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Open Johto Journeys

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Bloody Pikachu, Mar 3, 2018.

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  1. To join this forum all you have to do is enter your:
    Name: (Only first name, can be fake)
    Gender: (Optional}
    Appearance: (Just basic stuff like skin color, hair and eye color. and a general idea of clothing)
    Town/City of Origin: (Which town/city your character was born in, doesn't have to be in Johto)
    and Pokemon

    1: In Pokemon battles between two people on the forum , Pokemon fainting will only be narrated by the person owning said Pokemon, but be fair, if you feel a Pokemon should faint it should faint.
    2: Remember, we're all friends here so have fun. ;D

    I'll start the forum:
    Name: Kyle
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: White skin, black hair, hazel eyes, red hoodie, baggy jeans, red cap.
    Town/City of Origin: New Bark Town
    Pokemon: Currently None

    Kyle was a trainer from New Bark Town who was Gold's neighbor. A few weeks had gone by after Gold had gone on his Pokemon journey, so on Kyle's 13th birthday Prof. Elm showed up at Kyle's house and surprised him with the starter that was left after Gold got his Pokemon Chikorita, and when Silver (the local troublemaker) stole his Pokemon Cyndaquil. The Pokemon that Kyle received was called Totodile, the water type starter. Prof. Elm also gave Kyle a Pokedex and some Pokeballs, and after saying goodbye to everybody Kyle left on his Pokemon journey. "Looks like our first stop on our journey is Violet City Totodile", Kyle said as he looked down at his map while his Totodile followed him. With much confidence they entered Route 29.
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  2. Sure, I'll join

    Name: Esh
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Appearance: stretched plain black T-Shirt with a red and white jacket, with some denim shorts, and Pokeball colored shoes. white, short and thin, black long hair, with a slight poof at the top.
    Backstory: after collecting the 8 badges of Kanto and becoming champion, Esh decided to go to MT. Silver, as complicated Missingno. only existing in Kanto stuff, not wanting to remove them from this state of living. after being defeated by some random trainer, she decided to do the challenge of Johto to get stronger, thus beginning the events of this RP
    Pokemon: Dinner: Nidoking LV 100 (Boxed) Bee: Nidoqueen LV 72 (Boxed) Yeevee: Flareon LV 91 (Boxed) Karpo: Gyarados LV 80 (Boxed) Hit-Chan: Hitmonchan LV 68 (Boxed) Missy: Missingno. LV 40 (MIA)

    "Well, I finally made it, New Bark Town," She said, triumphantly, "well, I guess I should get a starter, right" Esh said to herself, as she walked to New Bark Town. Esh took her first step into Johto, drenched, as she used the way from Victory Road, "Now where is the Pokemon Lab?" she asked herself, "It has to be here somewhere." she continued, but before she could start looking, a red haired boy broke through the window of a Pokemon lab, holding a Pokeball. Esh noticed this happen, and attempted to chase after him, but he was soon out of sight, and thus, out of mind, "well, that was probably the last Pokemon, oh well, I'll just go get some wild Pokemon, from the next route over." she said, before leaving to the next route
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  3. I'll join

    Name: Damien
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance: White skin, dark blond hair, blue eyes, wearing glasses, a black shirt, skinny jeans and boat shoes
    Town/City of Origin: Lavender Town
    Pokémon: Darwin: Eevee LV 8 (Party)
    Personality and backstory: Damien is a calm and timid person. He is modest but honest, having some difficulty making human friends. Have Darwin since he was 8, and they are best friends. They already have some experience in pokémon battle, as they wanted to do the challenge of Kanto eventually. But since they moved to Johto, those plans will have to change. Damien love to draw.

    After Damien's parents divorced, he was forced to move to Cherrygrove City with his mother. Shocked and confused about things changing so quickly in his life, Damien decided to take a walk outside after helping unwrapping boxes after boxes, in order understand what just happened this last week. With his Eevee on his shoulder, he entered route 29 without paying attention. Barely a foot in, a red hair boy bump into him, making Damien fall on his back.
    "Look where you're going, wimp," the red hair boy said. As Damien was going to apologize, the boy interrupt him "You! You got one of those rare Eevees! What are you, a spoiled kid? That's a pokémon that's no good for a wimp like you."
    "B-but I didn't mean to get in your way, I was just-" Damien barely started his sentence that the boy stop him again.
    "You don't get what i'm saying... well, I too have a good pokémon. I'll show you what I mean!", said the red hair boy as he threw his Cyndaquil into battle.

    "I... okay then, go Darwin! You know what to do," Damien reply. The Eevee immediately jump in front of the Cyndaquil and the battle began. As the red hair kid order his Cyndaquil to tackle, the Eevee answer with sand attacks and tail whips, without Damien saying anything. The battle continue, and with more tackles from the Cyndaquil, the kid say "Humph! Do you even know how to battle? That Eevee look like he is about to faint, and didn't even hurt my Cyndaquil yet. You're weaker than I thought!"
    "...that should be enough. Darwin, finish him!" Damien reply. The Eevee nod, then tackle the the Cyndaquil by surprise, which knocked him out in one hit.

    "I... what just happened?" the confused boy said. Damien hesitate to say something,but after a moment, the boy took back his posture and said "Are you happy you won, spoiled kid?" but he still doesn't give a second for Damien to answer and continue "Now get out of my way, because I'm going to be the world's greatest Pokémon Trainer." which he then push Damien aside to go on his way.
    "...what an interesting kid, don't you agree?" Damien say to his Eevee, giving him an Oran berry. "But you know what? That Silver boy just gave me a great idea!" Damien continue as he pick up the trainer card the red hair boy accidentally dropped "We were planning to do the Kanto challenge, but how about the Johto challenge instead?" The Eevee happily nod, and both started walking down route 29 towards New Bark Town.
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  4. I'll join too, if you guys don't mind

    Name: Connor
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Spiky white hair, tanned skin, black and purple vest with a green undershirt, green shorts and white shoes
    Town: Ecruteak City
    Pokemon: Rowlet lv8 and Gastly lv9
    Backstory: Conner is a carefree and Pokemon loving trainer. He loves pokemon battles and making new friends. He lives with his parents in Ecruteak City where his father is training under Morty, the Gym Leader. As a result, his father gave him his first pokemon, Gastly. After vacationing to Alola, Conner had received Rowlet from Professor Kukui as a birthday gift. Now back in Johto, he is determined to take the Johto league challenge and win.

    Conner had just walked out of the Cherrygrove Pokemon Center when he heard all the commotion on Route 29. "Hmm, wonder what all the commotion's about?" He asked himself as his Rowlet, who is perched on his shoulder, cooed happily and ruffled it's feathers. "Welp, I gotta head to New Bark Town anyways. Dad told me to deliver this letter to Professor Elm." He said as he started walking down Route 29.
  5. sounds like fun, and besides, Johto is clearly the best region.

    Name: Wint
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance:Has messy blonde-orange hair, with a dark red T-Shirt with the print, "1996" and Beige Jeans, with Black Skate shoes, As well as a black satchel
    Hometown: Viridian City (Kanto)
    Personality: Wint Is usually calm and collected, is mostly serious and quiet but is a little more talkative around people he knows, he gets annoyed or agitated quite easily, but is never extremely angry, He is clever when it comes to strategy with battling and can get out of a tough spot easily depending what it is.
    Pokemon: Magmus (Lv. 33 Quilava) Koro (Lv. 27 Rhyhorn)
    Backstory: Moved To Johto from Viridian City only a few weeks ago, already had 2 Pokemon when he got to Johto, his Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava shortly after moving, He doesnt want to go to the Johto League or anything, he just wants friends and a journey through his new home, currently he is staying at Cherrygrove sitting at a bench with Magmus asleep on his lap.
  6. Never done this before but seems like fun

    Name: Jade
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: White skin, messy blonde hair, Blue eyes, blue shorts, Dive ball themed cap, black shirt.
    Town/City of Origin: Pallet Town
    Pokemon: Splash (Squirtle)
    Personality: Quiet and often fumbles over his words.
    Backstory: Originally lived in pallet town but he got his first pokemon just before moving to violet city in johto. He agreed with his friends that once he had finished his journey he would battle them at the pokemon league.

    Jade walked through violet city, the wind blowing on his face with his squirtle next to him, he knew that this was around the time most professors give away pokemon in the year so there would probably be a few trainers that he could battle soon. Speaking of professors, professor oak told him to call professor elm when he got into johto to help with some research he was doing
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  7. (ooc: i thought this was dead, but i guess its not anymore, nice)

    Damien made his way trough route 29 very slowly, enjoying the view of big green trees and cute small pokémons everywhere, with Darwin; they've use to live far from any forest and never had a chance to see quite a scene their whole life. Pidgeys in the trees, sentret here and there, sometime a rattata, Damien hoped his journey through Johto would always be as pleasant and relaxing. Well, he knew he still had to convince whoever is the professor in New Bark Town lab's, and his mother, to let him go on this "journey".

    Damien bubble popped when he noticed he was already in front of the so said lab. "Prof. Elm lab, feel free to enter" the post read."Here goes nothing..." He told himself as he knocked and opened the door. "Yes, who is it?" Elm asked. Damien nervously answered "I am... er... I moved to Johto recently, so wanted a... I mean, my name is Damien Sol, and I am here for a Johto trainer card, and I already have a partner... I mean pokémon, so I don't need a "starter"." Elm took a time to carefully replace his glasses, then took a good look at Damien and his partner.

    "Well, that should be no problem then!" Elm joyfully said "How old are you?" he excitedly asked, quickly moving to his computer. "Ah.. er... I am 15, sir." Damien replied "Please call me Professor Elm, or just Prof. Elm, ha ha. Anyway, just a moment to print this... and... DONE! Here you go, brave challenges, meet new friends, but more importantly, have fun out there!" Giving the newly printed trainer card to Damien, and escorting him out. Trainer card now in hands, Damien was motionless. "...vee?" Darwin asked, worried. "This... IT WAS SO MUCH EASIER THAN I THOUGHT!!!" And with this, Damien grabbed his Eevee and started running to route 29 again, smile on his face. His Jonto Journey finally began.
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  8. Jade decided to walk to the pokemon center and call the professor "Hello, this is Jade, professor oak told me to call you when I get to Johto," he said, "Ahh Jade, professor oak told me about you," Prof. Elm Replied "So what did you want to call me for?" "Well I`ve just found this egg and was wondering if you could take care of it" "Sure" replied Jade. "Ok the egg should be in your pc box, thank you for taking care of it" Jade then turned off the phone and took the egg out of the pc. "Wow we have 2 members in the team already, well sort of" he said as splash nodded.
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  9. Ima join too

    Name: Mykee
    Gender: Male
    Apperance: White skin, Messy black hair, blue eyes, Black jacket, White shirt, black trousers and aaa
    ultra ball themed hat.I
    Town/city of origin: Littleroot Town
    Pokemon: Blade (Grovyle), Soul (Absol), Angel (Kirlia).
    Personality: Socialy awkward. Serious. Makes a lot of enemies. Not the nicest person ever.
    Backstory: After capturing Pokemon from Hoenn, he decided to start his journey in good old Johto. Nothing eventful has realy ever happened to him so I don't have much to put here. It has always been his dream to become the pokemon champion.
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  10. Cyber_Poipole

    Cyber_Poipole Previously Cyberspace_warrik

    Im in,

    Name: Kai Winston
    Gender: male
    Appearance: White skin, black reddish hair (changes from time to time) white shirt with a Pokeball on it, covered by a black jacket, and jeans, and a belt with pokeballs.
    town/origin: Varidian city
    Pokemon: Charizard (lvl 40) Lapris (lvl 28) Riolu (lvl 5) Nidorino (Lvl 30)
    Backstory: Coming from kanto, Kai placed 5th in the kanto leauge. devastated, but hopeful, he traveled to jhoto to in hopes of winning the leuge, as a matter of fact he already has 4 badges!!!! kai dreams of becoming champion, and showing the...people from his youth that he is worth somthing.

    Kai walked down route 29, hands in pockets, looking all loner as always. as he walked, he listiened to everything around him. the song of the wind, to sound of the leaves, and the buzz of pokemon. Kai walked down the route, seeing trainers here and their, but then, he saw a pokemon stuck in a root.
    "Hey their little guy"
    The pokemon looked away. "Cater....c...caterpi"
    kai untangled the root and put the pokemon on a tree branch.
    "there you go caterpi, later" he waved and walked off, but then, he saw, another trainer. this one was...diffrent, kai could sense it.
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  11. I'm Also In.

    Name: Syth
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Black Hair, Black eyes, Pale Skin, wears a Red Hoodie on top of a black Shirt. He also wears a grey pants and red shoes.
    Town/Origin: Pallet Town
    Pokemon: Charmander
    Backstory: After Syth went to the Pallet town lab, he asked Prof. Oak to give him a pokemon. Squirtle was already chosen by someone, so he went for Charmander, 2 days later he moved to Johto to start his adventures.

    Syth would enter Route 29, attempting to find a pokemon that he could catch. He would then see trainers walking down the different paths and forests. Later he would see a caterpie stuck in a root and a young trainer helping it so he turned the other way.
    "Here come out charmander"
    He'd send his Charmander out and would sit on a log, resting.
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  12. Cyber_Poipole

    Cyber_Poipole Previously Cyberspace_warrik

    kai walked past the trainer.
    "Nice effort. I like a trainer who cares for more than just his pokemon" Kai looked at the trainer.
    "Charmander, nice, I chose him to begin my journey as well." kai then continued to walk down the path, getting closer to cherrygrove.
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  13. "Well may as well go walk somewhere, maybe find a trainer to battle," said Jade "Ok lets go to Cherrygrove," he said. Jade walked down route 31 to 30 meeting and battling a trainer every once in a while, but none of them where strong enough, after a while of walking he could see the pokemon center for cherrygrove city, "Let`s heal you up," said Jade to his squirtle, the egg was in his bag as he waited for it to hatch. Jade walked into the pokemon center and gave Splash to the nurse, he then sat down and waited for a little while
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  14. Cyber_Poipole

    Cyber_Poipole Previously Cyberspace_warrik

    Kai walked through the automatic doors of the pokemon center. he walked up to the counter, struck a conversation with nurse joy, and walked to the cafe. he got a bowl of ramen, let riolu out of his pokeball, and the two shared. afterwords, he returned riolu to his ball and walked to a seat near jade.
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  15. "Oh hey" said Jade looking over at the trainer near him "Oh wow a riolu those are from sinnoh right?" he asked "Oh by the way my name is Jade, what about you?" he asked the trainer as he closed his bag after quickly checking the egg that he thought was going to hatch really soon.
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  16. Cyber_Poipole

    Cyber_Poipole Previously Cyberspace_warrik

    "Im kai" he simply replied. "your right, riolus are from sinnoh. hes not my strongest pokemon, but my pokemon with the most meaning to me" he said. he moved to a seat next to jade. "May I?" standing up revealed his other 3 pokeballs.
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  17. "Wow, I still only have a single pokemon, wait gimme a sec," he quickly ran to the counter and grabbed Splash his squirtle, "Currently I have an egg that I think is close to hatching, I can`t wait to see what`s inside!" he said as he walked back to sit down next to the trainer and his riolu.
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  18. Cyber_Poipole

    Cyber_Poipole Previously Cyberspace_warrik

    "I grew up around pokemon, I could help incubate it if you want" kai offered, grabbing a Pokeball and pressing the button in the middle, enlarging it. "It will make it hatch faster." Grabbing the Pokeball also revealed the 4 gym badges on Kais belt.
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  19. Jade quickly saw his badges "Wow you have 4 badges? What region are they from? I can`t tell" said Jade "Well yeah I guess it would be nice to have it hatch faster, I don`t know the first thing about incubation," He said "It would be great if you could help," he said unzipping his bag to reveal a dark grey egg with red stripes on it,"
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  20. Cyber_Poipole

    Cyber_Poipole Previously Cyberspace_warrik

    "hmm....i think that might be a dark type egg." kai threw the Pokeball, which summoned a Charizard. kai set up an incubator, placed the egg on top, and Charizard put its tail under it. "That will make it faster for a bit." kai walked next to jade. "by the way, these are jhoto badges, I came to cherrygrove to make it 5" Kai showed him a picture of the cherrigrove gym. "Also, I was looking for someone to travel with, it gets boring out their alone, and, judging you look younger than me, i think you could learn a thing or two" kai offered.
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  21. "I would love to travel with you!" said Jade looking at the egg as it shaked getting incredibly close to hatching, he looked up at the the tv, there was a program about the resent sighting of the mythical pokemon mew. "I`m trying to get gym badges as well," he looked at the egg and it started hatching "Wait look at it!" it broke open and out came a red light followed by a mew forming "Um, is that whats supposed to happen? I thought it was for a dark type!" he looked back up at the television and looked back to see a small zorua where the mew was. "Um... what???" he said still confused.
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  22. Cyber_Poipole

    Cyber_Poipole Previously Cyberspace_warrik

    (i know my character doesnt)
    "The zorua was the mew, Zorua is a shapeshifter" kai laughed, returning charizard and riolu. "now, put that zorua in its ball, and lets go." kai began to walk out the door. "tell me jade, wheres the gym, seems like you have been here longer than I have" kai put his hands in his pockets and began strolling down the road.
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  23. Jade put zorua in a pokeball before it could do anymore shapeshifting "Well thats weird," He said and giggled "Wait what gym, I don`t seem to remember there being any gyms around here," he said even more confused than he was before. "Unless you mean the violet city gym which is a whole two routes away."
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  24. Cyber_Poipole

    Cyber_Poipole Previously Cyberspace_warrik

    Kai stopped and turned. "t...th...theirs....n...no....gym...here" his eyes got wide. "so...I..came...from...the city with the gym....to....the city without one!" kai looked at his picture. "Dang it! I had a feeling that kid was lying. welp, there goes 300 poke-dollars"
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  25. "Oh...so what gyms have you beaten? the violet city gym isn`t going anywhere, that is, unless you`ve already beaten it, if you have the closest is an extra 2 routes from there making it 4 routes in total," said Jade nervously "I still haven`t challenged that gym anyway so thats something," he said trying to get Kais mood up.
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  26. Cool I'm join:
    Name: Albert
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: White skin, black hair, black eyes, blue jeans, red cap.
    Town/City of Origin: Twinleaf Town
    Pokemon Party: Decidueye, Empoleon, Gliscor, Magnezone, Snorlax

    Albert is the son of de boss of Silph S.A, but he moved to Sinnoh and Johto.
    He loves the pokemon and beated the Gyms and Elite Four of Sinnoh and Johto.
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  27. Cyber_Poipole

    Cyber_Poipole Previously Cyberspace_warrik

    "well jade...since I'm going to violet city, you should challenge that one with me!!" Kai said excitedly. "Let me see.....i have the bug one beaten, thanks to Charizard....uh....and.... I don't remember, I just remember winning" kai smiled. "here, let's save us the travel, ever flown on a Charizard?"
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  28. "Really!?" said Jade in awe "Well to answer your question no, I definitely have not," he said "Will we both even fit though?" he asked still amazed and in great shock that he was going to get to ride a charizard back to Violet city "Wow I really didn`t expect all this to happen," he said.
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  29. Cyber_Poipole

    Cyber_Poipole Previously Cyberspace_warrik

    Kai threw charizards Pokeball, summoning him. he jumped onto Charizard and helped jade up. then Charizard began to fly, high in the air. Kai nodded at Charizard and Charizard flew over the whole region. Kai pointed, and Charizard went down twords violet city.
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  30. When they got to the ground Jade got off "Wow that was so much faster than walking, I just saved half an hour," he said "So you are challenging the gym? So who is going to battle the gym leader first? I don`t really mind it that much," he said as he looked over at the Violet city gym.
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  31. Cyber_Poipole

    Cyber_Poipole Previously Cyberspace_warrik

    "well....Since I have experance....You should go first" Kai walked through the automatic doors. "wow...it is really windy" Kai zipped his jacket and put his hands in his pockets. Falkner walked up to kai.
    "Ahh, my first challenger. you seem strong as a trainer."
    "Hold it, im not going first. my friend here is going against you" kai pushed jade in front of Falkner.
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  32. "OK lets go!" said Jade, they walked to the battle field and they started to battle "Go Splash!" yelled Jade as his squirtle ran forward "Go pidgey!" yelled falkner as he threw a pokeball to reveal a pidgey, "Splash use bubble!" yelled Sol "Pidgey use gust!" yelled Falkner, Splash sent bubbles at the pidgey but it countered with a gust of wind "Use tackle!" the two trainers both commanded, the pokemon hit at eachover and where damaged "Again!" yelled Falkner "Bubble!" yelled Jade and the pidgey flew towards the squirtle and instead of using bubble it learn`t water gun and took out pidgey.

    "Pidgeotto finish him!" yelled falkner, the pidgeotto entered the battle and used quick attack to take out squirtle. "Ok one pokemon left, go!" Jade threw a pokeball and out came a charizard, "Umm ok use scratch!" the disguised pokemon ran forward and freaked out the pidgeotto, "Use quick attack!" Said Falkner confused, the pidgeotto quickly flew at the pokemon and they hit eachover, zorua turned back to its normal form and pidgeotto flew back, "Scratch!" yelled Jade, the zorua scratched at the pidgeotto and it faint. "Great job, heres your badge," said Falkner as he gave Jade a badge "Ok you next,"
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  33. Cyber_Poipole

    Cyber_Poipole Previously Cyberspace_warrik

    "watch...this" kai walked up. "Falkner, I already have 4 badges, use your true team" Kai then grabbed a pokeball. "LAPRIS, I CHOOSE YOU" he yelled as lapris appeard from the ball, up against a ferow. "ICE BEAM!" lapris hit the ferows wing, freezing it. freow used wing blade to break the ice, then used peck. Then lapris used surf, hitting the ferow to the ground, finishing with aura beam. Falkner lost 1 pokemon, but then throws out a pidgeott.
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  34. Kyle and Totodile entered Route 29 when they saw Silver storming back into town. "Hey twerp, I just lost a battle and I'm not in the mood." Silver said, "So get out of my way before I force you out of my way." Kyle moved out of the way before Silver turned around and said, "Oh by the way, that Totodile of your's is the biggest pushover I've ever seen." Kyle noticed that it was getting late but pressed on anyways. Soon it was pitch black out and Kyle and Totodile got turned around. Suddenly they heard a faint hoot far away. Seeing no other option they followed it and made their way to Cherrygrove City. They decided to call it in for the night and slept at the Pokemon Center. The next morning they ate breakfast and got back out on the road. Kyle asked Totodile, "Hey buddy, what do you think that hooting was we heard last night?" Suddenly they heard another hoot and turned around to find a strange owl creature. "What is that?" Kyle asked as he pulled out his Pokedex. The Pokedex responded by saying," Hoothoot, the Owl Pokemon, a Normal and Flying type. It always stands on one foot. It changes feet so fast, the movement can rarely be seen." Kyle returned the Pokedex to it's place in his pocket and ordered Totodile to use Water Gun. The Hoothoot returned with a powerful Peck, but Totodile got back up and used Rage to knock the Hoothoot down. "Pokeball go!" Kyle said as he chucked a Pokeball at the Hoothoot. He watched the Pokeball slowly shake 3 times, before ending with a satisfying *click*. Kyle picked up the Pokeball and said, "Alright, I just caught a Hoothoot!" Kyle ran over to Totodile and congratulated it on it's victory. Kyle threw the Pokeball and said, "Hoothoot, I choose you." "Welcome to the team, Hoothoot." Kyle said as Hoothoot gave a happy hoot. Totodile energetically ran over to Hoothoot and started playing with it. Kyle returned Hoothoot back to it's Pokeball and they were once again, on their way to Violet City.
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  35. Well im playing the virtual console version of silver so ok why not.
    Name: Hadix
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Wears a red t shirt underneath the gray hoodie and she also wears jeans and boots also has blonde hair.
    Age: 14
    Town/City of origin: Snowpoint city
    Pokémon: None yet
    Backstory: Hadix's family moved to johto's Cherrygrove city not that long ago for work but Hadix didn't wanna stay inside the house for the rest of her life so she told her mum about starting a pokemon adventure and seeing if she met professor elm and luckly she works at the lab and has professor elm's phone number and she will lead Hadix to the lab tomorrow.

    "Hey darling guess what time it is?" Hadix's mother replied behind the door waking Hadix up from her sleep and then she noticed its time to get a pokemon. so she quickly got dressed and opened the door "Well mum im ready so how's your Pokémon doing?" Hadix replied happly to her mum "My Watchdog's pretty nice as a partner pokemon apart from your dad's Quagsire but anyway lets go." so they walked to new bark's pokemon lab and opened the door and professor elm's assistant said "Well it seems that our newest lab assistant has a daughter so whats her name?" "My name is Hadix and I want to become a trainer." Hadix said. "Well are you ten because if you want to become a pokemon trainer that means a age of ten and up." "Im 14 years old and im ready." Hadix said nicely. "Well professor elm will not be coming in a minute so you might wanna sit down." Hadix was both scared and excited at the same time and in a few minutes later Professor elm came up with a shiny cyndaquil that was chosen from her mother. "Hello Hadix! I have heard that your mother was a helper from sinnoh's Team galactic attack at the game corner's saving lives and defeating the leader also she chose this cyndaquil for you because it looks different in the type of colour." Cyndaquil was adorablely cute and its flames were perfect for roasting marshmellows. "Im gonna call you caramel!" Hadix said and then got a pokedex from her mother and it was new. "Cyndaquil the fire mouse pokemon, its back is perfect for roasting marshmellows and battleing but if its heat's not the same with your eyes it means its sick and has to go to a medical center at once." and professor elm gave Hadix 5 pokeballs and she went off on a pokemon adventure.
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  36. Finally, Kyle and his Pokemon had reached Violet City. Kyle, with Totodile perched on his shoulder said, "The day is finally here Totodile. Today we're going to challenge the gym, and get our first gym badge." They walked inside and felt a strong gust of wind, almost blowing them back. They looked up to find the gym leader Falkner, standing on a high ledge. "Welcome to my gym, challenger!" Falkner said over the wind, "Now show me what you're made of!" Suddenly Kyle and Totodile were lifted up into the air. Kyle had to hastily grab on to a nearby ledge, while also making sure Totodile didn't fall of his shoulder. Falkner said triumphantly, "Nice reflexes challenger, now let's get this show on the road. But I must warn you, my Flying types are nothing to bat an eye at." A referee for the gym walked over and said, "This will be a 2 on 2 battle between the challenger Kyle, and the gym leader Falkner. The battle will end once either sides Pokemon have all been defeated." With that the battle began between Kyle and Falkner. "Alright Hoothoot, I chose you!" Kyle said as he sent out his Hoothoot. Falkner reached for his Pokeball and said, "You can't clip my wings that easily! Pidgey, I choose you!" "As the challenger, Kyle will get the first move." The referee said. "Okay then." Said Kyle. "Hoothoot use Hypnosis!" Falkner's Pidgey dodged the attack and used Tackle against Hoothoot. The attack almost knocked Hoothoot off the ledge, before it recovered and flew back into battle. Hoothoot retaliated with a Peck attack, while Pidgey used another Tackle. Both Pokemon were sent flying by the force of their attacks. Pidgey used Gust, which Hoothoot dodged. Hoothoot then used Tackle which sent Pidgey backwards. At that moment both trainers said, "Now use, Tackle!" A cloud of dust surrounded both Pokemon, and when the dust settled both Pokemon had fainted. "Wow you and your Pokemon have really shown some power. But of course, I still have one Pokemon left." Falkner said, " Go Pidgeotto!" Kyle responded with, "It's all up to you Totodile!" Totodile started off by using Water Gun, which Pidgeotto dodged. Pidgeotto responded with a Gust that did serious damage to Totodile. It followed that with a Quick Attack that sent Totodile over the edge. "Oh no, Totodile!" Kyle shouted as he frantically searched for Totodile's Pokeball, before realizing that Totodile never goes into it's Pokeball. At that moment a gust of wind blew up from the ground that lifted Totodile back up to the platform. "Oh thank goodness buddy." Kyle said as he tightly embraced Totodile. "Would you like to continue the battle?" Falkner asked. "No thank you." Kyle responded, "I think Totodile needs some time to calm down after that." "Well suit yourself." Falkner said, "Don't be ashamed that you lost, you gave it your all and that's what counts. There's a place in town known as the Sprout Tower, where trainers go to make their Pokemon stronger. Maybe you could challenge them, then come back and face me again." Kyle nodded and said, "Maybe I will, thank you Falkner." "The pleasures all mine" Falkner said, "Come back any time." Kyle and his Pokemon left for the Pokemon Center with one goal in mind, take on the Sprout Tower and then fight Falkner again.
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  37. Hadix was walking around with her cute pokemon caramel in the route to her hometown Cherrygrove to tell dad what's gonna happen to her. and when she opened the door dad was relaxing on a chair and said "Well darling I guess you are ready to go on a adventure.... Wait what? your starter's a fire type. that's my starter's young. because each time for good I chose my typhosion to breed with a ditto. because I want to spend time with my quagsire. here's some cash. use it wisely on anything that seems useful to you." And dad stood up and walked to his wallet and grabbed some 3000 pokedollers and gave it to her. "Well grab those badges and you can become the champion of the pokemon league which I didn't attend at all because I deserve to go my own ways. so you can follow in my footsteps and win.... my daughter's growing up..." said dad starting to shed some tears. " Said dad shedding a tear. "Cynda Cynda!" said caramel wanting to go. "That cyndaquil wants to go so come on. you might get a pokegear along the way" said dad and Hadix walked on to the road up to Violet city and when she stepped foot at one.... a sick wild skarmory was resting wanting a pecha berry. "That pokemon needs my help!" Hadix said and she went to a berry house and she knocked on the door then a voice said "You know that you can open the door." "Sorry!" said Hadix and she opened the door and a guy was sitting on a chair. "Well im the berry master here ya know and some trees produce them so I guess you need that wild Steel/Flying type pokemon Skarmory right?" "Yes mate I want a pecha berry." Hadix replied like someone from the land down under. "Well I'm gonna give you 2 oran's and 2 pecha's I grew from my garden." "Wow thanks!" said Hadix and she went outside to still see the skarmory resting and she gave it a pecha and it was cured. "Skarm Skarmory!!" said skarmory happily and instead of flying away it wants to be a member of Hadix's team. "You are a cool pokemon so yeah im adding you to the team!" said hadix happily holding out a pokeball. skarmory walked up to the pokeball and headbutted the button concealing it in the ball. 1.... 2..... 3..... CLICK! Skarmory was caught and its data was loaded to the pokedex. "Skarmory the armor bird pokemon. its steel body protects it from oncoming attacks that are rock type moves. ground types cant hit this pokemon because its a bird." Hadix, Caramel and their newest addition Blendy walked up to Violet city. but a girl in a samurai ghetto was right behind her. "Heh fancy meeting ya" She said jumpscareing Hadix in the progress "AHH you scared me!" Hadix said. "My name is Sushia. im a samurai and your rival. or a Rivalrai. as you can see I own a starter called Bulbasaur. his nickname is Vineko so what's your name?" She said "My name's Hadix thank you very much!" Hadix said with caramel looking a bit wounded from some pokemon battles Sushia laughed and healed their pokemon. "C'mon lets go to my hometown. its where the flying gym is." Sushia said. "Do you really live there?" Hadix said "Well I used to be orphaned at saffron's orphanage. but I got adopted from some two guys that needed a person to train to become a Poke-Samurai! they lived at Violet city. so I had to go with that famous rival to a hero, blue. he led me all the way to Vermillion's s.s aqua. and told them to drive her to johto's port. I was eight at the time and the year that you were not born yet. so I'm now a 18 year old rival with a Bulbasaur. and I will meet you for a fight at union cave. when you're done." Sushia said and they both walked to violet.
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  38. Thought I'd join cause Johto's my favorite region
    Name: Tawny
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Tan skin, short and wavy dark brown hair with brown eyes that have hints of an amber like color. She wears a yellow, ratty zip up hoodie with a hole in the left elbow, grey shoes and jean shorts. She has a small scar across her right cheek.
    Personality: Pretty laid back, not very ambitious, kind of oblivious and social
    Town/City of Origin: Lumiose City/ lived in Hea Hea City for a while
    Pokemon: Eevee (Colgate), Honedge (Foil), Mareanie (Squiggy)

    Tawny continued along the path at a pace that couldn't quite be considered a jog nor could it be considered a walk. "Colgate! Slow down!" Tawny dragged out the 'n' in down letting out a defeated sigh as her partner continued to hop along the trail merrily, ignoring her calls completely. She rolled her eyes but smiled, picking up her pace to keep up with the little ball of fluff. The pokemon let out a short cry and stopped, ears perked as his eyes scanned the trees around them. Tawny followed suit, glancing first to the left, then down at her Eevee whose head swiveled, ears shifting, eyes watching. "Do you see anything?" Silence. "Is it a pokemon?" She half whispered with growing excitement, she'd been in Johto for some time around two weeks but still hadn't had any luck catching a wild pokemon. "If it is do you think we can battle it and see if it'll join us?" This time Colgate looked up at her and their eyes met before he let out a small cry and turned, racing towards the trees. "Colgate no!" Tawny yelped, voice still in a whisper yell, in case there were any wild pokemon to be found. She let out another sigh and hurried off the trail and after her partner.
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  39. Ok, I shall join.

    Name: Percer
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Percer wears a red, long sleeved hoodie with two white pockets on the side, a pair of goggles used like glasses, a backpack carrying a fishing rod and a notebook along with some pokeballs, and a black souvenir cap from Alola.
    City of Origin: Driftveil City (his father was a miner, which is where he got the name Percer.)
    Pokemon: Sentrent (Male, Scout), Heracross (Female, Ripple)

    Percer moved to Johto a few weeks ago. The calm city of Cherrygrove would very much take getting used too. He kind of missed the sound of drills in Clay’s cave, or the sound of pickaxes banging on stone down in the cave beside the PWT. He would miss the noisiness of the battles in the PWT, watching trainers from around the world dueling it out with their Pokemon. He would miss the trainer with the powerful Garchomp too.
    Cherrygrove was just a small city, nothing really striking about it, aside from the beach, which was pretty fun to play at. He always felt bored in this place, even with his Pokemon around. Although his mother always repeated herself, Percer asked once more, and his mother finally gave in.
    A few days had passed before Percer left home, heading to Violet. He sketched a few pictures of Pokemon while traveling down Route 30.
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  40. Tawny ducked under a low hanging branch and had to rip her jacket off of thorns multiple times during her pursuit, Colgate seemed to show no signs of slowing down. She narrowly avoided getting poked in the eye by yet another low hanging branch as she dropped to all fours to crawl under a shrub after the Eevee. "Col! Stop! Please! If it's a pokemon, I'm not sure losing an eye is quite worth it!" Her pleas never seemed to reach him though and she pushed herself back onto her feet as she took off through the forest again, feet crunching over fallen leaves and branches as she had to stop and hoist herself over a log that her Eevee had squeezed under. As she reached the other side of the log, Tawny stopped, as she bent over, hands on her knees and gasping for air. She looked up to see that Colgate had stopped running to look back at her impatiently. "You'd *gasp* think as *gasp* a trainer -" She paused to swallow and breathe for a few seconds "- I'd be more in shape. You'd also think that you'd have better listening skills." At that Eevee let out a cry and began to walk again, heading in the same direction they'd been running. "Finally, something more my pace." Tawny muttered, following her partner a few paces back. For a moment, as they walked a nice and slow pace Tawny thought that finally Colgate's energy had been drained, at least ever so slightly. That was until he glanced back at her once again letting out a cry and turning to race through the trees again. "Ugh. I should just put you back in your pokeball." Instead of doing that though, Tawny raced after him once again, this time not having to duck as many trees.
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