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Open In the Life of the Unusual Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by BonslyJuice, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Welcome, one and all, to a new RP! (I promise I’ll try to keep up with this one.)

    Of course, you have to follow the rules of conduct for roleplay, and of course there’s no bullying or trash-talking of any kind.

    In this RP, however, you’ll be using this link to determine your power:

    http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Kinetic_Abilities (List of Kinetic Abilities)

    In this RP, you’ll take the place of, well... yourself! You will be you, and all of us will meet up together in a pre-determined location. You don’t have to use an accurate description for yourself or your real name in the RP, but just know that the personality and similar things to personality will be yours. Now, here’s where the list comes into play.

    You’ll have to use a random number generator to determine what the first letter of your ability will be - set it from 1 to 26, 1 being A and 26 being Z (it follows this pattern for every letter; i.e. 2=B, 3=C, etc.) You will then use that same random number generator and set it from 1 to the number specified for the first letter of your ability. For example:

    Rolled 20, so I roll from 1 to 22.

    Rolled 17, so I count down the list to the 17th ability under the T section.

    A: 29 N: 18
    B: 9 O: 10
    C: 31 P: 56
    D: 8 Q: 4
    E: 11 R: 5
    F: 13 S: 35
    G: 10 T: 22
    H: 13 U: 3
    I: 6 V: 10
    J: 0 W: 0
    K: 8 X: 0
    L: 9 Y: 0
    M: 17 Z: 0
    Note: If you get a number with no abilities (0 on the chart above), just redo the random generator.

    Ability Rules:
    1. No OP abilities; what’s OP will be clear, and please send me a message if you’re unsure if it’s overpowered.
    2. You can’t get the same ability as someone else; if you do, please re-generate your ability.
    3. PLEASE do not simply choose an ability. This is supposed to be close to real life and, odds are, if you get powers you don’t get to choose them.

    Character sheet;

    Likes (At least 3):
    Dislikes (At least 3):
    Kinetic Ability:
    Gender (optional):


    Name: Dasken Kubesh
    Appearance: 6’ exactly, slender but well-built, long, shaggy brown hair, hazel-grey eyes, large hands and feet, long arms
    Personality: Anxious and depressed, but willing to help friends no matter the cost. Terrible with crowds, hides emotions easily, INT-J
    Likes (At least 3): Powdered donuts, coffee, pixel art, writing
    Dislikes (At least 3): Crowds, ignorance, himself
    Kinetic Ability: Kinetikinesis (Manipulation of Kinetic Energy)
    Gender (optional): Male

    Have fun, everyone!
  2. 6=F, 4= metals.
    Name: Dwayne Droxten (Dan)
    Appearance: He has that tough guy look. Dan wears a black leather jacket and black jeans standing at 5'11". Dan's arms are refered to as gun barrels.
    Personality: Dan is friendly, opposing his appearance. Actually a pretty nice guy, other than the fact that he doesn't talk much. Dan has a habit of telling jokes, funny or not. He often refers to his father, or old man. Often overthinks things.
    Likes (At least 3): Weight lifting, knives, fights, chicks(girls), the woods, bulls, steak, hot foods, anime.
    Dislikes (At least 3): Cabbage, the number 92, and people who text using U instead of you.
    Kinetic Ability: Ferrokinesis, metal manipulation
    Gender (optional): male
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  3. Im gonna he honest, i got flormal manipulation first, and redid it because I absolutely hate that power. (No idea why, just do)
  4. Alright. This is a good thing; I want to ask you guys joining to not reroll if it's a power you hate; if you cannot rp with it, then you can reroll ONCE, but these abilities aren't decided by the users of them.
    Mr. Glaceon, you're fine.
  5. Alrighty then. Also, can I have 2 OCs? Randomized Symphokinesis.
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  6. Hmm...
    I'll say yes, but wait to introduce one of them. And if you have 2, then the 2nd one has to me modeled after someone you know well who isn't already in the RP.
  7. Fair enough.
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  8. Well, after some random number generation, this is the result:

    Name: Manuel Stone
    Appearance: Manuel has short, black hair and brown eyes. He often wears a blue jacket with a white shirt underneath, blue jeans, brown shoes and glasses. He is 5"2. Oh, forgot to add: he lost his voice when he was little due to an operation, so he mainly communicates through a tablet.
    Personality: Calm and kind, sometimes shy. He often cares for others more than himself.
    Likes (At least 3): Technology, sleeping and reading.
    Dislikes (At least 3): Chocolate, hot places and coffee.
    Kinetic Ability: Datakinesis, ability to manipulate data/digital information.
    Gender (optional): Male
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  9. Accepted!

    I also find it ironic that the first ability I got randomly was the ability I was kind of using in prior RPs. xD
  10. Mine is similar to one I had used on my most active RP.

    Also, that was FAST.
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  11. Freaky fast?
    May or may not be training for Jimmy John's xD
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  12. Oh boy, thisll be an interesting one.

    Name: Vincent Reese
    Appearance: Spiky dark brown hair that falls to the left, green eyes, and sun kissed skin. 6'2 1/2, broad fighting build, and a long scar on the right side of his torso. Wears dark goggles, a black hoodie zipped up halfway with a white t-shit underneath, black jeans, and black sneakers with white trim.
    Personality: Free spirited and sarcastic, Vincent has a tenancy of causing problems but doesnt mean anyone harm. A young man with a curiosity like no other and a habit for getting into trouble, makes for an interesting adventurer and skilled combatant.
    Likes: Space, combat, spicy foods, dark humor
    Dislikes: Seafood, heights, people who put toilet paper on facing inwards.
    Kinetic Ability: Body Temperature Manipulation- User can increase/decrease body temperature for various affects at will with almost no backlash.
    Gender: Male

    Ill admit, I originally got Coin Manipulation which I thought was cool and already had some ideas forming, but I realized it was kinda just a lesser version of Glaceon's character, this was my re-roll.
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  13. For mine, his acceptance post was seconds after I posted my forum.
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  15. Oh btw Protato, youve got this discussion in the main thread. I suggest deleting this and creating a new one in the discussion thread.
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  16. Or ask an admin to move it, so we don't have to remake our forums.
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  17. Name: Yuna Darim
    Appearance: Yuna is 5' 4 in height. She has shoulder-length black hair and brown eyes. Normally wears white long-sleeved shirt topped with lime jacket and a 3/4 length black skirt with black socks and comfy blue shoes. She has a pair of short black horns on her heads and wears a blue newsboy cap to hide them.
    Personality: She's not the shy type, but she usually found herself hard to initiate conversation, though once started she can talk a lot. Rarely shows extreme expression, she tries to strike a balance in emotion, you can say she's rather stoic. She is the type to think before acts and is rather bold in a discussion, though sometimes she can be overthinking things.
    Likes (At least 3): Drawing, lazing around, sweets, heartwarming story, fruits, soup.
    Dislikes (At least 3): cheap drama, alone in the dark, flying cockroach, swimming.
    Kinetic Ability: Dracokinesis (her horns can generate and store draconic energy. She can use this energy to do various things like enhance her strength or endurance, manifest dragon's anatomy or turn herself into a dragon, which she hates to do. Note that her power must be consciously used so if she get hit by a stray thrown rock without her noticing it then she'll go down like a normal human.)
    Gender (optional): female.
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  18. Accepted!

    I think we'll start when we have around 8 people.
  19. Do you have a plot idea in mind at all? And if so, how would me wanting to also potentially create a villain sound?
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  20. How about we each make a villain off the evil side of us, like a villain (insert name here)
  21. Oh man, im getting flashbacks to the original Outcast. Evil twins! XD
  22. Or make them shadows. Like my character would have a Shadow Dwayne as an enemy.
  23. For the enemy in the RP, it's going to be the government.

    Again, this is supposed to mirror us from real life. We find our powers, we 'somehow' bump into each other in the same place (work of somene who won't be specified ever with telekinesis guiding us towards each other). We get found out by the government well into the RP, and from there we follow wherever the road takes us. Again, just like real life.
  24. There will also, of course, be opposing people with powers; but those people have to decide within the RP. There are no alignments you have to choose; you go with your gut and betray the group if you want to.
    Just no killing.
  25. If I have superpower in real life then I'll be that villain who robs a bank so I can have a chance to show my evil laugh. Kidding... I don't have the guts for crimes.
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  26. Um, so...not even gonna lie, the talk of villainous characters was brought up and I decided to make one. I got darkness manipulation as the random power, I just thought that was really ironic because the idea of shadow characters was thought of.
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  27. Remember that telekinetic I mentioned who will not be mentioned?

    Well, they sensed we had these potential powers in us and brought us together; us coming together close enough sparks our powers.
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  28. Kind of like in Magic: the Gathering and Planeswalker Sparks.
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  29. So we should all focus on having our powers revealed in stressful or emotion intense moments.
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  30. Something about this rp really bugs me. The fact that the gender part of the forum is at the end. That never happens. It always is after either name or age. This kinda messes with me.
  31. Ah - I only put it at the end because it's the last thing I thought of. xD

    And also, our powers unlock when we get close, but they intensify when you're in stress; they are like physical abilities, as well, so adrenaline boosts them.
  32. So, our powers unlock later on in the RP? I'm still confused on why.
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  33. No, no, no - we start out gathering together, and once we all gather together, our powers awaken. It is near the beginning.
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  34. I know you said 8 oc's, but doesnt 6 also sound like a good starting number? Id like to work on current plot details before there are to many rpers in here.
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  35. That's fair.

    My general thought was that, for powers to occur, you have to encounter someone else with potential for powers. The initial 6-8 people will obviously spark each other, so...
  36. We do also have 6 people...
    Alright. I'll start it tomorrow afternoon. I have hw tomorrow morning to do.
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  37. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Name: Theren
    Appearance: wears a black hoodie and dark blue jeans. He has ruffled black hair and dark deep blue eyes. He has pretty pale skin and has many hidden pockets around his clothes.

    Personality: while dark humored and sarcastic, he tends to stay at himself and work on his projects. He has gotten good at his craft and has created several models for different tasks. He is pretty gentle unless provocated or lied to. He can be ruthless if fighting.

    Likes (At least 3): tinkering, models, crafts, Sci-fi, gaming, anything geeky, cosplay, droids.

    Dislikes (At least 3): getting messy, hard work, small talk, Lies, traitors, parties.

    Kinetic Ability: marionetteknesis, manipulation of puppets

    Gender (optional): male
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