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DPPt/HGSS Kini's Wi-fi Center!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by SoIHerdYaLiekAnime, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Welcome to my wi-fi center!!

    Hello everyone, this is Kini, and I now have a wi-fi thread! I do battles and trades, and I have plenty of time on my hands. My FC is in my signature, but if you're too lazy to look, my FC is 4683-9238-1807.


    No disconnecting. Please.
    Ubers are allowed, but not a full party of them. No more than three, unless specified for a certain team. Ubers I consider are any legendary without a gender, Blissey, Garchomp and Snorlax (their prevos are fine).
    Starters are allowed, as long as they are fully evolved unless specified in team rules.
    Items are allowed, except Soul Dew.
    I always do level 100.
    No more than one of the same Pokemon.


    In your post, you should use these forms, first one for battling, second one for trading.

    Name and FC: 
    Team You'd Like to Battle: 
    What date/time: 
    Name and FC: 
    Pokemon/Item(s) You Want: 
    Pokemon/Item(s) You Are Willing to Trade: 
    What date/time: 


    I take up to 5 requests at a time, as I have a lot of time on my hands.

    1. PokemonDynasty (Torchic)


    Currently rethinking teams. Sorry for the wait. I might battle under special circumstances.


    As for trading, I trade mostly legit Pokemon. Some of my legendaries are not legit though, so I recommend you ask if it's legit or not. I can breed nearly all of these.


    I removed some stuff I thought wasn't very good/interesting, to clean up the OP a bit.

    EVENT Electrivire (must offer something GOOD)
    EVENT Magmortar (must offer something GOOD)
    Level 100 Froslass (must offer something GOOD)
    Level 100 Porygon-Z (must offer something GOOD)
    Level 100 Shaymin (must offer something GOOD)
    Level 100 Slowking (must offer something GOOD)
    Level 100 Spiritomb (must offer something GOOD)
    (Male) Abra with Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch
    (Female) Bellsprout with Synthesis
    (Male) Bulbasaur with Petal Dance
    (Female) Chansey with Metronome
    (Male) Chimchar with Bulk Up, Double Kick, Blaze Kick, Focus Energy
    (Male) Clamperl with Confuse Ray
    (Female) Corsola with Ingrain
    (Female) Cyndaquil with Double Kick
    (Male) Farfetch'd with FeatherDance, Mirror Move
    (Male) Gligar with Night Slash
    (Female) Granbull with Close Combat
    (Male) Grimer with Explosion
    (Female) Horsea with Octazooka
    (Female) Kabuto with Rapid Spin
    (Male) Lapras with Ice Shard, Horn Drill
    (Male) Larvitar with Assurance, AncientPower
    (Female) Ledyba with Bug Bite
    (Female) Lotad with Razor Leaf
    (Male) Machop with Rolling Kick, Counter, Close Combat
    (Female) Meditite with Foresight
    (Male) Oddish with Synthesis, Razor Leaf
    (Male) Onix with Defense Curl, Rock Blast, Rollout and Explosion
    (Female) Pichu with Present
    (Female) Pichu with Tickle
    (Female) Pichu with Volt Tackle
    (Female) Roselia with Spikes x3
    (Male) Roselia with Spikes x2
    (Male) Scyther with Baton Pass, Safeguard, Light Screen and Silver Wind
    (Female) Shinx with Fire Fang, Quick Attack
    (Female) Snorunt with Spikes x3
    (Male) Snorunt with Spikes
    (Female) Spinda with Assist
    (Male) Spinda with Psycho Cut, Disable
    (Male) Surskit with Mud Shot
    (Male) Teddiursa with Close Combat, Lick, Faint Attack
    (Male) Torkoal with Earthquake, Stone Edge
    (Female) Venonat with Bug Bite
    (Male) Wailmer with Earthquake, Fissure
    (Female) Zubat with Brave Bird
    All Eeveelutions INCLUDING Eevee
    All Starters
    SHINY Absol (must offer something GOOD)
    Aerodactyl x3
    Aipom x3
    Anorith x4
    Aron (nicknamed Annie, cannot change)
    Ariados (Japanese)
    Azurill (nicknamed Bouncy, will change if desired)
    SHINY Bagon (must offer something GOOD)
    Banette x2
    Blissey (Pokerus)
    Cacturne x2
    Camerupt (nicknamed Mayako, will change if desired)
    Carnivine x2
    Castform x2
    Chatot (nicknamed Charap, cannot change)
    Chimecho (nicknamed Chime, will change if desired)
    Chinchou (nicknamed HUNCHO, cannot change)
    Clamperl (nicknamed CALLI, cannot change)
    Clefairy (nicknamed Leah, cannot change)
    Corsola (nicknamed Coral, will change if desired)
    Delibird x2
    Dragonite (Must offer something GOOD, Pokerus)
    Drifloon x5
    Dustox (nicknamed Windy, cannot change)
    Elekid x3
    Flareon x2 (Both with names, one I can change)
    Gallade (Japanese)
    Gligar x4
    SHINY Golem (must offer something GOOD)
    Gorebyss (nicknamed CLERL, cannot change)
    Grimer (nicknamed SLUDGE, cannot change)
    Happiny (nicknamed Pinky, cannot change)
    Horsea (nicknamed WHOARSEE, cannot change)
    Illumise (infinite)
    Kecleon x3 (one nicknamed Kyle, cannot change, one named Leeza, will change if desired, other un-named)
    Lapras (must offer something GOOD)
    Lileep x2 (one nicknamed Stretch, will change if desired)
    Lombre (nicknamed Cherimu, cannot change)
    SHINY Magcargo (must offer something GOOD)
    Meowth (nicknamed MEOWOW, cannot change)
    Milotic (must offer something GOOD)
    Minun (nicknamed Minus, cannot change)
    Mr. Mime
    Murkrow (nicknamed SliverMagpie, will change if desired)
    Noctowl x2
    Octillery x2
    Phanpy (nicknamed RAM, cannot change)
    Pichu (nicknamed Sparky, cannot change)
    SHINY Pidgeotto (must offer something GOOD)
    Pineco x2
    Plusle (nicknamed Plus, cannot change)
    Relicanth x2
    Riolu x2 (one nicknamed KoL, will change if desired)
    Scyther x3 (one nicknamed StellrWind, will change if desired, other un-named)
    SHINY Skarmory (must offer something GOOD)
    Skitty x2 (one nicknamed Sparkle, cannot change)
    Sneasel (nicknamed Misfit, will change if desired)
    Snubbull x2
    Solrock (nicknamed LASKOR, cannot change)
    Spinda x5
    Sudowoodo x2
    Sunflora (nicknamed Sunny, cannot change)
    Teddiursa x2 (one nicknamed Cirlun, will change if desired, other un-named)
    Tentacruel (nicknamed Kikiyo, will change if desired)
    Togekiss (must offer something GOOD)
    Tropius (nicknamed Leafy, cannot change)
    Tyranitar (must offer something GOOD)
    Tyrogue (nicknamed HITMONKUN, will change if desired)
    SHINY Vileplume (nicknamed Kataya, cannot change, must offer something GOOD)


    Any female Eeveelution
    Any fully evolved fossil Pokes
    Any legit legendary
    Any level 100 Pokes
    Nearly any egg-moved Pokes
    Nearly any shiny


    Lots of things. Just ask.


    Any choice items
    Repels of any sort
    Some berries
    Sunny Day TMs

    Well, that's all for now. Toodles!
  2. Bump, because this thread apparently fails. D:
  3. wut u want for the t-tar?
  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Great to see you've improved your grammar, Meggido.

    Warned again. One more post with terrible grammar out of you and you're banned.
  5. Tunolipede

    Friend Code:
    What would you want for a Relicanth?
    I could give a Corsola with an egg move of Ingrain. (Or whatever it's called) XD
  6. Tunduli: I have two Relicanths, and I'm assuming you want the higher-leveled one. The Corsola would be just fine. I need your FC though.
    Meggido: Any legit legendary, and don't try to trick me.
  7. Tunolipede

    Friend Code:
    'K, I'll give you it tomorrow. And yes, preferably. X3
  8. Okay, a level 31 Relicanth it is. ^ ^ Do you have any preferred gender?
  9. Tunolipede

    Friend Code:
    Sorry I didn't reply! I don't really mind which gender. =3
  10. Okay, I will be adding you then entering wi-fi :3 I'll need your FC too.
  11. Name and FC: Sean 0989 7526 6306
    Team You'd Like to Battle: Basic Single
    What date/time: July 29- Aug 1 2009 12:00 - 3:00 Eastern Standard Timezone.
  12. Shocari

    Friend Code:
    I have a battle request :3

    1848 8059 2997(unless you still have it registered :p)
    All Dual Type-Double Battle
    Whatever time is convenient for you.
  13. MORE EGG MOVES. I'm in the process of getting a Male Roselia with Spikes to breed with my Froslass, and all the extras will be put up for trade (meaning all male Snorunts and all female Roselias).

    EDIT: More egg moves and a Qwilfish.
    EDIT 2: More egg moves (specifically a male Snorunt with Spikes) and Tunduli, can you post again with your FC?
  14. Double post because I DON'T WANNA DIE. More spares from trying to get good natures. Also a shiny furret.
  15. Name and FC: Moonlight-Zelda, 5284 9828 6070

    What You Want: Shiny Furret

    What You Offer: Level 100 Armaldo, Female. Imported from Sapphire, and cannot give a nickname.

    Any Specific Item?: Not unless you want to include one.

    Any Specific Level?: No.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. ^_^
  16. Ooh. :D Sure, I'll be happy to take that offer :) Once I find that Leaf Stone you wanted I'll add you and enter. I guess I'll see you then :3
  17. Thanks, I appreciate it. (And love shinies, XD). ^_^
  18. I love shines too. Any kind |D Also, the Shiny Furret will be at level 32. I still haven't done anything with it :p
  19. *nods*

    Shiny Eevees and Dragon lines are my favorites, though I certainly don't mind others. *Huggles Furret*

    And, that's alright. ^_^
  20. Oh, so you didn't see the shiny Bagon? xP Anyways, I'm still searching.
  21. No, I must have missed it, XD. But ... I probably can't 'afford' to trade for more than one shiny at a time, XD. Most of my high level pokemon are ones I use for a lot of battles (including Battle Tower), so I can't really do that unless you'd settle for another 50ish or a bit higher fossil pokemon.
  22. Heehee. Mkay, that's fine. I got the Soothe Bell and I'm ready :D
  23. XD, thanks. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I had to go eat supper. But, I'll go in and meet you.
  24. Mkay, I'll be adding you right now and entering.

    Also, Tunduli, if you do not reply within the next day with your FC I will cancel your request. Same with QE. More egg moves as well.
  25. Ill trade hitmonchan for Dragonite
  26. Perkins and Friend code is 4383-0239-9849
    I'll trade that Japanese Ariados for a female eevee, not evolved. Tell me which evolution you want. It's low level, like under ten.;)

    Warning, I can get to a Wi-Fi spot that much so we need to coordinate times. Just let me know when you want to trade.
  27. What level is the Hitmonchan and what is its nature?

    [quote author=Abnaki_Knight link=topic=6529.msg119098#msg119098 date=1250862524]
    I'll trade that Japanese Ariados for a female eevee, not evolved. Tell me which evolution you want. It's low level, like under ten.;)
    [/quote]I wouldn't like you to evolve it right now, but I will accept that offer. Any time works for me just about :) Also, what's the nature?
  28. The Eevee's nature is ether careful or one that raises Sp.def. In other word a good umbreon.

    I'll pm you when I can get to a area were I can hook up to Wi-Fi and trade.
  29. I am cancelling all the current waiting requests as I have not gotten to them for at least a month.

    MAJOR UPDATE ON OP!! A full box of egg moved pokes and more!!

    ~A few main things...~

    Snubbul is now an evolved Granbull and is fairly well trained. Teddiursa is also fairly well trained and about ready to evolve.

    One of the Flareon's has been trained specifically for egg moving purposes and a lot of things will be coming from it. Ask for something that can be bred with Flareon and I'll be getting to it ASAP :3

    I recently went looking for Drifloon and found a bunch of Elekid, so I caught them for electrizers. I now can give away plenty of electrizers as you could've figured.

    Keep bringing up them requests c:
  30. Super special awesome ultra bump.

    Another box of egg-moved Pokemon, a Drifloon named Flynn, two Spindas trained to be twins named Kiza and Kazi, a Kecleon named Leeza, and much more.

    I've gotten some lower priority Pokemon as well, mostly just ones I caught all over the place. These include Seaking, Heracross, a couple Combee, Whiscash, Corphish, etc. I have every starter now and you can ask for those.

    I found quite a few Magby as well. Three males and one female.

    I have a lot of pairs now, almost all of them being the opposite sex of each other. I'm just breeding-savvy lately, aren't I?

    Lastly, I've been using the GTS a lot, and I've gotten quite a few Japanese Pokemon, great for the Masuda method.

    So post, ask for something, whatever. Just do what you're meant to do and ask for something :D
  31. Name and FC: Raphiel 2622-1730-9645
    What You Want: Focus Sash
    What You Offer: Any TM of your choice
  32. I already have all the TM's. Any actual Pokemon to offer? Or some Choice items?
  33. Hey Virachan, I'll trade you a ♂ Roserade for the Cyndaquil! If you don't want Roserade you can have- a Phione, a ♀ Glaceon/Leafeon or a ♂ Male Nidoran.

    Just hold on, I have to go to Karate.
  34. The Roserade is fine. A female Glaceon is good too. Tell me what's best for you when you get back c:
  35. I'm back (Kiai!), and I'm pretty sure you'd like the Roserade as it is Lv. 26 and the Glaceon is merely Lv. 6.... Give me a good time for you, and I live in EST. (Go Canada!) I'm good at any time from 3:40PM EST - 8:00PM EST. And if the time bumps into a Karate time I'll tell ya. Ok? PM with the time if you want.
  36. I have a male Delibird and Heracross. May I please get the Cyndaquil and a Hippowdon (Impish nature if possible). Could one of them also have a Macho Brace. I would also accept the Lucky Egg, but it's not necessary.
  37. Oh, sorry, I forgot to edit some of the OP. I no longer need a male Delibird or Heracross, and I don't have a Cyndaquil anymore.
  38. I'm back for more! This time I'm interested in the Volt-Tackling Pichu! I'll give you a Hitmonchan for Pichu! And as always, 100% Legit! PM with your desired time!
  39. Hmm. What nature is the Hitmonchan? The Pichu is fine by me to trade.
  40. Lax, and HIS level is 34. (♂)

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