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Orange Island game?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Rolly, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. (Don't know if this is the right place to post this)

    Well, guys, do you ever think that they will ever make an Orange Island game? Or a game with a post-storyline involving the Orange Islands? And if they will, how would that game be? Discust people.
  2. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Wow. How on earth does this even keep coming up? It's been like 10 years since the Orange Islands!

    The Sevii Isles were an obvious reference to the Orange Islands, and that's pretty definitely going to be where they leave it, too. No-one they're even selling the games to now will know what the Orange Islands even are, so there's absolutely no call for it any more.
  3. I was watching some old episodes and I just had a flashback of my days watching the series when I was little. I always imagined a Orange Island game, of course with the old time graphics.

    As for the Seevi Island, yeah, I guess you're right. And unforunatley no-one would know what it is nowadays. And that feels bad. But it would be cool?
  4. Its been over a decade since the original series. This is the same reason Misty does not appear in the anime anymore AT ALL.

    Entire new generations of kids started watching the anime way after the early seasons, and so the writers don't bring up the old stuff anymore because they weren't around for it. Likewise the games have no reason to feature an old outdated saga about Kanto pokemon.

    Why do people think GameFreak and/or the anime writers are still going to focus on old stuff? It was bad enough some people actually thought Misty was going to appear in the DP series, despite being already gone for nearly a decade from the anime and kids of today having no attachment to her character.
  5. To be honest, I somewhat agree with you. But, I would really like the new viewers to experience the old days since the anime was just as good back then as it is now. So why not look at it as an alternative for new players/viewers to get a greater understandence of how everything turned out the way it did?
  6. Wouldn't attracting new viewers to the old seasons bring in more money? If Misty is somehow brought in, in the next few weeks, DVD packages of the old seasons could be released to 'catch up' those new viewers on her character. If this turns out well, I see no reason why there couldn't be an Orange Islands game. The four gym leaders certainly made the area a bit more interesting. However, if that idea doesn't work out, it isn't worth it for the company.
  7. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Japan doesn't sell DVDs of the anime episodes. So, no, not really.
  8. There's really no point. The reason Misty hasn't appeared in the anime since 2005 is because the writers have absolutely no reason to feature the character anymore. Both the games and anime have moved well beyond the Kanto/Johto era, and as such, the older characters serve no more relevance.

    Iris and Cilan are clearly intended to be new takes on Misty/Brock. The original trio has already been dead for nearly a decade, but the fact that even with no Contests, the writers would still opt to bring in new characters rather than revert back to any older ones says a lot.

    To be honest I am surprised Brock lasted as long as he did. I don't even understand why he was in the DP series when they did virtually nothing with him throughout almost the entire arc. I guess they didn't want to make Roark a travel companion since he was another rock-type Gym leader?
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  9. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    No, it's because Roark is too awesome to hang out with raw fail like Dawn. Also, he actually has a city to run, unlike Brock.

    Brock stuck around for as long as he have because the Japanese fans loved him - the same reason he war brought back after his disappearance during the Orange Islands. Frankly, though, Brock has been pretty much 'plot exposition guy' for like forever - and I'm pretty sure that if it wasn't for the whole reboot air Unova got, he'd have stuck around for Unova too.

    Also, the Orange Islands have always been an anime-exclusive filler arc. That's what they were meant to be, pretty much. As it was a filler arc, they had more leeway with the gym leaders etc. Working the modified gym battle format (because they were rarely actual -battles-) into the games would be... difficult, at best. Gimmicky, certainly. And do we really need more gimmicky side-games?
  10. Was there ever any proof of that? I don't think Brock was ever as popular as either Misty or May were back in their heyday. Its obvious the girls had to be changed for whatever the current generation was, but I don't think Brock's popularity really had anything to do with it.

    I think its just because as said, he was a very inactive character only used to explain stuff, while all the female characters had a bigger role. So Brock being swapped with another male to also just be exposition seemed pointless.

    It really didn't make much sense to see a Kanto-era Gym leader like Brock last through generations that really had nothing to do with him. Its not like he was as iconic as Ash/Pikachu or villains like TR. I think he was just kept out of laziness of putting effort into a new character. They could just keep Brock in the background year after year and give him the bare minimum of episodes where he actually did something, and it didn't matter cause that's all his role was supposed to be.
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  11. Doctor Oak

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    Yeah, there's not an original bone of discussion in this entire topic, so I think it's time to let it pass on. Lock'd.
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