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Make your own Battle Fronteir faciity

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by pokemaster764, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. Well,when you make one up,use this format(see example)

    Facilty name:Battle Torture

    Battle style:3x3

    Theme:Every battle is played with a condiction in effect so where your pokemon are negitively affected(poison,burn,level down,ect.)

    Brain name:Torture Master Garth

    Brain Pokemon:

    1st battle: Misdrevous

    2nd battle:Mismagious

    )Note:for the first 5 turns,all pokemon will be treated with Taunt(can only use attacking moves) and all attacks a counted as normal type and finally,to add to the torture,all pokemon are ...ghosts)
  2. Sounds like you're pretty creative, but so am I. Challenge the Battle Meadow!
    Brain: Gardenia
    Pokemon can only be a type which the moves will be super affective. 8 Pokemon each. Any Fire or Flying type moves are temporarily removed from your Pokemon. There are 3 rooms. Each one has 5 trainers in it and the highest level Pokemon is a lv.93 Roserade (Gardeina's.) The highest level Pokemon you can have is lv.89. In some cases, all Pokemon are poisioned by the breeze. The status lifts after battle. Have fun! 8)
  3. You two are quite something, count me in! Visit and/or challenge the Battle Tunnel! This area is filled with wild lv50-lv75 Ground, Rock, or Steel type wild Pokemon that cannot be caught. Your Pokemon will start at level 50 and advance to lv 100 as you move on. Be careful! There are many traps that could do 5 things:
    1. give the leading pokemon status problems.
    2. make you start over
    3. battle a lv 100 pokemon
    4. teleport you to another part of the area
    5. you fall down to the next bottom floor (with all pokemon losing 5 HP).
    Your limit is 3 Pokemon for the 5 tunnel runs and 4 for 15 (all are single battle). You cannot have any legendaries (excluding Lugia, Ho-oh, Deoxys, Darkrai, Arceus, and the 3 birds, beasts, Regis, and sprites)

    Brain: Tunnel Expert Noah
    1st battle (5th tunnel run):
    Steelex- moves: Iron Tail, Protect, Earthquake, rndm
    Primape-moves: Brick Break, Theif, rndm, Strength
    Golem- moves: Rock Slide, rndm, Earthquake, Focus Punch

    2nd battle (15th tunnel run):
    Aggron: rndm, Protect, Iron Tail, Flamethrower
    Garchomp: Dragon Rush, Earth Power, Swagger, rndm
    Rhyperior: Rock Wrecker, Earthquake, rndm, Rock Polish
    Regigigas: Giga impact, rndm, Dizzy Punch, Confuse Ray

    The Tunnel awaits you.
    Oh! fyi, rndm means that it will have a random move (that it can learn through level, TM or HM, and/or Move Tutor.
  4. Pretty good guys I must say...
    but hows this?

    Name:Battle Fortress
    Type:Running through mazes chock full of traps
    1. Battle a trainer
    2. Aflict lead Pokemon with random stat affliction
    3. Swap lead Pokemon with random Pokemon for that floor
    4.Sets a time limit
    5.Reduces Pokemon HP to 1/2 for that floor
    6. Arrange walls for a new, but random maze

    Fortress Captin:Fortress Captin Koal

    1st Pokemon:


    2nd Pokemon:

  5. Here's mine:

    Name:Battle Duet
    Theme:Tag battle with a trainer of the oppisite gender that you are
    No special effects
    Pokemon amount 3+3vs3+3
    Duet masters Jarrid and Lilyana

    Pokemon: 1st. Jarrid Lilyana
    Magmar Electibuzz
    Minun Plusle
    Leafeon Glaceon

    2nd.Magmortar Electivire
    Nidoking Nidoqueen
    Umbreon Espeon
  6. are you sure it is true ???
  7. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    ... Brain. Grow one. Now.
  8. Name of your battle facility?
    Battle Cathedral

    What would it look?
    Double spire, gothic style architecture, marble white with sculptures of
    my pokemon inside. Aww yeah.

    Puzzles in your battle facility?
    Double.Battle hangman, lose a battle you get a head, then a body, they the legs/arms, then you lose. Or win if you get to the seventh battle.

    Frontier brain title?
    Cathedral Bishop

    Which pokemon do you use?
    Solrock, Rotom, Ninjask, Castform, Heatran, Kricketune (I'm a nice easy brain,eh?)

    What symbol do you give?
    Trinity Symbol

    What will your battle strategy be?
    Throw in some Stealth Rock from Sol, then some Baton Pass to Kricketune.
    Heaty revenge killer, Rotom for Will-o-Wisp and general support.
    Solrock as a Baton reciver alternative or Calm Mind boost+ Psychic.
    Castform Choice Specs sp.sweeper.

  9. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    The facility's name is: Battle Pier

    The brain's name is: Steve

    His title is: Pier Captain

    This is how things work there: Enter six Pokemon; Battle until all your Pokemon faint or until you defeat the Brain; No legendary Pokemon allowed.

    Steve uses these Pokemon: Mightyena, Golem, Mewtwo, Arceus, Magcargo, Jolteon

    He gives out: Stamina Symbol
  10. This is a pretty cool idea. So, I'ma post it here.
    'Cause I don't think the rest of the forum has one xD

    Facility Name: Battle Dimension

    Brain Name: Dimension Titan (They don't actually use his name; the message in-game would say "The Dimension Titan wants to battle!")

    This is how stuff would work: When you enter the facility, you're in a small room, where you can register either for single, or double, battles. No multi-battles, though.
    When you enter the actual challenge room, everything is dark. Occasionally, a light will appear in different colors (blue, pink, red, white, or green) and travel quickly across the walls and ceiling. Also occasionally, binary will appear to rain down from the ceiling, and vanish if it hits anything.
    In battle, gravity is randomly set to normal, intensified, or weakened. Normal changes nothing, intensified is just like the attack, and weakened makes all Pokemon levitate, making ground moves impossible.
    Trainer's (5) challenge you as you progress through the room. After four trips through, you get the chance to battle the Titan
    The Titan's Pokemon A Porygon2, and Shiny Porygon-Z, and Drifblim.

    If you win you get nothing. The Titan just laughs at you, and banishes you. Because he's an evil bastard.
  11. I recently had this idea that would introduce some new strategies to the battle frontier.

    Facility Name: Battle Field

    Brain Name: Field General Kaiser

    Facility field: A desolate, narrow field which you have to cross on foot, battling the waiting trainers as you go along.

    How it works: The teams are in double battle format, and you are allowed to take 3 pokemon. The fourth slot is taken by a 'Substitute' which doesn't attack, but has an incredibly high health bar (Substitute stats posted below). Your objective, protect your substitute. If the substitute faints, it's game over. Your opponent also has a substitute, so taking that out will end your opponent as well. Between each match, you have the choice of healing either the substitute or your pokemon. After 10 straight wins, round 1 is complete and you are sent out with your 3 BP. On the 10th battle of the 4th round, you are challenged by the Field General. Also subject to your rules, but with a slightly stronger substitute.

    Substitute Stats:
    HP: 500
    Attack: 0
    Defence: 55
    Special Attack: 0
    Special Defence: 55
    Type: ? ? ?
    Ability: Color change
    Notes: ? ? ? is a type with no type advantages or disadvantages, which means just start with your stongest move, then exploit the new type.

    Brain's Pokemon (1st battle): Substitute, Typhlosion, Dugtrio, Lanturn.

    Brain's Pokemon (2nd battle): Substitute, Magnezone, Garchomp, Froslass. (Order subject to randomization)

    Reward: Protection Symbol
  12. Name of your battle facility? Battle Tent

    What would it look? A very, VERY large rainbow-colored tent. The outside has vines and flowers surrounding yet, while the inside has separate areas divided my curtains and tarps.

    Puzzles in your battle facility? There are very many rooms, some leading to very difficult battles against wild Pokemon in between the levels of 85 and 100, other doors leading to special items. There would be 50% battles, 25% strong wild Pokemon, and 25% items.

    Frontier brain title? Battle Idol Serough

    Which pokemon do you use? For your first battle, a 3x3 Single battle, Manectric, Gengar and Breloom. For your second battle, a 6x6 Double battle, Froslass, Togekiss, Roserade, Charizard, Latias and Metagross.

    What symbol do you give? Tarp Symbol

    What will your battle strategy be? For the first battle, she uses her Breloom for some Spore and PoisonPowder, then switches to her Gengar, which knows Dream Eater and Nightmare. When (or if) her Gengar and/or Breloom die, she switches to her powerhouse, Manectric, to finish it off.

    For your second battle, she has her Roserade and Charizard out first. Her Charizard has very high speed, higher than her Roserade, and uses Sunny Day on the first turn, followed by a Solarbeam from Roserade. Charizard then switches out to her main powerhouse, Metagross, until the sun wears off. During the time Sunny Day is in effect, Roserade uses Sleep Powder and Solarbeam until the opponent faints. If the opponent has a good defense against Solarbeam, Roserade does not use Solarbeam and is switched out for Froslass, which has some very good type coverage. Togekiss is used for some more type coverage and healing (her Togekiss knows Wish). The others are alternatives aside from Latias, which she always uses last.

    Yeah, a tent of DOOM.
  13. here's mine:

    Facility Name: Battle Temple

    Brain Name: Temple Guardian

    Rules: You choose between Level 50 or Open Level. The battles would be 3 on 3. Beat 10 trainers in a row without healing in between. After 10 treks through the Battle Temple (100 battles) you are challenged by the Temple Guardian. His Pokemon are Skamory, Spiritomb, and Feraligatr. No Legendary Pokemon allowed.

    Objective: To test a trainers faith in his or her Pokemon.

    Reward: Faith Symbol
  14. Name: Battle Lake
    Brain: Lake Master, Hydro

    Battle Rules: Choose between Level 50 and Opn Level. 3 vs 3. Water type Pokemon ONLY. No legendarys + Chinchou and Lantern are banned.

    How to challenge brain: 8 battles in a row. Pokemon are healed after each battle. On your 24th battle, you will be challenged by Lake Master, Hyrdo. He uses a Gyarados, Lapras and Feraligatr. After defeating him, you will receive a Sea Badge and a Totodile Egg.
    On your 48th battle, you will face Hydro again. He now uses a Blastoise, Vaporeon and Shiny Gyarados. After defeating him, you will receive the Sea Trophy and a level 15 shiny Magikarp (golden).

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