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Ask to Join Hunter X Hunter: Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Kyle From Hoenn, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. Name: Erik Arsenius
    Age: 16
    Personality: The classic introverted and brooding teen. Doesn't interact well with others, so his teamwork is rather questionable, but he can more than hold his own in a fight by himself. He can be rather friendly once he's really close with others, however.
    Appearance: Erik has dusty brown hair swept to the right, olive green eyes with specks of bright emerald, and a slightly slim physique, though he still has a bit of muscle on his frame. His outfit usually consists of a black tee, black jeans, white sneakers, and a black jacket. Whenever he feels like it, he will also wear a black cotton mouth mask with a skull teeth design and pull his jacket hood over his head. A sheathe holding a thin dagger with the words "Blood and Honor" (some of y'all might get the reference) engraved on it in Japanese hangs from the right side of Erik's jeans.
    Nen Type: Transmuter
    Power: 4
    Speed: 5
    Intelligence: 4
    Technique: 2
    Intelligence: 3
    Cooperativeness: 1
    End Goal: Pro Hunter status
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  2. Wait wait wait so are you a transmuter and gained manipulator over time or a manipulator and gained transmuter over time?
    Which is the 40% and which the 100%? Which is gained over time?
    Besides that and your tbd appearance your accepted also don't bully godjacob lol what did he do to you?
    Accepted, also I feel like I get the reference but I don't at the same time if you know what I mean.
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  3. I was saying I'd flip a coin later. If I got heads she'd be a Manipulator, and if I got tails she'd be a transmuter. I just couldn't decide which one to go with so I'm leaving it to chance.
  4. Name: Marik Vyorik
    Age: 14
    Personality: Silent and analytical most of the time, but quite cynical by nature when around people he likes. Marik views the world as one big challenge, and finding someone who can push him further in combat is the end goal of that challenge. He's not necessarily a bad guy, he's got what some would call a rough exterior, being hard to interact with unless quite the impression is made.
    Appearance: Ash grey hair pushed back and to the left. Three loose strands hang down over one of his emerald green eyes. His slightly above average height, athletic build, and scarred up arms and legs only add to his rather developed appearance, especially for his age.
    End Goal: Currently wishes to become one of the greatest warriors on earth. Goals will change with time.

    Nen Type:
    Power: 4
    Speed: 3
    Intelligence: 4
    Technique: 3
    Cooperativeness: 1-5 (Depends on the person)


    • Edge Breaker: Marik's custom made combat vest, stained dark blue and hardened as a way to personalize it. Its lightweight yet durable, being able to deflect nearly all basic edged weaponry without compromising dexterity.
    • Combat Plating: Marik's forearms and shins are protected by a white metal alloy etched with black lining. This custom plating has been designed to easily deflect low caliber rounds.
    • Combat Pants/Shoes: Highly durable, loose-fit black pants with two large pockets on either thigh. Matching set of matte black shoes tucked underneath leg plates.
    Will update when more is revealed.
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  5. ...
    Can Henry consider Louise his archenemy?
  6. Mmk you is accepted
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  7. Lmao, most certainly.
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  8. Imma start the exam and everyone who hasn't posted to say they are there we'll pretend your there and we'll start the 1st part of all this

    Is that ok with you guys?
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  9. This soon? I think we should wait a bit, get some more character interaction...
  10. For some good character development? Tbh your right and I got a little a head of myself. But the character development could lead to some scenes I really hope to see. Like Henry getting rejected by a lot of girls xd
  11. Henry: why u gotta do this man ;-;
  12. Asta: Well ya know you aren't as good at flirting as you think you are. Sorry buddy but someone had to break it down for ya some day xd
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  13. I'm going to make Henry go beyond his flirting soon, but for now he's just met these folks and he's got an ego the size of Saturn. He's gonna be fun to develop into the character he's going to be at the end.
  14. Seems right but if Henry actually gets girls in the end Imma be surprised
    Asta: H...H...HOW DID U GET GIRLS NOW?
  15. Henry: That's the Sandhawk charm, baby~
    The thing about Henry is that he puts on a lot of false bravado. I wouldn't be surprised if, when that persona starts cracking, someone falls in love with him for the real Henry.
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  16. We'll see what happens. For now I've got to work on a reply.
  17. Also makes sense now lol
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  18. I believe I just realized where the confusion with Specialists has come from.

    In the initial battle of Kurapika vs the Phantom Troupe, he stated that he was only a Specialist when his Scarlet Eyes (*cough* Sharingan *cough*) is activated.
    His Specialist ability is maximizing his potential in ever category.

    Kurapika isn't saying that a Specialist is a person who is maximized in every category, he's saying a Specialist is someone with a unique trait or power. His trait is his Scarlet Eyes, which maximize all five categories. Its a unique ability, can't really be obtained through training.

    And man oh man is it a broken ability. Lol
    @Kyle From Hoenn You might wanna change the description of Specialist so it fits the definition and prevents confusion.
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  19. Thank you for the explanation I feel woke... no not woke... awakened xd
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  20. Ayayayaya *Cue Pillar Men theme*
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  22. Whose characters are still slated for an introduction?
  23. I believe that’s everyone, so we should be able to start the Exam now
  24. Everyone is ready write? Get it? Hahaa.... ;-;
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  25. If everyone is ready after @Rohan Kishibe replies to my character I'll start the exam
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  26. Yeah I'll get to that in a bit
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  27. Oh whoops the one RP I don't reply to :'|
    Gimme a minute.
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  28. Not to be the nitpick guy but....name is Yuki XD
  29. Lmao that moment when you forget someone's name and just call them.... buddy....
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  30. @Eeveechu151 I've got no problem with you knowing of it, but even in this slightly future timeline, I'm sure nen is a rather rarely known/talked about topic.
    Just wanted to point out that most likely won't know what your referring to when you speak of nen so casually.

    Its a bit of a well kept secret that most don't know of unless a Hunter, or trained by someone already skilled in the art.
  31. Well he probably wouldn't know the specifics, but I'm sure he knows of Nen. His loose - keyword loose - understanding of the concept is present in that daydream in my opening post.
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  32. Asta: Nen? What's that? Does it taste good? Or is it used to fight? Or is it a just a myth that you made up to get the ladies?
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  33. Yo @Rohan Kishibe, got time to post on the rp rn? If not, then no rush
  34. I don't have that much time right now but I already thought about what I want to write, I'll get a post up when I can
  35. The story puts its tale on pause as our heroes wait for someone to type
  36. Now the exam picks up, everyone good luck to you.
    I might just make Asta not pass, and if Asta and Kyle do become good friends in the future along with other people they may have tag along with, he will learn nen and then go back to do the exam again.

    How bout you guys and your characters?
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  37. Henry is likely going to pass, though it depends on what happens. He might play the good guy and let someone else win instead, possibly Yuki, if the situation arises.
  38. Prob gonna have Erik pass

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