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Mafia VII: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

Discussion in 'Mafia Archive' started by Teapot, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Due to the fact that Shocari only had one person to vote for in the Night, we are taking it as already happened: thus, Luckii has died, and he was the last townsperson. Thus, the game has ended,

    Shocari scores a win for Mafia 3, and Brendan scores a win for successfully getting offed as the Jester. Congratulations, folks.

    Okay, here's the final hit list - a blow-by-blow will come afterwards:

    The Hit List:
    Mr. RMA - Townsperson/Gadgeteer
    Sir Red - Townsperson/Detective
    Karu - Townsperson/Priest
    Brendan Savem - Jester
    Demelza - Townsperson
    Yoshimitsu - Townsperson
    Blazi - Townsperson
    Dark Soul - Townsperson
    Luckii - Townsperson
    Linkachu - Mafia 1
    JadaStark - Mafia 1/Couple []
    Joshawott - Mafia 2
    Riley - Mafia 2/Couple [JadaStark]
    ShinyZekrom - Mafia 3

    Survivor List:
    Shocari - Mafia 3
  2. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    Gadgeteer Info: Every night, the Gadgeteer got dropped between 1 and 3 Components, which can be crafted at any time into Gadgets.

    Explosives - Your standard selection of things that go boom.
    Energy Shield - Stops bullets, knives, pickpockets, and pigeons. Probably doesn't stop anything else.
    Mysterious Microchip - You don't know what it does, but it oozes intrigue. Be sure to clean that off before you try and use it.
    Automated Sleaze Device - After years of research, scientists identified the chemical that politicians secrete to win over audiences. They are now selling dispensers of it on the black market. It smells awful.
    Interference Generator - Guaranteed to ruin a government surveillance agent's day.
    Patented Distraction Device - It's shiny! You could also buy gum with it.
    Inedible Piece of Cow - It once went moo, but alas, no longer.

    World's Smallest Nuclear Telephone (Explosives x2): An ordinary-looking telephone, all the way until you try to make a call. Then you'll explode in the world's smallest nuclear terror attack. If the item is traded, the recipient will have it described as an ordinary Telephone.

    Telephone: (Mysterious Microchip, Patented Distraction Device): On activation, allows the user to identify another player.

    Electronic Stab Vest (Energy Shield x2): Can be activated twice, but only at night. If activated when someone tries to kill, seduce, or steal from you, that action fails. The vest is rendered useless once it has prevented an action, so cannot stop an action twice.

    Optical Camouflage (Energy Shield, Mysterious Microchip): Can be activated twice, but only at night. If the user is identified (by a Detective or Telephone) after activating this gadget, the identification will fail. Destroyed after successfully thwarting an investigation.

    Proximity Gadget Breakinator (Interference Generator x2): Any Gadgets used in the same Day or Night cycle as this gadget fail.

    Robot Politician (Mysterious Microchip, Automated Sleaze Device x2): Allows the user to rig the lynching discussions, ensuring that the lynch vote goes to whomever the user chooses.

    Yet Another Pocket (Inedible Piece of Cow): Is that a Robot Politician in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me? Expands a player's inventory to allow them to hold a second Gadget. Remains active until the end of the game.

    Only one Gadget was actually activated or traded: a Robot Politician by ShinyZekrom on Day Four, traded to him by Shocari.
  3. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck


    Night Zero:
    Sir Red investigated Yoshimitsu [townsfolk]
    Mr. RMA recieved: Inedible Piece of Cow
    Mr. RMA created: Yet Another Pocket

    Day One:
    Lynch Blazi: Dark Soul, JadaStark, Karu, Lynch Blazi: Riley, RMA, ShinyZekrom, Shocari, Sir Red
    Lynch Teapot: Blazi
    Lynch Riley: Joshawott

    Blazi was lynched.

    Night One:
    Sir Red investigated: Brendan [jester]
    Mr. RMA recieved: Automated Sleaze Device, Energy Shield, Explosives

    Mafia 1: Kill Sir Red
    Mafia 2: Kill Sir Red
    Mafia 3: Kill Brendan

    Sir Red and Brendan were killed.

    Day Two:
    Lynch Riley: Demelza, Joshawott, Mr. RMA. Shocari
    Lynch Shocari: Riley

    Riley was lynched. His Couple partner, JadaStark, also died.

    Night Two:
    Mr. RMA recieved: Energy Shield
    Shocari [thief] stole Mr. RMA's role.

    Mafia 1: Kill Dark Soul
    Mafia 2: Kill Mr. RMA
    Mafia 3: Kill Dark Soul

    Mr RMA and Dark Soul were killed.

    Day Three:
    Sir Red was revived.

    Lynch Karu: Demelza, Joshawott, Linkachu, ShinyZekrom, Shocari, Yoshimitsu
    Lynch Joshawott: Karu

    Karu was lynched.

    Night Three:
    Sir Red investigated Demelza [townsfolk]

    Mafia 1: Kill Sir Red
    Mafia 2: Kill Demelza
    Mafia 3: Kill Sir Red

    Sir Red and Demelza were killed.

    Day Four:
    Shocari recieved: <contents lost>
    Shocari created: Robot Politician

    Shocari trades Robot Politician to ShinyZekrom

    Lynch Shocari: Linkachu, ShinyZekrom, Shocari

    Robot Politician activated by ShinyZekrom. Vote shifted to Linkachu.

    Linkachu was lynched.

    Night Four:
    Mafia 2: Kill ShinyZekrom
    Mafia 3: Kill Yoshimitsu

    ShinyZekrom and Yoshimitsu were killed.

    Day Five:
    Lynch Joshawott: Luckii, Shocari
    Lynch Shocari: Joshawott

    Joshawott was lynched.

    Night Five:
    Mafia 3: Kill Luckii

    Luckii was killed.

    Mafia 3 are the last remaining faction alive, and thus win the game.
  4. Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    First off, I notice that it says that two Mafia families hit El, when Katie and Jada are both dead.

    Also, good game everyone. I'm overjoyed that Sho won it for us, even though Josh killed me Night Four. I hoped to make to the end, but alas, no. However, making it that close is still good.

    I've been told that it was obvious that I was Mafia, and Sho's partner, and also told that I did excellent for my first time, so I have no clear idea of how I did. I hope I did good enough, because I'm going to be back if there's a next time.

    It was mostly because of luck and Sho's advice and guidance that I even lived that long, so he takes the credit for my survival through most of the game. I now have an idea of how to play, and I can only hope I'll improve so I can do better next time.

    EDIT: Also, congrats Brendan. I never even had any suspicions of you being the Jester, so excellent job.
  5. Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    Basically allied with Katie. Had a planned alliance with Riley until we were put in the same Mafia. I knew Riley was a liability and his marriage to Jada. Then I purposely avoided Katie and Sho so they could attack each other. Suspected Zekrom from Day 1 but wasn't totally sure so I avoided him til I found out for definite on Day 3 when I found out RMA had his role stolen figured I could use him and plant suspicion on Katie by killing Dem also to cause more Katie and Sho attacks. Ended up dying due to Luckii being inactive and him voting for me ¬.¬ We were going to off him on Day 1 as well
  6. Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    You guys are awfully fancy with all this.

    I'm sure most of your plans are totally made up on the spot, whenever I played this I just did that :D
  7. Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    Mine was planned all along I had a kill order and everything
  8. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    Good point. Fixed.
  9. Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    Good game, everyone! Very well played, and the last two days were very, very, intense.

    Not going to lie, I had the entire game essentially mapped from the moment that sign-ups closed. There were only two things I didn't take into account: The Gadgets(although, I did suspect that they wouldn't really be used) and the Priest reviving someone(this made me waste a kill ;___;).

    Wait, make that three things. I did not expect to make it to the very end. That was just luck XD
  10. Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    Yeah, Luckii I blame you D:<
  11. Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    Thank you, Luckii, for winning this for us and annoying Josh. XD

    I'm definitely going to be back for next time. Maybe I'll do better at seeming less suspicious next time.
  12. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    And once again I go through an entire game saying maybe 50 words altogether
  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    Well, that didn't end how I'd have liked it to. Sho lived. I kept him alive specifically because I assumed he'd be offed before me. All my work, for nothing. </3

    But really, what amazes me most about this game is that the Mafia was basically controlling it from day one. I plotted with Sho to kill Riley (having no knowledge that Jada was part of the Couple, mind you) and I plotted with Josh to kill Karu and Sho. At the time I had no idea that either of them were officially Mafia, nor did I really care. I just wanted to stay alive as long as possible and they seemed like the two who'd help me achieve that goal.

    Maybe that's why things worked out as they did. For me, it was more beneficial keeping Sho and Josh alive until they finally turned on me, so I opted to kill other players instead. That said, if anyone slipped under my radar as being a potential threat, it was Zekrom. I didn't suspect him until day four, after placing my lynch vote for Shocari, but by then it was too late. XD

    Good show for your first game, Zekrom! And congrats on winning, Sho! Even though I wanted you to die a horrible, brutal death, I'm glad Mafia won. Fun times all around. :)
  14. Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    Thank you, Katie, although Red and Josh have both told me that they considered me suspicious from Day 1 onward. I think I did fairly well, and that there's room for improvement, so hopefully I'll do a better job of it next time. You did excellent, Katie, as you were one of the few who barely posted anything suspicious, so I commend you for that.
  15. Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    And there's another error: Where it says who voted to lynch Shocari, you put Linkachu, ShinyZekrom, Shocari (instead of Joshawott).
  16. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    Oh, I noticed several errors, but I wanted to be nice to Petey. ;D
  17. Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    I'm noticing more, but I figure I'll just follow your example now, Katie.

    EDIT: Although I must point out that it says Mafia 6, when this is Mafia 7.
  18. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    Had a hunch that Sho was mafia this whole game, and apparently I was right. XD I also guessed that RMA, Red, and Brendan had roles, but I wasn't sure which ones at the time. So many mafia families... D: I'm not surprised at all that mafia won this time. It would've been a miracle if townies won with three kills a night.

    *claps for Sho* You finally survived a game. Good job~
  19. Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    Well Shocari did kind of throw himself out there, so that counts I guess...

    I have to say, Bravo Sho and Zekrom, if anybody else was ever going to make a mafia win it would have been you two. I actually did suspect it was Sho from day 1, and had it confirmed by him after my death. I also knew I could prove it by defending him on that first day. That gained Sho's attention, at least enough to put me above Red in importance. Admit it Sho, you would have targeted Red too otherwise. See where that got me? A death and a win. From that point on, I let things sit and watch for fireworks. Have to say though, there were some interesting tactics employed this round, such as Sho's confession to trick everyone to lynch at him so that his partner could redirect it at Katie, perhaps the game winner otherwise. I never would have guessed Zekrom was his partner though, until it became apparent after his death.

    Oh yeah, Sho actually survived. Now that is some rich stuff: beyond irony.

    And now I have someone else to share this throne with, great game folks.
  20. Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    'twas a good game, although I didn't last for very long. Well done, Zekrom and Sho, and everyone else whom survived.

    I think we need a bit of music!
  21. Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    Well I have to say a lot of stuff from mine and Katie's Mafia were left a day too late. I have to say pretty impressed with Josh minus the killing of Dem. And Luckii's vote tossed the favour in Sho's direction, just unlucky with the vote really. I think new tactics are in order for me next time
  22. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    I'm not sure doing things a day earlier would've made a difference, for me at least. If Red hadn't been revived by Karu I'd have lynched Sho that night, but Sho likely would've done the same to me (and/or activated a gadget to defend himself). I didn't plan to lynch Josh until it was necessary and that wouldn't have been until after Sho died.

    I could map out my game plan but the quick summary is that I had no plans to lynch Sho until Day IV because doing so wasn't worth the risk and he was useful to me alive. Once he acquired the gadgeteer role it was almost certain that his family would win, especially since mine and Josh's were already down one Mafia member. All in all, Sho played a great game.
  23. Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    Sho didn't get the gadget parts til Day 4 so you could have killed him. Also I knew about Josh coming to you suggesting Zekrom was Sho's partner so Josh could have likely argued to get people to lynch Zekrom.
  24. Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    I acquired Gadget parts each night and could make Gadgets whenever I felt like...so long as I had parts. Stealing the role Night 2 gave me parts for both Night 2 and 3 before I finally made a gadget nearly last-minute.

    And Brendan, I would've killed you regardless. Maybe not Night 1, but anyone, so long as it wasn't Red. I couldn't really afford to kill Red Night 1 because I /knew/ someone else would, and it would confirm me being Mafia since I've always said I'd kill him Night 1.
  25. Given how this game went down, with only you surviving, there was no way I was actually going to survive at all. So yes, you were going to kill me anyway. But it's the fact that I died on the first night that matters, instead of say, the second night. And that's what makes me the best jester so far. Only way to top that is being lynched the first day.

    And also, Since Red was dead anyway, why didn't anybody bring that up against you? So you very much could have gotten away with killing Red that night. If I threatened to kill you if I was mafia, then I would do it. And if anybody else brings that up in a game, then that person is a sackface that's trying to frame me using a flimsy pre-game threat, and thus is full of poop. See where I'm going here?
  26. Thanks, Brendan and DS.

    Shocari- I don't think I could've had a better partner. Your advice and guidance was exactly what I needed to learn how to play this, so thank you for being my teacher. You played brilliantly, and finally survived to the end and won the game for us. Your many bold, risky, and daring ploys all contributed to your success, as well as your excellent manipulation of the game.Congrats, Sho, and thanks!
    #26 ShinyZekrom009, Jan 7, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2017
  27. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    Wait, so you were told that there were numerous Mafia families upfront? Granted, you could infer that there would most likely be more than one family when you were only told that you had one teammate. However, I still find it interesting that you were so sure that there were other families and that they would kill me outright. Also, why did everyone want me dead so quick? It's not like you knew I was the Detective the first night.

    This was a very interesting game, with a whole lot of meddling going on behind the scenes with the various Mafia members. I guess Katie aligning herself with the two other families, at least briefly, explains why there was so little inter-family night killings. Going against what I previously said about the Three-family games, I actually would like to try it again. Preferably with more players, though.

    Also, congrats again to Sho and Zekrom. Well-played to the both of you. Especially Sho for his last minute manipulation of Luckii in chat to get him to vote for Josh.
  28. Red: We were called "Mafia 3," implying that there were 2 other Mafia families.

    EDIT: Also, Sho figured you were probably the Detective from your Day 1 posts, although he also though Brendan was a possible Detective as well. Since we knew that there were two other Mafia families, Sho figured that people were more likely to go for you than Brendan, so he trusted that other Mafia would take you out and hit Brendan.
  29. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Mafia VI: Conclusion: Thunderstruck

    To be honest, I'd do another three-family game if we had more players, but even if we didn't, the slightly increased ratio of mafia to townies made this a fun game to watch. Although future games likely won't be this extreme, I do like putting pressure on the town like that - we've got too many excellent players to warrant making it an easy ride :p
  30. I think it's OK, especially since this was only the 2nd Mafia win out of 7 games, and the 1st game was the first time it happened. So, the townies had 5 consecutive wins before this. Plus, we have some excellent players, so this 3-Mafia system works, although at least a few more players would be nice for it.
  31. I wanted you dead because I knew you would get me down further on in the game, you were already onto me and Josh plus I kinda guessed you would be the Detective due to being the one of the only major players who hasn't had the role previously, the other was Brendan but I didn't find him as threatening early on and I had planned your death in Night 0 xD

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