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Mainstream PRP Character Bios

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Linkachu, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Ok, so everyone knows, I'm posting these characters assuming they're at peak power. I can scale them back if needed for specific RPs.

    Name: Aron Crawson [WIP]
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Shalour City, Kalos Region
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 180 lbs.
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Aron dresses casually when out adventuring; t-shirts, jeans and sneakers are the norm. He tends to wear a grey baseball hat over his brown hair as well as a Charizard shaped pendant around his neck. Glasses adorn Aron's face constantly, as he has bad natural vision. He has a red backpack slung over his right shoulder, his Pokeballs attached to the strap.
    Identifying Marks: Beyond the pendant on his neck, Aron also has a Noivern tattoo on his left upper-arm.
    Musculature: Aron has average musculature for one of his size and age.
    Personality: Aron is kind and patient. While not especially social by nature, Aron is ready and willing to make friends. When training his Pokemon, Aron follows the rule of train hard; try your best in battle; and play hard.
    Skills: Aron's primary skillset is as a Pokemon Trainer. Other than that, Aron has the same basic skills as everyone else in the world.
    Past: Aron grew up in Shalour City with his family. His parents gave him the Fennekin that would one day evolve into a Delphox on his eighth birthday; it was quickly given the nickname Feran. Aron and Feran quickly became best friends. Aron and Nerala, Aron's twin sister, attended Pokemon School until the age of sixteen, at which time they were sent into the world to become Pokemon Trainers with their first Pokemon in tow. The first wild Pokemon to be caught by Aron and Feran on their journey was a Pikachu, which Aron named Kaeron. The three adventured together before coming upon a desert. It was here that Aron would catch a Sandile, which he would name Spike.
    Family: Father, Berice Crawson; Mother, Saeri Crawson; Sister, Nerala Crawson
    Love Relationships?: None
    Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.
    • Noivern
      • Nickname: Sonic
    • Delphox
      • Nickname: Feran
    • Raichu
      • Nickname: Kaeron
    • Lucario
      • Nickname: Chaelin
    • Carracosta
      • Nickname: Qi'kor
    • Krookodile
      • Nickname: Spike
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Name: Karic Quinn [WIP]
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Mistralton City, Unova Region
    Age: 30
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 200 lbs.
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Grey
    Identifying Marks:
    Love Relationships?:
    • Golurk
    • Gengar
    • Chandelure
    • Mismagius
    • Aegislash
    • Rotom
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  2. Here's one~

    Name: Zoe Parker
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Olivine City
    Age: 14
    Height: 170cm
    Weight: 140lbs (more or less <.>)
    Hair: Ginger
    Eyes: Green, the other one has a bit more blue, but it's barely noticable
    Clothing: Orange T-Shirt, Dark Brown leggings, short brown boots, she wears a jacket simmilair to Gold.
    Identifying Marks: She has a black lock, and her eyes are slithly different in color.
    Musculature: Normal (?)
    Personality: She is stuborn and has a tomboyish personality, she likes to sleep allot. Yet sometimes, she can be very forgiving, and she always tries to reach her goals. She is sometimes a show-off, but not many people know that her biggest weakness is loosing someone close to her.
    Skills: She can communicate with Pokemon, but she can't talk to them. It's more like the skill Yellow ( Pokemon Adventures Manga :)) has.
    Past: She grew up on a Miltank farm with her mother, while her father was a skilled Dragon tamer. Her grandma also lived with them, and she was a skilled berry and apricorn collector, she knew all abput them. That's why Zoe had a wide knowlenge of berries and apricorns, and she was helping Kurt from her year of seven till she turned 12. She then decided that she wants to be a Pokemon trainer. She came to New Bark town in order to get her Pokemon from Proffessor Elm. She met her starter ( yet not the first one) Pokemon.
    Family: Mother - Chloe, Father - Zac, Grandma - unknown name xD
    Love Relationships(?): None, but it seems that she likes a boy named Dimitri.
    • Flaaffy
    Nickname: Lana
    Gender: Female
    Level: ~26
    Bio: Lana, originaly a Mareep, was given to Zoe by Prof. Elm. Lana evolved during battle with Whitney. She is often lost in thought, and she sometimes doesn't listen to Zoe's comands. She thinks that Pokemon shouldn't be kept in a Pokeball, so she decided to walk outside of it. Therefore, all of the other team mates also walk outside of it. Lana doesn't like combing her wool, so she looks un-tidy, and she hates when Zoe tries to take part of her wool.

    • Miltank
    Nicname: Terrence
    Gender: Male ( I'll explain in the bio ^^;) ( P.S. Check PurpleKeckleon's one. I took the ide from her ^^;)
    Level: ~26
    Bio: Terrence was born as a male Miltank. Why? Because he gained more Tauros DNA, but he is "stuck" in a Miltanks body. He looks like a Miltank combine with Tauros ( just to cut you off your missery, here is a pic: it's by PurpleKeckleon on dA
    THE RIGHT ONE). Regardelss of his unusual gender, he was took by a normal Miltank by his fellow Miltanks. Zoe known him since she was a lad.

    • Sandshrew
    Nickname: Sandy
    Gender: Female
    Level: ~26
    Bio: She was found in Dark Cave, Zoe's first official catch. She has a personality as Zoe, and she enjoys eating.

    • Pidgey
    Nicname: Bradley
    Gender: Male
    Level: ~16
    Bio: Zoe's newest catch. Not much is known about him.

    • Lapras
    Nicname: Icy
    Gender: Female
    Level: ~30
    Bio: Once she had beaten Whiney, a package came to her and there was a Lapras in there. She is used for surfing ( Zoe breacks the law! She didn't beat Morty. Did I mention she is rebelious?). She also enjoys battling.

    • Skiploom
    Nicname: Koko
    Gender: Male
    Level: ~25
    Bio: He was injured when Zoe found him as a Hoppip. After she saved him, he started to bond with Zoe. He doesn't like battling, but he is as helpful as he can be.

    Other Pokemon:
    Glitch the Porygon
    Gender: It considersit-self as a female
    Level: ~20
    Bio: Zoe got her whe she beaten the record at the Voltorb flip. Not much is known about her, except the fact she feels like a girl.
  3. Jhan Garc

    Jhan Garc Formerly AkenabeShiro

    Name:Hanzo Akenabe
    Hometown:Vibrank City
    Hair:Grey,with two flicks,one blue and one red
    Eyes: Dark blue
    Clothing:An open denim jacket with a white shirt under it,a blue tie,a pair of jeans and green boots
    Identifying Marks:A leather armband that he nevers change
    Personality:Calm,but sometimes sassy
    Skills:Good leadership
    Past:Moved away with his dad,thus knowing no more of his mother and brother in sinnoh
    Family:Neyo Akenabe(father),Solaine Cogsworth(mother),Shiro Akenabe(brother)
    Love Relationships:Martha Shiversnow

    Luke(Riolu)-Abylity:Inner Focus
    Moveset:Quick attack,Karate chop,Focus punch,Reversal,Endure and Counter
    Story:While living in Sinnoh,Hanzo was out of his house most of the time.Then he saw Prof. Rowan,who was giving away Pokemon,but none of them caught his attention."What about that one?", he said while walking closer to it."That's a wild Pokemon!", Rowan said, only to be surprised by the little Riolu's smile.

    Moveset:Razor shell,Scald,Slash and Water gun
    Story: When Hanzo moved to the Unova region,it was given to him as an Oshawott by the Professor's assistant.

    Moveset:Aerial ace,Steel wing,Wing attack,Fly and Close combat
    Story: Befor moving,his brother gave it to him and said "Treat him well,because with him,you'll reach the sky someday"
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  4. Name: Finn Marston

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Dewford Town

    Age: 18

    Height: 4' 11

    Weight: 96lbs

    Hair: Blonde hair, medium length, fairly straight but messy. (similar to my avatar)

    Eyes: Sea Green

    Clothing: Summer casual in style. Main outfit is denim shorts that cut off just above the knee and a light blue and white striped short sleeved tee with blue converse

    Identifying Marks: None

    Musculature: Slender

    Personality: Shy, pessimistic, quiet, a little overemotional (keeps this bottled up then has a huge outburst when he can't contain it anymore), sweet, kind, naive and a defeatist

    Skills: Cooking and basic surfing (no tricks or anything) Due to his defeatist nature he believes he doesn't have any skills.

    Past: Growing up on Dewford most of his life he has lived so far a slow paced life in a laidback and carefree environment. While he hasn't made many friends on the island his only human friend being the Gym Leader Brawly, who has helped Finn to ride the waves, just as he helps others on the island to do the same

    Family: Darren (Father) Michelle (Mother)

    Love Relationships?: He has unreciprocated feelings for Brawly but is otherwise single and is a homoromantic asexual.


    Species: Zigzagoon
    Nickname: Ziggy
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Pickup
    History: Finn has has Ziggy from a very young age and have been the best of friends ever since. Ziggy is pampered by Finn and isn't a seasoned battler but will defend him as if his life depended on it. Ziggy is also Alexander's only Pokemon
    Personality: Upbeat, optimistic, loyal
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  5. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Name: Dean Hale
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Viridian City, Kanto
    Age: 22
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 170 lbs.
    Hair: Dark Red
    Eyes: Green
    Clothing: Grey t-shirt with black sleeves, black jacket, slightly large blue jeans, black sneakers, plain, black, leather gloves when he is travelling through terrain where he needs hand protection.
    Identifying Marks: dark red hair
    Musculature: Atheltic, but not especially muscular.
    Personality: Dean is devoted most to those he cares about. He tries to be selfless when he can and loves his Pokemon and his human friends dearly. He is always willing to put himself in harm’s way for another, though this can sometimes lead to him putting his Pokemon in situations they can’t handle.
    Skills: Dean is capable with first aid techniques, and has been battling alongside his team since he was a kid. He has specially trained to pinpoint weak points on opposing Pokemon when they exist, a result of training with his Kingdra.
    Past: Dean began his Pokemon journey at age 15, setting out from his hometown of Viridian with a Murkrow, Vito, which he received as a birthday gift from his parents.
    Family: His mother Luanne, and father, Joseph
    Love Relationships?: None

    Pokémon Owned:

    Species: Honchkrow
    Nickname: Don
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Moxie
    Special Features: A Giant Pokemon, nearly three times the average height for a Honchkrow.
    History: Don was obtained as a birthday present on the day Dean left on his journey, serving as his starter Pokemon for all intents and purposes, despite his size as a Honchrkow, he was actually a runt as a Murkrow, being small enough to sit comfortably on Dean’s shoulder and just barely reach the top of his head. Don was with Dean from start to finish, always his most loyal and one of his most powerful teammates.

    Species: Nidoqueen
    Nickname: Cleo
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Sheer Force
    Special Features: The tan plates on her chest meet in the center of her chest rather than being separate like most Nidoqueen.
    History: Cleo was captured first in Dean's journey, still a Nidoran F living on Kanto Route 22. She proved a poor battler early on, as while she was stronger than average, she had trouble directing her attacks and would miss more often. As she evolved into a Nidorina and later a Nidoqueen, she would learn to compensate for her poor accuracy with spread shots of her projectile attacks, however, after her evolving into a Nidoqueen, this compensation of pure power would leave her damaging attacks unable to have extra effects.

    Species: Granbull
    Nickname: Rocket
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Rattled
    Special Features: Usually walks quadrupedally outside of battle.
    History: Captured outside Celadon City as a Snubbull, Rocket has a notable competitive streak, and enjoys using the boosted speed from his ability activating to show off, which lead to Dean's capture of him. He knows Close Combat due to a Primeape in his lineage, and has received special training in order to use Snarl to activate his own ability.

    Species: Steelix
    Nickname: Deb
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Sheer Force
    History: Deb was captured in the Rock Tunnel after attacking Dean without warning, forcing him to capture her in order to avoid injury. She was stubborn at first, and wouldn't work with the team in general for a while. Deb continually refused to follow orders until she found herself in a dangerous battle situation, forcing her to follow Dean's instructions and creating a bond of respect, if not yet trust.

    Species: Kingdra
    Nickname: Bo
    Gender: ???
    Ability: Sniper
    Special Features: Injured left horn, three large scars across trunk.
    History: Bo was seemingly attacked and escaped from a predator at some point early in their life. Even when Dean found and captured them as a Horsea, the missing chunk of their left horn and the scars across their trunk were already long healed. As a Kingdra, the main horn is still intact, but the trailing part is missing entirely. Eschews human concepts of gender, biologically male.

    Species: Scyther
    Nickname: Kay
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Technician
    Special Features: Larger than average, standing 6' 02"
    History: Kay was captured in the Safari Zone. She battled Cleo to a standstill for an extremely long time before finally conceding the fight and agreeing to go with Dean. Due to Dean’s reluctance to trade her and her reluctance to be traded, Kay has not evolved.
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  6. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    Name: Lux
    Gender: F
    Hometown: Abandoned as egg
    Age: 10
    Height: Slightly taller than average Luxray (4'10'')
    Weight: 90.0 lbs. (lighter than average)
    Hair: (Fur) Red and black with blue face
    Eyes: Red/Yellow
    Clothing: None
    Identifying Marks: Always wears a blood-red pendant
    Musculature: Lean
    Personality: Sarcastic, negative, intelligent
    Skills: Can fly
    Past: Was abandoned by parents due to odd coloring
    Family: None she can remember
  7. Name: Rachel Gilliam
    Gender: F
    Hometown: Shalour City
    Age: 12
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 102 Lbs.
    Hair: Straight Royal Blue With A Bubblegum Pink Streak And
    Clothing: Light Pink Sweatshirt,Dark Blue Shorts,Neon Yellow Sneakers.
    Identify Marks: Scar On Lip,Her Hair And Sneakers
    Musculature: Average
    Personality: Cheery,Loveable,Intelligent (But Hides It) And Has A Dark Side If Pushed.
    Skills: Is A Talented Baker And Has Artistic Skills.
    Past: Rachel Was Alone Mostly Cause Her Parents Had Work Every Day Except Sundays.Her Babysitter Was Awful.She Would Just Sleep On Her Parents Bed.One Night When She Was Sleeping(Like Usuall),She Snuck Out And Met Miles.
    Family: Mother: Debby Gilliam Father: Carlos Gilliam
    Love Relationships: None.

    Pokemon: Sylveon
    Ability:Cute Charm
    Special Features: Just A Little Bit Higher Speed Than A Regular Sylveon.
    History: Given To Rachel By Miles Who Prof.Scyamore Gave Him.There Were Two Pokemon So He Kept One As Well

    Name: Miles Jones
    Gender: M
    Hometown: Lumiose City
    Height: 5' 1"
    Weight: 110 Lbs.
    Hair: Short,Messy Blonde
    Eyes: Green
    Clothing: Green Long Sleeve Shirt,Blue Baggy Jeans,Neon Green Sneakers.
    Identify Marks: His Sneakers
    Musculature: Average
    Personality: A All Around Nice Guy Who Tends To Talk To His Pokemon But, He Is Impatient And Sarcastic At Times
    Skills: Is Very Handy With The Pokedex And Is A Quick Runner So He Can Catch Up To His Partner.
    Past: Miles Was A Orphan At The Orphanage.One Day They Went On A Field Trip To Prof. Scyamore' s Lab. There He Met A Jolteon And Stayed With The Professor And Jolteon.He Learned Alot Of Things When He Was There And One Night He Went Out To Train Another Pokemon And Jolteon,He Met Rachel.
    Family: None He Can Remember
    Love Relationships: He Has A Crush On Rachel

    Pokemon: Jolteon
    Gender: M
    Ability: Volt Absorb
    Special Features: None
    History: Jolteon Met Miles When He Visited And He Stayed To Help With Him.He Was Friends With Jolteon For 8 Years Now.
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  8. NocturnalNetwork

    NocturnalNetwork Formerly LatiasMusic

    Name: Luna Landin
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Born in Opelucid City in Unova, lives in Violet City, Johto
    Age: 13
    Height: 1.55 m
    Weight: 40 kg
    Hair: Brown,sometimes tied in a ponytail, but usually loose.
    Eyes: Emerald green
    Clothing: A purple jacket, jeans and a dark shirt are her normal outfits. Sometimes uses a skirt with a long-sleeved shirt.
    Identifying Marks: Is always using a blue scarf.
    Musculature: Plain
    Personality: Modest, quick tempered,likes to read and draw.
    Skills: Is agile, quick and has a good sense of direction. As she is half Zoroark, she can use illusions.
    Past: Her parents, after shocking news, delivered Luna in an orphanage.
    Family: She doesn't know much of her family. However, knows her mother was actually a Zoroark disguised as a woman.
    Love Relationships?: None...

    Pokémon: Noctus (Noctowl)
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Insomnia
    Special Features: None
    Level: 47
    Story: Noctus was Luna's first Pokémon. She caught it as a Hoothoot. Noctus is smart, and as her owner, has a great sense of direction, especially at night.
    Moves: Extrasensory, Uproar, Air Slash,Take Down, Sky Attack, Peck.

    Volcano (Typhlosion)
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze
    Level: 50
    Special features: None
    Story: Volcano was the starter chosen by Luna on Johto. It was insecure of itself when a Cyndaquil, and lost its fear when evolved into Quilava.
    Moves: Swift, Flamethrower, Quick Attack, Lava Plume, Reversal, Flame Charge.

    Thunder (Ampharos)
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Static
    Level: 45
    Special features: None
    Story: Thunder was found as a Mareep with her fur cutted. She was mistreated and, with the help of Volcano, was saved and captured.
    Moves: Thunder Punch, Confuse Ray, Power Gem, Discharge, Electro Ball, Take Down.

    Vines (Tangrowth)
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Leaf Guard
    Level: 46
    Special features: Arms are a bit smaller.
    Story: When a Tangela, was abandoned by another trainer because it was "weak". However, Luna trained it until it evolved. The original trainer wanted him back, but Vines refused.
    Moves: Giga Drain, Cut, Ancient Power, Slam, Knock Off, Poison Powder.

    RedSteel (Scizor)
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Technician
    Level: 50
    Story: Luna got RedSteel from a trainer that didn't know how to make it obey. For a long time, RedSteel disobeyed Luna, but when she got all the badges, it started to obey Luna.
    Moves: Bullet Punch, Bug Bite, Swords Dance, Roost, U-turn, Brick Break.

    Slasher (Sandslash)
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sand Veil
    Level: 43
    Story: Slasher was giving problems to Olivine City. Some trainers tried to capture it, but without sucess. Thanks to Vines, Slasher was caught. He stills wild, but obeys Luna.

    Obs: Only Johto team listed. Other teams are on the spoiler Trainer Luna stuff, in the spoiler Things.
    Obs2: Luna has all the Badges, however isn't the Champion of any League.
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  9. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Name: Victor Riley
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Petalburg City, Hoenn
    Age: 24
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 170 lbs.
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothing: Black flat cap, green shirt with brown vest, black pants, black sneakers. Has small, gold hoop earrings in both ears.
    Identifying Marks: ???
    Musculature: Athletic
    Personality: Victor is a free spirit at heart, he enjoys travelling more than anything except drawing, and has kept each member of his team close at hand since he met them, never catching any more.
    Skills: Victor is a skilled artist, he spends most of his time sketching Pokemon and landscapes. He is also a powerful battler, using unusual strategies to bring out the best in his Pokemon.
    Past: Victor grew up on his parent's Rapidash ranch, and began his Pokemon journey at age 13, heading out from his home on the outskirts of Petalburg with his Ponyta to Littleroot town, where he acquired a Treecko as his starter.
    Family: Mother Lydia and Father Cody, both still living in Petalburg.
    Love Relationships?: None

    Pokémon Owned:

    Species: Rapidash
    Nickname: Justin
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Special Features: A specially bred Rapidash, built much more heavily and for greater strength and endurance than a wild Rapidash, at the cost of speed.
    History: Bred on Victor's parents' ranch, Justin was originally meant to be sold as a work Rapidash, however, when he was found to be an exceptional Ponyta, he was gifted to Victor to ride to Littleroot and become the first member of his team. He specializes in activating his own Ability in order to unleash powerful physical Fire attacks.

    Species: Sceptile
    Nickname: Ollie
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Unburden
    Special Features: None
    History: Acquired from Professor Birch as a Starter Pokemon, Ollie has always been a fun loving Pokemon, and enjoys tricking others into races and using his Ability to massively boost his speed. He specializes in pinpoint accuracy with ranged attacks.

    Species: Slaking
    Nickname: Mary
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Truant
    Special Features: None
    History: Captured in Petalburg Woods as a Slakoth, Mary initially showed the same lack of energy and minor obedience problems shared by many members of her species, however, after her time as a Vigoroth, she became somewhat more active and obedient, though she still did not have the energy to act as often or for as long as the average Pokemon. Mary focuses on pure firepower to compensate for her low endurance, blasting enemies with high powers moves and using her great strength to fling herself around the field in short bursts rather than focusing on increasing her overall movement speed.

    Species: Altaria
    Nickname: Abigail
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Cloud Nine
    History: Captured after taking a liking to Victor and landing on his head as a Swablu, Abigail is one of his friendliest Pokemon and one of his most powerful. She specializes in suppresion, using moves like Feather Dance, Sing, Confide, and Mist to keep her opponent from gaining ground while making herself more powerful with moves like Cotton Guard, Agility, Hone Claws, and Echoed Voice.

    Species: Lanturn
    Nickname: Sirena
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Volt Absorb
    Special Features: None
    History: Caught as a Chinchou while fishing, Sirena spent a long time only being used to cross water and generally being babied. After she began battling she was trained in striking herself with Electric moves in order to activate her ability.

    Species: Seviper
    Nickname: Preston
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Infiltrator
    Special Features: None
    History: Captured on Route 114, Preston relies mostly on his ability in battle, using it to weave between an opponent's defenses and strike at unexpected angles.
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  10. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    Meh first PRP character, whom I plan to keep using, unless he becomes a Gary Stu.

    Name: Martin Greenwood.
    Gender: Male.
    Hometown: Lumiose City, Kalos.
    Age: 11 years old.
    Height: Four foot eight, four foot eleven with hat (see clothing).
    Weight: Roughly fifty-five pounds.
    Hair: Wild dark brown hair, comes down to his ears.
    Eyes: Sea-blue.
    Clothing: He wears a brown and orange zip-up sweater over a green T-shirt, tan denim jeans, black sneakers, and a black and green baseball cap with his logo, a tower of large black bubbles on it.
    Identifying Marks: A small tattoo of his logo (see clothing) on his right arm. He also wears a green pendant with (again) his logo on it.
    Muscualture: Tall for his age (see height), but rather skinny and not built for lifting.
    Personality: Martin is usually shy at first, but becomes happy and outgoing once he makes friends. He is very protective of the few friends he does have, as he does NOT want to lose them.
    Skills: Limited, since he's only just began his journey. However, he does seem to have natural talent for most things involving fighting. Thus, he is a promising Pokemon Trainer.
    Past: Relatively normal. The pendant he wears was given to him by his grandfather on his birthday, though.
    Family: Henrietta Greenwood (His mom), John Greenwood (His dad), Mimi Greenwood (His little sister), and Grandfather Greenwood (His grandfather)(deceased).
    Love Relationships(?): None.
    Froakie (M)
    Nickname: Bubbles
    Ability: Torrent
    Special Features: Shiny
    History: Given to Martin by Professor Sycamore.
    Personality: As it is Martin's starter, Bubbles was bred to be loyal to its Trainer, and it will not hesitate to defend him.

    That's all his Pokemon right now, as he's just starting out. I shall update when he gets more Pokeymans!
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  11. Name: Jay
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Cyllage City
    Age: 16
    Height: 5"2
    Weight: 103
    Hair: Short and Blonde.
    Eyes: Green
    Clothing: Red Leather Jacket, Black Jeans, Red & Black Fedora.
    Identifying Marks: (???)
    Musculature: Average
    Personality: Energetic and Talkactive, Sometimes gets too confident in battle.
    Skills: Climbing, Identifying Pokemon without the Dex.
    Past: When he was 9, he went out wandering in the forest alone, and came across a wounded Houndour, and brought it to the Pokemon Centre. His mother had allowed him to keep the Houndour on one condition: He could never evolve the Houndour. He was puzzled by what his mother said. wondering what it evolved into. Two years later in the middle of recess at school, the houndour evolved, out of the blue into Houndoom. His mother said he could not keep it in the house, or the back yard (Due to obvious reasons, read his Dex entry). He said he could just keep him in a Pokeball, and he was allowed to keep him. He later became a Pokemon trainer a few months after.
    Family: Mother, Father (Deceased), Brother (Rival).
    History: Jay's first Pokemon, he's been his partner since he was nine.
    Personality: Vain,Very Defensive of Jay.
    History: Met in a wild encounter, newest addition to his team
    Personality: Loves to eat.
    History: Given to him by a friend.
    Personality: Naughty.
    (Feel free to correct anything, just don't hate on me)
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  12. So... This is a bit of a redux on my original PRP Character that was based on me, which is somewhere in this topic... Considering it's been five years since I've last had anything to do with PRP's and I'm a much better writer now as an incoming college freshman than I was as an eighth-grader, I feel like this rewrite will be much more interesting to read about. Also, he got a Mary-Sue score of only eight, when the original received the dangerously high score of 14, so... here we go.

    Pokemon Trainer Francisco.png
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'5" (Gotta love the short guys, am I right?)
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown, almost black.
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothing: Wears mainly black and red, likes to look classy, so dress shirts are commonly worn. Sometimes will wear brighter colors if the occasion calls for it.
    Identifying Marks: None
    Musculature: Athletic
    Personality: Pessimistic at times, but generally fiery, hyperactive, and jovial. The huge change can be blamed on the manic-depressive disorder he suffers through as a result of two things that will be mentioned later.
    Skills: Firstly, as this apparently counts towards his Mary-Sue score, Francisco knows how to drive. Generally a fast learner, and quick on his feet. He's a bit of an empath, able to easily sense the emotions of other people (which contributes to the strain of his bipolar disorder), and to a lesser extent, pokemon (he's not on par with the empathetic talents that N possesses, basically). These aspects together make him a very skilled battler, but should he hit a low point in his emotions during battle, things can get hairy for him.
    Past: Francisco never knew his father, and his relationship with his older sister had always been rocky. Through his entire life, all he ever had was his mother. She supported him as a small child, and encouraged him to go on his journey. In fact, it was her, not Professor Elm, who gave him his first pokemon. An Eevee, who would later become a Flareon and acquire the nickname, Flame. Six years after he started his Journey, Francisco's mother fell deathly ill. At this point, he was taking on the pokemon League in Unova, it was the closest he had ever been to making it to the League conference finals, but he knew what was more important, he threw his semifinal match to return with haste to Johto to visit his mother. He spent two weeks with her before her passing. This had thrown him into a deep depression from which he could never fully recover. He was later diagnosed with manic-depressive disorder, better known as bipolar disorder. His older sister, Izzy, and her family took over their mother's home, and though their relationship had always been rocky (mainly due to an incredible similarity in the fieriness of their otherwise opposing personalities), out of love for her little brother, Izzy and her husband, Abel, pushed Francisco to succeed, and to go back on his journey again. He would also receive a lot of support from his cousin, Sergio, who would make frequent visits from Kanto. Two years later, at age eighteen, Francisco has finally gotten the urge again, he and his pokemon headed out of Goldrenrod City to find adventure once again, and to one day, become champions.
    • Desi (Mother - deceased)
    • Izzy (Older Sister - Age 35)
    • Abel (Brother-in-law - Age 34, hails from Sinnoh)
    • Marble (Oldest Neice - Age 15, only three years younger than her uncle)
    • Eli (the middle child and Marble's little brother - Age 11, and just starting his own journey)
    • Ada (Francisco's youngest niece - Age 5)
    • Sergio (Cousin - Age 30, hails from Kanto, decided to head to Orre along with a group of Francisco's friends now that Francisco is starting his journey again.)
    Love Relationships?: None written in at the moment. This is subject to Change.
    Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.
    1. Species: Flareon
      Nickname: Flame
      Gender: Male
      Ability: Flash Fire
      Hidden Power: None
      Special Features: Incredibly fast for his species, due to the care taken into his breeding.
      Personality: Jolly-natured, he likes to bring joy and laughter to others.
      History: Francisco's first pokemon, bred and gifted to him by his mother. The two are inseparable and have gone through thick and thin together. Flame may not be the strongest member of Francisco's team, but he is the most reliable.
    2. Species: Charizard
      Nickname: Fury
      Gender: Male
      Ability: Blaze, Tough Claws (Mega Evolved)
      Hidden Power: None
      Special Features: None
      Personality: Careful-natured, Fury is very observant, and thus a very wise pokemon.
      History: Fury was Francisco's second pokemon, he was left abandoned as a Charmander right outside of Goldenrod city when Team Rocket deemed him unworthy of use to Giovanni. He was battered and weak, so Francisco rushed him to the pokemon center. The two have been extremely close ever since. Fury received his nickname when he reduced the base of the Team Rocket members who had hurt him to smolders. He is capable of Evolving into Mega Charizard X in tough spots
    3. Species: Empoleon
      Nickname: None (Although Francisco will affectionately refer to him as Leon from time-to-time)
      Gender: Male
      Ability: Torrent
      Hidden Power: None
      Special Features: None
      Personality: Gentle-natured, Leon is very caring, and loves to nurture infant pokemon.
      History: Leon's original trainer was Marble, he is the child of Abel's Empoleon, Suki. At the time when he started his Journey, the home that Izzy's family lived in was too small to harbour pokemon, so as a gift, when Francisco visited their old home in Azalea Town, they gave him Piplup. Through much training, it would eventually become an Empoleon of such stature that it could rival its mother, Suki.
    4. Species: Infernape
      Nickname: SolarFlare
      Gender: Male
      Ability: Blaze
      Hidden Power: None
      Special Features: None
      Personality: Naughty-natured, SolarFlare loves to cause a little bit of mischief.
      History: It's hard to say whether SolarFlare was Francisco's third or fourth Pokemon. On his way to Izzy's old home in Azalea town, a mysterious man bumped into 10-year-old Francisco, knocking him down. As an apology, the man gave Francisco and egg. However the egg did not hatch until after Francisco recieved Leon from Marble. When it did hatch, it was a healthy young Chimchar. In his first battle, he activated his blaze ability, reminding Francisco of the solar flares he had seen on television on the space broadcasting channel. This would be the nickname he bestowed upon the fiery little monkey. After much hard training, SolarFlare would eventually become a hardy Infernape.
    5. Species: Ursaring
      Nickname: Beast
      Gender: Female
      Ability: Guts
      Hidden Power: None
      Special Features: None
      Personality: Impish-natured, Beast loves to harass her opponents.
      History: Beast is Francisco's fifth pokemon. He encountered her in Ecruteak city as a Teddiursa trying to steal food out of the basket of an unaware picnicker as they were leaving the city. He drew attention to her and she attacked, Fury, a Charmeleon at this point, subdued her and Francisco quickly captured her. She was invaluable in battles where Francisco's predominantly fire-type team was at a disadvantage. Upon returning to Goldenrod to take on Whitney, Beast took Miltank's challenge and evolved into Ursaring, mopping up the floor with Whitney's team. Beast got her nickname from the way she frenzies her opponents. Her favorite move is Thrash.
    6. Species: Dragonite
      Nickname: Crusoe
      Gender: Male
      Ability: Inner Focus
      Hidden Power: None
      Special Features: None
      Personality: Mild-natured, Crusoe is very relaxed, chill, and nonagressive.
      History: Francisco would not meet this sixth member of his team until he arrived in the Kanto region. On a trip to the Safari zone for a catching contest with a rival trainer, Francisco came across perhaps the most majestic pokemon he had ever laid eyes on, a Dragonair bathing himself in the lake. He spotted Francisco and both stood their ground, Francisco tossed his Safari Ball, and that was it. The Dragonair had joined his team, he named it after a character from a novel he had read as a child, where a family had encountered an infant Lugia and bestowed the name onto it. It would take the Challenge of Lance's Dragonite, and evolved during that battle, although he lost to the more experienced Dragonite, Crusoe knew a strength he never knew he could.

    Fury’s Mega Evolution (Approved By StellarWind Elsydeon)
    On their journey through Hoenn, Francisco became very interested in the phenomenon of Mega Evolution. He had heard of it in the past, but after hearing that the League Champion of the region, Steven, was capable of Mega Evolving his Metagross, he needed to know more. After a few days of research, Francisco learned that Charizard were capable of mega evolving. He also learned that the trainer and pokemon needed to have a strong bond forged through friendship, trust, and experience. Francisco had a Charizard, his second pokemon, and close friend, Fury.

    Francisco knew that he and Fury had the bond required for Mega Evolution, at that point, they had been partners for five years, and have seen much of the world together. They had faced three pokemon leagues together, each time becoming close, and learning from their losses together. Francisco and Fury had everything they needed for Fury to mega evolve, save for two things: A Mega Stone, and a Key Stone.

    Francisco did more research; he looked through the Archives in Mossdeep City and learned of the Draconids, an ancient tribe who have deep ties to the Legendary Pokemon, Rayquaza, and Mega Evolution. He learned that there were very few of them left, and the archives were very vague as to where the remaining members of the tribe could be found. But, he needed to talk to them to learn more. Asking around town to see if the locals knew anything, he finally got answers from the Nurse in the pokemon center. She told him that there were rumors of the remainders of the ancient tribe taking refuge at Meteor Falls, their ancestral home.

    With haste, the then 15-year-old made his way to Meteor Falls. He battled his way through many dragon-tamers, who saw him as a challenger instead of an inquirer, and, finally, crossed paths in the winding caverns with an elderly woman. Francisco asked her of the Draconids, when she revealed that she herself was the chief of the remnants of the tribe residing at Meteor Falls.

    Francisco brought Fury out, and asked her if she could teach him more about the phenomenon of Mega Evolution. She explained that Mega Evolution is the result of untapped power laying deep dormant in the pokemon being unleashed by a strong bond with its trainer, and that this can only occur when the trainer and the pokemon hold two resonating stones, the Key Stone and a Mega Stone.

    The elderly woman could see that Francisco and Fury were definitely close. She asked if Francisco and Fury were interested in using Mega Evolution themselves and both eagerly nodded. She made them aware that she had a key stone on her person that she would be willing to give to the trainer and his Charizard, provided they pass a trial.

    The trial was no small feat, to be sure. The two would have to brave the harsh jet streams of the Hoenn skies, the Domain of Lord Rayquaza. The goal was for Fury to test himself, and for Francisco to coach him along to become better. The Elderly woman, being a Draconid and attuned to the dragon-typing, wanted Fury to prove himself by learning a move that he could not normally learn on his own without the help of a tutor. Fury had to learn the Dragon-type attack, Dragon Pulse, by making contact with the dragon-type power held deep within him that allows all members of his species to gain the dragon-typing when mega evolving into Mega Charizard X. Soaring through the skies would help him find that inner Dragon-type.

    Francisco theorized that battling pokemon in the sky who would know the move would help Fury understand what it means to be a Dragon-type. Thus, helping him understand what it will take to unlock his potential and learn Dragon Pulse. Were this a regular day of training, Francisco may have just had Crusoe battle Fury, but due to the nature of the trial, Francisco had to leave the rest of his pokemon with the Elder, to ensure the one-on-one effort. Their only hope would be to find a wild roaming dragon to battle in the open skies.

    The first Dragon-type pokemon they would come across at these high altitudes were a duo of Altaria. Fury challenged them to a battle, a challenge they accepted. The battle raged on for a good fifteen minutes before it was over, Fury had dominated the two Altaria, and the challenge was not sufficient enough for Fury to speak to his inner dragon. The battle concluded and the two Altaria continued on their way. No luck.

    After a few more hours of soaring through the sky, things were starting to seem bleak. Dusk would be upon them soon, so Francisco began to ponder whether they were truly worthy of mega evolution, and whether it was a good idea to land and take refuge before nightfall. Fury scoffed at these notions when Francisco spoke of it. Fury knew they were worthy. He knew he could learn this move on his own, so long as his trainer was there for him, Fury knew he could do anything. Francisco realized this and they continued on into the coming night sky.

    Soon, they would find something powerful soaring through the skies, a Salamence. Fury almost charged her to initiate a challenge, but then Francisco saw that she carried two Bagon on her back, and halted Fury. The Mother Salamence was relocating her family. Francisco and Fury approached her and made themselves clear that they meant no harm, they simply wanted to escort her and her young safely through the night sky, because many dangers could lurk. The Mother Salamence accepted the offer, and one of her two sons, the little daredevil, jumped across the backs of the two large flying pokemon and landed in Francisco’s lap, cuddling up to him. Francisco was taken by surprise that a wild Bagon would be so friendly to a new human.

    An hour later, it was about midnight, and something terrible happened. A Dark Pulse knocked into Salamence and Fury. The impact knocked Francisco and the two Bagon off the backs of the two large flying pokemon. Francisco quickly grabbed both Bagon during the fall, and positioned himself to where he would take all the impact if they were to hit ground. Salamence swooped down and caught them on her back. The Dark Pulse attack had come from a Hydriegon, infuriated that another Dragon had come flying through his territory.

    Francisco hopped on Fury’s back from Salamence’s and the battle was underway. Fury and Salamence versus Hydreigon.

    Francisco began to give Fury orders, and the wild Salamence fougth alongside them. The Salamence used Dragon Breath to immobilize the Hydreigon, while Fury rushed the devilish creature with Dragon Claw. The beast simply shrugged off the two super effective direct hits and replied with a powerful Draco Meteor, showering the blasts all over Fury and Salamence. Francisco and the two Bagon were now holding on for dear life.

    The blows were exchanged for almost half an hour until Hydreigon hit the mother Salamence with a powerful Dragon Rush, knocking her and her offspring out of the sky. The two Bagon were holding on to their unconscious mother, screaming for their lives. Without hesitation, Francisco did a nose dive off of Fury’s back and made contact with Salamence, pulling a revive out of his pocket and using it on her, awakening her so she could regain lift. Francisco rode on her back along with her two infants.

    Fury grew restless, in the darkness of the night sky, he could no longer see his trainer, and Hydreigon already blended in. Miraculously to him, he could hear his trainer shouting “Fury, keep it together! I’m alright. Just follow what I say, and we’ll all survive this!” This was calming to Fury, but it also lit a fire. Fury was now enraged by the danger Hydreigon had put his trainer, and friend, in. Hydreigon reappeared, launching towards Fury with a powerful Dragon Rush. Fury caught him, and looked him dead in the eye before sending him back with a powerful Focus Punch.

    Fury’s target was set and locked. No matter what, Fury was able to see his opponent. Fury heard Francisco order out a Flame Thrower out in the distance and he complied. Hydreigon, however was unfazed. He charged through the Flame Thrower and hit Fury with a powerful Body Slam. Fury’s blaze ability activated. Fury bit onto Hydreigon’s neck and tossed him downwards. He could hear Francisco in the distance order a Fire Blast, Fury complied, but something else happened. Instead of a Fire Blast launching from Fury’s gaping mouth, a huge, purple-colored, bright aura shot straight out at Hydreigon, enveloping the Brutal Pokemon.

    Francisco was able to see the whole battle thanks to the Night Vision goggles he had invested in back on his journey through Sinnoh. But the brightness emitted from this blast was as clear as day. Right away, Francisco knew it. Fury had learned Dragon Pulse. The Dragon Pulse had rendered Hydreigon unable to continue battling, and so, it fled. Fury met back up with Salamence, Francisco, and the two Bagon, and they all flew back to Meteor Falls together.

    They made it back by noon the next day. Salamence decided to make her home there, in the caves. Francisco and Fury returned to the Elder, and she returned his pokemon to him. Flame was ecstatic to see that Francisco and Fury were both alright.

    The Elder asked if Fury had learned Dragon Pulse. To prove it, Francisco ordered the move, and Fury displayed it to all his might. The Elder was impressed. She revealed that her name was Bruma, and that she too, in her younger years was an aspiring trainer, and she was capable of mega evolving her Charizard. It had been two years since her partner had passed away, so she told them that she no longer had use for her Key Stone nor her Mega Stone, as she was too old to raise a new companion, and it would never be the same as her dear old Charizard.

    As promised, she awarded them the Key Stone. And as a token of her esteem for risking their lives to save the Salamence and her two infants when things got hairy, she also gave them the Mega Stone that she used to Mega Evolve her Charizard back in her day, Charizardite X. With this, Francisco would now be able to Mega Evolve Fury in battle into the Fire- and Dragon-type, Mega Charizard X. Francisco and Fury were proud of what they were able to achieve together, and from then on, in times of great need, Francisco would call upon the power of Mega Evolution to power up Fury even further.

    So yeah... There you go... A redux of Frank, now Francisco... I hope he's a bit more enjoyable now.
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  13. Hope you guys like him!

    Name: Phlox (His real name is Shiro Yukimura but he prefers Phlox)

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Mahogany Town, Johto Region

    Age: 20
    Height: 6" 2'
    Weight: 210lbs
    Hair: A shaggy Golden blonde
    Eyes: Gold that fades to orange. (A kind of Amber almost)

    Clothing: Phlox wears a bright purple, zip up hoodie, trimmed in tan. He wears plain tee shirts, usually either white or bright colors. He wears jeans all the time. Phlox never wears shoes.

    Identifying Marks: Although rarely seen Phlox has a silver star tattoo on his left shoulder blade. He also has the Glacier Badge tattooed on his right shoulder as a reminder of his home.

    Personality: Phlox is a care free, laid back kind of person. He tends to be very approachable, though he often comes off as a tad eccentric. He doesn't talk often, but when he does its in bursts generally leaving people believing that he talks too much. He has a moral code that he follows that few know about.

    Skills: Body Tempture Control: Having spent many years traing with hometown Gym Leader Pryce, Phlox was quickly taught how to control his body temperature. Although this skill is mostly a luxury, it is helpful when Phlox goes after Pokémon who live in extreme climates.

    Past: Phlox was born and raised in his hometown of Mahogany Town. At the age of seven his father gave Phlox one of the Houndour eggs the family Houndoom had produced.

    For the next year Phlox not only took the egg everywhere with him, but he also applied and was accepted as a trainer under the tutelage of Pryce.

    Pryce taught him and several other students about the basics of being a trainer, as well as helped most of them capture their first Pokémon; since most would need to travel to New Bark Town before they officially became recognized Pokémon Trainers.

    He left home at sixteen to travel the world. Now at twenty, having visited Johto, Kanto, Kalos, and Unova, he feels he is now ready to take on the Johto Gym Leaders. All Pokémon owned by Phlox wear orange scarfs.

    Family: Mother and Father
    Love Relationships: None at this time.

    Species: Houndour
    Met: Hatched in Mahogany Town
    Nickname: Snowflake
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Nature: Modest
    Hidden Power: N/A

    Special Features: Snowflake was born, with snow white fur and a soft blue under belly. Its bones on its back are black.

    History/Personality: Snowflake is Phlox's most trusted companion. Having raised him from a pup, Snowflake takes on many of Phlox's personality traits. Snowflake isn't as physically adept as most Houndour but he is remarkably intelligent. In battle Snowflake is calm and collected. Snowflake is kept in a Luxury Ball

    Species: Seel
    Met: Seafoam Islands
    Nickname: Poppy
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Hydration
    Nature: Bold
    Hidden Power: N/A
    Special Features: N/A

    History/Personality: While in Kanto, Phlox visited the Seafoam Islands at the recommendation of Pryce, his former master. Home to many Ice type Pokémon, Phlox got plenty of training in, and was headed back to the boat with Snowflake, when they heard a yelping noise. They found the source moments later; a Seel trapped under a fallen icicle.

    Phlox had Snowflake melt the icicle down to a manageable size so the Seel could escape. The Seel followed Phlox back to the boat. Taking this as a sign Phlox caught the Seel in a Net Ball. The Seel has a tendency to pop out of its Pokeball on its own, earning her the nickname Poppy.

    Species: Golett
    Met: Route 10, Kalos Region
    Nickname: Armstrong
    Gender: N/A
    Ability: Iron Fist
    Nature: Jolly
    Hidden Power:
    Special Features: N/A

    History/Personality: While visiting his older brother in Kalos, Phlox encountered a Golett in the ruins along route ten. Using Poppy, he quickly caught the Golett. Since then Golett's strength has proven to be invaluable to Phlox's team.

    Golett is a bit of a prankster and often plays tricks on others, usually to a minor annoyance. Golett is kept in a Heavy Ball.

    Species: Eevee
    Met: Castelia City
    Nickname: Vui
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Anticipation
    Nature: Relaxed
    Hidden Power: N/A
    Special Features: N/A

    History/Personality: Eevee was gifted to Phlox by a strange old man while he was in Castelia Harbor on his way home from Kalos. Eevee is very peaceful, and rarely wants to battle, though it will when required.

    Phlox had wanted an Eevee most of his life so he didn't really ask questions when the old man gave it to him. Eevee was named after Phlox's Idol's Eevee, Vui. Vui is kept in a Love Ball.
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  14. Name: Alli
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Lavender Town
    Age: 24
    Height: 5"9' (Exactly)
    Weight: 194Ibs
    Hair: Blond
    Eyes: Greenish blueish with a tad bit of yellow in the center
    Clothing: Black cardigan, (With zipper instead of buttons), and a green-black T-shirt, with bluejeans and black vans.
    Identification mark: Hair sticks up in the back like Shuppet's horn
    Muscularity: Eh.
    Personality: Quiet, calm, always a bit confused at first but usually finds her place in the end. Alli likes to do the right thing if necessary, (if someone was endangered), but will not if otherwise.
    Skills: Computer programmer
    Past: Alli still remember when days were longer and life was more exciting. Until the mysterious death of her best friend... The end of her unknown friend's life. And when terrible times came and sadness grew over her family, and they struck poor. And that's when they moved to Lavender Town, where she grew up.
    Family: ???
    Love Relationships: N/A


    Species: Shuppet
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Quiet
    Identifying Marks: N/A
    Caught/History: Shuppet was Alli's first Pokemon. She met Shuppet lying next to a grave in the Lavender Town Pokemon graveyard next to a dying Sneasel who was soon to be cured.
    Ability: Cursed Body

    Species: Sneasel
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: N/A
    Personality: Stubborn
    Identifying Marks: none
    Caught/History: After Shuppet and Alli joined together at the age of 12, Sneasel followed them and the three soon became a team.
    Ability: Pickpocket
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  15. Name: Will
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Rustboro City
    Age: 15
    Height: 5"11"
    Weight: 134 lbs
    Hair: black (lets just assume he looks like my trainer card)
    Eyes: dark blue
    Clothing: T-shirt (any color you want), blue-grey gore-tex jacket, Jeans, Glasses (the modern kind without large frames), wristwatch, carries a blue-red duffle bag.
    Identifying Marks: Will never remove glasses or jacket, no matter what the situation is.
    Musculature: His muscles are well-defined, but he is not overly buff.
    Personality: Does not like to talk, but is not timid. Sarcastic and straight-to-the point. Very logical and clever. Independent and very ambitious. Does not actively engage in making friends, and loner-type personality may potentially alienate other people. However, he will be very loyal and friendly to any current friends. Very picky when it comes to Pokemon. has an obsession with capturing rare and powerful Pokemon.
    Skills: Very logical and clever. Very good with technology, as well as planning and strategizing.
    Past: Mother died in an unknown accident at an early age. Raised by father, who has become a workaholic as a result, and does not interact with his son a lot. Spends a lot of time at Devon Corp, and is very familiar with the employees.
    Family: Is an only child. Mother died when I was at a young age. My father has a job as a researcher/scientist, but will not reveal where.
    Love Relationships?: N/A
    Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

    Only has 3 Pokemon (all male):
    Metagross: (Steel Psychic) Clear Body

    Hammer Arm
    Meteor Mash
    Iron Defense
    Initially caught as a Beldum, and has been raised by me since I was a child.

    Gallade: (Psychic Fighting) Steadfast

    Close Combat
    Dream Eater
    First pokemon, initially caught as a Ralts, raised by me since I was a child.

    Hydreigon (Dark Dragon) Levitate

    Dragon Rush
    Fire Blast
    Caught as a Deino on a trip to the Unova region with my father, who was on a business trip. Raised by me, and partially my father since I was a child.

    saving the last 3 spots for any particularly rare and powerful pokemon. (if you want a hint for what specific pokemon, look at my trainer card).
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  16. This is my Main character for now on. I've finally decided on a main.
    Name: Saybia [Say-bee-ah] Kaze

    Gender: Female

    Hometown: Cherrygrove Town


    Height: 5'5

    Weight: 104 lbs

    Hair: Very long white hair that darkens to a grey-black near the ends.

    Eyes: Grey with the ever so slightest hint of red.

    Clothing: Saybia has a long sleeved white dress on that ends at her knees. The arms slowly darken to the grey-black color and she wears hand gloves that are black. She also wears tall white boots that reach mid-shin.

    Identifying Marks: Saybia has weird red lines in a swirling pattern down her right arm and around her eyes. Plus she always wears a small green pinwheel in the rubber band that holds her ponytail.

    Personality: Very honest. Seriously the girl will tell you the brutal truth. Other than that she's talkative and usually lonely.

    Skills: Seems to be very in tune with the wind and the air is purer when she is around. Other than that Saybia is talented in Weather and Pokemon weather moves.

    Past: A while back her mother was shunned from Cherrygrove's citizens for her similar red markings. Her father and Saybia always stayed inside because her mom was always stronger emotionally than her father. The whole family was eventually hated for their looks and no one wanted to use horse Pokemon due to Saybias love for them. Saybia's parents mysteriously disappeared one day and Saybia set out to find them with her Ponyta/Rapidash Gami.

    Family: Her mother Amy and her father Gale are her only known family members.

    Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

    Rapidash (Gami) F
    Hidden Power-flying
    Special features- much like Saybia the Rapidash also has red markings that go in a swirl pattern. The horse has more white then tan hair on her.
    History/Personality- She is very patient and can wait for hours if needed. The horse has always seemed to be with Saybia, but her father Said that the horse Pokemon came to them when she was born, much like a Zebstrika came to him and a Mightyena came to her mother.

    The other Pokemon on Saybia's team will vary depending on the RP, but Gami is sure to be on the team.

    EDIT: as of April 3rd- I'm merging my two OCs.

    I may have already posted once, but I have a new OC
    Name: Ashen
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Cerulean Ciry
    Age: Usually 13-16
    Height: 5"1 (she always points out that she's short)
    Weight: 102lbs
    Hair: Shoulder-blade length. A chocolate brown with grey highlights that look like ashes
    Eyes: Hazel, but it's more brown than blue.
    Clothing: Training- A light blue sleeveless shirt. The collar is very tall and rims her chin. She wears white jeans and tall grey boots. Usually during draining she has a light grey bag around her waist.
    Most other times- a light pink sweater with wide shoulders. She pairs that with white jeans and taller grey boots. Ashen also wears a grey beret when traveling.
    Identifying Marks: She has a small scar under her right eye that most mistake for a line of blush. Ashen also wears a necklace of flowers that holds her brother's precious WaterStone shard.
    Muscularity: Ashen is lean and honestly very skinny. Most people think she's anorexic.
    Personality: Ashen is pretty quiet once you first encounter her. If you get to know her you'll find that she's very sarcastic and funny. She tries her best to fit in, but she's left out of social groups so she's very lonely most times. In order to make up for that she loves to sing to herself and to her Pokemon. Ashen has a significant relationship to Psychic types.
    Skills: Ashen is very good at quick thinking and strategizing. She isn't very strong but her amazing balance and sense of gravity make up for that; some even compare her skill to that of a Liepard's.
    Past: Ashen couldn't have asked for a better family. Her father was a scientist who traveled around many different regions to help Humans connect with Pokemon better and help those who cannot/ don't understand the concept of partnering with Pokemon. Her mother raised her family in a small two story house in the outskirts of Cerulean City. She had the dream of one day exploring Mt. Moon by herself and exploring its depths. Her mother forbid she do so and Ashen has always wondered why. The story of her mother getting lost in a mountain once just wasn't convincing. Other than that, Ashen has always been interested in Psychic types. (Unless you read Let's Hold Hands...in which case Espeon doesn't exist.) if she never is able to explore Mt. Moon, she wants to train under gym leader Sabrina to become a Psychic type specialist. However she is naturally skilled in the ways of the psychic types and learns to handle them and many other types flawlessly. She has major issues with bug types... Her brother Harry is her best friend. He is the only one that treats her like everyone else. He is adorble with his blonde hair and uses Ashen's clothing and likes to say "Look Ashen! I'm just like you!" (Read Project P and he has a tragic end, but in most RPs he won't.) Depending on the RP, Ashen also use basic psychic skills.
    Family: Christi (Mom), Jeff (Dad) and Harry are her only known family members.
    Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality

    Nickname: Solstice/Mist/Minti
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Magic Bounce/Water Absorb/ Snow Cloak
    Hidden Power: Dark/Fire/Psychic
    Special Features: This only applies to Solstice, she is more pink than a regular Espeon and her gem on her forehead is a pale blue. Minti is Shiny.
    History/Personality: All three of them apply it this. She is very excitable and curious and likes to cuddle with her trainer. She has been taught to learn on her own since Ashen became her trainer. She was given to Ashen by Harry, her brother, one day as a Christmas gift. Ashen's mother seemed dumbfounded at where he got the her as an Eevee, but she never asked any questions. She became Ashen's first, and signature, Pokemon.

    Nickname: Shadows
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Unburden
    Hidden Power: Steel
    Special Features: Shadows has a small white scarf around her neck with a flower symbol, like all if Ashen's Pokemon.
    Shadows is very lazy. She was caught by Ashen's father and given to the young trainer as a Purrloin. She's never really enjoyed being Ashen's Pokemon, for she like Harry better. The Liepard always slept in his room, played with him in Ashen's absence and even fought for him on occasion. She's a great asset to Ashen's team, but she never really helps out. If Harry wants her to help however, she'll dart out the door faster than any Arcanine can catch a criminal.

    Nickname: Cinder
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Drought
    Hidden Power: Grass
    Special Features: Cinder is Shiny and wears the white scarf
    History/Personality: Cinder used to causes so much havoc in the Amour family before she was a Ninetales. From almost burning the house down to frying too many eggs in the morning she was all over it. Her unique ability aided Ashen a lot on the battlefeild and is much more willing to help than Shadows is. The two feline-like Pokemon hold a grudge against one another for seemingly no reason.

    Nickname: Neptune
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Shell Armor
    Hidden Power: Rock
    Special Features: Neptune has a small scar that looks like a wave on his neck. He wears the white ribbon like everyone else,
    History/Personality: Neptune was traveling down the rivers of Cerulean once and he spotted Ashen who was just sitting on the riverbanks. He just was released from his old trainer for strength and leveling purposes and the Lapras had never felt so lonely. He silly swam up to Ashen and caught himself, and never regretted the decision. He's loyal and ready to help at any time.

    Nickname: Izzy
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Competitive
    Hidden Power: Dark
    Special Features: Izzy wears the white ribbon and has a small necklace that has an apple on it to satisfy the cravings for apples that the Wigglytuff has.
    History/Personality: Ashen found Izzy rummaging through the apple farms nearby. After a few days if trying to capture Izzy as a Jigglypuff, Ashen finally succeeded. Izzy is rarely used in battle because every time she is sent out, Izzy jumps all over Ashen for apples.

    Nickname: Avion
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Hidden Power: Electric
    Special Features: Avion has a slightly different coloring to him as the blue under feathers are green. He too wears the white scarf.
    History/Personality: Avion is very serious. You can't joke with the flying type without receiving a horrible pecking session. He's strong and fast, but his graceful side is only in the air because once he lands Avion is as clumsily as a two year old. Ashen doesn't remember when Avion entered her life, but he was her Mother's Pokemon.

    -If Ashen has Solstice, she may or may not have Equinox in place of Izzy-

    Species: Umbeon
    Nickname: Equinox
    Gender: Male
    Ability: synchronize
    Hidden Power: Electric
    Special Features: Equinox has the white scarf, just like all her other Pokemon
    History/Personality: Equinox is a stubborn flat out rude Umbreon. He refuses to listen to Ashen most of the time and is much like Ash's Charizard in the anime. The only way Ashen gets the Umbreon to listen is to send out Solstice, his crush. Equinox just kinda appeared in Ashen's life, but he actually was one of her father's pokemon.

    This is Ashen!
    (Disclaimer, I do not own picture. I simply modeled Ashen after it)
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  17. [​IMG]
    Name: Cassandra "Cassie" Moreaux Michaels
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Anistar City, Kalos
    Age: 19-20
    Height: 5"2 / 157 cm
    Weight: 100 lbs / 45 kg

    Muscularity: Cassie has an athletic build. Toned, lean, and slender with some modest curves.

    Hair: Wild, wavy, dark hair with side-swept fringes. The longer it is, the more styles she wears it in. Most commonly in a ponytail or french braid. Currently, it is about waist-length.

    Eyes: Silver

    Clothing: If not a pair of sunglasses, Cassie will always have a white fedora on her head.

    Her typical costume consists of a stylish white turtleneck vest, black elbow guards and brown gloves, over them, she wears a brown coat that stops below her breast with four black buttons, and long sleeves that stop at the hem of her gloves. She wears a thick belt to hold her Pokeballs, black riding pants, and brown and hot pink waterproof boots that stop right below her knees.

    Being a stylish, yet practical person, Cassie has quite a diverse range of clothes for different situations, all of which share a common theme of style, practicality, efficiency, and function. Despite her wardrobe, Cassie will always use her hot pink messenger bag with hot pink straps, brown clasp, and black inner-side.

    Identifying Marks: She has disfiguring burn scars on her hands from her Ninetales' Flame Burst when he was still a rambunctious Vulpix, but she keeps them hidden beneath her gloves. She also has a small, faded scar under her right eye where her Garchomp accidentally nicked her with Dragon Claw. As of Grave of the Forgotten, Cassie now also sustains two prominent ballistic trauma scarring on her right thigh and left shin, two electrocution scars on each of her temples, three slash marks across her abdomen and sides, and various minor scars on her torso and back as a result of her torture by Team Rocket, and a horizontal scar on the back of her neck, which was self-inflicted.

    Introverted, quiet, and private, Cassie is severely emotionally dependent on her Pokemon, and the approval of her mother. Thus, after her disownment, and losing nearly her entire team, she became prone to PTSD and panic attacks, though its frequency has greatly declined over time. Cassie also struggles with insomnia, and the lack of self-worth she'd developed during her capture has resulted in her utter loss of pride and shame. She is individualistic, but can adapt and interact well with diverse crowds if need be, though it is not something she personally enjoys. With her sharp mind, quick wit, resourcefulness, and exceptional diplomatic skills, she is a brilliant, calculative strategist in battle with a dark, hot-blooded desire for utter victory. Emotionally detached, she is unpredictable and dangerous, valuing efficiency and effectiveness over morals and good will. Her bluntness and snarky attitude is packaged delicately with eloquence and a debonair attitude, where she enjoys irony and sarcasm. Her true passion is discovering uncharted territory and going where no one has gone before. After the events of The Dark Tournament, it is revealed that she is inexplicably drawn to danger, and is driven by a thrill seeking nature which fuels her love for adventure and compels her to actively, if not subconsciously, seek out dangerous situations in order to bask in the adrenaline rush that comes with survival and high-speed problem solving, planning, and adaptation which pushes her to her limits, and allows her to feel emotion. However generally, she is observant, collected, and cool under pressure, and slowly developing an easily amused - mischievous, even - laid back attitude.

    • Prowess in extreme activities such as Pokemon riding, rock climbing, and parkour.
    • Vast experience in Pokemon battling, traveling, money management.
    • Excellent communication skills.
    • Bilingual, speaking both English and French fluently.
    • Very perceptive and high attention to detail, able to read people (body language, slight facial expression changes) easily.
    • Skilled on skates.
    • Infamously gifted at attracting, and finding danger.
    • Veteran Trainer Jeanne René Moreaux (Mother)
    • Scientist Ben Michaels (Father)
    • Lass Alicia "Alice" Moreaux Michaels (Sister)
    Love Relationships:


    Cassie is the eldest daughter of Veteran Jeanne and Scientist Ben, born in Kalos in the midst of battle. While battling the Kalos Elite Four, Jeanne had gone into labor and was forced to call off the fight she should have been able to win, and forced her into early, if not temporary, retirement. A month after her birth, Ben completed his research in Kalos, and was called for assistance in Sinnoh, forcing him and his wife to move. The two quickly decided that their careers would not make it possible for their daughter to go to a regular school, because they would always be moving around, and agreed that they would homeschool her.

    A year into their stay in Sinnoh, half of Jeanne’s Pokemon team was stolen by Team Galactic, and she was forced to train replacements from scratch, extending their stay despite the completion of Ben's research. Cassie would alternate being watched by Ben and Jeanne, depending on what they needed to do that day and where they were going to go, but never really having a secure place to stay.

    Two years later, her little sister Alice was born, which resulted in Jeanne once again delaying her journey to raise her child. Around this time, the family took a 'vacation' of sorts to an isolated island chain in the tropics, where Ben conducted research on the isolated Pokemon variants of Acedia. It was here that Cassie encountered Salem Archon, whose father was Ben's guide around the island, for the very first time. They became fast friends, and found their first loves in each other. Unfortunately, their time together was limited, and the ultimate separation affected both children greatly. (Memories of Regalo Del'mar)

    By the time Alice turned three, Jeanne decided to retire from being a Pokemon trainer to properly raise her daughters but had a good run, obtaining all of the Sinnoh Badges and even making it past the Elite Four, and with Ben’s continued work, the Michaels moved yet again from Sinnoh to Unova, where they continued to live their nomadic life, moving from town to town.

    Cassie lived a rather sheltered life because of this, the expectations of her parents forcing her to fill her childhood days with studies instead of play and fond memories. Due to Jeanne’s wishes, Cassie was involuntarily entered in numerous Battle Tournaments across Unova using her mother’s Pokemon. She gained experience, and after turning ten, her parents urged her to catch her first Pokemon. During their stay in Flocessy Town, Cassie managed to catch Ryu (Lucario), who was then still a Riolu, using her mother's Delcatty when she took to Flocessy Ranch. And during a farewell party - A grand picnic at the Abundant Shrine - she encounted Nine (Ninetales), as a Vulpix, and managed to catch him using Ryu, much to the delight of her "audience".

    She gathered her team throughout her journey via trade and wild captures, however during one of her first training sessions with Nine after evolving him into a Ninetales, a Flame Burst gone wrong resulted in the disfiguring of her hands permanently. She was treated in intensive care in Nimbasa City for two weeks, and spent nearly three months after that undergoing physical therapy to regain fine motor control in her hands. She became extremely pyrophobic as a result. Despite this, she still pushed on, refusing to return home a failure.

    She successfully gathered all eight gym badges at the age of twelve, and took down the Unova League after an additional six months of rigorous training. She held the title of Champion for a while - a full year, to be exact - but eventually grew bored of her routine of waking up, awaiting challengers, defending the title, and constantly pulling through at the expense of great effort. Mind you, it was quite exhilarating for the first few months, being able to battle powerful opponents, but... After nearly nine months of it, she began to feel trapped, and this in turn became the reason for her downfall. Though her mother and the tabloid had called it a failure, Cassie herself saw it as a liberation, though her mother demanded redemption.

    Hence, she chose to retrace her steps back to Sinnoh, completing her team with Fang (Gabite when first caught, later evolved into Garchomp) and Aurora (Snorunt when caught, later evolved into Froslass). It took another two years to successfully challenge all of Sinnoh’s gyms and gather their badges, and at age fifteen, Cassie managed to defeat the Elite Four and Champion, earning a spot in a hall of fame once more and temporarily satisfied her mother's wish for redemption. Despite the honor, however, she refused the title, and chose instead to move back to her hometown of Anistar City where she re-purchased her family's home with the finances she had gathered.

    Roleplay Timeline
    At the age of 17, Cassie received a keystone as a prize from a Pokemon tournament, and has since set out to collect mega stones. A year later, during an exploration to find mega stones in Glittering Cave, Cassie became a victim of a cave collapse, and flooding, and was forced to work together with the other victims in order to escape. Among them were Curt, Jacob, and Sai. Through the course of events, she was gifted a Garchompite by Sai, which, upon successfully escaping, she used to challenge Curt to a double battle in order to test the mega stone she'd received. (Stalagmites & Stalactites)

    Months later, she was invited to attend a ball organized by the powerful and influential Kyandi family to celebrate the start of their eldest son's, Marzipan Kyandi, Pokemon journey. During the high of the event, she slipped away from the ball to share a battle with him, and Cassie soon became infatuated with the young noble. Unbeknownst to them, Curt had worked in the event as a replacement waiter for the sole purpose of stealing a valuable family relic, which resulted in the disownment of Marz, and his parting ways with Cassie. Despite this, she remained close with Curt. (Dollhouses & Battles)

    Cassie remained hung up on the young man for the next two months, which sent her to the next year, when she accepted her mother's invitation for a battle in Kanto. However, while spending the night in a Pokemon Center in Cerulean City, Cassie became involved in Sai's intervention of Team Rocket's Pokemon heist. They discover that Jacob, who had become a Rocket Admin, was leading the operation, and captured him temporarily, until he was freed when Team Rocket burned the building down. Luckily, Sai managed to escape with Cassie in one piece. (Rocket Assault)

    Months later, Alice officially moves in to her house in Anistar in order to help Ben's research in Kalos, after graduating from a boarding school in Unova. During a weekly shopping run to Lumoise, she re-encounters Sai, who'd returned to Kalos after years of traveling abroad. They arrange a date, and Cassie finds comfort in Sai's company after he manages to break down her walls, both deciding to travel together. (A Day Out)

    The following day, their journey began. However, while passing through Route 15, they encounter Jacob and Curt. Conflict broke out between the duos, but was interrupted by an ambush by Team Rocket that led to Jacob's capture. However, after some convincing from Curt, the two agree to go back and save Jacob. Unfortunately, Cassie was captured in his place, leaving Nine (who had been released out of his pokeball) under the care of Curt. (Le Saut Trompe)

    Cassie turned 19 in the months spent under Team Rocket's custody, where she was physically abused in order to coax her into sharing information on Jacob, Sai, and Curt. However, after it became apparent that physical abuse was ineffective, they resorted to mental abuse; not allowing her any sleep, publishing headlines on tabloids and newspapers owned by the Rocket Company fabricating her involvement in gym badge fraud and trafficking, and claiming that her Pokemon were a result of trade and that she never even set foot in a gym.

    The news was spread throughout the Kalos region, but was targeted specifically to her mother, whose approval is the only opinion that matters and the sole reason she became a trainer. This resulted in an instant decimation of her image and credibility, and also a trial for fraud. However, Cassie remained hopeful that her friends would come and save her. A hope that was quickly shattered when Team Rocket arranged for Jeanne to meet with Cassie a week before her trial, after the veteran contacted the newspaper editor about the headline.

    Utterly crushed, and needing validation, Jeanne challenges Cassie to a long overdue battle, which had been postponed previously when her daughter was trapped in a burning Pokemon Center. Her greeting to her daughter had been a cold, unwelcoming one that left Cassie, who'd already been physically and mentally strained before, shaken, and ultimately caused her to lose the battle. Due to this, Jeanne disowned her from her family.

    Mere hours after Jeanne's departure, Cassie is offered the choice of cooperation and be let off the hook, or be further tortured and then, arrested. Finally, Cassie chose to cooperate. Unfortunately, she knew nothing of the information Team Rocket needed, having not known Jacob, Curt, or Sai very well. This was taken as a form of trickery, leading to the ultimate mental torture; the destruction of her team's Pokeballs by her own hand. Under the control of a Hypno, Cassie had released her Pokemon and destroyed each of their pokeballs each time she is unable to answer a question. However, she was Nine's Pokeball, which had been empty in the first place.

    With deep loyalty to their trainer, Cassie's team refused to leave. Unfortunately, with the threat of Team Rocket admins capturing them instead, Cassie ordered them all to go and never come back. After the traumatic experience, Cassie was taken to trial for her fraud charges, where she was sentenced to a fine of five million Pokemon dollars (two hundred fifty thousand dollars and an additional ten thousand dollars for every badge sold), leaving her completely bankrupt.

    Upon a chance encounter on Kalos' Route 15, she is reunited with Nine, who had been under the care of Curt during her absence, as well as Jacob and Curt himself. There, she also meets Gerald Aster, a stranger who happened to see her off on her own and followed her to see if she was alright, and a strange young man named Que Allen. After a surprise ambush from Team Rocket, led by Admin Thomas Jayce, the trainers are forced into an undiscovered ruin beyond a pit dubbed by the local delinquents as Dead Man's Drop, where they encounter the ungodly horrors of Darkrai's wrath upon an ancient civilization of Darkrai worshippers and Cresselia hunters, forcing trainer and Rocket alike to work together in order to get out alive. (Grave of the Forgotten)

    The horrific experience revealed to be fruitful for Cassie, however, as within the ruins she managed to find copious amounts of treasure, but only managed to carry so much in her bag, and evolve Lady into a Liepard after she devoured a stash of rare candies in the treasure room where offerings for Darkrai were kept. Not wanting to lose out, Peridot in turn also pushed herself towards her own evolution as a Kirlia. With the treasure, Cassie was able to reclaim her house and make a better living for herself and her Pokemon, even being able to pay off some of her debts. Her current stable income comes from Thomas, who shortly after failing his mission on Route 15, was let go from Team Rocket and shamefully moves into Cassie's house, paying monthly rent with his new job as a grocery store clerk. Or so he claims.

    Once the treasure runs out, Cassie accepts an invitation to Jinko Island where a Pokemon Tournament is being held. The prizes are spectacular, and would have been able to clear her debt completely and then some. However, as it turns out, the tournament was another Rocket scheme which trapped all the contestants in a twisted survival game against genetically modified, virus-infected, wild blood thirsty Pokemon. There, she re-encounters Gerald, her childhood friend, Salem, and some new faces including Floyd Johnstone and Dr. Aidinia Moon. During the course of the events, she rekindles old feelings for Salem, and during the time she spent with him, she flourishes in his protection and support. They barely manage to survive the ordeal. The three days of recovery after their escape she spent with Salem, whom prior to their escape managed to rescue one of the rare eggs meant as a tournament prize. Under their care, the egg hatched into a uniquely pigmented Dratini whom they name Aeryn. As they part ways, Salem inspires her to reclaim her life and clear her name from the false charges befallen on her. (The Dark Tournament)

    With the amount of credible witnesses and victims on Jinko Island, Cassie managed to form a counter-case to clear her charges and reclaim her name, reputation, and credibility as a trainer. The trial lasted eight long months, but in the end, she emerged victorious and received a generous amount of compensation money from the Kalos government. With her life back on track, Cassie accepts an invitation from Jacob to go with him and Curt to the freezing arctic region of Korska, where warm surprises await her. After narrowly escaping a car accident on their way to the Korska Research Facility during a freak storm, they were found and rescued by Salem - of whom she had a warm reunion with - and wind up at an abandoned hut after getting lost in the storm. The base turned out to be a Rocket Facility with an underground biosphere teeming with life, and was later revealed to be the facility Cassie and her Pokemon had been kept in during her kidnapping. It is here that she is finally reunited with her team. (Frozen Over)
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  18. Name: Curt
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 195
    Hair: Dark Blond, short but “full” looking
    Eye’s: Dark Green
    Build: In decent shape, exercises often, but still has a bit of a gut due to poor eating habits.
    Hometown: Cherrygroove
    Skill: Knows how to cook, basic first-aid, knows how to box (took a few classes)

    Clothing: Often wears a light-blue T-shirt with Cargo shorts and a dark green back-pack. Carries around a grey coat for more extreme weathers. Also carry’s around a pocket knife and a utility tool(basically a Leathermen) for, well, utility purposes. Has glasses as well but only wears them when he needs them.

    Personality: Fairly kind, but also somewhat shy. Curt would probably stay in his own little “bubble” if his Pokémon didn’t encourage him to go out more. Though he is somewhat difficult to motivate, when he sets his mind to something he goes for it. He does have a bit of self-confidence issues and can be a tad bit pessimistic, but his long time buddy Embertail is always there to give him some extra motivation whenever he needs it. He also had a love of Dragon-type Pokemon, he idolizes the Dragon Master Lance and will sometimes "nerd-out" if he see's a dragon Pokemon.

    History: Curt moves to a town on the outskirts of Cherrygrove city when he was 7. There, Curt enjoyed a life of comfortable routine, occasionally broken with a random shenanigan every now and again, with his mom, dad, little brother, and Embertail, a little Charmander, which the family ended up “adopting” when it turned up near their house when Curt was only four. Despite “getting” a Pokémon at a young age (though really Embertail was closer to being a member of the family then anybody’s Pokémon), Curt didn’t really go on any adventures till he was much older. He still enjoyed Pokémon battles with his neighbors and the trainers the passed through their town on their journeys, but only started traveling himself about two years ago. Though he frequently returns home, he found he does like the occasional adventure and is happy to go one a journey whenever the opportunity arises.


    Name: Embertail
    Species: Charmander
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze
    Primary Moves: Brick Break, Rock Slide, Dragon Claw, Flare Blitz(Has trouble using)
    Secondary Moves: Dig, Aerial Ace, Counter, Slash, Outrage (Extremely Rare)
    Special Features/ Quirks: Has big eyes, likes sweet food, is a vegetarian for some odd reason, likes sweets, slightly taller than an average Charmander, wears a band resembling a Focus-Sash on his right arm,
    Personality: Jolly, seemingly perpetually happy, silly and impetuous, a bit of a goof ball, outgoing and friendly, has a bit of claustrophobia (which is why he doesn’t like Pokeballs), likes to run.

    History: Found battered and beaten along side his little brother by Curt’s family just outside the town Curt grew up in. They took him home, patched him up, and planned to re-release him back into the wilds when he was all healed up, but during that short time he formed a very strong bond with Curt. At first, they were a little hesitant about keeping him, but they soon learned the little guy was unable to breathe fire, at all. Realizing he wouldn’t last long in the wild, and under the pressure of Curt’s constant begging(and that a Charmander that couldn't breathe fire wasn't very dangerous), Curt’s family decided to take in the young Charmander, who they named Embertail (his brother went under the Care of Prof. Oak and later a new trainer, but they still see each other from time to time). At first he started out as sort of a pet, but quickly grew to be a close member of the family. Due to spending almost his entire life following Curt around and growing up around other humans he has adopted many human mannerisms, such as learning how to use many human tools (such as utensils, a broom, even potions), a love of human food, even (somehow) learning how to read, and (rarely) speak common human words. Despite being unable to breathe fire, this did not discourage him from battling, it just convinced him to focus on working on other area's. He is extremely fast, agile, can throw a surprisingly decent punch and can take as much as he can dish-out. He and Curt have a very strong bond, to the point where they consider themselves each others brothers.

    Name: Whips
    Species: Dragonite
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Primary Moves: Outrage, Earthquake, Iron Head, Dragon Dance
    Secondary Moves: All weather changing moves(Rain Dance, Sunny Day, ect.), Aqua Tail, Fire Punch, Thunder Bolt, Brick Break
    Special Features/ Quirks: As a Dragonair he was only about 10 ft long (short for a Dragonair), but ironically as a Dragonite he’s almost eight feel tall, significantly taller then most Dragonites, his horn is longer then a normal Dragonites
    Personality: Adamant, proud, stubborn, a bit short-tempered, hates to lose, an “honorable fighter”, has a secret love of comic books,

    History: Whips has always been a bit of a trouble maker ever since he was a young Dratini, so much so he earned the ire of his “clan” in the Safari Zone because of his antics, so much so he decided to let himself get caught by the next trainer he ran into. Unfortunately the next person he ran into was Curt, who wasn’t even a Pokémon trainer (yet) and just vacationing at Blackthorn City for the week with his family. Curt was very ecstatic that he caught such a rare Pokémon(well, technically Embertail "caught" him, but that's a different story), Whips was less the enthusiastic. Still, he received kindness, even love, from his new family that he rarely got from him old one and, despite not being a trainer, Curt loved to battle whenever he got the chance so, in the end, he decided his new home was better than the Dragon Den. His love of fighting makes him Curt’s strongest Pokémon by far and has lead him to evolve rather quickly for a “stay at home” Pokémon, especially by Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon standards. He always takes battling seriously, unlike Embertail who mostly thinks they're just a fun bit of sport. Despite this, the two get along very well. Though Whips doesn’t exactly hold Curt in the highest regard (what with him being shy on actual experience as a trainer), he does respect him and his family as the people who took him in. However, after evolving into a Dragonite and easily become Curts strongest Pokemon, he will absolutely refuse to fight if he believe his opponent offers no challenge, not because he believes Curt is an incompetent trainer, more out of a belief that fighting a weaker Pokémon would be dishonorable and a misuse of his great powers. He has incredible strength, even by Dragonite standards and has equally great stamina, his only possible draw back are that his special attacks are rather weak. Still, he can easily manipulate the weather to make sure his range attacks are very accurate, besides, he''s always preferred physical confrontation over range battles any day.

    Name: Lockjaw
    Species: Croconaw
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Torrent
    Primary Moves: Crunch, Aqua Tail, Ice Fang, Superpower
    Secondary Moves: Water Gun, Earthquake, Brick Break, Surf, Slash
    Special Features/ Quirks: Has a scar across his left eye, fear of deep water, spines are softer and more “round” then normal, his mom is a Croconaw from the swamp, his dad is a semi-famous contest Milotic
    Personality: Very shy (even more so then Curt), dislikes big crowds and hates having to perform/battle/ do anything in front of them, suspicious of new people, cautious, easily startled, but can be brave when the need arises, big music lover (his favorite is heavy metal, oddly enough),

    History: Born in a swamp near New Bark Town, Lockjaw was always a little bit shy and was often picked on by other members of his species for being so passive. Until one day Curt, Embertail, and Whips came across his swamp and, after a crazy adventure, Lockjaws family decided he would be better off with Curt, but Lockjaw still visits his swamp from time to time. Though he does enjoy the occasional sparing match, he is incredibly shy and his abilities can drop when he has to fight in a stadium, arena, or any large gathering of people or Pokémon. Despite this, when the situation is dire enough or if he’s friends are in danger, he can surprise even his own team mates with his ability. He eventually evolved from a Totodile to a Croconaw in the middle of a battle with an Ace Trainer named Cassie and her partners: Fang and Ryu (a Garchomp and Lucario respectively) after escaping being trapped, and though he's a bit braver, his still a bit of a scared y-cat. He's sort of a "jack of all trades" fighter, having decent stamina, strength, and range attack power for a Croconaw, but not really excelling in any area. Still, that just means you don't know what to expect from this jumpy little 'gator.

    Name: Jasper
    Species: Cubone
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Lightning Rod
    Primary Moves: Toxic, Stealth Rock, Ice Beam, Flamethrower
    Secondary Moves: Bone Club, Dig, Bonemerang, Headbutt, Stone Edge
    Special Features/ “Quirks”: Star shaped crack on her skull helmet, a bit taller and slimmer then the average Cubone, her Thick Club is covered in glowing, light blue runes that allow her to use Ice Beam,
    Personality: Bold, likes to take chances, out-spoken, a bit of a hoarder, cool temper, phobia of ghosts and Ghost-Type Pokemon, like sour foods,

    History: Jasper's mother was once the leader of a small clan of Cubone, but after losing to the head of a rival clan, their entire family was kicked out and forced to fend for themselves alone in the wild . One day she and her father made their way to and feel asleep in Curt's family garage. Out of sympathy for the Pokemons condition, they laid out some blankets and food for them and the family sort of made their home there. Thankfully, they found a way to get their own food and the group generally keeps to themselves. Jasper eventually became friends with Curt and the other Pokemon that lived in that town (especially Embertail) and even occasionally played and spared with them. When Curt decided to head out on his journey, Jasper decided to come with them in the hopes of getting strong enough to challenge the Marowak that exiled her family and retake their clan. Though her physical power isn't very exceptional, she has great endurance and ranged attack power to spare!

    Name: Flare
    Species: Ninetails
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Primary Moves: Flamethrower, Extrasensory, Energy Ball, Calm Mind
    Secondary Moves: Confuse Ray, Protect, Fire Blast, Dark Pulse, Hypnosis
    Special Features/ Quirks: Missing a part of one of her nine tails, over 300 years old, has a bang that hangs over her right eye
    Personality: Modest, wise but optimistic, a little naïve to the modern world, fond of liquor (somehow manages to get her hands on it), loves to read

    History: Once owned by a noble trainer three-hundred years ago, Flare enjoyed a happy life until, while traveling to insert town name here, her carriage was attacked by bandits, and everyone killed except for her. However, this event also awakened her latent Psychic powers and allowed her to take vengeance on the bandits, after which she became the head of a clan of Vulpix for about three-hundred years in a forest. This event caused her to hate humans and all Pokemon who traveled with them and attacked them on sight, causing her to be known as “The demon of the Forest”. Until Curt, Embertail, and the rest of his crew wandered into her forest and, after saving her clan from being massacred by a rival clan of Houndoom, she ended up joining the team. Flare is an old, but very powerful Ninetails, very wise and with powerful psychic abilities in addition to her powerful fire attacks, she prefers to fight at a distance and bombard her opponents with fire and her psychic powers. She is even capable of communicating with Curt and other humans telepathically, but she tries to refrain from doing this too much, as it startles even those who know she can do it.

    Name: Raviel
    Species: Jolteon
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Volt Absorb
    Primary Moves: Iron Tail, Thunder Bolt, Double Kick, Shadow Ball
    Secondary Moves: Thunder, Bite, Thunder Fang, Pin Missile, Dig
    Special Features/ “Quirks”: Missing almost all of his right ear, unaffected by a female Pokemon who uses attract, often has a tooth pick in his mouth,
    Personality: Brave, typical “tough guy”, short-tempered, "street smart", acts a bit like a mob boss, a bit of a trouble maker,

    History: Curt found Raviel as an Eevee in Celedone City. He was protecting a group of orphaned Pokemon from being harmed by the more violent inhabitants (as well as stealing food, and other items for them). To make a long story short, Curt and his team helped teach Raviel’s group how to take care of themselves. Which led to Raviel joining Curts party. Oddly enough, Raviel got his name from his parents, not Curt, and claims he wasn’t born in Celedon, but in a faraway city with a “big pink glowey thing”. He distinctly remembers living with a human family a long time ago, but a lot of his memories of this are somewhat fuzzy, but he remembers being removed from them and put in a cage and moved around a lot. He eventually escaped from the back of a truck in Celedon city. After wandering around the city all alone for a while, he eventually end up joined up with another group of Pokemon lead by a stray Growlithe. He lost most of his right ear in a scrap with a Persian in a Celedon back alley. He eventually evolved into a Jolteon just like his "awesome" dad was, according to him. A true lightning bruiser, he is capable of powerful physical and special attacks and is fast enough to dish them out quickly and avoid getting hit, good thing too. Though Raviel is persistent, he isn't the most durable Pokemon, but again, good luck hitting him!

    Name: Barry the Bidoof
    Species: Bidoof
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Unaware
    Primary Moves: Strength, Surf, Waterfall, Superpower
    Secondary Moves: Rock Climb, Cut, Whirlpool, Headbutt
    Special Features/ Quirks: Always Drunk, missing half of one of his front teeth, a total wreak,
    Personality: Docile, Selectivly Strong Willed, Drunk, Asshole,

    History: The gang found Barry outside of Sanaduel city running from a mob of pissed of townsfolk due to numerous acts of thievery and debauchery. After convincing them to spare the Bidoof and let them bring him back into the wild, the group found that the wild Pokémon wanted Barry dead just as much as the townsfolk, so they let him tag along. Barry’s “specialty” is utility moves, so he’s not the greatest battler…or even the best Pokemon to use when it comes to his own utility moves…he’s just sort of a mess that constantly causes trouble for the gang.

    Name: Cappy
    Species: Mimikyu
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Disguise
    Primary Moves: Shadow Claw, Sword Dance, Play Rough, Wood Hammer
    Secondary Moves: Shadow Sneak, Leech Life, Splash, Dazzling Gleam, Double Team
    Special Features/ Quirks: Slightly odd stitching on her costume, chipped wood-tail
    Personality: Quirky, a bit “weird”, hyper-active,

    History: The gang ran into Cappy in the depths of a cavern in the middle of the frozen north while on a science exhibition with their friends. Having spent almost all her life in that underground cavern, Cappy isn’t very wordly, to the point where she doesn’t even know what kind of Pokemon she is! That doesn’t stop her from being a ball of energy always eager to learn and happy to see new things. She has a few habits and quirks that can seem odd to some, but she has friendliness and kindness in bundles once you get to know her!
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  19. Name: Rick "Shadow"
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Geosenge Town, Kalos Region
    Age: 19
    Height: 5' 11''
    Weight: 135 lbs.
    Hair: Black, Slick, Usually laid back, sometimes he gets lazy and has a "bed-head" appearance
    Eyes: Forest Green
    Clothing: Usually dark clothes. Dark blue or black jeans with a chain on the right side, a dark t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt. When working as an investigator, he loses the chain and dons a dark brown trench coat and hat.
    Personality: Very laid back and dark thinking, but can get defensive if he feels threatened or someone he is attached to is threatened. Used to be very violent, and that burden still lies on his mind often.
    Skills: Very handy at taking care of himself in a fight, both hand-to-hand and with pokemon. Useful at thinking like thugs or criminals, due to his past.
    History: Was born from an unknown family and abandoned as an infant onto a random doorstep. However cliche this may be, one part was not right. The neighborhood where he was abandoned was a very unforgiving neighborhood, and nobody took him in. Eventually some thug with a heart decided to raise him for a few years, but by the time the thugs were tired of him, he had learned their ways. He became his own man at the lowly age of 12, running the streets as one of the baddest thugs around. Every criminal knew of him, whether he knew them personally or not. He was really good at evading the force, until one day, one group of police actually caught him. Instead of arresting him, however, they took him under their wing. They taught him the error of his ways and he truly embraced the idea of helping people. His dark deeds weigh on him deeply, however, and he can never truly forgive himself. However, he makes the best of his new life, using his skills and knowledge of the trade to help stop thugs and their wrongdoings. Occasionally, he'll take a break, but he still refuses to break the laws unless under extreme circumstances for extremely good reasons.
    Family: None currently known, but I'm going to leave it open for future development.
    Love Relationships?: None currently, but I'm going to leave it open for future development.

    Species: Umbreon
    Nickname: Neon
    Gender: Male
    Special Features: A large chunk of his right ear is missing, right above the ring.
    History/Personality: Neon, as with all of Rick's pokemon, was found and trained by him during his thug days, but has adapted to the new Rick fairly effectively. However, several features from the old Rick remain, such as Neon's carelessness due to Rick's previous carelessness towards his pokemon. Neon's carelessness could easily be mistaken for being laid back, like Rick often is, but it is more of a psychological issue, as Neon wasn't like this before meeting Rick. Maybe it was because of growing that he became this way, but because of Rick or the street life in general was more likely.

    Species: Greninja
    Nickname: Shade
    Gender: Female
    Special Features: N/A
    History/Personality: Shade, as with all of Rick's pokemon, was found and trained by him during his thug days. Shade, however, has not recovered as well as the others. He still maintains a highly sneaky personality. He's a type of pokemon to where you would hold your purse tighter when you seen him... if you seen him. However, his attitude matches that as well. He obliges Rick's orders or requests, but he is very sarcastic in conversation. Rick almost worries sometimes if Shade would even risk himself to save Rick or not. While his loyalty doesn't show often, when he does, it is heartwarming. The bond between them might be the only thing keeping shade compliant to Rick's whims, but it is a strong bond indeed.

    Species: Absol
    Nickname: Jace
    Gender: Male
    Special Features: N/A
    History/Personality: Jace was always more of a worrisome type of pokemon. Even in Rick's dark days, he tended to veer away from trouble and warn Rick when he could. He's not necessarily a coward, but he often worries about the consequences of Rick's or other's actions. He warns Rick when he can, but if he has to put his own skin on the line, it's have to be a life-or-death situation to convince him to warn Rick. However, sometimes his worrying ventures into the realm of paranoia. This can often prove to cause Rick to become tired with his warnings, as sometimes they are not backed with logic. However, being able to see through Jace's true worries and paranoia has strengthened the bond between them.​
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  20. Name: Jacob

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Petalburg City, Hoenn Region

    Age: 20

    Height: 5’ 10

    Weight: 155 lbs

    Hair: Orange

    Eyes: Blue

    Clothing: He has a variety of clothes that he wears. Usually he is pretty casual, wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers.

    Identifying Marks: Nothing too obvious, but the Orange hair is a good marker.

    Musculature: He is well built, but too skinny to be considered a serious body-builder.

    Personality: Generally pretty outgoing, Jacob has exceeds in academic and experience positions. He is highly intelligent, but also judgemental. He usually remains quiet now, and acts particularly cautious. He gets nervous pretty easily, and has a difficult time connecting with new people, on purpose to an extent. He is a caring person with loyalty to principles of good and justice, but he understands people on many sides of issues. He is often quick to anger, and when emotionally distressed he becomes extremely selfish.

    Skills: He is relatively fast for his age, and has experience working with different organizations. His tactical mind and intelligence are his greatest asset.

    Past: Jacob came from a somewhat wealthy family in Petalburg City. He was born in Petalburg five years after his family moved from Kanto. He received his first pokemon when he was ten years old, a Torchic he named Nero. Like everyone else, he wanted to take a pokemon journey, and his parents sent him to Kalos. After traveling for some time in Kalos, he tried and failed to defeat a gym leader. Disappointed, he returned home and began studying. He worked with his pokemon, training them and studying their strengths and weaknesses. He applied and was accepted to a prestigious school where he studied before moving on to college in Unova. While in high school, however, his grandmother set up a meeting between him and a woman named Martha, a famous Fairy-Type trainer that his grandmother had known for some time. The woman was very old, but decided to teach Jacob a thing or two. The two of them hit it off, and became very close. She continues to have a good relationship with him to this day, and occasionally practices battling with him, and attends his tournament appearances (which are rare). After a year and a half of college in Unova, Jacob had another important experience. He was traveling in Hoenn, and fell off a cliff, to be saved by an old man named Gus. The man helped Jacob and gave him a place to stay for the night. The two of them began talking and became friends. Soon after, Gus offered Jacob a job in the organization he worked in: Team Rocket. Gus was planning a queue in the organization, but was discovered and killed. Jacob was taken up as a prodigee of Giovani for a few months, battling against some old friends (the thread here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/rocket-assault.12541/) before eventually being squeezed out of the organization. Team Rocket continues to keep a close eye on him (as can be seen in these threads: http://pokecharms.com/threads/slateport-tournament-open.12577/ http://pokecharms.com/threads/le-saut-trompe-kalos-travels.12643/ ). Leaving Team Rocket, he would eventually have to face down his old friends again (link above) only to be assaulted by Team Rocket once again. He currently is on leave from his university after his “internship” with the rocket organization, but is planning on returning soon.

    Family: His immediate family is pretty full. Both of his parents work for companies in Petalburg, but both had previously gone on their own pokemon journeys in their youth. He also has a younger brother, who is currently in school as well.

    Love Relationships?: None in particular, but possibly soon with an old friend from Team Rocket (Hera). Their relationship can be seen throughout the threads posted above.


    Species: Blaziken

    Nickname: Nero

    Gender: Male

    History: Nero was Jacob’s first pokemon that he received at age 10. They have been together for ten years and are very close.

    Personality: Nero is generally edgy, and jumpy. He tends to be distrustful, and appears to be fine being alone. The truth is that he is very reliant on Jacob’s opinion of him, and the two of them have a bit of an odd dynamic because of this.

    Species: Tangrowth

    Nickname: Atlas

    Gender: Male

    History: Jacob caught Atlas as a Tangela in Kalos. It was the first pokemon he had ever captured.

    Personality: Atlas is a very shy pokemon, and stays away from new people in general. He is extremely loyal, however, and very protective of the other pokemon in Jacob’s group.

    Species: Heliolisk

    Nickname: Dexter

    Gender: Male

    History: Dexter was caught as a Helioptile during his adventure in Kalos.

    Personality: Dexter is an extremely intelligent pokemon, and thinks everything through. He shares Jacob’s cautiousness, and proceeds to form bonds with unexpected pokemon.

    Species: Golurk

    Nickname: Stargazer

    Gender: Genderless

    History: Stargazer voluntarily agreed to go along with Jacob during his journey in Kalos. The pokemon followed him for some time before deciding to join him.

    Personality: Usually, Golurks tend to lack a strong personality. Stargazer, however seems to break this rule. He is an extremely peace loving pokemon, and Jacob doesn’t like to use him in tournaments for this reason. Generally, Stargazer is used for transportation, or when Jacob actually needs a strong defense.

    Species: Goodra

    Nickname: Goo

    Gender: Male

    History: Jacob was given Goo as a gift when he was only a Goomy (Jacob was 13). Jacob had wanted a dragon pokemon for a long time, but was heartily disappointed in receiving the weakest of the dragon types.

    Personality: Goo didn’t let Jacob’s disappointment stop him, however. The pokemon is extremely affectionate, and loves all people and pokemon.

    Species: Togekiss

    Nickname: Shakespeare

    Gender: Male

    History: Shakespeare was given to Jacob as a gift by Martha. Martha’s two Togekiss had had children, and she was trying to find good homes for all of her Togepis. As such, the pokemon is a product of top of the line breeding.

    Personality: Shakespeare is a very determined pokemon. Always trying to catch his parents, the pokemon loves to battle. He doesn’t have the best strategic mind, but trusts Jacob completely.
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    Name: Alice Dupré
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Celadon City
    Age: Seventeen

    Height: 5'5 ft
    Weight: 120 lb
    Hair: Short platinum hair with a longer left bang that
    initially reaches the bottom of her chin.
    Eyes: Scarlet eyes with pronounced irises.
    Clothing: A white or beige baseball hat, a leather varsity paired with
    a gray hoodie and a crop top underneath. Either white or camo cargo pants (depending where she treks), and combat boots. Her belt or duffle bag holds her pokeballs.
    Identifying Marks: Her peculiar eye and hair colour, as well as a claw mark given to her by a Charizard at the back of her shoulder.
    Musculature: Slender, toned, and rather curvaceous.

    Personality: As a child of a prestigious family, Alice holds herself with high regard; however she does not minimize others. She has a calm and radiant demeanor, naturally coming off as cold and reserved. With ease, she can switch from being impassive to a charming expression. Unexpectedly, she is rather outgoing, mischievous, and can become friendly with even her rivals. Alice knows how to easily speculate motives and desires, resulting in her ability to please those around her. However this has also withdrawn her from connecting with people on a deeper level. She is sometimes unexpectedly childish, especially in her stubborn fits. Her competitive nature has a hard time accepting defeat, and she is prone to personality change during battle. Despite her laid back attitude, she is a hard worker, and impatient in the faces of those who can't keep up. She likes to jump into everything without thinking. Despite her brashness she’s a quick thinker and is able to set priorities.

    Skills: Money had bought her a fine set of skills, however she prides in her hard work and independence.
    Family: Grace Dupré (Mother), Curtis J. Dupré (Father), Eris J. Dupré (Brother), Ivan Du Bois (Assistant), Kenneth Harvey (Cousin)
    Love Relationships: None for the moment.

    Past: The young lady of a large estate, born under the prestigious name of a world renown contestant and company CEO. Despite their absence in her life, the two were doting parents. Unlike her older brother, Alice wasn't given the heavy burden of high expectations. This made her strive harder to impress those around her; however there was never even a bar for her to set. Her failures as well as her achievements were meaningless. She was given a comfortable life, surrounded by those who wished to please her. The only expectation she had was to be the product of high society, the doll of the household. It was suffocating.
    At the age of ten, she had enough battle experience to claim her independence; however she was restrained from setting out alone. She collected badges under the care of her personal assistant. It consumed her love for battle, and she returned home without the real satisfaction of adventure. Instead, she was enrolled into a prestigious school where she continued her studies. Shortly after graduation, she was inspired by her wanderlust, and bargained her parents to travel the regions alone. She cut ties from her wealth, funding herself by winning battles and tournaments. In these years, she had lazily collected badges from different regions; however it does not interest her to strive to become a champion. She returns home from time to time, continuing to fulfill her role as the lady of her family, but focuses her time exploring and traveling. She has a newfound passion for research, setting out to collect different samples and data from these regions. Sometimes she acts as a vigilante, and investigates dark organizations that hinder her research.

    | POKEMON central team
    Otis: Blastoise: Male: Received as an egg.
    Rhys: Rapidash: Male: Received as a Ponyta.
    Oz/Osric: Steelix: Male: Caught as an Onix.
    Arlo: Mightyena: Male: Caught as a Mightyena.
    Taz/Tasmania: Gengar: Male: Caught as a Gengar.
    Uriel: Cinccino: Male: Caught as a Minccino.

    Muk, Gible, Hitmonlee, Hydreigon, Arcanine, Tropius, Abomasnow
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  22. Name: Kenneth Harvey
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Foretree City
    Age: 20 (varies in rp)
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 140lb
    Hair: Black wavy hair, tapered at the back but left longer in the front.
    Eyes: Pale, jade green eyes.
    Clothing: Comfortable and simple clothes that can be slept in. Unexpectedly, he has an eye for fashion.
    Identifying Marks: His unique pale eyes, naturally wavy hair, and that distant look of boredom or the unamused expression of his. It's not often that you will catch a genuine smile from him.
    Musculature: Rather thin limbs, but unexpectingly quite strong and nimble.
    Personality: "I'm told to be too laid back. On the other hand, others tell me I'm too easy to piss off. Either way, they should learn to mind themselves; and you mate, are no exception."
    Kenneth can be seen as cowardly and without drive, avoiding situations and taking shorter routes. Simply, he hates hassles, and does not care for how people view him if he can avoid entirely encountering them. Ironically, this may be due to how stubborn and prideful he is. Once he sets his mind to something, he is determined to see through it. Thus why he avoids hassles in the first place. Although he carries a rather lax and calm nature about him, he's very short tempered. He may call himself a pacifist, but can become aggressive out of annoyance. A pet peeve of his is when people call him 'Kenny,' a name his grandmother called him. However he lets it pass with people close to him. Raised in a household full of feline Pokemon, he has an undying love for them, and adopted some catlike behaviour. This includes his lazy, aloof personality. He is also declined to shaking hands, as the thought of where they touched make him uneasy. His tendency for cleanliness has made a habit of his constant cleaning.
    Skills: Knitting, finding places to sleep, cooking, cleaning, fishing, running (although too lazy to run), has an eye for fashion, and coordinating as well as training Pokemon. Doesn't look like it, but very good at taking care of people (perfect mother if it weren't for his temper and laziness).
    Past: Raised in Foretree City by his grandmother and her cat Pokemon, Kenneth lived a quiet childhood. His grandmother, Rae the Feline Trainer, was a famous feisty coordinator back in her day. However, young Kenneth only knew her as the relaxed, tea and cat loving old lady he lived with. The two were a perfect pair, and lived with one another at the beginning and end of each others lives. When she passed, Kenneth chose to continue living in her home with her Pokemon, instead of returning to his mother. Both his parents were supposedly alive and kicking; however he never knew the whereabouts of his father. As a devoted trainer, his father chose to continue exploring the world, leaving his pregnant wife. His mother left in sorrow, turned her misery into fortune and worked hard to become a successful lawyer. This came at the cost of losing the love for her son, and leaving him in the care of another. Realizing this as a child, Kenneth withdrew from her and abandoned the hope of earning her love. However he cannot help but want to earn her recognition, and though unbeknownst to him, strives to impress her. At the age of fourteen, the not so eager Kenneth finished his studies. His fifteenth birthday was the day he sought out to begin his adventure, and received his first Pokemon, starting his journey).
    Family: Rachel Harvey (grandmother), Breacada Harvey (mother)
    Love Relationships?: None for the moment
    Pokémon: Scyther, Milotic, Ninetails, Leafeon, Gallade, Skarmory
    Kabutops, Beautifly, Delcatty, Bisharp, Jigglypuff, Gabite, Florges
  23. Name: Lily Hart
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10-11 (varies)
    Hometown: Aspertia City, Unova.
    Height: 4'9"
    Weight: 80 pounds
    Hair: light pink, usually worn in pigtails
    Eyes: bright blue
    Clothing: a white tee shirt with a Skitty on it, torn Jean shorts with suspenders (one too big), sneakers.
    Identifying marks: Lily is covered in freckles. People in her school have tried to count them, but more seem to appear every day.
    Musculature: Lily has skinny arms, but strong legs. She is quite agile, but isn't very good at lifting things.
    Personality: Lily is sweet and kind. She is extremley hotheaded, rushing into problems without a second guess. She is a bit insecure, but never acts like it. She has always been teased for being different from everyone else.
    Skills: Lily has a special connection with pokemon, being able to communicate with them and sense their feelings.
    Past: Rasied in Aspertia City, Lily was enrolled in the Trainers School. When she refused to battle, the kids would make fun of her. She then dropped out to recieve a pokemon from Professor Juniper.
    Family: Mary Hart (mother) Bianca Hart (sister).
    Love Relationship: none
    A Oshawott named Dew
    Dew is a lazy, relaxed Oshawott. She loves to eat, sleep, and annoy the crap out of Lily.
    A Lillipup named Scout
    Scout is loyal, brave, and valiant. He acts like a hero, and hates Dew for her laziness and gluttony.
    A Mareep named Fluff
    Fluff appreciates the finer things in life. She loves anything she finds pretty or shiny. She is a bit vain
    A Zoura named Shadow
    Shadow is shy and sweet. Her leg was crippled by a bear trap.
  24. WP_20160201_18_56_16_Pro (2).jpg Nicole Porter

    Age: 19

    Height: 5'9

    Weight: (Becomes agitated if asked this)

    Occupation: Marine Biologist (In training)

    Birthplace: Paloma City, Beya Region

    Likes/Interests: Swimming, Diving, Exploring, Quality time with friends and family, Learning, Relaxing, Reading

    Favorite Foods: Soft Serve Ice Cream, Pizza, Red Velvet Cake, Sopes, Pasta, Apples

    Dislikes/Fears: Bug-Type Pokemon, Heights, Being Alone, Bullies, Dry Weather/Climates, Tension Between Friends

    Personality: Nicole is a fun-loving and curious individual who dreams of exploring the worlds oceans and meeting tons of interesting Pokemon. She comes off as very confident although this sometimes gets her into some sticky situations but in the end, her smartness and clever thinking always gets her out of trouble. Nicole is deathly afraid of bug-type Pokemon due to a traumatizing childhood incident that nearly cost the girl her life. She also hates seeing her friends upset and alone and is always there to cheer them up to the best of her ability.

    Nicole wasn't always the most social person due to shyness and preference of study but thanks to her Eevee she received as a Christmas pet, the girl has long since opened up and met 2 friends in Paloma High School.

    The girl's relationship with her parents was like any other. Her Pokemon however, was much more. Ever since her adventure in the Beya Region, Nicole was always out and about, battling and training her teammates to be ready for anything. The girl treats them like part of the family and has even trusted them with her own life.

    Main Pokemon:




    Originally, she was a household pet, but ever since the field trip to explore the Beya Region, Aqua has become Nicole's very first Pokemon and she does her best to live up to the title, giving it her all in every battle. Being with the girl for the majority of her life, the two share a very powerful and unbreakable bond unlike any other. They consider each other as sisters and are almost always together. Deep down, Aqua fears that Nicole might abandon her if she messes up but the girl is always there to reassure her partner that no matter what happens, they will always sisters.



    Even though she's Nicole's second Pokemon, Luna is actually the strongest member of the team with Aqua coming in second. Being the Gardevoir that she is, Luna is protective of her trainer, even putting her own life on the line if needed to. At first, Luna was ALWAYS on high alert but eventually, she learned how to relax and have fun with her friends. She is capable of using telepathy to communicate with her trainer as well as other human allies. Thanks to her Gardevoirite necklace and the bond created with her trainer, Luna can summon the power to Mega Evolve into Mega Gardevoir or as Nicole tends to call her, Mega Luna



    Static wasn't the strongest of his kind as a result he has a short fuse when being judged by his power and strength. Nicole has found a way to use this to her advantage in battle, making him hit as hard as she needs him to. Nicole feels bad for manipulating her friend but Static has won many battles this way. Static's soft side comes with flying sparks, often giving the girl quite a shock if she fails to keep her distance even though she's used to the thousands of volts that have surged through her body.



    At first, Aria was a Sirini that Nicole wasn't really expecting to meet so early in her journey but nowadays, she's glad they met. Aria uses her entrancing voice in battle to charm her opponents into letting their guard down before letting them have it with her signature Siren's Shriek move. Outside of battle, the water/dark-type uses her voice to get what she wants by charming her own trainer though her spoiled attitude mostly ends up backfiring in some why. Despite this, she enjoys Nicole's and her friend's company, having an audience to sing for. She adores singing and harmonizing as well as keeping her physical appearance in check.



    Primrose was the last Pokemon to be captured by Nicole, so they don't have a strong friendship. The grass/poison-type has come across as sassy and is very full of herself. She hates it when someone gets near her roses and uses a nasty Poison Jab as a warning. Primrose has a terrible fear of fire or heat for that matter and is very picky as to what climates she can handle. However, she does have a sweet side, displaying it with an alluring fragrance. From time to time, she lets Nicole have a whiff of her beautiful roses and in battle, she shows generosity and kindness by healing any injured teammates even without being ordered to.

    Boxed Pokemon:













  25. [​IMG]

    Name: Tivona
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Laverre City
    Age: 20
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 145
    Hair: Auburn
    Eyes: Honey
    Clothing: Appropriate breeder outfit during work hours. Sweater and overalls when relaxing.
    Identifying Marks: Heavily freckled
    Musculature: Her arms are deceptively strong, but she isn't a runner.
    Personality: Shy, but by nature very helpful
    Skills: Breeding and caring for aged pokemon
    Past: Just a small town girl, who once in awhile fantasizes about being able to expand into a new town to start a shop of her own. Her parents have always been very protective of her, keeping her at home learning the business when she could have been out in the world battling. She doesn't exactly resent them for this, but it's hard seeing her friends have such fun lives while she lives this domestic lifestyle. Tivona never learned many social conventions, like a home schooler almost, so when confronted with the opportunity to make new connections she tends to be quite shy.
    Family: Her entire lineage is that of breeders, it's just the family business.
    Love Relationships?: None?
    Pokémon: Maractus + Eevee
    • This eevee was her very first pokemon, and her best trained. Eve is sweet, and good tempered, with an affinity for oran berries.
    • Maractus is much more mischievous, and much younger than Eve. Mercia has been known to escape her pokeball just to wake Tivona up in the night, and crawl up in her bed.
  26. Name: Lavender J.
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Unova -> Vaniville town ( Kalos )
    Age: 19
    Height: 10.3
    Weight: 70.2
    Occupation: Master Class, Pokemon Performer, & Pokemon Scientist
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Same color as hair
    Personality: Lavender is often confident, even in contests. She have been studying all about team plasma as a child back in Unova. Now, Lavender decided to find out if team flare existed in her new region, Kalos. She is also known to be smart in math, but not in social studies. Lavender also have a new mission that is facing her future. She needs to find the Z pokemon known as Zygarde. Plus, there are epic surprises along her way!
    Pikachu Belle
    Mega Altaria
    Mega Gardevoir
    Mega Audino
    Appearance: Lavender wears a light blue hat with blue and black glasses; she also wears a white vest and a dress with a blue and white top; she wore a pink scarf along with matching pants; she even wore white and pink ankle boots, with the same pattern of her dress
    Hobbies: battling, researching new pokemon, & photographing
    Quotes: " no way jose!", " one you listen to the past, it will return to the future..." , " aim to your dreams, and shoot it to the future!", " HOLY CATERPIE!"
    Favorite shows: Annoying Orange, Pokemon XYZ or XY, & Adventure Time
    Skills: Rock climbing & creating chemistry
    Relasionships: ???
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  27. Name:Derrick
    Hometown: Snowpoint City (Lives in Vaniville as of now)
    Height: 4'7
    Weight: 59lbs
    Hair: oddly similar to a scarf and completely black
    Eyes: Maroon red.
    Clothing: Large helmet, white jacket, large pocket jeans, Blue shirt full of Ice type pokemon
    Identification mark: a large shovel in his backpack
    Occupation: Excavator (In training)
    Personality: Nervous, Quick to answer, Lazy, Gullible.
    Skills: Great at naming evolutionary stones
    Past:(Usually gets agitated when asked this) Was playing in snowpoint city then a Hydreigon (Hope I spellt that right:'|) Attacked the City, Which is why he vows to never use one.
    Family: Dad: Pryce Mom: Nora
    Love Relationships: None as of now
    Pokemon: Zweilous
    Gender: Male
    Name: Zere
    Ability: Hustle
    Hidden Power: Can almost Fly
    Special Features: Larger "wings" and can actually see
    Met: Pet given by his dad after they traveled to unova as a Deino being at Victory Road
    Personality: Double edged sword, one head is analytical, while the other is hardcore, kill everything that moves but the other can change so they can easily work together to decimate a team
    Pokemon: Claydol
    Gender:None ((Refereed to as a she by Derrick))
    Name: Zaratus
    Ability: Levitate
    Hidden Power: mostly made of steel making it better defensively, can speak telepathically to i'ts trainer
    Special Features:Not any
    Met: Most would say they fell in love but that would be the opposite as a Baltoy it fell into Derrick's arms while digging while on a day when it was dusty
    Personality: will use any sort of Psychic ability to protect Derrick sometimes risking i'ts own life
    Pokemon: Rapidash
    Gender: Female
    Name: Scarlett
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Hidden Power: Very good Jumper
    Special Features: Shiny, can control ice and fire (Cryokinesis and Pyrokinesis favors Pyrokinesis)
    Met: It was given away for adoption from a ranch as a ponyta then Derrick adopted her after begging to his parents.
    Personality: The complete rebel of the team, Hates being called pretty, Tomboy
  28. Gender: Male

    Age: 22

    Height: 6”1

    Weight: 140lbs

    Hair: Pale blue and styled in s tight man-bun. Jack also has a fairly short beard of the same colour as his hair.

    Eyes: Purple.

    Hometown: Snowpoint city

    Clothing: I made a drawing of Jack to help you better understand his clothing and overall style, but i’ll still explain it below.

    As stated in the hair section, Jack wears his hair in a tight bun, and has a somewhat short beard. Jack’s skin is pale due to his city of origin, and also quite muscly for the same reason. Around his left wrist is a family heirloom - a gold and red bangle which was gifted onto Jack from his grandfather. Also on his upper body is a sleeveless light blue jacket, which Jack is almost always be wearing. When he was back in his own village, Jack would wear a warn vest underneath his jacket, but after moving to the city he found that the underlay is not needed. Holding up his brown, loose-fitting trousers is a black belt with a golden buckle. Finally, Jack wears two thick brown boots on his feet which allow him to walk and explore in almost any terrain.

    Identifying marks: Jack does not have many identifying marks, except for a few freckles that are present on his face and across his nose.

    Musculature: Medium build and above average stature.

    Personality: At first, Jack may come off as cold and solitary. Many have seen him alone, or without a companion. However, after interacting and talking to someone, Jack may warm up to them. He can become protective and friendly towards a person, something that rarely happens. Although he likes to have fun, Jack values strength and usually tends to stick to one objective or mission. During a battle, Jack really gets into it and will hardly ever give in, but at the same time he will never let his partner Pokémon, Frost, get hurt.

    Skills: Jack, after growing up in the cld city of snow point, is cold resistant. He hardly ever feels the cold.

    Past: Jack has had a tough life growing up in one of Sinnoh’s coldest cities. After his father died in a rouge Beartic attack, Jack developed a strong relationship with his mother and grandfather. Throughout life, he had to protect and help his city; a small population of trainers let the city defenceless against attacks such as the one that killed his father. Although many children around the globe would embark on their Pokémon adventure at 10 years old, Jack is very late to that party. As Jack had to protect his village, he was forced to stay (Even though he was only still in training at 10 years old). As he grew older, Jack began to crave adventure and glory; wanting to both become and achieve the best. Eventually, he spoke to his mother and grandfather about the issue, and they agreed with him. After bonding and capturing his first Pokémon, Jack set off on his own adventure with a goal to be the best in mind.

    Family: Mother, Grandfather, Grandmother.

    Love relationships?: None.


    Snover (Nickname: Frost, Male)
    Ability: Snow warning
    Level 34
    Frost Is Jack’s first Pokémon. He was caught while Jack ventured into the forest surrounding Snowpoint city with another trainer and her Roserade. After a long battle, the trainer helped Jack capture the Snover. Both of them quickly hit it off and became good friends, developing a strong bond over a short period of time. They will both do anything for each other, and cannot live without the other. However, although they are best friends, their personalities contrast each other greatly. Frost is curious, loud and inquisitive - quite the opposite of Jack.
  29. Name: Bailey Lynn

    Gender: Female

    Hometown: Aspertia Town, Unova (most often)

    Age: ranges from 16-18 but normally 18.

    Height: 5"7

    Weight: 130lbs

    Hair color: a rich caramel color with blonde highlights

    Eye color: bright blue

    Appearance: This is truly debatable. I don't think I have a standard look for her. Right now I've had her in Formal, casual and traveling (have not roleplayed with this one yet- it's a work in progress) attire, and these are the three I've had her in.

    Bailey loves dresses and more of a casual look at the same time. She wears a knee length sleeveless dress for formal occasions that displays many tiny flower patterns on it. The dress is white and has a brown, thin belt that connects at her waist. Over the dress Bailey tends to wear a jean jacket that rolls the sleeves up to midway up her lower arm. For the formal occasions she usually has her waist length hair tied into a loose braid. Finally, while Bailey has never liked heels, she finds that a particular pair of brown boots pair nicely with the dress and she can tolerate them for the events she wears them at.

    For more casual occasions Bailey wears her long hair loose. Her flowery dress is replaced with a white camisole and jean shorts paired with a navy blue cartigan that reaches down to the hems of her shorts. With this she usually has a brown necklace on- two circles overlapping one another- and blue tennis shoes.

    Traveling (?) it's what I'm calling it for now. I haven't found a way to describe it so here's a photo. I didn't draw it, but it's literally 80% of how I envisioned Bailey. (The hair the wrong color and she's a bit thin, but still. Close enough.)

    Identifying Marks: Bailey has a flower shaped (roughly) birthmark on the back of her neck. Most times its covered up by her hair.

    Musculature: Bailey is very lean, but moderately strong. Only in her legs though, her arm strength is that of a Spewpa.

    Personality: Bailey is an extremely optimistic and polite person. She was raised as a respectful, obedient child and that reflects on how she acts as an adult. Most times if someone tells her to do something she'll go without question- unless they're Summer. In which case she usually begins the teasing. Bailey's curiosity about the world sometimes interferes with her usual respectful and obedient persoa, it sometimes gives her answers to a begging question she's had or inspires her even more to explore. Bailey tends to stick to her bright and happy side, but when in battle or when she's grading something- be it battles or literally homework assignments- she shows more of a serious analytic side. And while she doesn't stay in this phase for long, it reveals her darker side and more judge mental thoughts of others. Those thoughts are usually kept to herself in normal conversation but when it comes to assessing others Bailey finds that she begins to create enemies. Due to that fact she doesn't watch battles very often unless her friends are participating and she doesn't like to go to competitions where Bailey finds herself superior to the competitors or whomever is participating. She loves to write and to draw which usually brings out her more self-concious side. (Quick 'side' check, Bailey has an Optomistic, Analytic and a Self-conscious/timid side. No worries that's all. XD) Bailey, though many times finds herself superior to many others, doesn't like to be recognized or related to as such. This happens to be part of her Self-Conscious side as she does not want to appear as the person she is constantly conflicting with- herself in other words. While her Self-conciousness and analytic sides take a toll on Bailey, she strives to one day be a world famous traveler and a novelist to inspire young trainers to travel around and make good relationships with other people.

    Skills: Bailey is very good at writing, mapping and telling the time without a watch. Despite that she still gets very lost at times due to her absentminded wandering. Her balance is extraordinary- and it has saved her multiple times in the past.

    Ok... Here comes history people.

    (Normally Bailey's traveling story) Bailey is a first child of a family of four. Bailey and her sister Summer were born two years apart, but were inseparable for the years they were together. They lived in Sootopolis when the torrential/ desolate weather tragedies occurred and, while tensions were high, Mrs and Mr Lynn had a fight over the safety of their children. Mr. Lynn wanted to take the family to Johto to live in safety there, but Mrs. Lynn thought that they would encounter too much civilization in the Johto region. Mrs. Lynn instead thought Unova was a good idea due to its luscious scenery and plentiful land to explore. For that reason, at a very early age Bailey's parents divorced. At the time Bailey's father had ambitious goals to become a region famous marketer in Johto with his new business of selling Mega Stone accessories, Key Stones, and personalized accessories for the Pokemon to wear with their Mega stone. While Mr. Lynn doesn't give out Mega Stones he does recommend places to find specific mega stones at a small price of 10 Pokedollars. Mr. Lynn took Summer with him to the Johto Region to begin his dream as a marketer, and Mrs. Lynn took Bailey to Aspertia town of Unova in order to raise her daughter surrounded by nature in a serene area.

    Bailey loved the quiet town of Aspertia and was homeschooled by her mom. While it seemed a good idea at first, Bailey found that she would much rather sit at a desk all day rather than have polite attitudes, proper manner of speech, and etiquette in different situations drilled into her head.

    She discovered that she loved to travel when her mom took her to visit Nimbasa City where they enjoyed watching video recordings of the Battle Subway, watched many sports in the stadiums, and, Bailey's favorite, the Pokemon Musical. The bright lights and all the chatter was very new to a girl raised in isolation aside from her mother and elderly neighbors. Though new, Bailey enjoyed the difference in lifestyle there in Nimbasa compared to the quiet streets of Aspertia. That was when she was 13 years old- and she continued to visit many locations in Unova as she grew older. Some for projects for her teacher (mom) and others for vacations and a good time outside of the normal. Bailey found her motivation while on a trip to Opelucid city. She wanted to get all 8 gym badges and become champion. She at age 15 when she left to get all the badges, but when she failed in the Iccirus City gym, she quit all together.

    Bailey went home with her three Pokemon- Cosmo the Servine, Yarrow the Zoroark, and Sunny the Helioptile (a gift from Summer and named after Summer's nickname). Bailey spent the next two years at home studying as much as she can about the history of her and other regions and began to find an intrest in writing and art. At age 18 Bailey left her hometown of Aspertia to explore all the regions and record her adventures- starting with Kalos.

    (Some other occasions where she doesn't start in Aspertia.)Bailey's family fights, they divorce, and separate. Instead of moving to Aspertia Mrs. Lynn moved to a small, unknown town in Johto. Bailey grew up homeschooled once more, but wishes she could go to school normally at times. She missed being able to make many friends- and that reflects on her personality. Bailey

    Family: Lily Lynn, Summer Lynn, and Cin Lynn.

    Love Relationships: Possibly, depends on who is in the RP.

    Motivation: to find her Sister, reconnect, and inspire young trainers to explore the world and take time to enjoy nature and their friends- not only focus on becoming the best trainer they can be.

    Pokémon: (WIP)

    Hidden Power:
    Special Features:
  30. Name: Gerald Aster

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Mauville City/Lumiose City

    Age: 19 (Varies between rps, but mainly 19)

    Height: 5"9

    Weight: 168 lbs

    Hair: Dark red

    Eyes: Dark brown

    Identifying Marks: His strange, unfashionable attire is this. If he is actually formally dressed up, his red hair is this.

    Clothing: Blue fedora esque hat, grey sweatpants, dirty jean jacket, white t-shirt.

    Musculature: Has decent upper and lower body strength, thanks to shipping jobs over the years.

    Personality: Gerald is very easily distracted. He is very aware of his environment, however rarely makes any use of this. He is also fairly Naive, leading to a lot of situations that could be easily avoided. Despite his naivety and easy distracted-ness, he is also very patient. He once waited three hours to apply for a job. He is also fairly cool-headed, it takes a lot to rile him up. Unless your his dad, which in that case, he gets really agitated, and sometimes violent.

    Skills: Can cook, decent trainer.

    Past: Gerald lived a happy life up until he was six. Then his mother left in the night. He should've seen it coming: the constant fighting was a sure fire sign. It took Gerald eight more years to realize why she left, and two more to finally leave himself. The next two years were a doozy. After trekking all the way from Mauville to slateport, he found a boat going to Kanto. Kalos and Kanto did sound similar, and he had asked his mom where she used to live back when he was six. After realizing the grave mistake he made, ten months of juggling jobs, sleeping on benches, and the occasional thievery lead to him acquiring a ticket to Kalos, landing in Coumarine city. Once he reached the port in Kalos, it was a long trek to Lumiose. Coumarine was far from it (The badlands were locked off thanks to a power outage or something): however, he owes it to this journey several of his pokemon.

    Family: Father is a scientist, living in Mauville city, Hoenn. Mother lives in Lumiose city, Kalos. The couple are divorced, do not keep in touch. No brothers or sisters.

    Love Relationships?: None at the moment.

    Gerald's Pokemon
    Species: Braixen

    Name: June

    Age: 14 years

    Nature: Serious

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Blaze

    History: June was abandoned with her brothers and sisters as a kit. They were unwanted, left by a dumpster in Mauville. At the ripe age of five, Gerald and his mother walked by the crying kits. They took them back to their house, but it was no place for baby pokemon. Gerald's father knew someone who could take care of them. So he called up Professor Birch, an old friend of his. After giving the young creatures to him, she watched as all of her family got choosen, and she stayed behind. Eventually, on one of her 'walks' she evolved into a Braixen, a pokemon unsuited for young trainers. She stayed there for five years, before being given to a older trainer. Unfortunately, he wasn't the greatest guy. June loved being a Braixen, but he had other plans. As June refused to evolve, he gave her back to Birch, and obtained a Ninetails instead. Much happier to be back on her old turf, she stayed there for three more years, learning to read along the way. This was mainly due to boredom, as her life with the trainer was miserable, it was interesting as he went to many different cities and environments. But in the lab, she wasn't allowed to wander past Littleroot's gate without someone accompanying her. Even then they rarely went past Petalburg. Eventually Birch figured she was bored, and needed a change of scenery. He remembered man who sent him June in the first place, and rang him up to ask if she could stay with them for awhile. And so, she went to stay with Gerald and his father for a bit. "A bit" turned into three years, and after Gerald left Hoenn, was a permanent member of his team.

    Personality: Serious and snappy. Not one to play around with, sans when she knows you well. While usually shy and unwilling to interact with others, June becomes kind, chatty, and nothing like the pokemon she usually is if your a friend of hers. She probably owes this to the rude trainer, who never showed much emotion towards his pokemon, nor did his pokemon interact with her. After 2 months of that, it's fairly clear why she took up the serious attitude. Is a good sport, won't throw a tantrum over a failure. At least a fair one.

    Main Moves: Psychic, Flamethrower, Attract, Will-O-Wisp

    Other Moves: Shock Wave, Overheat

    Family: 4 sisters and 6 brothers, all Fennekin. She has no idea where they all went, or rather who they went with. Unknown mother and father, but implied to be Delphoxes.
    Species: Shedinja

    Name: Empty

    Age: 6 years

    Ability: Wonder Guard

    Nature: Quiet

    Gender: Unknown, implied Male.

    History: A experiment ran by Gerald's father, to observe the process of a Nincada, into a Ninjask and Shedinja. His original plan was to release both the creatures back into the wild, however when he noticed it didn't steal souls, and did not need to be fed, he gave it to Gerald as a pet. So he's technically Gerald's first pokemon.

    Personality: Empty is almost always quiet, uninterested, and blinded by laziness. He only moves when commanded to, or is dragged along. Overall, he just doesn’t care.

    Moves: X-scissors, Shadow Sneak, Protect, Dig

    Other moves: Cut, Flash (Usually both for utility)

    Family: A Ninjask that is technically his 'Brother'.
    Species: Lopunny

    Name: Puff

    Age: 5 years

    Ability: Klutz

    Nature: Hasty

    Gender: Male

    History: One day, on his way towards Lumiose, Gerald stumbled upon a group of Buneary bullying another one. After shooing them off with Empty, he went to the care of the beaten bunny pokemon. Much to Puff's dismay, he wrongly assumed he was female due to his higher voice and being smaller than other males. Thanks to June, he eventually learned his gender correctly, however it is still a sore spot for him. He and Gerald had become good friends since then, eventually leading to him evolving into a Lopunny. Recently Gerald learned that Lopunny can mega evolve, he has been trying to get his hands on a key stone and lopunnite. He however doubts he'll be able to buy a lopunnite, much less buy a key stone, so he's trying second best: looking for them in the wild. He's had no luck so far, but still thinks he'll find it.

    Personality: Puff loves acting tough. I say acting: he thinks he can take down a Garchomp. Yeah.

    Foolhardy and brass, Puff wins the award of cocky bruiser on Gerald’s team.

    But he also has occasional mood swings. He might not want to battle some days, becoming a little stubborn brat in the process, until coaxed with rewards and prizes for his cooperation.

    And while he is foolhardy, over confident, and a brat at times, what he can detect is real danger. And when he’s scared, his true self comes out: he’s really is just a little terrified rabbit.

    Moves: Jump Kick, Ice beam, Dizzy punch, Double team

    Other moves: Shadow ball, Swagger, High Jump Kick
    Species: Doublade

    Name: Switchblades

    Age: Unknown (Implied to be at least 250 years old)

    Ability: No Guard

    Nature: Brave

    Gender: Unknown, implied Female and Male

    History: Around 250 years ago, rumors of two blades that stole the life out of anyone who wielded them had circulated, and this led to people searching for these legendary blades. This proceeded to lead to it's apparent "Creator" being apprehended, and the blades being implanted into the ground, never to be wielded again. However, these were not the only blades. Many other blades were created, and somehow bred, and are now known as three species of Pokemon: Honedge, a prototype of Doublade, the blades that sucked life out of those who wield them, and Aegislash, the powerful form it attains via a stone of pure darkness, the dusk stone. However, for the next 250 years, this Doublade was left dormant, exhausted of it's energy. Flash forward to modern day Route 10, Kalos. Gerald carelessly plucks the swords from the ground, despite June's growls towards it. They managed to sap a bit of life energy from Gerald before June warded them off him with a Flamethrower. Now revitalized, they allowed Gerald to catch them as a thanks of sorts. They now are loyal to him, however June is still distrustful of them. Their sheaves were thrown away long ago, leaving them exposed at all times.

    Personality: Has no sense of fear or danger, which hurts them more than helps him. They are sinister and brutish, lacking remorse as well. Usually fights themselves to train, as their passion is battling. One of Gerald's stronger Pokemon as a result. Other quirks include their shared sick sense of humor, and enjoying annoying June. And really hates losing. I mean really hates losing. One has a large scratch on it and apparently calls the punches, while the other is chipped and follows the scratched one's orders. Has a strange, twisted sense of honor towards Gerald, since he "Brought them back".

    Moves: Shadow Sneak, Sacred Sword, Swords Dance, Slash

    Other moves: Aerial Ace, Night slash, Flash Cannon

    Family: None
    Species: Scolipede

    Name: Million

    Age: 7

    Ability: Swarm

    Nature: Bold

    Gender: Male

    History: As a Whirlipede, Million's favorite thing to do was speed around recklessly. He got injured a lot due to this, however. One day, he cut himself on a very sharp rock. He could barely move after that, and would've bled to death if not for Gerald happening upon him. A couple potions and he was good to go...and fight! June had a bit of trouble beating him, but the Whirlipede went down eventually. A tad of convincing and he came along with them though. Once Gerald started going around Kalos (For gym badges), once he reached Ramos, Million evolved into a Scolipede, now able to fight even better than before. Though he misses his speed demon days, he can always relive them when he uses Steamroller.

    Personality: Arrogant and head-strong, Million is Gerald's most confident Pokemon by far, not counting the Switchblades dumb lack of fear. A small incident earlier in his life including a pack of Houndour made Million terrified of most Fire types, even the tiniest Chimchar will make him repulse in fear. Dumb enough to believe June's lie that she's a "Magic" type, proving he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but him being another one of Gerald's strongest, if not the strongest, makes up for this.

    Moves: Toxic, Venoshock, Steamroller, Megahorn

    Other moves: Protect, Venom drench

    Family: Several brothers and sisters, went separate ways. Mother and Father still around...somewhere.
    Species: Noivern

    Name: Screecher

    Age: Unknown

    Ability: Infiltrator

    Nature: Impish

    Gender: Female

    History: As Gerald’s newest member (by a few seconds), it surprisingly has a larger backstory than others.

    One day as her mate went to go find food, he never returned. Now forced to find her own food, she left her pup unattended, which found its way to Gerald and June, who were exploring the caves of Terminus at the time. After discovering the little Noibats disappearance (and being “kidnapped” by the duo), promptly stole away June who was holding the bat at the time.

    Eventually, Gerald discovered a dead Noivern, with a level of damage that could’ve only been done by a foreign Pokemon, not a cave native. Turns out this was a Poacher’s Gigalith, who ripped it apart with several Stone Edge attacks once he proved too powerful to simply capture, which the man later bragged about.

    Said poacher was steaking out Screecher’s nest, and was planning on taking June as a bonus, until Gerald turned up. Unable to talk him down, Gerald used his Pokemon to try and shoo him off, but the previously mentioned Gigalith used Earthquake damaging the nest’s resting spot, causing June, the Noibat, and the Noivern to start plummeting to the ground. In a quick reaction, he returned June and captured the Noibat as a makeshift way to save her from the fall.

    Screecher was dubbed as such because immediately after that, the Noivern attacked both Gerald and the Poacher (who ran off promptly afterwards) and fought with several of Gerald’s weakened Pokemon, before June managed to get Screecher herself down, who Gerald captured to make sure no more criminals would attempt to sell or injure the daughter and mother.

    Still angry at Gerald, he refused releasing either of them until the Noibat (which he dubbed Violet) had become strong enough to fight herself. He allowed them to live on his apartment porch and bought fruit for them so they didn’t go taking off with some kid’s Lillipup in the night.

    Screecher has began to warm up to Gerald, but is still rather wary about other people and their Pokemon.

    Personality: Due bad experiences with Humans before hand, distrustful of Humans and their Pokemon. The only human she’ll semi trust is Gerald, and even then it’s a vitriolic relationship, usually annoying him and constantly perching on his shoulders, screeching, thus her name, along with very often not listening to his commands.

    Moves: Air Slash, Boomburst, Dragon Pulse, Super Fang

    Other moves: Flamethrower, Psychic, Dark Pulse

    Family: A mate, which died at the hands of a poacher, and Violet, her pup.
    Species: Noibat

    Name: Violet

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Telepathy

    Nature: Naive

    History: See Screecher’s history.

    Personality: Unlike her Mother, Violet is much more friendly and obedient towards Gerald and other humans. This is mostly thanks to her own naivete, and good interaction with them.

    Gerald likens herself to him, for being a tad too trusting and naive, and prefers her over the mother. However her age (and being a tad on the weak side) usually stops him from using her in combat most of the time. He personally believes however with a bit of training he could push her to the next level, and become a true member of the team.

    Moves: Supersonic, Screech, Tackle, Leech life

    Other moves: Return

    Family: Her Mother, Screecher
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  31. Name: Rhonda
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Shalour City, Kalos
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’3”
    Weight: 122 lbs
    Hair: Short, somewhat curly blond hair
    Eyes: Dull blue
    Clothing: A white sailor fuku with a black pleated skirt, a white pillbox hat (with a daisy attached to it), white knee-high socks and black shoes. Usually carries around a light pink purse
    Musculature: Skinny and flat as a sheet of paper. Does have a bit of muscle from working on ships with her dad, though
    Personality: Does whatever she can to get her way. Generally shows little emotion to others and keeps to herself. The only time where her true nature is shown is when she plays with her pokemon, and even that is extremely watered down when she’s on public.
    Skills: Very good at fishing and tying knots thanks to her father.
    Past: Her parents divorced while Rhonda was only 4, and she hasn’t seen her mother since. Her father was a kind-hearted sailor who frequently worked on ships and brought Rhonda along with him to show her the ins-and-outs. When she was 15 he left with his crew to some unknown land and left her in the care of her Aunt Flora. Though Flora was a nice young woman, Rhonda became bitter and missed her father dearly. No matter what Flora did she couldn’t shake Rhonda of her new personality, and soon grew tired of it. At the age of 17, Rhonda set off to find her father, while catching pokemon as companions along the way.
    Family: Rhonda’s father, her mother (who she barely knows), and Aunt Flora

    Exeggutor (F) [Sometimes referred to just as Eggy]
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Hidden Ability: Harvest
    Special Features: Has a high defense stat due to training and can withstand a few hits more than usual.
    Personality: Exeggutor is very easy going and is always by Rhonda’s side. She protects her trainer at even the smallest of things (the silliest thing she’s gotten defensive about was when a zigzagoon looked at her weirdly) and loves her with all her heart.
    History: Exeggutor was the first pokemon Rhonda caught when she set out on her journey, and they became fast friends.

    Gorebyss (F)
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Hidden Ability: Hydration
    Special Features: She has small specks of blue around her tail, which she's very proud of!
    Personality: She's very posh and elegant, and usually does things on her own terms. However, she loves it when Rhonda spends time with her and Exeggutor...although she pretends she doesn't.
    History: Gorebyss was caught by Rhonda around a week after she was on her journey, and was caught with a heal ball.
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  32. Pokemon - Nicole's Team.jpg
    Nicole Porter

    AGE: 19

    HEIGHT: 5'9

    WEIGHT: (Becomes agitated if asked this)

    OCCUPATION: Student in the field of Marine Biology

    BIRTHPLACE: Paloma City, Beya Region

    LIKES/INTERESTS: Swimming, Diving, Exploring, Quality time with friends and family, Learning, Relaxing, Reading

    DISLIKES/FEARS: Bug-Type Pokemon, Being Alone, Bullies, Dry Weather/Climates, Tension Between Friends

    PERSONALITY: Nicole is a fun-loving and curious individual who dreams of exploring the worlds oceans and meeting tons of interesting Pokemon. She comes off as very confident although this sometimes gets her into some sticky situations but in the end, her smartness and clever thinking always gets her out of trouble. Nicole is deathly afraid of bug-type Pokemon due to a traumatizing childhood incident that nearly cost the girl her life. She also hates seeing her friends upset and alone and is always there to cheer them up to the best of her ability.

    Nicole wasn't always the most social person due to shyness and preference of study but thanks to her Eevee she received as a Christmas pet, the girl has long since opened up and met 2 friends in Paloma High School.

    The girl's relationship with her parents was like any other. Her Pokemon however, was much more. Ever since her adventure in the Beya Region, Nicole was always out and about, battling and training her teammates to be ready for anything. The girl treats them like part of the family and has even trusted them with her own life.

    BACKSTORY: Nicole had signed up for a field trip at her high school, Paloma High. It was an event that would change her life forever. Joined by her pet Eevee and best friend, Eve, she was excited and had been planning what they would do. Unfortunately, the normal-type was unqualified and couldn’t tag along but that didn’t stop her from stowing away in the girl’s luggage. Nicole was instead given a female Snivy as her starting Pokemon which was then given the name “Ivy.” At first, the two didn’t get along very well but like all Pokemon, Ivy had slowly gotten used to her trainer but still tends to lash out very easily.

    As Nicole, Eve, and Ivy progressed, they were joined by Luna, Skyla, and Aria. Together with Eve and Ivy, The band of friends were settled and unstoppable.

    While diving at Marina Coast, Nicole unearthed what she’d come to recognize as a Mega Bracelet. After one of her teachers found out, she offered to teach the girl in private about the subject of Mega Evolution as well as present her with a Gardevoirite stone due to Luna getting closer to her final stage of evolution. Hesitantly, the girl accepted.

    But back at Paloma High School, a hidden enemy was also at work. The school was famous for its use of robotics and artificial intelligence to keep everything in check. Located in an underground facility, the brain of the school, AISaNMA had broken from her coding and achieved sentience, able to think freely. Long ago, she served as a tool to help scientists and professors better understand Pokemon but was slowly malfunctioning. Finally, the vengeful AI had broken free and managed to kill her own creator but was quickly shut down and ordered to be reprogrammed. Now rogue once again, AISaNMA would not make the same mistake that had led to her downfall, determined to enslave both humans and Pokemon and finally start the rise of her metallic empire. To do this, she enlisted the help of another student who had similar intentions of making a “world of perfection.”

    As the field trip was nearing its end, Nicole did her best to strengthen her Pokemon. Eventually, she was able to evolve Aria, Luna, and finally, Aqua to their final stages but Ivy remained as a Servine, much weaker than her other teammates. But Nicole was happy with Ivy as she saw how much endurance the grass-type had, able to take multiple hits without tiring. And Ivy prefered to have limbs anyway.

    Throughout her exciting adventures across the Beya Region, Nicole was joined by her two friends, Ashley and Trent. Along the way, they encountered a new friend by the name of Sandra who had no parents. She lived in the wild with a flock of Parruckus as her family. At first, the forest girl was hesitant but decided to put the past behind her and start anew with 6 of her closest flock members by her side.

    Upon returning to Paloma, AISaNMA finally put her plan into action by confiscating all of the student's’ Pokemon and extracting their energy to create an artificial Pokemon known as Energel. With her newly constructed army of sentries and turrets, AISaNMA and her partner had taken control of the school. But soon they realized that not ALL students were powerless.

    Nicole and her friends had managed to escape. Being the only one who knew of the rogue AI’s intentions, they banded together, determined to put a stop to the robot’s evil schemes. After navigating the guarded halls and reaching the underground facility, Nicole attempted to shut the machine down but was unsuccessful.

    Enraged and bent on eliminating humanity’s only hope, AISaNMA captured the girls Pokemon and threw them into holding cells, forcing them to watch their trainer suffer from the effects of a neurotoxin gas. They were able to escape and save their friend from the toxic gas. Now reunited and determined to shut down everything, Nicole and her Pokemon faced off in a final battle against the rogue AI herself.

    Before she could be destroyed, AISaNMA had accidentally damaged one of her Energel tanks, causing her creation to spill free and find its way into the robot’s body. With the combined technology, artificial intelligence, and energy extracted from the Pokemon, AISaNMA had become a Pokemon herself, composed of every known type. With AISaNMA disconnected from her mount and extensive damage to the facility, a massive explosion was imminent.

    But before AISaNMA could claim victory, Nicole’s Pokemon combined their strongest attacks and were able to finally destroy the rogue AI and save all of humanity. Just before the facility could self-destruct, Luna teleported everyone to safety, just in time.

    Ever since that adventure, the girl has had a much more positive outlook on life as with her Pokemon. After graduation, Nicole finally decided to set out and explore the oceans as a student in the field of marine biology. Now, as a young adult with her lifelong dream becoming a reality and her trusted Pokemon by her side, ready for any adventures they may find themselves in, Nicole’s life has never been so perfect.





    Despite being Nicole's first Pokemon, Ivy is actually the weakest of the team. But what she lacks in power, she makes up with endurance. Ivy's rather sour and vengeful attitude fuels her to keep going, taking hit after hit after hit. While she may act all punk and rock hard, Ivy cares deeply for her trainer and her teammates, though it WILL take some time to get used to strangers.



    Originally, she was a household pet, but ever since the field trip to explore the Beya Region, Aqua has become Nicole's most trusted Pokemon and she does her best to live up to the title, giving it her all in every battle. Being with the girl for the majority of her life, the two share a very powerful and unbreakable bond unlike any other. They consider each other as sisters and are almost always together. Deep down, Aqua fears that Nicole might abandon her if she messes up but the girl is always there to reassure her partner that no matter what happens, they will always sisters.



    Even though she's Nicole's second Pokemon, Luna is actually the strongest member of the team with Aqua coming in second. Being the Gardevoir that she is, Luna is protective of her trainer, even putting her own life on the line if needed to. At first, Luna was ALWAYS on high alert but eventually, she learned how to relax and have fun with her friends. She is capable of using telepathy to communicate with her trainer as well as other human allies. Thanks to her Gardevoirite necklace and the bond created with her trainer, Luna can summon the power to Mega Evolve into Mega Gardevoir or as Nicole tends to call her, Mega Luna



    Skyla is no ordinary Emolga. She is deathly afraid of heights and refuses to use any flying-type moves that involve getting her feet off the ground. To make up for this, Skyla instead focuses on her electric attacks, absorbing as much energy in order to fry her opponents to a crisp. In the wild, Skyla was traumatized after a mid-air peril nearly had her kicking the bucket. She's formed a "frienemy" type of relationship with Ivy due to the duo's love of causing mischief and pulling pranks on others. Just like the others, Skyla respects and loves her trainer and is even willing to face her fear if Nicole is ever in danger.



    At first, Aria was a Sirini that Nicole wasn't really expecting to meet so early in her journey but nowadays, she's glad they met. Aria uses her entrancing voice in battle to charm her opponents into letting their guard down before letting them have it with her signature Siren's Shriek move. Outside of battle, the water/dark-type uses her voice to get what she wants by charming her own trainer though her spoiled attitude mostly ends up backfiring in some why. Despite this, she enjoys Nicole's and her friend's company, having an audience to sing for. She adores singing and harmonizing as well as keeping her physical appearance in check.



    Unlike most feline Pokemon, Priss actually enjoys the water...just as long as Nicole grooms and brushes her properly afterwards. Like most Glameow, she is finicky and sassy, scratching her trainer when she doesn't get her way. On the battlefield, her small size and reflexes allows her to outmaneuver most attacks with ease, making her an essential to Nicole's team. She hates uncleanliness and getting her fur filthy which is always enough to set off her rage...









  33. [​IMG]
    Name: Matthew "Rogue" Drevur
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: New Bark Town
    Age: 16
    Height: 5 Feet, 9 Inches
    Weight: 145 Pounds
    Hair: Dirty Blond
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Dirty faded jeans, a old green t-shirt, a red jacket with a small Fire logo on it, old running shoes, a old backpack, a belt, and last but not least, a Pokegear.
    Identifying Marks: has what looks like a 'candy cane' as a birth mark on his left cheek, not easily seen.
    Musculature: fit for his age
    Personality: likes adventure, comedy, and battling. Is known to be semi-annoying, and is also paranoid most of the time. And is a notified fedora enthusiast.
    Skills: having traveled most of the world in 6 years, he knows most things about Pokemon, battling, and weapons due to the fact that he has a sword on him at all times, talk about paranoid. He also knows rock climbing, fishing, hang gliding, driving, swimming, and sword-fighting.
    Past: When he became a ten year old he started his Pokemon adventure like other kids, he passed most gyms swimmingly. At the age of 11 he and his partner, Coals (He is a Typhlosion), had to get through Victory Road to get to the Indigo League. Unfortunately it was cut short as his sister Katelin called him and asked if he could travel the world with her to research Pokemon. He agreed and eventually, several years later, when he was 16, he had traveled all of the regions except Sinnoh. He decided to get back into adventure now that Katelin has more time to research without him. And so his new adventure begins as an old one dies. So is, life.
    Family: Mother, father, and two sisters, my twin Katelin, and 14 year old Grace.
    Love Relationships?: None, yet...
    1. Typhlosion, Coal, Male, Blaze, Flash Fire, I gave him a red scarf, Was given to Matthew by Professor Elm when he started his Pokemon adventure, Acts a lot like me in the fact that he is a goofball and can be serious when needed
    2. Arcanine, King, Male, Intimidate, Justified, None, Caught by Matthew when he took a trip to Kanto, Fun-loving friend who likes to eat sandwiches.
    3. Talonflame, Barbra, Female, Flame Body, Gale Wings, None, Was caught by Matthew on his trip to Kalos, Dead serious and doesn't get jokes.
    4. Lucario, Q-Ra, Male, Inner Focus, Justified, None, was caught by Matthew when he was in Sinnoh, Likes adventure and danger and also loves to battle.
    5. Marcargo, Dave, Male, Magma Armor, Weak Armor, None, was given to Matthew as an Slugma Egg when he was in Johto, likes to go at his own pace.
    6. Rapidash, Draise, Female, Flash Fire, Flame Body, None, Was caught by Matthew when he was in Kanto, Likes to race and battle.
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  34. And here I come! (finally)
    - - -
    Name: Zamcio Yuketsu
    Gender: Male
    Bluefinland, Johto
    Age: 16
    Height: 1.70 m / 5'7"
    Weight: 62 kg / 132.5 lbs

    Hair: Light Brown
    Eyes: Olive Green
    Clothing: white t-shirt with orange top, dark blue jeans, orange fingerless gloves, new orange-brown running shoes, light gray backpack and light blue beanie with white half-mark of Pokéball
    Identifying Marks: sticking out, long fringe and (almost) constant smirk on his face
    Musculature: fit, even slim
    Personality: curious, full of energy, stubborn but always willing to help someone in need, easily gets childish, carying for his friends, skillful but very lazy. Loves adventures, battles and any opportunity to show his best. Hates losing, mean and false people, getting wet or dirty and waking up.
    Skills: Basicially he is sort of 'Master of everything and nothing' person. He surely knows cooking (as it is one of his passions) and has strategist mind but constant lack of money forces him to learn other things to earn some more cash.
    Past: Zamcio is the son of two Pokémon trainers. From his earliest years he was raised between Pokémon and taught how to raise them. He got his first Pokémon on his 10th birthday from his parents. It was Pichu Egg. After some adventures including almost breaking it few times Pichu hatched from the egg and became Zamcio's friend. On the beginning Pichu disliked battling. Forced to stand against one of Zamcio's colleagues from the neighbourhood Pichu tried his best not to harm opposing Pokémon eventually beating it down due to determination of his trainer. Since then he trained with Zamcio almost every day.
    After two months Pichu started evolving. Zamcio, scared of the event happening, started yelling afraid to lose his best friend. Pichu stopped evolving and got offended on his trainer. Zamcio told his father what happened and was given an Everstone from him to keep Pichu not evolving. From that time, Pichu never leaves it.
    At the age of 16, Zamcio decides to start his own journey to Kanto. He bought the ticket to the Vermilion City and traveled to the new region... without any money.

    Family: mother and father
    Love Relationships?: possible.

    Ability: Lightning Rod
    Special features: Blue sack used as his backpack
    Personality: rash (also his nature), stubborn, full of energy, kind and very affectionable.
    Known moves:
    • Charge
    • Thunder Shock
    • Tail Whip
    • Double Team
    • Iron Tail
    • Light Screen
    • ...
  35. Name: Latia Izumi
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Castelia City
    Age: 18
    Height: 5"7'
    Weight: 59kg
    Hair: Long, chestnut hair that falls to mid-back when in a ponytail
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Denim jeans, purple trainers, a purple top and a black jacket over the top. She has a blue watch too.
    Identifying Marks: She has a small tattoo on her wrist of a Reshiram head.
    Musculature: She is of average build for a female, but is a bit stronger than a few.
    Personality: She can be shy, but is an outgoing and fun person when you get to know her. She likes being around people, but just can't bring herself to talk to people.
    Skills: She can run fast and lift slightly heavy objects, like small rocks.
    Past: She was abandoned at a young age, so grew up on the streets. She fared well, and now has a job as a waitress.
    Family: Mother- Unknown, Father- Unknown
    Love Relationships?: She has seen N around a few times, and has developed a crush on him.
    Pokémon: Starr- Staraptor, male, quirky, intimidate, friendly.
    Kimba- Luxray, male, jolly, rivalry, friendly
    Prince- Pidgot, male, sassy, intimidate, shy
  36. Name:Lilith Spire
    Gender: female
    Hometown:pallet town
    Hair: Bright red
    Eyes: lime green
    Clothing:red and black corset with a black trenchcoat and black leather belted pants with black spiked combat boots
    Identifying Marks: has a tattoo on her left shoulder of a flaming houndoom skull
    Musculature:slight build mostly the physique of a runner
    Personality:agressive and hot tempered quick to snap but only when provoked also sweet thoughtful and mindful at times aswell as very oblivious to her surroundings at times.
    Skills:excellant pokemon breeder,great potential to be a good battler
    Past:she was cast out at a early age sent to live in a ophenage which was not a great one so she ran away lived on the streets sold berries for a living until she was found by a kind woman who bred pokemon from there Lilith decided she would be a pokemon breeder the woman had died of old age and her pokemon sold at auction to different people there was one pokemon it was a houndoom female inside a dusk ball with prime potential to be a good breeder well when Lilith heard of this houndoom being sold to a man she found out that he was a breeder but had no love and compassion for the pokemon he bred he only saw pokedollar signs so Lilith went up to him a few months later asking for the houndooms offspring he told her he wanted six hundred pokedollars Lilith agreed to give him the pokedollars for the pick of the litter he said he would give her the pokemon when it could be weened from the mother so she came back later and saw the houndoom abit skinnier then shes ever seen a pokemon she felt a sudden rage burn inside her she gave this houndoom plenty of berries and stormed over to where the owner was reading a magizine in his couch she slammed down six hundred pokedollars on the table nearby and said there give me the hondour I just bought! He then refused so Lilith without question found a male houndor in a pin hidden off in a corner behind cages she took out a lum berry and fed it to the hondour she then ran out the back door young hondour in her hands and his duskball in her other the man finaly noticed that she and the hondour were missing he chased her down but she was nowhere to be found he said to himself that one day he would have to battle this young trainer and really see how shes raised that hondour.
    Family:she disowned her biological family but the only ones she claimed were now dead so her only family left was her pokemon.
    Love Relationships?:none shes more interested in battling and raising her houndoom then a lovelife.
    Pokémon:Houndoom Species,purebred houndoom Nickname,Deathspire Gender,male Ability,Early bird Hidden Power,overdrive a burst of energy when almost completely exhausted from battle allowing it to battle with a strong finish his appearance changes to fire everywhere around him when in this hidden power Special Features,wears a red spike collar with a skull and crossbones on its silver tag History/Personality, etc. Was rescued as a hondour from Lilith his partner from a terrible man who he remembers not much about and cares not too. He is a very loyal partner to Lilith and will go above and beyond to help her with anything. Hes sweet but on the battlefield a rather dark side of him shows hes agressive and has to be called off before he kills the pokemon he has the ability to mega evolve with the houndoomite which is embedded in his tag on his collar.

    ( hey nice to join here I know ive made a massive amount of grammical an puncuation errors im sorry for that but i want to learn grammer and puncuation and i think heres the site to do so ^^ thank you!.)
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  37. Omega kind of changes from time to time. This is him towards his later years in rp's

    Name: Omega Carvine
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Hometown: Blackthorn City, Johto
    Height: 6"3'
    Weight: 75kg
    Hair: A shock of white hair interrupted by Ginger strands
    Eyes: Brown flecked with red leading into the pupils
    Clothing: A Maroon hoodie covers a black t-shirt with a logo for a roller-skate company ( don't judge I skate in real life XD) and black jeans with a belt fastened with a metal belt buckle. Black sneakers with fairly worn down soles and sometimes a black and orange SnapBack hat ( see Cincinnati Bengals cap for idea).
    Identifying marks: Long half-healed scar along his right leg's thigh caused by a accident with an aegislash when he was younger
    Musculature: Athletic, with elegant fingers for art
    Personality: Quiet, loyal, respectful, mistrusting of certain individuals
    Skills: Art, football, roller skating
    Past: Having a celebrity family was hard for Omega until the day he met his buddy Scorch the cyndaquil. His parents begged him not to leave but Omega decided he had to look after his ex-ace trainer grandmother. His grandmother saw potential in him and gave him Scorch for a promise: to become the league champion! He left to become champion and later in his years he became the champion of Johto, Hoenn, Unova and Kalos.
    Family: David Carvine (Father), Emily Carvine (Mother), Susan Kindstone(Grandmother)
    Love relationship: Not a set character but usually a character made by @Kitsune477!
    Scorch the typhlosion:
    Ability: Blaze
    Nature: Serious
    Past: Being given to Omega by his grandmother Susan, he has a strong sense of pride for who he is and will always fight to keep Omega safe. They share a unbreakable bond after the incident in the Lumiose Badlands.
    Pokeball: Pokeball
    Alpha the Gengar:
    Ability: Levitate
    Nature: Jolly
    Past: A lonely ghastly that was caught in the Old Chateau by Omega. He loves tricks and games but took very long to learn to trust humans. Has stayed at Omega's side ever since. Has a gengarite but Omega doesn't have the key stone
    Pokeball: Duskball
    Blitz the electivire:
    Ability: Motor Drive
    Past: Blitz was a Elekid that was found wandering the White Forest. After stealing food from Omega's camp, he was tracked by Omega and stumbled across Blitz helping an injured electabuzz. When the electabuzz was taken to the pokecenter for treatment Blitz let Omega catch him.
    Pokeball: Quickball
    Siren the Milotic:
    Ability: Competitve
    Past: A feebas that was always getting into trouble. Caught by Omega in the Quiet Cave. Always being quite stuck up she started to simmer down after a brutal encounter with a Gyarados. She later evolved and truly lived up to her name.
    Pokeball: Diveball
    Torn the Gliscor:
    Ability: Hyper Cutter
    Nature: Modest
    Past: Originally a Gligar from Route 45 who loves pokepuffs. Always the first one to act upon a problem. Evolved after defeating the Ecrueteak City Gym Leader and has loved his stronger form ever since.
    Pokeball: Duskball
    Swampy the shiny Swampert:
    Ability: Torrent
    Past: A Mudkip given to Omega by May after defeating her. He loves to party and will always be by Omega's side. Has a Swampertite but Omega doesn't have a key stone.
    Pokeball: Pokeball
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  38. Name: Almas Aurora

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Solaceon Town

    Age: 19 (may change depending on rp, but this will be his default age most of the time.)

    Height: 5'9"

    Hair: Midnight blue colored, shoulder length.

    Eyes: Amber

    Clothing: Wears a gray fedora with a silver feather on it. Normally wears either a black or white jacket that is open in the front. The black one has 2 white stripes on the arms, one between the wrist and elbow, the other between the elbow and shoulder. The white one has the same stripes but they're black. The shirt he wears underneath the jacket is a plain shirt that is either green, blue, or red. Wears either black or blue jeans. He sometimes has two small bells hanging from the belt he wears that also have his pokeballs on it. Wears a pair of brown short boots on his feet. (Clothing may change depending on the area in the rp.)

    Identifying Marks: His amber colored eyes tend to stand out, otherwise nothing.

    Musculature: About average, but has a bit more strength then others.

    Personality: Almas is generally a kind and caring person. Cares for pokemon and is always trying to learn what he can about any pokemon he hasn't met yet. He has great trust in his pokemon, enough to sometimes perform crazy stunts or ideas that might scare others. Whenever he gets an idea for one, his eyes have a slightly different shine to them that only family and people who have gotten to know him notice. He doesn't fully trust others until he see's how they treat their pokemon.

    Skills: Basic cooking, treatment and care taking skills for pokemon as well as calming them, has some knowledge of dragon and grass pokemon thanks to his family

    Past: Almas was born and raised in the Sinnoh region with his parents. His father, Darien Aurora, was a former dragon tamer and now works as an assistant at the pokemon daycare in Solaceon town. His mother, Charlotte Aurora, is a teacher at a university in Hearthome city and travels back to Solaceon Town whenever there's time off. From a young age Almas helped his father at the pokemon daycare, learning how to take care of pokemon among other things. Seeing the various trainers come and go from the daycare made Almas start wanting to be a trainer as well. Often times he would travel with his parents to his grandparents home in Floaroma Town. There he learned about grass type pokemon from them as his mothers side of the family seemed to like grass types over others.

    As a kid, he liked to play with the pokemon at the daycare and around the ruins near the town. It was around this time that he started getting the ideas for some of the things he does now as well as meeting the Ralts that would become his first pokemon. While helping out at the daycare, his father had handed him an egg and told him to take good care of it. The egg was a gift for Almas from the people who ran the daycare, thinking he might need a good partner for when he finally decided to travel. Almas made sure to take the egg with him wherever he went, but made sure to keep it safe and not try anything that might damage it. It eventually hatched into a small Ralts that Almas nicknamed Fara. When Almas reached the age of 10, his father and mother let him go on a journey, but on 2 conditions. The first was starting out in what was commonly the starting town of many trainers in Sinnoh, Twinleaf Town, before heading to Prof. Rowans lab. The second was asking what his goal was as a Pokemon trainer.

    Family: Darien Aurora(father), Charlotte Aurora(mother)

    Love Relationships?: none

    Pokemon: (more might be added on trainer cards, will change pokemon based on what he has caught during rp's)

    Species: Gardevoir

    Nickname: Fara

    Gender: female

    Ability: Synchronize

    History/Personality: Almas' first pokemon that he hatched from an egg. Having grown up and watched over Almas, she cares for and trusts him. She helps out when caring for others and worries over Almas when he gets his ideas or when meeting others.


    Name: Lest Vesteria
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Laverre City
    Age:19 (default age, may change depending on rp)
    Height: 5'9"
    Hair: Short, light brown hair
    Eyes: Blue-gray
    Clothing: Wears a long blue coat with a white shirt underneath, black dress pants, and grey and blue shoes. Also has 2 bells hanging from a belt on his waist and a silver bracelet with a crest on it.
    Identifying Marks: The silver bracelet he always wears.
    Musculature: Slightly slimmer then average.
    Personality: Relaxed, caring to others and loyal to friends. Gets serious over things that interest him, such as battling and cooking. Sometimes uses manners and etiquette out of habit, but tries to stop himself from doing so unless needed.
    Skills: cooking, noble manners and etiquette
    Past: Lest is the 2nd son of a small noble house in the Kalos region. He was raised alongside his older and younger brothers as a noble from a young age, learning manners and etiquette. Although Lest and his younger brother were given a bit more freedom as his older brother would be the one to inherit the house and title. Lest had often gone to the kitchen when he was a child and learned cooking from the chefs since he was interested in it. From them he learned the basics of cooking as well as making various things for pokemon such as poffins and pokepuffs.
    While on vacation at Snowpoint city with his family, he had found an injured snorunt. After caring for it and playing with it for the rest of the vacation, the snorunt decided to go with Lest when he was leaving and became his first pokemon. When Lest turned 10, he was given a choice of what pokemon to get as was a tradition. The region starters given to him and his brothers were the Kanto starters, the older taking squirtle, Lest charmander, and the youngest took bulbasaur. After they all got pokemon they would battle each other with them, training and practicing in their free time. Lest's parents soon decided to send him to a school, in order to help him learn about things he needed in life and maybe find a goal to pursue. While at the school Lest caught his 3rd pokemon, a shroomish.
    After spending 2 years at the school, Lest returned home having found his goal. After telling his goal to his family, they gave him their support (maybe after an argument or two). Lest then finally started his journey at the age of 12.
    Family: Father, Mother, Older brother, Younger brother (might think of names for them eventually)
    Love Relationships?: none
    Pokémon: (I'll add more either after having them be caught in rp's or just whenever)

    Species: Froslass
    Nickname: Kori
    Gender: female
    Ability: Snow Cloak
    History/Personality: Kori is Lest's first pokemon. After having been taken care of by Lest when she was injured, she grew attached to him and grew even more attached over time. Has learned how to help her trainer with things like cooking and shows dislike towards anyone that seems to be unfriendly to him. Often travels outside of her pokeball, she has a habit of putting her arms around Lest's neck and hanging onto him when happy. Has a strong dislike towards Sneasle and Weavile.

    Species: Charizard
    Nickname: Ifrit
    Gender: male
    Ability: Blaze
    Personality: Ifrit can be very competitive, always wanting to grow stronger and test his strength. This doesn't mean that he can't be calm, but whenever he sees an opponent that seems strong he can't help but get ready to battle. Has taken on the role of guardian of the group. He often gets into fights with Breloom.

    Species: Breloom
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: male
    Ability: Effect Spore
    Personality: Breloom has been a bit of a glutton since he was a shroomish. Preferring to eat rather then battle or train. This often times gets him into fights with Ifrit, either because Breloom ate some of his food or Ifrit wanting Breloom to train more over eating.

    (Well, these are the 2 rp characters I thought of for now. This is my first time making characters for rp's and I'm new to rping in general. If there's anything that could be done better or doesn't make sense, advice would be helpful. I just hope they aren't too bad. Also, I'm terrible at thinking up names for anything which is why some of my pokemon might not get nicknames and why Lest's family doesn't have names yet. I hope this wasn't too long.)
  39. Welp, I like the rp idea of this forum, and even though i'd prefer to rp as pokemon, I may as well make a trainer to use a lot throughout things I do.

    Name: Lily Faa

    Gender: Female

    Hometown: Fol Village. A made up village in a made-up region :p the region is known as Reirea. Fol village is known for its training of dragon pokemon.

    Age: Variable based on rp, about 17

    Height: 5'6 or 168 cm

    Hair: Black and semi-long

    Eyes: Grey and slitted

    Clothing: Wears a traditional Fol Village dress. Dress is purple, goes down to hips and is adorned with chains along the bottom. The sleeves are short and black skins run down her arms in replacement. Wears Glasses.

    Identifying Marks: Her odd dress, deadpan expression and the fact that none of her pokemon remain in poke balls.

    Musculature: Somewhat bony and thin, but has an unexpected deal of strength behind her.

    Personality: Lily shows little emotion to people, and does not particularly wish to be around them. She prefers the company of pokemon, particularly her own, who are always around her, out of their poke balls. She is cunning, clever,decisive, and a great leader when she actually gets round to it, but is needlessly stubborn, and very aggressive when she wants to get her way. She is also cold towards new people. She is intensely concerned with the well-being of her pokemon, caring for them constantly and putting their safety above hers.

    Skills: She is a near-expert in all things pokemon, battling, caring, and training. She is also very logical and clever.

    Past: Lily was born in Fol village as the third and last child to two prestigious parents, and the only daughter. They abandoned Lily and her brothers to an orphanage when supporting three children interrupted their heavenly lifestyle. She escaped the orphanage at the age of 12, with the help of her first pokemon Trapinch, and has never seen Fol Village again.

    Family: Two Unknown Parents, And brothers Sean and Terence. Sean and Terence were left behind at the orphanage and she knows not of what they are doing.

    Love Relationships?: No

    Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

    Note: pokemon may be at any given point in their evolution line based on the rp. I will also update this when lily gets more permanent pokemon.

    Sciathán the flygon gender: male
    Sciathán was lily's first pokemon. At the age of 10, all children in Fol village got to choose a dragon pokemon, or a pokemon that would become a dragon. Lily chose trapinch. sciathán shares a lot in common with lily, being clever, cunning and decisive. His left eye lens is cracked, from an eye injury he suffered as a trapinch. Lily and sciathán share a special bond as partners, even being able to communicate through mere gestures. He is strong and clever in battle, and his specialty is confusing his enemy before they know what hit them.
  40. This is a character I'm working on for a Pokemon Story but also someone I can use in RPs

    Name: Thomas "Tommy" Palm
    Gender: Male
    Birth place: Sanctuos Region
    Age: 16
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 200 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Green
    Clothing: Gray t-shirt, tan jeans, black shoes, brown belt with pokeballs, dark purple scarf, purple bandana
    Identifying Marks: None
    Musculature: Lean but athletic
    Personality: Introverted, kind and gentle. Tommy is quite calm and mature for his age but he is also driven by his emotions. He lets his heart rule over his head, which sometimes leads him into situations that can be... hectic. But will his heart of gold, he usually wins over most people or disarms most conflicts. This doesn't, however, make him immune to hurt. He will get triggered if he sees
    Skills: Excellent at communicating with Pokemon and can use Aura
    Past: All of his life, Tommy grew up in the Sanctuos Region, a small Region that focused on a more natural lifestyle with Pokemon. The eldest son of Professor Bert Palm (one of the Pokemon Professors in this region) and Martha Palm (the Pokemon League Champion of this Region) Tommy grew up in a rich environment full of Pokemon research and training. Tommy grew up to have a naturally inquisitive mind, and even befriended his first Pokemon at the age of 6. Tommy also really began his training with Aura from his mother soon after and when he became 16, he started his Pokemon Journey... and nothing was ever the same.
    Family: Professor Bert Palm (38 ), Champion Martha Palm (40) and Amy Palm (6)
    Love Relationships?: Cherry Adams- A Pokemon Professor-in-training. She is one of Bert's students and comes along with Tommy for his Pokemon adventure to learn more about the region. They're childhood friends and Tommy has had a crush on her for a very long time. But does she have one for him? (... yes, yes she does...)
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