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Nemesis Generation #009 Spectain

  1. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    Welcome back to the Lab! Today, we are showcasing Parrat's final form, Spectain.​

    #009 Spectain
    Water/Ghost Type​
    Ghost Pirate Pokemon​
    It was once said that when a Parrotain's life with the ocean was nearing it's end, the Pokemon would evolve in to this final form, Spectain. In the wild it is sometimes seen patrolling oceans at night, searching for souls to take with it as a crew.​

    Like the rest of it's evolutionary line, Spectain's stats slightly favor special type moves. however, it seems that the Pokemon prefers a combination of the moves Curse and Aqua Ring, to slowly torment the foe whilst restoring its own health. Along with these, it has also been known to use a variety of moves such as Surf, Shadow Ball, X-Scissor and Night Slash. As with Parrotain before it, Spectain's ability is Intimidating Presence, which may make the foe unable to attack.​

    For obvious reasons, the sight of a Spectain strikes terror in to many trainers. However, some, mostly those hand raised, have been known to have caring natures despite their external appearance. These Pokemon have been seen to sink their metal hooks in to their prey, leaving them unable to escape. ​

    We shall be taking a small break, but join myself and Rain in a few days to see even more Pokemon from the Nemesis Generation!​

    Thanks again to Rain!

    Spectain's Dex entry



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