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Need Help!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Inkroyuo, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum im new here and i need some help with something.
    I think something is wrong with poketch clock function its not going in 24 hour time, its going in military time. What i mean is,
    after it passes 12:59, it goes to 13:00 the same thing is happening to my NDS's Internal Clock can anyone help me? ???

    Also, i have another question, i want to get a WiFi Adapter so i can trade,battle, etc global but im skeptical, Can someone..well show me what it looks like and where can i buy it PlZ? Thanks :)
  2. I can supply the adapter question's answer.

    Here. Gotta love Wiki.

    I don't know where to buy it specifically, but I'd imagine you could pick it up at any game store. I looked at Mejiers(Sp? Bah), and didn't see it there, so don't look at that store.
  3. Military is 24-hour.
  4. Military time gies to 23:59.1:00 Pm is 13:00 military time.Thats why all the generals say 0500.BTW,go to best buy or something for a wifi adapter.
  5. Your Poketck is completely normal. Nothing wrong with it or your DS.

    As for the wifi, anything that gives off wireless internet is good enough.
  6. Okay so im not the only one , i guess this how they made the time system in the game thanks guys^^
    I have one last question, Im on top of Sky Pillar ( just to inform you guys of where i am right now) and i was just wondering do you get Riolu's egg after you beat the Pokemon League? PLZ SAY NO!!!!!!!!!
  7. no. You have to go to iron island an talk to the lady inside the cave.
    When you finish battling her you get Rilou's egg. :-\[​IMG][/img]
  8. I know that, what i meant was, Do you get to Iron Island after you beat the Pokemon League PLZ SAY NO!!!
  9. No. You can get to Iron Island from Canalave City, which is where the sixth gym is.
  10. You can (and should) go to Iron Island as soon as you can enter Canalave city. (It took me until my pokemon were in their mid 40's that I realised I should've gone there earlier.)
  11. Last question( for reals this time) i know that they sell PokeSeals at SunyShore City and this boy that makes Seals based on Unwon( sorry about the mis-spelling) but is there any other places where i can get more Pokeseals?
  12. NO, those are the only places to get them. But the place at SunnyShore has different ones everyday.
  13. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    Out of interest (because I'm just getting to that part of the game)... why do you say you should have gone there earlier? Do you mean it would have been easier with lower level pkmn, or it's a good place to level up, or...?
  14. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    It's part of the main plot, you battle Team Galactic's grunts there.
  15. And you get a nifty Riolu to boot. Good place to catch some Steelix though.

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