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Member Card coming to North America WFC

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    [img align=right]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y101/Linkachu166/491sprite.png[/img]The Member Card, the item used to unlock Newmoon Island in Pokémon Platinum, is finally coming to North America's Wi-Fi Connection for a limited time. This special item will give players another opportunity to grab themselves a Darkrai. Like the Secret Key, the Member Card will be available via Platinum's WFC Mystery Gift function from August 3rd to September 13th.

    Actually getting the chance to use your Member Card won't be as simple as the Secret Key however. You'll first need to obtain the National PokeDex from Prof. Rowan, then get the Lunar Wing from Cresselia on Fullmoon Island and wake up the sleeping boy. Once having done so you'll be able to take the ferry from the Harbor Inn (found in the upper right corner of Canalave City) to Newmoon Island where Darkrai (Level 50) will be awaiting you.

    If you have WFC access and missed getting a Darkrai the first time around, don't miss out on downloading the Member Card while you can (and feel free to ask in the comments if you‘re not sure how). We'll let you know when the download dates are revealed for Europe (assuming they are).
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Linkachu, Jul 30, 2009.

    1. QuilavaEmperor
      Okay, this sounds awesome, just I DON'T HAVE PLATINUM! Well i better get the game before this event ends, even though I have it on my Diamond version, Platinum is cooler. Also the 12th movie hit Japan already.
    2. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      European dates will probably roll around in September once the Regibigass events (for what they are...) are done. Shouldn't really be too long though.
    3. Spix
      After you download the member card, is the time you have to get the wing, wake the boy, and face Darkrai limited? Or do you have as long as you need once you get the card?
    4. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Once you've got the item you can do the quest whenever you want.
    5. Hoenn Master
      Hoenn Master
      Would using, say, an internet cafe's Wi-Fi work? Mine's not hooked up yet. >.>

    6. Linkachu
      Yep, it should. As long as you can connect to Nintendo's WFC (in America!), it doesn't matter where you're connected. Just remember to set the connection up for your game beforehand XD
    7. Stark
      So is this for American versions of the game, or not?

      Just getting confused here... I got my American Rotom sitting around here in the UK :p
    8. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      It's for American copies only for these dates. Imported American Platinums will still be able to access the events though.
    9. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      Well I'm thrilled to hear this (I missed Darkrai the first time). I guess I need to actually get cracking and beat the Platinum E4 XD.

      *Ponders doing that before school starts
    10. Stark
      Awesome, Darkrai is mine :D (Soon)

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