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Ask to Join Hunter X Hunter: Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Kyle From Hoenn, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. I intend to pass, but I don't want the exam to be a cake walk either.
    Trying to think of some decent traps and obstacles for a bit later, and we should probably do that.

    As I've mentioned to Kyuu, this is set in the future, not an Au, so we're basically constructing a story from the ground up.

    I'd suggest we all brainstorm potential late story villains/antagonists and whatnot. Of course, do this on your own free time when your feeling up to it. Hope you guys have some decent ideas for the future of this rp. :)
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  2. I want Kyle to pass but that's just my Bias
  3. I will see how things go before deciding to let Shea pass or not.
  4. Who is the old man referring to at the end of your post?
  5. No one. Sorry if that was confusing XD
  6. I was thinking yo hard about it too had to get my sprite (not Sprite cranberry) just to have maximum iq xd
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  7. I'm pretty sure Yuki will pass? But it is not 110% confirmed or not yet so don't quote me.
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  8. Ah shit its Tonpa
  9. the rookie crusher himself
  10. Careful of any drinks he might offer you XD
  11. I kind of forgot what was in the drinks
  12. A laxative I think? Or poison on Killua.
  13. Tonpa as in fat guy who never made his appearance in the word after the exam? Xd
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  14. Yeah that guy
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  15. The perfect little shmuck
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  16. Why is there so much purity, innocence and kid ignorance in this arena or death and the such
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  17. Even in the face of death and cruelty. Not everyone become edgy, some people cope by helping other to feel good while some other deny bad situation by convincing themself ''everything is fine' XD

    Anyway, Shea know but doesn't really understand the danger of the exam. That's why she act like usual.
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  18. I always found children ignorance annoying because of how dumb they sound
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  19. But Asta isnt a kid hes 12 xd
  20. he still ain't a teenager lmao
  21. I noticed we have very few characters above the age of 13
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  22. So have you decided your Nen type yet?
  23. Nope, I need to make a post though so I'll be doing that.
  24. Hey guys I think we should allow @Eeveechu151 a chance to post before we go too far. Want to give him a chance to react and all.
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  25. Mmk we'll let him post maybe... probably... someday now...
    Anyways I was thinking of funny ways to end the 1st part of the exam.
    Like Leorio taking 1 tunnel that leads back to the beginning but the whole area is changed for the second part of the exam. Or like he keeps going to the next site only to let them know that they could of took a 3 minute walk from 1 room to the next at the beginning.
  26. Eck, sorry - this RP's been at the bottom of my priority list in all honesty, and I've had things come up whenever I was planning to do it. Expect a post... sometime in the next few hours?
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  27. I'm taking Tonpa as my NPC. I want to experiment a bit with him. >:D
  28. Ok Mr.Tonpa ;-; you do you just dont trip and make the whole crowd fall xd
    Anyways I feel like using a DBS Hit time skip and going to the 2nd exam now
    That ok?
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  29. I feel like I'm mini modding right now but I don't think you can use the number 1 to replace the word one
  30. Feels bad man it's just how I type but ok I can deal with writing a 3 letter... word *shudders*
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  31. I mean it doesn't bother me but Mods on this site are pretty strict about the rules
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  32. To anyone who may be interested, I updated my character sheet.
  33. ngl i feel like erik's the kind of guy who would make rivals with everyone unintentionally lol
  34. Will he clap his rivals or will he lose to them though that is the question
  35. bruh what you mean erik got that easy clap on everyone obviously xdd (still tbd though obviously pls put the pitchforks down)
  36. Easy clap? I bet all ya gotta do is roast his edgey look and he's done lol

    But it's not like Asta isnt the same 1 blow to his kid friendliness and he's done
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