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Mafia VII: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

Discussion in 'Mafia Archive' started by Teapot, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Last night, Sir Red was killed by multiple assailants (again!), and Demelza, a townsperson, was also struck down.
  2. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    4 Mafia to 2 townies, not good.

    Got no leads either.

    Sorry, about Karu honestly thought I was onto something :x
  3. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    Damnit. Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Karu down(I'm never following you on anything again, Josh. It was rather stupid of me, and while Karu appeared suspicious, this is the second innocent lynching, and both were started by you.), Red again, and even Dem. With Mafia outnumbering townies, my frustration levels are rising.

    Once again, we have Josh, who has managed to evade death. His actions on Day 1 made him appear suspicious, yet he is still among the living. Like I said above, there has been two innocent lynches, and both of them were started by Josh. He is now more suspicious than ever, in my opinion.

    However, I am still willing to wait and see if any more leads pop up. At this point, I'm not going to vote until I've heard everyone out. Also, I'm not going to blindly follow a bandwagon anymore. I'm only trusting my own judgment.
  4. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    I didn't start Blazi's lynch and I never voted Blazi. If my memory serves correctly Sho and yourself are the only remaining people who voted Blazi, so don't pin that on me.

    I was the only one who actually voted Mafia on Day 1 if you had gone along with my vote we would have hit Mafia and the rest of the game would have played out differently.

    Everyone creates a bad bandwagon at least once, Karu was mine and if I hadn't said anything about resurrecting Red, I doubt he would of resurrected him which limited damage.
  5. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    However, the only way you would have known that Riley was Mafia on Day 1 would be if you were the Detective...which you are not, or the Lord of the Night - a role that I am fairly sure is not active this game.

    Also, I am fairly certain that /I/ am the one who mentined reviving Res, except I wanted to revive him immediately so the Mafia would waste time killing him again.

    Here we are on Day 4, and you have managed to make it this far despite everyone being incredibly suspicious of you. My gut suspects some form of foul play here...maybe even fowl. I also happen to be quite wary of Katie at this point. She is absolutely impossible to read, and is the only perso I can think of to off Demelza.

    By the end of the Day, one of you two will be going down.
  6. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    My knowledge comes from a pact me and Riley made before roles were handed out, from reading facial signs and then him actually telling me due to said pact. I bailed as soon as I found out he was Mafia, he would have gone for me if Red and Brendan hadn't been so prominent. Day 2, I was busy and had no computer, so Riley finally went down. Then Day 3 after looking through previous days I noticed Karu was close to Riley and he didn't really attempt to get rid of suspicion which made him seem like a reasonable target. As for Mafia not taking me out like I said Red and Brendan were very prominent, night 2 no idea maybe they thought I was gonna get lynched anyway. Night 3 the detective returns obviously Mafia remove the threat instantly.

    The fact you've survived this long while being so influential and interrogative calls more suspicion than removal of new suspects and threats in the night
  7. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    I have survived as long as I have becausw, like I mwntioned in the previous Day, he Mafia this round are predictable and therefore manipulatable. I only really survived last night because of that post I made, and you all know it.

    I have made it to Day 4 before, so I would not jump any guns by saying that me staying alive is an indicator of me being Mafia.

    But seriously, taking out Demelza, who thus far ha been of no threat to the Mafia, is very startling. The only notable relationship between her and someone in this game would be her and Linkachu. Linkachu, who, can be a very convincing townsperson.On the several ocassions she has been Mafia, she fooled everyine until the end, only dying via Underboss or Prieat Smite. She haa yet to be convicted during the day. Do not make the mistake of trusting her in this game.

    EDIT: Josh, Josh, Josh. So you basically surmised that Riley was Mafia and you were content with keeping him alive? This blatant disregard for the lives of the townsfolk right from the get-go tells me that you want the Mafia to win. Though they outnumber us, we still have a chance. If you actually did vote for Riley Day 1, then this game would be different right now. Hell, us townsfolk might even be winning. But your friendship got in the way. Friendship has no place in Mafia, as evidenced by most of the other games, where someone inevitably gets their feelings hurt because of a "friendship".

    I am not voting just yet, but mark my words: I will soon.
  8. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    I think the only predictability we've seen is the deaths of Red, Brendan and DS. Demelza was semi vocal but didn't pose any threat, so you may be right on that. However RMA was a complete outsider was killed and had his role stolen. For the Thief to go for a complete outsider they must have known about RMA being the gadgeteer and then killed them so RMA couldn't blab. I honestly highly doubt RMA would have told me or Zekrom about his role, Luckii again another one I would doubt and from evidence I've seen El has been busy and I doubt he would be the thief twice in a row. So that leaves you and Katie, from what I've heard from others RMA would have more likely have told you rather than Katie. I would like to hear from Katie before I start making a decision.
  9. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    Or, the Thief found out that RMA was the Gadgeteer and took his role. At the same time, the Mafia found out RMA's role and killed him to remove him and his gadgets. Either scenario is likely, though.
  10. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    That scenario spreads more suspicion towards Katie, also if we take a look at the Question and Answers topic, Katie asked if the gadgeteer could stay anonymous, which was asked after the gadgeteer role was stolen, perhaps she was seeing if she could spread detrimental gadgets without being found out. Katie, we need answers from you ASAP we've got around 25 hours before Day 4 ends and voting will be commencing shortly, if not I'm gonna have to vote for you just on the basis of being my strongest lead.
  11. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    Well, Josh, as Sho pointed out before, you are the one who insistently brought up Blazi, and you attempted to get the focus back to him without officially starting the bandwagon. Karu's was more direct, and while that could've possibly been an error on both of our parts, your actions in Day 1 are still against you.

    However, I've noticed that Sho has been manipulative, and that post on Day 3 could've been a ruse to make us think that the only reason that the Mafia wouldn't target him was because of what he said in the aforementioned post. However, he could be one of the Mafia, and hit Dem to be deliberately misleading while the others got Red.

    That being said, it could just be a crazy theory that only makes sense in my mind, which tends to happen often. I'm only sharing them now because, with the Mafia outnumbering the townies, we have to look at every possible angle.

    I'm also wary of Katie. She has given almost nothing away about herself, and is apparently very skilled at this. I would like to see what she thinks about our current situation, however.

    As for Luckii and El, they've been very quiet and I cannot determine anything about them. It would be unwise to ignore them, but they are not as suspicious right now.
  12. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    On Day 1, I joked about lynching Blazi, went along with Riley and Red as it looked like a bandwagon was going to start then when Katie started questioning me I brought Blazi up but I also brought Riley up because it seemed a good time to push people towards Riley, I only mentioned Blazi because he was still in some peoples suspicions.

    Also Sho it is evident you never looked back, I actually voted Riley. Also your edit is practically the opposite of what I said. I knew Riley was Mafia but I wasn't gonna be reckless like you saying "Riley is Mafia, he told me himself" because Mafia would go straight after me similar to what you did against Belle last game. Your posts have gone from logical to dafuq.
  13. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    I might make the Mafia target me, but at least I make sure to take one down with me. And just so you know, your vote against Riley said nothing more than "friendly rivalry". If you wanted to push us towards Riley, that mesaage did not come across at all. Caution may be a virtue in Mafia, but it's bold moves like what I do that get Mafia killed.
  14. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    I would have spent more time trying to turn it against Riley, if you and Katie weren't on my back in an environment where Riley wasn't much of a suspect. I was trying to be wary, Riley said something about multiple Mafia's on Day 1 and I wanted to play cautiously in case there was more than one Mafia to make sure townies stay in larger numbers.

    Also is this suggesting something you know about, if so spill.
  15. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    It's a possible theory. So far, every theory we've made about the Thief has made the assumption that they are Mafia. Since we still don't know the alignment, it's safe to say that this assumption is just that. An assumption. The Thief could have been targeting RMA thinking he had a role, but now knowing which one. I doubt RMA would have so easily told someone, if at all, that he had a role. The Thief probably surmised that RMA had one, and take it away if it seemed the role wasn't being very helpful.

    As it turns out, the role was Gadgeteer, what we know to be a very tricky role to work. And while we all agree that the Thief(now Gadgeteer) working for the Mafia would be a disaster, we've still yet to see any evidence of it happening. So until we know the alignment of the Thief, we can't say that anything is set in stone as to how to approach dealing with them.
  16. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    Ok, then. Looking at this argument, and after careful deliberation, I know whom I want to vote for.

    I looked at who is the most suspicious.

    Josh has been suspicious since Day 1, and has made some weak arguments. He has partial responsibility for both of the innocent lynchings so far. He has managed to elude death during both Day and Night.

    Sho has been rather manipulative and accusatory. He has also made weak, illogical arguments today, and sounds rather odd on his last post. And despite him being openly suspicious of Josh on Day 1 about Josh trying to get Blazi killed, he voted for Blazi anyway.

    I haven't heard from Katie, so I do not know what she thinks, but I will take big risk with this, because at this point, taking risks could help us take down the Mafia yet. So, despite how suspicious it might look, I will risk it and vote.

    Lynch Sho.
  17. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    I actually find this argument strange coming from you of all people. Dem's a close friend of mine, therefore the ONLY explanation in your eyes is that I killed her? You can't even entertain the idea that she was killed off at random, because someone saw her as a threat, or because someone's trying to pin her death on me because I'm the closest link to her? You're usually a very logical person with your arguments but this time you're laying it on pretty thick, and pretty one-sided. o.O

    I asked those questions for the same reason you likely assume that I did. I wanted to know 100% if RMA would've had to have revealed his role to someone else before making a trade with them. If so, that would've meant that RMA would never trade with someone unless he believed they were trustworthy. However, Petey explained that such is not the case, therefore RMA could have simply given people gadgets instead of trading with them.

    Why did I want to know this info? Because of this.

    Because I thought the exact same thing. Out of every member involved in this current Mafia round, you, Sho, were the one I felt was the most likely candidate as someone RMA may have trusted with the details of his role. Up until this point nobody has outright suspected you as being Mafia and, for the most part, people had pretty well written it off as even being a possibility until now. Even Red didn't try to identify you. Before Red died he messaged me his detective results, which were for Dem (townie) and El (townie).

    And now you've said this:
    and this:
    To put it bluntly, I've been trying to figure out if you're the thief, Sho. The more you speak about the thief, suggesting that RMA died by coincidence or that the Thief stole his role for some noble Townie reason, the less I'm trusting you.

    Since day 2 Josh hasn't done anything overly suspicious and he has been trying to make solid arguments since. Like others I backed him regarding Karu because I too suspected that Karu was hiding something. Evidently, he was, just not what I would've hoped for. >_>

    You on the other hand keep changing your target depending on who's the most suspicious at any given time or who others would likely believe to be the most suspicious. You're attacking Josh as if he was the mastermind behind Karu's death but I know full well that you were involved in that initial chat conversation too, Sho. Josh was just running with the hunches of the group.

    The final tip-off that you may be hiding something is this:
    You're right. The Mafia are being predictable this game. Red was resurrected and as expected, they freaked. They killed him off right away. And yet, not all of them targeted him. Dem also died that same night.

    If it's true that you're the one who mentioned it, isn't that precisely something a manipulative player would do in order to control the Mafia members that night? And yet not all three families went after Red. One went after Dem, the odd player out who'd really drawn zero suspicion to herself beyond being quiet. Why her? Why not yourself or me? And why did you immediately pin her death on me the first chance you got?

    I knew Dem was a townie due to Red's intel, so what would I have gained by killing her? People suspect me enough as it is. And yet there was something others could gain by killing her. You pointed that out yourself.

    This all adds up to what I'd begun to suspect as the days went by and neither myself or yourself was lynched. I believe you are Mafia, and I'd be very surprised if I'm wrong. Lynch Shocari.
  18. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    Sho's post are all over the place and make little sense and seems increasingly suspicious

    Lynch Sho
  19. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    *slow clap*

    You're right. I'm Mafia. Although, your reasoning for my acting as Mafia is completely off. Let's start with Day 1.

    While it is true that there was no need for me to vote for Blazi since his fate was already sealed, voting for Josh would have been pointless, and might even have drawn suspicion towards myself. I also couldn't risk what would appear to be me siding with Riley on a kill, because I didn't trust Riley at all. As much as I said I would kill Red on Day 1, I actually didn't. I was responsible for the death of Brendan. Brendan was a good player, and I knew him and Red would off me for being Mafia soon. I counted on the other two families to take care of Red, so I removed Brendan from my list of threats.

    Day 2 comes along. Josh and Riley are still suspicious to me, but I opt for Riley because he's just /too/ out there in his posts. I get lucky in that he's Mafia and Coupled with Mafia - two less threats.

    Night 2. I fail at getting RMA to reveal if he has a role. My gut tells me he does, so I steal it. He's Gadgeteer. However, I opt to kill DarkSoul instead. RMA's death, while shocking, was quite helpful. He'd most likely have told you all that I had been asking him about a role, which would make me very suspicious.

    Day 3. We kill Karu, the Priest, who revives Red. Sadly, I had really wanted the Priest role for the Smite power in addition to my nightly kill. This night kill I actually use on Red. Now, if you look back on my incredibly detailed post from that day, you'll see that I actually told you my entire plan. How no one even picked up on that is beyond me.

    Now here we are at Day 4. I was hoping to take you down, Katie, but it seems I was unable to do so. Seeing Dem dead gave me hope that I could link the two of you and get people against you, but alas.

    Go ahead and kill me, but you won't be any closer to finding Mafia. And while Linkachu has touched the subject....

    Lynch Josh.

    Happy hunting~
  20. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    So I presume we've hit the other Mafia. I was hoping it would have been Riley or Jada's partner so less deaths occur tonight. I'm not expecting to survive tonight. But it begs the question why didn't you kill me on Night 2 when you had the chance?
  21. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    I kept you alive because I thought I could use you to my advantage, and then dispose of you when the advantage ceased.

    Guess I really should've gotten you out earlier XD
  22. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    Well, I'm glad I got that right. But the thing is, there's 5 others besides Sho, including myself, and three of us are Mafia. I just hope that Sho was Riley's or Jada's partner, so there's one less death. And if he isn't, I hope they kill each other off. Sho also being the Thief/Gadgeteer is a bonus, so we can stop worrying about that. I only wonder now what the Night will bring.
  23. Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    Yeah, seems a lot of people are saying that xD

    Yourself, Riley and I believe Jada have said so.

    If you hadn't posted about being in this third mafia I was going to say El and Katie are teammates ;D Also I've surprised myself this game xD
  24. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Mafia VI: Day Four [2nd-4th Jan]: Hell's Bells

    No point continuing the day now.

    Okay, the lynch vote goes to Shocari. However, a gadget has been activated, and thus Linkachu has been lynched instead. She was the last of her family, so there is now one less Mafia family.
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