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Pokémon 2013 Winter Friendly Wi-Fi Tournament Announced

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
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    The latest Pokémon Wi-Fi tournament to be hosted by the Pokémon Global Link has been announced, but this one brings an interesting change to the playing field for those of you who have grown tired of the VGC13 rules.


    This tournament will be going by the name of 2013 Winter Friendly and will see players swapping the normal Double Battle rules for Rotation Battles, but not only that, the playing field will be left wide open with Pokémon Trainers being given the chance to use any Pokémon from the national Pokédex featured in Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2, apart from Chatot. Once again players will be split into two different age groups to make the whole thing a bit fairer, and anyone who signs-up will be given a Micle Berry.

    Players will be able to register for the tournament from the 7th of February until the 14th, with the tournament then running from the 15th until the 18th. Best of luck to all those who do decide to take part and may the best Pokémon trainer win!
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