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Nemesis Generation #010 Chicko

  1. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    Welcome back to the Lab! After a week of research, I am proud to present Chicko!​

    #010 Chicko
    Normal/Flying Type​
    Little Chick Pokemon​
    The first thing that I would like to point out about Chicko, is that although it may look cute, it doesn't act it! The Pokemon has an inbuilt instinct to attack anything that gets close, apart from it's mother or, after a lot of work, a trusted trainer. Fortunately, they don't pack too much of a punch. Beware of their beaks though! ​

    Chicko's bright feathers makes it easy to spot from a distance, and their reputation in the wild often frightens foes. This gives them the rather common Intimidate ability which lowers the opponents attack stat. This is rather handy, as Chicko is rather llacking in defense. ​

    As you would expect, this Pokemon is more focused towards attacking, striking hard with moves such as Peck and Aerial Ace. Although their moves are rather limited at this stage, they can often be seen trying to imitate their evolved forms in an attempt to learn moves such as Brick Break. ​

    Speaking of evolved forms, join us tomorrow for one of my personal favorites, Squarken!​

    Thanks again to Rain!
    And now for the Dex Entry for Chicko.



Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Nemesis, Jul 5, 2009.

    1. ozmer
      how many more of there are there?
    2. ZAHOS
      what will the name of the new version with the nemesis generation be??????
    3. Dragodden
      I enjoyed Chiko's description greatly. ^__^
    4. Nemesis
      There is no "version"...these are just my creations.

      As for how many...I have almost 100, wether or not they will all be drawn/posted in this form is to be seen..
    5. heartgold
      I'm kinda new here so one question why are you doing this ??? i like the steel fire thingy
    6. baratron
      Because it's fun :p.

      Lots of sites have fan-made Pokemon. It's fun to work out what Type combinations are missing from the real game, and to come up with evolution ideas. Nem's been working on these for a couple of years, and why not update everyday during the school and college summer holidays while we have a lot of visitors? It's certainly more interesting than posting a "Pokemon of the Week" sillhouette.

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