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Ask to Join In The Shadows: Another Gijinka RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by AceyPie, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. You wanna join? Click the link for the full story of the rp: https://pokecharms.com/threads/in-the-shadows-another-gijinka-rp-discussion.15579/#post-393791

    The world once peaceful, Now plummeted in chaos by Team Phantom here you have taken refuge in a safehaven named Corisance City along with a few other Gijinkas one of them, a Gardevoir named Rythmn she calls herself Grace after her trainer which died years ago...

    Grace was sitting on a bench looking frustrated looking down onto a piece of paper, she was constantly scratching her head shuffling her long, green hair "Oh Arceus, How am I going to react to this?" She mumbled to herself
  2. Walter walked down the streets looking like his usual gloomy self. Every Gijinkas that he came across were all trying to avoid him. "Heh, seems nothing new is going on." He said to himself.
  3. Kerin was walking thru the city, minding his own business "Hmm everything seems normal as usual " he whispered as he walked down the road " Hmm i wonder if grace or walter are around" he said and he walked.
  4. Jasmine was walking down a street when he saw a lonely hpyno gjinka he walked over to him "uh hey are you ok" she ask as happily as she could without looking weird
  5. "Huh?" Walter said as he turned to see the Tangela. He laughed a bit. "You know, most people would avoid me because of how I am, why did you come talk to me like a normal person?" He asked. "Don't you find me creepy?" He asked.
  6. Jasmine smiled at the hypno "no no I don't I was taught to value everyone as equals" she said smiled at him and looked around "hey if anything your not creepy more just extraordinary"
  7. Grace had threw away the paper and decided to worry about it later, She was thinking to herself who sent it to her But soon she bumped into Kerin "O-oh ummm I'm sorry Kerin I wasn't paying attention, and there's this guy that sent me something and and umm sorry..."She hesitated
  8. Wally Bow Fett sat in his home in Corisance City, reading a newspaper
    "More rebellion news" he yawned, he didn't understand why people were going out to risk their lives and freedom
    He understood what it was like to want revenge, but he, like hundreds of other Gjinka, had found a new life in Corisance, and he didn't understand why people would risk the freedom of everyone in the city for a microscopic chance of getting a tiny bit of revenge

    He decided to go to the park, maybe the fresh air would help him NOT think these slightly depressing thoughts
    As if his ever present Tail told him telepathically
    He shook his head, ignoring him

    As he was walking, he passed a Hypno and Tangela, and heard the Tangela say something. He decided to have a chat
    "We're all extraordinary" he said, waving as he walked closer "We're little creatures with strange abilities who got stuffed into balls and forced to fight, who got transformed into humanlike creatures with strange abilities who got captured and forced to fight, and then escaped and now live in a secret city. Is there anything NOT extraordinary about that?"
  9. "I don't know" she said slightly annoyed that he the new person butted in but he waved that off to the side "it's just I find it rude that people reject other for there looks" she responded
  10. Emi sat up a tree at Corisance City's park, surely there were no rules against it or else she'd be told off, worse yet kicked out from the lovely area. Her hair served as a cushion as all she could kind of hear was the blowing of wind, to which the small lady stretched out her arm, feeling the breeze against her arm. From the corner of her eye, though, she could see a conversation of three: a Tangela, a Hypno and a Wobbuffet; since her horns covered her ears, her hearing was only limited, leaving her to only wonder what the trio were talking about.
  11. Kerin fell down on his butt and he groaned " its ok ...wait someone sent you a letter ..." he asked and he sighed "ohh is it like someone special or a family member?" he asked and he smiled at her " I'm ok just to let you know"
  12. Walter looked at the new arrival and back to the Tangela. "Thank you for thinking that I guess, no one has ever said that to me." He turned around. "I'll, umm, see you again later." He said as he walked away. "I don't know how to deal with others." He said to himself.
  13. Emi had to lean just a little bit forward in order to at least see what was properly going on, which meant abandoning the comfort from the bark. She watched the Wobbuffet leave with only her eyes before diverting her attention back to the Tangela and the Hypno, which she had no reason to do since technically her hearing was really poor stupid horns
  14. Jasmine smiled at Walter "it's all" he escaped ear shot "good" she finished quietly he looked at Wally "so hey" she said kinda shyly "how was your morning?" She asked
  15. "Well I'm glad your ok, I would never forgive myself" Grace started to laugh awkwardly and stopped once she heard the question and started to scratch her head "Well Um see it was a love letter from someone I don't really know who but... I seemed pretty real and not one of those prank ones you get from Emi..."
  16. A sheepish smile appeared on Emi's features, coincidentally when her name was mentioned. Climbing down from the tree, she couldn't help but already miss the comfort that the tree brought her, but she had to leave at some point and she was starving. "Hm... Let's see..." She thought a little bit about where she could get food from as she walked, usually there was this nice peaceful place just outside the city but Team Phantom had probably taken that over, so she'd have to go elsewhere. The Whimsicott was tempted to butt into a conversation but she didn't know what any of them were about and that usually lead to havok that she just couldn't be bothered with.
  17. Kerin groaned and he walked over to her and he sighed " First i know Emi send me fake ones and second Why would someone send you a love letter to you if they don't even know you?" he asked and he rubbed his arms slowly " what does it say?" he asked with a smile on his face.
  18. "You got me curious." Walter said quietly suddenly appearing behind the Gardevoir. "Come on, don't leave me hanging." He said with his usual quiet voice.
  19. Emi, who was passing by the Gardevoir, also stopped and suddenly appeared behind her. "Do tell us more," the letter had definitely caught her interest when she saw it.
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  20. "First I Actually know a fair amount of people here Second" She paused for a while and used Psychic to bring the letter to her "Alright Second there's no name written on it That's why I don't know Th- AH" She screeched at the sudden appearance of Gijinkas "I feel a sudden urge to go kill right now"
  21. "Yeah i know but still i couldn't believe someone would send you a love letter" he teased for a second and when all the other gijinkas appeared "hey guys i would suggest you back away from her" he said and he started to back away from her.
  22. ((Alright Plot starts now))
    Grace had sighed and put the letter in a sling bag she was carrying "So Emi do you know who sent this?" She asked the troublesome Whimsicott "Or are you the one who sent this?" Grace added and sighed once more shortly after a Helicopter flew overhead of them heading in the direction of the Drop Zone "Looks like the humans found another Gijinka or two... Anyone wanna come?" She asked the others
  23. Walter watched the helicopter pass then turned to Grace. "Yeah sure, I have nothing better to do, like usual." He said still being his gloomy self. "Lets go."
  24. "Alright let's go it's a long way better pick up the pace" Grace started walking oit of the park and into the street occasionally looking behind her sometimes you could see people chat with gijinkas others sparring with each other having fun this Reminded Rythmn of her Trainer how they used to have "fun" how she saw the world was peaceful everything was perfect just her and her trainer she was ilent the rest of the trip to the drop zone, Once they actually got there she didn't say a word
  25. Kerin smiled and he ran after her and he groaned when he saw the drop zone, he remembered when he was dropped her and pushed off the helicopter , it was a hard fall because i was a dark type and my trainer had ordered them to try and kill me. but grace was there to save me. i owe her a lot " hey grace you ok" he asked and he poked her shoulder
  26. (OOC - sorry if my replies seem slow, I may miss quite a bit every now and again but I'll try to remain caught up)
    Emi couldn't help but grin goofily and follow Grace and Kerin, "Wait for me!" She called, picking up her pace a little. Because of how fast the conversation was going, she couldn't quite get the unbelievable words out of her mouth that it wasn't her who sent the letter. Upon arriving at the drop zone, her mind went blank, had she been here before? It looked familiar but she couldn't remember for the life of her if or when she was there. Despite that, she could sense a slightly silent atmosphere, as if this place had importance; she could only hope that this silence wasn't the ominous kind...
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  27. Grace smiled looking at the Houndoom "I'm fine this place just brings me lots of memories Good and Bad ones..." She had now been looking at the ground "There's so many others out there being forced to fight, being abused... My trainer wanted to free them but she was killed in the process" The red lights near the entrance started to glow this signalled that the new gijinkas were coming out, Grace sighed "Make a good first impression..."
  28. When the helicopter reached to drop zone, Jay hopped out and look around. "Were am I" he asked, looking confused.
  29. ((OOC:Nice entrance))

    The metal doors of the Drop Zone opened emitting a screeching noise for a full 5 seconds until it opened completely when it did what it revealed was 3 figures a Lucario gijinkas, a Shiny Gallade Gijinkas and a female Human... "A H-human? But I thought all of them were wiped out outside the walls?" Grace exclaimed and turned towards the 2 other gijinkas "Are you their trainer?" She asked "Only the Gallade but I consider him as a friend than a Partner... I'm Zoe..." Zoe said calmly like nothing had happened before "Grace..." She turned to Zoe before turning back to the Gallade "Do I know you?" "Heh probably not I look like a lot of people or so I have been told l, the Pilot told us everything about this place seems peaceful..." The gallade said with the same tone as Zoe
  30. Kerin walked up to the group and he smiled " Hi there... I'm Kerin ..." he said smiling at the group then he looked at the Lucario " Hello you look familiar " he said before he looked at zoe " Well a human huh...thats nice i thought all humans were dead or maybe in hiding" he said before he bowed to her and he held out his hand for a formal handshake.
  31. Walter saw the new arrivals get off the helicopter. He looked at the human and sighed. "I never had a trainer, all the human who see me either tries to run away or just ignore me." He said quietly as he looked down.
  32. Zoe shook the hand of the Houndoom that greeted her "Zoe nice to meet you!" She said with a closed eyed grin "I'm Marc by the way" The Gallade said looking out into the City

    "So Do you want a tour?" Grace asked the newcomers with a polite smile but they quickly declined "I think I'm gonna explore the rest for myself" Zoe had released Kerin's hand and Turned to Marc "So where do you wanna go first?" Marc asked his trainer "Wherever we take ourselves l" Zoe replied and set off with Marc following close by. Grace's smile had dissapeared the second they left "I don't trust them..." She murmured to herself and teleported away trying to keep an eye on them
  33. Kerin sighed and he followed the group, acting like he was doing his own business " ahh this is a nice place" he whispered and he started to run and he went to where he thought Grace would teleport to " Hey grace did you come close to them" he asked after he pulled out his small phone and he called her. " Also do you trust them....its a human?" he asked.
  34. Walter heard a little of what Grace murmured and laughed. "Constantly having people murmure behind your back make you able to understand it now huh." He said to himself. "It is weird that a human suddenly appeared, I follow keep an eye on them too." he mumbled to himself.
  35. ((OOC I posted their Bios in the discussion, Last post for today taking a siesta))
    Grace had teleported onto the rooftops just so she couldn't be seen and picked up the phone she kept in her sling bag "There are a handful of humans here as well but Zoe didn't seem to be surprised she ended up here the same goes for the Gallade.. I just don't trust them OK?" She enelded the call continued to stalk the two

    "This place is big!" Zoe exclaimed "Yeah yeah go endulge on the scenery later we need to find out where Gumamela Street is that's that's where our home is the pilot said " But it's just so beautiful!"
  36. Kerin sighed and he put his phone away and he ran down to Gumamela street " Well i guess i should just go home..." he looked at the house next to his ....i think this is her house " he whispered and he went to his porch and he sat their waiting for the duo to appear on his street.
  37. "I should find somewere to go" he murmured while walking. After his long walk he found a park and decided to be there for a while. He notice there's a tree and decide to climb up there. "Man I remember those stories he used to tell me", he wisper to himself while little bit of tears were coming out of his eyes.
  38. ((OOC: to continue we need everyone together so... follow the explosions joking))

    Grace had just teleported to her home once Zoe and Marc had reached Gumamela street her house was just across the street from Kerin's "How even did we get lost in there?" It seems that Zoe and Marc were having a conversation about getting lost in a library. "Beats me you wanted to know more about Corisance so what better place than a library which we got lost in" Marc Replied "Huh... This is Block 102 right?" Zoe checked the mailbox with 102 written on it "Yup it is! come on lets check the inside.." Zoe went inside, and Marc just simply waves to Kerin before following her

    The sun was setting but Grace was still outside she normally wouldn't wander around Corisance City at this time of day but a lot was on her mind... good and bad things
  39. Kerin waved and he smiled " hmm maybe i should welcome them to the neighborhood" he thought and he went inside and he looked around he saw he had a loaf of bread and some food "hmm i wonder" he said and he walked out over to their house and he knocked "hey guys i wanted to welcome you...i got you some gifts" he said smiling, hoping they would let him in.
  40. Zoe had opened the door to greet Kerin "Oh, hello again! Where's your Gardevoir friend?" Zoe greeted Kerin "Grace is obviously not with him" Marc was setting things up with Psychic the house was a bit messy "Come on in! sorry if its a bit messy... thanks for the gifts!" She took the gifts from Kerin's hand and put it on a small coffee table

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