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Pika's Sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by 4pikachu4, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Okay, so, the trainer cards on this site really got me going. I loved them so much, I made my own, and then I was like, I should make my own sprites to go on the cards too, thus my spriting passion was born, using my ultra super powers....
    Sorry bout that, lol.
    I have browsed through many of the topics, if not all, and I decided I wanted to start something of my own.

    Here are some of my works:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I will put up more later (of course :D).

    Okay, the requests you may make are D/P style mugshots, HG/SS style mugshots, Pokemon battle sprites (trainer sprites), Re-vamps, re-colors (Pika-style shading or other), chao's, and anything you might want me to give a shot at that is small, like Pokemon trainer small. I do not do cosplayers. Any sprit that you yourself requested is allowed for use for that person only. If you request anything other than listed above or something that I do not approve of, I will ignore your request, because that means you haven't read this. Don't be afraid to request, unless you are going to be n00bish about it. No private requests, unless you don't want your character/sprite to be revealed to anyone else here. So don't go Spaming up my message box with requests like "I want a walkie"...

    [glow=purple,2,300]REGULAR'S LIST[/glow]
    You may request anything listed above as well as D/P intro walkies, any style mugshot, Ranger sprites, IAWW's, Fr/Lg intro sprites, Fr/Lg end credit running sprites, R/S/E end credit biking sprites, full-body Backie sprites, overworlds, Gym scene pixel arts, and anything you want to have me have a go at. I can't guarentee it'll turn out awesome if I've never done them before, though. Your names don't go on the request list, I'll take your requests whether or not the list is full.
    Congratulations, guys!
    1. Yoshimitsu27
    2. Slink
    3. diamondphantom
    4. Shiny_Eevee
    5. Jeydis
    6. doggy-ears
    7. Jet

    [glow=blue,2,300]request list: SORTA-OPEN[/glow]
    I will have four slots, just because four is my favorite number. When the list is Semi closed, that means only 2 slots are open, closed means none at all, so request if you want one.
    1. Closed
    2. Open
    3. Open
    4. Airship Alice

    OK then, I was bored and decided to make rules for this particular topic, so here they are:
    1. Follow all forum rules. Period. This applies mostly to sprite thievery in my thread. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY OR ANYONE ELSE'S ARTWORK.
    2. Do not swear please!

    [glow=green,2,300]Final Fantasy[/glow]
    In this thread, I will be making characters from the greatest game series ever played (besides pokemon), Final Fantasy!
    [glow=green,2,300]In that case, you are welcome to recommend what you'd like me to sprite. However, the sprite is NOT yours. It is mine, and I make them ONLY for VIEWING. DO NOT in any way TAKE, CLAIM as OWN, or think that it is YOUR sprite.[/glow]

    All sprites that I made were modified from sprites I got from www.pokemonelite2000.com, thedudemister on serebii.net, or www.spriters-resource.com, unless I scratched them. In that case, should I see you use them I WILL let the mods know, and I will NOT tolerate it. I will let you know if there is credit to be given otherwise.

    Criticism is always welcome. ;D Well, hope all of you enjoy my sprites!
  2. New Sprites! yay!
    OKay, so, like I said earlier, my requests are limited (will put up an updated list soon so that you all know what you can request) but here are more examples of my work:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
    expiremental walkies, trying to make a standing one, where they arent walking.
    Here is a mugshot like I was saying before:
    This is a Pokemon Ranger style sprite, I have yet to see any of these on this site, so maybe I'll be the first to get requests for them XD
    Thats all that I will post for now, but don't worry, there are many still in the works!
  3. OK, I know I have been updating a lot, but I've got no replies yet, so yeah.
    This is the Kingdom Hearts sprite. I'm not very good at it, but oh well, I'm putting it on anyway.
    Okay, these are super long to do, if you think I should take requests, reply and say do requests on it and if you don't reply and say don't do requests on it :D
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    There is one with white around the person, and one without.

    Next, I am going to post more about my main character. She is the main character (me) in my made up pokemon region, the Eeluu Islands, where each island represents one eeveelution, and all the gym leaders own an eeveelution. And all the Gym leaders are female, if you' haven't seen them already. She doesn't normally wear a hat, but i thought it looked cute, so there. She is related to all of the gym leaders and the elite four, three leaders being her sisters. My original idea for her keeping her pokeballs with her was having a leg band on her left leg with the pokeballs attached, and the second idea being a fanny-pack on the left side of her.
    The first being the fanny pack, second leg band.
  4. your sprites rock i like the Santa and i also like the evees and the humans W2G
  5. awww, thank you Flame Haji! First comment! w00t!
    This time I am submitting a sprite I thought would be awesome to have in the trainer card maker, so I am submitting it there too, but I'm putting it here to see if you guys like it.
    ta-dah! It's Cissy, a gym leader from the Orange Islands. Hope you like it!​
  6. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    For some reason she somehow looks... I dunno, pregnant or something?

    Her skirt seems a little high, and I think her hair can do with a bit of shading.

    But besides that, great job!
  7. The Eevee Trainers are very cool. I like how each of them compliment their Pokemon (without going as far as to turn them into Cosplayer Sprites) Your Sprites in other formats are awesome as well, I especially like the Walkies, they are quite impressive.

    If I could make a suggestion, the problem with most Sprites is their Outline, sometimes it's too Dark so it looks bolded, and some of them look to bright to the point that they have no line. I would suggest you make use of both so that your Trainer stands out even better, this is especially exemplified in your Eevee Trainers. Once again, Good work!
  8. Oh, gosh, thank you so much for the advice, guys! glad I didn't submit Cissy to the trainer card thing yet, lol.
    Wow, Rocket, thank you for that. I find myself finding that hard to do, so thank you for pointing it out to me, I'll work harder at my spriting.
    Ok, so, obviously I mad this before I saw this critiquing, so please critique this too as I am planning to submit this also to the trainer card thingy.
    It's Phoebe from the elite four!!!!
    I am actually planning to do a lot of the gym leaders that they already don't have, and also Tracy, that guy who traveled with um for a while.
    Please, advice is appreciated!​
  9. Here is another character that I just finished. Her name is Alina, and she is my main character's best friend, besides 2 other people, which i stil have yet to design.
    I also did this one, but I haven't a clue how I'm gonna incorporate it into my pokemon story.
    It's actually like, one of my first frankensprites, like I made frankensprites before, but I only used like, 2 sprites. This one, I used like, a billion to get it they way it looks now.
    Enjoy guys!
  10. Omg, this was like, a complete failure and a half...someone help me!!!!
    okay, so this is my sprite I made for Lorelei, of the original elite four! O jeez, it turned out horrible, please, give me advice on how to fix it, I want to submit it to the trainer card maker.
    O gosh, please, give me advice!!!!
    I also edited the Santa sprite, I gave him gloves and I put the fluffy white stuff down the middle of his coat. Who likes this one better?
    Here is a sprite that I just finished, it was sorta complicated because 1.) I was editing a boy sprite into a girl and 2.) it was a G/S/C sprite, so I had to do the whole copy, paste thing. I tried hard on the shading, but I can't get it to look right.
    What do you guys think? I thought since the snowboarder was a G/S/C sprite and looked close enough to be a D/P sprite, I decided to use that instead of scratch, I suck at scratch.
  11. O gosh, I think I am making waaaay too many sprites...I've hardly gotten any replies! O well, I love to sprite, so yeah.
    I am getting into the christmas spirit, so here is an elf
    and this is Santa with the elf
  12. i like you sprites the santa looks way better now and the elf is cute

    also maybe its just me but something does not look right with Alina, But i cant tell what
    ??? ??? ??? :-\
  13. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Flame Haji, reduce your sig size or I'll do it for you, and I'm sure you wont want that.

    Anyway, I quite like these sprites. The only thing I'd watch out for is your outlining - some colours have black outlines, while others have a darker version of the colour itself. It looks a bit messy when your have both types of outlining on one sprite.
  14. I'll definitely think about that next time I sprite, Yoshi, thank you. And Flame, I think its because the swimmers feet point in different directions, so its hard to put shoes. Here is my latest, also planning to put into trainer card maker, it's Johto Elite Four Karen!
    please give advice.​
  15. Ok, so I won't repost Karen, because the only change was the transparency. But the rest are different.
    These I just redid the outline, and I think they look a lot better.
  16. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Karen is very good, I'm impressed with the editting. Only complaint is that she looks like she has the body of a six year old, but the face of a twenty. I love her hair though.

    Lorelei (it is her, I'm assuming) looks very good without the black outlines. She just looks very buff.

    Other than those small points, I'm very impressed. I can see you took on board what I said, and I must say, your sprites look extremely good. Keep it up!
  17. can i have one of your giant people sprites? if so can she have long black hair red eyes blue jeans a t shirt saying you smell funny and tan skin please and thank you.
  18. Thanks Yoshimitsu, and yeah, it is Lorelei, I just forgot to put her name, haha.
    Yay! my first request! Ok, because it is my first request, I tried really hard on it, but I just couldn't get the words "you smell funny" on top, sorry, but other than that, I'm finished!
    Yay! Wolfness, if you want me to change the shirt color/length, just let me know!​
  19. hey what up can you make a walking sprite (like the big one full body thing) for my sprite in my sig. If you have the time that would be great please and thanks

    edit: like this one: [​IMG]

    edit: and if you have time after that i would love it if you maybe could make me a giant person sprite thing of the sprite in my sig as well
  20. Okay flame, I'll get right on it.
    Ok, I'm about to go off topic right now, but Flame, if the sprites don't turn out real well I'll redo them, it's just that I got a warning ToT so I'm a little upset but hey, next time I know to read the rules more thouroughly, which is why I should stop blabbing off topic, but you got it, coming right up!​
  21. thanks ^-^
  22. OK, Flame, I worked hard tonight and this is what I got, sorry if the hair doesn't look right, it was really hard to do, especially the It's a Wonderful World sprite!
    Those are the walkies, and
    Here is your IAWW sprite! I hope you like them!​
  23. thats ok it looks great, may i have you permission to try and fix it my self (just the hair, mostly the to of it) and you will still get credit for making it
  24. Of course you can if you're still gonna give me credit. Good Luck with it!
  25. ekk! i love it! not to be a pain in the butt but since you cant have the words, can the shirt be really dark grey so it looks black (black would mess up the out lines) with a white stripe going down the middle and one going across? it shows my love of the white stripes no lip stick please other than those few ajustments i still love it! Please and thank you. *gos to edit sig* if this is to much tell me. and if its ok with you and you dont want to do those edits can i have you permission to? oh and if you are going to do it can you use these colors on the shirt [​IMG]
  26. Kumi

    Kumi Guest

    0.o *glompage* WICK'D!!
  27. Thank you for the compliment, Kumi!
    To Wolfness, the walkie sprite where you only have half the body, if you are going to use that you need to site it from me. I recognize the bangs and the layered hair, it's from my original character, and I'd really appreciate if you didn't completely steal my ideas. I will work on your big sprite though, but remember, you need to site the walkie.
    Okay, I just finished it, but please, I'd appreciate it if you didn't use the hairstyle of my character.
    If you want me to make a walkie of this character, or you want to make your own, go to http://www.spriters-resource.com/nintendo/pokemon/pkmndp/display.php?file=dp_intro.png site for the original walkies.​
  28. sorry i was just useing it for a ruft draft of my character since i dont know where to make them but now i do and thanks for the edit! :) and i would like it if you made the walkies i'm not good at scratching.
  29. So if I make these walkies how should I make the hair? Do you want it to be the same as your big sprite? I don't know because you didn't specify, so if you tell me I can make it.
  30. same as my big sprite please i hope im not dumping to much on you
  31. Don't worry about it, that's what requests are for, right? Ok, coming right up!
    you know something? I just realized how much time making sprites takes up, lol, o well, I love to do it so, here you go, Wolfness321!​
  32. can i have a pokemon ranger sprite for the sprite in my sig please and thanks
  33. Here is your Pokemon Ranger sprite!
  34. happy me (also to add am now a fan of yours) it kicks butt
  35. That's totally great! My first fan! I've only dreamt of the day. . .
    I got so caught up in requests that I totally didn't notice I had a second page! Yay!
    Well anyways, here are a few more sprites I am planning to add to the trainer card maker.
    This is agatha from the Kanto Elite Four. I edited her from the one that looks just like her in DP. I scratched the left arm and dress. yay me!
    This is Flannery. I used the original Flannery head in this one. The pose she is in in Sapphire is too hard to imitate, so this is all I came up with.
    This here is Luana of the Orange Islands. There weren't many good pictures of her that I found, meaning no picture of her entire bottom half, so I kinda made up from the middrift down.
    This is Glacia of the Hoenn Elite Four. I used the original head as well for this one. I scratched the bottom half of her dress and her left arm.
    Hope you guys like them!​
  36. great job on all the them (flannery looks super good)
  37. i'm a huge fan of your too! i love your style and your last sprite that were remakes are awsome 8)
  38. Wow, these sprites are impressive. It's really cool to see how much you've improved just by suggestions from others. I mean, somebody says "Try this" and you actually make the sprites like that.

    Is it alright I make two requests? Because my friend will kill me (again) if I don't get one for her. I'd really like them both to be It's A Wonderful World sprites, but if those are too time-consuming, I'd be fine with walkies.

    Brown eyes
    Light brown hair, long
    Dark grey (so it appears black) and regular grey striped hoodie, unzipped down the middle
    Dark green shirt underneath hoodie
    Black belt, the fastener a silver circle
    Plain, denim jeans

    My friend:
    Blue-brown eyes
    Blond hair, with dyed black strips going over both shoulders, and on right side, clipped in blood-red hair
    Pink tank-top, exposes belly-button area
    Black belt like mine, slants to the left
    Tight-fit jeans, comes to bells at the bottom, at top, slants to the right (so yes, the belt isn't attached to the pants themselves, just on)
  39. OKay, so you are both girls? And when you say clipped lood red, what is that like, some of it is red? both the walkies and IAWW sprites are time consuming, so this might take a while on whichever I wish to do for you.

    Yay! Thank you guys so much for the compliments, it really motivates me to sprite better. and Yami-Angel, your on the request list, you and your friend. If someone suggests something to me that will improve my sprites, you bet I'll try it, so please, instructive criticism is a good thing.​
  40. If I made it sound like a bad thing, that was an accident.

    And by "clipped in blood-red hair," I mean it seems that it's her real hair, it overlaps her dyed black and her natural blond.

    I'm sure that, considering the quality of your sprites, they'll be well worth the wait.

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