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Kickstart Video Games Live's 3rd Album

  1. Doctor Oak

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    Here at Pokecharms, we're huge fans of Video Games Live, with a few of us being lucky enough to have been able to go and actually see the show live. So far they've released two studio albums, but because record companies are, well, record companies, they've decided to go it alone for a third. Not that alone though, as Tommy Tallarico, famed video game music composer and founder of Video Games Live, is on Kickstarter asking for $250,000 of your money to help them get it out the door.

    The lowest amount to donate and receive the album (digitally) is just $10, and for that you also get the cheaper $5 tier giving you another album's worth of exclusive tracks from previous shows. Donating $40 or more (though the cheaper tiers are limited) gets you a physical copy of the album, plus all the previous tiers and plenty of other stuff - though it's worth keeping in mind the small print that shipping physical outside of the US will cost you a bit more.

    The reason, Tallarico states, that they're going the Kickstarter route is because they want to put stuff on the album that you just won't find anywhere else - because it's not the same main themes and games that other albums (which Tallarico admits includes previous VGL albums) use for easy sales. Rather than the usual Mario, Zelda and Halo symphonies, Tallarico wants to include games such as Chrono Trigger, Donkey Kong Country, Street Fighter II, Red Dead Redemption, Pokemon and Super Smash Brothers - the latter two being of great interest to a lot of us, I'd say - and never having been part of a Video Games Live album before.

    Another main reason Tallarico went the Kickstarter route is to get around the issues previous Video Games Live albums have had with record companies living in the past and restricting content based on regions - something Europe lost out on a lot with the last album. With the Kickstarter album, everyone in the world can get their hands on the new music and unlike the previous album, a PAL version of the DVD/Blu-Ray will be available - though both the CD and DVD/Blu-Ray will be entirely region free (with plenty of digital content for both, too).

    They only have a month to meet their goal of $250,000 - and even that won't actually cover all the costs of the project, with Tallarico stating that they'll be investing a considerable amount on their side as well - so it's worth getting in there quick and pledging at least the $10 for the album itself. If you've never seen Video Games Live, or heard any of the music, check out this clip from a previous show below and it should solidify the value of making sure this happens:

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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Aug 14, 2013.

    1. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Here are just a few more videos from VGL to sum up why we love it so much:

      This one is Pokemon, but you'll probably notice it's a bit of a cheat - hopefully the one on the album will be actual game music:

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    2. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      After a bit of a shaky period where it seemed as if it wasn't going to make it, the Kickstarter has now been fully funded with just less than 40 hours to go. The stretch goals seem a bit out of reach at this point, but the important thing is that this album is now happening.

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