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Open Journey through the Roety region!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by The Delivery Pancham, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Hello everybody welcome to the Roety region! The professor of this region is called professor Spruce but people call him the pokemon professor! First off what is your name?


    Oh ok hello there ____!

    Are you a male or female?


    Oh ok so what do you look like?


    What are you like?



    Other info:

    Your pokemon:
    Gender of pokemon:
    personality of pokemon:
    Skills of pokemon:


    Ok then ______! There are different cities and towns here in the Roety region, so here they are!

    Rote town
    This is where everyone will begin and start their journey by going to the professor's house! Then they will go to his lab and get their pokedex and pokeballs!

    Route 1
    Here people will find the bug and normal/flying types from the different regions. These pokemon are: Starly, Caterpie, Wurmple, Pidgey, Patrat, Bidoof, Fletchling and Scaterbug!

    Capture town
    This town is full of people who love bug pokemon, there is a bug training area and bug playgrounds! People catch pokemon here, this is also where people go to fight the elite four and go to the pokemon championships!

    Route 2:
    On this route there are two ways to go; the faster way but people are more likely to be battled by wild pokemon and trainers, or there is the slower way but there is less chance of pokemon and trainers. You will find here: Pidgey, Starly, Metapod, Butterfree, Yungoose, Pikipek and Jigglypuff. There is a rare chance to find a munchlax.

    Ring Ring city: This is where the first gym will be and it is a fighting type gym:
    Leader is Brote-his pokemon are: machop and nuzleaf- people who beat this gym will be presented with the mosh badge!
    There are festivals once a year in this town celebrating a gardevoir that saved the cities pokemon when in need!

    Rote 123: People will find here kirlia, ralts, fletchinder and sharpedo.

    Tyrantrum cave: this cave is believed to have a tyrantrum in it, but the bad guys: team meteor, want to steal this tyrantrum.

    Draining Dock: this is where the second gym is and it is a water type gym:
    Leader is Subrine- her pokemon are: staryu and sharpedo. This dock is by the sea which means you can catch a sharpedo, staryu, a rare chance to catch a dratini and a horsea.

    Route 4: There is not much here but there is a bridge, which has a wild sharpedo hurt on the bridge. People are too scared to help it. (But if you want to help it, you can.) Here are the Pokemon that live on this route: staravia, kirlia, oddish and bulbasaur.

    Culta town: This is where the first Pokemon show case will be held. It will be a free style performance. The current Pokemon champion will be judging the performance.

    Route 5: This route is basically the same as route 4 but this route has Oran berry trees. Route 5 leads to a cave.

    Dents cave: the Pokemon here are: geodude, bidoof, makuhita and onix. This cave has two ways to go.

    Crunch city: this is where the third gym is and it is a dark type gym: leader is Mantiko- his Pokemon are: Umbreon, Houndour and Weavile. People who beat him will get the Crunch badge. The second Pokemon show case will be here: it is a cooking performance and a free style performance.

    Route 103: This route is very long so there are 3 Pokemon centres on this route. Since it is so long, there are many different types of Pokemon there such as: Fletchinder, Staravia, Pidgeotto, horsea, sharpedo, magikarp (ayeee my boy), oddish, bulbasaur, butterfree, chespin, pumpkaboo, slowpoke, slugma, Flabebe, diggersby, roselia and diglett. There is also a pokemart.

    Mystical city: this is where the third gym is: it is a ghost gym. The leader is Scorsa-her Pokémon are: Haunter, Shedninja and Gourgeist- presented with the Mystery badge.

    Route 6: Route 6 is a short route and not many Pokemon are there: the only ones are Sableye, Goomy and Gumshoose.

    Renter town: This is where the third Pokemon showcase will be. It is a free style performance.

    Route 7: This route contains Sableye, Goomy, Gumshoose, Pidgeotto, Riolu, Machoke and Absol.

    Cooper town: This town has the Roety region's queen of performance. She takes on a man that has just got to the finals of the masterclass. This is also going to be the place where the people who get their three keys go to compete in the master class.

    Route 8: This Route has lakes and they are hard to get over, that is why a lot of people who enter this route end up seeing Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, Trubbish, Muk.

    Nature city: The fifth gym is here and it is a grass type gym. The leader is Toby-His Pokémon are: Ivysaur, Vileplume, Gourgeist and Trevenant. Presented with the Nature badge.If the people who haven't got their three keys to go to the master class, this is where the fourth performances will be. It is an Acrobatics and Free style performance.

    Route 9: The Pokemon here are: Gloom, Fletchinder, Froakie, Trevenant and a rare chance to find a larvitar. This route is a straight on route.

    Route 10: This route is the opposite of Route 9. It is a diagonal, wobbly route. Here the Pokemon are the same as Route 9.

    Kentucky town: Still haven't got the third performance key? Not to worry! This is the last place to get a third key otherwise the performances won't be until the next year! This is free performances which means that the people who are competing can do what ever they like!

    Route 11: There is nothing on this route except for a bridge leading to the next city.

    Brick city: The biggest city in Roety. In Brick city there is a Fire type gym. The leader is Emma, her Pokémon are: Charizard, Marcargo,
    Magmortar and Flareon. Presented with the Hot badge. This city contains many cafes and studios.

    Route 12: Trees are everywhere on this route. The Pokemon here are: Trevenant, Snorlax,
    Sceptile and Magmar.

    Desire cave: This cave is full of crystals which are like mirrors. This cave is like a cave in Kalos but if someone touches a crystal they go into a world where all dreams come true.

    Desire city: Desire city shares the same name as Desire cave. There is a gym in Desire city and it is a psychic type gym with a leader called Mach. His Pokemon are: Alakazam, Gardevor, Gallade, Wobbuffet and Hypno. Presented with the Kinesis badge.

    Route 13: Route 13 is probably the most exciting route once the seventh gym has been defeated. Salamence, Goodra, Talonflame, Pidgeot, Alakazam, Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Trevenant and Kingdra live on this route.

    Zap city: The final gym will be held here, it is an electric type gym. The leader is Gadget, her Pokémon are: Raichu, Magnezone, Jolteon, Luxray, Ampharos and Electabuzz.

    Elite four:
    #1: The first person of the elite four is called Malateta. She is a fairy type elite member: her Pokemon are: Wigglytuff, Mawile, Dedenne, Granbull and Florges.
    #2: The second person is Freeze. He is an ice type elite member. His Pokemon are: Vaniluxe, Lapras, Beartic, Glalie and Aurorus.
    #3: The third person is Wieling. She is a dragon type elite member. Her Pokemon are: Salamence, Garchomp, Dragonite, Noivern and Druddigon.
    #4: The final person is Earth. He is a ground elite member. His Pokemon are: Torterra, Donphan, Krookodile, Golem and Rhyperior.

    People who have beaten the elite four, face each other. If they go into the final round, they have to fight the champion called Emblem.
    Her Pokemon are: Delphox, Dragonite, Butterfree, Raichu, Noivern and Rotom.

    Name: Daniel Bridge

    Appearance: Black hoodie with the hood always covering his face. Grey joggers with a Pokemon belt to hold his pokeballs. White trainers.

    Personality: Daniel likes to hide his face in his hood. He is always determined and is not shy.

    Goal: To have great bonds with all Pokemon.

    Pokemon: Turtwig
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Turtwig is very shy and always hides behind Daniel, but if she wants to fight she is strong.
    Skills: N/A

    Pokemon: Pancham
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Pancham is a very big show off. He likes to show his strength to everyone.
    Skills: Pancham is acrobatic.


    Daniel woke up in his old, rusty house. It was sad living there. His dad left his mum years before Daniel was a Pokemon trainer. Only having two Pokemon at hand, Daniel sent them out of their pokeballs. A turtwig and a pancham were sitting down where the pokeballs had just been thrown. As he got changed, Daniel forgot his hoodie. He didn't like anyone seeing his face because it was always showing sadness. It was because his dad left and Daniel's family were never the same again. Having a sister was hard, but Daniel knew it was her day today to get a Pokemon.

    "What Pokemon will you get?" Asked Daniel once he had gotten downstairs and sat at the breakfast table with his sister.
    "A Piplup," she replied, grinning.
  2. Name: Lucy Jackson
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Lucy has a long black straight hair and dark brown eyes. She usually wears random colored T-shirts, but her favourite is black one. She always wears white shorts and silver sneakers. She carry her red shoulder bag wherever she goes and sometimes she carry her Pokemon in it.
    Personality: Lucy is brave and very curious person. She is also friendly and kind and loves to meet new friends. She doesn't like to battle and she will rather befriend with wild Pokemon then battle with it, but she will only battle to increase experience.
    Goal: To became best Pokemon Rider.

    Pokemon: Fennekin
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Brave, curious, friendly, careful, kind
    Skills: N/A

    Pokemon: Eevee
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Shy, kind, loyal, naive
    Skills: N/A

    It was 6 in the morning and Lucy was still sleeping when suddenly something hard and fluffy jumped on her and she instantly woke up.
    "OW!" Lucy leaped from her bed fully awake "Fennekin, Eevee!" Lucy shouted "You scared me!"
    Fennekin and Eevee put their ears down and made sad faces.
    "Oh,no. I didn't meant to yell." Lucy said with soft voice and picked her Pokemon in her hands and hugged them "I'm so sorry, but you scared me. I didn't know it was you." Lucy said and put her Pokemon down. However, why did you do that?" Lucy asked confusedly
    Fennekin showed on calender. There was one red circled number.
    "It's today! I can't believe!" Melanie shouted in panic and put her clothes on as quickly as she can and grabbed her bag.
    She rushed down the stairs and went outside of her house.
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  3. Daniel left the house feeling happy, it was one of those rare days when the family were happy. Except Daniel's mum will no longer have any company. "Ok Turtwig! We will catch mum a pokemon!"
    They came across a bidoof. "Okay! Turtwig use razor leaf NOW!" Turtwig jumped about and then found a spot and used razor leaf. The bidoof came back with a tackle. Turtwig wasn't expecting it, and she became scared. "Ok pancham! Use stone edge!" The Bidoof went down. Daniel threw the pokeball. 1...2...3... CAUGHT!

    "MUM! LOOK WHAT I GOT FOR YOU!" Daniel shouted. His mum came out of her house and ran over to Daniel.
    "A--a--a pokemon?"
  4. Bio:
    Name - Lucias(Luke) Elm
    Gender - Male
    Appearance - He is short with bleach blond hair and bright blue eyes. He normally wears a t-shirt with a pair of blue overalls.
    Personality - Outgoing, chatterboxy, sometimes overly so, and he also is a relatively sensitive guy.
    Goal - To be a Pokemon Professor and Breeder


    Species - Pidgey
    Gender - Female
    Nature - Lax
    Special Ability - Big Pecks
    Moves - Tackle, Quick attack, Sand attack

    Species - Rattata
    Gender - Male
    Nature - Bashful
    Special Ability - Hustle and Runaway
    Moves - Tackle, Quick Attack, Double Team


    Today was the day! At last Luke was going to get his starter pokemon! He had been around pokemon all his life, in fact before his parents moved out here to the newest region, his father was a pokemon professor, who taught him a lot about caring for pokemon. From that Luke learned to make special food for each individual species of Pokemon and how to care from them from an egg. Luke was absolutely fascinated, spending a lot of time around Professor Spruce's lab, gazing into the glass where Tropius leaned up to eat at the big leaves of the tree tops. Luke couldn't wait to actually go inside that lab so receive his newest pokemon.. Who he would choose? He didn't even know that, even though he was a big normal type fan, but perhaps he would choose something different..

    Jumping from his bed, Luke stumbled into a pair of overalls while somehow managing to scoop up his backpack and his red bandana. He was about to say goodbye to his long time friend, Rattata when those sad beady black eyes looked back at him. Luke winced.
    "I have to go Rattata.. I'll be back, I promise!" Rattata simply huffed and curled up his purple body. Then Luke had another thought. "Would you like to come with me?" With that the small pokemon lept to his paws and squeaked, that definitely meant yes. He laughed,
    "Okay. Another friend at least to share my journey with." Luke picked up Rattata into his arms, and confidently walked from his room to where he was greated by his mother and the smell of breakfast.
    "Look who is all grown up!" She exclaimed.
    "Morning Mama" Luke said. She smiled and gave him a big hug.
    "Look who is growing up." She said. Luke's father stood at a distance, he seemed to be contemplating something. He looked over at his father.
    "Papa." He said. "I'll be okay."

    After receiving a map and a pair of tennis shoes, Luke was off, he knew exactly where he was going. To the lab!
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  5. (OOC: try not to say me. The rules say third person. But anyway welcome to the roleplay. I also wanted to say, if you don't want to fight the gyms or compete in the performances you don't have to.)

    After Daniel gave his mum a bidoof, he ran to the professor's lab. Professor Spruce was already there. He waved to say "Hello" but Daniel took his pokeballs and pokedex and went to Route 1.

    Route 1 was nothing like Daniel thought. So many Pokémon! First Daniel headed for a Starly and sent out Pancham. "Use stone edge!" Daniel cried. The Starly fainted. Next, they headed for a Fletchling. "Stone edge!" The fletchling dodged the attack and used peck. It was super effective!
    "Return Pancham, you did well. Go Turtwig! Use razor leaf!" The leafs hit Fletchling and it fainted.
  6. Lucy was sitting on a tree with her Pokemon sitting in her leap. She was watching battle between one boy and wild Starly. He is good. Lucy thought Maybe we can be friends. Lucy looked at her Pokemon and smiled "Let's go and meet him!" Lucy said. Her Pokemon nodded. "Okay, Eevee go into bag, we will jumped from tree." Lucy said and her Eevee jumped into bag. "Good, Fennekin follow me." Lucy said and jumped from a tree. She made a front roll in the air before landing gracefully in fron of a boy with Turtwig. "Hello!" She smiled to him. Soon Fennekin landed next to Lucy and smiled boy and his Pokemon. Eevee only looked a boy and twitched with her ears shyly.
  7. Daniel turned to the girl who had just said hello to him.
    "Hi, so um? Why is your Eevee in a bag?" He asked. Then he realized that his hoodie was gone. "I am so sorry but," his memory went into flashback mode. Tears started trickling down Daniel's eye. He retraced his steps and finally found the hoodie. He put it on and covered his face. "Yeah again I'm sorry. So what's your name?" He asked the girl.
  8. "I'm Lucy." She smiled to a boy. "And this is my Pokemon: Fennekin and Eevee, by the way Eevee is very and afraid of highs so I carry her in bag." Lucy said. Fennekin smiled to a boy, but Eevee only twitched with her ears shyly. "And you are?" Lucy asked a boy
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  9. "I am Daniel, this is my partner Turtwig and I have Pancham in my pokeball. Wanna travel together? It is very lonely and my sister is going to the Sinnoh region," Daniel waved at Fennekin and Eevee. "My Turtwig is shy, maybe she would like to play with Eevee? I think they would be a very nice team," Daniel continued. He started to stare at the Eevee. "Turtwig do you want to play?" The Turtwig nodded and started to jump up at Eevee.
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  10. Name: Opal Woodcrest
    Age: 10
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Fae has dark brown hair tied up in a plait that goes halfway down her back. She has soft green eyes and dark skin. She wears a light blue cardigan with a white shirt underneath. She wears light blue jeans with a hole where the knee is, she also wears white sneakers. She has a brown leather side-bag with brown fringe hanging from the bottom of it. She also wears a white beanie.

    Personality: Fae is sweet and well-behaved, she loves to dance and play with her pokemon. She works hard to get what she wants and she loves to be out in the fresh air.

    Goal: Pokemon Performer


    Name: Fae
    Species: Shinx
    Gender: Female
    Other: She's afraid of water

    Opal Woodcrest ran down the road to Professor Spruce's lab, where she would receive her pokedex and pokeballs. As she ran down the path she did a little twirl and a leap. Her partner, Fae the Shinx was happily running down the road beside her. Opal reached the lab and waved to Professor Spruce, she quickly grabbed 5 pokeballs and her pokedex and ran off to route 1.

    Opal grinned as she saw two trainers, a boy and a girl in the forest. She spotted a few wild pokemon but didn't try to battle them, she wanted to meet these trainers. She walked over to them, "Hi there, I'm Opal and this is my partner Fae" She said, hoping the two trainers wouldn't mind her just randomly introducing herself, but she really wanted to meet some people. "Sorry for being so forward, I just noticed you and your pokemon and wanted to meet you!"

  11. "Sure, I would love to travel with you! I don't like to travel alone and wherever I'm I will always look for someone to travel with me." Lucy smiled. "Can I ask you something?" Lucy looked at boy and put her shoulder bag on the ground and wait until Eevee went from bag and started to play with Turtwig.
  12. Daniel looked at the girl who just introduced herself. "Hi I'm Daniel and this is Turtwig, you went in straight away to introduce yourself," Said Daniel he knew Lucy wanted to ask him a question, so he put his index finger up to Opal (this meant for her to wait). "Sure Lucy, what is it?" Daniel said confusingly. He was hardly ever asked questions at home, he was rather the person who asked questions. "So what is it?" He said again for no good reason.
  13. "Uhmm....I just wanted to ask you...can you show your face? I like to see with who am I talking to..." Lucy said
  14. (OOC: Anna please write in full paragraphs! if you haven't read the rules please do!)

    Daniel didn't want to answer this question. "Sorry but I'm not going to show my face," Daniel said weakly. He just decided to put Turtwig back in her pokeball and walked off withought talking. He didn't look back but instead he went home crying. No one had ever asked him that. And as he got home, his Mum asked what was up, but he just slammed the door and went up to his room and threw his pokeballs at the wall. Pancham and Turtwig were rubbing their heads.
  15. "What did I said wrong?" Lucy asked confusedly. Fennekin ears twitched confusedly. Eevee jumped into Lucy's bag and Lucy picked up her bag. "I thought we will travel together..." Lucy said "Oh right, we will need to wait for other trainers who entered Route 1 and we will try to befriend with them." Lucy and climbed onto the nearest tree. Fennekin followed her.
  16. After a few minutes Daniel went outside again and headed back for Route 1. "LUCY! I'm sorry for what happened but to make it up to you, wanna have a battle?" Daniel shouted up to Lucy. He climbed up the tree aswel. "What about a tree battle? I have never done a tree battle before," Daniel said. He sent out Pancham, who was still rubbing his head. Daniel look at the next tree. A Pokemon was looking at him. But why? Then the Pokemon was gone. I will go find out what that Pokemon was after the battle, Daniel thought.
  17. "Uhmmm...don't you think it is dangerous for our Pokemon to battle on tree?" Lucy said worriedly. Fennekin stepped in front of Lucy. "Fennekin?" Lucy looked at Fennekin worriedly. Fennekin looked at Lucy and nodded decisively. "Okay, if you are sure. Go, Fennekin use Tackle!" Lucy yelled and Fennekin ran to Pancham and tried to tackle him.
  18. "Cool, can I watch!" Opal said, climbing up the tree. She and Fae sat on a higher branch and looked down, watching the battle go on. Opal smiled and played with Fae's hair for a bit. She then stood up and climbed to the top of the tree, she could see the town from there.
  19. ( I did write in third person. When someone speaks you can say me, that is the only place I said it.. Oh never mind I see it, xP I just goofed thats all)

    Luke approached the Lab, standing tall with many glass windows, every time it seemed to overwhelm him. He took a deep breath before sliding in through the revolving glass doors. His eyes lit up seeing Pokemon of all kinds helping everyone out. He was excited, so was Rattata, his Pokemon wiggled in his arms trying to get a good look at some Rattata running on a wheel.
    "Rat!" He exclaimed.
    "Wow." Luke said in a hushed voice. He wasn't watching where he was going, suddenly crashing into a much larger body, sending him to the ground with an 'oof'

    (Um may someone rp Spruce just for right now, so I can get my Pidgey xP?)
  20. "Ah! You must be Luke!" Said Professor Spruce looking down. "Get up off the floor Luke. Oh yes, I am sorry but all these Pokemon are reserved. But we do have one," Professor Spruce sent out a pokeball. "Pidgey here is a normal, flying type, and it is an easy Pokemon to get. So no one chooses it. You can have it if you want," Professor Spruce explained.

    "Sure! You can watch!" Daniel said to Opal. "Ok Pancham! Use Stone edge!" The Pancham jumped into the air and summer-salted whilst sending out large stones. It's super effective! Pancham hadn't fought in a battle for a long time. Daniel found him in a basket one rainy day when he was coming home from school. The Pancham didn't want to go with Daniel, but he did want shelter. After realizing that his old trainer wouldn't come, Pancham grew towards Daniel.
  21. Luke was stunned for a moment before picking himself up off the floor. "Oh.. Sorry....." He winced, rubbing his elbow. "Reserved? Oh.. Yeah..." He dusted his overalls off and he said. "A Pidgey?!" He tilted his head. "I'll take it!" He was excited, a flying type, that would certainly help him against the first gym Leader Brote.. "Oh Professor! It'll work fine!" He was so excited, he nearly was illegible.

    (I was thinking of having Luke try gym battling, but he decides he doesn't care for it very much)
  22. "Fennekin!" Lucy said worriedly when Fennekin got hit by one of stones which Pancham threw on her. Fennekin was now hanging on a branch with her front paws. "Kin..." Fennekin growled while trying to climb on a branch. "Come on Fennekin you..." Lucy shouted and before she could end her sentence she saw her Fennekin falling from branch into nearest rose bush. "FENNEKIN!!!" Lucy screamed and without thinking she jumped from tree into rose bush where Fennekin landed. "Fennekin!" Lucy called for her Pokemon, but she didn't get an answer. "Vee?" Eevee looked at the from from tree. She wanted to save Fennekin and her master, but she was afraid of highs. "Vee..." Eevee started to cry because she can't to anything to save them.
  23. "Oh no!" Opal cried, she swung down from her branch and sat where the eevee was. "Are you all right Lucy? Fennekin?" Opal said, she then looked at the crying Eevee. "Do you want a lift down?" She asked the Eevee.

    Opal jumped looked down waiting for a response from Lucy. Opal hoped they were alright. Ali always patiently sitting on her lap, waiting to here the Fennekin.
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  24. Opal's head shot up at the sound of her name, she knew the boy, his name was Matt, but they didn't know eachother very well. The Fennekin and the girl had already fallen to the ground, it was too late to catch them. She jumped to the ground and pushed away the rose bush, offering a hand to help Lucy up.
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  25. "T-thanks..." Lucy said and took girl's hand. "Wait! My Fennekin is still there!" Lucy said worriedly and looked at rose bush. "I need to save her." Lucy said and stepped forward, but Eevee jumped from tree in front of Lucy. "Eevee?" Lucy said confusedly. Eevee looked at Lucy and ber ears twitched and she jumped into rose bush to save Fennekin.
    After a few seconds Eevee leaped from rose bush with Fennekin on her back. "Fennekin! Lucy shouted and ran to Eevee who was carrying injured Fennekin.
    "Fennekin are you alright?!" Lucy said worriedly and picked her Fennekin who had few scratches on her body. Fennekin opened her eyes and looked at Lucy with s weak smile and soon she fainted. "Fennekin!" Lucy said worriedly "We need to go ti Pokemon Center as soon as possible. "Oh and by the way, thank you for saving me." Lucy smiled to girl who help her to get out of bush. "I'm Lucy." Lucy offered her hand to girl while holding her fainted Fennekin in her other hand.
  26. "Looks like I win," Daniel said smiling whilst jumping off the tree. Pancham started dancing. "Lucy the next Pokemon centre is in Capture town which is at the end of this route," Daniel explained. He quickly said "Goodbye" and ran to Capture town. But as he got there, a trainer wanted to battle and sent out Vivillon. "Go Pancham! Use stone edge!" The Vivillon wasn't expecting it and fainted.
  27. "I can't belive! How can he be happy about?! You almost die and he celebrate his victory?!" Lucy growled to Daniel when he left the Route. "However we need to go to Pokemon Center. Are you coming with us?" Lucy asked girl who saved her
  28. "I'm Opal, a of course I'll come with you" Opal said, she started to walk towards Capture Town. "Don't worry, Fennekin will be alright" She said, looking down at the fainted Fennekin. She looked down at Fae in her arms, her wife eyes were full of curiosity. Opal could see Capture town in the distance, "Look, we're almost there!" Opal said.
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  29. "Okay, let's go!" Lucy said and ran to the Pokemon Center.
    Soon her Fennekin was fully healthed. "I'm so glad you are okay Fennekin." Lucy smiled to her Pokemon. "So, Opal where should we go now?" Lucy asked Opal while her Fennekin jumped in her arms.
  30. "Hmm... We could explore Capture Town or we go ahead to Route 2" Opal said, "There are some cool bug Pokemon here but there are also some cool Pokemon to catch on route 2... I don't mind which one we do" Opal said, she gently stroked Fae's fluffy fur. Fae looked over at Fennekin and Lucy with curiosity. "Shi! Shinx!" Fae said, greeting the Fennekin.
  31. "Well, I would love to have some new Pokemon...so? I think we should go to Route 2." Lucy said anx pointed on Route 2.
  32. "Alright, I'm planning on catching a Pokemon as well!" Opal said enthusiastically. She rushed off through the town and straight into the forest. She spotted some bugs and a pidgey, but she wondered if she could find something she hadn't already seen. Yes! A small blue and white Pokemon passed her, it had its arms out in front of it and it appeared to be sleepwalking. Opal shrugged and chucked a pokeball at it. 1... 2... Burst!

    The Pokemon jumped right out of the ball, it was now awake and ready to battle. "Alright Fae, let's do this!" Opal cried. Fae springed forward and growled at the Pokemon. Meanwhile, Opal pulled out her pokedex and scanned it. Apparently it was called a Muchlax. "Alright Fae, Use Thunder!" Opal exclaimed. Fae charged forwards and summoned lighting bolts behind her, she then twisted away from the Munchlax, and the thunderbolts hit it. It slumped down to it's bottom and then sprang back up again, this Mumchlax wasn't giving up easily.
  33. " Wait, You're Trying To Catch Munchlax? That's The Baby Version Of Snorlax, Its Extremely Hard To Catch! " Matt Decided To Give Her Some Great Balls To Help " Great Balls Are Better Than Standard Pokéballs! "
  34. Luke held in his hands a Pokeball with a little wing engraved on the red half of the ball. His eyes sparkled as he thanked the Professor and ran from the Lab, full speed, his Rattata at his heels. He grinned. "Come on! We have a gym battle to complete!" He slowed down once he hit the grassy area. He waddled through being careful not to step on anything. He then spotted a girl trying to catch a Munchlax. Interested he crept closer so that he could see.
  35. " Woah! That's Her Munchlax, Well Not Hers But Soon To Be Hers! " Matt Had Spotted Luke " Anyway I Know Its A Bit Weird To Do This But Would You Like To Battle? "
  36. Luke jumped, he was a bit finicky lately. The excitement in his veins... He was challenged to a battle! He turned to Matt.
    "A battle?" He said holding up his new Pokeball. "It's on!" Rattata hopped up onto Luke's shoulder and made a little fist with his paw.
  37. " I'll Take That As A Yes, Ok Pidgey, Come On Out! " Matt Had Experience With Battles " Ok Pidgey Use Tackle! " Pidgey Charged Towards The Rattata Delivering A Mighty Blow To It.
  38. Rattata didn't have a chance to react. He crashed to the ground, squeaking in shock, Shaking himself off he stood back up. Luke adjusted his fingerless glove,
    "Rattata, use double team! Then use quick attack." He knew little about what he was doing. He only knew how to make a recipe for Pokemon food... He gushed a bit at the thought.
  39. " Pidgey, Dodge It And Use Gust! " Pidgey Dodged The Tackle And Used Gust Knocking The Rattata Back To The Ground " That's Right Pidgey! "
  40. "Wow, that Munchlax is pretty strong." Lucy said while watching battle between Opal Shinx and wild Pokemon. Suddenly something hard fell on Lucy's head and she fell on the ground "OW!" Lucy said while rubbing her which just had been hit by an Oran Berry. Lucy looked up on the tree where Oran Berry. "Strange...this is Pecha Berry tree. How did then Oran Berry fell from it?" Lucy asked confusedly. Fennekin looked up on tree and pointed at Yungoos who was going down the tree and sat next to Lucy. "Oh, hello." Lucy smiled to Yungoos who was looking curiously at her. "Is this yours?" Lucy handed Oran Berry to Yungoos who sniffed Oran Berry,nodded and took Oran Berry in his paws, but he didn't ran away. He was still sitting next to Lucy while smiling at Fennekin and Eevee.
    "So...you are not afraid of us?" Lucy asked Yungoos who put Oran Berry on the ground and sat in Lucy's leap.
    Lucy petted Yungooses head and smile to him. "Friends?" Lucy asked Yungoos who automatically nodded and smiled to Fennekin and Eevee who were sitting next to Lucy. "Yungoos, do you wanna travel with us?" Lucy said and pulled PokeBall from her bag and handed it to Yungoos who smiled and pressed his head to PokeBall. PokeBall opened and Yungoss jumped into it. "Wow! It looks like we have a new friend." Lucy smiled to Fennekin and Eevee and continue watching battle between Opal's Shinx and wilx Munchlax.

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