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Mafia 4: Conclusion: Dénouement of a Dream

Discussion in 'Mafia Archive' started by Teapot, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    So Mafia 4 is over; with a landslide victory for the Villagers,

    The full role list was as follows:

    Doctor: Demelza
    Detective: Belle
    Bus Driver: Carmen
    Priest: Sem
    Mad Bomber: Tangrow
    Double Agent: Demelza

    1: Yoshimitsu
    2: Chadwyck
    3: Demelza
    4: Brendan

    -Mr. RMA
  2. Re: Conclusion: Dénouement of a Dream

    Well, DS, Sem. I told you I was a townie.

    I'm very surprised that I made it to the last day. I was sure I would be gunned down by now.
  3. Re: Conclusion: Dénouement of a Dream

    My my, how exciting!

    Belle and I more or less allied with each other most of the game mostly on trust because I was like 'Welp if I'm the bomber I may as well tell someone I am even if they don't believe me' and so I got superduper lucky. Although my main goal was to outlast Sem.

    I am mad at Chad for not knifing Sem first >:C

    But yeah it was super fun ♥
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Conclusion: Dénouement of a Dream

    Dem mentioned in chat that she had been siding with the townies this game, not Mafia, so I got to thinking...

    [12] <&Linkachu> Wait
    [12] <&Linkachu> There's a flaw with the game then
    [12] <&Linkachu> It just occurred to me that the double agent role isn't so much a double agent
    [12] <&Linkachu> it's really just a mafia spy
    [12] <&Linkachu> because otherwise, Dem should've been able to side with the townies and end the game

    Double agent, the way we're currently using it, implies that you could either be a mafia spy or a townie spy. But that's never how it's being played out because the mafia half is ultimately treated as pure mafia.

    Is Dem fibbing and truly wanted to keep up the killing (I know I would ;D), or was she never given the option to side with the townies? Because it makes sense to allow the latter if the double agent is the last mafia standing.
  5. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Re: Conclusion: Dénouement of a Dream

    I'm throwing out my guesswork from what happened based on what I know, so here it is~

    Carmi played a pretty smart game early on; though she herself knew that not only was Belle completely innocent, but that El was mafia, once the scale tipped in favor of lynching Belle, she went with the bandwagon and used her own powers to get El lynched. I'm pretty sure most of you guys figured this out by now, too. ^^;

    According to my sources (and thanks to Tan telling us here), Belle and Tan were allied together, and I strongly believe that Carmen also sided with Belle. Once Dem saw that working for the mafia was of no use, she quickly told Belle that she was the doctor; only half the truth, but might as well be the whole truth, since she'd decided to switch sides at this point. If only she knew that she couldn't atone for her sins of killing people at night... And can I believe that once Sem came out and told everyone that he was the priest, he was also inserted into the circle? (Everyone wants Belle :'D)

    Yes yes, we see that Dem was killed by a holy and divine power, which could have only been Sem~ because the detective herself told him about Dem's history as a mafioso, despite the fact that she had protected Belle that one night she was targeted.

    Dem truly wanted to side with the townies. :< Her death, imo, was a tragedy... akin to a love story, even. She and the townies were the star-crossed lovers; they were never meant to survive together.

    There's nothing much to say after that, unless Petey decides to post about more behind-the-scenes activity that I failed to know.
  6. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Conclusion: Dénouement of a Dream

    [tt]17:38 <@Teapot> double agent literally means agent of two parties; in this
    case, Mafia and villager
    17:39 <@Teapot> it's up to the individual person who they actually want to side
    with, their aim is simply to survive.
    17:41 <@Teapot> Just like anyone else.
    17:42 < Shiny> oh, I think I kind of get it now
    17:42 < Shiny> so the point isn't which side they side with
    17:42 <@Teapot> What they choose to do with their position is entirely up to
    17:42 < Shiny> just if they live or not
    17:42 <@Teapot> Exactly.
    17:42 < Shiny> because in the end, they're still mafia whether they like it or
    17:42 <@Teapot> If they're a member of the Mafia, they have to die for the
    villagers to win no matter what opinion they have on the
  7. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Well, I was on the townies side, so you know, in a way I did win too. :D

    Like Shiny said, when playing with the mafia wasn't working I jumped ship to village and protected Belle, I only told the half truth for fear (as you would), of Belle thinking I'd run off back to the mafia if things started going bad for village. But at least I got to save someone as Doctor. ^^

    But damn it Sem you killed me and that was lame, specially when I let myself go in that full journalist mode and thought I'd kicked you out the water. ;-;
  8. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Oh, honey, I was wanting to kill you from the start of the game |D The fact that your actual identity came to my attention just made so excited that I was going to get to smite you with unholy spite from nowhere.

    Anyway, good game, yeah?~
  9. I was pretty disappointed I got blown to bits before I got to bring the mafia might down on Sem. I knew he was the priest from an irl slip up he made while we were hanging out one day. I put off killing him because I knew he was a spiteful ho and would revenge kill me even if he wasn't sure I'd been the one to kill him |D still, good game and I can't wait for the next round~
  10. I'm not sure of teh time, mind, Dem, but Belle had investigated you as both anyway |D It was either the day of that or the one after, I believe.

    If I recall, she detected, El, Carmen, Toru, Dem, and some other people that didn't have much of a role, I think.
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Conclusion: Dénouement of a Dream

    Still kinda defeats the purpose of the role to be honest, especially when there's only one mafia family in the game. But hey, not my rules. :x
  12. alright so here's what happened |D

    Day one came and went, and in the night I had investigated Elliot. Of course, he came up Mafia, but since it would have been most unwise to call him out right after, Tan and I (after he had come to me about being the bomber early on) merely voiced our opinions on day two and I ended up IDing Carmen in the night. She was, of course, the bus driver.
    Day three was the infamous battle between Elliot and I, which was pretty evenly matched until Carmen got back to me via PM regarding her role and my asking her for aid in the event that I lost the lynch-off, at which point I stopped posting in the board and let the votes against me build up :V At the end of the day, Carmen bussed the votes to El and he was exposed as mafia~
    Of course, I wasn't in a super position to be in, but I ID'd Demelza in chat and immediately opened up a query to discuss the game with her - she opened up about being the Doctor when I expressed concerns about lasting the night or being picked off by mafia, and assured me that I would be safe - and I was, so thank you for that Dem :'D
    The next day and night were relatively uneventful mostly because I was conflicted about putting our Doctor under fire, and remained quiet for the day but ID'd Toru in the night - more of a miss than the previous three since he was innocent :I
    When the game started back up I kept my head down out of self-preservation, but identified Chad in the night, though unfortunately Tan got to him before I did, thunder-stealer D:< (ilu)
    But I told Sem about Demelza's role since I felt fairly assured he was indeed the priest, and now here we are :D

    the end ♥
  13. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    because in the end, Belle takes the spotlight again and has all the girls (and boys) flock to her because of the charm.

    Yeah. Sounds about right to me. :D
  14. This game was not what I expected in the slightest. Watching this, I constantly mused to myself who had what role and who would die when and such, but you guys don't make things easy, do you? I found this game quite entertaining to watch, and you guys all did great :'D

    I think you all did a lovely job at concealing your identity, which made it even more fun ^^

    Belle, you make a lovely Detective~
  15. Well, I was wrong in my stupid accusations. Although that probably isn't too much of a surprise to most people ._. Thing is, I automatically assumed that not a villager = mafia, completely overlooking the fact that Belle could have another role. Of course, even then my evidence was quite poor seeing as it was relying on the fact that everybody uses the word "villager", which DS didn't but was completely innocent.

    Also, I had no idea that somebody could be both the doctor and mafia, let alone the double agent! That round was very interesting, even though I got killed off after a couple of days. If there's another round I'd be more than happy to join.
  16. [​IMG]

    The worst thing is that I'm pretty sure I was one of the major contributors to the deaths of the innocent.

    When, y'know, I was a Townie.

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