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Ask to Join New Beginnings

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by StormingCobra55, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. (Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/new-beginnings-discussion.19566/#post-636771)

    Brandon looked over the railing of the ship. They were sailing towards the Lasran Region, where his first adventure would begin. His partner, Chimchar, stood next to him. They walked around the top deck, waiting anxiously for their arrival on the island. Chimchar jumped up and down when he saw the region over the edge of the ship. Brandon just looked off into the distance, waiting for the adventure to begin.
  2. Ray went up to the front of the ship and smelled the fresh air of the sea, her trusted friend Squritle wanted to swim more than anything and was excited to explore the Lasran region. “Just wait a bit longer Squritle and will be there, just wait” but she could barely contain herself either, she might get to face strong people over in the new region.....depending if there was anybody there.
  3. Sterling leaned against the side railing of the ship while his Axew leaned form the highest rail he could reach. He inhaled through his nose and exhaled "You smell that buddy?" The Axew looked up curiously "That's the smell of a brand new world with new possibilities." Neither he or his Axew could wait for the new friends to make as well as what kind of Pokémon there were. "Maybe I'll even become one of the region's Gym leaders- no, Elite Four... or even it's champion!" He thought with a smile, he decided to get out his flute while he waited and played a comforting tune.
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  4. Brandon turned around when he heard the greeting. He simply looked at the boy. “My name is Brandon,” he said. His Chimchar looked at the fellow fire starter in front of him and tilted his head. “Tell me something,” Brandon said. “Why exactly did you decide to come here? Fortune? Adventure? To make friends?” He wanted to know the goals of this boy.
  5. Z was with the cap "aye young master Z we shall be arriving soon I say go and meet the others." the cap said Z gave a small frown but nodded. "Hop on zero, lets go." Z said zero his cyndaquil hopped on his head Zack splashed water on his face and smiled. "Sup all I am Zack steel calle me Z I hope we all get along." Zack says as he does a poliet bow. ~and none better get in my way.~Z thought and sat on a chair.
  6. Sterling was too focused on playing his flute. As he played, he was visited by a few of the local Pokémon such as the Wingulls flying around the ship. The melody he played seemed to be more soothing to Pokémon than to people. His Axew closed is eyes and swayed lightly back and forth as he listened to his master's song.
  7. It was the first day of her pokemon journey and Lisa stared pensively at the horizon as the new region in the distance grew closer. Like many of the other trainers aboard the ship, she chose a spot to lean on the railing and take in the view. Somewhere on the ship someone was playing a flute with a calming melody and Lisa hummed along, echoing the tune quietly for the entertainment of her little Inkay.
  8. Tia looked out to the sea, her first step to a new region. She had taken part with Professor Sicamore from Kalos. He gave her Blaze, her partner a while ago. "So, Blaze. Our real story begins here." She said to her partner who sat on her head.
  9. Jade was having trouble moving around the ship, as her sea sickness kicked in. Dratini came out of his pokeball to comfort her, wrapping around her arm as a hug “thanks.....guh....buddy for the bit of....uhh....encouragement” Dratini gave a cry of Approval. “I wonder if there are strong opponents and strong pokemon in the Lasran region! I can’t wait” she thought with excitement, almost barfed from realizing she standed up, and she sat back down in anticipation.

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  10. "Ugh, what is that terrible noise!"

    Madison was offended by the awful sound that came from the boy's flute. And her impressions of the new region were suddenly worse now, since its Pokémon seemed drawn to the cacophony.

    "Your playing is an insult!" she told Sterling bluntly, then whipped her head away from his gaze. "I came here to catch Pokémon and explore the Lasran region, so I won't have you killing them with that poor excuse for a tune."

    Her Gible let out a loud cry, backing up her trainer's statement. Once she finished telling Sterling off, another boy appeared on the deck and introduced himself:

    "Sup all I am Zack steel calle me Z I hope we all get along."

    Ugh, he doesn't even pause between sentences. They're all jumbled together, and I can barely understand him, Madison thought. Worse, he'd concluded his introduction with a polite bow, which seemed so out of place with the way he spoke that it made her sick to her stomach like Jade next to her.

    Who were these unrefined people and why were they on the same boat as she was? Madison had the honor of going to an entirely new region, and she couldn't believe she had to share it with them.
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  11. Sterling stopped playing the flute and gave Madison a stern gaze, as she arrived the wingulls that once gathered to listen suddenly flew away. "Everybody's a critic, you're just jealous because it gives me the influence on Pokémon that your attitude would rarely accept." Axew put his hands on his hips and let out a cry of agreement to his master's statement. "Besides, if you don't want them killed by 'a poor excuse for a tune' I suggest you stop talking." he said as he leaned back against the side of the ship.
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  12. “What’s with all the commotion?”Ray asked coming from the front of the ship, thinking that they were fighting over something. “Whoever did what to disturb someone should apologize and rethink about what they’ve done” she said seeing her Squritle about to jump of the boat so it could swim in the ocean, “wait buddy, don’t do that!” She grabbed Squritle before he jumped making her sigh in relief.
  13. Sterling looked to Ray and gave her a shrug "I wasn't trying to disturb anyone; I was simply playing a peaceful tune with my flute and then someone came in and thought it'd be smart to bombard me with heartless criticism." His Axew folded his arms and nodded in agreement to everything Sterling said. The Axew looked at Squirtle and gave him a friendly wave. "The name's Sterling, by the way." He looked at Madison "Why don't I just go to the bow and play? Or are you gonna hammer me with more toxic quotes if I do, hm?"
  14. The music had stopped and been replaced by the tones of insults and someone vomiting. Lisa gritted her teeth and squeezed Inkay a little too tight, causing him to flash his lights in alarm. Inkay never made much noise, instead he preferred to communicate with light displays.
    "Sorry buddy, you see confrontation makes me nervous and I don't get seasick but I am a sympathic puker...er a sympathetic."
  15. "Why don't you just jump ship like that Squirtle!" Madison retorted. She couldn't stand Sterling's playing, and she couldn't stand his mouth either.

    When Ray came to her defense, however, she turned and took a sudden interest in her. "Finally, someone who understands! I've deemed you worthy of my company, so I care to know your name," Madison said with satisfaction. "And if you must know, this silver-haired cretin assaulted my ears with his noise pollution! I, Madison Cairn, won't stand for it! Neither will my precious Gible…"

    She picked Gible up and gently stroked her fin, and the little dragon whined. The Pokémon's ears must have been hurting from that mean Sterling's flute. They'd much rather listen to the sounds of the ocean and the soft hum of the boat than to his torture.

    Sterling and Madison were both Dragon tamers, so they were destined to lock horns. She wasn't finished with him, anyway.

    The girl threw her finger out and pointed at Jade, who looked like she was going to barf any second now, but kept her eyes on the silver-haired boy. "Clearly I'm not the only one who can't stomach your cacophony! And you think I'd be jealous of that. Don't flatter yourself."

    Madison looked aside stubbornly, dismissing Sterling. If she heard that flute again, however, she wouldn't hesitate to march right up to the bow and throw it into the ocean to prove that she wasn't all talk.
  16. Squritle did a friendly wave back at Axew “aw seems like you made a cute little friend” she said smiling at Squritle. She saw a boy with a chimchar, which she instantly took a liking to “omg! Look at that cute Pokémon” she said and turned to Madison when her name was asked “oh my name is Ray, this is my buddy Squritle” she said pointing at Squritle, who gave a friendly wave to Gible and Madison. She looked at the seasick girl, feeling bad for her.
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  17. Jade was surprised by the girl pointing at her, seeing that she had a dragon Pokémon with her “so there are more dragon Pokémon....guh..on this ship...” she said and was confused what she meant about a cacophony, but she saw Axew which changed her a bit. “More dragons......I wonder how many people on this boat have dragons” she wondered, Dratini a surprised to see dragons in this one place and would have fought one of them if his trainer wasn’t seasick.

  18. Sterling gave Madison a sly smirk. "Clearly your attitude really makes you put the 'Mad' in Madison. What the hell makes you so much more special than us anyway, princess?" He looked over at the seasick girl. "Sure hope she gets better when we arrive." he muttered to himself. His Axew stuck his tongue out at Gible before he went to comfort Jade.
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  19. Everyone on the ship seemed to be congregating around the musician and a girl who called herself "Madison Cairn."
    Although Lisa was intimidated, she ultimately came to the decision to mingle with the other trainers. It would be better to make a few friends or at least acquaintances before they landed in Lasran. With Inkay in her arms, she walked around the corner, eyes downcast. Lisa glanced up and took in all the faces, picking out the flautist she took a deep breath and made an attempt to speak,
    "I thought the music was nice, even if Addison didn't appreciate it..." She paused and looked toward the seasick girl with concern,
    "uh, so does anyone know how much longer it will be until we get to land?"
  20. Sterling smiled warmly at Lisa's compliment "Thank you, at least someone knows good music... and to answer your second question, I'd say roughly between... ten- fifteen minutes?" he shrugged "The name's Sterling, what's yours?" He asked as his Axew smiled and waved cheerfully at the newcomer and her Inkay. "Cute Inkay by the way." He added.
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  21. "Thank goodness," she answered in an exasperated tone. "And thank you very much, my name is Lisa" She took a moment to wave shyly at the other trainers. Inkay introduced himself with a flurry of flashing lights. The landmass in the distance steadily grew larger, trees began to stand out on the shoreline. Lisa smiled at Sterling's pokemon, "Your Axew is very cool, when did you become partners?"
  22. Sterling smiled back. "Thank you, I've actually had him since he was an egg which was given to me by my grandfather... same with my flute as well, when I wasn't getting closer and stronger with my little friend after he hatched, I was learning flute songs from my grandfather, he said some were comforting to most Pokémon."
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  23. Brandon looked over to the rest of the group upon being ignored. What he saw was utter commotion. He saw a girl who was way too full of herself insulting a kid playing his flute. As Brandon played the guitar himself, he liked musical instruments. He also saw a seasick trainer.

    He sighed. “Just a few minutes of talking to each other and they’re already biting each other’s heads off,” he said. His Chimchar snickered a bit, trying to hold in his laughter. Brandon just sighed again and looked at his watch. “Alright, we should be there in about... 12 minutes or so,” he said to his Chimchar.
  24. “Hey it’s not nice to laugh, the names Ray by the way” she said picking up her Squrtile from the unusual Commotion and walking to Brandon’s way “I geuss that one girl really doesn’t like music” she turned her head from the group and saw the chimchar “anyway, tell me about that chimchar, is it strong, because it’s certainly cute!”
  25. “Very,” he said. “He has been trained quite a bit, and he even has some good coverage moves.” His Chimchar looked at the Squirtle and stared into its eyes. Brandon noticed this and looked down. “He can be pretty weird like that sometimes,” he said. “What about your Squirtle, though?”
  26. “I should be called Queen of the sea, because me and Squritle have trained by the sea our entire life, the sea was everything to us and when we heard we had a chance to test our skills, we couldn’t just let the chance go to waste so here we are” Squritle gave a cry of approval “ how about we battle? it’s been awhile since I’ve actually battled anyone really.”
  27. Tia stepped forward to a trainer with a Chimchar and another with a Squirtle. "A battle doesn't seem the best right now, even though I'm one for a battle." She said. The ship wasn't exactly made for battles, and with the shore a decent bit away, a battle might not be the best idea. "I'm Tia by the way."
  28. I am surrounded by weak people what did I do to get to this point.Z thought he then walked up to to a shady man near a door away from all trainers "psst here the stuff."The guy said Z grabbed the envelope checkd its inside and smiled he pocketed the stuff he passed the annoying girl and pulled out his pokegear. 1. find and gather powerful pokemon 2. remeber type and their weakness 3.love pokemon buut train them a bit stricly 4. remember never to act out of current act and 5.find this region weaknesses. Z smirked as his pokegear and closed i.
  29. "That's great you've had him from an egg, " Lisa responded to Sterling, "was your grandfather a dragon tamer? Is that what you want to do- be?...do?" She was glad for some conversation to make the last stretch of the trip go by faster. Inkay squirmed in her arms, he was done being carried. Lisa loosened her grip and he gently floated up and out. Inkay had little regard for personal space and enjoyed staring contests with strangers. "Stay close, Inkay, and please be nice..." Lisa said dotingly, hoping her partner would leave good first impressions. Inkay chose to stare at the girl struggling with sea sickness.
  30. Sterling smiled warmly at Lisa. "As a matter of fact, my grandfather 'was' a powerful and respected dragon tamer from Unova. His partner was a Druddigon. As for me, at first it was to be a dragon tamer, but now I just want to be more of a strong trainer like my father." He said as he went to pick up Axew. "And this lil guy's gonna be with me all the way to make it happen! Right buddy?" Axew raised his arms and let out a cheerful cry.
  31. As Lisa chatted with Sterling, Inkay floated up to Jade's face and stared unblinking with his two huge, glassy eyes. The ship bobbed up and down and although Inkay was hovering, he bobbed with the ship keeping his same distance from the deck.
    "That's awesome, Sterling, your grandfather sounds pretty cool, " said Lisa, "I also want to become a strong trainer. That's why I'm going to Lasran. Inkay and I tried-uh, trained back home in Kalos but the cities there had so many distractions we haven't been able to learn the moves we want to." She glanced over to her partner, wondering if she'd ever be strong enough to become the trainer he deserved.
  32. Sterling smiled warmly at Lisa "Oh he was, believe me, he was." He sighed before he held his hand out to her "I believe this might be the start to an amazing friendship between us. What do you say we help each other achieve our dream of being the best trainers we can be?" His Axew climbed up Sterling and hung on his shoulder.
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  33. "…" :@
    "IT'S MADISON! Get it right!" >=O

    She didn't appreciate Sterling making fun of her name and Lisa getting it completely wrong. If they struggled with little things like these, how would they even survive the wilderness? That alone answered Sterling's question of why they were less than she was. But Madison still felt the need to indulge him with an answer. In actions, not words.

    She marched right up to Jade and shooed the Inkay away. "You're only going to make her worse with your incessant bobbing!"

    Madison opened the gold buckle on her white leather purse and produced a few ginger candies, presenting them to Jade. "Here! Ginger helps with nausea, so eat these. I don't want them anyway! Take slow, deep breaths and focus really hard on a fixed point instead of that annoying Inkay if you want to fight off motion sickness. Pressing down on the middle of your inner forearm for a few minutes eases the feeling too. But if you really need to hurl, I'll just have Gible use Twister on you so you can get it over with and stop complaining."

    She turned away from Jade and faced Sterling and Ray, addressing them with mild irritation. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Squirtle, Ray, but you're wrong if you think my Gible is only cute. I come from a long line of Ace Trainers and she was bred to perfection. So Sterling, there's your answer. And I proved it, too. While you were standing around feeling bad for this sick girl, I actually did something."

    That's right. I know what I'm doing, and I belong here. I don't know why I'm stuck on a boat with these clowns. She didn't mean Ray, of course. The girl had run away from the commotion to chat up another boy, anyway.

    Maybe Sterling actually had done something because he stopped playing that flute, which was probably making Jade even sicker. Because a few seconds was all it took for Madison to get sick of it. The only sounds she could tolerate right now were the humming of the boat, the lapping of the waves, and the soft cries of Gible beside her.
  34. “Alright,” Brandon said. His Chimchar leapt forward and stood ten feet in front of Squirtle. “You can have the first move,” he told Ray.

    (OOC: Sorry about the short post, this is basically just him saying yes. I usually give the first move to the other person.)
  35. Lisa was agitated by Madison's attitude. Inkay was just a baby pokemon, very impressionable but still innocent. Lisa had already put a lot of work into making sure her little partner would grow to use his skills and power for honorable things unlike others of his kind. It was one thing to be assertive but another to be condescending. She frowned and bit her cheek, furrowed her eyebrows and outstretched her arm to signal Inkay back.

    "How selfless of you to offer candy," Lisa chimed through a plastic smile," Coming from a long line of Ace trainers must put a lot of pressure on you, I'll bet you're glad to have a pokemon with such a-uh a pedigree."

    With Inkay back in her arms, she smiled genuinely to Sterling and graciously accepted his offer, "I think we'll get along just fine. When we get to shore let's have a battle, ya?"
  36. Sterling smiled at Lisa, almost able to tell how close they would become. "You got it, Lisa." He said before he looked to the region ahead. "And by the looks of it, I'd say we've pretty much arrived." He said as he looked back and gave her Inkay a friendly stroke on the head. Axew then jumped from Sterling's shoulder to Lisa's and gave her a nuzzle. Sterling chuckled lightly "Well look at that Lisa, he likes you."
  37. Z left the fighting trainera and went to the cargo part of the ship there he saw a woman dressed in black leave a bookbag on the floor and left. Zack walked to the book bag and took it, it had a big white Z on the back and the bookbag was all black. "Everything is in order." Z said to himself lowly and walked back to the trainers and put on his fake smile. But then Zero jumped off his head and jumped up to the railings. "Cyyyyn." cyndaquil said and pointed to the incomeing Island. Z grinned and petted his starter.
  38. Axew was a bit bigger and heavier than Inkay. Lisa was thankful she was able to keep her balance when the dragon type jumped to her shoulder. "Oh! Hello, Axew," she chuckled, "What do you think, Inkay? Would you like to be friends?" Her pokemon looked up and reached his tentacles to Axew's tusks. It was a friendly gesture.

    Being about time to disembark the ship, Lisa returned Axew to Sterling and pointed out a distinctive rock formation on the beach, "Meet me there when you're ready to battle, I need to grab my duffel." After a quick wave and smiles to the other trainers, Lisa turned and walked to the cargo storage, collected her bag and made her way to shore.
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  39. Z was watching the boat apporch land hell he would of jump already if it weren’t for his Pokémon “Madison is no problem Brando, Sterling and maybe Lisa could probably be good rivals.”Z said as he made a note in his pokegear. He really wanted to battle some one or get to land faster either one would be good.
  40. Ray looked out from the boat at the land, she was fascinated by the beautiful beach port. “Looks like we’re gonna have to get off first” she said grabbing Squritle and going to get her luggage. She got her stuff and got on the beach. She loved the sandy feel from her feet, she couldn’t wait to meet the water Pokémon from the island, her Squritle with a shine in his eyes looking at the sea.

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