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Ask to Join Ikora Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by iVynm, Jun 19, 2016.

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  1. Hi there! This RP is about young kids adventuring through the new Ikora Region. This place is just a new region with all of the 720-ish Pokemon in it (Except legendaries of course). And there is no Fakemon. The landscape is a tropical island with biomes ranging from jungles to deserts. Please describe your character's appearance, age, name, personality, and future team. I'd prefer if you only have one character but if you want more we could arrange something privately. For a starter Pokemon you may choose any baby Pokemon. (And unless you really feel the need to, please no Pokemon that don't evolve, that includes Pokemon like Zangoose or Stantler). Your characters have to start in Allabar Town or in a means of transportation to get to the new region. (And if you want to start out by traveling there you may already start with a starter Pokemon. And this region also comes with Its own evil team a.k.a Team Shadow, which specializes in Dark, Steel, Poison, and Ghost types. (Zorua, Woobat, Absol, Ghastly, e.t.c). And oh yeah if you get to a town or route before me feel free to make it up for me so long as you confirm it with me, because id prefer to keep this RP as serious as possible. And the gyms are on my profile if you want to see them, and they are all in order and if you have questions about the name of the badge please just ask me. All righty, have fun!

    Name: Shane
    Age: 15
    Appearance: A medium height teenage boy with short/medium scruffy black hair. Muscular but not beefy. Tan skin.
    Personality: A kind, intelligent person that is persistent but not arrogant. He's what you would call a defender of the weak, as he would stand up to bullies and help people who need it.
    Future Team: Ninetales, Gardevoir, Luxray, Starmie, Salamence, and Breloom.

    Shane was very excited as he walked out of his house in Allabar Town. He couldn't believe Professor Willow had chosen him to get a starter Pokemon from her. As he walked to her lab he could smell the sweet sea air and hear the slight chirps of the Taillows and chatters of the Sentrets deep in the jungle. As he neared the lab at the edge of the town he could hardly breathe. Today is the day I would get my very own Pokemon! he thought. And then before he knew it he was at the door of the lab and walking in. Professor Willow was at the back of the lab working on something not visible to him. He stood there nervously for a while, but then he steeled his nerves and said "Hello". That startled her as she had gasped and jumped up from her desk knocking some things off of it. "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, I just didn't expect you to be this early," she said. "Am I too early?" Shane asked "Would you like me to come back later?". "No no, it's fine, really, so ,um, do you know which Pokemon you want to pick?" the Professor said "Actually yes, I would like Vulpix, please," Shane decided " Yes you may" she said as she walked over to one side of the room to a computer monitor. She typed in something on the keyboard, and just then through a pipe next to the monitor a poke-ball appeared, she grabbed it and walked over to him and said "Here you go, your very own Pokemon!". He was so excited he could hardly wait to go out on his very own adventure. He started to walk out when he heard her say "Shane wait!" he turned and asked "Yes?" "I've been working on something lately and I would like you to try it out on your journey," he said sure so she walked over to the desk that she was working on a pond grabbed a little gadget that looked like a computerized book. "What is it?" Shane asked "It's a pokedex, it records the data of Pokemon that you find and capture," the Professor explained "Cool! I'm going to discover them all!" he shouted.
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  2. Name: Robby
    Age: 17
    Appearance: A tall boy, around 5'10". Dark long brown scruffy hair with a lean body with average Caucasian skin color.
    Personality: though easy to get along with, Robby is quite shy at times and isn't the most outgoing person around strangers. He's generally kind and tends to put himself in others shoes a bit too much, making it hard to tell others no or hurt their feelings.
    Future Team: Marowak, Houndoom, Raichu, Pidgeot, Poliwrath, and Ursaring

    Robb stepped off the peer and into the new region he's been anxious to explore ever since he could remember. As he made his way slowly through Allabar Town, his Cubone, Mask, tugged at his hand trying to rush him. "Hold on buddy we'll begin shortly. We just have to stop somewhere real quick."

    He made his way to the Lab, where he greeted Professor Willow and received his very first Pokedex. "Thanks professor!" Robby exclaimed as he picked up Mask and hurried out the door into a new chapter of his life.
  3. Shane decided to tell his mom about what just happened, so he ran over to his house, burst in through the door and yelled "MOM!". "Yes, sweety?" his mom asked. He went on to tell her about his new Pokemon Vulpix (Who which he decided to call Sacred), and about his new pokedex and how he said he was going to catch them all. He said his goodbyes to his mom and walked outside, and as he did he saw a boy walk into the lab. He didn't recognize him from the town so he decided to introduce himself to the new person to the Ikora Region.
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  4. Robby busted back out of the lab, holding the small energetic Cubone in his arms. "Wait!" He heard a small yell from behind him. "Forgot these." The professor mentioned as she handed him a belt holding five pokeballs on it. "Thanks professor." He acknowledged as he fasted on the belt.

    On his way to exit the town, he saw a boy approaching him, a bit younger than him but not by that much. "He's not wanting a battle is he? I just got here." He thought to himself. Mask noticed the boy as well and was more on the 'come at me punk' state than the curious state. "Bone!" Shouted Mask as he made, what he thinks is, a threatening swing with his small weapon.
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  5. " Hi there! I don't recognize you, so you must be new here, right?"
  6. "Um.. yeah." He pointed towards the small boat in the distance. "I just got off of that. So yeah I'm fairly new here." He felt a tug in his shirt. Robby looked down and back up to the boy. "This is my Cubone, Mask. And I'm Robby." He acknowledged.
  7. "My name is Shane, and this is Sacred. I grew up here, and I've never left. Over there, is my house" he said pointing to his house on the beach " What made you want to come here? Other than the obvious, of course,"
  8. "Well it was a paid trip and I've spent the past seven years of my Pokémon journey at Hoenn and I wanted to start all over again." He lifted his shirt a little, "So I have these pokeballs now. A pokedex. And this little guy to begin the new region with."
  9. "Me too! Ooh I know, since we both want to do the same thing why don't we do it together?"
  10. "Yeah sure." Robby agreed as fixed his bag on his back. "You'll have to keep up though!" Mask began walking at a fast pace, seeming more excited than his trainer. Robby admired the atmosphere and nature of the new region, excited to see new things for a change. He had to keep a sharp eye on the little excited Cubone though or he'd sure run off exploring. "Don't get too far ahead you'll get lost!" He yelled out to Mask, who stopped in his tracks turning back to his trainer who was further back than he realized.
  11. "Awesome! Come on Sacred, we got to go!" He shouted as he charged ahead to catch up to Robby and Mask. His Vulpix ran after him as they all ran into Route 1, Allabar Forest. A dense forest, rich with different flowers and plants. Just as they entered the forest Shane heard a sound kind of like something whooshing through the air, so he looked up and saw a small Taillow swooping down at him, but at the last moment a small red blob jump up and knock the Taillow out of the way....
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  12. (Your team doesn't have a mudkip on it..? Also I'm not quite sure how to reply because I don't know what the blue blob is.)
  13. (OMG, I was thinking I was still on the other one, let me change that, whoops. The blue..er...red blob is Vulpix using tackle)
  14. Mask, in a startled and excited state, rushed back towards his trainer. As the Vulpix knocked the Taillow out of its attempt to attack, Mask reacted defensively over his trainer and used Boomerang, hurling his club at the Taillow as the impact from the Vulpix sent the bird Pokémon in his direction.

    With contact made by his club, it came spinning back, striking the Taillow again before returning to Mask. The small Cubone ran over to Robby, defensively standing in front of him.
  15. The Taillow fell to the ground from fainting, as they all cheered. They had just defeated the first wild Pokemon in the Ikora Region.

    Shane walked ahead on the path with Vulpix at his side admiring the jungle. He saw a flower with huge flourishing red petals with slight orange markings, with little Petalils all around it. As he continued along the path, he heard a voice behind him call out "Hey! You there, wait!" He turned around and saw two people dressed in all black running towards them. "Who are you?" Shane asked....
  16. Robby turned his head towards the yelling of the two strangers running towards their direction. "The hell are they?" He asked. Mask turned as well, slightly growling at the approaching people. Since the Taillow incident, obviously anything can happen out here so he wasn't about to let his guard back down.
  17. Shane noticed a peculiar "S" marking on their shirts when he had this sudden realization "That's Team Shadow!".
  18. (OOC: you haven't done it for a little while but you gotta make your posts longer.. it's hard to reply when you end it so short and quickly :/ )

    "Team who?" He asked confusingly. He's never heard of Team Shadow. "Is it another one of those lame teams who try to take over the region or control a powerful mon?" He sighed.
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  19. Name: Jacob Anders
    Age: 17
    Appearance: 6' and skinny, with silver hair and silver eyes. He wears a grey trilby, grey vest, white button down shirt, black pants, and a black bow-tie with blue stripes.
    Personality: Rather smart, but also can be a douche-bag at certain points. Feels like his best friends, and sometimes his only friends, are his pokemon. He likes people when he gets to know them, but it can sometimes be hard to be his friend. He most often gives a half lidded smile when he is enjoying himself, and he will look at people with a look literally saying they are idiots if they are being annoying.
    Future Team: Gengar, Crobat, Machamp, Typhlosion, Dragonite, and Alakazam. (Starting with gastly)

    After getting his Gastly from the good ol' prof, as well as a belt with pokeballs and his very own pokedex. He smiled, said thanks to the professor, and walked out. He noticed a few trainers down the road. It looked like they were just talking, so he started walking, his Gastly, which he decided to name Zyklon B, trailing behind him. When he got close, he saw a Taillow come out and attack them. He didn't quicken his stride, as he knew that two trainers should at least be able to take on one pokemon, and a Taillow at that.

    He almost got to them when he heard one of them say, "That's team shadow!" He was about to speak up and say that just because he had a Gastly didn't make him a part of team shadow. However, he then noticed that they had their backs turned to him, as well as he saw over their shoulder that there were, in fact, members of team shadow coming towards them. He smiled, and decided, might as well watch the show. 'Sadly,' he thought, 'I don't think the cubone will be of much assistance against the team, especially since normally team shadow uses Gastlys. I might as well help them, considering that I don't like team shadow any more than the next person.'

    He stepped up right behind the two trainers, and heard the taller one's comment. He replied, "Well, I can obviously tell that you are new, so let me explain them. Yes, they are like those imbeciles that I have heard about that plague other countries, like team rocket, team magma, ect. These people seem to think that there is some great and powerful pokemon in this region, and they are planning on bending it to their own will. They are a bunch of low life idiots if you ask me. This region has no special, legendary pokemon. Quite sad, in my opinion, but it is true." Gastly almost seemed to laugh, saying "Gast Gast Gast," in a rather spooky voice.
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  20. He heard talking from behind them, so he turned around and noticed a boy standing there with a Gastly floating off to the side of him. The boy was talking to them about Team Shadow and there motives and when he finished, Shane turned to Robby and said "That's about right. And, oh right, who are you? And nice Gastly."
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  21. Jacob tipped his trilby, and said, "The name is Jacob Anders. And thank you for the complement about my gastly. His name is Zyklon B. Though, I would like the to ask, what are both of your names?"
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  22. "Well." Began Robby as he kept his eyes on the people in the distance. "Robby, nice to meet you and all but don't you two think we have other things to worry about rather than who each other are?" Mask, preparing to battle, twirled his bone in an aggressive style ready to take on the duo.

    Two pokeballs were thrown their direction, revealing a Gastly and Seviper. "Hand over the pokemon, kids." Stated the older, larger one who stood behind the Seviper. "As much as I'd enjoy beating you three to dust, we have more important matters to tend to." A female with long blonde hair walked up slowly beside her partner and behind the Gastly, "I'd listen to him" she smirked, her eyes hidden under her hood. "He's no softy. Now hand them over or we will use brute force to take them from you. Decide."
  23. Jacob showed disbelief in his face. He said, "Excuse me, but you both are idiots. Putting it bluntly, from any viewpoint other than an idiot's, you can't win. As long as the cubone fights your seviper, and the vulpix or Zyklon B fight your gastly, with the one that doesn't fight it ready to beat it after the first one faints, there is no way you can win. It is called ground super effective against poisen, and two on one with one of the two being super effective against ghost."

    Jacob then rolled his eyes and sighed. "I have said it before and I will say it again. You people from team shadow are just a bunch of numb-skulls and idiots."
  24. Name: Hester
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Standing at 5' 9'', she's fairly tall for a girl, with mousy blonde hair cropped off at the shoulders and worn with a silver bandanna. Her sable skin is fairly well toned with muscle, and she wears a rugged suede jacket to fend off the rain.
    Personality: An observant but headstrong freeloader whose only objective is to live a life worth living. She's never in the same spot for too long, and has her quirks. If she can quell her impulsive behavior for any amount of time, not only can she be a decent strategist, but can also fight dirty.
    Future Team: Electivire, Dewgong, Tropius, Rhyperior, Dusknoir, and Pansear

    While the rising conflict between the three trainers and their opposers rang out, Hester sat nearby in a tree with Peavey, her Elekid, in her lap. They could hear just about everything going down from their branch, and made a silent agreement with one another that they'd hop down and help them if push came to shove. Besides, Team Shadow was weak anyways, there was no way she'd have to— wait a minute, was that a Gastly cry from down there? She had heard all about Gengars and their tricky nature in her travels, but never actually had the opportunity to meet one. That'd settled it. Taking the laid-back Peavey in her arms, she jumped the short distance from the branch to the ground, hardly even jarred by the impact, before sprinting off into the direction of the noise. Before long, she breaks through the bush, sauntering out into the open with Peavey in tow to the confusion of the trainers.

    "What's crackin'? You guys need a hand?"
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  25. He heard a loud crash from somewhere behind them and then a voice not long after say "What's crackin'? You guys need a hand?" He turned around and replied "Not particularly, but if you feel the need to help us beat these urchins, be our guest," and with that Sacred leaped into the air and let out a plume of fire directly at the Seviper. "Alright Sacred, finish it off with Extrasensory!" so Sacred readied herself and her eyes glowed a faint pink, then the space between her and the Seviper seemed to ripple, and then the Seviper recoiled away as if hit by some invisible force. And it laid there, fainted.
  26. "Peavey, it's your time to shine!" With a grin, she gestures for Peavey to step up to battle, to which he gladly complies. She'd realized with disappointment that the grunt's Gastly was what she had come down for in the first place, but hey, at least she'd got to see one at all. Her dismay turns to the joy of a challenge as Peavey and the Gastly stand off.

    "Alright buddy! Sic em with a shock wave!" Just as requested, volts of energy form between the two prongs on Peavey's head as he lets loose, shocking the pitiful Gastly into submission with fearsome amounts of electricity.

    "Now once more for the road!" She calls with glee as he repeats the process again, charging up once more before sending the Gastly down and out for the count with an audible crackle.
  27. "How could we have been beaten by two puny kids!?" One of the grunts complained "I don't know!" The other one shouted back "But I do know, we have to escape before anyone else finds out about this!" And with that, the pair ran away each dropping 50$ from their back pockets. "We did it, we one our first Pokemon match, well at least, mine, I don't know about you all."
  28. "Fair's fair if I get one of those fifties right? I mean you've got to admit, Peavey did a pretty great job." At the mention of his name, Peavey returns proudly to Hester's side, grunting a brief "Ele" in agreement. "Eh it doesn't matter," she decides, "I just wanted to see that— you've got a Gastly!" She points at Jacob. "What's his name—can I see him? He's really cool. Can you catch them around here?" In response to the girl's excited nature, Zyklon B looks confusedly to his trainer.
    "Gast Gast?"
  29. ((Sorry for the short post, I just wanted to get through with the dialogue))

    "That is totally fair, in fact if you feel like it, you can have it all, because there are plenty of other sources for money here."
  30. "Aw no way!" With her excitement refocused off of the boy and his poor Gastly, she speaks gratefully. "I'll take the fifty, you've earned the rest. I've heard so many amazing things about this place. You really can just beat up weak criminals for money?"
  31. "Well, no, they were just stupid enough to drop it when they ran away. But you were right, this place is amazing."
  32. Name: Xavier Cross
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Standing at around 4'7"
    Xavier isn't the strongest-looking person in Ikora. Brown eyes and hair, but pale skin. Seen wearing glasses, camouflage and weird T-shirts.
    Personality: Sucker for all things Pokemon, Xavier is the nerdiest kid around. He is only known for strategy, never strength, and he is ok with that.
    He has a tendency to daydream. It is unknown what he thinks about and how he thinks. Loves chess.
    Future team: Metagross(named Star),Beedrill, Carracosta, Golurk, Goodra, Togetic

    After getting a Beldum (He named it Star), teaching it some TMs he got for his birthday, and saying goodbye to his parents, Xavier and Star walked/floated into the nearby forest. He saw down trainers, one of which he recognized as his friend Shane. The one with the Gastly, he had seen around town, but never talked to. Xavier and Star went up to them.
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  33. "And who's this?" Hester asked, pointing out the younger boy as he approached. "If you were hear about two minutes prior, you could've watched a couple of cliche baddies get zapped."
  34. "Yep, not meaning to brag, but we pretty much demolished their Pokemon!"
  35. "Well, all things considered, we've got quite the crew forming here," she turned to Shane, assuming him to be the leader. "I don't know whether or not you know this kid, but do you mind if Peavey and I stick with you guys for a while, at least until we learn the ins and outs of the region? You can introduce me to all your buddies too."
  36. "You guys all look pretty good. I'm Xavier, and this is Star," he said tot he group. "I think we should stick together, just in case we get attacked again. I don't know what happened, but it's not good by what I heard. Oh, by the way, your Pokemon are all really cool!"
  37. "Thanks, and so are yours," Shane replied "Actually, I'm getting pretty tired of standing here. How 'bout we go explore. I hear there are some pretty rare Pokemon in here."
  38. "I'm down. I'm hoping to catch a Gastly, or any other ghost type actually at some point, so fingers crossed." Hester said, inching uncomfortably close again to Zyklon B. Remembering her own Pokemon, she left the Gastly alone for the time being and patted her own Elekid on the back.

    "C'mon Peavey, climb aboard." She said jubilantly, and with little effort, Peavey shimmied all the way up her arm to her backpack, hanging off of the side like a pirate to a sail. With Peavey in tow, she gave her attention again to the other four trainers. "Well, lead the way."
  39. Shane strode into Allabar Forest with his squad in tow. He started humming a song to brighten up the mood. He passed by all kinds of Pokemon, like Sewaddles, Budews, Taillows, Wurmples, Caterpies, and even some Oddishes. He kept his eye open for one specific Pokemon that was native to the forest, it was a pretty rare Pokemon , but he still believed. As they neared the river, smack-dab in the middle of the forest, he started losing hope. As they reached the riverbed, he felt very depressed that he didn't see it yet, so he just decided to sit and take a breather.
  40. Sensing dampened spirits from her new crew, Hester attempted to revive the mood. "Cheer up gang, we're in the greatest region in the world right now. A first day without catches can't break us." Peavey nodded, grunting in agreement. "Although..." she pondered, "I don't know a thing about this place, but Tropius and Pansears probably live in jungles right? I don't expect to find one out of nowhere in here, but I'm calling dibs in case we run into them at some point."
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