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Ask to Join Pokemon: A Summer's Break

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Hisseki, Jun 26, 2016.


Which of the newer Pokemon listed below is your favorite?

  1. Cutiefly

  2. Charjabug

  3. Vikavolt

  4. Drampa

  5. Mimikkyu

  6. Kiteruguma

  7. Bruxish

    0 vote(s)
  8. Togedemaru

  9. Tapu Koko

  10. Salandit

  11. Grubbin

  12. Wimpod

  13. Bounsweet

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  14. Comfey

  15. Mudsdale

  16. Rockruff

  17. Komala

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  18. Pikipek

  1. If you are looking to join, go here! :D http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-a-summers-break-discussion-thread.13396/ (Open - Pokemon: A Summer's Break DISCUSSION THREAD)

    The RP is starting in front of the main hotel building.

    "Mundo Resort: Where Pokemon Can Come To Relax"

    Really, is that the best slogan they could come up with? Icarus thought to himself, being a bit critical for one moment before staring in awe at the building itself. The Mundo Resort's main building functioned as a hotel. It had rooms dedicated to each trainer's team, 6 beds per room. "So, Vio," Icarus said, turning to his Ninetales friend, "should we go check out the rooms first? Or maybe you can go introduce us to some of the other Pokemon here? Or maybe even - nah, swimming isn't really my strong suit." Icarus blabbed on and on about the possibilities to Violet while watching as massive amounts of Pokemon passed by, ranging from the smallest Shroomish to the occasional Steelix or Aggron. This resort was truly a spectacle, a sight of wonder, and Icarus couldn't wait to be a part of it.
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  2. Swampy gurgled and grinned as he walked towards the resort." This place looks cool. Hopefully it won't be a drag." He sighed and looked at the front of the resort." Mundo Resort. Great, even the name implies it's mundane." He cursed and looked at a flare on and ninetails duo." Up, flare on. Are you a new arrival as well?" He asked and flexed his fingers.
  3. Slyness, darkness, cruelty.

    It was her way, the way she was brought up to believe she should act. Her thoughts have been haunting her for her entire life, but as of recent, they were looked down upon and were put down as bad thoughts, ones that shouldn't ever make it to the center of her attention ever again. Even her new trainer wrapped her neck with a silky white scarf to further promote the the banishment of such thoughts. Her ears were adorned with milk white lilies, a symbol of purity and saintliness actions. Lilies.... Even her new name Lily reflected upon such banishment of doubtful thoughts. It was still so strange to be treated as an ally rather than an enemy based on species.

    Her paws made not the slightest noise as the Liepard slunk through the shadows of a tall hotel building, her teal eyes glowing brightly in the slight darkness. The bright pink streaks of fur coating her weary eyes were one of the only things visible about the Pokemon. 'Is this how I used to live?' The Liepard thought to herself, straining her eyes to adjust to the minor change in lighting. Pheobe had given her a vacation, and what was she doing with it? Doing exactly as she had trained her not to do. "Lily! I can't believe you." She said aloud, extending her claws and scratching at the concrete flooring in her own distress. Lily flicked her tail and ears in response to the sound of her voice echoing across the allyway. With a sigh, the Liepard straightened her posture and was about to turn the corner when she started to hear voices that were much different than her own. Unsure if she was going insane or not, Lily carefully peered around the corner at the group of Pokemon talking.

    It was a Flareon, Ninetails and Swampert. The two fire types seemed fairly well aquatinted, where as the Swampert seemed to be a stranger to them. Lily lifted her head and silently padded with the group of Pokemon swarming to the hotel, carefully keeping and eye on the peculiar group of Pokemon. Of course, being a huntress she always had to have her eye on her prey, but she was a little curious about the group. To her knowledge none of Pheobe's Pokemon came, so she was alone. They looked nice.... But would they take her the wrong way? Lily dipped her head and slowed her pace, wondering if she should approach them.
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  4. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Quartz had determined that she must remain calm. This was her first vacation in awhile, and her first vacation alone as well. As such, it was her duty to remain calm, and quiet, and watchful, and polite, and maybe she just might make some new-

    Ah, who she was she kidding. Calm was boring. Quartz would much rather be silly instead.

    "So you, uh... promise me you won't go... bonkers, sis? I mean, this is a-" the speaker, a soft, nervous yet determined little Quilava, who Quartz noticed was hastily throwing glances back at their trainer, was promptly interrupted.

    "Wonderful, fine, exciting establishment with awesome, incredible, unique Pokemon from all over the world! Don't you worry about a thing, Ruby." Her voice was bright and sharp, high-pitched, squeaky, and childish at times, and the silly Quilava threw her paws wildly in the air as she spoke, sitting on her back haunches, her makeshift hoodie slipping slightly down her back. She concluded the sentence with a stoutness, throwing down her paw in mock superiority before putting all four paws on the floor. "I promise to not not go bonkers!"

    The Quilava took a step towards her brother, and the hood slipped over her ears as she touched noses with him, her eyes bright and yet shadowed with goodbyes. "Go ahead and chase your dreams."

    He nodded, and the two broke apart. For a moment, she watched him go, lowering her head into her shoulders as if in sorrow. Then, the Quilava squeaked in excitement, tossing the hood from her head as she turned to observe the crowd. Now, who to talk to...

    Ah, look! A dark type! A sort of, uh... lean cat thingy. What were they called, Liepies? Licoricepard? Uh.... Linepears? Or- no wait, those were all weird foods with random letters attached to them. On the subject, was there any food in this place? Quartz was getting rather hungry...

    Oh, whatever. Now was not the time to think of food- she had to meet some Pokemon!

    The Quilava blindly dashed off, oblivious to the fact that the Liepard was quite obviously trying to talk to some other Pokemon, her feet skittering across the floor, clicking on the smooth tile. Every few bounds or so she'd collide with an object, be it the legs of a human, the body of a Pokemon, or simply some random planter, and she'd shout apologies behind her back in a sharp, excited tone. The tile was smooth and slippery, often causing the Quilava to skid across the floor when she tried to turn or stop, and this only heightened the frequent crashes.

    "Woops! Sorry! Oof- Excuse me! Sorry about that! Ow-! Sorry, little plant holder thingy! Sorry, sorry- oof- sorry!"

    Rapidly, Quartz gained ground on her target, exiting the hotel building that she and her trainer had been checking out before the team left and reaching her with a final, massive leap off of some Pokemon's back (what was it called... Swampnoodles, or something?) and crashing to a stop a few feet away from where she intended. With a few quick flicks of her head, the Quilava realized she had overshot and skittered back to the Liepard. The silly creature slid to a stop, sitting back on her haunches and looking up at the cat as she began talking, hoping this was in some way how she was supposed to greet new Pokemon.

    "Hey! Hey! Hiya!" the Quilava's voice was quick and sharp, like a fast flowing stream, and every time she spoke her head twitched a little to the side and her ear flicked just noticeably. Her speech was fast, without a single pause. "I just saw you and I wanted to say hi! Hi! Hi! You're- what, a Liepear or something? And you're a dark type, right? That's so cool! Can we be friends? Oh, wait-! I know, here." The Quilava paused for a moment, left forepaw fiddling with the inside of her blanket hoodie. The childish Pokemon flicked her paw out, revealing a small sticker shaped like a trophie. She reared on her hind legs, slapping it on the feline's chest, before falling backwards onto her back in a heap of giggles, smiling broadly and toothily at the cat. The sticker read "Number 1!" in large, scrawled letters, and stuck easily to the cat's fur.

    Lying on her back, the Quilava craned her neck to look around the room for a moment, her body curled like a misshapen C and legs curled inwards like a playful kitten. "Oh! Wait! I'm supposed to tell you my name, right?" She moved her left paw in a mock salute, finishing with a broad grin as she chirped, "Quartz, at your service!"
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  5. 'Have fun!' Mally shouted and left in paced steps. Slashy was standing alone in front of the resort looking at leaving trainer with confused look.
    - - -​
    'Really Mally? Really...? *sigh* Alright... I guess I need to look around...' Slashy made few careful steps towards the building looking around in resolving manner. 'Pretty huge place... The bigger, the more places to hide and rest. It's good. I wonder if I will get known someone...' thought and stopped his dark eyes at the group of Pokemon gathered in front of entrance. 'Fire types...' he rolled his eyes 'Always flashing attention around them...' and redirected his sight into the pink Swampert 'Someone overdosed Pechas, huh?' Slashy smirked to himself trying to pass the group as sneakly as he could. Unfortunately, his attention dropped on the group made him unaware of the objects and creatures in front of him. Walking in the darker part of the alleyway he bumped into the focused Liepard and little scared of his action he paced into the building leaving the feline creature behind.
  6. Einsam really didn't want to be here. Well, 'really' was overdoing it. More like, she was convinced to be left here at this resort by the crazy haired girl named Avila. Her trainer insisted that she deserved a little vacation and that she might even have fun here! But... Einsam begged to differ. Away from Avila? That was a nightmare for the glaceon. But she did have a few of her teammates here with her. Not all, but some. Standing before the large building, her icy eyes took in the sight of the place. It was pretty up scale and fancy; something she wasn't used to in the slightest. The Luxray, Jan, to her left crinkled up his nose: it was obvious he wasn't impressed. That creepy stick in the mud was almost never impressed anyway. To right was a... Where did they go? Einsam turned around a few times before hearing a little chuckle. Glancing down, her shadow didn't look right- of course. Rory the gengar trickster was most likely planning to trail her where ever she went and be a nuisance. Well... She didn't think he was that bad, at least. Better her than the short tempered Luxray, right?

    A soft sigh escaped Einsam as she glanced down at her mint green scarf around her neck, tied in a bow. This was going to be the one thing that keeps her calm while she's here, "Hey... you guys wanna go inside or something? I kind of don't like it out here, it's too hot-"

    "It's always too hot for you, Ein," The electric type chided her with a bit of a teasing tone. The Glaceon huffed, but didn't reply as she began padding towards the entrance. She glanced back at her shadow where Rory was most likely going to be hiding for the majority of the time, "You comfy in there, Rory?" She spoke up to the gengar softly. No response-- she took that as a yes. But there was one problem; there was a gathering at the front door, and she slowed down her pace. Were they going to try talking to her? Well, with that Luxray trailing behind her leisurely with that intimidating aura like a body guard, maybe not.
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  7. "Do I have to?" Naya asked her Trainer, although she wasn't understood, for obvious reasons. The Persian was never really away from her Trainer and only friend, and Ambrosia was never really away from her only Pokemon and partner. This was a new experience for both of them, this resort and this region. Both Ambrosia and Naya were from Unova, but Naya lived in Kanto before going through the Wonder Trade system.

    Ambrosia nodded down to Naya. "Yes. It won't be that bad, I promise. You won't be here long, just until you relax a bit. Besides, that's why this hotel resort was built in the first place, right?"

    Naya looked down to the paved ground. "Fine." She jumped up onto Ambrosia, hugging her to the best of her ability. "I'll miss you."

    "I'll miss you, too," Ambrosia replied, returning the hug. She didn't understand her Persian preforming partner in the slightest, but, sometimes, she would make a lucky guess at what she was trying to say. This was one of those times. Once they parted, Ambrosia pet Naya's head. "Don't think of preforming for once, okay?"

    This would be a bit tricky, since preforming was all Naya has known, but she nodded nonetheless. Licking her Trainer's hand as a way of saying goodbye, Naya turned around, straightened her flower crown, and headed into the main building, glancing around at the other Pokemon who were copying her actions (in a sense).
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  8. Icarus looked up at the towering Swampert, and immediately thought about running away from it, but started to reconsider it as that would be rude. He struggled to actually speak. "H-hello. Yes, we, uh... we just g-got here." Icarus said, stuttering frequently. He started to ease backwards toward Violet very slowly, hoping the Swampert wouldn't notice and get angry. Okay, so he's a water type, and if he wanted to - oh wait, I can't assume. They could be a girl - but I digress, he thought in a panic. If they really wanted to, they could just blast water at me and end it right there... but they seem nice... Icarus decided to try speaking once more. "S-so, uh, what's your name? M-mine's Icarus." He finally managed to say.
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  9. Swampy smiled and laughed." Don't be that scared Icarus. Swampy, part of team Omega Carvine. Nice to meet ya." He extended his arm for a handshake." How long are you here for then?" He asked and gurgled happily. This place already looked amazing. Nice places to sleep, nice places to eat, nice places to swim, everything!
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  10. The Glaceon's eyes landed upon a multitude of different Pokemon, all of which scared her regardless of their demeanor. Some seemed nice enough, but the introverted, easy to scare ice type was unsure of how to go about going inside to her designated room. If she could even make it there in one piece! There were some noticeable fire types in front, and her fur naturally furrowed in reaction. It was hot enough on this resort, but these flame wielding creatures made her even more on edge, "Hey Jan, Rory? Can w-" Her meek, quiet tone drifted off as she stopped walking. Something wasn't right.

    Turning around- Jan was gone and the ghostly presence of Rory disappeared... Did the luxray and gengar just ditch her? Oh no- Oh jeez. Glaceon's eyes scanned the area, but they were no where to be found! That was so mean! Her heart fluttered wildly in her tightening chest, and her ears flicked a few times. She was alone... Alone... Oh.

    She began backing up before accidentally bumping into a large Pokemon. Squeaking and jumping, the glaceon turned and stared up at the large pink mass... That was one big pokemon. A pink swampert? Appearances aside, the considerably smaller pokemon took a few steps back, "I-I am so sorry! Please excuse me, oh uh, so sorry!" Einsam babbled, feeling both embarrassed and afraid. Not to mention that they seemed to be in an already established conversation with a fire type.
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  11. 'See you soon,' Those words ran through Miku the Togepi's head.Why would Miku's trainer leave her here.She knew Miku didn't get along with other Pokemon.So,Miku just sat there,waiting for something interesting to happen.Interesting.Now that raced through her mind.Miku didn't know what to do.She just sat there.

    'If I'm doing anything,It's going to be sitting right in this spot!' Miku thought to herself.Miku just sat there for twenty minutes."Ugh! I'll go explore!" Miku yelled,getting up and walking.She walked thirty feet and she said,"I'm tired," and literally started to lay down in the lobby.
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  12. Violet slowly stood from her sitting position when she realised that Icarus looked quite scared by the Shiny Swampert. "Hello, my name is Violet, but just call me Vio" She said calmly, even though this was a water type she was talking to. Suddenly, many pokèmon jumped on Swampy or bumped into him, making Violet chuckle in her head.

    "People should seriously watch where their going, it's rude to bump into people and not apologise" She said, reducing the quick breaths she was taking to try and sniff a familiar scent other than Icarus. "Anyway, where is Wilson? Did he actually leave us here?" Violet questioned, looking up at the Flareon that was beside her.
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  13. Miku would wake up.She'd look around.When she looked,she saw a huge,pink Swampert."Oh my Arceus!That thing is huge...and pink!" Miku would exclaim.She would walk over to the Swampert and just stare at it.Her crown would fall off and Miku would pick it up and keep staring at the shiny Swampert.
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  14. "Hm... I dunno. I guess he dropped us off here. I was so focused on having some fun that I totally forgot!" Icarus looked at Vio, the panicked state slowly fading away. I wonder if anybody else we know is here, he thought to himself. Maybe the rest of the team is here. That would make me feel a lot better, even if I have Vio with me. It's better when we're together, ya know?... Okay, I sound like a mad man in my head now.

    His cautious attitude dropped at an instant, replaced with an attitude of excitement. "Well, anyways, what should we be doing first?" He asked, looking around for something else interesting to do. "Uh... we could go to the beach? Or go see our room?" Yet again, Icarus listed an almost endless amount of things they could be doing. Halfway through his list, his stomach growled. "Ugh. Maybe we should find out where the food is first." He said, smiling and blushing a bit with his eye closed.
  15. You'll be fine. The words plagued his mind.

    You deserve this, Carrot. Did he?

    It'll be a month, it's alright.

    Your not being replaced.
    Shivers went down his spine as Pea's words resounded in his mind. The Bisharp had experienced a failure at the recent Unova League, and he felt that his trainer was let down. So as a way to cheer him up, he was sent to the resort. But it wasn't working. This place was hot for starters, incredibly crowded, and there was little to no shade! There had to be somewhere he could cool off...

    He spotted a Sandslash, who had gone into...an alleyway! There was his Shade! But on the way over, he tripped on something on the ground...an egg? No, a Togepi. "Apologies. Just coming through. I would advise you sleep on a bench or somewhere less crowded, so no more trips occur...or worse." Continuong into the alley, he noticed a pair of Pokemon discussing, the Sandslash seemingly gone past.

    It was a Liepard, a creature he was somewhat familiar with, and a strange weasel like Pokemon, wearing a...hoodie? That was even stranger...

    Maybe they won't notice me if I stay silent. He leaned back on a wall, which was still in the shade thankfully. While he could use someone to talk to, sometimes it was best to silently observe.
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  16. Violet smiled gently at Icarus "Let the nose of the fox lead the way" She said, slowly raising her muzzle and then started sniffing for any traces of food. "Ahhh~ looks like this scent hound picked up a trail" She spoke out gently, turning to look at Icarus and then Swampy "You should be hungry too, why don't you join us?" She inquired sweetly, then turned to the delicious smell once more.

    "Onward to the foodies" Violet exclaimed and started padding towards the scent of food. Violet stopped when she entered a room with a long table and many chairs. In front of each chair, on the table, were dishes of many desserts and foods. "Jackpot" Violet stated, laughing to herself. "Oh, so we don't have to wait for the bell" She said, acknowledging some other Pokèmon sitting and digging into the food.
  17. Miku looked over to see a...she didn't know what the fox was.She thought for a while."Ninetails,"Miku said.She watched it go somewhere.Miku followed far behind.When the Ninetails went into the room,Miku peeked into the room to see food.She was hungry.She drooled because of the aroma of the food.She couldn't wait,but she stayed still in the doorway,looking at the food.
  18. Icarus followed Vio to the food, and once in the room, his eyes lit up like the sun. The food there wasn't just berries, which were also there, but they were elegant-looking dishes fit for royalty. His mouth was wide open, and if he was drooling, it probably was evaporating immediately after leaving his mouth. "Vio, do we just grab some, or should we wait at a table? I don't know how fancy food works, and my stomach wants all of that food." Icarus said, eyeing something that looked like it had Mago Berries in it, his favorite berry. All the while, Icarus paid no mind to the massive Shiny Swampert who had tagged along. His mind was entirely focused on the glorious food in front of his very eyes.
  19. Once inside the main building, Naya looked around at the many Pokemon that crowded the large room. I should really try to make some friends, she thought. Instead of doing this, she walked up to the front desk and asked for the key to her room, which she carried on a lanyard around her neck, so she wouldn't have to come back here for it later. After this, Naya looked down the many hallways branching off of the room, leading to the many other rooms of the building. Where should I go first?
  20. Miku couldn't help herself.She ran towards the table and ate everything on the plate in less than a minute.She licked her plate when the food was all gone.She did the same to other plates.A lot of Pokemon were disturbed."MORE!" Miku yelled.Some of the disturbed Pokemon gave up their plate.Miku grinned with enjoyment and ate the plates themselves...
  21. As the Duo stood in front of the building, both their jaws dropped in awe. "Holy BONKERS!" Ollie exclaimed, followed by a wave of Stares from the Pokemon and trainers around them. Quickly interrupting his Raichu and hugging him in A tight Squeeze, Al was gonna miss his Pokemon. "Senior Cho-Choo.... I'm gonna miss you Buddy!" Ollie started to Cry, making Al cry with Him. "I'll see you soon!" Al cried as Ollie started to walk towards the entrance carrying his Bag and Sunglasses on his Forehead. "I smell.... A New Adventure!" He continued to walk, thinking how much fun he was gonna have. But this will be the first time in a REALLY LONG time he'll be without Senior Cho-Choo. I guess Ollie will have to Truck through it and he started to smile looking at the sky and at the Resort entrance. He then walked in.
  22. Violet's mouth curled into a snarl as she watched the Togepi demolish food. "Niiinnneeee!!!!" Before anybody could react, Violet shot a purple flamethrower at the Togepi, but making herself forcefully miss the attack. Violet walked up and took a few plates of different food with psychic then walked back to Icarus and set it down in front of him.

    "Eat up, before that Togepi eats everything" Violet said before picking up a burger with psychic and munching into it. Violet then took some blueberry muffins and also ate some. She used protect around the food, Icarus and herself so nobody could steal the buffet for them ONLY...with an exception for Swampy.
  23. "Oh my goodness, thank you Vio! I owe you!" Icarus exclaimed. He would hug her, but that would distract her, and he needed to eat. He gleefully munched on a strange pink cube, which to his delight was in fact Mago Berry based. Mouth still partially full, Icarus spoke. "You should chry not choo yoosh your fire in here." Realizing what he said might not have made sense, he quickly swallowed and spoke again. "You should try not to use your fire in here. It could cause unwanted trouble... but thank you for the food." He finished speaking with a close-eyed smile and continued munching on things. There were normal foods, like chips and burgers, and then some stranger things, like berry cubes, and some strange gelatin-looking item. Icarus decided not to touch the last thing, but he happily accepted most of the other things. I owe you big time, Vio. He thought as he ate.
  24. Violet stopped eating and raised her head to look if anything got caught on fire...nothing, good. Violet smiled calmly at Icarus and nodded "Yeah, I better contain this flaming heart" She joked, laughing slightly. She then reached down and sniffed a blue jelly-like substance, getting some in her nose. Violet raised her nose and wrinkled it "It smells funny" She said, making her eyes go crisscross to look at it.
  25. Ollie waddled into the Front room and saw the line to get Room Keys. He had thought of a plan to get in front..... "Excuse me. Celebrity coming through, excuseee me!" He got to the front with a lot of death stares, if looks could kill he would Dead. Ollie had received his key, telling the Front Person-thing his name. After almost getting Beat up by the people in line he decided to go walk around and visit the different areas in the resort. "Interesting, Interesting." He tried his best to sound like A Snobby rich guy.
  26. Naya watched a rude Raichu cut the room key line. She, along with the other Pokemon in the line and around it, scowled at the liar. Well, he was most likely lying, she thought, turning her head to look back down a hallway. I don't know for sure. Now, where to go...? Even though mostly everyone had gone off to the cafe, Naya wasn't feeling very hungry, so she headed down the hall that lead to the courtyard, so she could get some fresh air and see some of the beautiful scenery this resort had to offer. She straightened her flower crown as she walked. The nerve of some people, though...
  27. Ollie had been looking around for A Pool. "Hmph... Where could the pool be?" He whispered to himself and had a confused facial expression. Then suddenly he walked to the Back of the resort and Boom, there it was. "Found it!" He smiled and went to get on Swimming trunks, on his way to bathroom he saw a large variety of Pokemon. "There's a lot of people who go here I guess." He got changed and was on his way to the pool and Did a running Cannonball into the Deep end. After he resurfaced, like you would in most pools. The lifeguards yelled at him for running and scolded him not to do it again.
  28. Icarus looked closely at the blue slime and sniffed it, to see if Vio was kidding or not. He felt something shove him from behind, and fell face first into the slime. "Bleh! It tastes worse than it smells!" He said with his tongue out of him open mouth. Despite it's gelatinous nature, the taste was a combination of bitter and dry. Icarus hated it, and frantically tried to wipe it off of his face with his tail - only to get his tail stuck to his nose. The sticky slime acted like glue, and again, Icarus hated it.
  29. Vio laughed and started licking Icarus' tail, also a bit of his nose. Her mouth curled in disgust, but she continued. After that, she licked her nose and any extra slime she left of Icarus, even if it was on his nose. "Yuck! Your right!" Vio exclaimed, trying to kick her tongue. "I hope that helped" Vio said, reaching done to the slime and pushing straight out of the bubble. "Stupid human foods, some really are disgusting, yuck, sushi, I hate that stuff" Vio said, spotting sushi in one of the plates.
  30. Icarus giggled a bit at Vio's dislike of human foods, blushing while he did. "Yea, sushi isn't great. But I would certainly take it over that blue gunk." He said, still blushing. "Thanks, Vio. That stuff is super sticky. Sorry about making you eat that junk."

    Looking behind him, he saw a group of Grimers and Gulpins devouring the bitter blue stuff like they needed it to breathe. Icarus shivered at the sight of it, and quickly looked back at their table to continue eating.
  31. Vio laughed "No sweat, yeah, definitely take the sushi over the blue goo" She said, then picked up a squishy purple thing and swallowed it, but started coughing when she saw Grimers and Gulpins stuffing their face with the blue stuff. She closed her eyes and continued to cough, unable to stop after the disgusting sight.
  32. "Holy cow, are you okay?" Icarus exclaimed, worry lacing his voice as Vio continuously coughed after looking at the Gulpins and Grimers. He reached over and pat her back a couple of times, just to be safe.

    "Geez, I'm full. We should just leave everything else to the pink Swampet. Wanna go check out our rooms? I noticed a line for the keys earlier, but I think it died down." Icarus said while patting his own belly. Icarus kinda wanted to see where he would be sleeping before he did much else.
  33. What was this?

    A burst of energy and excitement, literally in terms of flames. A Quilava burst right next to her, excitedly chatting in speeds that Lily didn't think was possible. She only caught fragments, but it was plainly obvious that the Quilava was having troubles remembering her species, which in a sense, made Lily relax a bit. The Liepard was about to respond before the Quilava seemed to remember something, and she stuck a golden, number 1 sticker on to her chest fur. The action was kind of adorable, considering that it looked like the Quilava had a hoodie on, when she actually had a blanket. Her initial reaction was to pull away and tell the Quilava off, but she restrained from doing so. Lily wasn't sure about how old this fire type was, but for whatever reason she really didn't want to hurt her feelings.

    "W-what is this?" Lily stuttered, glancing down at the yellow fur staining her chest to look at the sticker. The Liepard gave a small smile and glanced down at the Quilava, taking a seat as the crowd of Pokemon thinned slightly. "Well, thank you." She added, growing her smile to be much bigger, but then turned her attention back to the Quilava as she began to speak again.

    "Quartz, at your service!"

    "Lily, pleased to meet you." The Liepard responded with a small nod. Her ears twitched around as she felt a pair of extra eyes burning into her back. She swung her head around, flicking her tail in warning. Lily didn't expect the Quilava to be able to read Liepar body language, but it was habit. Scanning the shadows, her eyes failed to pick up anything, so she turned her head back to Quartz. "Ah sorry. I get paranoid. So, Quartz, did you come with anyone to the resort?" Lily asked, the voice in the back of her head screaming at her to search around to find the owner of the eyes she thought she felt only seconds before.

    (Ack this is short. I didn't know what to type. Sorry!)
  34. Violet's coughing died down "Yeah, thanks, I wonder if we're gonna be separated then..." She mumbled, suddenly looking a bit worried, which was a first. "I don't wanna stay with strange pokèmon..." She mumbled softly before popping the bubble that protected the food from that pesky Togepi. Violet stood up and waited for Icarus to lead the way before following him.
  35. Icarus walked over to the desk where you get the room keys, and lo and behold, a Klefki stood behind it. "Hiya! What trainers do you belong to?" The Klefki said in an almost mocking high pitched voice.

    "Uh, w-we both belong t-to Wilson August. We would both l-like a room key." Icarus stuttered in response.

    "Heh, a bit tense? Well don't worry. That's why you're here!"

    The Klefki giggled a bit before tossing two room keys, one to Vio, and one to Icarus. Icarus caught his with his mouth. He nodded in thanks and signalled Vio to follow him. They made their way to the hallway of rooms on the first floor, and looked for their room. "The thing says Room 120." Icarus said, taking the key out of his mouth and reading it. "Yours should say the same. Let's look for our ro-" Icarus failed to finish his sentence as he walked head first into a door with the number 120 on it. "Convenient..." said Icarus before flopping onto the ground, not unconsious, but in pain.
  36. Ollie eventually got bored of Swimming and decided to get out of the Pool and dry off. It was a Sunny day out though, maybe he could work on His "Rai-tan" as he called it. "Oh yeah, I forgot I had brought things!" Ollie hurried to his Room and unpacked all of his junk. He brought so many unnecessary items. Among those were Candy, Pop-its, Fire crackers, Some pool items, A pouch for Currency, and a bunch of non-important items. He was most excited for the Shark fin he brought that he would combo with his Snorkel. Oliver grabbed A Towel, a Bag of Miscellaneous candies, and Pool equipment and hurried back down to the pool. He was going to have so much Fun here.
  37. Vio shook her head as she gently lifted Icarus up, propping him up against her body and opening the door with her key using psychic. "Are you ok?" Vio asked, worry laced in her gentle tone. She slowly started walking into the room, but struggled due to Icarus being much more heavier than her. She fell to the ground after entering the room, making Icarus fall ontop of her, unless he managed to stand by himself.
  38. "Oof!"

    Icarus had been awake since hitting his head, but only became aware once he fell onto the floor... rather, onto something soft... and furry?

    "Oh gosh! I'm so sorry!" Icarus shot upwards and stood up as fast as he could once he realized he was laying on top of Vio. "T-thhat doesn't look fun, being on the g-ground. I would know. Here, h-hang on a s-sec."

    Icarus, bright red as a tomato, went inside of the room. There were six beds, but only two were made. He jumped onto one, took a pillow off of it, and brought it back to Vio. After putting it on the ground, he moved her onto the pillow, which was a bit of a strugglen but manageable. "Does... that feel better?" He asked, still blushing, but less than before.
  39. Violet nodded slightly "Yeah...I'm fine...just got a but more weight on me than usual" She said, weakly smiling at Icarus. "Your cheeks are much redder that before..." Violet said, reaching out and putting one of her paws on Icarus' cheek. "Were you...blushing?" She asked. Violet smiled slightly "Cute, just cute" She said, laughing weakly.
  40. Meanwhile in the resort

    Slashy ran into the hall pretty nervous gasping all the way to the seats. Realizing what scene he did make, Sandslash awkwardly step to the queue for the key to his room. There weren't so many Pokemon at the time so after few moments Slashy was proudly holding key to his room between the claws. But suddenly... 'Food...' he thought drooling a little. Ground type looked around and rushed into the big room full of tables and plates. The service was preparing the meals. 'Perfect timing. I feel like eating a Snorlax portion...' he smirked to himself and after a while walked in choosing the seat in the corner of the room. He was one of the first Pokemon here to eat so the choice was pretty nice. Nibbling at few fruity and big Oran Berries, Slashy looked amused dropping one on his plate. 'Iapapa Berries...' he whispered to himself. Gently jabbing the berry with his claw, he raised it in front of his head charmed by its dotty pattern and took a small bite. The world seemed to be brighter, more friendly and... louder?
    While of pure joy and amusement was disturbed by shouts and sounds of a battle. Slashy growled under the biting and looked like grump to the entrance. 'Those attention-absorbing fire types again... Better get going...' Slashy stated in his head and left the room with sigh and angry eyes nibbling the last berry.
    Sandlash didn't realize how much time he spent looking at the Iapapa Berries. 'It has had to be a while...' he scratch back of his head with awkward manner. The hall was really crowded at that time. As he used to do, he looked around analyzing whole room. To his annoyance, he was disturbed once again. 'Oh, for Arceus'es sake...' he muttered to himself being pushed by rude and proud Electric type. 'I guess little Earthquake would work... But nah... Too dangerous here...'. He stepped in stairway's direction noticing Persian with flower crown slowly pacing to the courtyard. 'Finally someone normal from Kanto...' Slashy smirked and went upstairs.
    '1.2.2.... 1.2.2.... Where is it...? Stupid numbers... I can't even count to 10!' Sandlash was muttering to himself looking for his room 'I hope there will be soft, cold bed and nice view from the window... I need some good rest'. Pokemon paced through the corridor. Finally reaching destination of his room research, he swiftly opened the door and walked in. The room was really comfy, indeed. Slashy fell onto the bed sighing with delight 'Ah... Perfect nap spot...' he truly and frankly smiled closing his eyes.
    Again... Ground type's nap was disturbed. 'What now...' he groaned quietly and erected his ears. Someone had fallen on the ground in the next room and then started to shout with a bit of nerve. Slashy bumped the pillow onto his head... ripping it out. 'Oh no... Spikes... As always...' Sandlash frowned sadly. His neighbor was laughing. He looked confused 'I hope I'm not the reason for it...' and stepped to look through the window. He could notice the pool and much more cool places. 'A nap floating on the water would do...' he smiled and looked around the water. 'That richy Raichu...' he frowned with annoyance 'I'd better look at the courtyard' and pacing off, he left the room locking it and went dowstairs.

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