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Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Blarg, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. TOPIC REVIVAL FTW! Anyways, what instruments do you guys play? I've been playing on an old, beat up drum kit of mine scince I was about 7. I'm also in a small local band called Nail Bomb. I also play tenor as well as alto sax for my school band.
  2. Woooh~

    I play a bit of guitar and keyboard. I've been learning ukulele, and I'm playing Build Me Up Buttercup on one for the school talent show (on Tuesday, wooh :D).

    I sing, too. If vocal-chords count as instruments. :>
  3. Hm, Let's see. I do yambee, drums, taiko, and a bunch of other drumming instruments. I play a little piano, too.
  4. I play the keyboard/piano (Learning Moonlight Sonota, Hungarian Dances, and Joy to the World!), and any percussion instrument, as long as I have a solid beat to go on. I also sing, and quite well at that.
  5. Oh god...
    I play violin well, at school, I'm also learning guitar and piano.
  6. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Learned piano since before I was six, played the viola (which is basically, as my friend wisely put it, "a larger version of the violin with every string tuned a fifth lower") because everyone's required where I live to learn an instrument for school which does NOT include piano or guitar. I learned a bit of erhu, or Chinese violin, from my grandpa for a project for school, and guitar because my dad really wanted me to learn it. <<
  7. I can play the piano. That is all. Here's a sample.
  8. Tenor Sax FTW. That's about the only instrument that I would play in real life with an audience... but only in band/marching band. Hopefully maybe in Jazz band.
    Piano recitals made me quit piano, the last song I ever learned was The Entertainer and I could only do the right hand D:. 10 fingers is too many different parts to do.
    I've been doing pretty well on Rock Band drums, and I've been learning the Guitar Hero guitar pretty well lately. But those don't really count...
  9. I can play the violin pretty decently, if my opinion is anything to judge by. I wouldn't mind learning how to play the piano, but I have no idea where I would get one :p
  10. I used to play the piano and clarinet but have been out of practice. I really loved band in high school but I got bored of it in grade 12.
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I play the trombone both for fun and for my school band ,and if you count this ,I also fiddle around with a program called Mario Paint Composer.
  12. I've played piano for five years, but I've always stunk. My skills at reading music have improved, but not the point I can just see a sheet and play it. I need to hear it first. Because of this, along with my preference, I have switched to voice lessons, singing songs from musicals.
  13. I play the vuvuzela.
    Just kidding, I play the harmonica.....badly.
  14. Nim


    I play the electric guitar mostly but I still own an acoustic for those campfire evenings ^^. I also play the bass guitar occasionally but I dont own one yet.
  15. Ive played The keys since I was old enough to walk.
    I Was Signed late last year by 2-Point Records as a Solo Artist
    Im now also in a band, Shade, on the side as of three days ago
  16. Clarinet FTW! I'm going to something called GRIPPS (I think I'm going) and It's pretty much a band camp.
  17. I have zero experience with playing the Piano but I can play it.. kind of. I taught myself when I got one (an electronic synth/keyboard) for Christmas a couple of years ago. I suck terribly, but it's a lot of fun; unfortunately, my lovely is rotting away in my closet.

    I would love to know how to professionally play Piano and Violin, though.
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  18. I play the Clarinet and I learned to play the Baritone Saxaphone in school and I'm a self taught Piano player. I could probably play any Woodwind intsrument given a little time though.
  19. Next year, in Sixth Grade, I am playing the Trombone! And, if this doesn't sound like boasting, I'm actually okay at it NOW...

    I also play the Peruvian Flute! ...If anyone knows what that is -_-
  20. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Guitar and keyboards here. Mostly guitar these days. Pretty decentish at both.
  21. I played piano for about a month...and I used to play the recorder in school, of course, everyone had to play that.

    I'm really not the most musically gifted, which is incredibly upsetting to me. I'm very musically inclined. (As in, I freaking love music, it helps me do pretty much everything.) And I'm involved with musical theatre at my school. If I could sing, or play an instrument, or keep a beat....well, it'd sure be helpful. For now, though, I'll have to stick with playing the bottle. (Blowing air of an empty bottle....)
  22. Awwww. Could you try another instrument? Piano was hard for me since I had to do something different with each hand, but clarinet was a lot easier. Like many things, music is just practicing and banging your head until you get good at it. I was terrible at rhythms for ages, it wasn't until my 5th year of band or so that I could figure out the more complicated ones. You can do it!
  23. I can hit some keys on a keyboard, but it's more like a curious monkey than a skilled player XD

    I have also been told that I can sing. That seems silly to me, but whatever XD
  24. I have an instrument.

    It's yellow, plastic and, according to some, the most annoying instrument on this planet.


  25. So far I've been playing the Piano and the Bass. But I'm trying to practice more on the bass. :p
  26. The bass is a really cool instrument, I love the noise it makes. Sadly bassists are not very noticed :(
  27. Like Cody, one of my old schools forced me to play the recorder, which sounded terrible maybe because of the fact everyone was doing it. My dad also tried to get me to learn the harmonica, which I didn't really get into either.

    I first held a guitar when I was only eight, my miniature classical guitar which I didn't use much at the time. Two years later, I started a few lessons with this music teacher, which were really good. Then I got a brand new electrical one for my birthday and have been playing with it ever since. Only recently, I began playing with some pals of mine and it looks like a band is going to form from this.

    Some people believe I can sing, though my sisters literally duct tape my mouth to keep me from trying :p, so I don't know really, maybe I can sing certain things.
  28. Ked


    I play recorder (forced), flute, guitar, keyboard, and I'm learning violin. And if singing counts I do that. My best is the flute though. Last school year I was a first year in band but as good as the 6th Graders ;D
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  29. D


    I've been playing piano for about... oh... five years now, but I stopped recently due to a lack of motivation and inspiration, which upsets me because everybody keeps telling I can go so far, and I love piano (and music, for that regard) to death. Thankfully though I'm planning to take up some lessons again, provided I can find a decent teacher. So... like... horray :3 *dusts off piano*

    And I play violin, too : p
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  30. Played those Jamacan Drums, piano for a year, then went to acoustic guitar. Reading notes is somethin' I gotta learn again and I have semi-forgotten how to play piano.
    Next year, electric guitar.
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  31. So I went to play the piano the other day, because I can play 2 songs that are fun to play sometimes. My parents suggested that I take piano lessons again (I took them when I was younger.) I told them I didn't want to.

    Apparently they didn't give a shit because they signed me up for piano lessons anyway.

    So I guess in about 2 weeks I'll be learning how to play the piano every Friday. Whee. T_T

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