply within a week, won't be allowed to join the roleplay

    I'm accepting only 2 more people to join
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  22. am i in the rp? im confused since i asked a while ago :/
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  23. Tackywacky

    Tackywacky Previously Nutraln00b

    No, I didn't accept you, If I reply 'You're in' that's when you are able to join.
  24. ok thanks for telling me
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  25. I would like to join too, idk if u saw mine, if it needs changes just tell me plz
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  26. Tackywacky

    Tackywacky Previously Nutraln00b

    I did see yours, don't worry.
  27. Cáscara Olas

    Cáscara Olas Previously IExistToo

    I would post but my character is asleep and there is really no point in waking up in the middle of the night for a half assed storyline. Maybe if we time skipped to tomorrow I could post.
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  28. Tackywacky

    Tackywacky Previously Nutraln00b

    Sorry, we can't time skip. And from what I remember, in the story, it's about late afternoon.
  29. Alright here goes nothing then
    Appearance:messy black hair,6" 2,brown and very overconfident comes from a rich family and is related to lance
    Lucario- close combat Bullet punch earthquake swords dance (30)
    Grimmsnarrl- spirit break sucker punch stomping tantrum hammer arm (35)
    Alakazam- Psychic shadow ball focus blast calm mind (27)
    Roserade- Solar beam sludge bomb extrasensory sunny day (23)
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  30. Tackywacky

    Tackywacky Previously Nutraln00b

    Sorry, it's been well over a week since you signed up, and I haven't gotten any notifaction of you responding. I'll have to un-assign you to join
  31. Hey I just got back into pokecharms amd this seems like a cool campaign. May I join please?
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  32. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    I don't want to sound like a jerk but how? Didn't you join charms today?
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  33. Well, it’s because it’s a new account from an old RPer
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  34. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Welp. Was writing a big old long post to explain what SharpShot explained in one line. I feel too verbose... Xd

    But yeah, what he said.
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  35. Still wondering if I'm in. I haven't heard anything yet so I haven't check in for a while.
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  36. @Nutraln00b Is it ok if I change up my OC? I don't feel like it is satisfactory.

    @BegalBitez probably not yet. If Nutraln00b hasn't pinged you, then no.
  37. Tackywacky

    Tackywacky Previously Nutraln00b

    @Shadowlord69 Of course, use the sign up format in the first post in the thread, thanks!

    And yeah, @Sharksuitguy17 is right. If I ping you, you may join.
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  38. Ok, made some major changes and I feel like it's up to scratch.

    First of all, I changed the character to one of my old OCs, Ren. Then I changed just about everything else :p

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  39. Tackywacky

    Tackywacky Previously Nutraln00b

    Cool, I might consider letting you join, but no promises ;)
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  40. XD Ok, thanks for replying! :)
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