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Mainstream PRP Character Bios

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Linkachu, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Name: Isabella
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Hair: long black hair in pony tail trailing down to lower back
    Eyes: a hush grey with a small aqua tint
    Clothing: tattered black hoodie, knee-ripped skinny jeans, worn out olive all-stars with red rag sticking out of the right shoe.
    Identifying Marks: burn mark on mid-back
    Personality:young, reckless, bashful. enjoys the night more then the day and is a very big family person
    Skills:can run fast and jump higher then normal people
    Past: mother murdered soon after birth, lives only with her father who has suddenly gone missing
    Family: only child
    Love Relationships?: None


    Species: Swablu
    Nickname: Cotton
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Natural Cure
    Special Features: can fly faster then normal swablu, only by a little
    History/Personality: it was egg hatched by Isabella as a child, isebella recived the egg for her tenth birthday. Swablu increase in flight speed faster then normal swablu becuase it had to keep up with Isabella's speed. It has never lost a race. Cotton loves to race and has a very hasty nature
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  2. Name: Darian
    Gender: Male
    Age 17.5
    Hair: Spikey-ish Dirty Blond hair
    Eyes: A unusual shade of Yellow (Happened after an accident years ago Original Color Blue)
    Clothing: White T-Shirt Slightly Tattered Black Leather Jacket, Black Jeans, and some Black Leather Shoes
    Identifying Marks: Yellow eyes, a scar under each eye going straight down to the top of his cheek
    Personality:Young, not very outgoing, Can be a true friend (When he wants to be), Likes the night and usually ends up sleeping from 1:00 am- 12:00 pm
    Skills: Can Pick locks, has a longer endurance than most average people, and can see into the night alot better than most people.
    Past: Was Hit by a Pikachu's Thundershock right in the face luckily it only scratched his face but it changed his eyes. Ever since no one talked to him because they were scared of his eyes ever since he has been alone his parents kicked him out 2 years after the incident, he was only 14 ever since he has been secretly living in an abandoned apartment, under a house, whereever he has to for survival. He does have a small job to pay for food so overall he gets on in life. when he turned 17 his mother and Father died of an illness.
    Family: Mother and Father (dead), Only child
    Love relationships?: None

    EDIT: Forgot Pokemon

    Species: Eevee
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Adaptability
    Special features: is Faster than a Stariavia but only slightly however is weaker than the average Eevee
    History/Personality: Hatched from an egg, on Darrian's Eleventh birthday. Darrian had played with it everyday as he was growing uo
    Eevee in a way is Darrian's Pokemon self because they both act the exactly same way.
  3. [​IMG]
    Sprite by Elise :)

    Name: Lily Kai
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Ecruteak City
    Age: 20
    Height: 5' 2''
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Hair: Shoulder length creamy-blonde
    Eyes: Bluey green
    Clothing: Pink tanktop with purple trim, skinny jeans. Will change attire to suit her location (due to her superpower that is common sense >>).
    Identifying Marks: None
    Musculature: Curvy
    Personality: Ultimately tries to be a nice person, instead of the best or the most popular - as a result, Lily has a strong sense of right and wrong. Isn't afraid to integrate with people, although will only truly open up to a select few. Tends to speak her thoughts. She can be naively adventurous at times. Will follow a problem through to the end and ultimately tries to explore as many options as possible.
    Skills: Quick and innovative thinker, likes to explore places and ideas in depth.
    Past: Came from a background that motivated her to explore and learn from what was around her, and to find explanations for things. Her father encouraged her to discover the surroundings of Ecruteak City on her own, eventually having a Vulpix befriend her on Route 37. Began journeying with her Pokemon at 15 years old.
    Family: Vance Kai (Father); Felicia Kai (Sister)
    Love Relationships?: None


    Species: Vulpix
    Nickname: Claire
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Hidden Power: None
    Special Features: None
    Pokeball: Friend Ball
    Personality: Playful yet always knows when it is time to be serious.
    History: Befriended Lily on Route 37 when Lily was a young girl; Lily and Felicia's father told them to catch the Vulpix they were playing with each day. Claire is who Lily trusts most of her thoughts and secrets to.

    Species: Flareon
    Nickname: Ariel
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Hidden Power: Electric
    Special Features: None
    Pokeball: Luxury Ball
    Personality: More serious than Claire, sometimes to the extent of acting arrogant, although enjoys being cuddled. Ariel is more talented battler than Claire.
    History: Given to Lily as a Flareon from her father on her 18th birthday.

    Species: Lapras
    Nickname: Selena
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Shell Armor
    Hidden Power: None
    Special Features: None
    Pokeball: Dive Ball
    Personality: Calm and easy-going, but tends not to warm up to new people easily. Claire was an exception.
    History: Found by Claire when exploring the Union Cave one evening. Lily saw the pair bond and decided to catch the Lapras.
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  4. Name: Louie Forest
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Cherrygrove Town
    Age: 14
    Height: 1.52 Metres
    Weight: 8.34 Stone
    Hair: Longish dark brown hair
    Eyes: Bright green
    Clothing: Dark brown t-shirt with green leaf in centre, lime green trousers, brown rectangle glasses, dark brown shoes
    Identifying Marks: Tatoo of leaf on sole of left foot, carries a Grass Flute, used to befriend Pokemon
    Musculature: Average
    Personality: A kind, gentle, peaceful person that will help others at all costs.
    Skills: Intelligent
    Past: While travelling through a woods, a strange, ghost Pokemon handed him the Grass Flute.
    Family: A mum and a dad.
    Love Relationships?: A teenage girl called Melody Forest. Same personality as Louie, and are not from the same family.
    Rival: Jake GreyThunder, a mean, 14 year old bully. He has a Granbull and a Roopushin.


    Species: Shiny Excalivier
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Percival
    Hidden Power: None
    Special Features: Bronze armour

    Species: Shiny Jumpluff
    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Fluffy
    Hidden Power: Ghost
    Special Features: None

    I hope I have done it right, because this is my RP character!
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  5. Name: Riley Heckler
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Anville Town
    Age: 16, near 17
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 162 lbs
    Hair: A sort of light brown color, it's generally messy, and while brushed to the side in the front, the part has bits of hair sticking up. It's messy, but not.
    Eyes: Hazel
    Clothing: He generally wears a long-sleeved shirt with a vest that doubles as a windbreaker, and some jeans. He likes to wear a long purple scarf as well, that trails behind him when he runs. Riley thinks it looks cool. He has regular sneakers.
    Identifying Marks: Nothing much. You can tell he's a person.
    Musculature: He's fairly thin, but not skinny. His clothes certainly aren't falling off him.
    Personality: Riley is a fairly confident person. He likes to have battles, and thinks they're fun. As a result, he often gets overexcited and loses track of the battle. He's rather inexperienced, and is likely to panic when something goes wrong in a fight. He cares for his Pokemon deeply, and worries when something bad happens to them. In such occasions, he does not focus on much else.
    Skills: Riley has a rather keen balance. He certainly won't be backflipping and doing fancy stunts if he gets knocked over or anything, but he keeps his footing nicely.
    Past: Living in Anville Town, Riley had been relatively naive most of his life. Since the colony was so far out of the way, he didn't know much about the outside world, not even anything of Team Plasma and their doings. He knew the Subway took people to the mainlands of Unova, but he was content not to leave his mother, who had become part of the Anville Colony when she lost her husband. Now sixteen, Riley decided to finally leave the colony and try being a trainer, taking the Brown Line to Nimbasa City.
    Family: Riley is an only child living with his mother, Alexandra. After an unfortunate incident in the city where his father was killed in a traffic accident. Riley was three at the time, and Alexandra, wanting to escape the oppressive city of Castelia, she took part in the effort to further colonize Unova, and settled down in Anville Town, far enough from civilization for her but close enough for her son to have a life there.


    Species: Vanillish
    Nickname: Weston
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Ice Body
    Hidden Power: Fire
    Special Features: None
    Pokeball: Pokeball
    Personality: Vanillish is most like Riley in personality. He often gets overexcited, and starts spewing ice chunks around. He tends to be generally oblivious to unfortunate situations around him. The downside to this is that, in battle, he doesn't realize when he is at his limit and often faints from exhaustion, something Riley tries to prevent. He's used to Riley fussing over him, but it annoys the Ice and Snow Pokemon somewhat.
    History: Riley met Weston as a Vanillite during winter. He met it when he was making a snowman, and the Pokemon decided to help out. Watching from the window, his mother realized this would be a great step to him leaving the town one day, and so she searched the house for the Pokeball and eventually found one. She gave it to her son, and taught him how to catch it. Weston didn't mind, he wasn't planning on doing much that day anyway.

    Species: Emolga
    Nickname: Makoto
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Motor Drive
    Hidden Power: None
    Special Features: None
    Pokeball: Quick Ball
    Personality: Makoto is a stubborn little rat, as Riley affectionately refers to her as. She takes unnecessary risks in battle just to show off, although she is rather strong. She listens to Riley's commands, but executes them in her own style, if only to frustrate Riley. Regardless, they're both good friends, despite the playful jabs.
    History: Makoto was the first Pokemon Riley caught when he officially entered Unova. It was badgering the baseball team inside the Little Court by getting in the way as they were practicing. Riley hadn't seen a sport outside of the TV before, so he decided to go and watch. At one point, however, a baseball was knocked straight into the Emolga's face, and it fell out of the sky. Not wanting it to get hurt, Riley reacted on his primary instincts to save others and threw whatever ball he could grab at the Pokemon so it wouldn't be further damaged. The Quick Ball did its job, and although Makoto doesn't enjoy being a captured Pokemon, she'll live with it. On the bright side, Riley got tickets to the next game.
  6. Name: Nicholas Booker
    Age: 17

    Appearance: Nicholas stands at 6’11” and weighs around 160 lbs. He has short, messy, blonde hair which contrasts with his dark eyebrows and eyes. Nicholas has always been somewhat self conscious of his neck because he thinks it’s too long and veiny. Nicholas has a thing for brown corduroy pants and striped shirts. Since he often finds himself in cold temperatures, he always has warm clothes handy. He wears contacts but will sometimes wear glasses when he’s feeling lazy.

    Background: Nicholas grew up in Driftveil City with his mother. His parents divorced when Nicholas was 13, though they’d had some obvious marital problems for a few years beforehand. His father moved off to a different town and remarried but his mother is still single. When he turned 16 Nick got a job working in the cold storage and loved it. Though he was the youngest there, he picked up the work quickly and made good friends. Since it was encouraged to have a Pokémon or two to help with some of the labor, Nick caught a Karrablast outside the city. Though he enjoyed the feeling of capturing a Pokémon, he was content enough with his life that he never considered leaving on a Pokémon journey.

    When one of his coworkers had to make a delivery to Mistralton City, Nicholas tagged along figuring it’d be a good experience for him. Though he had a job to do, he couldn’t help but explore the area and fell in love with some of the Pokémon he found there. After capturing a Litwick and returning to Driftveil, he couldn’t stop thinking about how nice it was to explore new areas and the Pokémon that lived there. After much thinking, he decided that a Pokémon journey really was something he’d like to do after all and set off for Castelia City.

    Personality: Nicholas is the friendly type. He likes to meet new people and has no problem approaching strangers. He likes to take on personal challenges. He’s always been secretly afraid of whether or not his friends and his Pokémon really like him, but doesn’t share this insecurity with anyone. Though he’s only just starting on his adventure, somewhere in the back of his mind he’s been hoping that he’ll go back to Driftveil soon and resume his life as it was.

    Pokémon: Karrablast
    Name: Khaki
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Shed Skin
    Personality: Khaki views himself as very important. Though not very powerful he acts almost as a body guard for Nicholas. He isn’t very obedient, but he’s loyal. Khaki asserts himself too much and though he loses around the same amount of battles that he wins, his attitude suggests something otherwise. Khaki has a bad habit of chewing everything Nicholas owns, though he does it secretly to avoid being yelled at by Nicholas.

    Pokémon: Litwick
    Name: Votive
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Flame Body
    Personality: Votive is powerful and mostly obedient, though she never seems like she’s all there. She rarely shows much personality when she isn’t directly addressed and will sometimes stand in the same spot for hours doing absolutely nothing. Votive is a capable battler and can easily beat Khaki. She didn’t put up much of a fight upon capture, because, like most things, she just let it happen. Nicholas has tried to get through more to Votive but is happy with the relationship they share and doesn’t mind not being best friends.
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  7. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Name: Alan Shaw
    Gender: Male 
    Hometown: Vermilion City
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 200 lbs
    Hair: short and brown, with strands covering the top of his left eye
    Eyes: brown
    Clothing: blue t-shirt, jeans, brown wading boots, yellow gloves
    Musculature: He has a bit more fat than he would like, but he's not morbidly obese or anything, and he’s still quite strong.
    Personality: Social and outgoing towards those he knows, though he's slightly hesitant to react the same way towards strangers. Has a strong moral sense and usually thinks before he acts unless the situation doesn’t allow it.
    Skills: Is very knowledgeable on the subject of water Pokemon and their abilities. Though he doesn't look to be very physical at first glance, Alan has an advanced knowledge of martial arts and is more than capable of defending himself. He's also a decent marksman.
    Past: Grew up and spent most of his life in and around Vermilion, he spent most of this time out on the docks, watching the ferries come and go, up till nightfall, in which he would go back home and take glances at his father's journals and findings, and any water-type books the scientist may have brought home with him after an expedition. Though this took up most of his life, there was one occasion where he took a trip across the entire Kanto region to take his hand at training. This, however, would end up becoming a journey he'd rather forget. With only three Pokemon, all of the same type, Alan found his loss count rising much higher than his win count. Coming away from his adventure with exactly zero gym badges, unevolved Pokemon, and the realization he was definitely missing something that the more successful trainers had, he decided to just stick with his old routine for a little while longer until a better opportunity came to him. Luckily, said opportunity wasn't too far off: His father soon after invited him on one of his expeditions to Unova, and he has become quite excited for the day when they set out.
    Family: Lives as an only child with his mother Marie, and his traveling father, Michael, who’s a lesser known field researcher throughout the regions.
    Love Relationships?: none (He’s so alone!)


    Squirtle: “Perfusus”,
    Gender: male
    Ability: Torrent
    History/Personality: Received from his father on his 11th birthday. Tries to keep a serious and inquisitive personality, despite his instinct to be playful and happy
    Special features: A small spiral swirl can be seen on the back of his shell.

    Totodile: "Rabidus"
    Gender: male
    Ability: Torrent
    History/Personality: Received as a gift from his father after one of his travels. Always eager and eccentric, usually the trouble maker of the bunch.

    Mudkip: "Sileo"
    Gender: male
    Ability: Torrent
    History/Personality: Yet another souvenir from his father. The coolest head of the three. Barely ever actually speaks unless it involves telling off Rabidus or Perfusus. Very loyal towards Alan, and doesn't do anything without his trainer's command.
  8. [​IMG]
    Name: Stephen Crofts
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Icirrus City
    Age: 25
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 210 lbs
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Grey
    Clothing: Light clothing, usually a cotton shirt and khaki cargo pants. Wears a black macintosh jacket and a black scarf in the winter.
    Identifying Marks: None
    Musculature: Skinny, been backpacking around the world since he was 18
    Personality: Kind of quiet and arrogant. Is well aware of his abilities. Still, is loyal to his friends and family.
    Skills: Very knowledgeable about history and literature. Very aggressive in Pokemon battles, mostly offence.
    Past: Was born in Icirrus City to an engineer and a Pokemon coordinator. His father, the engineer, insisted he complete his primary education before going on any sort of Pokemon journey. His mother, when he was little, brought back a young baby Nidoran from the Kanto region for him as a pet, which Stephen named Saul. Saul evolved into a Nidorino after Stephen started battling his friends in high school. After high school he left to go on a Pokemon journey, evolving Saul into a Nidoking at the onset. His father hoped he would continue his education, but came to terms with the fact that Stephen had completed his end of the deal and stayed through high school.
    Though he planned on competing against Gym Leaders, he initially wanted to use the journey as an excuse to travel Unova, with competing in the Pokemon League a secondary objective. After some training, however, Stephen decided to give the league a shot, and in three years he had won eight badges needed to compete in the Unova league.
    During the Unova tournament he made it to the final 16 before being knocked out, though the tournament convinced his father that he had made the right decision, reconciling the two. After the Unova Tournament he wandered around the other regions of the world for a few years, travelling and training. He's now returned to Icirrus City, having just returned from the Sinnoh region.
    Family: Mother, father, younger sister (22), and an uncle living in Viridian City in Kanto.

    Species: Nidoking
    Nickname: Saul
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Poison Point
    History/Personality, etc: Stephen's first Pokemon. He's incredibly loyal to Stephen, though he's a little skittish. When travelling he would wrap his tail around Stephen for protection as they slept. He gets annoyed at Sparky, Stephen's Typhlosion, who has always had a bad habit of trying to nibble his tail.

    Species: Samurott
    Nickname: Erin
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Torrent
    History/Personality, etc: Caught as an Oshawott. Stephen wasn't interested in getting one of the Unova starters from Professor Juniper, he had Saul. He came across Oshawott shortly after leaving Icirrus City, however. Stephen was shocked to see one in the wild, and decided to observe it for a few days. Soon he realized that this little Pokemon was alone, and decided to capture it. Saul had no problem subduing the small Pokemon, which was caught. Initially stubborn, Erin grew to trust both Stephen and Saul.

    Species: Archeops
    Nickname: Hammond
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Defeatist
    History/Personality, etc: Stephen received an Archen during his trek around Unova. He stumbled across a fossil in the desert the envelopes Route 4. He headed to Nacrene City after he heard about their fossil restoration project. Hammond is a complex creature. A very proud Pokemon, his defeatist ability leads to him feeling down when things aren't going smoothly. Hammond is one of the two Pokemon of Stephen's that travels the most outside of his Poke Ball.

    Species: Hydreigon
    Nickname: Echinda
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Levitate
    History/Personality, etc: Echinda was the last of the Pokemon Stephen caught before he competed in the Unova League, though she didn't evolve into her final form until afterwards. Quick tempered and rash, it took a while for Echinda to be excepted by the rest of Stephen's Pokemon, but Stephen never gave up on her. When she was a young Deino Stephen would often guide her as she walked so she wouldn't have to bump around to get a feel for her surroundings. Stephen's taught her to channel her quick temper into power in battle.

    Species: Typhlosion
    Nickname: Sparky
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze
    History/Personality, etc: Caught as a Cyndaquil after Stephen's showing in the Unova League Tournament, when he set out for Johto. Going there to relax and perhaps get more in touch with his spiritual side, Stephen instead stumbled upon a very eager and competitive Pokemon in Sparky. Like Hammond, Sparky spends the most time travelling with Stephen outside of his Poke Ball.

    Species: Torterra
    Nickname: Kenix
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Overgrow
    History/Personality, etc: Another of Stephen's Pokemon with great endurance. Kenix is the most recent Pokemon on Stephen's team, having evolved from a Grotle just before Stephen returned from Sinnoh. Kenix is a very headstrong Pokemon, often insisting on charging into battle despite his lumbering size and less then stellar speed.
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  9. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Name: Kelvin Bohr
    Gender: Male
    Birth Place:
    Age: 10-17
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Hair: dirty blonde, straight, shoulder-length so people mistake him for a girl (hopefully that turns into a running gag :p)
    Eyes: Hazel
    Clothing: denim hooded vest, short-sleeved black t-shirt, darker jeans, chains for belt, black fingerless gloves, black shoes
    Identifying Marks: none
    Musculature: normal
    Personality: Easily irritated, impulsive, loyal to friends, competitive, stubborn. This leads him to lacking a sense of direction and getting lost easily.
    Skills: journaling
    Past: TBA
    Family: Parents and a younger brother
    Love Relationships: none

    Nickname: Becquerel
    Specie: Deino/Zweilous/Hydreigon
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Impish
    Other: Always argues with Ampere

    Nickname: Lumen
    Specie: Litwick/Lampent
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Lonely
    Other: Used as an emergency light, Starter

    Nickname: Joule
    Specie: Mienfoo/Mienshao
    Gender: Female
    Nature: Naive
    Other: Enjoys eating berries

    Nickname: Pascal
    Specie: Archen/Archeops
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Bold
    Other: Afraid of thunder/lightning

    Nickname: Ampere
    Specie: Blitzle/Zebstrika
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Timid
    Other: Always bickers with Dyne

    Nickname: Candela
    Specie: Petilil/Lilligant
    Gender: Female
    Nature: Calm
    Other: Main Pokemon for contests
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  10. [​IMG]
    Sprite by Elise :)

    Name: Felicia Kai
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Ecruteak City
    Age: 18
    Height: 5' 0''
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Hair: Waist-length, teal hair.
    Eyes: Light brown
    Clothing: Commonly seen in a yellow dress coming to just above knee length. Wears a thick leather belt with a large buckle around the middle of her torso, that carries Pokeballs. Also has a fuchsia-coloured Pokegear on her wrist. Will change attire to suit her location (due to her superpower that is common sense >>).
    Identifying Marks: None
    Musculature: Curvy
    Personality: Tended to spend time inside studying when her sister, Lily, was out exploring the surrounding about Ecruteak - of her own choice, as opposed to what her father recommended. As such, Felicia used to be more shy and withdrawn - but as she grew up, she realised that being herself was more important and is learning to be more outgoing and proud to be an individual, and to be herself.
    Skills: Can focus easily on what she is doing, cares incredibly for each and everyone she is close to. Can quickly assess how to best use the attributes of her Pokemon in a situation.
    Past: Although being encouraged to learn about her surroundings, she spent time inside studying about concepts from much further afield - as such, was much more successful in her education than her sister. Lily managed to get Felicia to come outside regularly during one summer, and she eventually had a Vulpix befriend her on Route 37. Begun the traditional "Pokemon journey", as its considered, at sixteen.
    Family: Vance Kai (Father); Lily Kai (Sister)
    Love Relationships?: None


    Species: Ninetales
    Nickname: Isabella
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Drought
    Hidden Power: None
    Special Features: None
    Pokeball: Friend Ball
    Personality: Tends to have a serious persona, but is more than happy to relax when the time dictates.
    History: Befriended Felicia on Route 37 when Felicia was a young girl; Lily and Felicia's father told them to catch the Vulpix they were playing with each day.

    Species: Butterfree
    Nickname: Charlotte
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Compoundeyes
    Hidden Power: Fire
    Special Features: None
    Pokeball: Sport Ball
    Personality: Very proud to the point of being stuck-up at times; As a result, she is either very confident or very shaken, when the confidence is broken.
    History: Captured in the National Park as a Butterfree.

    Species: Hitmonchan
    Nickname: Nikolai
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Iron Fist
    Hidden Power: None
    Special Features: None
    Pokeball: Luxury Ball
    Personality: Avoids fighting when he can, although he is incredibly skilled. Would prefer passivity over aggression, and as such is usually used as the final Pokemon that Felicia will use.
    History: Given to Lily as a Tyrogue from her father on her 18th birthday.

    Species: Dragonair
    Nickname: Jade
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Marvel Scale
    Hidden Power: Ground
    Special Features: None
    Pokeball: Lure Ball
    Personality: Usually stoical, will try to use her endurance to lengthen battles. Can come across as uncaring because of this, but she can be seen being the motherly figure for Felicia's team.
    History: Captured on Route 45 as a Dragonair.
  11. Name: Alfred Fosse (prefers being called Ally)
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Lavaridge, Hoenn
    Age: 17 (almost eighteen!)
    Height: 5' 7"
    Weight: 139 lbs
    Hair: Short, well-kept coral-coloured hair. His fringe is every so slightly longer than the rest of his hair.
    Eyes: Dull brown
    Clothing: Usually in a viridian-coloured cardigan with matching shoes, and coral and white plaid shorts. Not commonly seen without his scarf.
    Identifying Marks: None
    Musculature: Tall and stick-like.
    Personality: Usually somewhat quiet, but speaks more openly when he warms up to someone. Not unsociable, just a little bit shy. Usually just an all-round nice guy; it's not very likely that he'll have something bad to say about something or someone.
    Skills: Because he's not too bothered about much else, Ally is very devoted to raising his PokeMon. He's pretty good at battling, but he has a thing for breeding and picking out rare PokeMon.
    Past: Ally has a normal family; he's an only child and he lives with both of his parents who are happily married and encourage his endeavours with PokeMon. He was very quiet and hardworking as a child but has become slightly more open and tried that extra bit harder to speak out for himself and not fade away into the background. The biggest change recently in his life was his best friend and on-and-off boyfriend from childhood moving away to Unova, but other than that, Ally's pretty happy with his quiet life.
    Family: Vanessa Fosse (mother; Nurse), Albert Fosse (father; Engineer)
    Love Relationships?: Previously had an on-and-off relationship with an old friend, but since he moved away, no other relationships.


    Species: Roselia
    Nickname: Rafael
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Poison Point
    Special Features: Unlike most Roselia, Rafael is usually pouting. Also the petals on his flowers are ever-so-slightly withered.
    Pokeball: Luxury Ball
    Personality: Usually pretty serious, comforting towards other PokeMon that are feeling 'down', but very wary for danger.
    History: Ally's first PokeMon. Ally started interacting with Rafael on his visits to his uncle's house and finally he gave him a Luxury Ball so he could catch him. Ally's done a fine job of raising his first PokeMon and Rafael is one of Ally's most skilled at battling.

    Species: Magneton
    Nickname: Becqs
    Gender: ---
    Ability: Magnet Pull
    Special Features: A bit scratched and scraped. One of his bolts is shinier than the others; this is because Ally's father had to replace one of his old ones.
    Pokeball: Great Ball
    Personality: Becqs can be a bit of an airhead. He generally just floats around and follows Ally, and can be overly curious, but hardly ever means any harm.
    History: Found by Ally's father when he was working in New Mauville. Back then he was a small Magnemite with very bad balance; Ally's father found him trailing along the floors of New Mauville, scraping all over his fragile body. Ally's father brought him home and fixed him up a bit, replacing one of his bolts, and gave him to Ally.

    Species: Lairon
    Nickname: Rolex
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sturdy
    Special Features: N/A
    Pokeball: PokeBall
    Personality: Despite his heavy and intimidating demeanor, all Rolex wants to do is have fun. He has a serious side, but most of the time he's trying his best to make light of everything in the world.
    History: Caught by Ally's mother when she was on a work-related trip to Dewford. Ally's father cared for it until Ally turned 14, at which point he let Ally keep him.

    Species: Vibrava
    Nickname: Lancelot
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Levitate
    Special Features: N/A
    Pokeball: Ultra Ball
    Personality: Quite a happy PokeMon, not overly cheerful but not usually sad. He can be focused when the situation calls for it and is usually alone as he's somewhat shy.
    History: Caught by Ally on his journey through Hoenn, in Route 111. Lancelot was one of the more shy PokeMon there, but Ally managed to catch him nonetheless.
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  12. Name: Cody
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Born and raised in Olivine. Currently owns a small home in Blackthorn
    Age: 22
    Height: Six feet two inches.
    Weight: Average
    Hair:Naturally brown. From spending so much time in the sun, however, it's turned nearly completely blond.
    Clothing:Whatever fits the situation.
    Identifying Marks: None.
    Musculature: Toned, but not beefy, from years of traveling and hiking. In good shape from morning runs (Whenever he gets the chance or isn't feeling too lazy)
    Personality:From traveling, Cody has adopted a very "go with the flow" attitude. He isn't too concerned with keeping plans or making schedules. He wants the best for everyone he encounters and tries not to take himself too seriously.
    Skills: Cody is a very competent Trainer, and a strong swimmer. (yay?)
    Past: He's not had a very rough life. He began his journey at the age of 14, four years after he was gifted his Aipom. He traveled first around Kanto, where he defeated all the Gyms, and placed in the top 32 at the Indigo League. In Johto, after defeating all the Gyms at the age of 16, he won at the Silver League, becoming a Johto Champion. In Hoenn, after defeating the Gyms, he placed second. He lost to a young woman due to a "dumb mistake" on his part. In Sinnoh he collected five Gym badges before returning home. He has yet to visit Unova.
    Family:Cody remains friendly with his family, but does not see them often. He does have a small number of very close friends who he sees more often, however.
    Love Relationships?:Nothing serious at this point in his life.
    Pokémon: (These aren't all the ones that Cody has trained, just the ones he travels with most often.)

    Species Aipom
    Nickname Silver
    Gender Male
    History/Personality Silver was Cody's first Pokemon, given to him on his tenth birthday. The two spend almost all of their time together, and Silver is seldom in his Pokeball. Silver is playful, and has become one of Cody's most reliable Pokemon for battling (though Silver would rather dance.)

    Nickname Espy
    History/Personality Espy (Which Cody admits at this point in his life is an incredibly juvenile name, but there's no way he'd change it now) was the first Pokemon Cody caught. He encountered her as an Eevee, and the battle between her and Silver lasted for what seemed like hours to Cody. He used a Timer Ball that someone had given him as a promotional item to capture her. She evolved shortly before challenging the Indigo League. Since then she has become the Pokemon that Cody calls upon most frequently to battle.

    Nickname Mars
    History/Personality Mars is one of Cody's "powerhouse" Pokemon and is a fierce battler. Mars has been used in some of Cody's tougher encounters, including both Silver and Hoenn League final matches.

    Nickname Venus
    History/PersonalityVenus doesn't see too much action anymore, as she never had much of a fondness for battles. She does, however, enjoy laying out in the sun and ferrying Cody about when need be. Despite her distaste for them, she's a versatile competitor and a vital asset to Cody's team at times.

    Species Skarmory
    Nickname Stella
    History/PersonalityStella was a gift from Cody's grandfather. She was given to him when he returned from Kanto. She, along with Espy and Silver, are almost always with Cody as he travels.

    Species Lucario
    Nickname Lightning
    History/PersonalityCody encountered Lightning during his travels in Sinnoh. Lightning does not share the same passion for battling as his Trainer, nor the energy. Though he is relaxed, almost to the point of laziness, he often travels with Cody, providing the extra "uhmph" that his team sometimes needs during battle. Mostly, however, he prefers to lounge around.

    Cody also has a Salamence, Glaceon, and Arcanine, among a few others that he's captured (though not necessarily trained) during his travels.
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  13. Name: Allison Kay
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Cerulean City, Kanto. Later moved to Celadon City.
    Age: 14
    Height: 5' 0''
    Weight: 120 Ibs
    Hair: Her hair is naturally a tanned brown with a few blonde highlights here and there. It darkens slightly as the seasons come closer to Winter.
    Eyes: Hazel.
    Clothing: Allison wears mostly slim clothing, especially those in a violet color. She prefers casual and comfortable.
    Identifying Marks: None.
    Musculature: Normal.
    Personality: Allison is very nervous at the start of her journey, not truly knowing what lies ahead of her. She starts with no Pokemon to join her on the journey. Getting lost, she runs into a trainer that helps her more than she expected. Allison eventually becomes more determined and less afraid once she's able to hold up on her own. Of course, making friends is what it's all about and that's exactly why she's willing to tag along with anyone that has the same goals as her.
    Skills: Although she knows little about battling, Allison has some experience with Pokemon due to her family. Never having one of her own, she did some research when she went to the Trainer's School.
    Past: Allison has had a very unlively past. With little to no experience with Pokemon or other trainers aside from family that went on their journey, she doesn't know what to expect of the world or of some of the people she would meet. As the days passed, her family later moved to Celadon city. Little did Allison know that it would be the beginning of her journey.
    Family: Her mother, Abigail Kay. Her father, Terrence Kay. Her sister, Maya Kay. Her sister was the only one to ever travel to other regions to explore. Maya, was much older than her and had already gone on her Pokemon journey, but not for badges. Maya had moved to Sinnoh for the Dress-up competitions and promises to come home after winning at the Grand Festival. Allison said she'd go a different path than her sister. She'd be the winner of the Indigo Plateau.
    Love Relationships?: None.
  14. Name: Aruru "Xyrem" Kaminsky(This is a "timeskipped" version of a character from a Sinnoh RP I am currently running. The original is two years younger.)

    Gender: Female

    Hometown: Oreburgh City, Sinnoh.

    Age: 20

    Height: 5'2''

    Build: Medium muscular build, very little fat. Her legs are far stronger than her arms, as she kick trains daily with her Blaziken.

    Hair: Cut short, right below the nape of her neck. It's dyed a deep red color.

    Eyes: Brown, hidden behind square-framed glasses.

    Clothing: Black tank top and a pair of gray cargo pants tucked into black combat boots. She also wears a black backpack to carry supplies in.

    Identifying Marks: A small scar running down her right arm.

    Personality Type: A

    Blood Type: B+

    Social Outlook: Introverted

    Highly intelligent, but harbors a deep distrust of humanity in general. She has always had a high level of paranoia as well. When she finally gets to the point where she trusts someone, though, she becomes highly loyal and dependable. There are even some people that she will fight to the death for. Once she is betrayed, she will never forget it.

    Xyrem considers all of life to be a learning experience, though, and will try and suck knowledge from any possible source. It is her belief that everyone in the world can teach her at least one thing that she didn’t previously know. However, if she has spent years studying something, she can and will show that knowledge at any opportunity. Most take this to be some form of arrogance. In reality, she’s only trying to teach people what she has learned. However, if someone pulls up new data, she will ask for proof. If she is given proof, not only will she internalize it, she will also feel deep shame at not knowing it. Most of the time, she’s a relatively silent person, feeling that she should not speak unless absolutely necessary. However, in the right atmosphere, she’s a natural comedian and leader. Her nickname is one of the odder things about her. When she explains it, it’s always “X-Y like the axes, REM like the sleep”. (Some may note what Xyrem actually is- a pharmaceutical version of GHB). She will never say her real name. It’s not out of shame, it’s more the fact that she does not want to trust people with her real handle. If she decides to trust someone with her name, they are only allowed to use it in private, so that nobody else may garner the information.

    Because she's spent her life as a genius, she has a relatively negative view on most of humanity. While yes, she just wants to learn, she has a counter process that calls everyone around her stupid, because of the actions they choose. While she tries to push that down to the bottom of her personality, it often surfaces in bits of sarcasm or in white hot explosions. While an explosion of anger is insanely rare, as she often holds back her emotions, people around her have learned to avoid them. After an explosion, she gets extremely vulnerable and emotionally fragile for a good week or so. After that, her emotional spectrum goes back to baseline. She will avoid an explosion of emotion at any cost. Happiness is her one exception. She generally likes to show approval.

    And, of course, while she often hides her disdain for all of humanity, it still exists. But, because of the supportive way she was raised, and because of the many good friends she has had over her lifetime, she will never harm another human being on purpose. In fact, she's trained in basic first aid, and uses it whenever necessary. The one exception is when someone is physically attempting to attack her. She will then attack with any anger that had been recently pent up.

    Skills: She’s pretty damn logical, and considers that a skill. And, due to her daily martial arts training with her Blaziken, she can stand up for herself in a fight.

    Past: Xyrem came from a loving and supporting family. Neither of her parents were especially good at battling- her mother chose to spend her time as a freelance writer, and her father ran a small technology company while studying theoretical physics in his free time. There are memories that exist of long, complicated conversations about the start of the universe in Xyrem's mind. However, those are the main long conversations she remembers- if it wasn't about something big, her and her father wouldn't really talk much. As he once stated, when notified by Xyrem's mother that the two of them sucked at talking about anything smaller than the universe, "We are not as good as navigating the waters of conversation". When it came to social issues, she could always turn to her mother, who was loving, kind, and witty. However, due to her relatively cold logical perspective, she ended up respecting her father's opinions more than her mother's. Many said that, when it came to personality, she was her father's clone. She was born in Oreburgh, and moved to Jubilife for a short time while her father worked on his company. He sold the company when Xyrem was 15, and the family moved back to Oreburgh. Her parents live in a small house on the edge of the city, while Xyrem, at the age of 18, moved to an apartment closer to the city center. She still shares a close relationship with her parents.

    After only 6 months of living in her apartment, Xyrem decided that she felt the need for adventure, and set off on a journey across Sinnoh. While she originally planned to go solo, fate attacked her in the form of a roaming thief who would soon become a good friend. The pair of them didn't go far before picking up another member in Eterna City, a shy young man who had a fear of females named Archer. After a tumultuous journey over Mt. Coronet on the back of an angry Aerodactyl, the three of them ended up in Hearthome, where they picked up the final member of the ragtag bunch. After traveling the region, Xyrem headed back home to Oreburgh.

    Family: Mother (Jamie Kaminsky), Father (Michael Kaminsky)

    Love Relationships: Xyrem is currently in a relationship with Oreburgh Gym Leader Roark.


    Species: Blaziken
    Nickname: 'Vadumee
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze
    Hidden Power: Rock
    History: Xyrem has raised ‘Vadumee since he was a Torchic. Actually, back in those days, she used to hug him a lot, as he was glowing with warmth and fluffy. Because of her gentle care, they have a close relationship. When he evolved into a Combusken, she taught him how to meditate. It was her wish to have a Pokemon that could not only defend, but also be in tune with the world. After that, she began working on kicks with him. Today, they still train together.
    Personality: Very calm in even the worst situations, as he meditates every morning. Every day, he will train with Xyrem in order to strengthen his fighting attacks. Of course, he can far outfight her, but often won’t choose to during normal training. He is insanely protective of Xyrem, and will fight anyone or anything that gets in her way. When Xyrem gets tired of walking, ‘Vadumee allows her to ride on his shoulders. 'Vadumee acts as an impromptu "leader" of Xyrem's team. Each of the Pokemon look up to him for advice in battle and in life. It's their general opinion that 'Vadumee is wise, from his many experiences.

    Other Pokemon (Previous Team)
    Rampardos(F), named Eris; Rampardos(M), named Descartes; Aerodactyl(M), named Prometheus: Currently residing in the Oreburgh Gym, under the care of Roark.
    Porygon Z, named Anonymous: Spends most of its time within the computer systems at the Oreburgh Gym. It's famous for playing with the lighting system for the battlefield, but only when there's no official League business.
    Rotom, named Ramiel: Spends its time with Anonymous, usually playing in the lights.
  15. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Name: Liam Thompson
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Rustboro City, Hoenn
    Age: 15
    Height: Five feet, six inches (5’6”)
    Weight: one hundred twenty-five pounds (125lbs)
    Hair: Dark brown.
    Eyes: Blue.
    Clothing: Liam wears a gray newsboy cap to hide his short brown hair. He wears oval-rimmed glasses, and has brown fingerless gloves on his hands. Along with those, he wears a long sleeved brown jacket, with a white t-shirt underneath. Finally, he wears brown jeans, and black shoes. He carries a plain gray backpack around, which tends to be full of maps, along with a tin containing food.
    Identifying Marks: None.
    Musculature: Thin.
    Personality: Liam is a cheerful kid, always working hard to reach his goals. He makes friends fast, having no trouble around other people. However, he isn’t very good at expressing himself, preferring to step back and listen.
    Skills: Liam is a very good cartographer for his age, from spending most of his time learning the craft in school. Though he isn’t much of a battler, he almost never gets lost because of his maps.
    Past: Liam is the son of a diplomat and a lobbyist. He didn’t live in Hoenn, his home region very long before his family moved to Sinnoh. He grew up in Eterna until after his fourteenth birthday. On May 21st, the day of his older brother’s birthday, he received a gift, a Shiny Buizel, which he named Rick. This same day, his brother’s birthday, said brother disappeared. After three months with no word, Liam’s brother was presumed dead, and his family moved to Veilstone to get away.

    In Veilstone, Liam completed his Freshman year in high school, getting a letter in the last few days of the school year. The letter, from the same family friend he had gotten Rick from, claimed to know the whereabouts of Liam’s brother. His family refused to believe him when he showed them the letter, so, on the last day of school, right after graduation, Liam left Veilstone alone. Since then, he has followed the instructions on the letter, and any other letter he finds for him. His goal is to eventually find the man who knows of his brother.
    Family: Liam’s parents still live in Veilstone City, now looking for both their missing sons. His brother as well, is MIA, though Liam plans to find him eventually.
    • - Rick
      • - Species: Shiny Buizel
        - Gender: Male
        - Personality: A young, curious Pokemon. Rick is Liam’s only true Pokemon. He loves his master greatly, and does what ever he can to help him, even if he isn’t always sure what it is they are doing.
    • - Vector
      • - Species: Poochyena
        - Gender: Male
        - Personality: The family guard dog, who Liam took with him when he left home. While not really his Pokemon, Vector is loyal to Liam, and does what ever he can to keep the teenager safe and happy.
  16. Name: Severin Viper

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Pastoria City

    Age: 20

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 190

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Red

    Clothing: Seviper-themed; A black jacket with yellow diamond shapes down the back. He wears black gloves with a yellow diamond on the back of each hand, as well as three diamonds along the back of the sleeves. The zipper on it is, of course, yellow. He wears a black fitted T-shirt underneath it with the purple marking you find on the "chest" of Seviper. His pants are black, with diamond halves along the back of them. His shoes are black and the tips of the laces are red.

    Identifying Marks: N/A

    Musculature: Average

    Personality: A bit adamant, but can be social. When in battle, he feels the thrill and the rush of fighting. He generally catches Pokemon that enjoy battling almost as much as he does.

    Past: Severin comes from a long line of Seviper trainers. He is destined to be a Seviper master... or so you'd think. His parents had given his Seviper as they were both young, so he would train with it until the time was right for him. After working for the Great Marsh part-time as a teen, he gained two new Pokemon, Yanma and Carnivine. When he turned twenty, Yanma had already evolved into a Yanmega.

    Family: Mother and Father

    Love Relationships?: None at the moment.

    Pokémon: Seviper
    Nickname: None
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Infiltrator
    Personality: Seviper is a lot like Severin. Seviper prefers spicy food. If any harm is placed on Severin, Seviper will fight bravely for him.

    Pokemon: Yanmega
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Speed Boost
    Personality: He likes to sit on Severin's head whenever outside of his Pokeball, unless he's called into battle. Then it's serious business. He likes bitter food.

    Pokemon: Carnivine
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Levitate
    Personality: In Severin's spare time, he lets out for a hug and a nibble at his noggin. To show affection is to hug tight and nip at his head. He prefers sweet foods.

    Name: Elgarr

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Solaceon Town





    Eyes:Black, with a hint of red.

    Clothing: Elgarr wears a mainly black jacket with crimson linig. He wears a fitted crimson T-shirt underneath it, and wears a skull pendant as a necklace, similar to a Houndoom. His pants are black and slightly baggy. His shoes are mainly black with a bit of crimson.

    Identifying Marks: None.

    Musculature: Slightly Muscular

    Personality: Elgarr is a bit eccentric, but can be serious at times as well. He enjoys the heat of battle, and normally captures Pokemon that are into battling like himself.

    Skills: None

    Past:Elgarr, being an abandoned child of abusive parents stayed at the daycare in Solaceon Town to work and live. Elgarr met his Houndoom, Ragnarok, as a young Houndour. Ragnarok was given to Elgarr as a pet after they hit it off at the Daycare, but Elgarr knew right away they were both meant for battle, after seeing Ragnarok instantly ready to battle. So from thirteen on, Elgarr stayed and trained with Ragnarok rather than go off with the other kids so early. He managed to capture a Murkrow, which he named Ace, after taking a trip to visit the tower outside . After years of training with Ragnarok and Ace, Elgarr sets off on his journey to become top trainer.


    Love Relationships?:None at the moment.

    Species: Houndoom
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Nickname: Ragnarok
    Personality: Ragnarok shares traits with that of Elgarr, but is also a loyal and dependable Pokemon. He enjoys battle as much as Elgarr, and fights viciously.

    Species: Murkrow
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Insomnia
    Nickname: Ace
    Personality: Ace is quite the womanizer of Pokemon. Ace likes to hit on female Flying-type Pokemon, specifically Altaria. While Ace doesn't show it, he fights fiercely to make himself stronger.
  17. Name: Christopher Black "Chris"
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Saffron City
    Age: 18
    Height: 5 Feet and 11 Inches
    Weight: 175 pounds
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Gray Blue

    Clothing: Is seen mostly with a White undershirt, Bomber styled green jacket, Brown Cargo pants, and Black walking boots

    Identifying Marks: N/A

    Musculature: Skinny, yet build for Speed.

    Personality: Chris tends to give off a "I hate everyone" vibe. Growing up in a rough place gave him such an attitude, but he has a kind heart to Pokemon. Often he is seen as well...An idiot.

    Skills: Has tons of Street smarts and learned the trade of being a Thief (Only uses said skill if out of food)

    Past: Chris Grew up in the Ghetto parts of Saffron city. His parents would always steal Pokemon for the well known Team Rocket and sell them off. Even Chris's Pokemon where taken from him. (He truly never obtained one till he was 16.) A week after turning 16. Chris was finally given his chance to become a real Pokemon Trainer. A young Gym leader had seen promise within Chris. The leader was Green himself. That day, Green happily gave Chris a Redish egg and what seemed to be an old model Pokedex and told him. "Wait a few days...It will hatch." All Chris did was smile and nod to Green, soon taking his leave. Sure enough, the egg hatched and a Shinny Charmander. This Charmander was the egg of Green's Charizard. It was hard raising this Charmander, but with the help of his childhood friend, Heleigh. Chris got it done. Soon, things started looking up for Chris more and more. His Parents were discovered and arrested. Which gave him the chance to go on and become the trainer he wanted to be...and prove something to the man named Green.

    Family: Robert Black (In Jail), Lizzy Black (In jail)

    Love Relationships: None at the moment, his Travels keep him going.

    Pokémon: Chris has obtained only six Pokemon over the few years of being a Trainer.

    Species: Charizard
    Nickname: Spyt Fyre
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze
    Hidden Power: Grass
    Special Features: Shinny form and has a Large scar on its stomach where Heleigh's Growlithe scratched it as a Charmander.
    History: Is the son of Green's Charizard, from that, Spyt Fyre has been with Chris from all of his life.
    Personality: Rash. Tends to pick fights with Water and Electric type Pokemon...

    Species: Golduck
    Nickname: Brigs
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Damp
    Hidden Power: Grass
    Special Features: N/A
    Personality: Has a bit of an ego. Thinks he could take on the world and believes he is way cool.

    Species: Jolteon
    Nickname: Twitch
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Volt Absorb
    Hidden Power: Ice
    Special Features: N/A
    Personality: Lazy, simple as that.

    Species: Zangoose
    Nickname: Logan
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Immunity
    Hidden Power: Ground
    Personality: Logan is a very calm type Zangoose. Even when around Seviper.

    Species: Shiftry
    Nickname: Sasuke
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Early Bird
    Hidden Power: Fire
    Personality: Shiftry is the only Pokemon in Chris's party that seems to keep to himself, but he does follow commands very well.

    Species: Flygon
    Nickname: Victoria
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Levitate
    Hidden Power: Bug
    Personality: She is a very Jolly Pokemon and loves being out of her Pokeball when she can. Loves to Fly Chris around when Spyt Fyre is not well.
  18. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Name: Leon Vance (Real name Francis Quinn).
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Blackthorn City, Johto.
    Age: 31
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 165lbs.
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Wears brown pants, and a blue long sleeved jacket, worn open, revealing a white t-shirt underneath. He also wears black shoes and gloves.
    Musculature: Average
    Title: "The Icy Gentleman"
    Skills: Leon’s family has been in the plantation business for centuries. Leon himself knows how to grow Camphor, Ginger, Shikimi, and Wasabi, and can also tell the difference between Shikimi and Chinese Star Anise, a spice that Shikimi is mistaken for. He is also an experienced chef, using his three home grown spices in his food.
    Past: Leon was born in Blackthorn City in 1985. He is of American descent, his family having moved to Johto generations ago to run a plantation, which they still do to this day, though the plantation itself is now located on Route 26 in Kanto. Their plantation is highly successful even today, meaning Leon is fairly well off. He is an only child, and his mother fell ill and died when he was still young.

    Intending for him to be his successor, his father taught him everything he knew about being a farmer. However, when he expressed an interest in battling, Leon’s father allowed his son to become a Trainer, giving him his first Pokemon, a Tropius used on the Plantation named Grant. He did this after Leon promised that one day he’d come back and settle down, eventually teaching what his father taught him to his own children.

    Leon set off with Grant when he was thirteen years old, hoping to take on the Gym Challenge. The recently ended war between Russia and North Korea over Sinnoh hadn’t reached Japan, leaving Johto very peaceful. Thus, Leon was able to take the challenge, with all the travelling it required, without any trouble. Months passed, Leon staying in constant contact with his father and slowly getting each badge. Along the way, he captured an Aipom, who he named Adam, as well as a Swinub, Lucy, a Shuckle, Dory, and a Wynaut, Jim. Adam and Lucy eventually evolved, and were joined by a Jynx, Rachel by the time Leon had finally managed all eight badges.

    By that time, he was fifteen years old, on the road for only two years. He took on the Elite Four as soon as he thought he was ready, and managed to defeat his first opponent, but lost the second round. Satisfied with how far he’d come, but still hoping he could go even further, Leon began to train for a rematch. Unfortunately, one never came, as Leon’s father, now getting on in years, was diagnosed with Melanoma. His son rushed back to his side, and took care of him until his father passed away. With his father’s death, the plantation and all the money his family had was left to Leon. When he was sixteen years old, Leon decided it was for the best to relax and run the plantation with his Pokemon.

    He stayed there until late 2002, when the then seventeen year old met a man by the name of Spencer Asimov. He immediately took a liking to the twenty-seven year old Russian, and after some convincing left to travel with the man, hiring some people to work the plantation in his absence. Spencer never stayed in a place for too long, and the duo traveled together all around the Pacific. In Kanto, Leon caught a Seel he named Zachary, followed by Luis, a Spheal, in Hoenn and Elizabeth, a Combee, in Sinnoh. These three all evolve during their continued travels, Elizabeth becoming a constant member of the team.

    It wasn’t until 2007 that Leon finally learned why Spencer always moved around so much. All this time, he’d been traveling with a fugitive named Daniil Yakovlev. Yakovlev was on run after escaping from Russian officials after being indicted for a viral outbreak occurring in Eterna Forest all the way back in 1997. Having traveled with the man for five years, however, the 22 year old knew Spencer for long enough that he believe him when the man claimed innocence. The two continued traveling together; now with the goal of finding a way to clear Spencer’s name.

    Leon was present when Spencer's chance at a pardon was destroyed by Loraine Thompson, an American ambassador in Sinnoh, in 2007. He was very vocally opposed to Spencer revenge plot, but unfortunately wasn’t able to stop the Russian from carrying it out in the spring of 2009. Trying to make the best of it, Leon offered to take care of Seth, a Buizel who had been a victim in the plot, but when Spencer handed the Pokemon over to Dr. Isaac North, the relationship between Leon and Spencer fractured. Still, Leon did his best to convince Spencer he’d done something wrong, and kept traveling with the man.

    Somehow, it worked, and Spencer agreed to get the Pokemon back. The two traveled to Unova, following Dr. North’s trail. By the time they had a proper lead; Leon had captured a Sandile, Scott, Cubchoo, Devin, Foongus, Marco, Drilbur, Tim, and Elgyem, Daniel. Not sure of what to do, Spencer contacted Liam Thompson, Loraine’s younger son who in 2009 Spencer had given a Shiny Buizel to as part of his revenge plot. He promised Liam his missing older brother back, and got the teenager on the way to becoming a Trainer himself.

    In the late months of 2010, Leon and Spencer finally met Samuel, the Trainer who currently owned Seth. Meeting under the guise of travelers, Leon traded Daniel to Samuel for his Croagunk named Jack, while Spencer promised Seth he’d help. Since Samuel was under Isaac’s watch now, Spencer could do no more then write the truth for Samuel, which as given to Daniel as mail to trade with. They parted ways with Samuel now completely aware of the situation.

    In 2011, Spencer and Leon contact Dr. James Kirk; a friend of Isaac’s working as a Diagnostician in Castelia City. They enlist his aid in getting Sam to them, while continuing to lead Liam towards the group as well. Finally, Christmas day, 2012, Liam, Samuel, and Seth all meet up with Spencer and Leon. Unfortunately, Isaac learned of Spencer’s plan. In May of 2013, when Spencer finally undid the damage he’d done, soldiers attacked them, hoping to capture or kill the dangerous fugitive. Samuel was killed in the crossfire, and the others were barely able to escape with their lives, and even they had to revert what Spencer had fixed.

    It was then that Spencer finally parted ways with Leon and Liam. Samuel’s Pokemon had been distributed among them, with Leon getting Daniel, now a Beheeyem back, as well as receiving the Quilava named Flynt. The two Trainers decided that they would take revenge on Isaac, and in 2014 they attacked the doctor in Rustboro City. Unfortunately, neither were prepared for Dr. North’s strength, and thus were defeated, Liam badly injured. They managed to escape with their lives, and Leon took Liam to his plantation until he could recover.

    In late 2014, Spencer returned to Leon’s home, with a letter from Kirk inviting the two to Unova to discuss another Pokemon Isaac had recently had in his possession, a Dewott named Dodger, the same Pokemon that had nearly killed Liam. The two left Liam in the care of a number of their Pokemon, taking six each with them to Unova. Thankfully, Kirk was honest in his intentions, and the two met Alexandra Kendall, who now owned Dodger. They explained everything to her, and were surprised with how well she took it. They sent a letter to the recovered Liam in March alongside the Dewott, explaining what they would like the teenager to do.

    Liam succeeds in his goal, and meets up with Kirk, Zandra, Spencer, and Leon in 2015. He returns Dodger to Zandra, along with an Oshawott named Ryan, a Pokemon Dodger had fathered. He also gave another egg he’d gotten to Leon. Having struck a major blow against Isaac, Kirk agreed to finish the job. Satisfied with what they’d done, Leon takes Spencer and Liam back to his home in Kanto. He hands over ownership of Flynt and Daniel to Liam, hoping to reunite the scattered Pokemon that had made up Samuel's team.

    However, in 2016, Spencer disappeared once again, leaving both Seth and one other Pokemon he’d gotten from Samuel with Liam. Deciding this was for the best, Leon settled back down at his plantation, continuing to offer Liam a place to stay.

    In 2016, Pryce, Gym Leader of Mahogany Town, retires from his position at the age of 75. Being one of the best Trainers in the area, and having settled down, the league contacted Leon to replace him, which the now 30 year old man accepted. Taking his Ice type Pokemon with him, Leon took Pryce’s spot as the Seventh Gym Leader of Johto. Early into his position, the egg Leon had received from Liam hatched into a Sneasel, which Leon named Cyrus, and added to his Gym team.
    - Grant
    - Tropius
    - Male
    - Harvest (Enigma)
    - Grant is Leon’s first Pokemon. Given to him by his father at the start of his journey, Grant took care of Leon when he was younger and is now cared for by the older Trainer. Now that Leon is a Gym Leader, Grant normally flies his master to and from home and the Gym. He is still very strong from years of battling, and generally teaches the younger Pokemon of Liam and Leon’s teams how to battle. He also helps around the plantation.
    - Adam
    - Aipom – Ambipom
    - Male
    - Skill Link
    - Adam is Leon’s second Pokemon and the first one he captured himself. When not battling, Adam helps watch over the plantation, and helps take care of sick or injured Pokemon. Despite being one of Leon’s stronger Pokemon, Adam isn’t the right type for Leon to use at the Gym.
    - Lucy
    - Swinub – Piloswine – Mamoswine
    - Female
    - Snow Cloak
    - Lucy is Leon’s third Pokemon. She is the strongest Pokemon Leon regularly uses for his Gym battles, and has taken it upon herself to watch over and guide Cyrus. She’s well liked by the children of town as well, and commonly gives rides to the Lake of Rage during days where few challengers appear.
    - Dory
    - Shuckle
    - Female
    - Contrary
    - Dory is Leon’s fourth Pokemon. She was never much of a battler, and thus can’t hold her own much. The fermented juices she creates from berries are used in Leon’s meals on occasion.
    - Rachel
    - Jynx
    - Female
    - Dry Skin
    - Leon’s fifth Pokemon, Rachel is the second strongest to make up Leon’s Gym team. Due to her ability, she is commonly paired with Zachary in battles, the two making use of Rain Dance.
    - Jim
    - Wynaut
    - Male
    - Shadow Tag
    - Jim is Leon’s sixth Pokemon, and the last one for him to capture before taking on the Elite Four. Something of the baby of the team, Jim could never fight well.
    - Zachary
    - Seel – Dewgong
    - Male
    - Hydration
    - Leon’s seventh Pokemon, and the first to be captured after Leon’s failed attempted at the Elite Four. He is the third strongest Pokemon Leon uses in his Gym, and in double battles is commonly paired with Rachel due to their similar abilities making Rain Dance extremely useful. He is usually left at the Gym when Leon travels home.
    - Luis
    - Spheal – Sealeo – Walrein
    - Male
    - Ice Body
    - Leon’s eighth Pokemon, he is the fourth strongest to be used in Leon’s Gym. Due to being unavailable in Johto or Kanto naturally, Luis is reserved for fights with very strong or out of region Trainers. Like Zachary, Luis is left at the Gym when Leon travels home.
    - Elizabeth
    - Combee – Vespiquen
    - Female
    - Unnerve
    - Leon’s ninth Pokemon, she was a mainstay in the team until Leon was given the Gym Leader role. Like all Vespiquen, she runs a hive of Combee which help pollinate the crops of Leon’s plantation naturally.
    - Scott
    - Sandile – Krokorok
    - Male
    - Intimidate
    - Leon’s tenth Pokemon, Scott was a primary backup fighter on Leon’s team until he got the Gym position. He now mainly helps Grant with training the younger Pokemon.
    - Devin
    - Cubchoo
    - Male
    - Snow Cloak
    - Leon’s eleventh Pokemon, and the fifth strongest Leon uses for his Gym. Devin, like Jim, was a baby of the team until Leon got the Leader role, and he has been training extensively since. Like Luis, he is used against strong or out of region Trainers, being a foreign Pokemon himself
    - Marco
    - Foongus
    - Male
    - Effect Sport
    - Leon’s twelfth Pokemon. Marco was never a battler and preferred to look over things at the Plantation.
    - Tim
    - Drilbur – Excadrill
    - Male
    - Sand Force
    - Leon’s thirteenth Pokemon. Like Scott, he was a primary backup fighter on the team until Leon received his Gym Leader position. He, again like Scott, commonly helps Grant train the younger Pokemon. Occasionally he comes to the Gym along with Grant, staying overnight to watch over the Gym alongside Zachary and Luis.
    - Daniel
    - Beheeyem
    - Male
    - Analytic
    - Technically Leon’s fourteenth Pokemon, Daniel never became a proper member of the team until after Samuel died. However, he remembers Leon trading him away and his loyalty to Samuel and thus doesn’t listen well even now. There was always something off about Daniel, and he commonly speaks in a tongue only fellow Elgyem and Beheeyem can understand. He is given to Liam in 2015 to reunite the Pokemon formerly owned by Samuel.
    - Jack
    - Croagunk – Toxicroak
    - Male
    - Poison Touch
    - Jack is Leon’s fifteenth Pokemon. He was captured by Samuel and traded away as a Croagunk. Unlike Daniel, he doesn’t remember much about Sam or his trading, and thus doesn’t mind it much. He is loyal to Leon and was a primary backup battler on his team before the Gym leadership was obtained. He commonly helps Adam around the Plantation now.
    - Flynt
    - Quilava
    - Male
    - Blaze
    - Flynt is Leon’s sixteenth Pokemon. Originally owned by Samuel, Flynt was given to Leon after the trainer died. He does what Leon asks him to do because it is his belief that it’s what Sam would have wanted. He is given to Liam in an effort to reunite Samuel's team in 2015.
    - Cyrus
    - Sneasel
    - Male
    - Keen Eye
    - Cyrus is Leon’s seventeenth and newest Pokemon. He was hatched from an Egg Liam took from Isaac, and is the son of the doctor’s Weavile, Claire. He is the weakest Pokemon Leon uses for his Gym team, but is quickly learning how to become stronger. Being a Pokemon found naturally in Johto, Cyrus is included in the primary Gym team along with Lucy, Zachary, and Rachel.
    Note: Unless Leon is appearing to be battled as the Gym Leader of Mahogany Town, any RP including Leon as a character will be done at a point in the timeline before he becomes Gym Leader.
  19. Name: Mikhail
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Ercuteak City
    Hair: Dark brown messy hair, neck length and almost covering his right eye.
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothing: Black and white arab scarf, black t-shirt with a grey wind pattern along the bottom, long grey and black fingerless gloves, urban camo combat pants (white, black, grey-blue) and heel hight black and red skull-paterned shoes. Wheres a belt with a poke ball chain and a chalk bag on it.
    Identifying marks: Frequently bruised and/or cut up. His only permeant scars are on his elbows and knuckles.
    Musculature: toned but not overly muscular
    Personality: usually calm and friendly, but suffers from bouts of lethargy.
    Skills: Practices systema and enjoys chess. Spends most of his free time drawing though. Takes rocks and boulders as a challenge to climb.
    Past: Spent his childhood in ercuteak gym watching the battles. With each battle his conviction to become a trainer grew. Due to this he has known fighting since he could walk, and therefore any career other than a trainer would seem risible to him. His pokemon career started at 10 when he received a honchkrow from his parents. Since then he has travelled across sinnoh, but for such a quick learning trainer he catches very few pokemon.
    Family: His mother still lives in ercuteak while his father is a member of interpol so he has very little contact with him.
    Relationships: None as of yet. He's not going after anyone who he doesn't consider 'the one'.
    Species: Honchkrow
    Nickname: Grandslam
    Hidden Power: ground
    Special Features: Grandslam is slightly taller than most honchkrow at 2'22''.
    Personality/History: Grandslam is pugnacious and somewhat sadistic and cruel. Despite Mikhail's best efforts he can't kill Grandslam's habit of playing with his opponent. Grandslam has been with Mikhail since the start and they have thought innumerable battles together and their synchronisation is almost uncanny.

    Species: Porygon-Z
    Nickname: Noise
    Gender: Genderless
    Hidden Power: Dark
    Special Features: Noise has fits of shuddering and shaking in battle, although as far as mikhail can tell these don't seem to cause pain. It is also remarkably clean and shiny even for a polygon-Z.
    Personality/History: Noise is Mikhail's second pokemon. He caught after it went on rampage when it broke free from a lab. It was the hardest wild pokemon battle of mikhails life and pushed him and Grandslam to their limits. However it is now a valuable if terrifying ally.

    Species: Arbok
    Nickname: Nekhet
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Shed Skin
    Hidden Power: Ice
    Special Features: Mikhail has spent a lot of time training Nekhet to be able to hear vibrations. Hearing vibrations is a skill many snakes possess but very few can use it with the precision or fines which Nekhet can. Nekhet uses this ability to hunt its opponent through everything from blinding smoke screens to cave walls.
    Personality/History: Nekhet is a serpent through and through. While hunting she is a cold and concentrated fighting machine. However out of battle Nekhet adores Mikhail and spends most of her time coiled around him. Mikhail met Nekhet as an Arbok when she attacked the Violet city gym. He was thoroughly enthralled from the onset with her ability to deal with the birds in such an efficient and effective method.
  20. [​IMG]
    Ivan Hudson
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Viridian
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'11''
    Hair: Long, Light Orange
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothing: T shirts, jeans
    Musculature: Avg
    Personality: Exaggerator, Snarky, Jealous. Faux “leader”, he wants to be important and refuses to acknowledge his many short-comings.
    Skills: Can spin some pretty good lies.
    Ivan set off on his poke'adventure seven years ago. He started in Pallet Town and received a Squirtle as his first pokemon. His journey was short-lived, lasting only a week. Though he had ambition, he was gullible enough to trade away his Squirtle in exchange for a super rare water pokemon, Magikarp. Discovering he had been duped, he demanded his Squirtle back but it was already too late. Discouraged with his “bum” pokemon, Ivan walked back home and gave his pokeball to his stepfather Jeff with disgust.

    Since then, the family has moved to Unova where Ivan began work at a pizza place.

    Family: Mom- Natasha Cooper. Half-brother- Davey Cooper. Stepfather- Jeff Cooper
    Love Relationships: -
    Species – Minccino
    Gender – M
    Ability – Cute Charm
    History – Minccino was caught by Pete(Ivan's boss at the Pizzeria)'s nephew. He was transferred to Pete in order to help keep the Pizzeria clean. Pete gives him to Ivan to 'reboot' his journey. Ivan promises to send Pete another pokemon whenever he can find one that would benefit the Pizzeria.
    Personality – Overconfident. This is mainly due to Ivan's motivating him into believing he's the best.

    Davey Cooper
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Viridian
    Age: 10
    Height: 4'4''
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Cargo pants, white T shirt, jacket (with plenty of pockets)
    Musculature: scrawny
    Personality: Gullible, Good natured and Ambitious
    Past: Moved from Viridian, Kanto to
    Family: Mom- Natasha Cooper. Father- Jeff Cooper. Half-brother- Ivan Hudson.
    Love Relationships: -
    Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc. 

    Species – Tepig
    Gender – M
    Ability – Blaze
    History – Chip was given to Davey as his first pokemon. Davey chose a Tepig because it was a fire type, much like his father Jeff's Charmander a long time ago.
    Personality – Sweet. Chip is an affectionate pokemon and has a close bond with Davey.
  21. Name: Kazu Silvers.

    Gender: Male.

    Hometown: Saffron City, Kanto.

    Age: 10 when journey started, 17 As of now.

    Height: 5'8".

    Weight: 162lbs.

    Hair: Silver.

    Eyes: Golden.

    Clothing: A fur-collared gray jacket with a lime green shirt underneath. Beige Colored Pants and Black Sneakers with green stripes on the side.

    Identifying Marks: His silver hair is long and tied in a ponytail.

    Musculature: Medium Build.

    Personality: Calm in most cases, but loves to battle. He also has a liking of Pokemon Contests.

    Skills: Chef, a strong swimmer, and is able to befriend people easily.

    Past: (Sorry in advance, I love telling stories.)

    Kanto Origin Arc
    A young man who was raised in "Saffron City" by his "Uncle Roy". He always held a dream of becoming a Pokemon Trainer when he became older and admired the Gym Leader "Sabrina" often in his youth. When he became 10 years old, he was visited by "Prof. Oak", who happened to be a friend of his Uncle's. Prof. Oak gave him the option to choose between the three Kanto Starter Pokemon and selected "Charmander", and began his journey throughout "Kanto", making a rival out of a boy from "Cinnabar Island" named "Phillip" and defeating "Team Rocket" several times. He was successful in his bout and challenged the "Pokemon League" and defeated the "Elite 4" and the "Champion", who was none other than Phillip himself, and when he was offered to stay and take on new challengers, he decided to decline so that he would be able to continue to travel and further his training. He took a three year training reprieve in the "Sevii Islands", and captured many Pokemon belonging to the Kanto Region, before Prof. Oak informed him of the "Johto Region" and the challenges he could find there.

    Johto Journey Arc
    He decided to take a ship from "Vermillion City" to "Olivine City", and began to journey throughout Johto, once again defeating Team Rocket, who wanted revenge for what he did to them in Kanto, and made a rival in a boy named "Cesar" who showed extreme hatred towards Team Rocket, and mistreated his Pokemon. After defeating Team Rocket again for good, and seven badges in tow, He heads to "Blackthorn City", and earns his final badge, and is brought before the "Dragon Council" in the "Dragon's Den" and finds out that the Johto Elite 4 are a lot stronger than previously, and that it would benefit him to train a bit more before making a challenge. He decides to stay at the Dragon's Den to train for six months before successfully taking on the Johto Elite 4 and once again declining the opportunity of becoming Champion in favor of traveling and honing his skills. He once again takes a training reprieve for a year at "Mt. Silver", and then hears about a new challenge in the "Hoenn Region", and leaves to Olivine's Port to dock, but not before being challenged again by Cesar who has decided to change his ways and become stronger, but loses to Kazu once again. They both vow to battle again in the near future, and he heads off to the Hoenn Region.

    Hoenn Advance Arc
    When landing in Petalburg City, He is greeted by Prof. Birch and given an upgrade to his Pokedex to meet all the Hoenn Pokemon. He quickly makes a new rival named "Caleb" who initially looks up to Kazu because of his exploits in Kanto and Johto, and strives to become strong like him, and Kazu even helps him catch his first Pokemon. While traveling through Hoenn, he encounters "Team Aqua" and "Team Magma", who were slightly affiliated with Team Rocket, but have goals of expanding the Sea and Land respectively by awakening the legendary Pokemon "Kyogre" and "Groudon", which he is able to stop by awakening "Rayquaza" in the Sky Pillar and restores balance to the Hoenn Region. He then defeats the Sotopolis Gym Leader, and heads off to Ever Grande City to challenge the Hoenn Elite 4. Before he's able to, Caleb challenges him to a battle, to show him how much he's improved since the beginning of his journey and ultimately loses, vowing to one day become strong enough to defeat him, and the Elite 4, and leaves to go train. Kazu then challenges and defeats the Hoenn Elite 4, and the Champion, who is once more offered to become the new Champion, and declines once more, saying that he's not suited for the position at all, and he enjoys to travel. Wallace, the Champion, then informs him of the Battle Frontier, a facility located South from Pacifidlog Town, and challenges the seven facilities and defeats each of the Frontier Brains, who afterwards is offered to become a Frontier Brain, but declines.

    Orre Adventure Arc
    He then takes another training reprieve for a year and a half at the Sky Pillar to train his mind and body, along with his Pokemon, when visiting a Pokemon Center to restock on supplies, he gets a call from Prof. Oak checking up on him and that he should take a break from training/battling and relax in the "Orre Region", a tropical/arid-climate region just due a bit west of the Hoenn Region. Kazu accepts and takes only his "Eevee" he received in Celadon City years ago. When he touches down in Gateon Port, He's greeted by "Prof. Krane" who lets him stay at his Pokemon HQ for the duration of his visit which he delightfully agrees. During his stay, he learns of the "Shadow Event" from 5 years ago, and of "Shadow Pokemon" and is introduced to the "Snag Machine" a device that was created by Prof. Krane and his late partner who wanted to make sure that if it ever happened again, they'd be ready, but they had no one in their facility strong enough to test it out, so Kazu volunteers and they send him off on an errand to pick up one of the Staff's daughter "Jovi" from "Dr. Kaminko's". When he returns, the preparations are set and he receives the Snag Machine and the "Aura Reader" and Prof. Krane leaves the room to make the arrangements when all of a sudden, he is kidnapped and initiates the process of him capturing Shadow Pokemon and Purifying them, all the while only using the ones he snags from the Criminal Syndicate "Cipher" because for some reason, the Pokemon Center in Orre cannot connect with the Pokemon Centers in Kanto, Johto or Hoenn, and he's not able to access his regular Pokemon. He's able to successfully snag and purify the Shadow Pokemon, along with "Lugia", and lets it free once his 'vacation' is over. He goes to train at "Mt.Battle" for a year prior to leaving for the Sinnoh Region.

    Sinnoh Victor Arc
    Starting again fresh in "Sinnoh", he immediately bumps into a young man named "Arturo" whose goal is to become the Sinnoh League Champion, and has just recently started his Pokemon Training. They initiate a battle to which Kazu wins, and they become fast friends, and good rivals. He begins to challenge the Sinnoh Gym Leaders, and runs into trouble with a weird group of people called "Team Galactic" who want to create a new universe for themselves and are lead by the Commanders: "Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Charon, and their boss Cyrus". He captures the three Pokemon of the Lake and uses a Red Chain to open portals that draw out the legendary Pokemon of Time & Space "Dialga" and "Palkia", who begin to start distorting the world before the intervention the "Lake Guardians" and "Giratina" whom Kazu defeats to restore balance to Sinnoh in the company of "Cynthia", the Sinnoh Champion. Afterwards, Cyrus disappears, and Kazu moves on with defeating the Sunnyshore Gym and moving on to the Sinnoh League and begins to make a challenge before once again defeating Arturo who came up a little short behind him. He manages to defeat the Sinnoh League and offered the Champion Title, but during his Sinnoh-Bout, learned of "Poketopia", an amusement park full of local attractions that has 8 battle facilities, and promises to become Sinnoh Champion after challenging Poketopia.

    Poketopia Challenge Arc
    He takes a plane to Poketopia, far off to the east of Sunnyshore City, and challenges and defeats the 8 Colosseum Leaders and meets his old rivals: Phillip, Cesar, Caleb and even Arturo. and manages to defeat each of the Colosseum Leaders and meets at "Stargazer Colosseum" with his old rivals for a small tourney battle for who will become the "Poketopia King". He fights Phillip in the final battle and wins decisevely, and becomes the Poketopia King. He accepts the Title briefly before handing it over to Phillip to go back to "Stark Mountain" and has another training reprieve before learning of the Unova Region and decides to let Cynthia keep the Champion title for the chance to explore once again.

    Family: Uncle Roy(Saffron City), Mom Cara(Cerulean City), Dad Kaio(Petalburg City), Sister Minna(Verdanturf Town), Uncle Logan (Hearthrome City), Cousin Danielle (Sunnyshore City).

    Relationships: Had a childhood crush on Sabrina, the Saffron City Gym Leader.


    Species: Braviary.
    Nickname: Tallon.
    Gender: Male.
    Ability: Sheer Force.
    Hidden Power: Ground.
    Special Features: Shiny.
    History: Was the first Pokemon he caught in Unova as a Wargle, it's very determined and stubborn, but obeys Kazu's command without question. It has a crush on his Staraptor.

    Species: Excadrill.
    Nickname: Lagann.
    Gender: Male.
    Ability: Sand Rush.
    Hidden Power: Grass.
    Special Features: Wears Sunglasses.
    History: Always sporting sunglasses, Lagann is definitely one of the most relaxed of his party, and when it comes to battling, it's reliable speed and power are definite factors in winning him battles.

    Species: Zoroark.
    Nickname: Muttley.
    Gender: Male.
    Ability: Illusion.
    Hidden Power: Ice.
    Special Features: Shark Grin.
    History: A mischeivous Pokemon who loves to cause pranks. Kazu met him as a Zorua in Castelia City before taking on Burgh and was able to win the battle because of his special ability. Muttley can always be seen with a toothy grin all the time.

    Species: Haxorus.
    Nickname: Helda.
    Gender: Female.
    Ability: Mold Breaker.
    Hidden Power: Dark.
    Special Features: Large Claws.
    History: A sassy Pokemon that he caught in Mistralton Cave. It is the only female on this team, and demands Kazu's affections constantly. It also the most powerful Pokemon on the team as well.

    Species: Carracosta.
    Nickname: Koopatroop.
    Gender: Male.
    Ability: Sturdy.
    Hidden Power: Fire.
    Special Features: Large Shell.
    History: A fossil Pokemon that He revived in Nacrene City. Because of it's larger than normal shell, it has a hard time maneuvering in battle, but was able to fix this problem by learning "Shell Smash" which reduced it down a bit, and made it a more powerful in battle.

    Species: Serperior.
    Nickname: Issun.
    Gender: Male.
    Ability: Overgrow.
    Hidden Power: Water.
    Special Features: Longer Body.
    History: The head of Kazu's Unova-Branch team, and easily one of the most powerful. It's even able to give Fire-types a hard time with it's incredible speed and several defenses such as Light Screen & Reflect. And able to drain foes down with moves such as Leech Seed, Toxic and Giga Drain make it all the while dangerous. It's most powerful move is Frenzy Plant. It loves to battle, and doesn't even use all of it's power if going against a weak opponent. It has a fierce rivalry with Kazu's "Charizard".

    Current Whereabouts: Solo training at "Dragonspiral Tower".

    Other Pokemon: Because of his travels, Kazu has a vast array of Pokemon in the reigns in case he wishes to have a different variety, though chooses to use the Pokemon he's been using in "Unova". He owns a little over 500 different types of Pokemon.

    Pokemon White Friend Code: 1420 6004 7759
  22. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Name: Jake Laurey
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Rustboro City
    Age: 25 (2017)
    Height: 6’0”
    Weight: 148
    Hair: Pitch black
    Eyes: Brown
    When Travelling: Dark Blue, zippered jacket, black jeans, red and blue sneakers, glasses.
    When Teaching: Dark Blue suit and a dark red necktie, black shoes, glasses.
    Identifying Marks: glasses, often holding a book, be it a novel, or an informational book on Pokemon
    Musculature: Rather thin, as he is not extremely athletic, though his journey has kept him fit.
    Personality: Very intelligent and very aware of it, Jake has gotten much better at working with people both in his travels and his work as a teacher.
    Skills: Quite intelligent, he has a near encyclopedic knowledge on many commonly used species of Pokemon, especially his own party, and is an expert strategist.
    Past: Born in Rustboro, a city with a scholar for a Gym Leader and a resident Pokemon school, Jake is impressively intelligent and very knowledgable about Pokemon. He received his first Pokemon, an Ekans named Slithers, as a birthday present on his 10th birthday, and went on a journey through Hoenn before arriving in Johto, where he began following his dreams to study the Legendary Pokemon. After many years of study and travel, Jake is one of the foremost young researchers of the Legends surrounding some of the world's strongest Pokemon, and has taken up teaching at various Pokemon schools to make a living alongside battling. Still, he spends the vast majority of his time in the Johto region, studying the movements of the Legendary Beasts and Birds.
    Family: His parents, Hugh and Jessica
    Love Relationships?: None


    Species: Arbok
    Nickname: Vincent
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Intimidate
    Special Features: Yellow and red on his pattern are inverted
    History: A birthday present for Jake, he has become one of his most loyal and powerful Pokemon, Vincent is a very strong battler, using his tail, hood, and Dig to distract the enemy before he strikes.

    Species: Ninetales
    Nickname: Michael
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Drought
    Special Features: Shiny
    History: He was somewhat timid as a Vulpix, attempting to hide from Jake on Mt. Pyre, however the unique glint of his golden fur gave him away. Michael did not evolve for a long while, until he had to use a stored Fire Stone to defend Jake from a rampaging Venusaur in Kanto.

    Species: Cacturne
    Nickname: Eleanor
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Sand Veil
    Special Features: The “hat” on her head is slightly oversized.
    History: Captured as a Cacnea on Route 111, Eleanor is a strong battler who mixes Special and Physical Attacks to keep the opponent on their toes. Despite her prowess, she is a motherly Pokemon, and close to everyone on the team.

    Species: Golurk
    Nickname: Joseph
    Gender: Genderless
    Ability: Iron Fist
    Special Features: The tip of the spike on its left shoulder has been broken off.
    History: Captured as a Golett in Unova’s Dragonspiral Tower, Joseph is a hard-headed, powerful Pokemon, he generally relies on Jake’s orders only for appropriate attacks, and spends most battles throwing immensely powerful punches backed by his Ability. He is also Jake's primary means of transport after gaining the ability to Fly with evolution.

    Species: Gengar
    Nickname: Spectre
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Levitate
    Special Features: Shiny
    History: Spectre was captured in Tin Tower, having been spotted by Jake several hours prior, the teenager searched many an hour before at last coming face to face with the blue Ghost type, and captured him after a hard fought battle. Spectre is the strongest Special Attacker on the team, and keeps his distance while flinging powerful range attacks at the opponent.

    Nickname: Robert
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Thick Fat
    Special Features: None
    History: Robert, like many Snorlax that wander into society, was found in a rather inconvenient place, taking a nap on the road to Blackthorn City. Jake tried for several hours to wake the Snorlax, who was at last roused by a Flamethrower, rather angry his nap had been interrupted, and ready to do battle with the teen. After knocking out all but Vincent, Robert finally fell, and was captured in a Heavy Ball. In battle, Robert uses his tremendous bulk, power, and ability to attack while Resting to his advantage in order to make a formidable foe.
  23. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Thought I'd put these here.

    Name: Alexis Coldfire
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Slateport City
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 115 lbs.
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Ice Blue
    Clothing: Main outfit is jeans, white v-neck T-shirt, blue long-sleeved over shirt with buttons, silver necklace with sapphire teardrop pendant, white and blue running shoes. Alternative is a loose, light blue T-shirt and black track pants with a blue stripe running down both pant-legs. Also has winter gear for cold climates.
    Identifying Marks: N/A
    Musculature: Athletic
    Personality: Generally upbeat and raring to go, nothing seems to wear Alexis out. She seems friendly and outgoing, willing to go out of her way to help those in need, and is a very team-oriented person. The only thing that seems to set her off is if someone insults her or her friends directly. Generally loves anything that keeps her in good health, physically and mentally.
    Skills: Ability to run for long periods of time, generally good athletic skills all around, very social.
    Past: Alexis grew up in Slateport City with both of her parents, who were both total health nuts - Her mother taught her the important of a good diet and her father taught her the importance of good exercise. With the combined effort, Alexis grew up to become part of the sports team at school and became popular amongst her teammates. Ever since she first learned of PokeMon, she was eager to begin her journey and make a team of Pokemon friends that would be as efficient in battle as she was a player on her team, but her parents wanted to keep her in school to make her mind as healthy as her body. When they decided that she was ready, she set out to become a great trainer like her father, headed towards Littleroot Town to get her first starting PokeMon.
    Family: Mother - Elaine Coldfire. Professional chef for both people and PokeMon.
    Father - Douglas Coldfire. Professional athlete and trainer.
    Love Relationships?: N/A
    Mudkip, Male, Ability: Torrent, Hidden Power: N/A
    History: Raised via The Starter Program, this Mudkip was bred to increase the population of endangered PokeMon. Alexis' Starter.
    Personality: Modest. A generally humble Mudkip that has no predisposition towards Trainers or other PokeMon. Friendly and loyal.


    Name: Alexander (Alex) Eileas
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Icirrus City
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 130 lbs.
    Hair: Short, Black with blueish shine.
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Irregardless of attire, always wears a blue scarf. Normal outfit: Black suit (jacket and pants), white undershirt, black shoes. Summer outfit: Blue polo shirt with light and dark blue stripes, blue jeans, blue sneakers.
    Identifying Marks: Tattoo of a heart on upper right shoulder, half filled in with blue whilst the other half remains empty.
    Musculature: Somewhat toned with muscles, possibly from working out every so often.
    Personality: Seems a little bit cold at first, but has a reserved sense of humor and gentleness about him. Willing to make friends, but rarely talks or shows emotion, perhaps because of a troubled past. Some would say his face is permanently frozen in a neutral state, but hose who really know him have seen his rare, real smiles. He keeps secrets well, and is generally very mellow and unaffected by verbal jabs towards him.
    Skills: Can lift up to 150 pounds of weight, is a decent cook and has been waiting tables on his time off for the past few years.
    Past: Alex grew up in a wealthy family, his mother always going to dressy occasions with her rich friends and his father constantly grilling him to get a good education as well as exercise. At first a hopeful for becoming a lawyer because of his father, Alex soon became secluded from most social life, his friends usually only within this father's company or those that were studying the same subjects. When a freak accident occurred, both his parents died in a car crash whilst he was studying at home. With no siblings to speak of, he inherited the entire estate as well as money, and though he mourned the death of his parents he was secretly relieved that he no longer had to live a lie. He went to fulfill his dream to become a chef and waiter in the famous Straiton City gym, letting the money sit in the bank account and simply living day to day, but still going to workout every so often to keep himself in shape. His first true friend came from work, a woman named Elizabeth who encouraged him to try PokeMon training and gave him a blue scarf as a token of friendship. Soon after that, he decided to take her advice, heading out to Nuvema Town to start his journey.
    Family: Parents - Deceased. Died in a car crash.
    Relationships: Elizabeth, friend, waitress at Alex's place of work, a restaurant/gym in Straiton City.
    Species: Spheal
    Nickname: Ethan
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Ice Body
    History: Bought from a breeder, Ethan is the only serious spending Alex has ever done. he picked a combination of his favourite types, Ice and Water, and proceeded to make friends with this somewhat grumpy but good-natured PokeMon.
  24. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Keep in mind that the Brian and Arthias I use in PRPs are not the same as the ones who appear in Rise of Team Neos. ;)

    Name: Brian Nosurname
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Born is Sandgem Town, Sinnoh. Lives in Pallet Town, Kanto now.
    Age: 23
    Height: 6ft even
    Weight: 151 lbs
    Hair: Spiky black
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Black wardrobe consisting of long pants, combat boots, T-shirt, and fingerless gloves. Owns a green backpack, but keeps it stowed in an Item Ball due to the wear and tear it has endured.
    Identifying Marks: None
    Musculature: Lean muscle resulting in a strong thin build
    Personality: Loves nothing more than to have fun, is very crazy most of the time, yet can be mature if the situation demands it. Always unpredictable in his actions. He is also pretty wise for his age.
    Skills: Capable of holding his own in sparring matches with Axel. Thinking on his feet.
    Brian was born in Sandgem Town, Sinnoh but moved to Pallet Town, Kanto when he was nine due to his Mom’s job. This left the child very disappointed because he wanted nothing more than to become a trainer with a Chimchar as his starter. While Prof. Oak offered up Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle, Brian was too stubborn. In fact, it could be said that he was relentless as he constantly sent letters to Prof. Rowan demanding a Chimchar.

    Then one summer when Brian was fourteen, he got a letter back from Prof. Rowan saying that there was a population spike of Chimchar living in Mount Coronet. Knowing this to be his one and only chance to become a trainer, Brian set off back to Sinnoh to visit relatives and take Rowan up on his offer. While searching the mountain range, a Chimchar just happened to fall from a cliff right into Brian’s arms. Noticing the young monkey’s unusual gold fur, the teen became more determined than ever that this one would be his Pokémon as they were both freaks of nature: one in personality, the other by natural selection. After beating the Chimchar in a hand to hand battle, Brian used one of Rowan’s Pokéballs to capture the Pokémon and named him Axel.

    Brian decided it would be best to go back to Kanto so that he could introduce Axel to his parents and give them a proper farewell as he officially started his journey as a Pokémon Trainer. However, just three days into his journey, Brian was soundly defeated in his first Trainer Battle by Raiden Arka, a formidable Trainer who specialized in Electric-type Pokémon. Due mostly to Brian’s arrogant behavior at having his first Pokémon, Raiden left the novice Trainer with the words “A Pokémon is only as strong as its Trainer.” Brian took this guidance to heart and trained himself along with Axel and the many Pokémon he would later catch.

    Over the past eight years, Brian has travelled all throughout Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh earning the eight badges from each region and catching several dozen Pokémon. Despite his best efforts, Brian has never won a League Tournament but has come close more than once. Brian has now travelled to Unova to see what adventures, new experiences, and new challenges await him.
    Family: Parents live at home
    Love Relationships?: Too busy training to settle down.

    Pokémon Party:
    Nickname: Axel
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze
    Hidden Power: Ice-type
    Special Features: Gold fur
    Axel was born different than the rest of the Chimchar living in his troop in Mt. Coronet; he had gold fur. One fateful summer while getting picked on by newly evolved Monferno, the young monkey fell off of a steep cliff into the arms of a human. The Chimchar was still riled by his recent encounter and so attacked the human only to get beaten down and caught in the spherical prison known as the Pokéball. The human introduced himself as Brian and bestowed the name Axel upon the young Chmchar. Axel instantly took a liking to his new name and to Brian.

    After being introduced to Brian’s family, the two were soon on their way to gain strength. Not long into the journey Axel was given the chance to prove himself by taking on a Magneton belonging to another Trainer by the name of Raiden Arka. Much to his shame, Axel couldn’t even produce a flame and was only able to deal minimal damage to his opponent before being completely defeated. Axel quickly learned that his new Trainer wasn’t the type to give up so easily and decided that if the human was willing to improve so would he.

    While traveling through the Rock Tunnel, Axel was yet again in a tight spot against another Trainer’s Pokémon, this time a Graveler. His fire attacks were doing nothing, he needed an extra boost, and then it happened. The Chimchar felt a reservoir of power within explode resulting in his evolution to Monferno. Two Mach Punches later and Graveler was finished. A year later, the same thing happened while Axel battled with Whitney’s Miltank. He evolved into Infernape for the added boost in power and made quick work of the cow.

    After his final evolution, Axel was finally big enough that he and Brian could have frequent sparring matches without being horribly mismatched in size. It was during one of these matches that Axel took the opportunity to destroy his Pokéball so that he could walk along side Brian instead of in a container. This led to their bond deepening like no other to the point that they are practically identical in personality and mannerisms and can understand each other perfectly.
    Personality: Much like his trainer, Axel embraces his craziness but knows when to be serious. Like all Infernapes, he also has a very fiery personality, and he can be a bit naughty at times. He has become very proud of his power and hates to lose.

    Recently used Pokémon:
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Steadfast
    History: On his way to Sinnoh, Brian found a mysterious egg in his cabin on the ship he was taking. He asked the captain about the egg, but the captain had no answers. In the end, Brian ended up keeping the egg. In an ironic twist of fate, the egg hatched in Snowpoint City of all places. The baby Riolu was spunky at birth, challenging both Brian and Axel to a battle and making sport of both of them as neither expected a newborn to be so fast and strong. In the end, the duo was able to subdue the baby Pokémon, inadvertently earning the Riolu’s respect. Brian started training Riolu slowly because of his young age and experience, but eventually the Fighting-type was able to hold his own against many opponents. In a recent battle against a doctor named Isaac North, Riolu evolved into Lucario after beating the doctor’s Breloom.
    Personality: Being the youngest member of Brian’s team, Lucario is extremely naïve, even after evolving, and is highly curious about the world around him. Lucario is very respectful to everyone he encounters especially to his Axel-senpai and Brian-sensei. Like most members of his species, Lucario is very energetic.

    Species: Aerodactyl
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Pressure
    History: What started as a tooth encased in amber was found some years ago in Mt. Moon and made into a necklace, then eventually sold to Brian at a pawn shop near Mt. Moon. It wasn’t until Brian got to Cinnabar Island that he learned the true history of his trinket; that it was a fossil of an extinct Pokémon and could be revived at the lab. Brian wasted no time in handing over his accessory that inevitably gave life to the most feared prehistoric Pokémon of all, Aerodactyl! Initially, the Pokémon couldn’t be controlled. While it was born in the modern era, Aerodctyl still had the instincts of an apex predator from the Cretaceous. Aerodactyl even refused to take orders from Brian at first. After some work and training, the trainer finally got the ancient flyer to accept him. Aerodactyl is grateful to Brian for giving him life and now willingly battles for his trainer and flies him all across the world. That is, as long as he occasionally gets to mess with the human and his monkey partner while in the air of course.
    Personality: Aerodactyl is snarky, wild, and a bit of a prick at times. He is hardy, but also quick tempered and somewhat vain in his abilities.

    Species: Metang
    Gender: Genderless
    Ability: Clear Body
    History: A few days after placing third in the Hoenn League Conference, Brian entered and won a drawing to take a walk in an exclusive area called Winner’s Path. Basically, he was allowed to go on a stroll through Winner’s Path accompanied by any one Pokémon and was told that he could catch any three of the rare Pokémon living in the area as well as keep any items he found. Travelling the area with Axel, Brian encountered a wild Beldum. Not only was Beldum an extremely rare Pokémon, this one had moves the average Bedum did not. Brian had to have it! One battle later, and the trainer’s wish was granted. Beldum evolved into Metang in an ordinary, everyday battle while Brian trained in Hoenn.
    Personality: Metang is an odd one in Brian’s team. It seems to always be aimlessly wandering around in its own little world. Despite its quirkiness, Metang is a capable battler who is capable of taking even the strongest hits.

    Species: Snorlax
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Immunity
    History: He was caught by Brian in Sinnoh as a Munchlax. The Pokémon had gotten into a bit of trouble having ransacked a Combee hive looking for honey and was being attacked by an angry Vespiquen. After defeating the wild Vespiquen, Brian ended up getting chased by the Munchlax as he had honey on his clothes from the battle. For his own safety, Brian caught Munchlax and gave it food. A few meals later, the trainer was the proud new owner of a Snorlax as the meals made the rotund bear extremely happy.
    Personality: Snorlax is a gentle giant who loves to eat and sleep.

    Species: Piloswine
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Snowcloak
    History: Brian first encountered Piloswine in the Ice Path in Johto as a Swinub. When the trainer arrived in Blackthorn City, he battled the Gym Leader Claire only to get beaten down. While the Swinub was dispirited at having failed to prove himself to his new trainer, Brian wasn’t the type to give up. He trained all of his Pokémon on Route 45 and rematched Claire a few days later. Once again though, Brian was having trouble against the formidable Dragon Mistress. That is until Swinub evolved and finally had a chance to prove his loyalty as Piloswine. He has been one of Brian’s most trusted Pokémon ever since. Brian once had the opportunity to teach Piloswine Ancient Power which would allow him to evolve, but Piloswine refused. He wanted to keep the form that he had proven himself in.
    Personality: Piloswine is the quiet type and is extremely loyal to Brian. Piloswine is very persistent in all of his endeavors to honor his trainer.

    Recently Caught Pokémon:
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Zen Mode
    History: Not long after arriving in Unova, Brian and Axel were attacked by a wild Darmanitan. They had unknowingly wandered into his territory in the desert of Route 4 and he was not at all pleased with the intruders. Even after being beaten into Zen Mode, Darmanitan continued to put up a challenge until finally being caught by the Trainer. As the newest member of Brian’s team, Darmanitan is still rough around the edges and requires more training to hone his skills like the rest of Brian’s Pokémon.
    Personality: Darmanitan is still very much the wild Pokémon as he was before getting captured. He will bravely take on any foe no matter who they are while thrashing about in a show of dominance.

    Name: Arthias
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Unknown
    Age: Unknown. Appears to be around mid to late twenties
    Height: 5ft.11in.
    Weight: 173 lbs.
    Hair: Brown hair styled back into spikes with four strands hanging over his forehead.
    Eyes: Pale green
    Clothing: A blue headband, red tinted glasses, black pants, black boots, and a black tunic. Worn over his clothes is armor consisting of a black breastplate with gold trim, shoulder pads of the same design curved upward into one inch spikes, and black arm length gauntlets. Completing Arthias’s outfit is a black cape.
    Identifying Marks: Diagonal scar on his left cheek
    Musculature: Well built
    Personality: By nature, Arthias is a ruthless warrior who will not hesitate to kill his opponents. In battle he is collected, cunning, and calculating. Nothing excites him more than a strong opponent. Outside of battle he is cold, distant, and uninterested in mundane affairs that have nothing to do him. When he was younger, Arhias was also arrogant about his power, but learned his lesson after receiving his scar.
    Skills: Can wield his claymore in one hand. Expert in the art of war
    Past: Very little is truly known about Arthias. He originally took up the sword to battle for survival, but as he aged and became more battle hardened, his attention turned towards fighting strong opponents. His fighting nature gave him the nickname War God. Sometime in his childhood, Arthias obtained a Beldum and raised it all the way to Metagross through constant fighting. In one such encounter, Arthias let his pride get the better of him and ended up getting a scar on his left cheek. Though Arthias was victorious in killing that adversary, he learned that he wasn’t all powerful like he previously thought. The War God then changed his motivation to battling strong enemies to find the limits of his abilities. His claymore is stained red with the blood of those he has killed.
    Family: Unknown
    Love Relationships?: Does not care for such trivial things as love

    Gender: Genderless
    Ability: Clear Body
    Special Features: Scar over its left eye
    History: Caught by Arthias as a Beldum and trained all the way to its final evolution in an endless search for combat. It received its scar in the same fight as its master against another trainer’s Pokémon. Neither the human nor Pokémon lived to tell the tale however.
    Personality: Trained to kill by its trainer.
  25. [​IMG]
    Name: Tearnai Treshail
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Ecruteak City
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’7”
    Weight: 121 Lbs.
    Hair: scarlet red, has pigtails similar to Kris of Pokémon Crystal fame.
    Eyes: Goldenrod Yellow
    Clothing: Wears a light blue bandana, black go-goggles (worn over bandana) forest green half-jacket with teal cuffs and collar, black and blue tank top, white undershirt, green pants (legs rolled up at the bottom) and red and white running shoes.
    Identifying Marks: None
    Musculature: Petite
    Personality: Naïve to a fault. Would trust someone she just met with her life.
    Skills: Has learned to understand Pokémon speech
    Past: After starting her journey, Tearnai found herself lost in the woods. With no clue where to go, and starved of food, she passed out when night fell. She was awakened by a Leafeon that was nudging at her side, and she followed it to a small village she’d never known existed, populated purely by Eevee and Eevolutions. After being cared for, she found herself taking a liking to the place and decided to stay. She is now, along with the Eevee that has joined her party, become a priestess at the small shrine north of the village in the deepest part of the Ilex Forest.
    Mother: Ikhana Treshail
    Father: Christopher Treshail
    Love Relationships: None.


    Species: Eevee
    Nickname: Sarenae
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Run away
    Hidden Power: Anticipation
    Special Features: Has tribal markings on her face.
    Personality: Serious, but does not mind a joke once in a while.
    History: Sarenae is the head priestess of the Ilex Forest Shrine and leader of the Eevee village, Eevatia. Sarenae joined Tearnnai’s party after the trainer decided to move in to the village.
    Etc.: Knows all the dances to pay tribute to different Legendary Pokémon.

    Species: Cyndaquil
    Nickname: Cynder
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze
    Hidden Power: Flash Fire
    Special Features: Shiny
    Personality: Timid, but never stands down in battle.
    History: Tearnai’s starter Pokémon.
    Etc.: Can preform Flame Burst in a pinch, but is otherwise unable to use it.

    Species: Dragonair
    Nickname: Shiana
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Shed Skin
    Hidden Power: Marvel Scale
    Special Features: None
    Personality: Prefers to relax with the others. Competitive in Pokeathlon, passive otherwise..
    History: Found injured and nursed back to health by Tearnai. She refused to leave Tearnai’s side, and is now a party member.
    Etc.: Strongly dislikes ghost-type Pokémon.
  26. Character:

    Name: Michael Tennant
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Humilau City
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 123 lbs
    Hair: Dark Brown with red highlights - died in, because he likes them >:|
    Eyes: A blue-green
    Clothing: Michael wears an orange shirt, with a dark red design of a '!' unknown on it. He sometimes wears a black and red jacket over his shirt. He wears a pair of blue-grey jeans, held up by a black belt. He wears red high-tops, with a pokeball picture replacing the logo. He has a dark green messenger bag with a strange symbol on the front. He has all eight of his earned badges attached to the front side of the bag strap. He carries his pokeballs, items, and pokedex in the bag. He wears a black crown necklace, and he wears it with him all the time. He has a red X-Transciever around his right wrist. He is tanned, due to growing up in Hoenn.
    Identifying Marks: He never takes his crown necklace off. So that I guess.
    Musculature: His friends call him skinny, and even though he vehemently denies it, he agrees with them deep down.
    Personality: Michael is cheerful, and tries to be constantly happy. He has a habit for getting himself into trouble, whether it be by being clumsy, lazy, or just not listening. He attempts to make those around him feel happy, but if he feels that someone is being sad for no reason, or he's just had enough of them, he tends to snap. He has a short temper, getting angry after only a short while. When he's angry, he tends to shout, or say things he doesn't mean. He tries to use his aura abilities as best he can, but he tries not to show off. He is lazy when it comes to work, but he approaches battles with excitement. He loves to have pokemon battles with others. He also enjoys surfing (with an actual surfboard).
    Skills: He can converse with all his pokemon through their auras, and other people's pokemon, to a lesser extent. If a pokemon is hostile towards him, he finds it hard to talk to them, and likewise, if a pokemon is feeling friendly towards him, he can talk to them easily.
    Past: Michael grew up near the ocean, and as such spent most of his time outside. He wanted to become a pokemon trainer when he grew older, so when he finally became the required age, he went off to get his starter, which, thanks to a starter exchange program, was a Torchic. He traveled around the regions, catching pokemon and training them, collecting gym badges as he went. He made a fair few friends in his travels, and he got one of his pokemon, Gabite, in return for a Primeape he caught in Kanto. He's been in several battle tournaments, but he has never come first, and although he's challenged them many times, he's never managed to defeat the champion of any region. His current goal is to defeat at least one of the champions.
    Family: Mother - Sue Tennant, Father - John Tennant
    Love Relationships?: N/A


    Species: Blaziken
    Nickname: Lea
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze
    History: Lea was Michael's first pokemon, and thus, he is the only pokemon Michael's ever nicknamed. He's been a prominent figure in almost all of Michael's Gym battles.
    Personality: He is hot-headed, and a lot like his trainer. He is slightly calmer than him though, and he sometimes thinks things through. He enjoys Tournaments just as much as Michael, but he doesn't like the ocean. He normally stays on the beach whilst Michael splashes about and is a general idiot.

    Species: Rotom
    Gender: N/A
    Ability: Levitate
    History: Rotom was caught by Michael after causing havoc in Shopping Mall Nine. He was quickly dubbed the 'child' of the group, after everyone realised he had done everything for fun.
    Personality: Rotom is, at heart, a child. He loves to inhabit electronic appliances, and jump out at people when they least expect it. He inhabits Michael's pokedex, often giving out strange noises, or background music when he deems necessary.

    Species: Klinklang
    Ability: Minus
    History: Klinklang was caught as a Klink at Virbank complex, whilst Michael was visiting there. The pokemon jumped out unexpectedly at the trainer, who proceeded to catch him with the help of Rotom.
    Personality: Klinklang is a bit of an enigma, as he never seems to show any signs of a personality. Whenever Michael manages to get him to speak, he merely speaks in a series of ones and zeroes.

    Species: Honchkrow
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Super Luck
    Special Features: She is shiny
    History: Honchkrow was caught as a Murkrow in the Johto region. She startled the team by popping out of the nearby bushes and attempting to attack Lea, but with the help of a newly evolved Klang, she was caught.
    Personality: Honchkrow is very loud and bossy, but she does have a fun side, laughing along with the rest of the group. She can also be very flirtatious, and if another pokemon attempts to chat her up, she will often reply with twice the amount of flirt. She also has a cruel, sadistic side that sometimes comes out in battles, where she will often beat up pokemon beyond the point where they've fainted/given up. She often needs Michael to calm her down to snap out of this.

    Species: Gabite
    Nickname: Mars
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sand Veil
    Special Features: Has a scar over his left eye
    History: Gabite was acquired from one of Michael's friends, in return for his Primeape. He refuses to listen to Michael, and even though he is quite powerful, he is only used as a last resort. He is a wildcard, due to the fact he will use any attack he wants, despite Michael's commands.
    Personality: Gabite is constantly angry, lashing out at anything that comes in his way. He will not listen to anyone, not even those with full authority. He is rude, and will attack without warning. Michael only uses him when he needs to.

    Species: Seismitoad
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Poison Touch
    History: Seismitoad was caught as a seemingly dim-witted Palpitoad, who quite literally stumbled into the group, and despite his attempts to fight back, was easily caught thanks to Lea.
    Personality: Seismitoad is the powerhouse of the group, being built like a brick wall both physically and apparently mentally. However, despite the fact he is so - to put it nicely - thick, he sometimes notices things others skip over. He is also very accepting, and is more like a giant, wet, teddy bear than a bully, as some think.

    I just needed to make a new character, so here he is~
  27. Name: Matt Yashin
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Mauville City
    Age: 14
    Height: 5' 1''
    Weight: ???
    Hair: He has orange-red hair, with bangs swept over eyes, and slightly spiked on top.
    Eyes: Matt's eyes are teal-ish, and very round.
    Clothing: A black t-shirt with an orange jacket, some teal jeans, orange fingerless gloves, teal sneakers, and glasses is Matt's normal attire.
    Identifying Marks: none
    Musculature: Matt's not very muscular, and very skinny
    Personality: Matt is very fun-loving and ambitious, although he is also stubborn, and under pressure, he acts over-dramatic.
    Skills: Matt is able to slightly determine how excited a Pokemon is for a battle, and is good with computers
    Past: Matt used to live in Snowpoint City, but moved to Mauville City for a change of pace, now living with his mother.
    Family: Melody Yashin (mother), Seymour Yashin (deceased father)
    Love Relationships?: none
    Mau (Elekid)
    Mau is a male Elekid with blue eyes that Matt caught in Snowpoint City. It was first found causing trouble with electricity around town, but Matt caught it, befriending it. He keeps it out of a Poke Ball, opting to either walk with it or let it sit in his backpack. Mau is very aggressive, willing to take on any foe who gets in his way. Mau's only known Ability is Vital Spirit.
    Jackie (Snorunt)
    Jackie is a female Snorunt that Matt had found in Snowpoint City. Jackie had been following people around town, eventually following Matt. Matt noticed it and decided to let it stay with him. Jackie is very friendly, not being much of a battler, but rather making sure Mau stays out of trouble. Her only known Ability is Frisk.
  28. Name: Gabriel (Gaby) Connors
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Mauville
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Hair: Black with a blue streak dyed in, over his left eye. His hair is normally straight and well kept.
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: He wears a light-blue jacket over a white T-shirt with black pants, he also wears a pair of wire rimmed glasses. He also carries a green backpack where he keeps his items and pookeballs. He also carries a a pokemon field guide. He also wears a red X-Transceiver.
    Identifying marks: None
    Musculature: Not too fat or muscular, average for his age.
    Personality: Gaby is a jokester. He’s not above pulling a small prank every now and then. He is also very optimistic, trying his best to see the bright side in a bad situation. Gaby’s also pretty smart. He likes to read and push his mind to try and boost his psychic abilities. He feels every battle is like a show. While winning is important, nothing is more important than giving a good performance.
    Skills: He can communicate with all of his pokemon using telepathy. He can also talk to other pokemon to an extent, the less friendly the pokemon is to him the harder it is for him to communicate. He is also learning telekinesis, but unless his life depends on knocking over a salt shaker, he has a lot to learn.
    Past: Like any child, Gaby had an interest in pokemon. However, because he spent most of his time inside reading, he had less of an interest in training pokemon. Until a Trapinch found its way into his mother’s garden, which he began to feed every day. The two became instant friends when he fell into its pit and understood the pokemon’s question. It was also his first experience with his psychic abilities. He travelled all over the different regions, challenging their gym leaders and collecting s here and there. He sticks to tourneys and competitions as training, he feels un-ready to challenge any of the champions. He used to compete in contests and it shows in his battle style as he will normally use flashy combos in battle. After a loss at the grand festival, he retired and began challenging gyms and tourneys.
    Family: Beth Connors (Mother), Jack Connors (Father)
    Love Relationships?: None


    Species: Flygon
    Nickname: Ventus (Ven)
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Levitate
    History: As a Trapinch, Ven wandered very far from his home in the desert looking for new territory. He eventually found a soft patch of soil to dig a pit in, a flower bed belonging to Gaby’s mother. However instead of removing the burrowing pokemon, Gaby (then 6) had become fond of the little pokemon. He began to toss food down into Ven’s pit, which Ven didn’t object to at all. After a few months of this routine, the two eventually met face-to-face. Gaby tumbled into the pit, but instead of attacking like a Trapinch normally would, Ven simply asked Gaby if he had anymore yummy food. After helping Gaby up the steep slope, the two became inseparable friends. When it came time for Gaby to begin his journey as a trainer, there was no question who he picked for his starter pokemon.
    Personality: Ven is adventurous and reckless. He loves to drag Gaby into random shenanigans, but it’s not like Gaby minds. Wen is a little full of himself and, like his trainer, loves to put on a show. However he prefers being the center pf attention rather than enjoying the performance. Gaby is easily Ven’s closest friend, and be it helping Gaby pull a prank or protecting his friend, he is always faithful to Gaby.

    Species: Gardevoir
    Nickname: Calypso
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Synchronize
    History: Calypso was a strange catch for Gaby. He seemed to know exactly where she was, making for an easy catch. A little later, he realized he had been telepathicly drawn to her, luckily for Gaby. When he took her to a Pokemon Center to meet his new pokemon, she spoke to Gaby, informing him about his abilities in detail. Interested in this strange human with psychic abilities, she offered to teach him how to use them. As he trained Calypso for battle, she helped “train” Gaby to use his abilities. He is currently trying to learn telekinesis, with little progress.
    Personality: Calypso is shy and quiet, preferring to stand on the sidelines. The textbook definition of a wall flower. She is comfortable around Gaby and the team, but she tends to shy away from other people and pokemon. However, she is a natural performer. When she is in a contest or battle in front of a crowd, she tends to relax and becomes more comfortable. A wall flower that blooms before an audience. She is also the “Mom” of the team, making sure Gaby or the various troublemakers of the team don’t get hurt. Sometimes it annoys her, being the only female on the team.

    Species: Joltik
    Nickname: Eddison (Eddy)
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Compound eyes
    History: While traveling through Chargestone Cave, Gaby decided to sit and rest a while. While he sat resting, Eddy clamped onto his X-transceiver trying to find some way to get at the electricity inside. Finding the tiny Joltik amusing, Gaby gave it a spare battery he had in his backpack. Eddy thankfully drained the small metal object of its electricity. However, once Gaby decided to continue, the little Joltik continued to follow him. Eventually, Gaby got the hint and offered that the Joltik join him.
    Personality: Eddy is the youngest and most inexperienced of Gaby’s pokemon. As such he is childish and very curious. He will often chase after any unfamiliar electronic device just to see if the electricity is any good. This often lands him (and Gaby) in trouble. Gaby doesn’t often use him in battle, but he often lets Eddy watch so he’ll learn a little about battling. Eddy’s favorite spot is perched atop Gaby’s head, with the comical side-effect of causing Gaby’s hair to stick straight up.

    Species: Carracosta
    Nickname: Archie
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Solid Rock
    History: On an exploratory trek through Desert Resort, Gaby found a fossil in the sand. It turned out to be from an ancient pokemon called Tirtouga. Gaby was quick to revive the pokemon. However the small Tirtouga, confused from its sudden change of surroundings, tried to attack the scientists that had revived it and Gaby. Gaby battled the Tirtouga, managing to calm it down and catch it.
    Personality: Due to how Gaby uses Archie’s abilities in battle, he’s come to feel invincible. Thus, he’s a little (or very much) on the arrogant side. He sometimes refers to himself as “The Immovable Archie”. He is also fascinated by technology and modern anything. Having woken up from thousands of years ago, all of the changes to the world are very interesting to him.

    Species: Togekiss
    Nickname: Soaren
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Serene Grace
    History: Gaby got Soaren when he bought a pokemon egg off of a crooked salesmen promising, “A miracle pokemon”. Gaby bought the egg knowing that whoever bought the egg might be disappointed with the pokemon inside, and the pokemon may suffer for it. The egg hatched into a Togepi, that seemed instantly attached to Calypso. Everyone figured he thought she was his mother. That was until he began flirting with her. It got no better after he evolved and he discovered there were other girls for him to chase. Calypso and Gaby agreed she learn thunderbolt just to keep him under control.
    Personality: He acts very suave and is in fact very charming. Soaren believes he is Arceus’ gift to women, and he acts on that assumption often. He is almost always attempting to swoon some female pokemon. Calypso is one of the few who can control his wanton displays of affection.

    Species: Fraxure
    Nickname: Ares
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Mold Breaker
    History: While traveling through mistralton cave, Gaby decided to rest. After some timr afterwards, he found an axew digging in his bag for food. When Gaby approached the axew, instead of running away, it attacked. After beating Ven (then a vibrava) Gaby managed to catch the axew.
    Personality: Gaby rarely uses Ares in battle. Gaby can barely control him in battle. Ares is violent and combative, refusing to acknowledge some kid as his master. Gaby can’t even properly hear Ares’ thoughts.
  29. Name: Beo Coda Charon (Prefers Coda)

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Sootopolis City, Hoenn

    Age: 18

    Height: 6’

    Weight: 169 lbs

    Hair: Red. Ginger red, not rose red. He used to keep his hair long, but after he began his adventure he started to cut it short, around an inch and a half.

    Eyes: Green

    Skin Tone: Fair when he was young, now it’s darker because of sunlight and adventures.

    Clothing: A pair of nice, soft, and breathable pants, with thin white rings at the bottom. A pair of nice cleated tennis shoes with a white middle section. He has a nice light brown vest with white borders and a high collar, which he folds over his long, tan coat with large white buttons. And he has a light brown, square bag in which he keeps his travel gear and essentials. Pictures of this exist.

    Identifying Marks: Scars on his upper back from a semi-empty bottle being thrown at him when he was young. And a number of smaller scars.

    Musculature: Not much, except for leg muscle from hiking.

    Personality: He’s always moving, and he fears he idea of staying in any one town for too long. While not opposed to a few days in a town to resupply, win a badge, heal his pokemon, and keep moving, longer than a week makes him uncomfortable. He hates women, and thinks they’re all evil liars, due to his mother. He also doesn’t trust stability or strength, and believes everything is weak. He doesn’t look at that fact in a scornful way, he just unconsciously believes it. He believes everyone can only take a small amount of punishment before cracking, and that buildings have the same structural integrity of crackers and peanut butter. This leads him to have a highly cautious nature, though not necessarily quiet or withdrawn. He trusts a few of his pokemon to be strong, although they have proved to him that they are different from what he believes. His bitter nature towards women doesn’t carry over to men, whom he treats without prejudice or preconceived notions.

    Skills: He’s a competent battler, though not a super duper great one. He’s got a brain for numbers and traditional art. Digital art tends to confuse him, so he shies away from it. He has a camera, and he takes a lot of photos, but he’s not a very good photographer. He enjoys cycling and his favorite sport to play is tennis. His favorite sport to watch, however, is football (American). He learned to cook nice food for himself and mixes a mean drink, though he never mixes drinks on purpose. He has no skill with engineering (mechanical, electrical, etc), and he’s a terrific marksman. He’s horrible at directions, even with a map, and his 7 badges have taken him over a year simply because he’s been getting lost so much.

    Love relationships: He doesn’t trust women, and that lack of trust bleeds over into interactions with all people. He can’t bring himself to commit to a woman, because of his hatred for them. This isn’t to say, however, that there couldn’t be exceptions, but he doesn’t see that happening. Provided he works through his trust issues or hatred for his mother, he could open himself up to female relationships. For now, though, the only people he could bring himself to establish a lasting bond with would be men.

    Past: He grew up in Sootopolis town, exposed to the rich world his parents had raised him in. His mom made frequent trips to Unova for modeling and movie purposes, so she promised that she’d spend the summer in Unova and the rest of her time in Hoenn. In her defense, she did spend most of her time in Hoenn, just not necessarily in Sootopolis with her family. Beo spent much of his time caring for his father, who wasn’t very responsive after the death of his first son. So the two spent much of their time in silence, with necessities as a mainstay of communication. He found solace at his school, where he confided in teachers and adults there. He formed a deep bond with the counsellor, who was kind to him his entire life.

    When he was about 11, his mother was very angry and drunk one night, and threw a bottle at his back, resulting in a deep scarring pattern over his shoulder blades. Beo doesn’t like to talk about it or take off his shirt anymore. When he was around 14, his mother went off drunk in the night, fell into Pacifidlog’s waters and washed away. His father, nearly catatonic after losing a child and a wife, hardly cared for Beo. In fact, it was the other way around. Beo took care of his father primarily, and didn’t bother to grieve. He just spent his days scraping by, feeding each other, and making the most of his downtime. Two years later, he realized that his independence meant he had to leave. He pulled his funds from his saving, paid for his dad’s hospitalization and therapy, traveling gear, and a ticket to Unova, where he began his journey. He took a trip out to Professor Juniper’s lab, and took a Tepig with him, starting his journey for pokemon badges.

    He took the first couple of gyms with ease, but hit a heavy block on Drayden’s gym. Sitting on his fourth gym, Beo has started spending time around Unova, training for gyms and sightseeing for pleasure.

    Family: He was the son of two incredibly successful people. His father, Percephon (known as Percy), a rich businessman with a strong knowledge of the economy. His mother, Haidi, an ex-coordinator with the past success and money to keep herself afloat independently for the rest of her life. When the two came together, his father saw it as love at first sight. The two of them lived happily for a while, until they were married and had their first kid. He was a happy, healthy boy until a car wreck took the child and left the father with a severe injury to his shoulders for almost three years. He took several months off from work to handle the grieving process, and turned his need for affirmation to his wife, which developed into their second child. He grew up happy enough, but he knew that his mother was an alcoholic and a cheater. To him, however,this meant nothing. His father knew, and his mother knew he knew. She, even in front of their child, would tell him that she had every right to find other partners, but that he had none. His father accepted this, and their lives went on, unhappily-but-happily for a long time. On one fatefully drunken night at their summer home in Pacifidlog, years later, his mother fell into the water and was swept away by the tide, presumably crushed on the rocks. His father lost his will for a long time, not leaving the house for months. Eventually, Beo took money from his savings to pay for three very large things. Treatment for his father, a new outfit, and a ticket to Unova. He told his father what he was doing as the doctors came in to take him to a psychiatric ward, and left. He receives calls from the hospitals when his father is discharged and readmitted (though that has only happened twice, and very close together), and will receive letters directly from his father. He wrote back once, saying that if any future letters weren’t sent, it was likely because he was busy on his “Pokemon quest”.


    Species: Emboar
    Nickname: Hyun
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze
    Hidden Power: Ice
    Special Features: Part of his back armor is cracked.
    History: He was chosen as a Tepig because he was the only non-female starter that Professor Juniper had available. The others were either female or taken. They took on the first gym alone, and lost horribly. After picking up Deerling, they challenged again and won. He evolved immediately before challenging Lenora, and he won the match through a wonderful combination of fire moves and arm thrust. He takes every challenge in stride, but is slow. He prefers to attack second, and will calmly wait for the opportunity to strike. Coda has often believed Emboar to possess the concentration of a psychic type. Upon evolving into Emboar, he gained even further temperament, though his speed shot up from his speed as a Pignite. As such, he is prone to counterattacking as the enemy strikes, usually by stopping them dead in their tracks with a fighting-type move. His back armor was scarred in the battle with Skyla, leaving a long, black gash that resembles a crack. In an unprecedented display of cockiness, he had Emboar take on Brycen alone. And they won.
    Personality: He’s a stalwart knight, and considers himself to be Coda’s defender. His fire has been trained to not burn Coda, and he has listened to Coda more often than not. His patience and understanding for Coda means that he often calms his owner down if he grows too angry with female trainers. He’s considered a father figure by their entire group, fulfilling Coda’s need for authority and balancing of his personality.
    Item: Focus Band/Sash - worn around his upper left arm.

    Species: Sawsbuck
    Nickname: Treant
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Hidden Power: Water
    History: Treant was originally just going to be a deerling caught to beat Cress, Coda’s first gym leader. Out hunting for a grass-type pokemon, Coda found this deerling kicking the stone pillars of the Dreamyard. Watching it go, Coda witnessed it kick and kick and kick until it had left a huge, splintering crack in the stone. Appreciating his resolve, Coda threw out Hyun and battled the type-disadvantaged pokemon. It charged Hyun’s embers headon, landing kick after kick in an attempt to win the upperhand. He gave Hyun a run for his money, but he soon found himself in Coda’s hands with a new name: Treant. In just one short day, he was trained and ready to go up against Cress’s Panpour. He was motivated to do his best, and pushed himself harder than a Deerling should be pushed. Coda would be about to recall Treant, and he’d jump at another Patrat or Lillipup, or what have you, and force himself to win one more time. Impressed by his resolve, he challenged Cress once again and won handily with Treant’s stalwart persistence. In the gym battle with Eleisa, he found himself to be commonly called on, his neutral strength against the electric pokemon that Eleisa had mastered. As it handily conquered the opposing Zebstrika, Treant evolved into a Sawsbuck, becoming Coda’s second-favorite pokemon.
    Personality: Treant doesn’t believe in giving up. Ever. The Sawsbuck may not know the move Endure, but it refuses to go down even when it’s health is all but gone. It clings to its consciousness with an iron grip, and will not back down from a challenge, or let its opponent land the firststrike. After all, if you can attack first, why ever attack second? Its skill is somewhat lacking, and it fumbles through the process of learning new moves unless they’re taught to him through a TM. Its slow learning process accompanied with diehard resillience means that he’s the definition of hard work overcoming natural talent. If not for Treant’s determination, Coda might have abandoned his quest long ago.
    Item: Big Root - When Treant evolved from Deerling, the roots fused into the bases of its horns, meaning they wrap around his horns now, and interlace with the leaves.

    Species: Litwick
    Nickname: Oubl
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Hidden Power: Grass
    Special Features: None.
    History: Oubli was floating around Icirrus City, near the tower the town is famous for. Coda, needing a new addition to his somewhat lonely team, found Litwick pleasantly floating along, kindly leading lost pokemon back from the forest with the light on its head. Its kind, compassionate nature led Coda to take an interest in it. He watched the ghost pokemon lead the pokemon from their confusion into the light, and provide them warmth and safety the whole way through. It also, impressively, took down everything it encountered with a skilled use of a Will-O-Wisp and hex. It was an almost instant win, and at some points it even seemed unfair. Realizing how much a Special Attack-focused pokemon would benefit his team, and how much he wanted to add the kind-hearted ghost to his team, he encountered it after it had helped lead another pokemon from the dense forest, and caught it with a deft command of his Emboar. Ultimately, he didn’t use it against Brycen himself because he had been snidely told that using a new pokemon just for the type advantage of one pokemon was an illegitimate strategy. Instead, he used Emboar’s fighting moves.
    Personality: Oubli is a kind soul, leading the lost from their hiding spots and happily warming the group he’s traveling with. So long as he’s around, Coda’s group doesn’t need to worry about getting lost or cold. Oubli is known to fly up in the sky, scout out a way to the next city, and lead them through the dark night. Needless to say, Coda was more than thankful to never read another map again.
    Item: Life Orb - Oubli keeps a life orb in his fire, semi-welded into the soft wax on its head. This is done to keep his damage high, and because it’s more important for Oubli to quickly step in and do a lot of damage before scampering out.

    Species: Cubchoo
    Nickname: Jane
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Snow Cloak
    Hidden Power: Dragon
    Special Features: Jane is missing her left eye.
    History: Coda was lost in Twist Mountain, even with Oubli’s help. As such, he eventually found himself in the very bottom of the rocky maze. In the cold chamber containing a frozen rock, Coda stumbled on a small Cubchoo fighting off the workers that were down in the cave. It was standing on top of the rock, blood dribbling out of its left eye socket, breathing heavily. As the workers would come close with their large machinery, the pokemon would shoot out an Icy Wind, freezing the machinery and forcing the workers out of the cave. Realizing what the small pokemon was doing, Coda came to its aid, turning against his fellow humans. His three other pokemon each took a strong stand against the workers, helping the Cubchoo force back the invaders. Eventually, Coda persuaded them to stop and struck a monetary deal for the workers to leave and never make another excavation attempt on the stone. Coda realized that the pokemon needed immediate help, and used a Heal Ball to capture it and restore some of the damage done. He didn’t realize it was a girl until later, and so he keeps the pokemon with him but at an emotional arm’s length. Hyun has taken a particularly shining to her, however.
    Personality: Jane doesn’t interact much with pokemon outside of Coda’s team, believing them to be waiting to harm her. She doesn’t care much for humans, either, leading her to spend much of her time quiet in public or interacting chattily with her small circle of friends. The parallels between her personality and Coda’s are striking, though he refuses to notice them. If he did, he would have to confront the idea of women being no different or worse than men. Jane, unfortunately, gets the short end of the stick on Coda’s deal.
    Item: Wide Lens - Over her healthy eye, in an attempt to compensate in accuracy for her lost one.
  30. Name: Maribel "Mari" Zulia

    Gender: Female

    Hometown: Sootopolis City, Hoenn. (Born in Snowpoint City, Sinnoh)

    Age: 15

    Height: 5'0.

    Weight: 120 lbs.

    Hair: Black, ends at the middle of her back, with long bangs framing her face.

    Eyes: Black.

    Clothing: Goth, nuff said. But if you need an idea, a leather jacket over a grey shirt, loose baggy black pants, and combat boots perfect for any terrain. Sometimes switches to blue shirt and blue shoes.

    Identifying Marks: Sometimes wears blue glasses.

    Musculature: Even though she is very slim, with long, elegant arms, she does have some strength....Until she gives up and falls flat on her back. XD

    Personality: Although she looks tough on the outside, Mari is actually very sweet and very curious. She has a strong sense of justice, and is always helping others. She is kind and gentle, but can overreact to some things. (Like when she sees a shiny, she blows up in a fangirl attack, like this: (OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH ITSASHINY!!!) Mari always wants to make new friends, but is often shunned due to the fact that she dresses a little….rough. Add that to the fact that she likes Dark and Psychic types, and you’ve got a bit of a loner. So she’s quiet. But she’s not afraid to speak her mind when the time is right. She treats her Pokémon like the family she never had, and would never make them do something they wouldn’t want to. Also is prone to random outbursts. Dislikes the cold.

    Skills: Battling, singing, and has some experience with contests, coming from Hoenn.

    Past: Mari was born in Snowpoint City, in Sinnoh, and lived there for only 3 weeks. Afterwards, Mari fell ill and was very close to dying. Her mother, July, feared for her newborn’s life, and moved to the warmest place she could think of- Hoenn.

    A few days after moving in to Sootopolis, Mari instantly recovered and led a happy, healthy life. Almost. Since Sootopolis is closed off from most of civilization, Mari had very little friends. And the other children in Sootopolis saw her as some kind of alien that dressed weird.

    Every night, for the first 10 years of her life, Mari would climb up to the very top of the ridge that encircled the City and stare at the sea for hours, wondering about the land where she was born, the places there, the Pokémon…and as the years progressed, the word “Sinnoh” became the name of a fairy tale land, one where she would never see….

    One night, she decided enough was enough. At age 10, she marched downstairs, confronted her mother and said. “I want to be a Pokémon Trainer, and if you say no, I’ll dive right under the ridge right now and escape!”

    After three hours of hard thinking, July agreed, But on one condition. “If you can beat Wallace, I’ll let you go to Sinnoh.”

    Mari took those words to heart and traveled to Littleroot. It was there she chose Torchic as her starter, which she named Blazer, and later on catching her first 3 Pokémon along the way. After beating all eight Gym leaders, she challenged the Elite four and Wallace, exclaiming, “You all are the only thing standing between me and my dream, so prepare to lose!”

    Mari took down the Elite four before she lost to the Hoenn Champion by that much.

    After the loss, Mari trained restlessly for the next year, until she finally became strong enough to win her mother's permission. Only a few minutes after her boat docked in Sinnoh, she got a package from July. It was a Friend Ball, containing an Eevee and a letter saying how much she loved her. It also gave her another challenge: “Take this Eevee and evolve it into Glaceon. Then take on the world.”

    With two sets of badges under her belt, Mari seeks new challanges. So for now, she’s just entering tournaments and contests while also looking for a new member to add to her team…

    Family: July. (Mother)

    Love Relationships: None at the moment, but hopeful.

    Current badges: All from Hoenn, and All from Sinnoh.


    Species: Blaziken

    Nickname: Blazer

    Gender: Male

    Nature: Serious

    Ability: Blaze

    Hidden Power: Fighting

    Special Features: Physically, none. Wears a long, red cape in contests. (and whenever he feels like it…)

    History: Mari’s first and so far strongest Pokémon. Picked as her starter in Hoenn. Often pairs up with Clair in battles and contests.

    Personality: Blazer is very cool and serious most of the time, but knows when to loosen up every once in a while. Loves to show off his skills and power. Likes to sleep late. Dislikes alarms. Of any kind.

    Pokeball: Premier Ball

    Species: Gardevoir

    Nickname: Clair

    Gender: Female

    Nature: Gentle

    Ability: Synchronize

    Hidden Power: Dark

    Special Features: Physically, none. Wears a sparkly purple jacket and a purple flower on her head in contests. Likes to put flowers on her head most of the time.

    History: Mari’s second and most trusted Pokémon. Found hiding in a cave from the rain. Often pairs up with Blazer in battles and contests.

    Personality: Clair is one of Mari’s most trusted Pokémon. Extremely loyal and shy, Clair will do anything for Mari, and can convey her feeling and sometimes her thoughts to her. But she usually stays quiet. Loves to compete in contests. Likes jewelry. Dislikes hurtful people.

    Pokeball: Love ball

    Species: Manectric

    Nickname: Spack

    Gender: Male

    Nature: Rash

    Ability: Static

    Hidden Power: Normal

    Special Features: Physically, none. Wears a short, yellow cape in contests. Small scar on one side from bike accident.

    History: Mari’s third and fastest Pokémon. Before he evolved, he was run over by a bike in the Cycling road. Mari found him and nursed him back to health herself. Afterwards, he followed Mari until she finally accepted him into her team.

    Personality: Spack likes to think of himself as the fastest thing in Hoenn. That was BEFORE he came to Sinnoh with Mari. He’s tough and often rushes headfirst into danger without a second thought. Also very impatient and hotheaded. Afraid of bikes. Loves to battle.

    Pokeball: Quick Ball.

    Species: Roserade

    Nickname: Blossom

    Gender: Female

    Nature: Sassy

    Ability: Poison Point

    Hidden Power: Poison

    Special Features: Physically, Instead of white petals, Blossom has black petals on her head. But the rest of her body is the normal coloration for a Roserade, so people often argue whether Blossom is a shiny or not. Wears a white scarf in contests.

    History: Mari’s fourth and sneakiest Pokémon. As a Roselia, Blossom was a notorious thief. What did she steal? Anything, so long as it was a challenge. Mari caught her one day trying to steal her socks. At first, Blossom didn’t like being told what to do in battle, (Or in any case…) and often tried to steal her own Pokeball in order to smash it. But time quickly passed, and Blossom began to trust and befriend Mari. She still likes to steal her socks, though…

    Personality: Blossom is very mischievous, sneaky and clever. She will try to steal anything just for the heck of it, but returns the stolen item later. (Sometimes…) This often landed Mari in hot water. She’s also a little of a flirt. Likes to lie in the sun. Dislikes someone out-stealing her.

    Pokeball: Luxury Ball

    Species: Glaceon

    Nickname: Frost

    Gender: Female

    Nature: Bold

    Ability: Snow Cloak

    Hidden Power: Water

    Special Features: Physically, none. Wears a long, white cape in contests.

    History: Mari’s fifth and weakest Pokémon compared to her other Pokémon. Delivered to Mari from her mother as an Eevee shortly after she arrived in Sinnoh. After working hard to ensure Frost didn’t evolve into any other pokemon, Mari traveled to the north to complete her mother’s challenge.

    Personality: Frost is curious about everything, and has a bit of an attitude. She loves to explore and travel, almost as much as she loves to eat! Frost is also a little childlike, so she’s often treated as a kid. Loves to eat. Dislikes mean or grumpy humans and/or Pokemon.

    Pokeball: Friend Ball

    (((I'M DONE! *Pant* .....I'm gonna go lie down now...XP)))
  31. Name: Kimmy Tanaki
    Nickname: Kim
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: New Bark Town, Johto. (Born in Pallet Town, Kanto).
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'0"
    Weight: 100 lbs
    Hair: Shoulder length brown hair put into pigtails.
    Eyes: Oceanic blue.
    Clothing: Wears a gray hoodie and black shorts, sometimes wears her gray and black hat but when she's not wearing the snapback she has it hanging from a belt loop in her shorts.
    Identifying Marks: Sometimes wears black rimmed glasses
    Musculature: Very slim but has some strength
    Personality: Kimmy is a very hyper active and happy person, although she can be lazy at times she doesn't mind helping others out of tough situations or making new friends with people and/or pokemon.
    Skills: Battling, singing, and writing.
    Past:Kimmy was originally born in Pallet Town in the Kanto Region, but moved to Johto with her mom, Anna, at a young age. She has a twin brother that she misses greatly and one day plans on visiting him in Kanto.
    Family:Darek(dad), Anna(mom), Kevin(twin brother)
    Love Relationships?: Leo Lionhart
    Badges:All from Johto and all from Kanto
    Pokémon:(Not in specific order)
    Species: Typhlosion
    Nickname: Ty
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze
    Special Features:None
    History/Personality: Ty is Kimmy's strongest powerhouse and first pokemon, he was chosen as her starter from Johto and is often paired with Umbri or either Sparks in double battles. He may seem feirce and cold on the outside but on the inside he's nothing more then a big soft teddy bear that cares about others health and safety.

    Special Features:None
    History/Personality: Umbri was abused by it's former trainer who left the poor pokemon, an Eevee at the time, on Bill's doorstep in Goldenrod City. After staying with Bill to heal he was then given to Kimmy. Umbri acts happy and cheerful when deep down he's hurting. He performs his best for Kimmy and tries not to screw things up by training extra hard to become more powerful. He always forces a smile around his oblivious trainer so she, and the other pokemon, won't worry.

    Special Features:Shiny
    History/Personality: Gardy is short tempered and has an eternal grudge against Team Rocket for forcing him to evolve back at the Lake of Rage, just north of Mahogany Town in Johto, and an even bigger grudge against Ty for beating him even though he was a severely weakend Quilava. He respects Kimmy for having the guts, and stupidity, of challenging him at a type disadvantage and still being able to catch him.

    Special features: Sparks wears blue goggles on his head because he thinks they make him look cooler then any other Pikachu.
    History/Personality: Sparks is a happy and energetic pokemon. He loves to battle and play with his friends, he also loves to ride on Kimmy's shoulder from time to time. Kimmy had obtained Sparks through a trade with another trainer; her flaffy for his pikachu.

    Species: Pidgeot
    Nicknames: Fear Bringer (Fear B. for short)
    Ability:Keen Eye
    Special feature: Has an old scar going down his left eye that stops at his cheek.
    History/Personality:Fear Bringer first met Kimmy when she first set out on her journey, he was a fierce and quick tempered Pidgey that wanted to battle every pokemon or trainer that came close to him. He's learned to control his temper during his travels with his trainer. He got his scar from a fierce and intense battle with one of Lance's Dragonites.

    Species: Bulbasaur
    Special features: None
    History/Personality:Rick was found on the outskirts of Pallet Town getting attacked by a pokemon hunter's angry Beedrill. Kimmy helpd the poor pokemon out by bringing down the hunter with Ty's help. Kimmy later found out that Rick was from Prof. Oak's lab, the pokemon was going to be a gift to a trainer who ended up picking a Squirtle from the Professor, since there were no more starters left Kimmy was able to keep Rick and continue her journey through the region of Kanto. Rick is very serious and kind, whenever Kimmy's full team is out he is always by his trainer's side when the other's are busy.

    Additional Pokemon that Kimmy keeps in storage: A male Sizor named Sizzors, a very wise and caring pokemon that does everything in his power to protect those around him.

    A male Togepi named Toshi, a cheerful and happy baby pokemon that likes playing with his friends.
  32. Name: Leon Lionhart
    Nickname: Leo
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Castelia City, Unova
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Hair: Spiked up red hair
    Eyes: Golden Honey.
    Clothing: Wears a red/orange tint hoodie with faded blue jeans and black shoes.
    Identifying Marks: Has two pendants, one of a cross, the other of the star sign; Leo.
    Musculature: Lean, but strong.
    Personality: Leo is a quiet and serious guy. When he talks he talks in monotone, for him to talk with emotion is rare, but you can tell what he's feeling or thinking by his facial expressions.
    Skills: Battling, singing, playing guitar, violin, and piano, writing songs.
    Past: Leo was born in Castelia City in Unova, but he never knew his parents for he's an orphan. He had been staying with his foster parents, the Lionharts, for most of his life. He has an older brother named Kyle, who disappeared while on his own Pokemon journey a year ago. Leo can be a romantic when he wants.
    Family:paul(dad), Janice(mom), Kyle (older brother)
    Love Relationships?: Kimmy Tanaki
    Badges:All from Unova and all from Sinnoh

    Species: Samurott
    Nickname: Sam
    Special features:None
    History/Personality:Sam is a care-free pokemon. He enjoys his time with his trainer and battling other pokemon.

    Species: Unfezent
    Ability:Big Pecks
    Special features: Wears a white scarf around her neck.
    History/Personality:Unfezent is a kind and sweet pokemon that acts like a mother to younger pokemon, she amuses Leo from time to time, causing her to have great joy in seeing her trainer give a small smile every now and then. She, one day, wants to be in a contest.

    Species: Arcanine
    Special features:None
    History/Personality:Totem is a very happy and playful pokemon. He is loyal to his trainer and does his best on the battle field.

    Species: Lucario
    Nickname: Lu
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Steadfast
    History/Personality: Lu has a very strong connection with Leo and sees him as a brother. He will do anything in his power to protect his trainer and travling companions.

    Species: Torterra
    Nickname: None
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Overgrow
    Special features: None
    History/Personality: The grass-type is a gentle giant outside of battle, but becomes a fierce oponent when other's get hurt or when battling against tough trainers or an evil orginization.
  33. Name: Isaac Reeves

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Anistar City, Kalos

    Current Residence: Lentimas Town, Unova

    Age: 18

    Height: 6'

    Weight: 170 lbs

    Hair: Flattened and layered medium length hair

    Hair Colour: Honey

    Eye Colour: Dark Green

    Clothing: White T-shirt with a unbuttoned blue plaid shirt with sleeves rolled up to the elbows over the top, blue jeans with a few tears in them, grey and blue high-top skate shoes, simple grey backpack with black highlights, leather cuff bracelets on both arms

    Identifying Marks: None

    Muscularity: Toned, slightly muscular than average

    Personality: Isaac is shy and quiet, a definite introvert. He prefers to be alone but will adjust to group settings. Once he opens up to people he's a friendly and optimistic person, a logical thinker as well and cares for people and will comfort or aid people in need.

    Skills: Cooking, drawing, logic, minor battling skills and knitting

    Past: Doesn't remember much of his past due to childhood amnesia so only really remembers his time in Lentimas Town where he lived a quiet life helping his parents out. At the age of 16 he decided to fly from the nest and embark on an adventure with one of the Tauros his family owned and returned home 2 years later to plan new adventures.

    Family: John (Father), Diana (Mother)

    Love Relationships: None

    Sexuality: Curious (Too intimidated by women to know, unsure about feelings towards men)


    Species: Phanpy
    Nickname: None
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Intimidate
    Special features: None
    History/Personality: Phanpy was a gift to Isaac when he was 13, he is rambunctious and often gets into trouble. He loves to fight and goof around with Huntail. Phanpy is very jealous of people who get close to Isaac and attempts to push other Pokemon and people away

    Species: Braviary
    Nickname: Tomahawk (Tom, Toma or Hawk for short)
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sheer Force
    Special Features: None
    History/Personality: Was the runt of the litter in the valley Isaac found Tomahawk in. Isaac took Tomahawk in and helped him after which Tomahawk idolised Issac and decided to travel with him. During his time with Isaac he's evolved and became very noble and brave and strives to protect his kind master.

    Species: Huntail
    Nickname: None
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Special Features: None
    History/Personality: Isaac obtained Huntail completely by accident while buying clams to make some clam chowder later on the market stall owner sold him a Clamperl which was mixed in with the clams. Clamperl was shy and reclusive and the two saw a likeness in each other after getting his hands on a DeepSeaTooth, Isaac evolved Clamperl into a Huntail. Huntail is still shy but is becoming more open to the group and is little bit of a goofball; playing jokes, playing games and is a bit of a klutz.

    Species: Electabuzz
    Nickname: Dynamo
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Static
    Special Features: Red ribbons around wrists
    History/Personality: Dynamo is an adventure seeker and was travelling the lands alone before coming across Isaac. To fill his loneliness he decided to travel with the boy and is a bit of a eccentric show-off trying to impress Isaac and the other members of his team while he lives in his own kooky little world.

    Species: Gogoat
    Nickname: None
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sap Sipper
    Special Features:
    History/Personality: Gogoat was originally found as a injured Skiddo and Isaac took it in and healed it's wounds. It's a quiet and disciplined member and stands to be the voice of reason in the team.

    Species: Pangoro
    Nickname: None
    Ability: Mold Breaker
    Special Features: Has a red bandana wrapped around right arm
    History/Personality: Pangoro is the team flirt and resident macho man, he joined the team after trying to flirt with Dynamo, after following Isaac around for a bit he was let onto the team. The relationship between Dynamo and Pangoro is very strong they are best friends and show signs of bromance which amuses Isaac greatly
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  34. Name: Cody May
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Born in Black City, Unova; currently resides in Sootopolis City, Hoenn
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 123lbs
    Hair: Shoulders long, pitch black hair
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Clothing: A blue leather jacket with a Dialga on its back, black shirt, dark blue jeans, black and white sneakers
    Build: Normal
    Personality: Arrogant and selfish, Cody hides a soft side that only shows to his beloved team of Pokémon, though when in battle his love for competition will kick in and make him more aggressive even towards his Pokémon.
    Skills: An experienced strategist, he's able to counter any situation with ease
    Past: He started his journey when his uncle gifted him with his first Pokéball, which contained his first Pokémon, an Azurill he later nicknamed Ao.
    Family: His parents died in a car crash. For two years he has lived with his uncle, until the young boy decided to start his Pokémon journey.
    Love Relationships?: None

    Species: Raichu
    Nickname: Zisa
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Static
    Nature: Mild
    Held item: Magnet
    Ball: RepeatBall
    Special Features: A little scar above its right cheeck pouch shaped like an "X".
    History/Personality: Third Pokémon caught, it was captured as a Pichu just outside Viridian Forest. Cody had always wanted a Pikachu, ever since he saw his first one on TV, so he endlessly trained Zisa, fight after fight, until one night it finally evolved. But with evolution came a personality change Cody did not expect. The newly evolved Pikachu became aggressive and arrogant, and not always followed its Trainer's commands, charging blindly and using attacks on its own instead. All it took was a beat-down by a trainer's Marowak to change Pikachu's view on things. It learned new moves, started to take a more serious attitude and, above all, ragained full loyalty to Cody. In fact, it was Zisa itself who suggested the use of a Thunder Stone so that it could evolve and become stronger.

    Species: Vileplume
    Nickname: Hijau
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Effect Spore
    Nature: Careful
    Held item: Miracle Seed
    Ball: FriendBall
    Hidden Power: Water
    Special Features: Being female, the white dots on its flower are bigger than normal
    History/Personality: Fourth in order of capture, Hijau was caught in Route 25 during Cody's journey in Kanto. Shy and always quiet, Hijau was never happy to battle, and its training ended up being long and frustrating. Its evolution into a Gloom didn't change things either, as it couldn't get along with its teammates, mostly because of its smell, but also because it still could get to trust neither Cody nor the other Pokémon in the party. With time and numerous battles it began to soften up, its smell became more tolerable and it started to be a little bit more friendly. At this point Cody had not decided whether to evolve Hijau into a Vileplume or into a Bellossom, but fortunately he met an Aroma Lady with both Pokémon. She gave Cody the two Stones required for each evolution, but she also pointed out that it had to be Gloom itself to choose. The Flower Pokémon touched the Leaf Stone without a second thought and thus evolved into a Vileplume. At this stage, it became more mature psychologically and calm, becoming somewhat of a parent figure in the team.

    Species: Golem
    Nickname: Khoom
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sturdy
    Nature: Lax
    Held item: Lagging Tail
    Ball: HeavyBall
    Special Features: Slightly bigger than normal
    History/Personality: Fifth addition to the team, Cody received Khoom as a Graveler after a trade with a Ditto he'd just caught, and thus witnessed its evolution into a Golem. Little is known about Khoom's past with its previous Trainer, but it seems to be kind of a womanizer. It also appears to be afraid of dark places, fear it will eventually overcome.

    Species: Crobat
    Nickname: Liliac
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Nature: Naive
    Held item: Poison Barb
    Ball: DuskBall
    Special Features: A red Scarf
    History/Personality: Second overall Pokémon to come into Cody's possession and technically the first one he caught in the wild. Its capture was an easy one though, because Liliac, during its time as a Zubat, was not a very experienced fighter, nor one agile enough to outspeed Cody's Marill. After its capture, Liliac was trained intensively in order to become of more use to the team, but also to boost its confidence in its own skills. This plan came to fruition when Zubat evolved into a Golbat and, later, into a Crobat. It was at this point that Liliac's skills were honed to perfection and its confidence rose to the point it thought it could defeat entire teams on its own. Thought that was backed up by an arsenal of strong moves and unparalleled agility and speed.

    Species: Azumarill
    Nickname: Ao
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Huge Power
    Nature: Rash
    Held item: Sea Incense
    Ball: DiveBall
    Special Features: None
    History/Personality: Cody's first Pokémon, at the age of 11 he was gifted by his uncle with a DiveBall caintaining a little Azurill. The Polka Dot Pokémon bonded istantly with the young Cody, although the ladder didn't quite feel the same way. In fact he was quite disappointed in Azurill, as he expected to be gifted with a (according to his dream) much stronger Pokémon. Cody ran off in disappointment followed closely by his unwanted new partner. At the time he and his uncle lived in Goldenrod City and the first place Cody thought of was the Radio Tower. But when he was about to approach it, he noticed another, bigger building not far away from the Tower. He decided to see what the huge building was all about, but as he ran towards it he slipped and fell down in the sea below. It was the little Azurill who saved him and took him back to the shore. Before losing consciousness he thanked the little blue Pokémon and nicknamed it Ao. Since then the two have been great friends, staying loyal to each other during the course of their journeys. With time that little Azurill became a Marill and, finally, the strong and kind Azumarill it is now.

    Species: Heracross
    Nickname: Hóng Sè
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Guts
    Nature: Adamant
    Held item: None (for the moment)
    Ball: NetBall
    Special Features: It was the smallest of its group
    History/Personality: Last one to join the team, this Heracross decided spontaneously to be captured after Cody offered it some tree sap. The group of Heracross appeared almost instantly before Cody, hungry for the juicy sap he was holding, but he had already chosen its next Pokémon: the smallest and the one always left behind. The young trainer took pity on the Single Horn Pokémon, and after having made eye contact, he threw his PokéBall in the air, which that Heracross touched willingly. Surprisingly enough, Hóng Sè was already very strong and it didn't take long before it could surpass in strengh even Khoom, who Cody had considered to be the powerhouse of the team until that point.
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  35. Name: Drake Tyban
    Hometown:Cinnabar Island
    Weight:148 lbs
    Eyes:Emerald Green
    Clothing:Wears a white shirt under a dark red trench coat along with black pants and boots
    Personality:A young man who is well mannered and faithful to friends. Can be hot headed if stressed and can sometimes come off as a prick to those who do not know him. He doesn't mind losing a match if it happens and always trusts in the link with his Pokemon.
    Skills:Horse riding, surprisingly good at fishing, and extremely bad at cooking.
    Past:Was raised to always show respect to everyone, Pokemon and people alike. His father gave him a Growlithe at eight.
    Family:[Father] Neil Tyban, [Mother] Diana Tyban, [Uncle] Blaine
    Love Relationships: Interested in a young trainer named Victoria who he follows on adventures when he can ever find time to.
    Arcanine (Malice) M
    Caught/Given: Was given to him by his father who breeds Growlithes. Malice is strong and loyal and has always been by Drake's side. Favors staying out of his ball.
    Ninetails (Valentine) F
    Caught/Given: Was caught on route 7 she is shy until she is battle. Likes to curl in Drake's lap when napping thinking she is still a small Vulpix.
    Persian (Sylvester) M
    Caught/Given: Was caught on route 5 he is not the most graceful of the team and can be dopey but his speed makes up for it in battle.
    Feraligator (Nancy) F
    Caught/Given: Was a gift from Victoria as kind of a joke seeing as Drake is so heavily dependent on fire
    Dragonair (Evasin) F
    Caught/Given: Was caught in the Safari Zone Drake had barely caught her when she appeared. She is a little mischievous but is friendly as well.
    Jolteon (Venton) M
    Caught/Given: Was caught on route 11 is strong for his small size. He likes to make himself look bigger than he is.
  36. Aimee

    Aimee Bacon Fairy

    Name: Faye Morris
    Gender: F
    Hometown: Camphier Town
    Hair: Brown, in a half ponytail, reaching the mid back. Normally under a green bandana.
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Blue t-shirt and green overalls. Top half of the overalls hangs down, straps still attached by wrapping them around the waist
    Identifying Marks: Small round burn scar on her left wrist from playing with a Magcargo as a child
    Musculature: Athletic build thanks to her years of training (lots of walking/hiking)
    Personality: Friendly to most, people, very hard to get on her bad side but once you do she will see you as an enemy until the day she dies! LOVES pokemon, especially fairy types
    Skills: She knows how to make pokemon happy and how most pokemon should be handled. She is also pretty good at cooking and finding food when on the road.

    Faye grew up just outside Camphier Town with her mother and father, helping the two of them run their pokemon day care. Faye just loved to play with all the pokemon that came to visit and very early on knew she wanted to be a trainer because of it. One day pretty close to her 6th birthday she noticed her father outside talking to one of the trainers who had left a few pokemon for a while…The trainer seemed a bit angry at what he was saying before getting on a bike and riding away. With a sigh he turned around and Faye saw for the first time a pokemon egg. Faye’s eyes went wide as she ran up to her father.
    “Daddy, is that a pokemon egg? “ She asked with wonder, of course knowing where pokemon came from but her dad normally scooped up any pokemon eggs for safe keeping before she could get a chance to play. “Yes sweetheart it is…It’s a shame the mother’s trainer didn’t want it…” He answered with a half-smile, the wonder in his daughter’s eyes cheering him up pretty quickly.
    “I’ll take care of it! Please daddy? A pokemon that doesn’t have to leave….that can stay and be my friend forever?” That got a warm chuckle out of her father. “Oh alright, Come on sweetheart; let’s get this little guy inside.”
    From that moment on Faye didn’t leave the side of that egg, she watched it like a staraptor. She read to it, slept next to it, and even took it in the bath with her until finally a little Togepi hatched. “Well would ya look at that… A fairy for our Faye.” Her mother remarked once she saw the fairy type pokemon. The two were inseparable ever since.
    Over the years Faye and Togepi trained together with the other pokemon that was left in the daycare, and over time she collected even more pokemon who were abandoned with the daycare, some eggs, others were pokemon the trainers just left and didn’t want back. But the comment her mother made when Togepi hatched always stuck with Faye who now favored the fairy type pokemon over others, so though she hatched many she only kept and trained the fairy types hoping one day to be just as good as Valerie. Finally at the age of 16 she felt that she was finally good enough to go off and take on the world (she was more then ready but Faye always was a driven and careful individual and only set out to do something when she knew she was more then prepared). Now she travels Kalos trying to become an even stronger fairy trainer then her idol dreaming of one day either taking her place at the Laverre City Gym one day or opening her own Fairy Gym…but for that she would probably have to venture away from Kalos.
    Though she is probably more than able to take on Valerie for a gym badge she is her own worst critic and thusly vastly under estimates her abilities as a trainer…It is hard to say if she will ever really feel confident enough to challenge her without an outside push.

    Family: Mom and Dad (the couple that runs the pokemon daycare in Kalos)
    Love Relationships?: none at the moment
    Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.
    1. Togetic - F
    Nickname- none
    Ability – Serene Grace
    Has belonged to Faye since the day she hatched. She is Faye’s best friend. Stays out of her ball, Fay doesn’t want to use a stone to force her to evolve any further. Stays out of pokeball and wears a blue ribbon around its neck with a soothe bell.
    2. Sylveon – M
    Nickname – none
    Ability – Cute Charm
    Faye took care of many eevees over the years but this one was the only one she hatched and he happily evolved into a Sylveon upon learning Faye’s dreams.
    3. Florges– F
    Nickname- none
    Ability – Flower Veil
    Caught outside her home early on in her training, evolved from a Flabebe.
    4. Azumarill - F
    Nickname – none
    Ability – Huge Power
    Found and caught as an Azurill just outside Santalune City
    5. Klefki – M
    Nickname – None
    Ability – Prankster
    Found and caught while hiding from the rain in what is known as ‘the lost hotel’
    6. Tropius – F
    Nickname - Laurel
    Ability – Chlorophyll
    Given to Faye by her father as she readied to leave home. Though she isn’t a fairy she likes keeping Laurel around because she was a gift from her father and makes traveling long distances much easier
  37. Name: Sapphire Blue
    Age: Just turned 17
    Home town: palet town
    Weight: 90
    Hair: fiery red curly hair that goes alittle past her chest
    Eyes: ice blue
    Clothing: Usually wears a white tank top with a girls black leather jacket, dark blue skinny jeans and black boot the come up to the knee
    Personality: she is very kind hearted and friendly but when it come to the thngs she cares about she can become quiet scary
    Skills: none really
    Family: mother father and 2 brothers (one of which joined team rocket and is frowned upon by all his family)
    Past: Sapphire was 14 when her father gave her her first pokemon a riolu on her birthday. they both bonded quickly and soon sapphire was on her jorney to be a pokemon master. she has been on the road since
    Height: 5'1
    Masculature: she is very fit from playing volleyball


    Gender; male

    Lopunny (love)
    Gender: female

    Gender: female
  38. Name: Tobias (Toby) Stroud


    Hometown: Laverre City, Kalos

    Age: 14

    Height: 5'5

    Weight: 139 lbs

    Hair: Down to his shoulders, and cut somewhat raggedly. It's usually tied into a low ponytail, and is a chocolate brown. He also has bangs coming from the right of his head to the left, slightly parted above his eye.

    Eyes: A light, warm brown.

    Clothing: A long-sleeved beige sweater with a scarf-like neck, with a pendant shaped like a feather attached held on by a dark brown string. Underneath the sweater, which goes down to his upper thigh, is a pair of simple jeans that go towards the ankles, that are overlapped by dark brown boots.

    Identifying Marks:none

    Musculature: A little weaker than the average male his age.

    Personality:Toby is a pretty shy person when he meets people, but once he warms up to him or her, he can become very sweet and caring. Since he left his home two years ago, he hasn't had much experience out of town, therefore, he is still naive and simple-minded, and tends to blurt out things at the wrong moment sometimes. Because of this he is also a crybaby, especially if he's pressured to do something.

    Skills: Cooking and baking (especially PokePuffs and Poffins), gardening, taking care of others and Pokemon.

    Past: Toby had a pretty simple life before going on his adventure at the age of twelve. He had a loving mother and father, and an older brother and younger brother, which he both adored greatly. However, while his sister was amazing at battling, he lacked the skills to fight. Instead, he enjoyed cooking food for his beloved fairy Pokemon, and his family's Pokemon as well. However, while he was helping his brother out at the Daycare one day, a dragon Pokemon came from the sky and scared him half to death, because it was shooting flames and roaring like it owned the world. Since then, he's been terrified of dragon types.

    Family: His older brother, Mark, who is four years older than him and his younger brother, Brett, who is three years younger than him. Both his brothers treat him well, and there are barely any disputes between them, except when it comes to whoever can get the last piece of food. Mark works at the Daycare, which Toby used to go to a lot and spend time with the Pokemon there.

    Love Relationships?: None

    Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

    Species: Dedenne
    Nickname: Sprittz
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Cheek Pouch
    Special Features: None, except for the fact that his cheeks are always stuffed with food.
    History/Personality: Sprittz was Toby’s first partner, and was given to him at a young age. He’s the offspring of Mark’s two Dedennes, and has been at Toby’s side ever since he hatched. He’s quite an extrovert, and loves to meet and greet new people, as well as show off a bit by making sparks with his cheeks and prancing about. Whenever Toby bakes a new set of Pokepuffs or Poffins, he’s always the first to try one, and usually ends up stuffing the rest in his mouth.

    Species: Eevee
    Nickname: Harley
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Adaptability
    Special Features: None
    History/Personality: Harley is Toby’s third edition, and probably one of the most defiant. After all, it wasn’t Toby who battled him first, it was Harley. While traveling on Route 10 for a peaceful stroll, he tackled into Toby, and growling as loudly as he could. Quite surprised, the brunette nearly fled, before he noticed that he had been attacked by a fluffy brown thing that barely came to his knees. Using Sprittz, he easily captured the Eevee after paralyzing him, planning to make him a Sylveon. After being caught, Harley never went into battle, which angered him greatly. Thus, he went into battle with whatever Pokemon he saw, despite the size or power of it. Because of his bold and rash nature, he rarely listens when Toby tries to get him out of battle or coddle him, and instead tackles into his stomach and trots off. (He later evolves into a Flareon.)

    Species: Floette
    Nickname: Hydrangea
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Flower Veil
    Special Features: She’s the blue flower form, nothing else.
    History/Personality: While enjoying a rainstorm on his porch, Toby noticed that something had drifted into his garden, and got up to investigate. He was surprised to see a little Flabebe, weak and weary from floating in such weather, and such a distance. A few days after taking care of it, the Pokemon allowed Toby to catch it, and they soon became very close. Kind and bashful, Hydrangea is a near mirror image of Toby’s personality. She’s often floating about, and dislikes rain.

    Species: Whimsicott
    Nickname: None, look at her history.
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Prankster
    Special Features: One eye is missing, thus, there is an eye patch on top of it.
    History/Personality: Not much is known about Whimsicott, other than the fact that her eye is missing. Found when Toby was outside the Laverre City Pokemon Gym, she seems to be a complete mystery. However, he thinks that she had been hurt in a battle, and that one of the trainers had left her after she had been deemed ‘too ugly to battle’.
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  39. Name: Eliyas Monuka
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Camphrier Town, Kalos
    Age: 14
    Height: 4'3'
    Weight: 142 lbs
    Hair: Bushy, brown, always seen
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothing: Grey cotton hood, sometimes wheres cap, ripped denim jeans
    Identifying Marks: One hair being grey
    Musculature: Average
    Personality: Can be scared, usually found alone, docile
    Skills: The ability to on some occasions read minds
    Past: Lost family to Team Flare
    Family: Dead
    Love Relationships?: None
    Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

    Species: Meowstic
    Nickname: Ivory
    Gender: Female
    History: Given to Eliyas by AZ as a gift.
    Personality: Much of a diva

    Species: Meowstic
    Nickname: Ebony
    Gender: Male
    History: Given to Eliyas by AZ as a gift.
    Personality: Lonely
  40. Name: Aro (pronounced like japanese, no like english)
    Gender: ♂
    Hometown:Castelia City
    Age: 20
    Height: 1'60 m
    Weight: 57 kg
    Hair: Black & Dark Blue
    Eyes: Very dark Blue
    Clothing: black T-shirt, belted blue and dark jacket and dark trousers. very simple.
    Identifying Marks: none.
    Musculature: not too muscled, but neither weak. standard complexion
    Personality: is not an innocent kid, neither a really silent guy. he likes people and pokémon and he takes care his friends. he hates beeing alone, that's why he always wanna be with any person or any pokémon around.
    Skills: Aro can speak with only one pòkémon: his beloved Lucario. He is clever, even not beeing a genius. Also, he can barely use some sword-like weapons (like, for example, a stick) because he did fencing at school
    Past: he was an average rich kid from Castelia City, the son of a bussinessman. he always thought he was going to follow his father's work, but when he started university he realised that bussiness wasn't the kind of life he wanted to live. So he and his beloved friend Tor (lucario) went on a journey with no objective at all, just trying to find what he wants to do with his life.
    Family: Parents in Castelia City. no relation after arguing. Aro decided not to use his family name anymore.
    Love Relationships: No, but a detail: Aro is gay
    Pokémon: just One

    Lucario: Nickname Tor. level ~36 . Male
    Personality: Tor is almost the same as Aro, but in a pokémon way. He can speak with Aro, but can't with other people. he can feel (as all Lucarios can) other people's and other pokémon's feelings.
    History: Tor the riolu was Aro's 3rd birthday gift. They became really close so fast. When Aro was 15 Tor evolved to Lucario.
    Battle: He is more deffensive than offensive.
    Skills: Tor is very clever.

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