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In this thread RX's Sprites...{Now doing requests for a limited time only}

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Satoren, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Well, I decided to overhaul my Sprite thread since I've been churning out some pretty good Sprites if I do say so myself. I'll repost my Fanfic Sprites Whenever I get the chance to transparentize them...


    Oh hey, my first ever Cosplay Sprite, edited from the male mountaineer, not really my best work in comparison to Zexion and the others, especially with the toes, hehe...


    And now, the Super Cool Masked Pokesentai Rangers!! It's kinda weird since 3 of the 5 rangers here are edited from fighters (Karate Girl, Wrestler Crasher Wake and Fighting Gym Leader Maylene) so it's only right that they'r be edited with their super cool poses lol. Red was edited from Aaron, while Green was edited from the Male Cool Trainer.


    Lately, I only edit Sprites if a.) I feel the trainer card needs that certain trainer or b) It's convenient for me that they look nearly alike to a certain character. When I looked at the female swimmer, she kinda reminded me of Hikari/Kari Kamiya from the 2nd season of Digimon.


    Hey hey, another Cosplayer Sprite, this time of the twin Pokemon Plusle and Minun. The twins of course are the base for this sprite, although there's not really much changed. I also got the ears wrong, and I'm considering editing this Sprite some time...


    My one and only Fakemon Sprite of one of my fave Fakemon, Locira (for info, check out my Art thread) Well, it doesn't look like it's a sprite chimera, because it isn't. It's basically the picture shrunk and colored. I do say, though that it lacks vibrance and detail in comparison to DP sprites, I shall attempt to rectufy this situation as well...


    It's the last member of the Masked Pokesentai Rangers, Masked Pokesentai Black! This guy was the bare bones of Chimera spriting, since I only took like one part (the scarf) and combined it with another. Still he 's my favorite guy among the 6 rangers...


    I dunno, I just felt that we needed a Zoey for the Trainer Card. Another bare bone chimera sprite, as I took the cowgirl's left arm and fused it with the Cowboy. (lol eww)


    Hehe, I rather like this Sprite. It's Timmy aka Phantom, the Masked Coordinator from a couple of episodes in Hoenn. This is one of my most warped Sprite Alterations, in terms of the cape and other details. The ears in particular were a nightmare.


    Meh currently fave Sprite (couldn't you tell with the Avi?) It's a random Drunk Hobo! This is the best Chimera Sprite I've done as of late, fusing parts from trainers here and there. (Dragon Trainer's right arm, Gentleman's Head and left arm, Breeder's Bandana, Aromatherapist's sparkles, Palmer's jacket and Flint's legs, the bottle I did by myself ^^) My sis says it resembles Jack Sparrow...hmm....>:]


    Meh latest entry, edited solely from the cowgirl. We have a Nurse Joy (2 in fact) So we should also have an Officer Jenny.

    [size=17pt]Do not pay Attention to this News Update![/size]

    What's this? Rocket X's doing requests now? Yes, indeed, fellow Charmsmen and women. However, I will be doing this temporarily. (You'll know that I've stopped taking requests when I remove the message from the Thread Title).

    So, what kind of requests can I take? I can do Trainer Sprites, Fusions, Badges (large and small) and Mugshots. Basic Pokemon stuff. I do not do IAWW, Chaos or any other sort of Spritery outside the confines of my Diamond and Pearl Sprite resources, so don't ask. For Trainers, I do not do Organization XIII, XIV or Infinity or General Nobody sprites. The hair's horrendous, and the Blackness of the coats destroy my eyes, so please don't ask either.

    Now, how do you request for one? Simply post your request, along with a description of how you want it done. A simple request with no description whatsoever means that I will simply use creative liberties.

    Now then, Fusions, Badges and Mugshots will take about a Day to finish, Trainers might take two. Also please be patient if someone's already requested before you. It will naturally take longer to accomplish such. I can only take 10 requests of any sort at any given time, so please be considerate.

    Now that that's all explained, go ahead and request if you want to.

    1-Arceus Lord- Badge
    2-Shiny Eevee- Fusion
    3-meep43- Badge
  2. Nice sprite work there. I'll be looking forward to seeing all your fakemon, even if it is a bit of an undertaking.
  3. Oh snapz!

    We've got some serious talent here! Lovin' them~

    Each sprite looks natural, if someone had never seen a D/P sprite, you could probably get them to believe these are straight from the game. Minnow and Andy have got to be my favorites.

    My only piece of constructive criticism is that Jay looks a bit flat. Perphaps one more shade on his shirt and pants? It's almost as though there is no light source, and thus, no shadows.

    I can't wait so see your Fakemon, keep it up! Heaven knows we needs some more serious spriters around. [glow=red,2,300]​
  4. Nice sprites, keep going!
  5. I love that sprite I too am a fan of Kingdom Hearts I also really loved minnow it was sooo detailed.
  6. Rocket X, for the records, anything that is an Edited Sprite, like Falkner, CANNOT be edited without the permission of the person who made that edited custom. I'll let it slide this time, but next time, use a D/P base for you own work, don't just edit someone else's.

    EDIT: Sorry if I sounded like I was trying to be Mod-ish with the whole, "I'll let it slide..." thing, but I was the one who had submitted Falkner into the TCM. >>;​
  7. Well, overhauled the thread, and now I shall post what may or may not be my next project...

    Masked Pokesentai White?
    Butch and Cassidy?
    A villain for the Masked Rangers?
    Organization 13? (Marluxia and Larxene in particular)

    Feel free to make suggestions as well, and if I like it, I'll geton it and of course, you will recieve a cookie (as well as credit for the inspiration) Please note though that my cookies contain large amounts of Dooooom. :)
  8. Go for organization 13.I saw your art thread and thought that it needed to be sprited.
  9. Yeah, Organization XIII all the way!
    The Fakemon SO need to be sprited, RX. Seriously. Generation V is here! Or, most of it, anyway.
    I like the idea of a Pokesentai White and the Villain. The whole set is awesome. My fave has got to be Red, though.
  10. And now, here's Organization XIII's number 12, Larxene!
    I fused Cynthia and Maylene together and did some major edits..^^
    lol they look good together...My next project is Marluxia, noe if I could just find the right hair as a base...
  11. She looks nice, but you might want to touch up the shading on the hair a little bit. ^_^ And the eyes are a bit too bright of a blue.
  12. But they are ridiculously blue, electric blue I believe ^^
    Here's number 11, Marluxia!!
    Number 11 was edited solely from Galactic Admin Mars, The hairs was actually pretty easy, although it may be because I had some practice with Zoey...

    Also, a random new female trainer
    She has Venus's Head and Torso, Aaron's left arm and Gardenia's Right arm and Legs...
  13. *claps paws* Very nice work. Very inspiring. Love to see Pokemon fans who are Digimon fans. Just great work, great work. More prodding, more saying good stuff.
  14. That Marluxia sprite is the most accurate rendition I've ever seen of him. It's so cool! There is no way you could ever make that better. It's as good as it'll get. ^_^
  15. ...I could add the scythe =D...


    New Trainer! It's my RP Character Lee! It was a last moment Sprite so I worked on him rather quickly using Lukas as a base. I have to say, I think I'm getting pretty good with the hiar...
  16. Have to agree about your hair spriting.Definitely good.
  17. SCYTHE?!?!?!?!one!?questionelventytwelve?!

    xD YES, I forgot about the Scythe! That is the one thing that could make him better. And maaaaaybe some pupils in his eyes. xD I just noticed his eyes are pupil-less. Lol.

    I was going to say that, Nacho! xD
  18. I like the Organization XIII sprites. They're awsome. ^^
  19. Taking a little break from Organization 13, and did a Hoenn Ash sprite


    I edited him from Lukas, with the Artist's legs as well as Jr. Trainer's hat, which is why its backwards (lol I miss that long winding animation)

    Well, back to work, my current project is Vexen...
  20. Very nice Ash there, and considering the hat is on backwards it means it's different from all the other armies of Ash out that. Nice.
  21. Here's number 4, Vexen, the Chilly Academic...
    Number 4 was edited solely from Samurai Man, the head however, I had to do from scratch...

    And now, a fakemon....
    This is Tanukun, a relatively rare grass type POkemon. Its loosely based on the Tanuki of Japanese Folklore. I edited it from a Pikachu :3
  22. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    AWW!!! That Tanukun is so cute! I wuvs it! Can I hug it.......?
  23. And now...
    Got it memorized?
    Axel, Organization XIII's number 8 was edited solely from volkner, and it took me some time to do his hair...It stands at 6 pixels high D:
    There's an 80 by 80 pixel version, but the hair wasn't all that good...

    My latest Fakemon Mintea...
    A grass starter that later evolves into Locira, like Locira, I had to do it from scratch, using the color scheme of Shiny Bulbasaur.

    It's a bit larger than it should be, but I'm working on that...

    And now, some random recolors...


    Nothin much, just some random recolors while I continue my search for a base trainer for Lexaeus. The Shieldon and Bastiodon were colored with Turtwig and grotle's color scheme. While Piplup's line was colored using Starly's line's color scheme.
  24. Empoleon looks one hell of a lot better in those colours. The blue looked poor and lets not even consider the shiny version. It's a crying shame the Empoleon line wasn't coloured with the Staraptor palette.
  25. Yep. Only problem would be, what would they use as Staraptor's colour pallette?
    Nice job on your sprites RX
  26. Thanks...


    Finally got around to reposting transparent versions of my Fanfic Sprites, although I'm planning to redo them as they don't look exactly the way I think Gerard and Ronnie should look...
    Ah well, I do hope they'll at least get picked as custom trainer sprites...

    Here's Number 5, Lexeaus, the silent hero. He was edited from Cyrus...and now that the CoM org members are done, I can now proceed to the KH2 Org members :D
  27. You forgot Xexion. He's in Riku's route, so technically he IS a member of Organization XIII. ^_^ He's the guy with the awesome haaaair.
  28. uhh..he's the 1st one I made, and I'm currently redoing him...^^
  29. Oops. Sorry, RX. I just forgot about him, as he wasn't with the others. Dang, I feel stupid now.

    I can't wait for the redo. ^_^
  30. And now, once again...

    Organization XIII's number 6, Zexion, the cloaked schemer.
    This new version was edited from the Male Galactic Grunt...

    Now, onward to kh2...
  31. Oh, yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about! That's awesome, RX. You captured his hair so perfectly. Great job, and I can't wait for the KH2 XIII.

    I'm still not over Marluxia, and you keep bringing the awesome. ^_^
  32. And now...

    Organization XIII's number 10, Luxord, the Gambler of Fate.

    Edited from Male cool trainer :D
  33. S'called 'Ace Trainer', RX. ^_^ Don't you hate me? xD

    I like Luxord a lot. One thing, though. His hair doesn't have an outline on the very top.
  34. Well, his hair is really dirty white, so there really shouldn't be any lines to begin with, but I suppose you're right...next up is Saix..And do forgive me for being so retro as to call them Cool trainers. I'm old okay...XD
  35. I know how you feel. I got kinda wierded out when they changed it, too. I kept mixing up the names completely. I think I once said CoolAcetrainer. =/

    Saix... Dang you, PS2, I don't remember who he is anymore! It broked. T-T Is Saix the one with the lances?
  36. Not that bad, although it's weird how you dithered the one guy and no one else.
  37. dithered? Ah you mean Axel (spiky redhead) yeah, it was sort of an experiment, but seeing as how it doesn't seem to match with the other 6, I guess I should edit that too...

    Also the kh2 poeple are...

    1-Xemnas aka "lol Mansex" aka silver haired guy aka darth vader
    2-Xigbar aka guy with eyepatch and guns
    3-Xaldin aka Lance guy aka Beast's antagonist
    7-Saix aka x scarred guy
    8-Demyx aka "dance water dance" dude
    13-Roxas aka BHK
  38. Oh, yeah! Blast my PS2. Well, it lasted 7 years.

    Thanks for the list, as my memories of the game have asploded.

    Loss of memories... I played those games too much. ^_^
  39. Man, who needs a PS2 when you've got a Dreamcast. I can play PS games if I want to XD

    IU thoguht I said this in the first post, but the hair on the blue guy is well done.
  40. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Lot's of off-topic chit-chat going on around here. That means warnings :D

    *Black thunder clouds, lighting, starts raining.*

    Warning's for whom? The three of you. And two of you already have two warnings. ZeroKirbyX, I sure hope you had as much fun being here as we did having you.

    And Artiste, the sand in your hourglass has emptied, and your time here is up. We've told not to chit-chat didn't we? :p

    *Sem casts Fimbulvetr on the two of you.*

    As for you Rocket X, no moar chit chat! >:0 *Warn'd*

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