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Pet Peeves

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by ZeroKirbyX, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Pet peeves. Things that shouldn't bug you at all but for some reason piss you off. For me it's three things: Mispronunciation of scythe, wrong use of they/they're/their and asymmetry.

    What meaningless and trivial things bug yous guys?
  2. Ahhhh,a place i can mindlessly talk about crap that pisses me off(the small things,anyway).For one thing,soda machines that eat your money/shake up your soda/BOTH/etc.Another thing,people that abuse the word like in a conversastion.It gets annoying by the end of the first conversation.Last,people who lag on Lost planet.Cheating assholes>
  3. Oh, I hate it when people mispronounce words. The bad thing is though...I do it a lot. Like "sycamore tree" is now "scymore tree" :p.
    I REALLY hate it when people just say "Because I told you so." for a reason. That's not a reason, its just what you say because you're too lazy to think of a REAL reason.
    Oh, and I really hate sudden loud noises. Bugs the crap out of me.
  4. Firecrackers and fireworks piss me off because of the loud noise. I have to stuff cotton in my ears but it doesn't do anything. Fireworks behind windows are okay, because the noise is a bit muffled and not as loud. I'm one of those "I don't like loud things but they are okay if there is a barrier between it" people. If only I can make my sister stop yapping... ???
  5. Me too. With my little bro.

    I hate bad grammar, obnoxious kids, bragging kids, etc. the usual big mouth morons who use words, no action. The teachers who shove work and lessons *coughsocialstudiescough* down your throat. We learn at our own pace you... bad people. *winkwink*

    Also the kids who whine if you don't do what they want right away. Sophie on Cory in the House could be one of them every once in a while. There are defiantly more... just can't think of 'em now.

    AL will Probably be Back
  6. That,my friend,is the defenition of my little sister.She even whines when she gets what she wants>< Its annoying.
  7. I hate incorrect grammar. >_< It's especially annoying when adults/parents/teacher misuse grammar.
  8. I hate SPAM, especially auto-spam(when someone posts the same thing for pages and pages without stopping) and I hate people asking questions that have been answered many, many times. Also a few of the boys at my school piss me off because when they do something they know isn't allowed(and really stupid anyway) they don't care(and they end up in detention, they deserve it)
  9. People who tak leik dis on the internet. To understand what I mean, think of any MMO. Think of all the people on there who talk like this(Maplestory used as example): cc* plz noob, instead of: Please cc. Or, the n00bs on said Maple who say these sort of things: meso* pl0x mesar plz itms plz giv me itms giv me meso . And, when people don't use good grammar and spelling. I mean, does it really take that much more effort to type, "Could you please party me?", then prty plz?
    See how annoying that is? Even in an example, it ticks me off, and I'M typing it!

    And MY little brother is the exact same way, Arceus Lord. He never stops yackin' at me, he never stops obsessing over games he doesn't have. I mean, I just say to my mother, reminding her occasionally, as her memory is kind of... Meh, "This game is sweet! I'm puttin' this on my birthday list.", while he obsesses for MONTHS before he could even get it, and when my parents tell him to stop, he does it to me, and he WON'T listen to me when I way, "SHUT UP! Idiot." And he's just so. Stinking. Annoying! He annoys me for the heck of it.

    *CC: Change Channel
    *Meso: Currency on MapleStory
  10. People like that piss me off too. My little bro also pisses me off when he calls my pikachu an "alien thing"
  11. I have a secret identity. I'm a Pokemon Trainer. I act like Miley Cirus at school because of the major over-usage of stereotyping. Teachers try and try, and try again, and yet they can't get it through some morons' heads! Sorry, had to vent. But it's true.

    Sorry for the short post, but a huge storm is coming and I have to help get our pool stuff out of the way.

    AL has to Run!
  12. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    My pet peeves are... wierd. For one thing, ever since I had to write the word "green" over and over again in 1st grade, that word doesn't really look like a word anymore... to me, at least.

    Bad grammar and all that stuff like plzkthx or whatever gets on my nerves, too. I hate bad grammar, basically because there are a lot of people at school that keeps writing stuff like, "I is a awesome pawsom". Wait, I forgot, I also dislike bad spelling, or, writing things in place of the actual word. Oh, and add no punctuation to that list here.

    I also hate writing things like thank you into thankies. I also hate nicknames, but strangely enough, I give out a lot of nicknames. Examples include: Artie, Kiki, Nachie, Day_U, and a whole bunch of others in the real world, like Cynth for anyone named Cynthia, or Emmy for all those people with the name Emily, or Samantha to this boy I hate that keeps calling himself Sam....

    Also, for all you Bob lovers: I HATE THAT NAME! Would anyone that keeps saying Bob please stop saying it!? I'm sick and tired of it! Especially ever since Yang "changed" his name into Bob instead of Robert....

    I also hate... cuss words and swearing. I just don't like it. It makes me feel... aweful, as if I want to punch that person. And do NOT say Jesus Christ or Oh my God on any of my threads (as in threads that I started). And I find words like Baddonkey aweful. No, peoples, I am NOT typing what I really am thinking.
  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Pet peeves, eh?

    One thing that bugs me is when professional writers are purposely confusing/overly descriptive instead of explaining their ideas clearly/fully and people praise it for being 'deep' or 'insightful'... Plot holes do not build depth to a story. All it shows is that the authors are not very in-tune with their own creations and/or lazy. I tend to view it as lazy. Flowery writing can be nice, but it's not as amazing or skillful as some people make it out to be >_>

    As for something completely different... a lot of things kids/teens/my peers do pisses me off. Mindless vandalism. Destruction of someone else's property. Slander against another community, or a church and whatnot, like spray painting "Fuck off" on a sign and stuff or bashing their mail boxes in. I'm sure people get a kick out of doing that sort of stuff... I can't stand it. Making someone else feel bad or destroying their stuff for a kick just makes me pity the people doing it... and want to kick them. Hard. But meh. I'm generally harmless, I just don't like seeing stupid stuff like this going on around me. So is life, though...

    Somehow I feel like I'm taking the word 'pet peeve' out of context... even if the dictionary does have varying def's on it. I just like to ramble xp

    Other random things:

    - People not filling up their med carts at work. All they're doing is wasting my time when I realize I don't have the stuff I actually need on-hand...
    - People who constantly interrupt you when you're speaking.
    - People who expect you confide in them but won't tell you what's bothering them in return.
    - People who start talking to the cashier when there's a long line of people waiting behind them.
    - My little sister acting mindlessly hyper or talking mindlessly loud.
    - People talking during TV shows they don't give a damn about but I care about and am actually trying to watch...
    - People who complain about feeling left out only to complain the entire time they're actually out with you... (Ie. at a movie they didn't really want to see, and you knew they didn't want to see, so you didn't invite them)

    ... I think I'll stop here >>;
  14. Linkachu... Did you read my mind and type what was in there?? o.O xD I've never really thought about the writer thing, though. I'll try not to do that.

    Another few things that bug me to DEATH, blast it!

    We live on a street with a million little urchins, for lack of a better word. Seriously, they're multiplying, or something, because when we moved in, there were two. Count 'em, two. I knew them, and they were the type where some days, you love playing around with them, and the next, you want to punch their faces in. They always interrupted everything we did. We go out to play basketball in our driveway, there they are, riding their stupid bikes down the street, and they happen to notice us! What a coincidence! Yeah, right. They did NOTHING but ride their bikes down the street.
    And now, coinciding with Linkachu, they have taken to busting our neighbor's mailbox. And vandalizing them in general. They REALLY hate our neighbors. And now, there are a million, hence the multiplying thing.

    And then, leading into the other peeve, I hate it when you have annoying neighbors. It's not the adults. It's their children. Four of them, all little terrors, and under ten years old. They bug me and my brother to no end, and the worst part is, they do it when my friends come over! ARGH, they make me so mad!

    The final one for now. Ever go to look at a house, that looks just stinking perfect, and there are renters in it? I have. And the renter was THE most obnoxious, lying, fool that I have ever seen. She lied to us two or three times, to stop us from looking at the house. She lied first about the Realtor not calling her to inform her of us viewing the house, and once we finally got a look at the beautiful house, she lied again, and said she had a utterly VICIOUS cat in the basement. He was as sweet as ice cream. I feel sorry for the poor children that she has, and the thing is, the daughter seems nice! She resisted the urge to be just like her evil mother, and she was a sweet young girl. I didn't even see the son out in the open, as he was hiding. xD And to top it off, she had spray painted the address sign that you put on a mailbox, and I suspect the owner made her get a new one, to replace the vandalized one.

    That's all for now, hope you enjoyed it! I didn't. Although it felt good to get that off my chest.
  15. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

  16. Bad grammar and spelling are especially annoying to me. Im not talking little things like not putting full stops in on IM conversations, I mean people that never write out anything in full, it doesn't take that long when you're typing to put in all the letters really.

    People responding to text messages just saying "k" "ok" or "yes", its just impolite and a waste of money on their part.

    Now for my really wierd one, but I shall explain it... Body hair, especially Under arm hair...
    I used to be a trampolinist (and a pretty darn good one!), which meant when it came to competitions I was forced to don a leotard and whites. *pauses whilst anyone with a weak stomach retches* One of the most disgusting things was seeing other men up there with huge patches of sweaty underarm hair, especially when they were presenting to the judges (which was always done by raising one arm up before and after starting your routine). So yeah, I use hair removal cream there and a few other places.

    Hmm, I can't think of any other major ones, however I'm slightly OCD so lots of little things annoy me to no end that I'm not going to divulge...
  17. Oooh, fun, a topic I can whinge about things in! Teehee...
    While I can be quite tolerant and passive over most things, there are a GREAT deal of things that annoy me.

    For one, I'm very picky about grammar, and even though I will use some Americanised things (like center instead of centre in some cases), part of me dies inside whenever someone can't go the extra mile and put the 'u' in colour, for example, when it's only a freaking letter. I will admit, though, that I have been guilty in the past of such trivial things as not starting speech on a new line when doing things like roleplaying on forums, or creative writing for an assignment/coursework. Simply because another of my pet peeves used to be seeing tiny paragraphs. Hated them. I'm over it now, though, after seeing WALLS OF TEXT all too often. (Which are even more irritating than one-liners if they aren't interesting... !)

    Another thing is people who reply with things like "uh huh" and "yeah ok" to something I say, in a way that seems incredibly dismissive. As if they're not paying attention to you or something. A lot of people I know do this, but I joke about it a lot with my friend Lisa. It doesn't seem to happen as often nowadays, but it still irritates me.

    And one thing that's cropped up with myself and my aforementioned friend Lisa... people who tell you they won't do something, then go ahead and do it right after. We refer in particular to her partner. >>;

    I'm sure there's plenty more but it'd probably just be repeating what others have said. XD
  18. IM kinda annoys me, like while I'm typing. People send you messages, and the program beeps, and then I gotta read it, and reply, and then get stuck in a conversation that makes writing a simple message take an hour longer than it needs to.

    Also on IM...
    I hate when people type short messages
    about a sentence or less long
    and then send them
    one after the other
    in quick succession.

    Can't you just type in an entire paragraph at once and send it? It's all one thought, right?
    Then again, I guess I'm guilty of that, too.

    Another thing that I don't care for is when people make typos, they immediately try to correct themselves. Usually, I don't even notice the typo in the first place or can easily tell what they meant, so it's really a waste of less than a second.
  19. One thing I can't stand is people who take things way too seriously. I tend to be pretty laidback, and the times when I am competitive I try to keep it under tabs. But... the kind of people who refuse to allow any sort of joking around/getting off-topic when there's something that has to be done just irk me. Yeah, it's nice to work, but there's no harm in small talk.

    It also bugs me when people try to get you to compliment them by putting themselves down. It comes across as really insincere when a perfectly normal girl whines about how she's soooo fat. :/

    One of my biggest peeves is people who don't follow through. "Sure let's do an art trade/roleplay over email/go hang out Tuesday" and then... nothing. I've been guilty of procrastination myself, though, so I guess it's pretty hypocritical of me to think so. XD
  20. Oh god that annoys me to heck too. A particular friend of mine does that, but he also rants on and on and on and on and on... I think he was a Duracell bunny in a past life.

    [quote author=Snapdragon link=topic=2749.msg35028#msg35028 date=1188110742]
    It also bugs me when people try to get you to compliment them by putting themselves down. It comes across as really insincere when a perfectly normal girl whines about how she's soooo fat. :/
    Something like the latter example I think is utterly obnoxious, but for a different reason, which I often question to the speaker: if you're fat, what the hell am I!? It seriously pisses me off when people are all "oh god I'm so fat" when they're a lot slimmer than me, and worst of all saying it within earshot of me. They might as well just say "hay ashley ur fat ololol!!" to my face like most other people do. Ugh.
  21. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord


    Though i'd do it more in the chat than on msn or whatever, mostly because of the faster pace and the need to start saying something if you're going to say it at all, rather than waiting until you've typed it all out only for it to become irrelevant as the discussion moves on.
  22. One of my big Pet Peeves is when people bitch about things more than they are grateful for them..

    People that bitch and whine about how people "Don't like them" or "Never pay attention to them", and then pull an insane stunt to get pity and attention from people. ...Of course I don't give them MY attention, he he.

    But anyway, on to the next.

    I also dislike SPAM, chatspeak, and all that good stuff. I do however like to pretend I'm a nOOb, and shove it in their faces, with CAPS and other annoying phrases.

    Oh, and the last one.
    Kids that are younger than I am, parading around like they know everything. I hate when they SWEAR more than I do, bitch more than I do, about NOTHING at all, and then start all of this drama because they think their life is so hard.

    Ah, internet. Serious Business.

    And an extra something i'm scared of here. Getting banned. ): I read the rules, but I'm so scared that I might make a mistake and get canned lol.
  23. The things that get on my nerves are:
    *Being spoken to when I'm eating something- Can't people realize that its impolite to speak when you have something in your mouth?
    *Spammers-specifically speaking; the trollish ones that aim to to do nothing but insult people act as if they're better than everyone else and cuss at people that hate spam!
    *Racism-Why won't it die already!?!
  24. I agree.
  25. These things annoy me:
    -People who spam like crazy. What's the point of it?
    -Spyware. Seriously, I go through all the trouble to get my dad to get me a Mac because of the lower spyware rating, now I have a ton of spyware.
    -People who try to force you to do things. Such as, "Oh, c'mon, you can't quit", "Everybody has to do this" etc etc. Grr.
  26. My pet peeves:

    not using turn signals
    excessive swearing or cussing or using one word repeatedly
    political ads (I am totally dreading the 2008 election year)
    people judging things they know nothing about
    pretentious people in certain situations

    My biggest, biggest pet peeve of all time: Racism and other forms of prejudice. And I don't care what race you are; you say racist things, you need to be enlightened

    Edit: Forgot one-

    Using the marquee option in posts.

    Seriously I find that annoying. I don't like trying to read something as it

    [move]strolls across the screen.[/move]

    I'm just proving my point that's all.
  27. Another thing that annoys me is when forums have a lot of extraneous junk piled up on the top of the page and on the side bar. Especially when they put this stuff on every page. It just adds the extra hassle of scrolling down even further to read stuff, and a lot of the time it just looks ugly.
  28. Oh my god you know what I hate the most...when people step on the front or back of your shoes its like...if they step on the back...why the hell are they not giving you enough room to walk and if they step on the front...how the hell do they not see you!!! >:(
    lol I know some people are going to be like "THATS you pet peeve?"
  29. found another one.

    sneakers,PE, and shoes that squeeze and/or KILL your feet.
  30. i hate when people use internet language when just talking in everyday life like lol,rofl,wtf,etc. it gets on my nerves... i hate rofl the most cuz people actually do it and roll on the effing floor. no. just no.
  31. Theres mainly 3 things; one is when people say ain't, when people are relationship retarded yet have no idea why, and when your watching a movie at home, and people start to talk in the middle of it.

    Seriously though, do you talk this much at the movies theaters? I think not. Then why the hell do you have the blab the ending or comment about the movie, during the movie, when your friend is TRYING to watch it for the first time?
  32. Ah, the Pay phones eating your money, the boats and airplanes that make me sick, rhyming words, misunderstandable slangs, and stupid questions.
  33. The fact that the word noob is used in pokemon diamond...SERIOUSLY. Keep the net speak on the net! >>;

    But real life stuff, pompus assholes who judge you based on seeing you for a bout 5 seconds and just decide right then and there that they aren't going to communicate with you =/
  34. People who leave taps running, really boil my bloood!
  35. Things that piss me off:

    People who suddenley stop right in front of me.
    When there are too many people around and I can barely move (that's why I hate school)
    People who treat their friends like crap.
    Preps (the ones who us like or fuck for every other words.)
    Most Adults
  36. My Pet Peeve:

    When someone passes me on the road and then slows down. What's the point of passing me then!?
    People who use bad grammar after being corrected.
    Noisy eaters. If you don't know what that is, you are probably one.
    Your "friends" who watch movies and than want to see them again with you. You know, the talkers...
    People who complain about Southerners and act like even worse racists. Hypocrites. That reminds me.
  37. Usally when people who are not my friends or I hate ask me for money and when people watch me write or type gets me off
  38. Totally. I also hate bad breath and people going into my room and tromping around, littering things on the floor and tracking dirt everywhere. I mean, they are your guest, but... c'mon. Greasy hair bothers me, too.

    When you introduce what you think is a new idea and someone says, "Oh! that reminds me of _______!" as if you've stolen it and are trying to pass it off as you're own. Obviously, that person has been introduced to WAY too much media.

    edit: OH AND LOL. When in anime / manga a character gets punched or whatever and hacks up some blood. Then wipes off their mouth as if this is an everyday thing, smirks, and gets back into the fighting again. BLEEDING INTERNALLY, MUCH?
  39. When people eat with their mouth open >_< I really hate that, it sounds and looks gross X_X
  40. A coupke other things that bug me are

    1)The wind blowing in my face when I'm trying to read something I'm interested in reading (ie. Death Note, Naruto..)
    2) People who won't leave me alone when I'm reading.

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