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Mafia VI: Day Two (Sept. 10-12) Dazed and Confused

Discussion in 'Mafia Archive' started by Sem, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    It appears that you all have come out relatively unscathed for this first night!

    I know, I'm disappointed surprised too.

    However, there was an attempt on Yoshimitsu's life last night. He got away, but only barely. It seems as if there was a missing mafioso last night when the attack took place. If all of them had been present then surely this would not have happened and dear Yoshimitsu would be dead. Yoshimitsu will need to rest up a bit. He can still vote, but any special role he has, if any, is blocked for tonight.

    Where was the missing mafioso? What were they doing? Or *ahem*, perhaps the better question is "Who were they doing?" Perhaps our resident night worker was busy making friends last night?

    Oh dear, oh my, oh goodness. This is an interesting turn of events, isn't it, little fleshlings? Tread carefully now. And thank goodness you're all still alive... >.>;
  2. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

  3. Congrats El!

    I hate to put myself out there, but I can't just sit by and be silent the whole game, right? And so I'm gonna have to put the spotlight on Sho. I don't know if we can use chat evidence or not, but the last time I was there he threatened to lynch me when I left for the night. Maybe it was a slip of the tongue or maybe he was just...being Sho. Either way it attracted my attention and is still nagging at me.
  4. So El got saved by the Lady or Lord. So their knowledge could prove useful. Anyway Sho sounds like he was just having chat banter but I expect that from Shiny not Sho. So he is worming his way into my suspicions even further. Mafia seems to want rid of quiet ones whereas Sho had vocal ones on his hitlist, so I think the bigger veterans like Katie may be the Mafia due to me thinking that is how they would think to get rid of people. So my top 3 suspects minus Sho are Katie, DS and Brendan because Red, Tan and Rich played more tactical with taking out influential people and threats and they made us do townie lynches whereas no attempts were made at lynching which suits the quiet game plan. So they were the ones who were wanting to abstain so they suit the profile, I suppose that puts me under suspicion as well due to me abstaining first but I was the one who tried getting evidence but it wasn't a well enough standard to warrant lynching. I dunno if any of that made sense as late night/early morning thinking + phone typing isn't a good combination xD
  5. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Riley is clearly the Lord of the Night or whatever because he wants my babies.
  6. Red is still alive, so Mafia I am not :p

    Even though I've said it countless times(which you could eventually twist to be a ploy), if I actually was Mafia, Red would be dead either during the day or night of the very first Day. I have and always will consider him either a major threat or a great ally, depending on my current knowledge of his role. Were I Mafia and he not on my family, he'd immediately pop up as someone I need to get rid of, and fast.

    Thankfully for you guys, I'm not Mafia. I simply can't be Mafia. While it's true that I've yet to be Mafia in any game, Fate has lovingly spared me yet again from having to kill you lovely people~

    I never said that I wanted to take out vocal people. I said I wanted people to be vocal so that we could actually get somewhere with a discussion. The good news is that we know El's not Mafia. The bad news is that we're still pretty much where we were when the game began. Having El as a fellow townsperson is quite helpful, as it narrows down the list of possible Mafioso~
  7. Me, Lord of the night don't make me laugh, El.

    If people are going to stick with the theory Sho is Mafia either he is with Red or they are the couple. I'm going to wait until Red replies before putting both of them in the spotlight or disregarding them for now.
  8. I don't particularly see the logic behind Riley's reasoning. On one hand, you think I might've been made Mafia because you consider me a veteran. Of course, you weren't around at the time, but the only time I've ever been a Mafia- The first game I was in- My game plan wasn't to stay quiet. Far from it. xD

    I don't harbor suspicions for Sho at the moment, but he is a very crafty player so I'm not dismissing anything as of yet!
  9. Except that wouldn't be a smart move for you if you were mafia. A smart mafia doesn't necessarily nuke the biggest threat immediately--especially if it'll attract attention. For example if Red were killed, people will automatically think "SHO DID IT LET'S LYNCH HIM" so why even go there? That faulty reasoning only makes me more suspicious of you.
  10. Oooh, so somebody got laid hard last night? We have 2 lucky bastards today. Anyway, I guess this means that the Lady/Lord of the Night now knows who one of the Mafia is. I didn't even know putting one member out could overthrow an entire murder. And now we are all together a day later to murder people.

    Also Sho. We know you and Red hate each other, one eating at the other is a fairly obvious move, that's why I doubt that you would target him so early, as Carmen said. If Red was targeted last night, I personally would have put it as a ploy to get you framed. But he isn't dead, so that's why I don't trust you yet. You're digging a hole here Sho.
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    (Gah. I was writing my post and had to take a lunch break, and Brendan/Carmen replied before I could finish. You guys made some of my argument re: Sho redundant! D:

    Oh wellz. I'm too busy/lazy to change anything, so deal with it! XD)


    I hate you people. XD

    Before this Mafia game started Red was suggesting that people lynch the quiet players. Sho, Belle, and several others were in on this as well, myself included. If you're going to target me for that reason you may as well target every chat regular. That pretty well leaves us right where we started aside from El not being mafia. And for the record, the one time I actually was Mafia I took out Brendan first turn because I viewed him as a threat. ;p

    I'd say I find you suspicious, Riley, but it'd just come off as revengeful. :p Even so, I stand by my decision to abstain. Thanks to us abstaining and El's lucky break we've lost nobody. If I'm going to vote for someone then I'll vote for someone I think actually is Mafia, not someone who sort've-kinda seems like they could be but mostly likely isn't. I wouldn't even target Sem last game for that same reason! I play to win. Whether I'm alive at the end doesn't matter so much if the townies win overall. What about yourself?

    Moving on... Let's talk about Sho. Every game I target Sho as being Mafia because of his bold statements, and every time I end up being wrong. He always plays vocally. That said, I don't buy his argument regarding why he can't be Mafia because I don't fully believe it's true. Why kill your most obvious target day 1 and bring suspicion onto yourself? Most seasoned players won't do it. Red certainly didn't last game, and that kept him alive. (D:<) It's a rather weak defense, Mr. Sho, but again... It's these sorts of comments that often make me question Sho's allegiance when he's actually innocent. :x

    Red on the other hand... I await his response. :)

    Nobody else I find overly suspicious, and Dark Soul especially is playing it pretty safe. A good bluff, or genuine innocence? I'm not yet sure. Waiting for more replies before going further.
  12. It's genuine. xD
  13. It's quite true. Ever since Game 1, I've done this. The only logical reason I can give is that it's my way to prove my innocence. I can't just say "I'm not Mafia!" because it doesn't hold any weight. Most of my arguments I've made throughout every game I've played have been strongly explaining my points...but I also mention what is wrong with my accusations. It shows I'm well aware that such vocality is likely to get my lynched either by the townsfolk or the Mafia.

    But we can't get through this game without taking a few losses, so at the very least, I try to make as much of an impact as I can so that in the case of my death, the townsfolk will have a decent amount of evidence to use(either being things I've said to accuse people, or what people have said to accuse me).

    I'm also not too good at waiting games, so making it all the way to the end would be quite difficult for me. Luckily, in order to win, all I would need are my fellow townsfolk to make it through, even just a small handful. Yeah, that's pretty cold of me to rely on others for my victory, but that's also what we have to do to take down the Mafia(albeit, we can't just sit back and let others do the work on that one). We all have a different playing style, and we have to constantly adapt and slightly shake up what we'd say based on what everyone else says.

    I've never been the cautious player. I've been straightforward, so much so that you question both my morality and later yours when my death comes. Very, very bold move on my part, almost to the point of stupidity, but hey. It gets results.

    Right, now to actual accusing and such.

    I'm suspicious of Riley, if only for being overly-suspicious of me |D
  14. I don't believe I was there when that game plan was announced D:

    But anyway I was hoping finding incredibly petty and obscene reasons to accuse everyone and put the occasional good word about myself would let me fly through but I was wrong. Damn you all ;D

    Now it looks like I've screwed myself over and have to defend myself now. Which I hate doing as my logic is usually so flawed it is never taken seriously and it makes me look suspicious. If I was Mafia which I'm not I would have been a lot quieter because I know I would talk too much and give myself away. I also would have gone for people like Red so I could frame the likes of Sho essentially taking out 2 birds with one stone. I wouldn't have gone for El as he seemed more of an open target anyone could have killed him so I couldn't frame people. I think we need to figure out who in terms of general friendliness are the closest to El, and we will make a path to finding the Mafia.
  15. You seem to have put in a lot of thought into what you'd do if you were mafia, Riley. I don't believe that this game warrants a game plan, nor should be taken so seriously that one is indeed developed. Not only that, you have told us precisely who you'd kill and who you'd frame for the kill. I'd say you're trying to divert attention away from yourself. I will, however, wait for replies from others before pointing the finger.

    But be wary, Riley. If Red kicks the bucket, I'm calling you out.
  16. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I feel so honored that nearly half these posts mention me in some capacity. :'D

    This, Sho my dear, is where you and I differ greatly. You want your side to win, whereas I couldn't care less about my side winning if if means I die. So long as I am alive and playing I will do my damndest to kill every last person that is standing in my way of winning, but the moment I die I really don't care who wins. Mainly because I am filled with rage when people make stupid mistakes and miss things, but that's another rant for another time.

    Now, onto today. My two main suspects at the moment are Riley and Sho. Nothing too strong, but they have just been the oddest thus far. Also, the whole "I'd kill Red if I was Mafia" argument is stupid (not to mention some idiot is going to kill me to try to frame you guys. It nearly happened last game so I had to get a lynch wagon for Sho going. Seriously, how did you not suspect me, Katie?!). I used that same ploy last game with Katie being my "biggest threat" and I made it a principal of my game to keep her alive as long as possible. You don't kill of the good players unless you fear they are getting close. If they're unaware, keep them around as other people will listen to them.

    There are still quite a few people who need to post today, so I'm waiting to see what they have to say for now.
  17. Eheheheheheh what a wonderful day, everyone ♥

    Yeah, no. Let's get to it.

    It is easy. And by easy, I mean seriously easy for mafia members to sit back and say nothing, and then post the occasional excuse and get by. If you look to the last mafia game, I consistently said I only really had access to my phone so please let me live pretty please. And it was so nice that everyone did :'D

    So, so easy. Let's take a moment to look at our hitlist.

    *Sir Red
    *Dark Soul
    *Brendan Savem
    *Carmen Lopez

    These are our players. How lovely! Except not, since we'll jump on each other in a moment's notice. Now, we're looking for mafia members, right? So let's take another look here.

    *Sir Red
    *Dark Soul
    *Brendan Savem
    *Carmen Lopez

    I have now removed Yoshimitsu. Now, with Yoshimitsu, that makes thirteen members. How unlucky. I hope we change that. I'll make the assumption that the mafia team is three people, because two feels small, and four feels too big. So, you know, odds are we hit a townsperson. And that's okay! Except, we keep hitting them, and hitting them, and hitting them, gutting for the generally louder people, say Sho, every time over others.

    I hear all the time that you're waiting for them to post, but then they don't, and you forget they exist after a while because they haven't really posted! And they're really not going to, because it gets so, so, easy. Obviously making them talk doesn't suddenly make them not mafia, but it seems to slide rather often.

    I suppose what I'm getting that is not about calling quiet people out, but what I do mean, is don't forget them. They are certainly there and they are playing this game, whether or not they say they are busy, odds are they check this thread and scroll through. I know I have.

    You might say it's unfair to vote because they haven't posted yet, but I can say it's unfair to vote for somebody vocal because they have just been trying to actively play this game. It is so very, very easy.

    So let's point fingers a little bit longer before we get down to voting, okay? Like so, I'm rather miffed with Arma for his generally inactive forms ♥ But on the same hand, I'd rather not go for Riley! He seems rather flustered, instead of doing what a mafia person may /if/ he was. I dunno!

    These are our players. These are our killers.


    Okay guys thanks for reading have a nice day <33333
  18. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Apply this logic to real life and it's how serial murderers are made.


    (Okay that one was kind of a stretch for humour, shush)
  19. Someone sort of defending me don't know if that will be a blessing or a curse.
  20. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Alright, well, I'd like to think Riley a possible mafioso, namely due to his suspicions being placed on veterans for the sake of their experience, as well as that whole "if I had done it" defense which seemed, as Luckii said, simply to be an attempt to divert attention away from himself.

    However, at the same time, I can't help but get a little suspicious of Sho as well, if only for the fact that it seems he's really trying to bank on his innocence via his similar style of play from earlier rounds where he was a townie, and the fact that Red wasn't the one targeted by the Mafia this time around.
    Just a theory here...couldn't Red and Sho both be in the Mafia? There's more than one baddie out there, after all, and there's the possibility that the two are simply pretending to be at opposing ends of the argument in order for the rest of us to believe that one of them has to be completely innocent, and the other must be undeniably guilty. In that case, if one were to die, and be confirmed Mafioso, the other would, more than likely, be in the clear for the rest of the game. This could work out with both of their play styles as well: Red would be certain that Sho be the one lynched, so that, in the end, he could survive and win the game, not at all concerned about his teammate's demise being part of the cost, and Sho, on the other hand, would benefit from either his or Red's survival, as he just wants his side to come out victorious. Whether that's a good idea, or even a possible one, there's also another issue I have. We can't just assume that, if Sho is a Mafioso, that he can just target anyone he wants. The group would have to come to a decision among themselves, and his choice could've been overruled by the majority's decision. Because of this, Red not being the attempted kill can't just be the absolute deal breaker.

    So, those are my thoughts at the moment, for once more than just a repetition of someone else's arguments. As of now, between the two mentioned above, Sho seems slightly more suspicious to me than Riley.
  21. Wait. So that's how the Mafia kill? A group decision? I thought that they discussed it a bit, learned what everyone in the Mafia was thinking, each voted however they felt, and majority won. :/
  22. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Essentially the same thing.
  23. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    While I agree that it's boring to be dead, it's kinda part of the game. If you're not playing to assist your side in winning then ultimately what's the point? Typically it's only a matter of time until the outspoken players get killed off, so playing just for yourself doesn't really accomplish much in the end. Sem was continuously targeted for reasons like these (because, even if he wasn't Mafia, he wasn't really helping matters either), and I can't always say people were wrong in doing so. It may not be enjoyable having players alive who aren't figuring stuff out but, dare I say it, I'd rather that than someone selfish enough to throw others under a truck just to keep themselves alive. ;x
  24. So! So, so, so!

    The last day is ticking onwards, and abstaining would just be silly ♥

    I'll vote in a bit later, but if nobody else goes first, I can ♥
  25. It's the second day, and the game is still very difficult. I have no one I find suspicious enough to call out on a vote- Although Riley's behaviour has been a bit off. I don't want to call him out just because of that, though. I have the uncanny ability to target innocent players just because they are new(er) to this game >>

    (Although that might be the ploy? I'm not sure.)

    As for Katie's point, I have to ask, isn't killing others to assure your own safety, or in the case of the Townies, that of fellow villagers as well as you, kind of the point of Mafia?
  26. Yeah, expect from my experiences, one mafioso usually ends up bossing the others around for a good chunk of the game, usually it's one of the vocal ones, but it's occasionally one of the quiet ones.
  27. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Technically "the point of Mafia" is to keep yourself alive while doing anything you can to achieve victory. Beyond that it doesn't matter how you play; as long as you're not cheating there is no right or wrong way to play.

    My point was that if you assume you're going to make it to the end you're likely kidding yourself, especially if you're one of the more vocal players. It's almost a blessing if you're lucky enough to do so. With that in mind, if you're a townsperson it makes no difference how crafty a player you are if you're not helping out the team as a whole. If the Mafia outnumber you, you lose. Maybe you can still feel good about surviving to the end, but you still lost, so yay you. ;x Ultimately the townie game is still a team game, so doing what's best for yourself isn't always the best choice if it'll hamper the success of the team as a whole.

    But naturally this is just my opinion on it. Everyone plays differently and that's what makes this so much fun. :3

    As for the final vote... I really don't yet know. It's safe to say that I am suspicious of Riley and Sho to a lesser extent, but I'm also curious as to why certain others are keeping quiet. Red I just can't read, so at this point it's 50-50. Thankfully I will have internet access tonight so I can place my final vote later. Until then, I'm waiting for convincing arguments.
  28. Voting today is going to be hard and I'm going to have to wait to see how it goes. But Tan has actually made my decision harder by stating that the non regular posters could easily scroll threw then decide who to kill off in the night. I'll wait and go for majority vote instead of throwing random votes out (unless a bandwagon for lynching me starts)
  29. Why so worried, Riley? Something to hide?

    Or maybe I'm just reading too much into things...

  30. Eheheh, I said I'll post later, so I guess I will!

    From what I see it, suspicions fall on Red, Sho, and Riley. I really think Riley is just being made a nervous wreck by you lot which just makes him look worse and worse so I don't think he should be one to vote!

    Sho...can we like, go a mafia without voting Sho out in the first or second round? I don't care what he is but I feel bad that everyone seems to default to him as a crutch for someone to vote out!

    ...So maybe I should vote Red? Okay, I guess! Red, Red, Red!

    Without hard feelings. I hope there is a fight between this so I don't feel so bad about being the first to vote ♥
  31. Thanks for that and all, Tan~

    But I really don't see either Red or Riley as being very suspicious atm. Red hasn't really posted anything suspicious(which he doesn't really do, anyway) and I agree with you on Riley.

    I would be quite interested to hear from Belle, though. She's typically vocal, and even though she's a bit busy with school right now, I am curious to hear her thoughts and try to solidify her alignment.
  32. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Tick, tock, small ones. You only have today~~~
  33. I don't want to abstain another day, but nobody is all that suspicous... Eurgh. Sorry, Riley, you're the only one who I think has been behaving oddly. It's nothing personal </3
  34. This being the last day, and me having to leave for work in a few minutes puts me in a bit of a bind. I'd hate to do this, but I'm going to pull this card:

    I have it on the highest authority that Belle is Mafia.

    That's right. Belle. Is. Mafia. Belle has said numerous times to watch for the quiet ones. What is she right now? A quiet one. She can also use being busy at college as an excuse to be particularly absent from day chats for a bit, and still vote at night when she'd be available.

    Also, I'm the bloody Seer.(That being said, if the Priest/Priestess resurrects me, I can't be killed AND I'll still have my role. Priest/Priestess, I implore you: if I die, resurrect me. Even if you'll die two days later, I can guarantee that this will mean victory for the townsfolk :D)

    Lynch Belle.

    EDIT: Turns out, the Priest/Priestess will only die if they /smite/ someone. So go ahead and revive me, you'll be fine :D
  35. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Hmmm...To trust, Sho or not. That is the question.

    Also, I'm wondering why Tan wants me dead. You offer up no evidence or reasoning, and people have only really been suspicious of me because of who I am, rather than what I have said or done this game. So again, I wonder why you want me dead, Tan?

    Do you see me as a threat to your winning of the game? If you were Mafia I'd wonder why you wouldn't simply kill me during the night when there would be nothing to link you to me. During the day if you are responsible for my death and my innocence proved it simply incriminates you and at the very least makes people doubt your opinion going forward. A very odd play, for sure.

    That being said, I will side with Sho for now. Lynch Belle. At the very least she has been incredibly quiet and we're simply following our original game-plan. If Sho is wrong, he'll have to answer for his crimes come morning, so I don't think he'd be stupid enough to try to lie about this.
  36. Sho, it sounds like you are asking to be killed which makes me believe you are the Jester. Even if you are telling the truth about being the Seer are you really going to risk this most important power, because there are 8 roles (this is counting the couple as 2) and 13 people assuming all roles are in play seems like bordering on crazy.

    And DS, it is okay I figured I would tick off the Mafia eventually I just try helping out as much as possible before I die ♥

    Gonna wait for a couple more votes to see how thing pan out
  37. I just read that and it's an interesting thought. I've wanted to employ a strategy like that before, but always died before I could execute it. Plus it didn't get me out of the woods because I could still be attributed to the rival family. Since that's cut now, that's a valid strategy. It would be interesting to test that out. If that's correct, then no matter whether Sho or Red gets killed off, then the victim is exposed as Mafia, and then we can eat the other one, maybe nabbing another mafioso. Now, who to kill?

    I'm just going to ride along with Tan and target Red. See you in the gallows!


    Edit: (fuck you Sho)

    That's a high card Sho. You're putting a lot on the line there with such an open announcement, and so early too. I'm tempted to believe you here. Simply because bluffing can't get you very far, unless Belle is a special role. And given how few of those that benefit the innocent there are, and that there's no other way you could have figured it out yet, unless you're the other role or she's stupid and told you what she is. No reason not to I guess, Belle is my victim

    How funny, Sho and Red hate each other, and yet Sho just saved Red from my pointing finger.
  38. Hey Red!

    I didn't read your post past seeing my name because it's a bunch of she said he said hooha so that's too bad.

    I picked you because it was looking to be Red, Riley, Sho!

    And now it is not!

    I'd switch if I could but I can't so I shan't!

    Sorry if I ruffled your feathers ♥
  39. Other than hypocrisy and being less vocal than normal that possibly cannot be helped I personally don't see reasoning for voting Belle. It just seems like we are voting randoms to divert attention. Using this less vocal than normal reasoning I could easily call out Carmen or Rich. So I personally don't understand why people are going along with Sho.

    I believe Sho is just feeding us lies so Lynch Sho
    If I'm wrong feel free to run at me with pitchforks xD
  40. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Where the hell did this Sho and Red hate each other thing come from? Sho and I are a OTP, people. We're well known lovers. Get your facts right.

    See, people are always so afraid to kill the Jester because they are a winner then. But while alive the Jester would be doing nothing but hindering us from finding Mafia, so I personally consider the Jester dying to be helpful.

    The way I look at it is thus: If Sho is right, we have a Mafia dead. If Sho is wrong he's going to die very shortly for making such bold claims, either by Mafia or the next day.

    And don't worry Tan, I don't suspect you at the moment. I logic'd myself out of suspect you as Mafia right now. I'm more just curious as to why everyone suspects me so much when I really haven't done anything out of the ordinary. (You know, other than the fact that I'm almost always Mafia :V)
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