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June CoroCoro Leaks Reveal New Mega Hoenn Pokémon & Info

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    This month's edition of Japanese magazine CoroCoro has just started to leak and brought with it the reveal of three new Mega Pokémon for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.


    The magazine has revealed a Mega form for Sceptile which changes its typing to Grass and Dragon and gives it the Lightning Rod ability. Mega Swampert keeps its typing and gains the Swift Swim ability. It can also learn Hammer Arm. A Mega form for Diancie has also been revealed. It keeps its original typing but little else is known about it currently.

    The new artwork for Kyogre and Groudon, which previously suggested that the two may have Mega forms, has now been confirmed to indeed be either new forms or Mega Evolutions. The translations are a little rough (it's currently not clear just which translation is the correct translation) but it seems the new forms/Mega forms of Kyogre and Groudon are known as Primal/Prehistoric/Primeval Groudon, and Primal/Prehistoric/Primeval Kyogre.


    The magazine also shows off the new designs for May and Brendan, as well as showing off Steven Stone and seeming to confirm that he has a Mega Charizard X. It also shows off Team Aqua and Team Magma and confirms that the team you face will depend on which version of the game you play.


    The leaks also confirms that like in the original Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire you have the choice between the Mach Bike, which moves very quickly, and the Acro Bike, which allows you to perform tricks. Apparently the item to activate Mega Evolutions this time around is a "Mega Bangle" rather than the Mega Ring seen in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.

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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Jun 7, 2014.

    1. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      Dragon Type Mega Sceptile yessss
      I'm just happy that they confirmed new megas now, especially the hoenn starters~

      Also Steven's pose <333
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    2. Shocari

      Mega Sceptile being Grass/Dragon: a lot of us called it and GameFreak finally made it happen. Good on you. Lightingrod too boost Special Attack is pretty nice, so that thing will be a monster. Swift Swim on Mega Swampert seems okay, certainly better than the trash of a hidden ability it has in Damp. Not surprised that Diancie has a Mega Evo, but I can't say I'm impressed just yet. Groudon and Kyogre having one is also not a surprise, but at least their title for it sounds pretty cool.

      The new designs for May and Brendan look really good! I like the Grunt outfits for both Magma and Aqua, the Admins...not so much. I don't know what Archie has been doing in his down time, but holy crap does he look fearsome. Maxie(and some of his admins) are looking a little Team Flare-ish now. Can't say that's a good thing.

      Why does Steven have a Mega that ISN'T Aggron? Or Metagross, gosh. At least he looks pretty cool. Seeing newer artwork for him makes me love him even more. The screenshots for this game are gorgeous so far, too, so I am PUMPED for November. MY BODY IS REGGIE

      EDIT: wait, does this mean no character customization? at least let us change outfits and hairstyles. Please, GameFreak. Please. Don't give us something awesome just to take it away.
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    3. Corion
      Good move Gamefreak. Good move...
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    4. John Macriss
      John Macriss
      FINALLY! Swampert and I shall rule over all who stand in our way! HAHA!
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    5. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      Yay! Mega Starters! At first I thought Mega Swampert was dumb looking, but the design has grown on me pretty quickly in the last few minutes. Mega Sceptile is pretty cool looking too, I just wish it didn't come with a double weakness to Ice even if the type combination is amazing. I'm kind of intrigued that they would reveal Mega Diancie in this batch of news and it makes me wonder what role Diancie will play in Hoenn. Also, I'm calling it now: The Diancie event will come with Diancite.

      As for the character redesigns, Steven's is the only one I actually like. Brendan and May aren't terrible so I'll get used to them. Archie however looks like he belongs in a Brycenman film with that outfit. He looks more like an obviously evil cliche villain rather than a well intentioned extremist eco terrorist so I'm having trouble taking him seriously. I'm not too thrilled that all four Admins have been completely redone to the point they look like brand new characters. In previous remakes the new designs were at least similar enough to the originals that you knew they were the same people. And as Sho already said, Magma has serious Team Flare vibes. Ironic seeing as how in the prerelease days of XY people were saying Team Flare was the Magma copy because of their names.

      I'm a bit upset that Steven is getting Mega Charizard X and not Mega Metagross. I was really looking forward to my favorite Pseudo Legendary getting a Mega Evolution and Steven being the one to possess it given Metagross is his signature Mon. Not saying Megagross won't still be a possibility but not seeing it in the hands of the Champion is a kill joy.

      I love the implication that Groudon's and Kyogre's prehistoric/primordial/primeval forms are their true forms and that millennia of sleep weakened them in some way.

      Overall, I love this update! It has provided an excellent amount of information. November can't come fast enough! ♥
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    6. Skyy-chan
      Steven's face looks a bit more mature...so some time HAS past. And, I love Mays design! She kinda looks like a ladybug ♥
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    7. Mr.Munchlax
      EDIT: Ok, now that I'm all done geeking out over the new information, and let everything sink in, I can say that I have mixed feelings about what CoroCoro recently revealed, though it's still mostly positive.

      First of all, I don't think I have much to say about the mega evolved Hoenn starters that hasn't already been said, but I think this should still sum up my thoughts in a nutshell. All I know is that I'm planning on getting both versions so I can have Mega Swampert in one, and Mega Sceptile (my personal favorite out of the bunch :D ) in the other. On a side note, I noticed that no one mentioned this yet, but I have to say that I love the new Sugimori artwork for Treeko, Torchic, & Mudkip shown underneath Mega Swampert, which practically confirms my hope that they'll create new artwork for all of the Hoenn pokémon for OR/AS. As for Mega Diancie, I still stand by my theory of it looking similar to Neo Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon.

      As for Prehistoric/Primal Kyogre and Groudon (possible devolutions), I'm highly interested in these new transformations because right now they remind me a lot of my Nega-Mega evolution concept.

      As for the trainer designs, I'm not really upset about them since I think they're a pretty neat spin from the original RS look. I'm kind of getting the feeling that they're trying to really reinforce Gen III's theme of nature in this theme (similar to how all of the tropical trees shown in the screenshots) by having the characters look like they're either on an island in South America or the Bahamas, or they're they're dressed as if they're on a jungle safari. I especially like May's new design and the the fact that the trainers now have mega bangles is pretty interesting; however, the one thing that irks me is the choice of skin tones since Brendan's seems a little random while May's makes her look like Serena with a haircut & a different outfit. I can make due with them no doubt, but I do agree with everyone on the hope that trainer customizations return

      As for the new designs of Team Aqua & Team Magma, I have a very very very very very strong indifference towards them. They're definitely interesting redesigns on the original characters, but I'm kind of liking Team Magma more than Team Aqua. For some reason, this new version of Team Aqua looks like a combination of "gangsta' " rappers and Somalian pirates. The only two I'm still having trouble getting used to the most though would be Tabitha and Shelly since they're redesigns feel like complete 180s and just feels real weird compared to the way they used to look.

      Lastly Steven. Honestly, I think he's pretty cool, and I knew if new Mega evolutions would be included in OR/AS, he would definitely be involved. I'm a little surprised he has Mega Charizard X of all pokémon, but I'm hoping that this is just for a demo and they'll show us his true mega pokémon in the future
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    8. Keleri

      I'm disappointed that Steven has mega charizard and not his signature pokemon (metagross), which pretty much confirms no mega metagross. : (

      Very excited for mega sceptile, definitely going to roll with it during my first playthrough.

      I don't really care for the magma/aqua redesigns, the uniforms are a lot more busy and the female admins especially are unnecessarily sexualized-- the tiny waists and gyrating spines are kind of beyond the pale in a kids' game, and the male equivalent would be tight pants and bulging speedos.

      Primal Megas/Devolution is very interesting and opens up some interesting avenues. I have to say that mega legendaries feel like too much to already high-statted pokemon, but they're cool to see I guess.
    9. Alexxander
      Oh wow I'm liking this information. Sceptile looks awesome and the dragon type is great. The main thing I like about it is it finally has a tail not the Christmas tree up its butt malarkey. Swampert I'm not too keen on at the moment it looks like it's gone Hulk on the top half while the lower half being awkwardly small (sort of reminds me of Wreck-It Ralph in stature). And Diancie looks absolutely beautiful.

      As for the character designs, I really like May's design with the folded bandana and like the beachy/sailory look of her clothes. I don't really like her bag or shoes just due to colouring issues. I mean red/black/white is a great colour combination then introducing yellow and green ruins it for me, hopefully we can change them (and early on too). As for Brendan something really really irks me about him and I don't know what. Which saddens me actually seeming though he is one of my favourite protagonists other than Nate. I think the shorts bother me a little bit but there is something up with the face I don't know if it's the hair coming to far down or being wrongly shaped, I don't know if it's a colouring issue with eyes/skin/hair or if it is the facial expression itself but the official art irks me. From the small glimpses I can see of him in-game however he looks fine so I really don't know what it is that is bothering me. The green in his outfit as well bothers me a little like it does with May.

      The redesigns for Magma and Aqua looks great, looks like the admins have changed (possible change for storyline?) otherwise the previous admins have gone through major redesigns. Maxie looks great with his glasses and his coat but the shorts with those boots just look goofy. I'm not sure how I feel about Archie though he looks a little darker skinned than before and his outfit looks cool but it seems a little too flashy and superhero like so I think a few changes to his original outfit might have been better but it may grow on me. I do like the looks of the admins as well hopefully we get to see some personality flare through because they seem to show quite a bit in their art poses.

      Steven looks as cool as always even though his sleeves look like cannons. The area where Steven is talking to Nate doesn't seem to look like any area where you encounter him in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald again possibly hinting to story change or a new area within the game. As for Mega Charizard I'm thinking maybe this is Steven introducing Mega Evolution into the game or showing off the Kanto starters post game. I mean what would be dropped off his team? Being interested in rare stones and such means the fossils won't be dropped also one won't be dropped without the other being dropped. Megagross is his signature Pokemon so that won't be changed. So Skarmory and Aggron both of which are Pokemon I can't imagine him without I'd argue they are as signature as Metagross are so unless he somehow pulls a 7 Pokemon trick like Ghetsis, I don't think it will be his main Mega or at least I hope not.
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    10. Doubled
      As exciting as all of this is, I'm not really feeling the new designs of the protagonists, and really I only like the females of the evil teams, the rest is kind of... Idk, I miss the poofy Aqua pants and the leg warmer Magma boots. Oh well, at least with the protags I can customize them. I just hope we'll have more to choose from than in X and Y, ESPECIALLY the boys, or at least I want pants. I've never liked shorts.

      But the megas? Freaking amazing! Now as long as they don't give Blaziken another Mega, I'll be fine, heck I'd be okay with giving both Swampert and Sceptile another one so that fire isn't being given special treatment. I just love Swampert so much~ He looks awesome and huggable. Let's just hope that the rival gets a mega too.
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    11. Jeydis
      Really wish they wouldve done something with the seeds on sceptiles back. They look really odd to me as they did with original sceptile.
    12. The_Steel_Type_of_Guy
      I... I don't really know what to think about this. I mean, Ruby and Sapphire are really close to my heart because of many reasons, so seeing them changed like this.. it's certainly a lot to process. But I'll try to.

      First off, the new mega evolutions. As for Sceptile and Swampert, one could have easily seen them coming, you know, because of Blaziken and all that. The real surprise is Diancie, although it's not really a surprise at all. I mean, they must've chosen to put her in the movie for one reason, and this must be it. I'm calling for Mega Diancie to appear somehow in the movie.

      Then there's Groudon and Kyogre. One thing I don't understand is whether or not they are actually megas or simply forms. I'm also very curious as to how they will be explained in the story. (We still don't know if these games are full remakes or sort-of-sequels-but-still-remakes.)

      Brendan and May's turn. I'm guessing that, design-wise, they simply put parts of their designs from R&S and some other (the green parts) from Emerald, and then mixed it all together. One side of me really likes the new styles, the other is getting all nostalgia-mode. So I'm not really sure I want customization for the characters, 'cause then one would have to simply discard all the good memories and that's way too hard for me to do. I mean, one thing is to customize Calem and Serena, who we weren't very familiar with. But we're talking about changing Brendan and May here, characters we've played for years. That's a whole lotta different story.

      The evil teams look great, though Maxie just lost a lot of credibility with those shorts and glasses. Just sayin'. I wonder if their stories will change as well. Sure, they still are the super-evil eco-terrorists bent on destroying the entire eco-system of the planet, but something about them must have changed in all these years.

      And last but not least, Steven. Oh, Steven. How many hours, if not days, have we spent together? You and your invincible team of walls that made me sweat and cry, both of joy and sadness/frustration. And it was that same team that made love so much the Steel type. So.. yeah, you being the champion is not a surprise at all. Too bad you chose to go all mainstream and have a Charizard instead of your badass Aggron. You never learn, do you?
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    13. ShinyZekrom009
      Wow. I'm...I need a moment to process all of this.

      Ok, here we go. First, the new Mega Evolutions. Can't say I'm surprised about Mega Diancie. Mega Swampert and Sceptile(those leaf designs on the blades and head!) are awesome. As for Mega Blaziken, although we have already seen it in X/Y, I have a feeling that Blazikenite will be more readily available in these games.

      For character designs, my only issue is the non-grunt Team Magma and Aqua members. I really preferred the older designs on that count.
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    14. sabrina arcana
      sabrina arcana
      The new trainer outfits are okay. they could have done a whole lot worse, but kudos to the Pokémon art department! They did great. Mega evolution for the starters sort of goes past amazing, I hope Maxie and Archie will be worthy enemies!
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    15. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      Looks like we have a mixed bag here.

      On one hand I'm very glad to get confirmation that the other two Hoenn starters will have mega forms and I'm fond of both designs even if I think Sceptile having LightningRod is a bit...weird. Unfortunately that's the only overall positive I took away. Like Shocari mentioned, I hope they didn't take away character customization as that was one of my favorite parts of XY. I've now been spoiled with the ability to travel around in style. And straight up BOOOO to having to switch between the Mach and Acro bikes again. I also hope they don't have the other villainous team show up as the 'good' guys.
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    16. Iain108
      Nine years ago on Christmas Day, my Pokemon journey started here...
      It's going to be good seeing good old Hoenn beautifully redesigned.
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    17. Midnight Ace
      Midnight Ace
      My views on these leaks.
      - I think there's still character customization and that's only their base model, like they did with X/Y. But with saying this, if I'm wrong. Then they're complete garbage in my books.(I really hope am right):'|

      - With the other two starters getting their Mega form ,which everybody wanted & knew was going to happen.
      -Swampert has once again disappointed me, this time by going Mega:(. Design looks so awful & its mega ability is useless. :@
      -Sceptile Mega design looks boss, but has gotten the double-edge sword treatment. Becomes part Dragon:D but gets Lightening Rod ability.....why?>_<

      -Team Magma & Team Aqua their new look looks awesome and I'm a fan of their new look.:p

      -Steve having a Mega Pokémon doesn't shock me at all and I had a feeling he will have some part with the whole Mega Stones. Just odd for him having a Charizard and not a Aggron. :o

      - With the other three Pokémon getting mega forms (Kyogre, Groudon and Diancie) its meh....don't hate them but don't like them :?
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    18. Vaporeonn
      • First of all - Mega Sceptile. Just.... :love:
      • Second of all - Mega Swampert. I'm not fond of the design, but, I'm happy to see it get a Mega form.
      • New character designs - I can dig them. I like May's hairstyle :)
      • Prime/Prehistoric/Primal/whatever you call them, Kyogre and Groudon. I like the idea of it, and I can imagine the plot between them is really good.
      • Villain teams - Cool. I like the new outfits allot.
      • Mega Diancie - Wow. Didn't expect it. I like the design?
      • Steven's Mega Charizard - Okay, it got two Megas, but this is too much!! Charizard is getting too much love, and I thought Steven was a Steel-type trainer. Seriously Gamefreak!? Ugh.
      But I'm happy for the Megas! And everything else. It made my day!
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    19. Magpie
      I really like Mega Swampert's design. I love how it looks super bulky to go with its stats! Although all news pales in comparison to the news my favourite starter has a Mega Evolution ♥ Mega Sceptile. MEGA SCEPTILE :')
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    20. bioaura
      Well looks like im getting Mega Swampert as my starter this time :love:! (not that im complaining I kinda love his design) since I already started my other journeys with treecko and torchic (sapphire and ruby, and then Y (unofficial starter of my Y game: Torchic XD)

      And as for Primal/Prehistoric, Groudon/Kyogre can it be maybe like in pokemon mystery dungeon or something because if im correct there was a Primal Dialga somewhere ! Maybe Team Aqua/Magma angered the weather duo (not counting rayquaza) in some way that activated these new forms and they go on a rampage. Or even more bad, maybe team magma/aqua destroy the blue/red orb.

      As for the Teams Aqua is it me or they look a little more pirate-y XD but I kinda like that, the admins looks completely different in both groups not sure if I like that. Team Magma looks a lot like team flare the only difference are the horns XD.

      And for May/Brendan they look ok but in my opinion the Brendan base model looks weird but if I can customize him it will be ok.
      Last edited: Jun 8, 2014
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    21. curly86
      I was looking into the picture about Steven, and I noticed something. It said he is suppose to have Mega Charizard X but I looked even closer at the picture of his supposed Charizard was at Lvl. 100 so Steven having Charizard maybe a lie. :? I had too look at it because it would be just too weird for him to have Mega Charizard X instead of Mega Aggron or Mega Metagross.
      Swampert: Do you even lift bro? <.>
      Sceptile: :-O
      Diancie: Totally unexpected :o
      Team Magma and Aqua uniform change: I hate you Gamefreak :@
      New Brendon and May: why u do dis 2 me!?! >=O
      Last edited: Jun 8, 2014
    22. Burgundy
      It took me forever to finally say something about this. :p I really have no problem with this info, and right now I'm debating which starter I should choose. Torchic's my favorite Pokemon, but I really like the new Mega Evolutions. Ah well, I'll figure it out. Diancie was a surprise, since we haven't even recieved her yet, so it's strange that they would reveal her Mega form now. As for the redesigns, I don't really have a problem with any of them, and I particularly like the new admins. Aqua's female admin looks like she's doing a huge hair flip, which I love for some reason. As for Kyogre and Groudon, if you look closely in Kyogre's screenshots you can see the Mega Evolution symbol by its name, meaning it is a Mega form. I do like the title they gave them. :) Overall, fantastic news for my favorite Pokemon games of my childhood.:D
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    23. Corion
      There are two different bikes shown on one of the pictures. I wonder if each one will have some sort of different function, or just simply be two different designs available during the game. On the Brendan/May page you can see the two on the top left corner of the page, which confirms that you might have a few more encounters with your rival than you have had in previous Ruby Sapphire and Emerald games.
    24. Shocari
      That is because those are the Mach and Acros bikes, which do indeed have different functions. The Mach bike is used to go up slopes while the Acro bike can use tricks to reach places.
    25. Corion
      Thats right. Now I remember. Thanks. :)
    26. Secad MS
      Secad MS
      Well then. With Hoenn being quite the aquatic region, it makes sense for May and Brendan's clothes to incorporate what appears to be wetsuits. I don't have much experience with Hoenn, but I think I'll love having influences of the old story with the new styling and battling.
    27. HootJump
      no mega mudkip? :p (jk)
    28. stephanie spots
      stephanie spots
      A Mega form for Diancie has also been revealed. It keeps its original typing but little else is known about it currently.
      Aww no mega Hoopa or Drifblim ;_; Well they're trying at least
    29. Alexxander
      We're not going to get anything for Hoopa until it's closer to being released. As for Mega Drifblim I'd imagine we'll get it next Gen when we're getting DP remakes. Wow DP remakes that'll make me feel old.
    30. pokeman266
      They really need to stop making legendarys even more powerful.
      But I am very happy about mega Marshtomp. He reminds me of the Hulk :)
    31. voidaquariums
      YAYYY SCEPTILE MEGA EVO YESSSSS!!!11!! even though it's double weak to ice...
    32. NocturnalNetwork
      I thought Swampert already could learn Hammer Arm.

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