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Ask to Join Kalos Adventures

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Mango137, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Lumiose, a city with such great magnetism that people all over Kalos, or even the world, are sure to make the journey there at one point or another. Currently on this City there are 6 trainers, just beginning their adventures and were drawn to Lumiose at the same time, seemingly by fate. While they all come from different backgrounds and have different personalities, these 6 are the same in the sense that today, the journey of their lifetime begins.

    Atticus sipped on a coffee and ate his pastries, while Fennekin ate her food. The pastries were amazing, like nothing he had ever had before. They were light, fluffy, and sweet. He couldn’t help but order more. He decided that they were far too delicious to keep to himself and he ordered some for Fennekin. They devoured their food barbarically, it was just too good. After they each had their fill, Fennekin took her perch on Atticus’s shoulder and he began to wander around the City, taking in the buildings and people. Who knows? He thought Maybe I’ll meet another beginning trainer.
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  2. Hitoshi was running down the circular streets of Lumiose City in awe by how much was going on around him. He only ever came to Lumiose for battles with his parents, but even that was a rarity. Now that he could explore freely, he felt so much energy coursing through him. He was running with Buizel and his new Pokemon Chespin by his side. He slowed down for a moment to look around. "Hey you two, mind if I take you all out for a battle?" The two Pokemon nodded with excitement. Buizel only experienced battles with a few wild Pokemon on the way here, but Chespin seemed to have some experience when he was in the Professors lab. "Great! I know that there is this one public area that trainers pass by for battles, it's not too crowded most of the time, so why not wait there for a bit?" Again, the Pokemon cheered with excitement as they made their way to the battle field.

    When they arrived, it seemed as though nobody was there. Hitoshi and the others looked around for people but still no sign. "Well while we wait, why don't we sit down and talk? I would love to get to know what you all can do in battle before we get started." Hitoshi sat down on a nearby bench and the two Pokemon sat in front of him. "Let's see, Buizel, I know you can use some simple things like Growl and Quick Attack, but lets try a Water Gun why not?" Buizel nodded and turned to shoot a somewhat weak stream of water out of his mouth toward a tree. "Guess we still need to practice in battle, but a good first try. Now Chespin, use Vine Whip and try Leech Seed." Chespin nodded triumphantly and used Vine Whip on the same tree and then tried to shoot seeds out of it's mouth. The seeds just touched the dirt below the tree but never stuck to its target. "Hmm, a good first try but that might need some practice too. Well I think I understand both of your general capabilities. Lets take it easy for our first battle here, try not to push yourself." The group all sat back and waited for a while waiting for their first opponent.
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  3. Sylvia was beyond excited. This was where her life truly began... for real this time.
    She held her Happiny, Happy, in her arms. The Pokemon was dazzled by the sights of Lumiose, occasionally pointing to the things she liked.
    With a distant look in her eyes, Sylvia thought of what would happen in this city. Maybe she'd make a friend. Maybe she'd catch a new Pokemon. Maybe she'd run into another beginning trainer, just like her.
    Well, she didn't mean that last thought literally, but it happened anyway.
    Caught up in her daydream, Sylvia failed to notice that she was walking towards another trainer, with a fox-like Pokemon on his shoulder - on a direct collision course.
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  4. Ty took his time to walk around Lumiose City. This was the citty that he was born in. He spent a lot of time with his mother and worked in her daycare. Ty's mother is a famous breeder in Kalos. She is saught after for the pokemon that she breeds. She spent a lot of time teaching her son everything she could about breeding. Ty was prepared as well as he could for his new chapter in life.

    Ty was in his mother's daycare. He was getting ready to leave. He hugged his mother one last time. "I will be back when I can. I love you mom." He was hugged one last time by his mother. "I love you too, hun. Just be sure to take care of your new pokemon. Your eevee and froakie look great and have been raised well. I will look forward to see them when you are home again. Now off with you." Ty walked to the door and looked back. He paused and then ran back to his mother and hugged her. He then rushed off. He knew the city well. He decided to walk around. He walked to the trainer battle area. There he saw a trainer with chespin and buizel.
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  5. Hitoshi was petting his Buizel as it let out a cry. He smiled and then Chespin landed on his head. "Gah! Oh come on Chespin!" Chespin and Hitoshi fell over off the bench. Luckily Buizel dodged the incoming disaster but laughed. Hitoshi got up and wiped his pants and still had a smile on his face. He looked up and saw another trainer looking around. Hitoshi thought for a moment with Buizel and Chespin. "Should I go over and ask that person if they want to battle? People might not know that we are looking for a battle if we don't say something I guess." Hitoshi walked over to the trainer and waved. "Hey, are you up for a battle? If your just looking around, that's fine. I just started my journey not too long ago, so I am looking for my first trainer battle." Buizel and Chespin were standing right beside him as exited as Hitoshi.
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  6. Ty looked to the guy who just spoke to him. His eevee was on his shoulder. She seemed to be interested in the water type pokemon. He was not one for battles but they seemed fun to others so he decided to try it. "Sure I would not mind doing a battle. I have not battled before so I am not promising anything spectacular."
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  7. Hitoshi thought for a moment. "Well I have had quite some experience in battles in the past, so if you want any specific rules just let me know. I only have these two, but my Chespin is brand new to me." Hitoshi didn't want to do what his parents called 'newbie crushing,' it just didn't seem fair. Although he also thought that going easy on him is almost no better. Maybe the opponent is bluffing? Or maybe they have un-measurable power that not even they know about. Whatever the case is, he wants it to be a fair fight. "Just let me know whatever the case is, I am glad to help you out as well if you might need some guidance."
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  8. "I know the basics of battling so I am good in that regard. I don't mind battling." Ty hoped to battle this trainer he looked like he would be a good first opponent to battle. "Well all I have is Eevee and Froakie. I just got Froakie a few days ago."
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  9. Hitoshi nodded and smiled. "Well I wish you the best of luck, it can be a one Pokemon only battle if that is best for you." He walked over to the battle field and waved him over. "I am ready when you are, so if you only want to use one Pokemon, just send it out and I will select one of my own." He looked at both Buizel and Chespin to decide who he would send out first or be the one to go for the one on one battle. "Hmm, I think I will use you Chespin, it will be a good experience to use you in this battle sense we are not familiar with each other." Chespin nodded as Hitoshi returned both of them into their balls and got ready for the battle.
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  10. "Well I don't mind if it is a two on two battle. Since you are starting with Chespin, I will send out my Kalos starter as well." Ty walked over to the other side and reached for the pokeball at his side. He sent out a little blue frog like pokemon.
  11. On one of the stages of the battle field, it looked as if a battle happened which caught the attention of several other people, the competitors seemed to be Tony, a boy with dark clothing, hands in the pockets of his knee long black coat and a stoic expression on his face with a Mawile by his side and a Bagon on the battlefield, the other competitor appeared to be what looked like a street punk who's only Pokemon appeared to be a Larvitar... who seemed to have taken a lot of damage.

    "Feel like taking back what you said about that kid's Bulbasaur?" Tony asked in an almost threatening tone of voice as he got one hand out. The punk looked somewhat nervous despite his best efforts to hide it. "As if! We're still kickin', right Larvitar?" The punk asked his Pokemon... but the Larvitar focused on getting up to try and fight.

    Tony simply shrugged. "Suit yourself, Bagon, let's end this with Dragon Breath." He said calmly as he snapped his fingers. The Bagon smiled and fired a beam of dragon energy at the Larvitar, before the punk could let out another command, the Larvitar had already been hit by the Dragon Breath and sent back toward the punk. "Larvitar!" The punk cried as he saw his Larvitar faint before him. "Larvitar is unable to battle!" A man in the middle of the field announced. "The winner is Tony and his Bagon!" He added as a few of the people clapped for Tony who simply walked toward the punk and loomed over him.

    "What about now?" Tony asked in a more stern tone of voice which clearly intimidated the punk. "A-alright, I'll do it!" The punk asked before he returned his Larvitar to his Pokeball and ran off in a hurry.
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  12. Hitoshi felt a surge of energy as he pulled out his Poke Ball and sent out Chespin. "The battle may now begin, and I will take the first move!" Chespin landed on the ground ready to hear his first command. "Alright Chespin, Vine Whip and guard yourself!" Chespin pulled out its vines and dangled them in front of itself for protection. "Chespin listen closely, if he sends any frubbles, try to dodge them, but if there are any attacks, use your vines to counter attack." Hitoshi tried to stay on defense not knowing what his opponent might have in store.
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  13. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Atticus was sidetracked from looking up to talk to his new Pokémon, so he didn’t notice the girl he was about to run into. Luckily he turned away from his conversation with the fox Pokémon just in time to avoid a head on collision, and merely bumped the side of her shoulder. Nevertheless, Atticus was a gentleman and felt terribly for his mishap. He turned to face the girl “I’m really sorry about that, I was so caught up talking to my new pokemon I forgot to keep my eyes ahead.” He chuckled apologetically.
  14. Ty studied the guys strategy he was going to use the vines as a defensive measure. "Froakie use the frubbles to distract the vines. Aim high. Then use tackle to get in close." Froakie noded and sent the frubbles barreling at the Chespin. Ty hoped to trap them in the fluff. Froakie started towards the grass pokemon and charged up a tackle to hit them.
  15. As Tony watched the punk leave, he and Mawile approached Bagon who let out a sigh in exhaustion, Tony knelt down to stroke the little Dragon type's head. "We showed that guy a lesson, thanks Bagon." He said as Mawile let out a cry in agreement as she pat the Bagon on the back. Bagon merely blushed before he pointed over at the other two trainers who appeared to battle with a Froakie and a Chespin. "Huh, a battle between starters, let's watch before we grab something to eat." Tony said as he stood back up to face the battle that happened nearby and folded his arms as his Pokemon stood either side of him with clear interest.
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  16. Sylvia shook her head. "No - don't be sorry! That was totally me.. I kinda got caught up in thinking about my Kalos journey. I am a new trainer, after all."
    She noticed the fox-Pokemon on his shoulder. She recognized it as one of the regional starters, Fennekin.
    "Are you a new trainer too?" she asked curiously.
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  17. Hitoshi was surprised by the sudden shots of frubbles. "Quickly! Try to get out of the way of those frubbles!" Chespin moved as fast as possible but out of all of the frubbles, one of the shots got Chespins right vine and it stuck to the ground. "Drat!" Hitoshi thought of how to continue from here knowing that an attack would be coming very soon. He talked to himself trying to think. "Now Chespin can't retract his right vine, and we don't have any projectiles to knock the frubbles off." Chespin looked at Hitoshi waiting for a plan or idea. "Alright, Plan B, try to pivet on your stuck vine to dodge that incoming tackle." Chespin retracted its left vine to focus more on the stuck vine. The odds of that plan working are low, knowing that this is entirely on the fly.
  18. Mathilda had just gotten to Lumiouse, René not far behind, the Litleo's paws scraping the cobblestone and road below it. "Hmm..where are we? It seems a bit rough around here..." Mathilda Patella had never been a city-dweller, especially since Lumiouse was known for being one of the largest cities in the Pokemon World, the center of the five pointed star, no less. She looked around, her right pointer finger placed on her lip. "Lit! Leooo?" Mathilda turned her attention to René, who seemed interested in the crowd who seemed to surround something. "What a crowd...are you sure?" Mathilda bent down, to see her Pokemon, but the crowd quickly dispersed and only one trainer remained, moving to a Pokemon battle. "Le- oo..?" René interupted herself, watching those who watched whatever was going on move away, along with an odd guy who ran past. "Never mind. Let's go...how about we stop by the PR Studio, or get something at Swirlix Sweets?" Mathilda asked, seeing the little Pokemon a bit disheartened by the fact it couldn't see the big deal. The Lion Cub Pokemon then perked up, mewing at the promise of food. "Lit!" Mathilda nodded at her Pokemon's cry, heaving herself upwards. "Oof! I have to stop doing that. It's not good for my back.." She scolded herself, calling her Pokemon as she walked the opposite direction of whence she came.
    There was a small café, with the name she was looking for in front of her. "Alright come on then." René was already a step ahead of Mathilda, filing into the building. Patella ran after her, stopping as soon as she looked upon the place. A few people were there- a couple with a Furfrou and a Meowstic, a woman with a Chatot, and a waitress with a Swirlix at her feet. The waitress waved in greeting, the Swirlix bounding up to the Litleo. "Welcome to Swirlix Sweets, how may I help ya?" Mathilda looked towards the woman , a light smile. "I'll have a seat, I'm planning to get something for my Litleo." She smiled towards the waitress. "Of course, right this way."
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  19. Ty looked towards the trapped grass type. "Now that he is trapped and you are in closs use bubble." Froakie stopped charging right in front of the grass type. She opened her mouth and shot quite a few bubbles of various sizes at the trapped pokemon. He hoped that it would have a better chance of hitting.
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  20. Anthony had no idea how the battle had began- since he'd only spotted the crowd and walked towards it midway through the battle, but the dark-haired boy and his Bagon had seemed to win against the other participant's Lavitar without much trouble. The latter ran off, shouting "A-Alright, I'll do it!". The losing trainer's appearance looked much like Anthony himself, which in turn looked like some sort of 'punk', and hearing about a Bulbasaur only just made him more suspicious, that this trainer had treated a Pokemon wrong- just like a lot of people, thinking that Pokemon are just tools. He scoffed to himself. However, after that, he noticed Voltorb wasn't at his feet anymore.

    In a panic, Anthony turned around. He spotted his Pokemon very easily, it was next to the winning trainer of that match, who was now watching another match- one against a Froakie and Chespin. The teen took a slow walk over to his Voltorb, picked him up, and began to watch the match. The good thing about having a Voltorb- besides it being a Pokemon, was that it was heated up most of the time, and gave his arms a nice sensation of heat. It had been better at his house ever since he found his partner Pokemon, because it gave him a source of warmth. Both literally and figuratively, someone he liked and something to beat the cold.

    It had now been a month since he left home, by simply battling against trainers he had earned more money then he could back at home, and had managed to make it to Lumiose City, one of the greatest locations in the entire world, and he was in full control of where he wanted to go.

    Reality snapped back and he found himself stood next to the trainer now. His eyes looked over to him to fully spot what he looked like- black hair, pale skin, slightly smaller than Anthony himself- but looked back to watch the battle as soon as possible. It was beginning to get good, from what Anthony saw.
  21. Chespin took a good barrage of bubbles.The attack was not very effective but it was close enough to actually deal a neutral amount if damage. "Nice one, but I am not about to give in yet, he still has some fight in him! Chespin, rip that off of you and use that momentum to hit Froakie!" Chespin stood up and then started putting all of its weight into pulling the frubbles off. Enough time has passed to make the frubbles weak enough to come off. With a little force, the frubbles came off and the Vine Whip hit Froakie too. Chespin feel over too from how much energy it took. "Chespin! Can you still fight?" Chespin seemed tired and might fall from a few more attacks.
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  22. Froakie was hit by the close range vine attack. She was knocked back a few feet. She seemed to slide on the ground with on knee bent and on hand on the ground. She stood back up determined to win. "You are doing good Froakie. Hang in there. Now use bubble to confuse them then throw a frubble right at the chespin." Ty hoped the fubble would hit the chespin in the face. Froakie sent out some bubbles like before. Then right after she took some of the fluff around her and sent it right at the chespin's face. Ty hoped to blind the grass type.
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  23. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    “Yeah I’m just starting out, this is Fennekin.” He replied cheerfully while signaling to his Pokémon. “I just got her from professor Sycamore.” Fennekin yipped a greeting and Atticus chuckled “She says hi.” He joked. “Anyways I was hoping to check out a Pokémon battle to learn what it’s all about, I heard there’s a place over this way where lots of trainers battle. You’re welcome to come with us.” He offered.
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  24. Hitoshi hoped to know how to counter the frubble's speed this time. "Chespin, make it your top priority to dodge those frubbles and try to get in close! Do not use your vines, it's too risky!" Chespin went right into action charging at the projectiles. Everything happened so fast due to the clashing attacks. Chespin ran into a lot of bubbles but was able to have enough time to dodge the frubbles. Even though Chespin was on it's last bit of health, it still charged in to attack. Now with the frubble's troubles out of the way, Froakie was wide open for an attack. "Chespin, use tackle!" Chespin landed a direct hit with it's head. It seems as though Chespin is no longer able to battle at the same time. Hitoshi wondered if that was a poor use for Chespin or even the best use.
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  25. Froakie seemed to smile when she saw the bubbles hit. She did not see what came next though. She was hit right on with what seemed to be a headbut. Froakie had not had much experience battling so she was not able to dodge the direct hit. She seemed to almost fall to the ground. She was unable to battle. Ty took out her pokeball and returned her to it. "You did good, now it is time for you to rest."
  26. Sylvia nodded, a smile on her face. "Sure! I'm Sylvia. Nice to meet you!"
    Happy let out a small cry of anger. "Happ!"
    Sylvia laughed. "Oh, and that's Happy. She says hi too."
    "I've done a little bit of battling, but not with Happy. She isn't really the fighting type of Pokemon. I also have an Espurr and a Riolu."
  27. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    “I thought you said you were a beginner.” Atticus replied jokingly as he reached the place where trainers were battling. He was disappointed to only catch the end of the battle between a Chespin and a Froakie, he had been hoping to see some action. Atticus decided the only way he would learn now was from experience, he looked towards Fennekin and she nodded in agreement, without him having to say a word. He ran out to one end of a battlefield, turning back to Sylvia and saying “It was nice meeting you, but I gotta try this now!” He stood at one end with excitement, wondering what type of trainer he would face.
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  28. Mathilda had been sat for a few minutes, she had already placed an order for herself and the Litleo that sat so patiently at Patella's feet. She looked around more carefully now, spotting the few paintings that sat on the wall, and the few Swirlix and Slurpuff decorations that laid around. It was nice, she'd admit, but she was rather lonely in this big metropolis. Not that she didn't have René, of course, the Lion Cub Pokemon was the only companion she ever had.

    A bit later, she was finished, she wasn't really hungry, so she let her Litleo eat all of the food for her. She got up, paying for her food, and left the building. Patella called her Pokemon, René following close behind. She left back towards the battle area- perhaps a battle is what her Litleo starved for so fluently. She looked about, her face painted with a smile.
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  29. Hitoshi waited to see if Chespin lasted any longer, and within five seconds of the attack, Chespin fell to the ground. Hitoshi returned Chespin and frowned. "Sorry I pushed you hard, you did great buddy!" The Pokeball nodded back at him. "Alright! Nice battling dude! You have a real good sense of how to use that Froakie to the tip!" He switched out Chespin's Pokeball for Buizel's. "If you want to stop now, let me know. But I am going to let out my Buizel and you can attack if you have another Pokemon." He threw out Buizel as Buizel came out also ready to battle.
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  30. Ty looked to the water type pokemon. He knew that he would not have a great chance of winning but he had to try. His hair moved out of the way as eevee jumped from his shoulder to the field. She readied herself for battle. "Well I guess it is your time to shine Eevee. Lets see what we can do."
  31. (@Mango137, her name is Sylvia, not Allie.)
    Sylvia crossed her arms. "Well - I am a beginning trainer, in the sense that I barely started a few days ago!"
    She thought for a moment, before she moved to the other side of the battlefield.
    "Battle me!" she declared, readying a Pokeball. "One on one battle, no switching!"
  32. Hitoshi felt a rush of excitement just as they were at the climax of the battle. "Keep in mind, I have no intentions on losing! Now it's time to change the sides of the battle! Buizel, keep Eevee away with your Water Gun and hit Eevee with your tail when it gets close!" Again, the same preparation stage was given as Buizel prepared for the attacker to get close. Hitoshi had a strategy of letting the opponent fall into some sort of trap, but he didn't know his Pokemon enough to set up an elaborate trap, but an offensive defense.
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  33. "Eevee Use sand attack to blind them. Then use dig." Eevee noded and ran forwards. She slid to a stop at the right angle to kick up a lot of sand right that face of buizel. She then dug her way underground and waited for the right time to come up.
  34. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    “Alright, it’s not like I could switch even if I wanted to.” Atticus joked. His faced quickly turned serious, this was his first battle and he was not about to lose. He sent out Fennekin “Come on Fennekin, you got this!” He shouted out encouragement to his Pokémon. She looked back at him and flashed a confident grin, as if she knew she would win.
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  35. Hitoshi knew that his current position was no good. He would have to get the sand off one way or another, but hopefully he can do it in one quick move. "Hey Buizel, are you alright?" Buizel nodded but didn't try moving so he wouldn't lose his position. "Alright, try to find the hole, if you find it, flush Eevee out with a Water Gun!" Buizel nodded as it got on all fours and felt the ground at a fast pace. Soon enough, they found the hole. Buizel used Water Gun in the hole for a while to try to flush them out.
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  36. Sylvia thought momentarily. Fennekin looked like a Fire-type to her, but she didn't have anything very effective against Fire. She'd have to rely on skill.
    "Miao, take the stage!" she called. She released her Espurr from the Pokeball, who stretched out in preparation.
    "Light Screen!" she called. This was one of Espurr's status moves, that would help out for a few turns.
    Miao's eyes glowed blue, and a bright blue aura surrounded the Restraint Pokemon. The aura did not fade, signifying the successful use of Light Screen.
    "Now, Confusion!"
    Miao's eyes glowed even brighter, as she used the commanded move. She launched it at Fennekin, as Sylvia hoped it would succeed.
  37. Tony turned his head to see that another battle had taken place between a Fennekin user and an Espurr user, for a split second he wondered what gender Espurr was as they had very different looks as Meowstics. "One battle's one thing, two's a stretch, let's get some food." Tony said to his Pokemon who both nodded, Tony got out a Pokeball and returned his Bagon to it. "You rest up a little bit." Tony said before he put the Pokeball in his pocket. "Let's go." He said to his Mawile who nodded in response and walked with him to a nearby cafe.

    As he sat down at one of the outer tables, he let his Bagon out again as a waiter walked up to him. "Hi there, I'll just have a bagel, a medium espresso and two bowls of Pokemon food." He requested, the waiter smiled and simply nodded as he turned back to prepare the food, meanwhile Tony looked on one of the sides of the street and saw the punk he just battled earlier, he appeared to converse with a boy clearly younger than him with a Bulbasaur by his side, he didn't hear much of their conversation, but he did hear a 'sorry' come from the punk's mouth. When the punk left, the kid turned his head to Tony and gave him a smile and a wave. "Thank you!" The kid called. Tony didn't say anything, but he gave the kid a small smile and a nod before he turned back to give him and is Pokemon their food.
  38. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    “Fennekin ember!” Atticus commanded, and the fox let out a burst of fire, sending out sparks as it collided and blocked the ember. He recognized that light screen would lower the effects of special attack moves for a little bit, so he decided to focus on physical. “Fennekin use howl.” Fennekin let out a howl and gained seemed to grow stronger. “Now tackle.” He shouted and the fire type took off running towards the Espurr.
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  39. Ty smiled this what he had hoped for. Eevee used an iron tail to block the water gun and to come up to the surface right in front of the buizel. She swung her tail back aimed right for the water type. "Nice move Eevee. Now use a close range shadow ball." Eevee gathered her strength and sent out a crackling ball of dark energy straight for the otter pokemon.
  40. Hitoshi was in awe when he saw the Shadow Ball. "No way! A Shadow Ball!?" Buizel was hurt bad by that one attack, but luckly there was still spirit left in the two of them to keep battling. "Come on Buizel, we won't give up now! Just a little longer." Buizel looked over at Hitoshi and smiled. The Water Gun had also splashed around and cleaned off Buizels face. "Great, now lets take this battle up a notch! Buizel, barrage with Swift, and then use Aqua Jet to attack Eevee while it's open!" Hitoshi only tried this once before with some wild battles, but he did a similar thing with his old Eevee back at home but instead with Quick Attack. Buizel generated stars all around him and they started to spin. They all were flung right at Eevee and all of them were bound to hit Eevee even if Buizel couldn't see great. Right as all of them were fired, Buizel charged in with a strong and fast Aqua Jet.
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