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More Details Drop for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    More tidbits have dropped for the new Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon games releasing on Nintendo 3DS systems on November 17th worldwide. There isn't a huge amount in the drop that we didn't already know, but let's go over what's new...

    Map copy.jpg
    Click to show full map
    Firstly, the region of Alola returns from the original Sun and Moon games, but features new locations and buildings, as well as other changes. Perhaps the most notable thing about this new map is the cluster of ominous purple clouds spreading across the region. The story in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon centres around Necrozma, who will appear alongside Solgaleo and Lunala in the main story – and judging by the imagery we've seen, somehow corrupt or fuse with them.

    p03_02.jpg p03_03.jpg

    The main characters have undergone a design overhaul, with new starting outfits and hairstyles, but you don't need to hate them for long – the expanded customisation options mean that you'll be able to change your character's appearance more than before.

    You'll also have access to a new "Z-Power Ring," which is obviously a Z-Ring with more POWERRRRRR. It'll open up a wider variety of Z-Moves, although we don't know any details of what exactly those are yet. As you might imagine, a new TOMY Z-Power Ring toy will come out at the same time as Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and like the old Z-Ring, will wirelessly connect to the games.

    That's all the new stuff for now. The official Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon microsite has now gone live, so you can see all the new info there, plus more screenshots. Stay tuned to Pokécharms for all the news as it arrives!


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Teapot, Aug 18, 2017.

    1. Stargrounds
      That's... actually pretty good! I like the new Z-Ring and the character design overhaul.
      Poni Island looks... a bit ominous, with those dark purple clouds, though.
      Zcraftgaming likes this.
    2. ExtinctGuisher
      That POWAHHH redirection... Is that necessary? That one video just make me think that the whole post is a joke on the new teaser... GG Post, GG.
    3. Teapot
      We try not to take ourselves too seriously here, so there's often jokes and quips in the news articles. Especially when we think something is patently silly.
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    4. AuraVolt97
      The hat for the male is why I don't like it much. The clothes feel more realistic, but sticking to the hat in SuMo with color changes would have been nice.
    5. alolatrainer
      Finally more news lol...i want a poster of that new alola map
    6. alolatrainer
      There is also now an exclusive Z-move fore Kommo-o.
    7. AuraVolt97
      oh my gosh, what the--- they needed this for a long time.
    8. GalacticDeg
      A, I really love that new map and ominous portal.

      B, On the other hand, IT SHOWS A POSSIBLE FEATURE OF POKEMON FOLLOWING YOU AT 0:10. IS ANYONE CURIOUS? I just hope that you go to Hau'Oli first because the guy doesn't have a Pokemon there.
    9. CobaltLance18
      I hope we get pokemon following us again. I would love to see my gallade walking behind my customized character.
      suicunesrider and GalacticDeg like this.
    10. Satokuye
      Meh, honestly I'm not so happy. Also from the map artwork, they still didn't fill the "empty" spaces from the previous games where the gyms were supposed to be built.
      But really, if pokemon followers are back, that's gonna be enough for me to buy the games!
      suicunesrider likes this.
    11. GalacticDeg
      Same here, but rather with Lycanroc or if I could get a Girafarig, that too. MAYBEH TYPHLOSION .w.
    12. AuraVolt97
      There's an island with a single tree in the top right corner of the map. Did anyone notice that, and what is that about?
    13. Aura
      It's the Pokemon Pelago - you can see it in the map for Pokemon Sun and Moon as well, although it's a little more hidden in that one.

      Speaking of the map, my god it's so beautiful I want to paint stuff like this hgggghhhh.
    14. AuraVolt97
      Wow, that's kind of cool, @Aura .
      Last edited: Aug 18, 2017
    15. Aura
      @BeastBoyLucario Um, were you saying that the Pelago was cool, or that I was being cold? Sorry just can't tell >>
    16. AuraVolt97
      The Pelago is cool. Sorry, I didn't spellcheck. My bad. :o;_;
      Aura likes this.
    17. An0maly
      Oh my gosh. The guy is crap. Looks like I'll be playing through as a girl this time.
    18. Yellow.lol
      Can't wait to get the game!
    19. GalacticDeg
      @An0malyGaming I don't think the male character is bad, but everyone thinks he is. Gotta admit, I thought he was wearing a fez.
      Yellow.lol likes this.
    20. AuraVolt97
      @An0malyGaming I'm taking off his hat as fast as I can, but I still have to force myself to play Moon so that I can get both games. But if I do, I won't have a case for one of them. My 3DS case is full, and getting one more game means having to swap out one game for another when I take the card out.
    21. Yellow.lol
      @BeastBoyLucario I store all my games in my sun game case, LOL. But Ultra Moon will probably fit.
    22. An0maly
      I know, I have that dilemma too. My case only holds 12, but I have a ton of games.
    23. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      The map of Alola is so beautiful with that sunset! :love: I'm guessing that the portal above Poni Island is an Ultra Wormhole perhaps indicating an expansion to the Ultra Space plot or the ability to return to Ultra Space. The fact that it casts a shadow on the Alter of Moon/Sun further supports the hypothesis given that's where you access Ultra Space in SM. Likewise, that area could be where Necrozma and the version Legendary do their fusion dance or whatever the reason is for Solgaleo and Lunala to be wearing Necrozma armor.

      I like the fact that Kahili and Ryuki are getting expanded roles as opposed to being random characters that just appear out of nowhere. The male PC brings back Black2 and White2 memories with how he seems to be wearing a wetsuit under his shorts like the the PCs did back then.
    24. BurbleBurble
      I'm not so sure about the game yet, it's hasn't exactly "sold" me. I'd rather not spend 40 bucks on a game that I won't even be satisfied with. I mean, it's Pokemon, so I'm obviously not going to walk away saying "Well that sucked", but rather "Well that could've been better". There's not a whole lot to do post game in Sun and Moon other than complete the Pokedex, fight in the battle buffet (which is just a worse version of the restaurants in X/Y), or fight in the battle tree where it's the same tired "fight a bunch of trainers in a row" we've had for the past couple of games.

      Honestly I hope it's like B2/W2 in the way where it's a different game set in the same region, with whole new areas and post game content. I'm probably going to sit it out and wait to hear reviews on it, rather than jump on it as I have with other games in the series.
      Ry_Burst likes this.
    25. Keleri
      It already looks like there might be more to the game than just a slightly-deviating AU of the originals, but I'm just going to hope to be pleasantly surprised and not get invested in a big wishlist of all the stuff I want (FOLLOWING POKEMON!!!).
      suicunesrider likes this.
    26. Yellow.lol
      @Keleri According to what lots of people tell me, the whole story is based upon a completely different story mode. (Thank GOD for my hate of playing the same thing over) And I also am a big fan of the Pokemon who follow you.
    27. Teapot
      It's worth noting that we have no way of knowing what the story will involve, as that information hasn't been revealed - you're likely hearing guesswork and rumour. I wouldn't get your hopes up for a radically different story, unfortunately – it's very likely to simply be an improved/expanded version of Sun and Moon's story, and the wording on the official site seems to back that up.
      Pretty Pichu likes this.
    28. Jhan Garc
      Jhan Garc
      Not exactly. I remember seeing in the video the lot from Hau'Oli City had already been filled.
    29. Ry_Burst
      The part I really enjoy is the character design overhaul. Customization is something I look for in games. That, and I'm getting a solid B2W2 vibe making me thing that they will do what they did here, what they did for Unova. Which I fell is honestly needed. Even grinding to get to 100 is a bit of a pain, with the highest grass patch not even 60, and the lack of post game fun. Yeah, I know about the Battle Tree, Battle Royal, and Battle Buffet, but even with it it still seems to lack something.

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