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Ask to Join Multiversal Clash - A Crossover RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by The Alright Attorney, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    "Brother....I'm sorry. I should have been there for you when you needed me. But I wasn't, and know you've gone too far. Now its my task to set things right." These words echoed from a mountain top. No one stood there, rather a strange, ever shifting Black Mass that floated above the ground. "The ones he summonded should be arriving here soon. I guess I should take a more suitable appearance." The mass muttered, its shifting form starting to take a more consistant shape.

    It was the form of a man, looking to be in his 50's, with his grey hair and beard constrasting his tan skin. His build was larger, with wide shoulders, and large arms. He wore a grey suit, no tie, and a deep black trench coat. "Alright heroes...Lets hope you live up to the legends we crafted for you.

    The man walked down the mountain, and once he reached the base, he noticed the large marble white building. Now, all he can do is wait, standing just outside the door.


    "I'm bored and you're still pissing me off." The words were spat out at Issac by a drunk construction worker. The young wastelander was used this kind of torment, but this guy was piloting a construction mech so this could go a little worse than usual. "Get ready for this!"

    The mech's large metal fist pulled back, swinging downwards towards Issac. He cursed out, his hand gripping his staff ready to counter-attack. But before he could do anything, a blinding white light surrounded him. "What the hell?" Issac glanced around his body for a moment, before his eyes shifted back towards the fist. It was the last thing he saw before being teleported away.

    In an instant, Issac now stood in a room of pure white. It was a simple box shaped room, the walls and floor that blinding white, the only thing standing put being the door that was on the opposite side of him. "This looks nothing like one of Carlito's buildings...Or even Repeat's for that matter." The young hero muttered aloud, trying to make sense of his surroundings.

    He still had his staff, which he used to inspect the door's handle, one end poking the doorknob. When nothing seemed to happen, he cautiously grabbed the handle and pushed it open. The room he was greeted by was much more of a looker compared to the previous. It resembled a lounge, wooden flooring and walls, with several chairs and couchs and a grand fire place.

    The most noteable feauture however was dozens of similar doors to the one he exited lining the walls. "Guess I'm not the only one here..." Issac muttered. He tried pulling open the other doors, but they all appeared to be locked on the other side. "And it looks like I'm just gonna have to wait for them to introduce themselves." He sighed and made his way to one of the chairs, taking a seat and keeping his eyes on all the doors.
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  2. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Dmitrii was busy slashing through hordes of enemies with Odin, his battle-axe, with one hand and firing flames at the endless waves of enemies with the other. However, he was suddendly enveloped in a strange blinding light. He ceased firing out the flames and held his free arm infront of his face, shielding his vision from the light while he remained swinging his axe with the other hand. He could feel no resistance against his swings anymore, and dared to remove his arm to see... nothing. Absolutely nothing, but a blinding white colour surrounding him. He wasn't sure if he was standing anymore or floating mid-air, as the colours seemed to combine in such a way that he couldn't tell walls and ceiling apart anymore. It was.. a strange sight to say the least. Dmitrii tried taking a step, suprised to find that there was, infact, solid ground beneath him. He took a few more steps forward, his eyes adjusting to the room he was in. It seemed like, just a few metres away, a door was in the midst of this room, space, whatever it was. Dmitrii approached it, looking at it. He deemed that all this was pretty suspicious. What if this door was rigged to activate a trap? Dmitrii wasn't dumb, so he decided to open this door in another way. He slid back a few metres, and held his hand out flat toward the door. Then, suddendly, an RPG rocket materialized infront of the palm of the hand he was holding out. It flew off toward the door and exploded. It created a smoke cloud, where Dmitrii waited patiently for the smoke to clear to see what happened to this very door.
  3. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    A bronze falcon with red eyes swooped down at Evelin, his sharp talons trying to dig into her flesh. However, the young woman dodged the attack, no damage to her clothes for once, all thanks for her tying her sweater to her waist. She aimed an arrow at the falcon, narrowing her eyes at the enemy of Silverhawk, ready to fire.

    However, Bronzefalcon was to quick for her. He brought up animated corpses to restrain her and pin her to the ground. Evelin was so focused on Bronzefalcon, she didn't even notice this happening. She was pinned to the ground, placed at the will of her enemy. Her blue eyes were filled with a furious fire as Bronzefalcon landed on her arm, talons piercing her skin as his red eyes sparkled with glee. She winced in pain, but didn't voice anything as she waited for Lykos. Where was that wolf?

    Just then, a silver wolf pounced on Bronzefalcon, knocking the deity off of her. "What took you so long?" Evelin asked as she started to free herself and heal her arm.

    "Children. Children everywhere."

    Evelin chuckled as she noticed a blinding light not only envelope her, bit Lykos as well. "Ok, when did light deities get thrown into the mix of things I have to worry about?"

    Lykos shook his head. "I don't know and I don't want to know."

    The two appeared in a room. A white room. Evelin looked around. "When did we go to the afterlife?"

    Lykos twitched an grey ear. "I dunno. Maybe this is some sort of prison that Bronzefalcon is now using."

    Evelin smirked as she repressed a laugh. "Too clean to be Mr. Destroy Silverhawk." She walked over to the door. "Besides," she turned the door handle and opened the door, "he wouldn't give us a way to escape."

    Lykos twitched an ear as he walked out of the room, Evelin following him.
  4. "Dr. Luna Rivers, crazed ex doctor who became carzy after a run in with a well known criminal." This was posted on the headlines of every news paper in New York. She was once a respected docter in her field. Now she is on the prawl for others she can convert into her army of maniac soldiers. It seemed that nothing could have stopped her from taking over Manhattan as her own.

    Loony Luna was in her lush appartment when a blinding light flashed all around her. She was still foot or two off the ground when she reappeared in the room. She ended up landing on her back as she fell to the ground. "Ok who's the wise guy?!" Luna stood up with her large hammer on her shoulder. Looking at the door she walked over and kicked the door open off the hinges. She blew a large bubble of her strawberry flavered gum, and stepped out into the tavern like room. "I want to know whats goin on and I want to know now! You hear me." Luna paused for a moment, and then turned her head up to the ceiling and said. "And you Mister. Jackson better stop your laughin before I come in there and make you shut up!" There was a small pause, and the woman relaxed. "Ahh that is better. Now where was I? Oh yeah, SOMEONE BETTA TELL ME WHAT IS GOIN ON NOW, BEFORE I BURN THIS JOINT DOWN."
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  5. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Issac cursed, as all at once, three doors opened up, each in their own unique way. Of course the one that first drew his attention was the one that exploaded, a cloud of smoke spinning in the room for a short few seconds, revealing what looked to be a mountain taken the shape of a man.

    Before he could question it, a LOUD woman burst her way through one of the other doors, weapons at the ready. She had a manic look in her eyes, and the way she spoke was not giving Issac and faith in this woman.

    Lastly, in the midst of the chaos, a third door simply opened up, two people stepping out, a woman and a wolf. They atleast seemed the most normal. Despite this, he knew he couldn't take any chances. He fit his goggles over his eyes, and got in a proper battle stance, gripping his staff tight. "Do you work for Repeat?" Issac asked, not really directing it any of them.
  6. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Evelin raised an eyebrow as she looked at the room around her. "Eh, no," she said as she turned around and attempted to reenter the white room.

    Lykos glanced at her as Evelin made her one-eighty. "Where do you think you're going, Eve?"

    Evelin didn't look back. "Back into the white room. Where I won't be blown up, smashed, or have the possibility of being attacked. You know, like a reasonable person would."

    Lykos sighed. "No, you are staying out here." He looked directly at her.

    Evelin looked at Lykos in the eye. "No, I'm going back into the room." The two engaged into a staring contest. One that was a hidden battle of will. Evelin sighed as she turned back around. "Fine. You win." She crossed her arms and looked away. "This time," she muttered. She looked at the guy in a fighting stance. "No idea who that is. And we work for Silverhawk, thank you very much." She then looked at the crazy person. "No idea. Please don't smash me."
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  7. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Destruction was hanging out in the ultimate void, not much had fallen down in a while, leaving her bored. A planet, something that strayed to far in the wrong direction, crossing a boundary no one wanted to cross. She smiled as she landed on the planet, she gave it a quick look around, not barren, but it was abandoned, she smiled as she bent down, closing her eyes and enjoying wiping this thing from existence, just as she was finishing, a bright light engulfed Destruction, as she felt something clamp on her wrists as she felt the feeling of being transported.

    Creation was sitting down on a rock he had made, twirling his hand to make wonders, asteroids, stars, the seeds to a new universe altogether, when she would finish them, she would send them past the barrier that marked the way to the rest of the multiverse. He was just banishing a star, maybe to be of use somewhere, a bright light engulfed Creation as she felt something on his wrists, being transported somewhere else.

    Eternity sat in his office, looking over many things throughout the multiverse including the activity of creation and destruction, though it pained him to see things get sent to the void. He was looking over a file for a newer universe, thinking of how quickly to send for a champion when he to felt the clamp on his wrists, being transported to the white room.

    Two doors where opened, the figures of Eternity and Creation, looking around, Creation a look of confusion, Eternity looking annoyed. Another door was consumed by a red energy, vanishing from existence as Destruction stepped out.
  8. Damon was in the middle of class when a blinding light covered him, and suddenly appeared in a strange room, had a door that led to another room, he opened the door to the next room, it had three doors. He looked over at what seemed to be two people and a wolf. He prepared for anything.

    "I'm totally lost, one moment I was in class and now I'm here!" Damon responded to the sudden arrival.


    Logan Maverick was training Princess Mia Jeffery (one of his two apprentices) and Stella Nightwatcher (his other apprentice), with his assisting captain, and was suddenly taken in a flash of light. He appeared in a room, it had a door that led to a room with three doors.

    "How in the Supreme Elder Mage did I end up here!?" Logan yelled.


    Ariana Stormeye was sitting on a bench in the Kingdom of Wethera, in the land of the Six Kingdoms with some of her friends, a young Descendant of Magus Malone, a Descendant of her hero of Legend, and her crush. Along with a Descendant of the Mad Dragon King, Ariana Silver, her hero of Legend, and Lady Ellie of Druang, and several others, including two descendants of mystics, and a descendant of King Joshua the Flaming. She was suddenly enveloped in a light and appeared in a room with what seemed to be three doors.

    "How in Walden the Fourth's name did I get here!?" Ariana responded angrily, then sadly whispered, "And I hope Dolan's okay."
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  9. Luna looked to the girl who said not to smash her. Though it was very tempting, she refrained from doing so. Instead she turned to the boy who asked if any of them worked for Repeat. The only one she knew by that name was weak and very unassuming. "The only person I know by that name kid is some loser who claims to be the ruler. Too bad that he is just as crazy as I am or we might have been in trouble."

    The blond and purple hair woman spoke with clarity of someone who would live up to the name of docter, though that was offset by the crazed look in her eyes. Taking the hammer off her shoulder Luna started to smash into the wall of the lounge that was not covered with doors. "There had betta be a way out of here or else I will burn this place down to the ground." Luna stopped long enough to see more people show up in the room. "Great more people to piss me off! No I will kill them! Not yet anyway, you never know how useful they might be." The crazed docter threw her head back and gave a spin chilling laugh that would cause most to expect the worst.
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  10. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Dmitrii had walked out into the new room as the smoke cleared, hands in his overcoat's outer pockets. He looked across the heads of everyone in the room, stopping briefly by Luna and her crazed laugh. Dmitrii scoffed and reached into his overcoat's upper left inner pocket, taking out a small metal flask chilled to an almost frozen degree. " Good grief- " Dmitrii shook his head, looking away from Luna slowly and turning to Issac. "-.. look, kid. Whoever this 'Repeat' guy is, I don't work for 'em. I work for Professor Artram. And considering you do not seem to be attacking me instantly, I can deem you to not be one of Molag Bal's weapons. Good. " He stated, his russian accent affecting his speech, but it was still understandable. He unscrewed the cap from the metal flask he was holding and drank from it a bit before screwing the cap back on and putting it away, back into the designated pocket in his overcoat where he got it from. " Now, if everyone would just keep it down and we start introducing eachother, we might get somewhere in this mess. "
  11. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Issac listened carefully to the larger man's words, before lowering his stance. He nodded in agreement, keeping his staff in his hand incase of emergency. "Hes right. None of us have any idea about what each other is saying. Bashing each other's skulls in is not the goal here." His eyes glanced at Luna as he finished the sentence. She was the one they still had to keep an eye. He sat back down. "Lets figure this out together."
  12. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Creation looked at the multiple figures in the room "What is going on here?" she listened to those calling for peace "I am Creation, and I am really confused to whats going on, was I summoned?" Eternity walked up to her "A powerful one to bring us all here, I am Eternity, and who is responsible for this?"

    Destruction turned her attention to the girl pounding on the wall, hands swirling with a red mist, walking a bit closer "Kill me? Its been awhile since I've gotten to put a mortal in there place!" Eternity got ready to jump in, being technically in charge of her.
  13. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Evelin looked around. "Peace is a good option. I like peace. However, if anyone attacks me I'll defend myself. As one does." Her eyes rested on the three single-colored deities, whom she didn't know that they were deities yet. She looked at the three and smiled, liking the fact they had their own colors. "Some color scheme you three have goin' on there." Lykos muted her with a harsh stare. Evelin shrugged, signaling to the wolf that it was true.
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  14. ~Comet Trail High - Training Grounds~ @DoggoKing22

    A fairy-like girl was sitting in the training grounds next to a cowboy-hat donning teen. The pair had elected to take a short break from training together, and were now in the midst of conversation.
    As a puff of snow formed in Allie's hand, she began tossing a small snowball up and down. She opened her mouth to speak again, when suddenly a flash of white light enveloped the pair. She dropped the snowball, which splattered to the ground.
    "Wh - Chrissy? Everyone? Where - ah!"
    A strange sensation took over her as she opened her eyes once again. She was in a white room.
    Everything was white. There was no discernible features in the chamber, with the exception of a door (Allie guessed from prior experience that it was locked). She began to panic, looking around.
    "Where am I? What is this place - oh no, oh no-" A flurry of snow began to swirl around her, as her nerves only grew.
  15. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    A teenage cowboy was taking a break in his school’s training grounds with a small ice fairy that he knew all too well. Whilst in the middle of a conversation with the small girl, a blinding white light flashed and engulfed the two students. Chris was pretty surprised when this happened, for he quickly activated his Rough Skin to make sure he wasn’t being attacked. The light slowly faded away, revealing a pure white room with a bunch of unknown people in it. He deactivated Rough Skin and quickly looked around to see if his fairy friend was still there. She was fortunately near the cowboy, but looked very scared after the event. Chris walked up behind her and lightly hugged her, saying something very softly, “Thank the gods you’re not gone. It’s gonna be alright. I’m just as concerned and nervous as you are, but the good thing is that we’re still in one piece.”
  16. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Hm.. I am Dmitrii. Dmitrii Alexeev. Proud Grandson of Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, Fighter of the Motherland and Soldier of Professor Artram, Final Defender of the Nobodies. " Dmitrii explained, bumping his left fist against his chest. " And, should I declare... " He turned to Luna, the girl who just threatened to kill everyone, which would most definetely include Dmitrii himself, and pointed to her. Suddendly, a very rapid burst of 7.62x51mm rounds flew past Luna, creating an outline of her body in the current position she was in into the wall behind her, even making an outline of the hammer she was holding. The rounds flew from Dmitrii's side, mainly from the fingers of the hand that he used to point at Luna, but they seemingly were fired from nothing and materialized into thin air, already readied up to fly. " ..that I do not take kindly to death threats from anyone, friend or foe. Let this be a warning to you. Now. " Dmitrii looked to the group, taking a glance at everyone else. He walked to the center of the room, turning back around to everyone, just keeping the usual stone-faced, cold expression on his face. " Unless someone else would like to make the stupid decision of trying to take on all of us at once, we should get introductions out of the way. "
  17. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Creation turned to Evelin “Hmm? Oh this? Well, that’s just how is fundementals work, we fully represente our respective aspect, we’ll, except shape sometimes, but we still like to resemble or symbolize it in some way” she walked up to them “Do you know how we got here?”
  18. "Not really afraid of dyin' sugar. If you want to try then you are more then I would suggest that you hit hard, because the next hit will be mine." Luna had been hitting the wall enough to cause a large crack to form in the wall. She did stop after the the bullets flew around her. Turning towards the man, she raised an arched eyebrow, and blew a large bubble.

    "You know mister, if I wanted to kill y'all, I would have. Besides I did say I was not going to kill any of ya, ya might be useful in gettin' back to my apartment. Not like I would want to be here with a bunch of do goodin' heros anyway." With that she turned back to the wall, and took one very large swing. It seemed that the crazy docter had broken through to the other side with her hammer.

    Peering inside the room, she spotted two love birds a fairy and cowboy wearing teen. "Hey lovebirds! You want to come on out of there and join us? No one will bite." There was a short pause, and then she spoke again. "That is unless ya want me to." With that she gave a soft almost kind giggle. The craziness that seemed to always be in her eyes was gone as she seen the love that the two shared. She hopes to have that one day.
  19. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Evelin glanced at the crazy person for a bit before placing her attention on Creation. "Interesting. I'm Evelin Smith and this is Lykos. And unfortunately, we don't know anything about this." She sighed. "We were doing something very important as well, before that flash came and we were brought here. By the four birds, what if we didn't distract Bronzefalcon long enough." She was visibly worried and Lykos was looking down, searching for words to help his friend.
  20. The flurry of snow seemed to dissipate slightly, as she began regaining her composure. She slowly calmed down, albeit seeming a bit jittery.
    "Sorry - uh - bad memories -" she rambled, before stopping herself. "Now that we're sure the other is... um....mostly safe.... there's another question. W-where are we?"
    She looked around again. The walls were still featureless, with the exception of the door. She gestured to it.
    "I'm gonna take a guess and say that's locked," she said sarcastically. She seemed to be getting her composure back relatively quickly.
  21. Damon was smelling the air, trying to find any strange scents, like his classmates Tyler, who smelled of fire, or Gianna, who smelled of metal. Why does one ask, he's a Half-dragon, all of this was happening while waiting.


    Logan noticed someone else in the room, as for himself, he was worried about Stella, Mia, Kai, Olivia, Sable, and especially Alaina. He waited for everything to calm down, but it wasn't going to.

    "Hold on a second, What in the Nine Kingdoms is going on here!?"


    Ariana Stormeye had her hands on her Daggers, but a Poleaxe appeared on her back (this is the form her Hero of Legend will take). She was ready for anything. She looked on, with some worry.
  22. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    "It would appear you're all very confused as to whats going on. I guess I should take responsiblity for that." A large booming voice echoed along the room's walls. "I really should have introduced myself." At that moment, another door appeared on the wall, different from the rest. It made of a finely carved wood, with what appeared to be ancient lettering carved into it.

    The door swung open, and stepping through was older man in the suit. He offered a kind smile to the group, before clasping his hands together. "It would appear most of you here speak English. I'll assume that language." As he took a seat, the door he walked in from disappeared from sight. "Greetings everyone. I'm what you could call you host, or guide for the events that are about to unfold."

    Issac glanced at the man, gripping his staff tighter. "You're not exactly giving off a very comforting vibe. Why is it we should trust you?"
  23. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eternity looked at the newcomer warily “And what events are you referring to? Why do you need us?” He motioned to Creation and Destruction.

    Creation looked at the man, purely curious as to what he may want.

    Destruction looked over, deciding agaist her much greater desire to wipe the hammer wielding fool, instead going to find out what was happening, she looked at the newcomer and gave a small smile, she licked something about him...
  24. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " I wouldn't take the chance of trying me if I were you, lady. " Dmitrii said, walking over to a nearby couch in lounge and sat down. He made the motion of flipping something into the air with his left hand, and a simple gold coin materialized, flipping into the air. Dmitrii caught it as it fell back down again, and flipped it back up into the air with his thumb, keeping himself entertained. He looked to the new door that appeared, briefly examining the cryptic ancient-looking runes on it. Or letters. He couldn't exactly decipher these symbols, so anything goes. Then he looked to the being stepping out of the door. Going by the way this being's voice echoed all over before it stepped out of that strange door, aswell as those cryptic symbols on the door, Dmitrii drew a conclusion on what this being might be. He looked to the man who came into the lounge through the strange door. " Considering the way you communicated with us before arriving here, and the looks of that strange door you entered this room through.. are you some sort of God of this Realm? "
  25. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    The man chuckled and stuck one hand in his pocket, while the other pointed towards Dmitrii. "You have a keen eye my friend. I wouldn't call myself a god. More of something like a...Story Teller...Well lets not get ahead of ourselves." He stroked his beard, as his eyes traveled over to the three beings who seemed to form some sort of trio.

    "I'll explain everything as best I can. I'm sure you've all heard of the multiverse theory, correct? Multiple Universes, existing along side each other. Some similar, some drastically different." The man began to explain. "Now, what if I told you that theory was real?"

    Issac listened carefully to the man's words, and started to put pieces of the ever growing puzzle in his head together. "You're saying that we're from different universes. Thats why we have no clue what each other is talking about."
  26. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Evelin waved her hand in dismissal. "Yeah, I had a feeling we were from different worlds." Then she was silent. "But universes?" She chuckled. "This is some awful joke, right? Besides, Lykos and I were doing something very important, so can you please send us back?" Lykos stared at her and silently pleaded for her to shut her mouth. She ignored the silver wolf and glanced at Creation, the only one to directly speak to her in a friendly manner. "What do you think of this guy?" She whispered to the green deity.
  27. Loony Luna looked to the man that entered. She leaned on her hammer and popped her gum repeatedly. The docter was intrigued by the man. Though no one would probably be looking at her, her mind was clear and her eyes had a look of clarity.

    Though most do not knoe this of the docter, her craziness was actually a front she puts on. It seems that the really docter was still there with all of the crazy that surrounds her. With an arched eyebrow, she took the man in. If he was indead a story teller of creation, then there must be his opposite as well. She would have loved to them as they would seem much more her style. "So why bring us here? If you are indead a storyteller then surly you have the power to create the universe as you see fit. I can get behind the idea of someone wanting to create something perfect for them, but whu drag others into it as well. With the power to create a universe, you could have created the place with clones of us as well. Why go after the actual person?" For the second time since the group had been there, the docter showed a bit of her true self and not the image she wanted others to see. If some looked into her eyes, they would not see the manic look that was in them just a few minutes ago when she beat down the wall. Which was almost into shambles at this point.
  28. Allie walked over to the door, listening through it. When she made out what was going on on the other side, her eyes widened.
    "Multiverse.... theory.... different... real..."
    "Stay back for a sec," she muttered vaguely in Chris's direction. She then proceeded to not even try to open the door, opting to form a spear of ice in her hand and completely destroy it. The door shattered to pieces, revealing a lounge-like room with several people within.
  29. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    "I wish it was simple as that doctor." The man sighed leaning forward. His hand reached out, grabbing an apple. "But I have no ability to create. No, I am a deity of destruction." As he spoke, the apple in his hand began to rot and decay, until nothing was left in his hands but dust.

    His hand closed, and when it reopened, even that dust was gone. His eyes glanced up at the door that just froze over and broke open. "Ahh Allie and Chris, I appreciate the entrance but did we really need another door broken?" He got to his feet and started to pace around the room. "Back on track...No, I can only destroy. It's my brother, he is the creator. He is the one that brought you all here, rather than creating copies."
  30. "Being locked in several rooms over the course of a lifetime makes you apt to assume a lot of things," she deadpanned. She looked relatively annoyed.
    Hiding her nerves, she leaned against the wall, listening patiently. Internally, she was quite put-off and nervous, but she managed to conceal her emotions.
  31. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Jack had just left the hospital and talked with Kishi, when he left and got home however, he passed out and woke up in a white room "I've had it with these damn" he saw the REGULAR door and opened it like a REGULAR human being and walked throught, where he saw other characters "what did i just get myself into?"
  32. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    Chris watched as Allie broke open, not really caring about it since he can just fix it. He walked inside the room with the others in it, saying to the man with a little chuckle “It’s no problem if a little door is broken, right? That can easily be fixed.” The bits and pieces of the broken door were caught inside small bubbles as they were transported to the doorframe, combining together to make a whole door again. It’s like it wasn’t even broken in the first place. He went and stood next to Allie, staying quiet so he can hear what the mysterious man was talking about.
  33. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Sky slept peacefully near her friends, four other Skycats. She had no reason to be afraid. No reason to think anything was about to change. Until it did. She awoke in a different place. How she knew? The sent was different. She sniffed around the place, unsure of where she was. Terror pricked down her pelt as it did when she was in an unfamiliar place. She didn't move, she just stood there. Was there even a floor in front of her? She tentatively placed one paw down, slowly making her way to the door, unknowest to her. She smelt the oak and continued to follow the sent. Once she was in front of the door, she could smell weird sents on the other side. She pawed at the wood, before walking the perimeter slowly, feeling the walls with her whiskers. She made it back to the oak, and pawed at it some more, slowly becoming more and more violent. The blind calico wanted out. And she sure couldn't let herself out.
  34. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Destruction smiled "Ah, that why I like you so much, nice to meet you, Im Destruction, the fundamental" Creation rolled her eyes, turning to him "How powerful is he? I mean, its no easy feat to summon a fundamental against their will, let alone three"

    Eternity heard the scratching of a door, turning to it he opened it, looking down at the cat "Hello" he turned back to the man "Is he powerful enough to do that? or did he just catch us all by surprise and that's why?"
  35. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Sky's ears pointed at Eternity, or where e he was at when he greeted her. "Thank you," she muttered as she tentatively stepped forward and sniffed Eternity once she was close enough. She wanted to know his sent specifically for later if she ever needed to find him again.

    Eve looked slightly annoyed that she was ignored, but she didn't say anything. She also recognized that he couldn't bring her home, like she requested. But that didn't mean that she gave up on that wish. She thought silently for a way to go back, as quickly as she could.
  36. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    The Brother of Destruction returned his attention to the trio. "Well you must understand, he and I both made you. He could have killed even any of you three at any moment if he wanted to." He started to explain. "The reason all of you were whisked away is because my brother....Well, I think it's safe to say hes gone mad with power. He crafted this world and stole all of you. This is a sick game to him. I tried to stop him, but he banished me here, and stripped me of my powers. I still have some trace of my abilities but not much and not for long."
  37. Damon had perked up when the three appeared, listening intently. He moved a little closer, waiting for a word that would help him get somewhere. He went over to a spot towards the middle, wings tucked like a cloak.


    Logan was listening intently when he accidentally summoned his familiar, an Adult Blue Dragon named Voltnir, but he shrunk to the size of a carriage. The man and his dragon familiar listened intently.


    Ariana Stormeye looked on at the group of people in front of her, spotting a fairy and a boy in a cowboy hat. She could tell the two were together romantically, but where they were From, no clue. She stood there watching and listening to the Brother of Destruction.
  38. Allie looked rather put out, and suddenly spoke up. "Okay. So you're saying that we were all created by some creation deity person, and shoved into our respective universes, and now he decided to steal us and bring us here, of all places? Am I getting this right or did Raven nightmare-curse me again?"
    Attempting to pacify her annoyance, she began forming a small snowball in her hand and began squeezing it like a stress ball. Whenever she smashed it, her eyes flickered as the snow moved back into the formation of a sphere.
  39. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    (IS THAT A CAT??)

    Chris watched as Eternity opened the door that was being scratched, revealing a small cat with wings that was on the other side. From the sight of the cat alone, he turned extremely pale and started to breathe heavily. This was not a good time for a cat to show up in his eyes. Chris wanted to leave the room so badly, but what he was hearing felt important to him. He replied to what Allie said, trying to hold in the amount of fear he had, “I-I haven’t seen these other people before, so mmmmaybe she didn’t. I think this ain’t no dream. If what this man is saying is true, then I guess we’re all here for a reason.”
  40. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eternity looked at him, thinking "While I can believe we were created, knew it even, we of all people know how something can grow even past its creators" Creation looked over nodding "Even though he did make us, its still hard to believe, and what exactly does he want?" Destruction looked at him "And when do we go back? we do have something to maintain, I have the void I need to keep an eye on"

    Eternity had a very faint scent, hard to detect, the best way to describe would be deep, though that would not nail it.
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