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Kyūka Vacation Island!!!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Confedentail, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. Welcome to Kyūka Island, voted the best vacation island in the world! This rich vacation spot has everything to make your stay just grand! Ranging from Spas, to Indoor Water Parks, to its own league system and its own gym leaders! Have you ever dreamed of going on your own Pokemon journey, AND wanted to take a trip somewhere distant and foreign?! WELL YOU CAN DO BOTH!
    The league system includes 8 separate gyms, an Elite Four, and its own surprise champion! And all trainers worthy enough of beating him/her, get a special reward...
    We are thrilled to be meeting you, and we will make sure that your stay at Kyūka Vacation Island will be the time of your life!
    Thank you, from your friends and Kyūka Island.

    //This is a Pokemon RP that takes place on a non-cannon island created by myself. You are only allowed one, level 5 Pokemon that CAN NOT be a legendary. All Pokecharms rules apply. It'd be best if you were to start arriving on the island from a boat. Thx, and HAVE FUN //
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    A brief note: levels are not a thing in an RP setting. A lot of game mechanic-derived restrictions aren't.
    Also, obviously, if "All Pokecharms rules apply", then obviously no legendaries are allowed.

    Admin edit: as the thread starter actually made a proper intro post now - carry on and make sure you follow the rules! ^^
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  3. Zach stepped off the boat, the blazing hot sun beating down on him. He wanted to find some shade, but he had to keep moving forward to avoid being trampled by the crowd behind him. Everyone seemed to thrilled to be here, but not for the same reasons as Zach. They all looked like tourists, here for a break from their daily lives to chill at the spa or hang by the beach, but Zach was here to take on the league they had here. His mom, who managed a day care back home, and his dad, who was a professor, had worked together to get him a beldum to accompany him on this journey. They had high hopes for him, and he had high hopes for himself as well. All he needed to do was get to a visitors center asap to get the ball rolling.
  4. Dakota was one of the first ones off the boat. The quiet trainer was excited about this new place, she always loved adventures. In her arms was a small Vulpix. The red-haired trainer looked around as she walked. Dakota watched the tourists but of course wasn't interested in what they were looking into or doing at the moment. She was here to battle other trainers and hopefully go through the league. Her eyes wandered as she headed towards the visitors center. Dakota's mother decided to send her here on a adventure to try something new. The red-head sighed, she liked going on adventures but would rather go on them with the very few friends she had. The anti-social trainer finally got to the visitors center, she stood out front it and stared at it for a moment. "Vul.." her Vulpix murmured which caught Dakota's attention. "Right.." Dakota mumbled and walked into the center.
  5. Zach walked up to the visitor's center. It was much bigger than he had expected, but then again, this was quite the popular tourist attraction. He stepped up to the door, and it opened automaticly. Or so he thought, before he looked to his right to see there were two doormen standing at the ready to open the doors for any approaching person. They bowed their heads as Zach stepped inside.
    It was wayyyyyyy more crowded then Zach had hoped for, not to mention how hot and stuffy it was. He turned to his side to see a girl with red hair, vulpix right by her side. She looked like a newbie trainer like himself, so Zach approached her.

    "Hi!" Zach said, smiling.
  6. Dakota froze slightly as she heard a voice towards her. She turned her head slightly to look at the other trainer. "Hello," she said flatly and looked away, she made her way to a vending machine. She didn't like socializing with people she didn't know, well it's not like she makes a effort to get to know someone anyway. Her Vulpix rolled her eyes as the red-head walked away. "Vul! Vulpix!" The fire fox complained. "Oh stop it," Dakota grumbled at her partner. She peered at the vending machine, looking at the different snacks. She put money in and got herself a small bag of trail mix.
  7. "K then." Zach thought to himself, before turning to see the front desk. There was an immense line. Zach groned before turning back around. It was hot and stuffy out here, even more than out side. He decided it would be best to wait out there until the line got shorter.
  8. Dakota also noticed the huge line. She sighed and walked outside, Vulpix by her side instead of in her arms. While waiting for the line to go down she began walking to where she would be staying at as she stayed on the Island. Not even a few feet away from the center's doors a girl about her age stopped her, Dakota narrowed her green eyes on the other female. The other female had a Sneasel, "I challenge you to a battle!" The stranger said. The red-haired trainer rolled her eyes and groaned, her and Vulpix were exhausted from the trip here. Dakota quietly declined and tried to walk but the other female wouldn't let her. Getting annoyed by this strange chick Dakota snapped, "Vulpix Iron Tail!" Her partner chirped and ran at the Sneasel, her red tails turning silver and she leaped up, and smacked the other trainer's pokemon hard, sending it backwards slightly. Dakota put her hands in her leather jacket's pockets, her face filled with annoyance.

    "What?! How does your little Vulpix know Iron Tail?!" Exclaimed the stranger. Dakota scoffed, "it's called teaching and training." She retorted. The other chick's Sneasel got up and slowly moved forward. "Vulpix, want to continue?" The red-head questioned. Vulpix nodded quickly and stood in front of her trainer.
  9. Max stumbled off the boat and fell into the warm ocean water bellow. He resurfaced with his totodile on his head, who seemed to be enjoying the ride. "Hey get off," Totodile ignored him, "ugh..whatever." Max swam to a ladder, climb up to the dock and found himself swept up by a sea of tourist. "Hey...watch who your shoving!" He said trying to break free of the crowd. He found himself in front of the visitor's building and saw a huge line though the glass door. He looked up at his totodile and felt like he didn't fell like waiting either and paused. What do we do now? The last thing I want to do is wait in this line but what else is there to do. Max saw a small crowd gather and was able to catch the end of a pokemon battle. "That vulpix looks a little young to know iron tail." he axadentaly thought aloud.
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  10. Dakota heard the other trainer's comment and looked at him in the corner of her eye. "So what if I trained Vulpix hard enough so she learned it, it's a move where it doesn't depend on the pokemon's level." She snapped at him. She then turned back to the other girl, "I don't want to battle." She stated flatly before Vulpix ran over to the red-haired trainer and leaped into her arms, Dakota huffed and stomped past the female trainer.
  11. Max jumped slightly at the female trainers remark, shocked that she manage to read his mind. He looked up and saw his totodile doubling over with laughter, then witnessed him leap off of his head and follow after the female trainer. "Totodile, get back here." Max groaned as he gave chase after the slippery reptile.
  12. Vulpix heard the water starter's feet hitting the ground and nearing them. "Vul.." she mumbled. Dakota heard the other trainer groan at his pokemon and she narrowed her eyes. She began to walk faster, hoping he could catch his water pokemon and she didn't have to be involved. The anti-social trainer soon spotted where she would be sleeping, a faint smile appeared on her lips. "Finally," she almost mutely said out loud.
  13. Zach noticed that the trainer from before was now not alone.
    Hm! He thought to himself. Might as well say hi again. this place is getting pretty lonely.
    Zach walked over, Beldum by his side.
    "Hiya!" He said, smiling and waving.
  14. Dakota noticed the other trainer and rolled her eyes and continued walking into where she was staying. She checked in and let Vulpix down who sat down and waited patiently. Vulpix couldn't help but feel bad for other trainers that come in contact with Dakota, since her trainer was so anti-social. The fire fox pokemon just shook her head and sighed.
  15. Max caught up with his totodile and picked him up near a trainer with a beldum that also got the cold shoulder from the trainer with the vulpix. "Hi," He said trying to be nice, "cool beldum, I don't see them to often."
  16. Zach nodded, before looking down at the Beldum.
    "Yeah, Beldum are extremely rare... But I wasn't a problem to get ahold of. My mom owns a daycare and my dad's a professor back at home."
    The Beldum made a light screech, before notioning in the direction of the visitor's center.
    "I told you the line is to looonnnng!" Zach complained, before looking back at the trainer with the Totodile.
    "So..." He said. "How about a battle to pass the time? It'll be my first battle, but I know a thing or two about it."
  17. Max and totodile both looked at the trainer then looked at each other and smiled. Max suddenly filled with energy as his totodile leaped out of his arms and landed on the ground, almost bouncing with excitement. Max jumped backwards to give the pokemon some room, he didn't know why battles filled him with so much energy but he loved it. "When your ready." He said with a smirk.
  18. Zach smirked as well, before the Beldum floated over to face the Totodile. It waited idlely for an order.

    Okay... Zach thought to himself, The first thing I should do in increase Beldum's already IMPECIBLE defense by using iron defense... He only knows one move, take down, but with all the hardness added on it will really leave a mark.

    "Okay!" Zach began. "Beldum, iron defense!"
    Just then the Beldum's body began to glow a bright silver color, before its whole body became covered in a silver-ish coat.
  19. Dakota walked back out and noticed the battle that's going on. Vulpix wasn't in her arms that time, just by her side. I have nothing else to do, she silently told herself as she took a seat on the ground, leaning up against a wall and kept her green eyes trained on the two pokemon. Vulpix rubbed her nose against her trainer's leg beside sitting beside her.
  20. High defense meet special attack. "Totodile advance and use water gun!" Max ordered as the totodile moved forward to a medium range and fired of a small but powerful stream of water.
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  21. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Sai had fell asleep on the ride over to the island and had been one of the last people to get off. As he walked off the boat the sun had irritated his eyes and he used his hands to cover them. He stood tall, he wore a beanie, same as Pokemon league champion Brandon (Ruby trainer) does, except his had a white strap and was orange with a black Pokeball logo on it, he had fleece orange sweat shorts on and a plain white shirt on.
    "Jeez. . I guess I over slept huh.." Sai said quietly to himself.
    The sun was beating down on him. Sai didn't care he was use to all sorts of weather conditions through out his travels and felt as if this island was a easily hot day for him.
    "Shiiii" the sound of a Shinx had rang through Sai's ears.
    "Good morning to you too." Sai spoke to the electric wolf. He turned his body to gander at the Pokemon as he walked over to him. Shinx has been apart of Sai's team ever since his Hoenn adventures when he found him wandering with a scar across his eye.

    After Sai and Shinx had walked for a few minutes he came upon a very outrageous and long line. He stood behind a fairly fat man that had covered Sai's field of view as he tried to lean towards the right to see why this line was so long.
    "Oh.. It seems to be the check in visitor's place." As he came across his answer, he heard a few Pokemon moves being shouted out. Sai turned his head left and right. Pokemon battles everywhere he pandered. It seems that a lot of trainers have come here for the Pokemon badges and League battles. They seem fairly new or inexperienced.
    Sai on the other hand actually had been on his adventure and he had been to about 3 regions now, and he came here for an vacation. He hoped he didn't have to worry about badges and intensive training for a few weeks. He didn't mind watching any current battles as he waited in line.

    The line begun to slowly move inch by inch. Sai kept watch on the battles that had been taken place. His attention was more on a battle between two young kids one with a Totodile and another with a Beldum. Sai kept close attention to this battle, so much attention that he didn't notice the little fire fox Pokemon that had popped his head from under his hat.

    (Sorry had to do a quick catch up..)
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  22. Vulpix liked to explore. And when she found another new trainer she couldn't help herself but investigate, not like Dakota was giving her much attention anyway. The fire pokemon looked at Sai and slowly tipped her head to the side.

    Dakota was also into the battle. Her eyes trained on the pokemon, but once she didn't feel warmth near her she snapped out of it and looked around. "Where did Vulpix run off to now..." She wondered quietly out loud. The red-head pushed herself up and wandered around, but staying close where the fight was taken place at. She knew her partner wouldn't go far, unless Dakota told her to.
  23. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Sai felt the small claws of a pokemon playing in his hair and he looked up.
    "oh you've awoken too huh. nice timing."
    Sai cupped his Vulpix under his belly and pulled him from under his hat.
    The Vulpix looked up at Sai and smiled. then jumped out of his hands and landed on thr ground.
    "Vuuuull" the little fire type yawned then begun to stroke its head with his arm to fix himself.
    Sai's Vulpix was pretty mellow most of the time and love to sleep in Sai's hat.
    He laughed looking down at the Pokemon when he noticed another Vulpix slowly and cautiously made its way towards him. Sai smiled and dug in his pocket, he took out Vulpix special treat and bent down, he held his hand out to the mysterious Vulpix.
  24. The water gun slammed into Beldum's side. It knocked him back a bit, but didn't seem to have done much damage.
    Hm... Zach thought to himself, he may be able to withstand the first few, but I don't know how many till it starts to really get him ...
    He then glaced up to see two trainers, one with a shinx and the anti-social one were watching.
    "Well!" Zach began. "Looks like we have an audience!"
    I'm not gonna embarrass myself in front of these people... He thought to himself before raising a finger in the air.
    "Beldum! Take down!"
    He may not have much speed, but with the added weight.....
  25. Vulpix gave a canine like smile and began to reach for the treat that the stranger was going to give to her but right as she was going to bite down..."Vulpix!" Dakota's voice stopped her and she slowly looked over at her trainer who gave her scolding look. "Vuuulll" the fire fox sighed and ran towards her trainer and jumped into her arms. "Let me know when your gonna go exploring, ok?" Dakota gave a soft half smile and her partner nodded. She looked over at the other trainer and realized he also had a Vulpix. The red-haired trainer narrowed her eyes at him before turning and going back to her spot where she was before.
    Dakota watched as Zach gave his Beldum another order. Her green eyes trained on the battle as her Vulpix snuggled up against Dakota, almost blending into her hair.
  26. Man...its moving so slow. Totodile has dodged tackle attacks that moved faster....idea! "Totodile, brace yourself" Max ordered with a grin. Totodile took the full force of the take down and was almost bowled over but slowed the beldum to a stop. Time to take control of this battle. "Hope on His back and use water gun!" He grined wildly as his totodile grabbed on to the beldum's back and blasted him with water point blank. "Good form totodile!" He cheered as he recall the days of training teaching his totodile how to maximize his effectiveness while battling and dodging.
  27. Hmp... That last attack seemed to have washed off part of his silver coating... If I were to increse its weight... And then...I HAVE AN IDEA!!!!
    "Beldudum!" Zach yelled. "Shake him off of you!"
    Once Zach said that, Beldum levitated into the air, before flipping itslef upside down sending the Totodile falling towards the ground.
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  28. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Sai recieved the death glare from a strange woman but didn't care much. He stood up and shrugged it off. He picked up his vulpix and slide him back under his hat.
    "Stay up there for a little while longer okay?" He said smiling.
    His Vulpix nodded and curled back into his hat. Shinx next to him crawled up his leg and laid out on his shoulder. The line had quickly gotten shorter and shorter as the time passed.
    Sai finally made it up to the front desk and checked in. He was handed a badge case and stuff he knew he wasnt going to use but he took it anyway.
    "Lets go watch the rest of the battle over there."
    Sai and his pokemon walk over to finish the battle, he sat next to the red headed women that gave him the eye but he didn't care anyway.
  29. Opening! "Water gun!" Max ordered as the totodile let go and fire a water gun straight up at the beldum. All I have to do is use our speed and mobility to our advantage and will win this no problem.
  30. Perfect! He followed my plan exactly! That water gun might be strong, but its just water. If a fully defensed Beldum were to charge downwards (the momentum of the fall would increase the strength tremendously!) It would finish this battle once and for all!

    The Beldum understood perfectly. Its body began to glow, once again, a bright and shiny shade of silver, and just as the water gun hit it, as Zach predicted, the Beldum's weight and momentum crashed through the water gun, before full on body slamming the Totodile.
  31. Totodile took the full force of the take down and fainted. "Good fight everyone," Max walked over to his totodile and pick him up, "Sorry totodile, I failed you." Max the walked over to the other trainer with his hand stuck out. "Names Max by the way."
  32. Zach looked over at his Beldum, before nodding.
    "Excellent work!" He said, as he returned it into a pokeball. He then stepped over towards Max and shook his hand.
    "It was an astounding feeling, battling. I can't wait till we can do it again. My name is Zach." He then nodded towards the two trainers who had watched the fight.
    "How about we meet the audience, hm?"
  33. Dakota ignored the other trainer. She watched the battle with curiosity. Once the battle was over she tipped her head slightly to the side. Vulpix yawned and Dakota looked down on her partner and gave a small smile which almost disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Dakota noticed the two trainers that were battling start to walk over to where she and the male that was sitting next to her. She would've gotten up and taken off already but they were too close. She felt herself quietly groan.
  34. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Sai smiled at the battle, his vulpix mid-way through the battle jumped back down from his head and onto the floor. Sai shook his head at the harden glare from the female trainer next to him and he couldn't help but sigh, then he gave an even colder glare back. He saw the two trainers walk towards them and he was already irritated by the unwanted glares of the the female next to him. He stood up and scooped up his Vulpix.
    "Come on Vulpix.. Let's get out of here." He said with a chilling voice.
    "vuul?" the Vulpix replied back, unsure of what was wrong with his trainer.
    He walked away before both the trainers could get closer to them. He pushed his hat backwards and scratched his head in irritation of how the day was already going. He thought maybe he could go to his room and throw his bag down and call professor Oak to see how his family was doing.
  35. "The show was five bucks!" Max joked at a trainer who was walking away, remembering that he and the female trainer that read his mind earlier were watching the battle. He walked up to the female trainer crouched down till he was eye level with her. "Can you read minds?" He asked with a completely straight face.
  36. Zach looked down at the female trainer. She looked annoyed, as usual.
    I want to battle her next... He thought to himself, before mentally shaking his head. But not with Beldum. Fire beats steel.
    He then watched as Max bent over and asked her if she could read minds.
    "Um, Maxwell, I don't believe she is a psykick." Zach said, before turning around towards the visitor's center. "Oh! The line got shorter!"
  37. Dakota rolled her eyes. "No." She said blunty and kept her green eyes focused on his eyes. Her face was emotionless. Vulpix looked between her trainer and the trainer with the water pokemon. She then poked Max's face with a paw. Dakota looked at Zach as he said the line got shorter. She then got up, with Vulpix in her arms and made her way to the now shortened line.
  38. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Sai was already ahead of them, he made his way to the hotel in which he'll be staying. He shook his head in disappointment.
    He was irritated now. His Vulpix watched as others went by while he laid out in Sai's hat.
    "Don't worry buddy we'll be to our room soon.. today was rough but oh well."
    Sai slide his key into the hole of his hotel room and turned it open. He walked in and felt the fresh new room breeze hit him in the room.
    "Finally a bed." he said tiredly.
    he left the door open and he laid out on the bed, his partner Shinx jumped on his stomach and made a comfy bed on Sai's open stomach.
    a few minutes later, his hat slowly falls off his head and Vulpix rolled out, he jumped down off the bed and out of the room he went. He wanted to see the Vulpix he saw from before so he wandered around the hotel till he got outside and saw the Vulpix in the rude trainers arms. He wandered over to the trainer and sat by her feet and looked up at her and the other Vulpix.
    'Vuuuull vull vuuull' he called out to the trainer and Pokemon
  39. Dakota and Vulpix both turned their heads to look at the other Vulpix. "Eh...hey your that one pokemon trainer's Vulpix.." Dakota quietly said as her Vulpix leaped out of her arms. Vulpix padded up to her look alike and tipped her head. "Vul." She said. "Vulpix I'm going to get in line, if you go anywhere don't go to far ok?" Vulpix turned towards her red-haired trainer and nodded. A faint smile spread across the trainer's face before she went off towards the line.
  40. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Sai's Vulpix leaned in on the other Vulpix and nuzzled its' side
    'vul vul vuull' he jumped back on and bent forward playfully. he bounced around. He was feeling playful, it's been a while since he saw another Vulpix and she was female.
    'Vul Vul Vul' said the fire fox. as he playfully bounced around the other Vulpix

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