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If you play an instrument.....

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by VictorLamb, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. What do you play and what is your style? Favorite Bands? Or Inspirations?

    I play guitar. Favorite band is Metallica. Slash was the one who inspired me to start. My style is heavy rock/metal, or heavy-core.
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  2. I was taught to play classical guitar (finger-picking and scales) in a Spanish style, sitting properly with the guitar like so.

    I suppose I was inspired to learn after growing up with Donovan, Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell on the record player. ^^

    Also play the piano but due not having one now, I'm very rusty. :(
  3. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm pretty sure we've had a thread like this once, but since it probably vanished to the depths of the abyss, might as well. XD

    I play guitar and keyboard, though I'm not sure I have any style in particular... I just play the bloody things. XD

    I picked up keyboards at like... fourth grade, just about. Actually had a proper teacher for a few of years (until I was about sixth grade, I think?) - and then she left to get some degree or another abroad and that was the end of any more 'official'-ish music learning I had.

    It was about then that I started with guitars. I mostly taught myself with some help from my dad - who was probably the reason I got into playing guitars to begin with. Always loved the things, though. ^^

    These days, guitars are my primary instrument - sort of my go-to instrument when musical moods hit me. I've rusted rather terribly with keyboards, but I still stab my old synth (or occasionally the piano) when the mood hits me sometimes. ^^
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  4. At the moment I can play small amounts on the keyboard, I'm picking up violin and I play guitar (if you call mashing notes together playing)

    I do experimental playing on both keyboard (to explore more than Frere Jacques and Livin La Vida Loca) and guitar (trying to self teach myself, not going well) and then I'm getting tutored by the interwebs until I find a actually teacher for violin.

    Keyboard is something I picked up at school but is getting a bit rusty. Guitar and violin are my two favourite instruments, guitar seemed like something nice to pass the time on strumming on the strings whereas violin was for a challenge as I heard it is the hardest instrument to learn to play and I can report back that it is difficult.

    I don't really have a style when it comes to playing it just goes on my mood and I have a very eclectic taste in music there isn't much I don't like
  5. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    since I have to go soon, this will be short.

    -Piano since I was 5 or 6, profesionally taught
    -Viola since I was 11, professionally taught
    -Chinese violin/erhu since I was 13, taught by my grandpa
    -Singing since I was 15, though I'm going to start taking actual lessons this coming Monday

    Style: Classical for the first two, traditional for the third, pop/opera ish for the last one.

    Main instrument: Piano, with viola as secondary.
  6. Guitar. Started with classic, now I'm playing acoustic. My sister was my main inspiration, but having a blues loving dad helped as well. I also played piano when I was 10, I believe. It... Didn't go very well :'|
  7. Hello! I'm thirteen now and I've been playing ukulele for two years. I play a lot of guitar also, and I've been playing that for three years, but ukulele is the instrument I play most, and frankly, I'm best at. I'm self-taught for both instruments and I sing every day too. I've been in lots of shows, choirs, and performed and won two talent shows but I've never had a musical lesson in my life, other than the subject Music at school - which sadly doesn't support the ukulele </3

    I love playing the ukulele and singing along with it, so I suppose my biggest inspiration is just the joy I get from learning songs I love! I'm in a band that was started for a talent show in school, so I love playing and making music with others as well as the enjoyment people get out of hearing me play. So that inspires me a lot.

    As for bands and musicians that inspire me - I think the act that makes me want to be a musician the most is Tally Hall. They're probably my favourite band and it just amazes me how musically talented and wonderful they are! I wish I was like them, that someday I could maybe be in a band like theirs. They really amaze me.

    As for ukulele players, I look up a hell of a lot to Steve Martin, George Fornby and especially Amanda Palmer. They're all fascinating and such wonderful players, I just adore them all ♥

    And I feel as if I really must say this - my family is extraordinarily musical and they inspire me a lot. My parents both sing, my dad plays guitar and my mother piano, and my brother plays guitar, keyboard, ukulele, banjo, accordion - you name it! I find him amazing and he's a real inspiration, I always look up to him and I hope maybe someday I'll be as good as him.
  8. I only play the drums and the recorder. Yay, I'm different from all of you guitar, violin, and piano players! :D

    I got a snare drum for Christmas when I was twelve, and I'm in band at school, so I know how to play the drums, and a lot of percussion instruments besides.

    As for the recorder, it was required for music class in elementary school. Now I know how to play it, and I have my own that I obtained in sixth grade.
  9. Yeeeeeeeears ago, I used to take piano lessons but I stopped because I just didn't have the passion for it. My favorite instrument is the cello and the fastest way to impress me is to be a cellist. But in general, I love people who can play instruments of just about any kind well--particular the aforementioned cello, guitar, piano, and the drums.
  10. I used to play drumms in a band about three years ago. God, I was awful xD Now my drummkit just stands around in pieces in my flat, catching dust and stuff.
    My main inspiration was Bela B. from the german punk band "die ärtze". I'm barely listening to them anymore :/
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  11. Well here comes the list. I have played the cello for a few years. I used to play the guitar. I mess around on the ocarina. Sometimes I play my sisters violin or piano.
  12. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    I used to play the Electric and Acoustic guitar (For about a year), the drums (about 6 months) and the recorder(2 years).
    Right now I'm learning how to play the flute.
    After that I want to learn the Piano and the cello.
    As for my favorite band it has to be...Coldplay, New Order or Linkin Park.
  13. i dont have a style and just make up my own music most of the time. i sometimes play the piano, recorder, drums and an old guitar i have (it has 3 strings left but im fine with it missing the other 3). i also very rarely play the trumpet and cello
  14. I play bass guitar. 'Play' is a loose term, I pluck strings and it makes sound sometimes. I forget to practice a lot, so sometimes my fingers forget how to function and crumple themselves up on the fretboard. I also play the trumpet decently, but it doesn't really fit with the music I like to play. I really want to get a hurdy gurdy thanks to Eluveitie.

    I was stuck between drums and bass for a while, but when BW2 came out and Roxie was inroduced, I knew I just had to play bass. My musical inspirations are mostly folk metal, viking metal, pirate metal, progressive metal and power metal bands, especially Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Alestorm, Rhapsody of Fire, Cruachan, Waylander, Elvenking, Persefone, Wintersun, Skalmold, Amon Amarth and Tyr. Dethklok as well; it's not folk/viking/power/pirate/progressive but it holds the lofty title of Band That Introduced Me To The Metal Genre. I'll consider myself at the highest achievable level of bass skill once I can play Burn The Earth correctly and in full tempo.
  15. Once upon a time when I was eleven, I started learning how to play the violin. I was taught to play it in the classical way, and I honestly am not a fan of the country version of playing the instrument. I still play to this day. Hopefully I'll be able to learn to play the piano and cello in the future. Or even perhaps the ukulele. It's extremely difficult to decide my favorite band so I'll just go with Coldplay or Train for now.
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  16. Just out of curiosity, does anyone here play an instrument?

    I play the violin, and I would love to see whether there are others that can play an instrument here on this site.
  17. I used to sing but thats about it lol..always wanted to play drums though
  18. I play the keyboard, acoustic guitar and I sing >u>
  19. I can only ever play acoustic guitar haha. Tried learning piano but never got the hang of it. I also sing mostly

    You could say I'm into Jazz, Blues, and Contemporary tunes. Occasionally I listen to some Classic and Techno too. Bands I love are Gorillaz, Owl City, Coldplay, and Walk Off the Earth
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  20. Rinoa Heartilly

    Rinoa Heartilly Mother of Meltans

    Guitar [acoustic/electric] / Harmonica / Ocarina
    Trumpet / Xylophone / Keyboard / Vocals / Recorder
    ...And the accordion. The instruments that I really wanna
    play are the saxophone, flute, piano and harp.

    I don't have one style but I do love jazz and classical music.
    People who left a huge influence on me are people like Frédéric Chopin,
    Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Sebastian Bach... Kenny Gorelick,
    Charlie Parker and Johnny Hodges. I love swing, smooth, bebop and so on...
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  21. I play the acoustic guitar but I'm hoping to try and learn electric guitar, ukulele and drums. I mostly just sing though.

    Some of my favorite bands are Shinedown, Twenty-One Pilots and Crush 40.

    I like a lot of genres but I mostly like anything revolving around rock but I probably like alternative rock the best.
  22. Snare drum, xylophone, piano, triangle, and learning acoustic guitar
  23. I play violin. My inspiration is Simply Three, a group consisting of a violinist, (female) a chello player, (male) and a base player (male) who takes modern music and plays them on their instruments. They sound amazing. :p

    I played a bit of piano, and I know Scooby Doo, Harry Potter, and something else I forget, but that's about it.
  24. Bluefeather

    Bluefeather Formerly pokeLPS

    Greetings everyone! I played the recorder for half a year, violin for half a year, and i'm now playing flute.
    Lindsey Stirling is my favorite musician. She is awesome and wicked talented. She's my inspiration to keep learning flute and to hopefully play it very well one day.
  25. I would love to play drums. Been wanting to buy a set of Tama Drums
    Favorite drummer probably Amon Djurhuus (from Tyr).
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